124: Happy New Year 2018! Setting Challenges + Experiments Instead of Resolutions (& Sneak Peek)

124: Happy New Year 2018! Setting Challenges + Experiments Instead of Resolutions (& Sneak Peek)

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Happy New Year 2018! Setting Challenges + Experiments Instead of Resolutions This Year (& Sneak Peek)

This year, take a new approach to setting resolutions … don’t do it! Yes, I’m one of those that resists creating those hard-to-keep resolutions each New Year.

Before anyone thinks I’m against self-improvement (hopefully, all of you know it’s quite the opposite), hear me out …

A Different Spin on New Year’s Resolutions …

Even though we don’t make New Year resolutions in our family, we DO set what we call “Experiments and Challenges.” I find this shift in thinking makes this whole New Year’s business a lot more fun!

So what’s the difference?

Basically, we take the fear out of failure by viewing it as an experiment that might work or might fail. The important thing is that we reflect and take action on challenges and opportunities that come our way. These experiments may not last all year, either. We focus on each for a period of time, and just see what happens!

In this special New Year’s podcast, I’m sharing our 2018 family experiments, and some of my personal ones as well. I’d love to hear what you’re planning in the new year, so please leave me a comment or review and let me know!

Happy Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2018 to each of you … I’m looking forward to having more conversations here on the podcast, and excited for all that’s to come!

In This Episode I Share

  • a look back at 2017 and some of its highlights (and challenges!)
  • one spin on setting resolutions for the New Year that has especially helped our family
  • some of our favorite experiments + challenges, and what we’ll be working on in 2018
  • ideas for creating a “Family Manifesto,” and how we’re changing ours as our kids grow
  • how keeping a simple journal is improving my health (and my organization)
  • the 6 key health habits that changed my life and my health (and they’re totally free, I might add!)

And one big announcement! Be the first to learn about big things happening with the blog in 2018! (Hint: I won’t be the only Wellness Mama anymore!)

Resources I Mention

Will you be setting any resolutions for the New Year? What works for your family? If you have a moment, please let me know in the comments or leave me a review!

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