27: Nano Nutrients, Phytoplankton & Healing Oils

27: Nano Nutrients, Phytoplankton & Healing Oils

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Nano nutrients- phytoplankton and unusual healing tips from Ian Clark

Ian Clark, founder of Activation Products, was diagnosed with a series of life threatening health issues in 2004 and was not expected to live more than a few months. Realizing that conventional measures of treating his illnesses had not worked for his family members in the past, he forged his own path to better health through food and specialized nutrients and supplements.

After five years of healing and improving his own health, and 90 pounds lighter, Ian set out to help others achieve the same results that he had. He focused on finding the highest level scientific discoveries in the world and making them available to others.

In my personal conversations with Ian, he has told me about several unusual supplements, remedies and practices that have made a noticeable difference in my life and that I had not heard anyone else talk about before. I asked him to be on the podcast to share these with you.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The scientifically backed reason you should put your feet up at night (and it isn’t what you think!)
  • A simple change you can do when you first wake up that has a big impact on your health
  • Why Ian was grateful for his life threatening health struggles
  • How he lost 90 pounds
  • The problems with almost all nut and seed oils, even the organic ones!
  • How stress is the biggest danger in the modern lifestyle and how it comes in many forms
  • Deceptive marketing that many oil manufacturers use (and it is legal)
  • Phytoplankton- A substance originally found in the sea that is highly efficient at transporting nano nutrients into cells and why this is important

Resources we mention:

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Thanks as always for listening and for reading and for being on board with creating a future for our children that’s healthier and happier. And until next time, have a healthy week.

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  1. I’ve been trying to listen to this podcast and it keeps freezing at 00:03:43. Is there any way I can get this a different way?

    • Are you listening to it on the page? I just tried and it’s working for me. Have you subscribed via iTunes or Stitcher? That’s the best way to listen to it.

      • I had just listened to the Abel James one last Sunday morning (and had listened to most of the prior ones) and then in the afternoon none of them would play. This is what happens:

        When I click on the arrow, nothing happens, podcast remains on “00”
        When I click download, I get this message: “404 Not Found”
        When I try to play them on iTunes, the timers just goes round and round and they never start

        I’m not having this problem with any other podcasts so I can’t figure it out 🙁

        • Hi Susan, there was a technical error that should be corrected now. Please let me know if you’re still not able to access it. Thanks for listening!

          • Working now– thank you!

      • I apologize for jumping in here. I wanted to share my experience with Activation Products. I trust Katie and I have used several of her recommendations. This seemed like exactly what I needed so I signed up for monthly delivery. I received the first bottle and it tastes horrible…like fish poop. My over-active gag reflex can barely get it down. When it does I have enthusiastic gastric distress. In short, the product doesn’t work for me. I contacted them to cancel. They told me I didn’t give it enough time…because I CAN’T. I asked to cancel. They told me I was committed to two months so they wouldn’t cancel. I offered to pay the price differential OR the cost of the second bottle just to be done. They said No. There was absolutely no need for this rigidity or their customer aggressive policies. I was offering the financial commitment. I did not feel like a valued customer. I felt harassed (politely) and I felt it was for no reason other than a corporate vibe of never-let-them-cancel. I’m really disappointed. No matter how good or bad the product may be, I personally couldn’t endorse a product that treats their customers as adversaries. It’s too expensive to be treated that way. Now I have to pay for and wait for another bottle of fish poop to arrive so I can contact them again and be told that I’m wrong for not wanting the product. Sigh.

        • I am so sorry you had this experience. I’m going to reach out to them too and see if they can fix it for you. That is definitely not good customer service!

  2. Thanks for this presentation. Just what I needed! Love the Activation products and will order soon. (Out of work for 3 months, but husband’s new job starts soon.)

    The rest is not necessarily for posting, but for you personally, so I don’t mind if the comment doesn’t get posted.

    Noticed your voice. Look up Cultured Care gum. Only $7.50 for a packet of 8 pieces, it has a great probiotic–streptococcus salivarius k12, that will heal your tonsils, throat, and voice. I had the same thing, along with thyroid problems, but not after chewing just two pieces of this gum (1 piece a day), literally in the last 2 days. I don’t have any connection with the product. Passing on the info in case it will help. I think it is made in Canada, but originally cultured in New Zealand. There are other sources for this particular probiotic, but they have fillers and/or are not stable, or the count of the S. Salivarius K12 is not very high.

    Here’s the product reference on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004PYXLTY/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B004PYXLTY&linkCode=as2&tag=wellnessmama-20&linkId=NG6JF3WZ6NT3LZVJ

    That is where I ordered it from. Hope it helps… Sure wish I had this product years ago (yes, I’ve dealt with this problem that long) If not, my apologies for wasting your time.

  3. Katie, I find myself missing out on a lot of good stuff because my hearing is failing me. I can still enjoy the podcasts in transcript form, but finding a transcript on your website kinda sucks… when I search for transcript only #20 shows up. Searching for “Full Transcripts” shows only articles you have posted in the past. Having a way to find a list of Podcast Transcripts without having to search would be nice. Maybe a link on the right side of the page? Thanks.

  4. I requested information on the nutritional analysis of Oceans Alive Phytoplankton by Activation Products in July 2014 and again in September 2014. I have yet to see any results from Activation Products and am interested in whether you have any information pertaining to a nutritional analysis of their product.

    • Hello Taylor,

      I’m very interested if you received an answer,
      explanation or information about O.A.P.
      by Activation Products.

      Thank you Karl.


  5. Hi
    Really enjoyed the podcast. Can you type out the method flr sleeping with your legs up

  6. Great podcast! Thank you!

  7. I can’t get into this podcast on iTunes, is that right or is it an error my side, it says it is temporarily unavailable?

    Thank you

    • It is temporary and we are working on it. Sorry for the delay!

  8. Hey Katie,
    I’m a long time reader of your blog (love the new look) and I’m really liking your podcast. You mentioned that you use some the Activation Products. Which ones do you use? And, if you don’t mind telling, how have they helped?

    • I use the 5-seed PanaSeeda oil which has been great for my digestion, and the phytoplankton (great for energy but it tastes sooo sooo bad). I also just recently tried the magnesium and was surprised that it didn’t cause any tingling on the skin like other magnesium oils do.

  9. I also cannot download or listen to any of your podcasts on the website or on itunes. =(
    They look so good!!!

  10. I’ve been listening to and enjoying your podcasts but as of last weekend I can’t get any of them to play, either through this site or through iTunes. When I try “download,” I get an error message. All my other podcasts are still working… do you know if you are having trouble with your site?

    • Hi Susan, yes, there’s an issue with the podcast that we’re working on trying to get fixed. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. Thanks for reading/listening!

  11. Can you post a description of the proper way to pur your feet up? I missed it on the podcast

  12. Also, he recommends drinking water with oxygen in it. What does this mean?

  13. I listened to this podcast. At the end you talked about putting your feet up for 30 minutes a day for 14 days to reset sympathetic stress. Can you send me a link to the study that Ian Clark was talking about? Thanks.

  14. Hi, love this iPod cast, I found activation product about a year ago and have been taking ocean alive everyday since I discovered it. I find it makes a huge difference in the way I feel and my kids. So glad it is getting out there Ian is so smart, and I love knowing the quality of what we are taking and the research behind the products. Thanks you so much for bringing this info to people’s attention.

  15. Do you have (or can you get) a reference for this doctor who figured out the method for putting feet up at night?

  16. When someone has an MTHFR variant (mutation), the methylation process is poor. It is what I call:”messylation.” So, consuming nutrients containing methyl-compounds results in interrupted methylation and a “swamp” of methyl- radicals, which in turn results in low energy, diseases of various kinds. Simply said, what is healthy for non-MTHFR mutants to consume is unhealthy for MTHFR mutants to consume. We have to feed our genes what they need in order to be healthy. In the absence of a “gene menu” at this time, the question remains: is it safefor MTHFR mutants to consume phytoplankton?

  17. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Ian Clark! Thank you so much for sharing this podcast! The information is invaluable. I sincerely hope that you are able to do another podcast with Ian on DETOXIFICATION, OXYGENATION & clean WATER….as it would relate to everyone! Thank again!!

  18. Hi! Do you know the country or origin for the seeds used to press the Coriander Oil in the Activation products? Or could you find out? I have emailed the company several times with no response.

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