221: Natural Movement, Sustainable Fitness, and Lifelong Health With Dr. Mark Cucuzzella

221: Natural Movement, Sustainable Fitness, and Lifelong Health With Dr. Mark Cucuzzella

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 Natural Movement, Sustainable Fitness and Lifelong Health with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella

I am here today with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, a man with so many accomplishments it’s hard to sum up. Mark is an Air Force Reserve Lieutenant Colonel, a practicing family medicine doctor, a professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine, and a provider of continuing medical education courses on health, fitness, and running through HealthFit U. He’s also a doctor with SteadyMD, the doctor-in-your-pocket service I use and love (more on that below).

That’s just the start! An avid runner, Mark has run competitively for almost four decades and has logged more than 100 marathons and ultra-marathon finishes. In fact, he now continues to compete and has logged an under-three-hour marathon for 30 straight years. His notable contributions to the field include developing the US Air Force Efficient Running program and writing his new book Run for Your Life. In this book he summarizes the science and the soul of running, nutrition, and physical activity to help you maintain a vigorous life.

Episode Highlights With Mark Cucuzzella

  • Why we should all be barefoot more often, especially kids
  • Movement guidelines for kids and adults, and how to move more
  • A compelling reason not to push kids into highly competitive and specialized sports early
  • What to look for in a healthy shoe
  • The surprising reason we are seeing so many injuries in kids
  • One reason we’re seeing such a drastic rise in metabolic problems like obesity and diabetes
  • How Dr. Mark helped overhaul a hospital’s food system
  • What he learned when despite being fit and active he was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, and how he reversed it
  • The dietary advice he considers most harmful
  • And more!

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