234: The Keto-Green Way to Optimize Hormones & Libido With Dr. Anna Cabeca

234: The Keto-Green Way to Optimize Hormones & Libido With Dr. Anna Cabeca

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The Keto Green Way to Optimize Hormones & Libido With Dr. Anna Cabeca

If anyone can connect the dots on women’s health, it’s today’s guest. Dr. Anna Cabeca is a triple-board certified doctor of gynecology and obstetrics who specializes in integrative medicine, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine. When she saw gaps in women’s health care she made it her life’s work to create several highly acclaimed programs with natural solutions for women: Women’s Restorative Health, Sexual CPR, and Magic Menopause. Her newest program is called Keto-Green, and it’s all about doing a ketogenic diet with the right balance of alkaline vegetables, which I totally agree is the whole key.

Dr. Anna also serves on the Wellness Mama Medical Review Board and lends her expertise to our women’s health articles. She’s been interviewed by all major television networks and been featured on pretty much every major website as well, so I’m very grateful she made time to be here (again!) today.

Episode Highlights: The Keto-Green Diet

  • Why the ketogenic diet wasn’t working for Dr. Anna or her patients… and what she changed that made all the difference
  • The negative health effects a ketogenic diet can have if not done correctly
  • Key differences between how men and women should eat
  • Why keto (or any lifestyle) can’t be one-size-fits-all
  • The one thing all nutritionists agree on
  • Whether a balanced body pH is a fact or a fad
  • The differences between blood and urine ketone testing
  • What you should do first before starting a ketogenic diet
  • Precautions and best practices for eating Keto-Green with hormone or thyroid imbalance
  • The one thing to start doing in the morning for hormonal balance
  • What to expect during menopause & how to manage it naturally
  • Why to stop using plastic if you have anxiety
  • Dr. Anna’s recommendations for natural supplements to take (especially after the age of 35)
  • How to know if your sex drive is “normal” and natural ways to increase libido
  • And more!

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