184: Meta Learning, Speed Reading, & How to Learn Faster With Jim Kwik

184: Meta Learning, Speed Reading, & How to Learn Faster With Jim Kwik

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Meta Learning, Speed Reading, and How to Learn Anything Faster With Jim Kwik

Ok, I’ll just come out and say it… this podcast episode is one of my all-time favorites! Jim Kwik is a widely recognized expert in speed reading, brain health, memory improvement, and accelerated learning. He’s also a good friend and someone I really admire in every way.

As with many of my guests, there’s more to his story. Jim overcame a traumatic brain injury in childhood by creating strategies to dramatically enhance his mental performance.

Two decades later, he works as a brain coach with people all over the world. His goal is to help everyone unleash their true genius and live a life of greater power, productivity, and purpose.

Episode Highlights With Jim Kwik

  • why almost everything we think we know about learning is wrong
  • how Jim went from not being able to finish a book to teaching the best in the world
  • challenges our kids will face as jobs move toward artificial intelligence, automation, and outsourcing
  • meta-learning and other powerful strategies to learn anything much faster
  • the vast difference between what to learn and how to learn
  • why intelligence isn’t fixed and how to cater to your own unique strengths
  • how to abolish the belief that you don’t have a good memory, forever
  • the three superpowers to encourage with kids: creativity, imagination, strategy
  • how to bring imagination and creativity back into education
  • what emotion has to do with memory
  • the reason children can learn anything faster (it has to do with play!)
  • the trick to getting information into your long-term memory
  • why only one-third of your brain is determined by genetics (and how to influence the other two-thirds)
  • how much of learning happens in sleep (another reason why sleep is so dramatically important for brain health)
  • 10 things Jim would recommend for parents to help kids love to learn
  • an important reason not to call your kid gifted
  • how to reward work ethic and grit in children instead of just achievement

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Quotables From Jim Kwik

The same level of thinking that created your problem won’t solve it.

If knowledge is power, learning is our superpower.

With kids, it isn’t how smart they are… but how are they smart?

Knowledge is what is, and imagination is what can be.

If people realized how powerful their brains are, they would never say anythign to themselves that they don’t want to be true.

If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends. If it is broken from an inside force, life begins.

Genius is learned.

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  1. Thank u Katie thank u Jim!!! Blessings

  2. Thank you for having Jim Kwik as a speaker. As a mom with a kid of special needs, I know the importance of hope and resilience and belief in our kids. This podcast just confirmed what I needed to hear this week, before our daughter’s IEP. I love how he stressed the importance of hard work, not just grades, every individuals kids strengths, not just weaknesses and the importance we instill our kids to believe in themselves and their capabilities (no matter what medical texts may say). The proof that despite what genetic make up we are given, our brains and us as individuals, are resilient and capable of many things. Such an important topic. Thank you!

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