248: Alkaline and Ionized Water: Healthy or Hype? – With Thai Cabados

248: Alkaline and Ionized Water: Healthy or Hype? – With Thai Cabados

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Alkaline and Ionized Water: Healthy or Hype with Thai Cabados

Drinking clean water is one the most important things you can do for your health. I’ve written whole posts about the benefits of water and water filters, but my guest today is talking to us about an angle I haven’t covered yet: alkaline and ionized water.

For over 15 years, Thai Cabados he has been educating the public on the benefits of water and the alkaline diet. He even left his successful financial sector job to follow his dream and start his own business doing just that. He co-founded Alkaline Lifestyle, a website that incorporates alkaline water, alkaline diet, and mindfulness. Today we cover what the science says about alkaline water, how ionizing machines work, and why you might want to try one in your home.

Episode Highlights on Ionized Water

  • Differences between bottled alkaline water and water from a water ionizer
  • Why that fancy bottled water isn’t all it’s cracked up to be
  • What studies say about the ability of ionized water to increase weight loss, longevity, and even brain health
  • How water ionizers produce antioxidant potential and hydrogen in water
  • How our bodies have a pH balance necessary for life
  • Water filters: are they necessary and how to find the best ones
  • The effects of fluoride in our water
  • Whether alkaline water can neutralize stomach acid
  • And more!

Resources We Mention

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Reader Comments

  1. Hi, thanks for covering this topic. I’ve been wanting to get a water ionizer for ever! Where is the best place to find the water ionizer? Katy, do you drink this water? What benefits have you experienced?

  2. I would love for you to go deeper on the issue of fluoride in drinking water. I know it’s such a controversial topic and a lot of people are against it. My dentist said it’s especially important for children to drink fluoridated water because it can help strengthen their teeth while they are still forming. What’s the deal? Should I give my kids fluoridated water or not?

  3. Important topic … and some respectful feedback: it’s really annoying I can’t successfully advance the audio playback to skip all the advertising! When I try, there is no sound 🙁 I’m sure ads are important for you to continue your web presence, but time is so Sacred/Precious to us all, yes? Please look into this. Less words, more of the subject content <3

    • That might be a limitation to listening to it on the website. Try subscribing via your favorite podcast app and you should be able to without issue…

  4. Lemon juice DOES NOT have an acidic result in the body! Alkaline result in the blood! Refer to Michelle Schoffro Cook’s book “The Ultimate PH Solution…”

  5. Hi, Katie! Thank you for the very helpful interview. Isn’t it recommended that you do NOT drink ionized alkaline water with any medications? While most of us in this community try to avoid conventional medications, sometimes it cannot be helped. Do you know if it is important to avoid mixing medication with the Life Ionizers water?

  6. I just wanted to include my experience with an ionizer as food for thought. Not the same company but one that is quite reputable. It was given to me by a friend, whose naturopath said she had to stop drinking it as it was TOO detoxifying, and was making her weaker and weaker.

    That aside, I used it for three years. Finally I decided to stop. It creates enough waste water to fill an Olympic sized pool every 3 months. Our water bill more than quadrupled. My cousin had the same machine and lives in the same city, and had the same experience. The manufacturer told me that it’s due to the high water pressure in the city. That all cities have high water pressure and so there will be Increased wastewater. I just couldn’t be party to that anymore, especially since I saw no changes of any kind after three years of drinking the water. So I uninstalled it and gave to a friend who lives in the country. I started using a Berkey to filter and stopped drinking ionized water and saw again, no negative changes by changing what I drank, including blood markers.

    Now these are two different companies and I’m not saying the one featured here will produce as much waste water, but it will produce a large amount in the process of treating the water, so you must be prepared for your water bill to go up exponentially. This is a factor for most people since the machines are very expensive to begin with, to say nothing of the replacement filters.

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