204: The Rise of Autoimmune Disease (& How to Thrive Even If You Have It) With Dr. Guillermo Ruiz

204: The Rise of Autoimmune Disease (& How to Thrive Even If You Have It) With Dr. Guillermo Ruiz

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The Rise of Autoimmune Disease (& How to Thrive Even If You Have It) With Dr. Guillermo Ruiz

It is no secret that autoimmune disease is on the rise, and many of us may have it and not even know. Today I talk to Dr. Guillermo Ruiz, a graduate medical student from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine about why we’re seeing such an increase and what to do about it.

Dr. Ruiz currently practices at Integrative Health in Scottsdale Arizona where he specializes in endocrinology. (Fun fact: His mentor is the doctor who finally diagnosed and helped me with my thyroid condition, Dr. Alan Christianson.) If you have an autoimmune imbalance or suspect you do, I highly recommend you check out Dr. Ruiz’s blog and podcast (see links below).

Episode Highlights With Dr. Guillermo Ruiz

  • What autoimmune disease is (& warning signs to look for)
  • The 3 big causes of autoimmune disease
  • What inflammation has to do with it
  • Major misunderstandings about how to treat autoimmunity
  • Why we should cycle supplements
  • The truth about remission: can autoimmune disease ever really go away?
  • And more!

Resources We Mention

Learn more about Dr. Guillermo Ruiz and his practice at www.3030strong.com or his podcast 30/30 Health.

Bohttps://drchristianson.com/oks Dr. Guillermo Recommends

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  1. Thank you for this podcast and specifically having Dr. Ruiz. I’ve been struggling for the past year and have seen many doctors with very poor results. I live in Arizona and will be contacting Dr. Ruiz to help me move forward with my hashimoto’s and begin living life again.

  2. Can you tell me which brand of chealated magnesium citrate you use Dr Ruiz? There is so much out there.

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