59: SaunaCast: Katie and Heather Talk Goals, Parenting & Saunas

59: SaunaCast: Katie and Heather Talk Goals, Parenting & Saunas

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Saunacast Katie and Heather talk Parenting-Goals-Saunas

Katie and Heather from Mommypotamus.com sit down for the first ever SaunaCast. Why the name? They recorded this episode from inside a sauna (in the thirty minutes before they tapped out from the heat!).

In This Episode, They Discuss:

  • Why they are recording inside a 153 degree sauna in the first place
  • What their kids got for Christmas (hint: experiences as gifts)
  • A fun way to give experiences with a physical gift
  • What they think is the most important skill to teach children in today’s world
  • The reason Katie isn’t making any goals or resolutions this year
  • The value of experiments over goals for certain personality types
  • Why they both have (and love) saunas
  • The benefits of Sauna Therapy- See Heather’s post and Katie’s post on this
  • 6 tips for starting sauna use
  • When fasting is a good thing
  • Katie & Heather’s recommend infrared sauna

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Reader Comments

  1. Thoughts on using a sauna while breastfeeding?
    I’ve heard that it increases milk supply, but can toxins be released into the breastmilk?

    • Check with you doctor if worried, but I use it daily and am still breastfeeding my daughter…

  2. I visit both of your blogs frequently, and learned hot process soap making from mommypotamus. My kids are grown now, but I so wish you two had been around when I was a young mother.
    Keep up the excellent work!

  3. Yall make me so jealous I have a very best friend who I love so dearly but I find myself wishing I could add both of as Bffs . Lol. My daughter was just diagnosed with Type questions diabetes. I’ve been following both of you for 2 years pluses totally doing all the right things and was blown out of the water with this news. Do either of you know someone in our circle of wellness who could help us tips on continuing to eat healthy. Belive it or not Texas Children’s is amazing BUT they don’t seem to think in the same ways we do about eating

  4. I love saunacast! Just talking to other moms about life tips is always super helpful but you two really have some great wisdom. Can’t wait for more!

  5. Katie, I loved listening to this podcast. I went to Heather’s site and she recommends Health Mate. What sauna do you have and recommend? All of these companies are very competitive and tell you different things to try to undermine the competition. Not sure who to believe.

    • I love Health Mate too. I think there is a discount through her site, so make sure to use her link or mention her to get the discount if you ever decide to get one!

  6. Thank you for this great podcast. Katie, I was wondering which sauna you use? The Healthmate seems like the best choice but is out of my budget.

    Again, thank you for all that both of you do!

  7. In the Saunacast, you mention Healthmate saunas, but the link recommending saunas takes me to Clearlight… wondering which one you prefer or recommend! Thanks!

    • I have a clearlight and Heather used to promote Healthmate, which is why it was linked in this post. We both use and only recommend clearlight now and I’ve found them to be the highest quality.

  8. Thanks for the quick reply! I’ve been doing a lot of research on infrared saunas and appreciate your thoughts and opinions in making a decision!

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