31: How to Know if You Have Gluten Sensitivity

31: How to Know if You Have Gluten Sensitivity

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What is non celiac gluten sensitivity and how to know if you have it

Gluten is a hot topic in the health world. There are those who staunchly believe that only those with celiac disease should avoid it, while others claim that even a small amount can be harmful.

In this episode, Dr. Tom O’Bryan sheds some light on this topic. Dr. O’Bryan is one of the leading experts on celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity as well as a functional medicine practitioner specializing in chronic illness. I’m on the road this week, so this interview is conducted by Olivia from Wellness-Media.com and is a playback (with permissions) of this interview from last year’s Wellness Family Summit.

We Talk About:

  • Is gluten really that bad or can people who don’t have celiac disease safely eat it?
  • Long term effects of gluten consumption
  • What intestinal permeability is and how it relates to gluten sensitivity
  • How gluten (and other foods) can enter the bloodstream and cause autoimmune problems
  • How celiac disease (an autoimmune disease) relates to autoimmune problems
  • How your intestines are like a carpet
  • Why gluten sensitivity can lead to osteoporosis
  • The difference between gluten sensitivity and celiac disease
  • How non-celiac gluten sensitivity can affect your children
  • What are FODMAPs and how to know if you have trouble with them
  • The biggest flaw in most studies

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Reader Comments

  1. this article is FANTASTIC! As someone who suffered from arthritis, add, reproductive problems and ibs as a result of undiagnosed celiac disease- and because my mother ended up with Crohn’s disease as a result of years of lack of diagnosis as well – I can’t wait to send this post to everyone I know that has a hard time understanding what it really is and does, and what gluten sensitivity is (partially because I’m so tired of trying to explain it with my limited non-professional knowledge!)

    Thank you so much!

    • I would like to know the answer to this too!

  2. Question for Katie or anyone else…
    I am new to the gluten-free lifestyle. Until now, my family has always eaten very healthy–meals from scratch, real foods, free range eggs, grass-fed meat, etc. We actually don’t eat too much gluten as it is. But now I have been trying to cut it out comepletly. Of course, there are always situations that come up al least once a week where gluten is offered to me and my kids. I am wondering, is having a “low-gluten” diet at all beneficial? ie, is a “low-gluten” diet a healthy first-step, or with your gut, is it all-or-nothing?

    • I have tried both low gluten and no-gluten diets and have found that I notice brain fog and depression as well as bloating when I eat any form of gluten. I avoid it completely because I notice I feel so much better overall esp. brain wise but for people who are fairly healthy they may have more lee way. I would give a 3 month trial of completely going strict gluten free and see how you feel. Eat something with gluten and see how you feel the weeks after. I’ve found that my kids and I do best without it completely.

      I’d love to hear what Katie thinks though! 🙂

      • I have heard that if you completely cut it out your body forgets how to digest it, and you can therefor not tolerate it at all. Not sure if this is true but am in the same situation as karen with our low gluten intake.
        Katie, can you tell me, if spelt flour “gluten” is less harmful? I Know the DR. was saying wheat, barley and was it rye gluten was toxic to our bodies….I use spelt flour for any baking and really love it.
        Can you tell me if it is equally or less harmful?

        • From what I can tell, many people do just fine with spelt and it should be ok in a lot of cases (Just not for those with Celiac disease!)

  3. Missed you this week, Katie, but this is a fantastic podcast episode. It is informative. I like that he talks about actual studies (that he has read!) and that he is balanced in his approach (not everybody has everything related to gluten but some people do). I will listen to this one more than once.

  4. Awesome…………..I love Dr. Tom, I could listen to him all day…………he makes things so easy to understand, and yes, I am a celiac and am grateful more than I can say for this!

  5. Fantastic! Very informative. I am a little confused as to why he said multiple times that no one can process gluten and it causes inflammation in everyone over time, but then he goes on to say not everyone has gluten sensitivity. I’m guessing he meant not everyone is showing symptoms yet?

    • I was wondering that too!!

  6. It’s amazing…how many podcasts continue to regurgitate this information.

  7. I had no idea. This has inspired me to figure out a way to be part of the solution.

  8. is it possible to download this podcast to put on my ipod?? when i click download podcast it just opens a new page and plays it

    thank you x

  9. As a chiropractor & a nutritionist, I do a nutritional response test on a lot of my patients, I find some that are gluten sensative. But it makes me wonder if it’s the gluten or the chemical Glyphosate that’s sprayed right before havesting that’s the issue.

  10. There seems to be no reason to even test for gluten issues. It sounds as if we would all do well to avoid it!

  11. Great inter view, impressive. Thank you. The only moment i freaked out is 40:00. Did the Dr Tom suggested cholesterol causes heart attack? Really? It has spoilt all the pleasure.

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