130: Biohacking for Moms & Reversing Aging with Bulletproof’s Dave Asprey

130: Biohacking for Moms & Reversing Aging with Bulletproof’s Dave Asprey

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Biohacking for Moms and Reversing Aging with Bulletproof's Dave Asprey

If you want an easier, quicker way to be healthy (and who doesn’t, really) Dave Asprey is your man! He took his background in computer technology and invested over $1 million to study how to “hack” his own biology for better health. The result? He lost over 100 pounds and drastically improved his life in every way.

Now Dave Asprey helps thousands of people daily through his books, his blog, his podcast, and his famous Bulletproof Coffee that is a delicious and easy way to feed your body the right kind of fats.

Biohack Your Health with Dave Asprey …

In this episode Dave shares how to feel better and reverse aging by powering up the mitochondria in your cells. He’s a dad too, and he shares ways to give your kids the best foundation in life, which I love.

This is Biohacking 101 for Moms … here we go!

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • what your mitochondria do for your body (yes we’re going back to grade school biology!) and why they control your health
  • why he chose the title “Head Strong” for his book
  • the reason why Dave gives his kids coffee every morning!
  • the biggest factors affecting mitochondrial function in our environment today
  • how to “talk” to your mitochondria and tell them to shape up and work better in just minutes a day … really!
  • why willpower might not have much to do with your ability to say “no” to unhealthy foods
  • how Dave has managed to “age backwards” … and what his secret is
  • things you can do to radically improve kids’ behavior in just minutes a day
  • why eating the right fats (and a few other health hacks) might be all you need to feel young again
  • the hidden factors in our environment that derail the good choices we do make
  • why HIIT (high intensity interval training) is one of the best ways to wake up the mitchondria
  • how to use ketosis (yep there’s that word again!) as a tool against mitochondrial aging and dysfunction
  • what the hormones ghrelin and CCK have to do with your waistline … and how to make them work for you
  • Dave’s best tips for biohacking your kids’ diet
  • real ways to help the kids the next time they say “Mom, I can’t sleep…”
  • and last but not least … why a cold shower might actually be a good idea (for women too!)

Resources We Mention

Follow Dave Asprey at Bulletproof.com

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Will you try any of Dave Asprey’s biohacks? What was your favorite tip from this episode? Please share in the comments, or leave me a review to continue the conversation! I read each and every comment, and my guests often do too and might answer your questions!

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Reader Comments

  1. did anyone else find this guy repulsive for trying to get a laugh with “boobs”? what a mysogonist…. I don’t like fad health information and while I’m sure their is some credible info here, I can’t take it from him. Anyone listening to this podcast is listening to it because they likely have gone through a health crisis or sudden health burden; I’m not here to make my boobs perkier for douchbags like this so they can stare at a set like they’ve never seen ‘me before. He could have just said that cold water is great for collegen production and youthful skin, but in trying to get a laugh, he made himself look less credible to anyone who is legitimately here to better their health. What a creep. Katie, love love love your show, but I could tell this made you uncomfortable and wish you would have called this pig out or AT LEAST edit out his thoughtless remarks, for the sake of his own credibility. So disappointing.

  2. Can you can the bone broth?

  3. Another awesome podcast! Thank you! Now I need to read the book. Dave Asprey seems so down to earth and relatable. I had read his cookbook and felt pretty intimated by it, but after listening to him, I need to read his other books. I loved him talking about his kids. Loved the info about the cold showers and how open and honest and comfortable he was talking about “taboo” topics. Loved the mixing of the collagen in potatoes idea. And kids drinking coffee!! I can’t tell you how many families I know where the kids always want to drink the adults’ coffee. Never could understand this, but I guess if you make it the bulletproof way, why not?!? I usually am very skeptical about all these supplements that everyone seems to be creating today. It seems everyone in the health field is cashing in on the latest trends by starting their own brand of supplements and saying they are the best out there, and are any of them any better than the generic or not taking anything at all??? And the cost of them is absurd! However, it appears that Dave Asprey has created some much-needed, high quality, worthwhile products that will actually work for your body. Need to get the brain octane oil now. Again, very impressed with this episode.

  4. Katie, I couldn’t even finish this podcast. I did listen to the majority of the interview, and heard several comments/ideas that were disappointing and annoying. I want to encourage you to focus on guests who can back up their ideas in a mature way with semi-credible research. Your podcast is normally enjoyable and informative but this guest was a miss. The idea of blaming our bad choices on our mitochondria was especially repulsive to me. Our mitochondria matter, but we are adults who are responsible for our own actions!
    with care,
    Mandy, RN, BSN

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