93: How to Avoid the Most Common Fitness Mistakes Women Make

93: How to Avoid the Most Common Fitness Mistakes Women Make

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How to Avoid the Most Common Fitness Mistakes Women Make with Meredith Vieceli

As an athlete and a health coach, Meredith Vieceli sees women make all kinds of fitness mistakes. One of the most common? Not eating enough and training incorrectly or too hard! In this episode, she delves into these common problems, how to avoid them, and how to increase fitness safely and correctly.

And Meredith is the perfect person to advise us. In addition to being mom to two boys, she is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and the creator of the “Strong and Sexy Runner,” “Swim Bike Fuel,” “3HU,” and “Whole Health Mastery” nutrition/health coaching programs which help women reclaim their health.

Fitness Mistakes (Almost) Everyone Makes

It turns out avoiding exercise isn’t the only fitness mistake. There is such a thing as too much or the wrong kinds of exercise!

As Meredith says, our bodies are trying constantly to find balance.

Here are some of the common fitness mistakes Meredith warns against. Do any of them sound familiar?

Taking Big Leaps Instead of Baby Steps

Perhaps it’s tempting to think training for marathon is the perfect thing to get us out of the couch potato lifestyle. But Meredith says this is one fitness mistake we don’t have to make. Fitness and diet goals broken into small, attainable steps are much more likely to be sustainable.

Forgetting to Listen to Your Body

There is no one-size-fits-all fitness plan or diet. It just doesn’t exist. It’s all about finding the balance that is right for you. I agree with Meredith that the best health education is simply paying attention to how your body responds to different kinds of food, exercise, or stress.

Pushing Your Body Too Hard

Meredith says many of her clients actually experience health problem from overexercise. Working out too hard is its own kind of stress of the body, and can deplete what we are trying to restore.

And More …

Take a listen to hear what else Meredith has to say! It could make all the difference in finding your fitness sweet spot.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • how Meredith got off the corporate treadmill and started her own integrative health coaching business
  • the personal journey that defined Meredith’s mission as a coach to help women reclaim their health
  • the fitness mistakes almost everyone makes, and how to counter them with good habits
  • a question every workout program or diet should start with
  • ways to set your mindset to see exercise in a positive light
  • the mental switch to seeing food as fuel … not a diet
  • why a calorie-counting diet won’t help you lose weight
  • how a low-calorie diet impacts thyroid function, lean muscle tissue, and metabolism (it’s not good)
  • what Meredith thinks of my “extreme” choice not to eat sugar in any form
  • who should be on a high-fat, low-carb diet … and who should not
  • the cycle that happens in a woman’s body in response to a low carbohydrate diet
  • Meredith’s thoughts about whether protein powder is healthy and which ones to pick
  • a heads up on the new bone broth protein powder fad
  • whether there is such a thing as “the best workout” for women
  • easy principles to hack your current workout routine (or the one you want to create) to get the best benefits in the least amount of time
  • a simple recipe for a post-workout recovery drink that will flood the body with antioxidants and nutrition

Resources We Mention


The Harmful Effects of Sugar

What questions do you have for Meredith? Have you found balance in your fitness routine?

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  1. This was so informative and enjoyable. Thank you so much Wellness Mama for having this conversation and posting. It helped confirm I was doing some things in the right direction and open my eyes to where I can improve.

  2. I LOVE the strong stance on sugar. “Everything in moderation” really annoys me, too. I always want to say, “So, everything in moderation, including moderation then?”

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