238: Using Neuroplasticity to Rewire Nervous System or Brain Disorders With Carol Garner-Houston

238: Using Neuroplasticity to Rewire Nervous System or Brain Disorders With Carol Garner-Houston

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Using Neuroplasticity to Rewire Nervous System or Brain Disorders With Carol Garner-Houston

Today’s guest is back for a much requested part two, it’s no surprise. Carol Garner-Houston is an incredible powerhouse of knowledge and has helped thousands of families who are struggling through things like ADD, ADHD, sensory processing, and many other struggles. We’re going to go deep on all of those topics today.

Carol currently serves as an occupational therapist and neuroplastician in her private therapy center, Brain Harmony. You’ll often find her applying brain mapping protocols and modalities that are changing IQ scores, connecting speech in adults who have never spoken, and rewiring connections to hemiplegic limbs post-stroke. It’s truly incredible. I’m privileged to sit down with her today and talk more in-depth, not to mention answer all of your questions from the last podcast with Carol.

Episode Highlights With Carol Garner-Houston

  • What Carol has been up to since our last podcast
  • The technology Brain Harmony uses to reorganize and structure the brain
  • Carol’s hypothesis as to why she’s seeing a rise in children struggling with speech and neurological disorders
  • What neuroplasticity means and how our brain uses it to adapt
  • The role of the vestibular system in brain balance
  • Genetic and lifestyle factors contributing to brain disorders, and how to identify them
  • The Safe & Sound Protocol and how it activates the vagus nerve to help learning and attention problems
  • Non-invasive techniques for activating a child’s ability to hear, speak, or read
  • Advances in the brain science frontier that could help symptoms of stroke, Parkinson’s, and other brain-centered issues
  • Why someone with MTHFR might be a candidate for Brain Harmony
  • Natural ways to calm the nervous system… without a prescription
  • Some heart-to-heart advice for the overwhelmed caregiver
  • And more!

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Do you know someone who struggles with a brain or nervous system disorder? What questions can I bring to Carol for you? Please drop a comment below or leave a review on iTunes to let us know. We value knowing what you think and this helps other moms find the podcast as well.

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