222: Why ButcherBox Is Bringing Back Grass-Fed Meat With Mike Salguero

222: Why ButcherBox Is Bringing Back Grass-Fed Meat With Mike Salguero

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Why ButcherBox Is Bringing Back Grass-Fed Meat With Mike Salguero

I’m here today with Mike Salguero who is the CEO and founder of ButcherBox, the first delivery service dedicated to providing completely natural grass-fed beef, organic chicken, and heritage pork directly to your door. It’s something our family has used for a really long time.

Today Mike talks to us about how he got into grass-fed meat, why it’s better for you, and how he’s managed to balance his entrepreneurial goals with family life.

Episode Highlights With ButcherBox

  • The personal reason Mike Salguero started a grass-fed meat business
  • Why more consumers want grass-fed meat than ever
  • What labels like grass-fed, grass-finished, organic, etc. really mean
  • Why we might need to be wary of the grass-fed label in the future
  • Labels to look for to know if meat is humanely raised
  • Whether the labels “natural” and “hormone-free” really mean anything
  • The differences between how a grass-fed and a grain-fed cow are raised
  • What to do if grass-fed meat isn’t in the budget
  • Whether raising livestock for meat harms the environment
  • Advances in emission-free or carbon-neutral meat
  • The ups and downs Mike went through to find his ideal work-life balance
  • Tips for entrepreneurs
  • And more!

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  1. Is this meat also grass finished? Grass fed could mean on pasture until the livestock are moved to a feeding area with grain to put additional weight on before going to market.

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