146: Is Chiropractic Safe and How to Detox Safely with Dr. Hardick

146: Is Chiropractic Safe and How to Detox Safely with Dr. Hardick

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Is Chiropractic Safe and How to Detox Safely with Dr. Hardick

I’m here today with a holistic living expert I really admire. Dr. B. J. Hardick is known far and wide for his passion for teaching others how to design a lifestyle that supports the body’s natural ability to heal. He’s a master recipe creator and his book Maximized Living Nutrition Plans is used by over 500 chiropractic health clinics around the globe as a basis for nutritional counseling.

Healing the Body With Chiropractic Care

In addition to his chiropractic practice in London, Ontario, Dr. Hardick regularly contributes recipes and articles to sites like FoodMatters.com, MindBodyGreen.com, and the Huffington Post, not to mention his own blog at DrHardick.com with tons of quality info on whole food nutrition, his guided 7-day detox, best supplements to take, and more. Be sure to check out his links in the resources below!

Today he explains what chiropractic can do for the body, whether it’s safe for kids, and practical life changes that can help anyone detox and regain a natural state of balance.

Let’s dive in!

Dr. B. J. Hardick on How Parents Can Make a Difference

What makes Dr. Hardick stand out from the pack is his positive, upbeat, and balanced approach to making healthy choices in a toxic world. Even in the face of challenges, it’s not all doom and gloom. One thing I especially love to hear as a mom — Dr. B. J. credits his parents for instilling his outlook on health, even in the face of challenges. He explains:

My parents always had … this underlying philosophy that really we were created to be healthy. Even in the early days before there was a lot of education or a lot of access to information they really aligned with the philosophy that the body was supposed to work properly provided we don’t mess it up.

I only hope I can do the same for my kids!

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • Dr. Hardick’s philosophy on health and why he believes in the body’s power to be healthy by design
  • his unique upbringing and how it shaped his choice to become a chiropractor
  • the health crisis he faced in his adulthood (despite doing everything “right”)
  • why heavy metal toxicity can happen even if you live a healthy lifestyle
  • ways modern 21st century life puts stress on health, and what to do about it
  • 3 levels of detox and key ways to improve the body’s detoxification pathways
  • his take on the ketogenic diet and whether women should fast
  • an introduction to the chiropractic philosophy and how it works
  • whether babies and kids need chiropractic
  • and more!

Resources We Mention

Learn more about Dr. B .J. and his practice at DrHardick.com


For More on These Topics, See:

What has helped you find your own approach to healthy living? Do you have questions for Dr. Hardick? Please ask in the comments or leave me a review on iTunes. I read each and every comment, and my guests often do too and might answer your questions!

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    Thanks for the episode, it was good!

    • Hi Katie,

      So sorry about that. Everything is working fine on my end. Would you mind to make sure your browser is up to date?

      • Hi Katie – No worries, like I said, I was still able to listen to it if I went to the Download link and listened to it there. It was odd. I just tried it again today in the same browser, and it worked fine! Hope it was just a glitch on my end 🙂

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  6. First of all, I love this podcast and I think it does a good job of purposely not shaming “mamas” for not being perfect. I take issue with the comment that Dr. Hardwick made about his mother potentially doing something “wrong” with her lifestyle to cause a C-section. I’ve seen heroin addicts give birth to healthy babies and friends who are super fit and healthy have C-sections … let’s stick to what we can control. Hoping he gets to that as the interview continues. Even then, healthy people still get sick …

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