241: Biohacking for Moms, Anti-Aging & Raising Amazing Kids With Ben Greenfield

241: Biohacking for Moms, Anti-Aging & Raising Amazing Kids With Ben Greenfield

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Biohacking for Moms, Anti-Aging & Raising Amazing Kids With Ben Greenfield

My guest today is the exceptional Ben Greenfield, and since he won’t share his mile-long list of accomplishments himself, I’m going to brag on him for a bit.

He is a life-long complete nerd (which I can say because I’m one too). He started college at 16 and studied anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, pharmaceuticals, microbiology, biochemistry, and nutrition, graduating in 2004 at 20 years old as the top senior in his class.

Ben was accepted into six medical schools but opted for a master’s degree in exercise, physiology, and biomechanics. Now he has gyms and labs across the country and was voted America’s top personal trainer in 2008. He also founded Kion, a fitness company geared toward helping the world’s hard-charging, high achievers to achieve a truly limitless life.

I highly, highly recommend all of his books, especially Beyond Training and the Christian Gratitude Journal. He also has a blog and a podcast that reach millions each month, and I’ll link to those in the show notes.

In what he considers his greatest role, Ben is dad to two twin boys, and along with his wife Jessa, works hard at raising exceptional children who can lead the next generation. Today I’m hoping to tap into all of the wisdom he has to share, so we’re going deep into biohacking, anti-aging, raising amazing kids, and more!

Episode Highlights With Ben Greenfield

  • Top three things he’s trying for biohacking right now (what’s working and what doesn’t)
  • Why he loves red light as much as I do
  • The reason photbiomodulation is so important and how to get it
  • One easy food he loves to eat to boost health
  • What PEMF is and how Ben uses it
  • Simple ways to reduce inflammation
  • How thymus injections may help slow aging
  • What a placenta injection is and why someone would consider it
  • Whether NAD IVs and injections are worth it, and how to replicate it inexpensively
  • What sweetbreads are (hint: not bread) and why they are awesome
  • The top things you can do for your health
  • How structured water and hydrogen water are helpful for preventing aging
  • What xenohormesis is and how it affects you

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