54: Baby Steps for Eating Real Food

54: Baby Steps for Eating Real Food

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baby steps for eating real food

In this episode, I sit down with Katie Kimball, founder of KitchenStewardship.com.

Katie has shared her journey to real food and natural living for over 7 years at Kitchen Stewardship, a blog that encourages other moms to take baby steps to better nutrition for their families while balancing their limited time and budget.

Along with her 4 children, she has created the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse to help other parents teach their kids to cook, so that they too can get a little break (and raise healthy children who know how to cut, cook AND eat their vegetables). She has also written 8 eBooks to date, including the popular Healthy Snacks to Go.

Baby Steps to Switching to Real Food

Katie Kimball offers this advice for fellow moms seeking a healthier kitchen:

1. Give Yourself Some Grace

Creating a healthy lifestyle is a journey, and it’s not easy to do all at once. Rest assured that nobody is perfect, and making the switch to real food takes time.

2. Look for Something that Takes Minimal Effort & Make a Big Impact

Rather than trying to overhaul everything at once, Katie recommends focusing on something small that affects your family’s diet on a regular basis. Start with something small like replacing cereal for breakfast a couple times a week or replacing packaged potato chips with nuts and dried fruit.

3. Basic Food Staples to Keep on Hand

When time is running short to make a wholesome meal for your family, it’s hard to turn to healthy options. It’s for that reason that Katie Kimball keeps these healthy staples on hand in her kitchen:

1. Homemade yogurt
2. Chicken Stock (for soups)
3. Frozen fruit and healthy smoothie ingredients
4. Nuts and dried fruit
5. Cheese
6. Snackable veggies like celery

Katie Kimball’s Experience with Whole 30

The Whole 30 is a 30-day diet is intended to remove food groups that can promote inflammation, and in the process, kill your cravings for artificial sweeteners and processed food. Katie Kimball and her husband have each tried this method of eating with great success. The benefits they have experienced include:

  • weight loss (without feeling hungry)
  • resetting their palette to curb negative cravings
  • gut health reset

Better Than a Box

Katie Kimball has written an excellent book about replacing processed food with real food alternatives. In it, she has reverse engineered many common store-bought favorites like casseroles, soups, and desserts—even Velveeta cheese!

The result of her process is a book of excellent, healthy recipes that can replace your traditional meal-in-a-box choices from the store. Not only that, in the first 80 pages of the book, she explains how to reverse engineer your own recipes, a skill that goes beyond the recipes in the book. Check it out here.

Resources Mentioned:

Better Than a Box — Katie Kimball’s book for replacing processed food
How to Make Homemade Yogurt
Azure Standard

Kitchen Skills for Kids

Katie Kimball has offered her video series, Kitchen Skills for Kids, for free to listeners of the podcast to help moms get their children involved in the meal preparation process.

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  1. I stumbled across your website a little over a week ago…it was pure bliss and so meant to be!! In this little time I’ve learned invaluable information!!! I’ve convinced my husband to start taking steps to eating whole “real” food, I’ve gone back to making all my families personal care items(such as deodorant, lotions, soaps etc.) *which I had previously done but quit out of laziness*, and Friday I received my order of OraWellness *which I seriously kid you NOT-in ONE DAYS USE MY GUMS STOPPED BLEEDING!!*, I’m ordering Dr. Rami Nagel’s book soon, and get this…I’m super excited about this one…I live by Two local farmers where I can purchases raw milk, fresh eggs, and several types of organic meats!!! Katie, God bless you!!! I don’t believe in coincidence, and know I was lead here for a reason. I pray God continues to use you to help many more people back to His original ways of eating and health. It is MY personal belief that we have the cure to cancer, AIDS, and other diseases but society, by looking ‘forward’ into man-made synthetic drugs, has overlooked what has already been provided. Anyway, what I’m trying to get across is, “Thank you.” You are making a difference…one person/family at a time!

    • Congrats on your improved health and thanks for your kind words!

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