193: How to Protect Your Family From the Rise of 5G & Other EMFs

193: How to Protect Your Family From the Rise of 5G & Other EMFs

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How to Protect Your Family From the Rise of 5G & Other EMFs

The controversy surrounding EMFs never seems to end, and with good reason. The technology is changing quickly with the rise of 5G and wireless technology being in everything from your car to your fridge. The truth is, we don’t know the health effects of this technology and won’t fully know for years.

We’ve tackled this topic a few times on the podcast and the blog, but today we’ll get an update from EMF expert Daniel DeBaun of DefenderShield on new developments, especially those surrounding 5G.

Episode Highlights: The Advent of 5G

  • what non-ionizing radiation is and why we need to be cautious of it
  • what’s coming with 5G and why it is a big deal
  • the surprising difference between 3G, 4G, and 5G
  • why 5G represents a much bigger jump than previous generations
  • how the EMF controversy can be related to trans fats
  • how our current safety standards for cell phones was set 35 years ago (and needs an update)
  • why kids are more vulnerable to the effects of EMFs than adults
  • why women are more electrosensitive than men
  • the effect of blue light from screens on circadian rhythm and sleep
  • what studies show about EMFs, laptops, and sperm
  • practical modifications you can make to your home and devices to make them safer
  • and more!

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Reader Comments

  1. The satellites associated with the implementation of 5G are not mentioned here. Why not? What the satellites mean is that there will be a constant microwave emission that will emit every square inch of the earth. So in other world an assault on both nature and people. These are crimes against humanity and nature in my book. So you really will have to live in a cave to avoid the constant assault. This is just appalling to me. I am electro smog sensitive. What about us? What about the bees? This will be there final demise. It is our God given right to decide if we want to participate in this experiment. I can’t believe this is happening. Am I living in a novel? We won’t even go into the GMO’s and our toxic food supply. At least there I can control, by not buying it!

    • Totally agree I’m with you 🙁
      I am also outraged! Wondering if we should be praying for end times. Personally I’m looking forward to heaven but that’s not realistic so my faith has to sustain me. But if there’s something we can do that’s within our control then we should otherwise…let’s believe our God can & will protect us by praying ? psalm 91 is a good one and many more

  2. I am asking the same question as above really. Won’t 5G just constantly be passing through our bodies even if we don’t have mobile phones, wifi or a laptop?

    • Please tell people about Fiber Optics as an alternative. Faster and Safe. Here in Marin County we are changing the Ordinance to protect our towns from getting sick and health issues that scientists have proven is dangerous for health and the brain. Thanks Let’s wake people up to what is being created only for profit for the Telecom companies..

    • Sam, I am sorry to say this but yes. Every living thing on this planet will be affected. Plants too. This is a serious matter. There is EMF protective clothing and house shielding available. But not 100% protective and not cheap. Research it. Also, many books and resources available of what this really is and what you can do about it. (which is not much). Truthfully I was expecting more on the podcast, but it did not deliver anything new for me as I am up on this since I have sensitivities. The Wellness Mama’s, Dave Asprey’s, and Ben Greenfield’s with all their money and knowledge can’t hide from this either. Can’t wait to see what they come up with as this rolls out and reality sets in, May you find your way through these upcoming times with peace. Namaste, Tammy

  3. Thanks for tackling this issue, Katie. Do you have any shows on Smart Meters and how to opt out or protect ourselves? I just found out my neighborhood is getting Smart Meters whether we like it or not. I called to opt out but the electric company is charging a one time fee plus a monthly fee so I can’t afford to opt out, a punishment of sorts for not wanting their meters. We should not have Smart Meters forced on us but they are going to anyway.

  4. Hi Where can I purchase the EMF KILL SWITCH you mentioned from a conference?
    Thank you in advance for your response!:)

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