Magnesium Oil Benefits & How to Use It

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Benefits and uses of Magnesium Oil Spray
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Even with a healthy, real food diet, it can often be difficult to get the magnesium our bodies need from food alone. I’ve written before about how I supplement magnesium daily, and the most effective way I’ve found to do it is using magnesium oil spray on my skin.

Why do I I feel that magnesium is critical to overall wellness? Many people don’t get enough of this vital mineral that the body uses for hundreds of reactions. Every cell in the body needs magnesium in some way, and it is essential for bone, tooth, muscle, and joint health as well as for optimal sleep and stress reduction.

More sleep and less stress? Sign me up!

Why Are We Lacking Magnesium?

How to make your own magnesium oil to improve sleep and reduce stressMagnesium deficiency is widespread because many of us have lifestyle factors that actively deplete our magnesium levels such as lack of sleep, excess stress, or alcohol/caffeine/sugar consumption. On top of that, many natural sources of magnesium are becoming depleted. Our soil contains less magnesium due to over-farming and high pesticide use. Water filtration systems also remove much of the naturally occurring magnesium in water.

The ocean is still a wonderful source of magnesium and trace minerals, but for those of us who don’t have daily access to a beach, transdermal magnesium oil can be the easiest and most effective way to increase magnesium levels.

Magnesium Oil Benefits

As I mentioned, magnesium is a very important mineral for the body. There are thousands of studies that involve magnesium therapy in some form. These studies evaluate magnesium’s affect on everything from skin health to diabetes and hypertension.

The easiest way I’ve found to increase my levels is transdermally or through the skin with this magnesium oil. Just spray it on after a shower or a bath, let it soak in, and you’re done! It’s quick, easy, and bypasses the digestive system for best absorption.

There are also magnesium supplements that can be taken internally, including magnesium drink mixes like Natural Calm or the one I personally take, but many people have difficulty absorbing magnesium internally and find topical magnesium a more effective method. In my experience, it helps to cycle the two methods to ensure absorption.

Here’s a list of the many benefits of having healthy levels of magnesium, and why I make magnesium oil a regular part of my routine:

1. Improved Magnesium Levels

Obviously, the goal of magnesium oil use is to increase the body’s magnesium levels. A 2010 British study conducted by the Herbal Research Centre showed a 25%+ increase in cellular magnesium levels in participants who used transdermal magnesium therapy for 12 weeks. Transdermal magnesium therapy includes magnesium soaks and magnesium spray. I personally consider this a basic form of nutritional insurance since it is so difficult to get magnesium from food and water.

2. Smoother Skin

I also really like using magnesium oil for healthier skin along with dry brushing. I dry brush in the mornings and use magnesium spray at night and this helps my skin stay smooth and breakout free. (People with sensitive skin should start with diluted magnesium oil and work up as their skin allows).

3. Less Muscle Soreness

Many athletes swear by magnesium for post-workout recovery. Even those of us who aren’t high-level athletes can benefit from using magnesium after workouts. Studies indicate that magnesium spray may help reduce muscle cramping and replenish magnesium levels lost through sweat.

4. Fewer Headaches and Migraines

There is a lot of research about magnesium’s importance for those who suffer from headaches or migraines. It isn’t an acute treatment for symptom relief, but the studies indicate that those who have optimal levels of cellular magnesium have fewer instances of headaches and migraines.
How to make your own magnesium oil spray

5. Balanced Blood Sugar

There is also quite a bit of research regarding magnesium and balanced blood sugar levels. This may be for several reasons. As mentioned above, excess sugar consumption depletes magnesium levels in the body. Having unbalanced blood sugar and insulin levels may deplete magnesium. This, in turn, makes it more difficult to properly balance blood sugar and insulin. Magnesium is not a treatment for diabetes or blood sugar imbalance but studies show that magnesium may be an important part of a holistic approach to blood sugar management.

6. Lower Risk of Blood Pressure and Hypertension

Hospitals routinely use IV magnesium as an acute treatment for high blood pressure. Most of us aren’t giving ourselves IV magnesium at home though and until recently there hasn’t been much well-documented information about supplemental magnesium and blood pressure. A 2012 meta-analysis of available literature in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found: “Magnesium supplementation appears to achieve a small but clinically significant reduction in BP, an effect worthy of future prospective large randomized trials using solid methodology.”

This analysis found a statistically significant benefit at doses of more than 370 milligrams a day, indicating that a person would likely need to supplement internally and transdermally to get the benefit.

7. More Restful Sleep

There’s good reason that Epsom salt baths are often used for relaxation. Magnesium may have a beneficial affect on GABA receptors in the brain. This allows a person to relax and sleep easily and possibly deeper. It is important to note that a small segment of people seem to notice the opposite affect and wake up from magnesium supplementation. These people should, of course, not take magnesium at night.

How to Use Magnesium Oil

Spray on arms, legs, and stomach daily. I use 10-20 sprays per day. It will tingle on the skin the first few times it is used, and this is normal. It should fade after a few applications, but you can dilute with more water if it bothers you too much.

After applying, leave on the skin or wash off after 20-30 minutes. I usually apply after a shower and then use coconut oil or a lotion bar to moisturize about 5 minutes later. If the sticky feel on your skin bothers you, try applying at night before bed when you won’t notice it as much or before showering and rinse off.

This is my favorite magnesium oil brand, but if you are a DIY type you can also make your own!

DIY Magnesium Oil Spray Recipe

When I don’t have magnesium oil on hand I’ve been known to make it! Try this easy recipe:



  1. Boil the distilled water. It is important to use distilled to extend the shelf life of the mixture.
  2. Place the magnesium chloride flakes in the glass bowl or measuring cup and the pour the boiling water over it.
  3. Stir well until completely dissolved. Let cool completely and store in the spray bottle. Can be stored at room temperature for at least six months. I keep in my bathroom to use daily.

Note: I prefer to use magnesium oil before bedtime and often add 10 drops of lavender essential oil to the mixture for scent and relaxation.

Other Natural Ways to Get Magnesium

While magnesium does have many well-documented benefits, it is important to realize that it is only a small part of the many nutrients needed by the body. Magnesium supplementation is great but should be in addition to a real-food diet as this is the way nature intends it!

Magnesium is found in some foods, though the amounts present in many foods are declining due to poor soil quality and over-farming. Foods that contain magnesium include:

Top Ten Magnesium Rich Foods

Magnesium Oil FAQs

This post has generated hundreds of comments and questions and I’ve tried to answer the most common ones here:

Why is this called an oil when there is no oil in it?

Good question. This is actually a highly saturated mineral solution of magnesium but when it goes on the skin it tends to feel somewhat like an oil and was named “Magnesium Oil” for this reason. Confusing? A little… but I didn’t come up with the name. Even commercial brands of magnesium oil use that term.

What type of magnesium is best?

From the research I found, magnesium chloride seems to be the most absorbable and least irritating form that is readily available for purchase by the general public. (This is the brand that I use.)

Would Epsom salts work?

Personally, I find Epsom salt sprays too drying but I love Epsom salt baths. The difference is that Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate and can be more drying and not absorb as easily into skin.

Can I use an oral magnesium supplement powder to make transdermal magnesium?

Nope! The forms for internal use are irritating to the skin. This would also leave a white film and make a big mess. I don’t recommend it.

Is it good to add calcium to the spray too?

I personally wouldn’t. In theory, you could and it would dissolve decently well, but it would leave a white film on skin and calcium is not as easily absorbed through skin. Also, it seems that many people get plenty of calcium and not enough magnesium, so this would potentially not be as beneficial.

Can this go in a plastic bottle?

In theory yes and it should work just fine. I prefer glass whenever possible, especially since glass bottles are readily available now. My personal favorites are these sixteen ounce amber bottles.

Can I use this on babies/kids/my pets?

Ask your pediatrician/vet to be sure before using any product on a child or pet. Personally, I use this spray on my children at night to help them sleep more soundly.

Can I use magnesium while pregnant/nursing?

Again, check with a doctor before using anything while pregnant nursing, but I have personally used it through several pregnancies with great results.

This is supposed to improve sleep, so why does it seem to keep me up?

From all of the comments, there seems to be a small group of people who have an opposite reaction to magnesium. While it promotes restful sleep for many people, this small percentage seems to have trouble sleeping for a few hours after taking magnesium. My mom had this problem and found that she did best when she took or used magnesium spray around midday.

Why does this oil cause burning/tingling on some people?

One theory is that those who are deficient will have a tingling or burning reaction to magnesium oil. I did notice that it seemed to irritate me much more at first and that I soon adjusted and didn’t have a problem with this at all, but I don’t have any science to back up the deficiency theory. I also found that this particular magnesium oil didn’t tingle or burn at all.

What about adding essential oils to the mixture?

There are some risks associated with certain essential oils but some can also be very beneficial. Personally, I’d check with a qualified practitioner or aromatherapist before using any essential oil in this recipe.

Can this be used as deodorant?

Yep! I have a separate recipe for a spray deodorant that is basically this recipe anyway. Even just this spray on its own works great for me now.

Have you tried magnesium to help reduce stress, improve sleep or for another reason? Ever tried to make your own? Share below!

Homemade magnesium oil is a cost effective way to increase your magnesium levels and can reduce stress, improve sleep and improve health.

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981 responses to “Magnesium Oil Benefits & How to Use It”

  1. Andrea Crowe Davis Avatar
    Andrea Crowe Davis

    So, I decided to make my own b/c it would be much cheaper than trying to buy enough for 5 people, and I have been using it for 3 days now. I’m happy to report that I woke up this morning feeling energized and had NO stiff neck, neck pain, or lingering headache (which I usually wake up with everyday, due to herniated discs). 🙂 I don’t know if it’s the magnesium or the uptick in coconut oil….I don’t care….I’m not stopping! THANK YOU for this wonderful site! I love it!

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar
      Wellness Mama

      That’s great! I’m so glad that you noticed a change so quickly!

    2. Rebecca McGrath Avatar
      Rebecca McGrath

      If this happens to me I can’t begin to tell you how ecstatic I will be. I always wake up with a headache and stiff neck and it really takes a toll on your life. I really hope this also helps me get a goodnight sleep and stay asleep. My son as well he wonders at night and I doubt he is getting much sleep as well.

      1. Jessica Olejnik Avatar
        Jessica Olejnik

        Rebecca- any update on the neck and head issues after using mag oil? I wake up the same way- and plan on starting my new mag regimen tonight!

  2. Cynthia Avatar

    I have used the Ancient Minerals Mag Oil that you recommended. I assume you take a shower and towel off and then spray the Oil on. After 5 minutes, it would still be quite oiley or wet. How do you moisturize and get dressed in that case?

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar
      Wellness Mama

      Mine absorbs in pretty fast… I would guess it might take longer on some people though… If you make your own mag oil, you could make it stronger and use less so it absorbs faster…

      1. Cynthia Avatar

        thanks…this morning I realized that I have been using a LOT more of the oil. I will cut back to 10-20 sprays! I did that this morning and it did soak in.

        1. curious Avatar

          I understand that this could be obvious… but can you use this as a rub? And can you rub it in or do you just spray it on and let it soak in.. thanks for any feedback.

  3. Fran Avatar

    My doctor put me on Magnesium because I could not get up in the mornings and my immune system was so low! After a few days I started to feel so much better! I have shared this with friends and they have been amazed at how much better they have felt!

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar
      Wellness Mama

      Nope… it is magnesium sulfate to magnesium chloride, but it is great to add to baths.

      1. Michelle Avatar

        Katie, can you comment as to why specifically? I have seen similar recipes based on epsom salts….

        1. Wellness Mama Avatar
          Wellness Mama

          From what I understand it is not quite as easy to absorb and can be more drying to the skin…

          1. Heather Avatar

            I made this today with Epsom salt and it totally left a residu and was drying lil. Guess I need to spring for the right thing! 🙂

          2. Michele Avatar

            I have not tried the mag citrate oil yet so I don’t have that to compare to, but I tried this with Epsom salt since I had that on hand and YES it DOES leave a white powdery residue which is very annoying. Does the mag oil made with magnesium flakes leave a residue? I would love to know. If it doesn’t then that would be worth a switch on it’s own! I haven’t noticed it drying out my skin. I boiled water and added an equal portion of Epsom salts to the water and kept it simmering while I stirred until it was all dissolved. once cooled I put some of it in a spray bottle, and some in a jar. I liked it better in the jar. I could just dip a few fingers in and then rub it on, versus spraying and my sprayer getting clogged. ( I think I need a new spray bottle because it did this before also) I’m not sure how long the mag oil made with mag flakes takes to work, but the Epsom salt kind works very fast in the bathroom department so keep that in mind. I have Hashimotos so for me this is absolutely FANTASTICO!! Also, I saw someone say that Epsom salts do not sting/tingle like mag flakes do, but mine definitely does! Maybe they were referring to when they use them in a bath? I honestly don’t see anything wrong with using the Epsom salts as a spray if you are willing to bathe in it. It’s just a more efficient way of getting it into your skin (meaning you use a lot less with more effect). However if the mag flakes don’t leave a residue then I think they are definitely worth the switch.

        2. Susie Avatar

          I take a hefty Epsom salt bath once or twice per week, I’ve found that 2 hrs (I add more hot water) and about 2 or 3 cups of Epsom salts work best. Without it, my chronic fatigue is so bad that I can barely get out of bed, and the migraines are hell. With soaking, my body absorbs the magnesium, allergies are better, and the brain fog has gone. Anxiety is also less. I suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, migraines, social anxiety, nausea and gerd… not fun, but eating organic, resting when I need to and those Epsom salt baths work wonders. I add several drops of lavender oil and peppermint oil also. About once per month or so, after I get out of the bath, I put my dog in it. She also has a grain free diet, but has skin problems, dry, itchy, flakey etc. After her bath, her coat is soooo soft, and her skin much better. I have less migraines as long as I take my magnesium supplements and baths,

          1. Donna Avatar

            I have a dog that has seizures and on phenobarbital and lately has been itchy and scratching all over. Just wondering if giving her a bath with Epson salt would help or should I try the mag oil? I heard that dogs that have seizures might benefit from magnesium.

          2. Carol Avatar

            Replying to Michelle: Because it detoxes the skin, and most of the ‘nasties’ come out of the skin, AND because of the white residue: you should always rinse off after taking a detoxing bath with magnesium to wash off the toxins that have been left on your skin. This will take care of the white residue and rinse the toxins off from the sweating out .

          3. Joanna Avatar

            Susie, you sound like you may have celiac disease. Gluten damages the small intestine villi, you do not absorb vitamins and minerals due to the malabsorption syndrome of celiac auto immune damage to the small intestine. I was 71 before I Dx myself with celiac after reading Jennifer Esposito’s book, “Jennifer’s Way”. Found out that my father’s family is loaded with celiac disease. With a gluten free diet for a year I am a new person. Need less thyroid medication, for the first time in my life I am not anemic, vitamin levels are finally all normal, even with supplementation they were never normal. Anxiety and depression are gone, chronic fatigue gone, joint, bone and muscle pain gone. Cardiac arrhythmia’ decreased now that I am absorbing magnesium, calcium and potassium from my diet. No more migraine headaches. Please talk with your naturopath or medical doctor. No longer lactose intolerant either. Look into it.

  4. annie summer Avatar
    annie summer

    If it is mentioned here, I missed it…I use mg flakes from Swanson…best price

    1. Pat Viands Avatar
      Pat Viands

      Where do you get your flakes,and if you don’t mind me asking how much did you pay. For what amount, thanks in advance .

    2. Joan C. Avatar
      Joan C.

      I’ve notice some brands add “other” ingredients to their supplements. Look those up!

  5. Leigh Avatar

    I’m wondering what the concentration of your recipe is vs the magnesium oil ancient minerals sells. Just looking at cost benefit analysis. I already bought the oil from them while I was pregnant and the lotion. The oil is much more concentrated than the lotion. I have heard that applying the oil or lotion or taking a bath (so absorbing magnesium through the skin) vs taking orally you will absorb it much more readily through your skin. It also works as a great way to detox your body!Thanks for sharing sharing your recipe!

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar
      Wellness Mama

      The pre-made versions are called that as well. It has an oily type consistency when you first apply it…

  6. Thomas A. Avatar
    Thomas A.

    I took an OTC sleeping pill that contained magnesium and I slept well, so I’m thinking that I might be deficient in Mg. I take melatonin so I know what that does to me but I’ve never tried mg.

  7. Andrea Avatar

    Is distilled the same as reverse osmosis….or can it be used interchangeably? We have an RO system in our house, and didn’t want to buy water if I didn’t have to.

      1. Annie Avatar

        I think you have to keep changing your Osmosis filters after acouple of years, to make sure your still not filtering in the bad stuff..

        I have an Osmosis system in my home, and that is what we where told to do..Of course they want to sell you the filters, so I think you can wait longer, but it does work well..We have ours tested.

        1. Annie Avatar

          P.S. I mean replacing those tubes after a couple of years..and yes it can be pricy.
          Although you do not have to change them out all at once.

          Take Care,

  8. Christine Avatar

    I began taking magnesium about 2 weeks ago, just our local grocery store brand, after my husband found that when supplementing with vitamin D3 magnesium is needed. My D3 levels have been very low. A few months ago, I started feeling my heart flutter. I thought it was menopause. I hadn’t been sleeping well either. But since beginning the magnesium supplement about 2 weeks ago, my fluttery heart is gone and I’m sleeping better than I’ve slept in months. The results for me were almost immediate.

    1. Liz Walton Avatar
      Liz Walton

      What a revalation reading this! I was low on D3 and have been taking supplements. I have had the exact same issues. I never put 2 and 2 together and am sure I never would have. I thought it was anxiety from EMDR therapy which I started about the same time I started the D3 supplement. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to go get my magnesium!

    2. Donna Pawlak Avatar
      Donna Pawlak

      Hi. I wonder how long you were taking D3 before the heart palpitations occurred. I have been taking D3 now for about a month but have had no heart flutters yet. However, I am now taking this magnesium oil as well.

    3. Joan C. Avatar
      Joan C.

      Look up the ingredients in your supplements from grocery stores brands and other places, and see what “other” ingredients are in there! They love to put fillers, and other junk your body doesn’t need, or can’t use…in them! You should use main brand names, instead, but I know their somewhat more expensive, but at least you don’t get a lot of junk with them!

  9. Venia Avatar

    Because I’m allergic to high-level of magnesium I can only take it in small quantities in my multi vitamins. however, I was told thatbthis is not normal, is this true?

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar
      Wellness Mama

      I’ve never really heard of someone being allergic… I would say it’s probably not normal…

      1. Guna Avatar

        Thank you for this recipe. I have made it for my mum dad sister nieces and using myself. Easy great value and my family have reported more sleep during night and lesser/no menstrual cramps and ease in headaches. My question is can i use the magnesium oil sprayed on my skin before sunbathing in sun? Would it interfiere with the absorbtion of the sun rays or body producing d vitamin? Asit happens withing belly region right? As it is the place where most of the fat is stored in the body..

        1. McKee Avatar

          Hi, I read somewhere that magnesium oil is only good for 6 months on the shelf and that water is a breeding ground for microbes and I was wondering if there is a preservative that I can add to it to make the shelf life longer?

    2. Wellness Mama Avatar
      Wellness Mama

      You could try it, but I’d boil it first to make sure anything “alive” that could cause the oil to go bad is killed…

      1. Paula Perry Avatar
        Paula Perry

        I read the recipe 3 times and I don’t see any “oil”???

        1. Daisy Avatar

          Magnesium oil doesn’t have any oil in it. It is named this because when you spray it on your skin it feels oily.

          1. marie Avatar

            I made some today and it didnt feel oily not sure if I did something wrong

          2. dylan Avatar

            Then call it magnesium spray oily. Right?

    3. Glenda Bradley Avatar
      Glenda Bradley

      My daughter, 36, also has a reaction if she comes in contact with this magnesium chloride. She also has a reaction to iodine. She’s always told it’s not possible to be allergic to these. Myself, I love the results I achieve with each.

      1. Steven Avatar

        Likely no such thing. What are your symptoms?
        Perhaps what Venia is saying is that she has trouble absorbing Mg and gets gastric distress. Topical magnesium would get around that issue. ‘Excipients’ in magnesium pills (pretty much anything that isn’t the capsule [bovine gelatin, ‘vegetable capsule (hypromellose)’] and magnesium salt [eg ‘magnesium bisglycinate’ or ‘magnesium chloride’] can also irritate the gut lining (micro-tears) and cause distress. Again, topical is great to get around that.

        Possibly the ‘allergic reaction’ some experience is either:
        A. The itchy feeling some get when the Magnesium transits the skin. [can be a sign of various sickness/ailments or other vitamin/mineral deficiencies. Lookup grimhood on twitter/patreon, I think he answers that somewhere]
        B. Other compounds in the solution due to using tap or well water. (chlorine comes to mind) try using distilled water next time and see how it goes.
        To solve A momentarily, just have a damp cloth around when applying to rub on the itchy spots. It will dissolve the Mg further making it less potent; or just bear it. You could also try, if distilled water gives the same issue, dissolving less Magnesium Chloride flakes.
        It goes without saying rubbing this stuff on an open wound will indeed sting.


  10. chi chi Avatar

    Is this form safe while pregnant or should I stick to my Epsom salt foot baths?

    1. Paula Perry Avatar
      Paula Perry

      I see that you are now playing with your little one but for other pregnant women:
      Magnesium can be taken orally. Magnesium is also absorbed through the skin whether it is in you foot bath, bath water or sprayed on. Your doctor should be aware of any source of Magnesium you are using while pregnant.

      1. Bethany-Jane Avatar

        Hey! I take a magnesium tablet daily. If I start using the spray on my skin can I still take the tablet, or will that be an, “overdose,”? Thank you!

    2. Deb Avatar

      Do not use any magnesium except magnesium gluconate while pregnant, as it can cause diarrhea, which can spur on miscarriage.

      1. Adelheid Avatar

        I used to get such bad leg cramps in the middle of the night. My sister in law told me about magnesium supplements… I now take those, and no more leg cramps.. but I also use magnesium oil on the bottom of my feet and put in my belly button at night . Works great!! No more leg cramps

  11. Peg obrien Avatar
    Peg obrien

    I think you caused a run on the Ancient Minerals Magnesium Flakes, the first vendor apparently ran out, took a little bit for the listing to catch up and a different one take over. The ones who got there first got a slightly better price!

    1. Sally Avatar

      Magnesium chloride does have chlorine in it.
      it is magnesiun chloride hexahydrate which means for every mag atom there are 2 chlorine atoms and 6 water. just an FYI you body can use a little chlorine but not a lot. Magnesium sulfate or Epsom salts has one sulfur atom to one mag and then some water as well. Mag oxide is one to one with oxygen with no water atoms most likely. (MGO) Of all these Magnesiums with water is probably most absorbable by your body.

  12. Iryna Avatar

    So, how can I know that I am not getting enough magnesium in my diet and need to supplement? For those of us who have good diets, I am afraid to just make the assumption that my body is deprived of it, because if it’s not I would be overloading it with magnesium and that can’t be good either, right?

    1. Nan Avatar

      It’s very rare and hard to overload on magnesium…your body has a built in system to rid itself of excess magnesium in the form of vomit/diahrrea, so if you don’t have stomach issues with it, you are fine.

    2. Beverly Sadler Avatar
      Beverly Sadler

      The best thing to do is start out with a very small amount. Use if for a few days, and if you have no stomach issues as mentioned than you can increase a little bit the next few days.

      1. Cathy A Avatar

        I was diagnosed with very acute anemia prescribed a High dosage of Iron. Since iron is a constipator, and magnisuim is an instigator I take both of them and it all evens out! Not very scientific, but effective.

    1. Tina Avatar

      I use it as a deodorant too. I took an old roll on bottle and popped the ball out. Poured some of my homemade magnesium oil in it and now roll it on my underarms every morning. I get a dose of magnesium oil and it really helps prevent any odor.

      1. April Avatar

        I would be really curious to know how you popped the ball out of a deodorant roll-on. I’ve tried this many times, and have yet to get one out.
        Thanks !

        1. BRENDA Avatar


          1. Katie Avatar

            Does it not burn your underarms? I used it on my legs today and it burned and itched.

      2. Sylvia Avatar

        Thank you so much for the info. I will now be on a mission for a magnisium deodorant . I’m 50 and lacking.

      3. Jean Avatar

        How did you get the ball out of the roller ball deodorant container without breaking the container.I’d like to reuse my old container yo put the magnesium oil in it thank you!

  13. Libby Avatar

    Wondering – is there an advantage to using magnesium chloride over magnesium sulfide (epsom salt)?

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar
      Wellness Mama

      From all the research I’ve read, it’s almost impossible to get enough from diet, since even high quality organic foods come from depleted soil. Seafood is one good source, so if you eat wild caught seafood more than twice a day, you are probably fine… Blood tests are also a poor way to tell, since only a tiny amount of the body’s magnesium is stored in the blood…

    2. Liz Sabin Jaconelli Avatar
      Liz Sabin Jaconelli

      Magnesium sulfide does not last very long in the body. Mag. chloride lasts much longr in the body.

      1. Eric J. Stoner Avatar
        Eric J. Stoner

        Codswallop. Once in water, the magnesium is completely ionized. In your stomach, there will be no difference, the sulfate will no longer be associated with the magnesium in any useful way.

        1. Liz Sabin Jaconelli Avatar
          Liz Sabin Jaconelli

          codswallop… lol I’m stealing that.
          It wouldn’t be going in my stomach. Mag oil is used transdermally because it gets absorbed better that way. Does that change anything?

          1. Eric J. Stoner Avatar
            Eric J. Stoner

            Not at all. I’m just saying there is a less expensive source you can use. Epsom salts have been used for this very treatment for centuries. Soak your feet or take a bath with it. This is just a variation on a very old treatment.

          2. Liz Sabin Jaconelli Avatar
            Liz Sabin Jaconelli

            Hmmmm, I wonder than if epsom salt can be made into a concentrated spray. If you dissolve mag. chloride in water (about 16$ for a whole container of mag oil- a years supply + for my family) and use it concentrated on the skin it seems much cheaper than a 6$ bag of epsom salts for a couple baths.

          3. Eric J. Stoner Avatar
            Eric J. Stoner

            If you use it for baths, obviously most will go down the drain. But you should be able to spray a solution of Epsom salts too. Use them as a substitute for magnesium chloride. I was merely pointing out that there is a cheaper alternative.

          4. Al Avatar

            Hello. I’m curious – would it be possible to quantify/measure the amount of elemental magnesium per amount of liquid in this “oil”?

            Some sort of materials chart, perhaps?

            This looks useful, but a close friend made a very good point: without knowledge of how much magnesium is in a particular amount of liquid (especially a hyperconcentrated liquid), daily transdermal applications could result in hypermagnesemia.

        2. LeeAnn Avatar

          I have high hopes of ditching plans to ingest it w/acid reflux!

          Will try Epsom salt or the mag citrate caps be in cream/rub on 1st with natural mineral water.

          1. janine Avatar

            Try Swedish Bitters for acid reflux. It works for me! Get the non-alcoholic pills or liquid also drink apple cider vinegar with water first thing in the morning.

          2. Sang Riel Avatar
            Sang Riel

            Acid Reflux ? Home made Cabbage soup three times a day for a week and kiss your Acid reflux Goodbye. The fastest way to stop the burn ? A glass of water.

          3. Abbott Avatar

            Acid reflux – indigestion, hiatal hernia etc – comes from chronic dehydration. I learned this while rehydrating after a near fatal incidient of dehydration. I’d suffered indigestion for decades, eventually followed by the more serious reflux and hiatal hernia. I haven’t had indigestion since, whereas I had previously purchased Rolaids in bulk. I’ve also not had hiccups – which I’d often experienced prior to being forced to hydrate properly.

        3. Myler Avatar

          Eric is completely correct, although I don’t advise folks getting their cods walloped for ill-researched comments.

          Frankly, being the low-paid academic that I am, I find epsom salts from the dollar store (no cheaper source) to make a fine Mg oil.

          What is somewhat magical about Mg oil, and yes, I know that isn’t scientific (keep away from my cods!), is that when you rub it on your legs and arms after a workout the feeling is just great. Possibly placebo effect, but a warm fuzzy relaxation nonetheless.

      2. james Avatar

        it’s just about solubility. Mag chloride is much more soluble in water at a lower temp, so you can make “oil” with it with more magnesium/water and have it stay in solution. You can make a saturated epsom salt solution, but some will fall back out of solution to the bottom of your container. You’d just need to use more that way. There are some benefits to mag sulfate as well. Sulfur helps to heal and bind proteins, so it helps a lot with joint/muscle inflammation. We use both! mag sulfate is also much cheaper to use in the bath, where you have a higher temperature and can make it more soluble.

    3. Melanie Hartley Avatar
      Melanie Hartley

      Magnesium is essential for detoxing and you can get a rash. If no muscle soreness, fever, headaches are also present that’s what it is. I was happy to continue with mag chloride oil usage once I’d confirmed it was detox and not a bad reaction or illness. I also use mag chloride oil for deodorant, cold sore outbreaks, muscle, joint,, bone, tooth, skin, nail health but as an acupuncturist I also learnt that magnesium deficiency can cause seizures and prescribe it to my patients who suffer such. You will get no increase in peristalsis to the point of diarrhoea with transdermal application as the mag is not stimulating gut peristalsis. You can also forget about internal supplementation with transdermal therapy. It’s your number one treatment option and won’t see you flushing your hard earned cash down the toilet (literally)! Can apparently help teeth recalcify and rebuild tooth decay (dentists do not recommend-no money there). Good luck and enjoy.

      1. Nita H Avatar

        Melanie, what dosage do you recommend for tooth /dental health? I get horrible canker sores on my gums frequently & my tooth seems to be loosening as a result. THank you, Nita

        1. Christina Avatar

          I’m not sure if cold sores and canker sores are caused by the same virus, but for cold sores, taking a lysine supplement really helps to avoid getting one in the first place. I take lysine when I get over a cold which is when I tend to get a coldsore, always external much to my chagrin. 500 mg per day, for a few days does it for me.

        2. Fay Avatar

          Try oil pulling. Also, any sores in mouth can be eliminated by applying vegetable glycerine, or any glycerine for a couple of days.

      2. BRENDA Avatar

        I have been using the spray on my legs and I have venous insufficiency that causes leg swelling and redness. About 2 wks ago my left leg got really red, hot, and painful could this have been caused by the mag oil? I thought I had cellulitus and maybe a clot which was ruled out with a negative DVT ultrasound study. I didn’t connect using the mag oil for about 3 wks prior to this happening on my leg. Any input would be appreciated. And yes I am following up with a vascular doc but not until December. I did some research on venous insufficiency and found that horse chestnut is very good for the veins so I am now taking that but not using mag on on my legs.

        1. Sue M Avatar

          Brenda, the reason your leg got hot was because your body was finally able to get sufficient blood to your leg to help it heal. My Mom gets the same thing. The mag oil is helping your circulation, which is what you want. Keep your legs elevated, continue with the mag oil (or soak in the tub with epsom salt and vinegar). You will notice a difference once your body can absorb enough magnesium to improve your circulation.

      3. Lisa Avatar

        I had a loose front tooth and started taking Natural Calm to help me sleep. That loose tooth firmed up. I can’t believe it but the bone regrew! My dentist will be pleased.

      4. Elvi Avatar

        Hi! How do you know if it’s detox or a reaction? I got a rash, but it’s not itchy, rather painful if touched, I also have muscle soreness, but that’s what I have anyway sometimes, especially with PMS, I can’t be sure if that is from the magnesium or not. The rash is all over my shoulders, upper back, breasts and upper front of the body. On the internet, some day keep using – it’s detox, others say stop using – you may have something with your kidneys or mag overdose etc. It’s kinda confusing, how can you tell if it’s detox or not?

      5. Renee Avatar

        Your statement that Dentist’s don’t recommend it because “there is no money in it “,is offensive.

        They like you treat patients with care and concern and provide treatment based on the patient’s needs. Maybe, like many of us they are simply uninformed, there is so much to learn about our magnificent bodies.

        1. Joan C. Avatar
          Joan C.

          Doctors LOVE giving prescriptions with a host of side effects. Haven’t you heard all the commercials about “see your doctor…” Why do they push these pills so hard?? They want you on these money making “killers”!, for a reason!! Ask them for something natural, and they’ll look at you, like you grew a horn on your head! If doctors are so concerned about our health, they would protest GMO’s, that in are in 99% of our foods, flouride, and many other chemicals in our water, the GMO’s they are in the feed of all factory farmed animals, along with the hormone and antibiotics shots, these animals are give are given on a daily basis, and then that goes into OUR bodies, making us diseased, and sick! I could go on and on, but doctors are the WORST people in the world to go see, unless you have an outside wound, for them to wrap up. I and many others, are pushing people to stop eating all that garbage in the grocery store, and go all ORGANIC, THAT’S the only way to take your body to whole new level of health, WITHOUT a doctor! I should know! Apparently, you must BE a doctor, or was one, at one time, to support them so heavily.

          1. Janet Avatar

            I think doctors are mostly the innocent middle people who are not educated in natural, wholistic treatments options in conventional medical schools. Pharmaceutical companies on the other hand have a hug interest in keeping us on prescription drugs and make it easy for docs to give out samples and such. Our whole medical system in how we treat symptoms and not diseases/causes is very messed up, as is the typical 10-15 minute doctor visit timeframe. It’s a broken system and doctors are not solely to blame. The invest a huge amount of themselves, time and money to be educated to “help people”. For that I give them credit, but until they themselves get sick they don’t look in alternative methods to treat diseases. My favorite books on GERD are written by doctors who have it and learned about nutrition out of their own necessity.

      6. Michelle Avatar

        I have read that Magnesium oxide is not absorbed as well as the other forms of magnesium, but I have it and wonder if making it into oil to use it up would be better than nothing. Also, I already take Mag Citrate in pill form. We don’t have any serious health concerns at this time so don’t feel any urgency.

      7. Georgie Avatar

        Hi Melanie,

        Thank you all for the information on the use of Mg. I suffer from Epilepsy and I am looking into ways to decrease seizures that does not include additional medication. For example through food, diet, exercise and lifestyle. What dose of Mg do you give your patients (oil or supplement?) and do you recommend other supplements ?

  14. Karyn Avatar

    I was working on upping the number of sprays from magnesium spray I got on Amazon; on night three I woke up and vomited! I’m assuming it was a stomach bug but no one else got sick and ever since then I’ve been afraid to use it! Bummer, because I think I could benefit from it. 

    1. Kira Avatar

      My husband vomits if I give him a magnesium pill too. And the spray made him very red and gave him a rash. 🙁

      1. Kim Avatar

        I am using the homemade oil recipe you show on your site and it does a bit more than tingles…I am getting the rash and burning sensation. I am wondering if I should just dilute it more. Any thoughts anyone???

        1. Catherine J Hinkle Avatar
          Catherine J Hinkle

          Do not use the spray right after you shave your legs!! Or underarms!! It will really burn and itch afterwardsl. I think this article (or another) said it might take a few days for your body to get used to it, and then it should not itch and burn.

    2. Zette Pell Avatar
      Zette Pell

      If you are not used to taking a magnesium suppliment you need to start out slow, trying to add to much to your system at one time will cause nausea… I found that out after taking a magnesium based medicine, doctor and pharmacist said that was natural.

    3. Dora Gonzalez Avatar
      Dora Gonzalez

      Wow magnesium keeps the bowels regular…kinda funny that it came up instead of out….maybe there’s a kink or stoppage somewhere…just a thought….

      1. Lydia Avatar

        I have been using magnesium capsules for over 20 years. If I skip a day I’m constipated and I have leg-cramps during the night. I wonder if the magnesium spray will have the same effect.

        1. Charla Avatar

          If you have been taking oral magnesium supplements for 20 yrs. and still have cramps if you miss a day, you have not come close to correcting what appears to be a SEVERE magnesium deficiency. Magnesium oil should definitely help. If it stings too much, either dilute it a bit or wash off in 20 min. Ancient people valued hot mineral springs because most were high in magnesium. Transdermally is the BEST way to get magnesium.

    4. Brenda Avatar

      If you were “upping” the number of sprays, rather than not use it alt all go to “undering” the number of sprays, do just 1 spray for a week, then two the next. Do not go over the recomended number of sprays on the bottle or go back the the number of sprays you were using before you got sick. And it is possible that could have had a bug that no one else in your house got.

      1. Karen Avatar

        Agree starting over with a smaller amount.
        Slowly increasing the amount.
        My hubby can tolerate internal magnesium but sprays tend to sting or burn so if a quick fix of spray is needed we apply a light coating of a carrier oil then spray mag oil and smooth in with the carrier oil. He says it doesn’t burn or itch then.
        I.E. coconut, almond, olive or any massage oils.

    5. Betty Avatar

      My daughter made me the spray with Mag. and I was using it on my feet, legs and arms. One night I sprayed it across my back and stomach. I woke up in the night and had diarrhea and I vomited once and broke out in a sweat. Was up off and on all night with diarrhea. Now I am afraid to use it anymore and a friend had the same reactions. I am all for using natural things instead of all the pills that are given out for this and that. My daughter thought it would help with the circulation in my legs. Maybe if I didn’t use it as often but it still scares me now as I was so sick. Thanks for any info you can give me. I guess I will stick to the magnesium tablets.

      1. Renee Avatar

        Your large intestine can *excrete* Magnesium (it’s how Milk of Magnesia works), it’s only a short journey from your skin to your gut, even if there is a lot of muscle in between. You need to be careful not to put too much on your stomach (I personally can’t resist putting on a bit, esp. on the sides, for stretching), don’t want to start an avalanche 😉
        What you described reminds me of a time I overdosed on approx. 600mg Magnesium Oxide (I was *really* short, had just discovered it): sweats, followed by violent nausea, etc. Day off work. Not nice. Kept me away from Mg – and therefore in discomfort – for a year.
        Mg oil is much better than supplements. I’ve just discovered it. Best tips I can give: don’t use a lot without building tolerance, wait at least an hour between applications in order to avoid accidentally using too much, apply to painful areas for a “win-win”. Be warned: it can sting, try small amounts first!

      1. BRENDA Avatar

        I checked out Dr Dean’s website and her products the Magnesium looks okay but the RnA is a bit on the high dollar side. Has anyone taken the RnA supplement or her magnesium? Also how do you know how many milligrams you are getting of the spray/mag oil?

  15. Tommel Avatar

    Love it! We use is for bruises, smashed fingers and toes. It will take the throbbing. Don’t get it in a cut though. It will sting like crazy.

    1. Tommel Avatar

      Correction – it will take the throbbing away. I smashed my toe and couldn’t stand for the sheets to touch it so I wrapped my toes in a piece of gauze that I soaked in Magnesium oil. It took the throbbing out. We have done it with smashed fingers too.

  16. Tara Avatar

    My dr had me use magnesium and calcium to reduce Charlie horses when I was pregnant.

    1. Janet Avatar

      I recently found out that it’s important to have more magnesium than calcium in the body. I was taking too much calcium (and also eating calcium foods) which created an imbalance with the magnesium supplements and foods, and caused the horrible cramping. Calcium is for muscle contraction and magnesium is for muscle relaxation. So…calcium > (greater than) magnesium = cramps! Such a simple fix to cut my calcium supplement intake in half (and cheaper too!)

      1. Monika Avatar

        THANK YOU for writing this. I hope I have found the answer to my overly cramped calves so that I can simply lower my Ca dose… I have been taking 1000 mg Calcium and 495 mg Magnesium. Apparently, this was the right ratio. NOT the case it appears.
        So much pain I cannot walk up stairs. They are swollen too. So tight like they are about to burst. If it’s not this, though, I don’t know what to do about my lower legs..Stretching doesn’t help. It’s weird; it almost makes them worse…

  17. Lef Avatar

    Two of my children take a supplement of magnesium, zinc and B6 which has eliminated their ADHD symptoms and (for one of them) tics.

      1. Lisa Avatar

        I have tried Natural Calm and the Bluebonnet brand of Liquid Calcium Magnesium Citrate with Vitamin D3. What do you use and what have you found works best?

        1. Wellness Mama Avatar
          Wellness Mama

          I use natural calm, an ionic liquid supplement and the magnesium oil…

          1. Lisa Avatar

            I do have fluoride in my water. Will the magnesium oil still work best?

          2. Wellness Mama Avatar
            Wellness Mama

            Yes… Just make sure you make it with distilled water!

          3. Donna Avatar

            You’re amazing Wellness Mama! Just want to add I use Milk of Magnesia for deodorant. Put in a clean roll on container, and add essential oils. Works like a charm! The same or better than the natural solid deodorant I made, which is similar to the one on your blog. Keeps you a bit drier I think. Don’t use the flavored MOM!!! Full of chemicals. The plain one is also just magnesium and purified water. Another way to get this vital mineral.

          4. Eric J. Stoner Avatar
            Eric J. Stoner

            Milk of Magnesia is Magnesium hydroxide, just another salt of Magnesium. It’s probably the easiest way to consume Magnesium salts. There is no side effect or problem with using fluoridate water either. Whatever small solubility advantage you might get from the ‘citrate’ salt will be more than offset by the price and savings that way.

          5. Krista Overly Avatar
            Krista Overly

            What about Milk of Magnesium’s laxative element? Or are you only using it in a spray? Could it still cause diarrhea?

          6. Del Sharp Avatar
            Del Sharp

            Depends on the fluoride complex that is added to the water, and you can bet it isn’t calcium fluoride, which is the naturally occurring fluoride. If it is a variation of sodium fluoride, which is a toxic industry waste by-product, it is poison, and most definitely a problem.

          7. Jenn Avatar

            I have a 17 yr old daughter w severe anxiety. I’d like to try to wean her off Zoloft somewhat by giving her supplements and I’ve heard that the B6 & magnesium combination is really helpful. I myself took CALM for a while, but unfortunately it absolutely did a number on my stomach – really bad – I guess I just could not handle the mag citrate and have since discovered that I need to stay away from citric acid in general. Anyway, I’m very reluctant to give my daughter CALM……will try the oil but any advice you may have I’d appreciate! I know different forms of mag absorb very differently. Also how much B6 and I’ve heard you should only stay on B6 for 2 mos. or so, then go off for a while to give your liver/kidneys a break. Thanks in advance for your help……

          8. Kari Avatar

            I used to use Milk of Magnesia as a deodorant also (with good results) until I read that one of the inactive ingredients was bleach. Not something I wanted to use on my body. Thanks for the magnesium oil recipe. Can’t wait to give it a try!

          9. Nikki Avatar

            I was wondering how early in age can you use the magnesium oil? My son is 16 months and I’m seeing signs of anxiety right before his meltdowns. Is it safe to spray the oil on his skin?

          10. egel Avatar

            Magnesium chlorudeyflakes can be taken orraly?or magnesium citrate is better?

          11. Tamara Tardy Avatar
            Tamara Tardy

            I just ordered the Natural Calm – Wellness Mama how much do you take daily? And at what times? Im also going to try making your recipe of Magnesium Oil and have just ordered the Ancient Mineral flakes. Thank you 🙂

          12. Minie Avatar

            I am just learning about the seriousness of magnesium deficiency and would like to inquire about how much to take, how often, and what brand/type to take.
            I am a 45+ yr old, in peri-menopause, extremely healthy, and only take a small low dose RX for blood pressure each day. I am very active (mentally, physically, socially and spiritually) and just want to take something that will give me the best “bang for my buck” so to say….
            Thank you so much for listening–very happy to have found you online! 🙂

          13. Mary Avatar

            Can you use the Natural Calm for making the magnesium oil? Does it make a difference whether I use the Natural Calm or Ancient Minerals?

          14. Cicily Avatar

            Do you recommend adding Aloe Vera to the oil to relieve itching and burning?

          15. Toni Avatar

            To the mom with the daughter on zoloft, have her B12 levels checked, not just serum B12 but HotoTC levels as well as MMA and Homocystein. B12 deficiency can cause depression and anxiety amongst other things. Absorption can be blocked by acid blockers, diabetes meds, as well as birthcontrol pills and nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

          16. Orliande Avatar

            Could i use magnesium stearate instead? Don’t know if i can get the one you used here. I’ve been giving my son pure magnesium powder in water or juice for about 3-4 years now ( i think). He gets some serious cramps. And doc says hard to tell if growing pains or genetic (had the same too and my brother). It does help him. I take a Vitamin Code -calcium magnesium Vk2.
            Thanks for all recipes and remedies

          17. Randi Avatar

            Can I use on my newborn Katie? What age is safe to start at with magnesium? ) xo

          18. Eva Avatar

            I want to make a magnesium oil using magnesium chloride,but I read somewhere that people with Hashimoto(like me) shouldn’t be using mag.chloride.Is that the truth? Or not.I don’t want to make my condition worse.Thank you for replaying.

        2. ash Avatar

          be careful with supplemental magnesium esp that contains calcium as they are often times not readily absorbed by the body for instance in this case calcium actually blocks the absorption of magnesium making the supplement nearly useless. do your research- look for information on the most bioavailable forms of magnesium.

          1. Amy Avatar

            PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY SUPPLEMENTS ON YOUR NEWBIRN WITHOUT MEDICAL PRIFESSIONAL SUPERVISION. Baby’s have sensitive skin and even if you were to use Mg and breastfeed, you don’t know dosage. It definitely has effects; but one persons medicine can become poison by degree.
            Find a naturopath.

      2. Rashell Avatar

        There is a brand called ON TASK created by parents in Texas and made in the US. If the previous person mentioned all of the supplements then they SHOULD have been kind enough to leave the manufacturer to aid you in your research. I just stumbled across this website looking for magnesium recommendations for children since it said “WELLNESSMAMA” and saw your post,hopefully you already found this brand or another alternative as a means to help your child’s development.

        1. Donna Little Avatar
          Donna Little

          My son has been taking On Task for a few years. We really notice a difference with him. So have his teachers. He is undiagnosed, but has ADHD symptoms.

    1. Lisa Avatar

      Do you use a liquid form of magnesium, zinc and B6 or whatever? Where do you get yours? I have a son who has ADHD symptoms and I am going to get him tested soon.

      1. Judy Messenger Avatar
        Judy Messenger

        Our granddaughter has seizure, tic’s and ADHD which have been helped considerably by keeping her on a food coloring/preservative/and low gluten diet, along with vitamin D3 and magnesium chloride in our food, water and on skin. Stick that in your … ear big pharma!

        1. Sarah Batson Avatar
          Sarah Batson

          I do sooo love your response. I am so glad to have found this blog and others like myself who prefer natural health remedies and prevention and have a healthy distaste for big pharma!!!

        2. Kimberly Avatar

          You are a good grandma. Although these things help with the symptoms one thing lots of people overlook is what’s causing them. Tics, OCD and ADHD symptoms in children can be associated with an infection such a strep. My daughter had this problem – it is called Pandas syndrome. Your very first line of defense is to insist on a strep test (blood test – you are looking for elevated titers) to see if an underlying infection is causing the symptoms. A great book to read is childhood interrupted by Beth Maloney. It literally saved our 10-year-old daughter’s life. Good luck!

          1. Mandy Avatar

            Wow, I’m completely blown away from your comment. My 7 y/o son was just diagnosed with PANDAS three months ago. His antibody levels were through the roof! I had never heard of it before. He also has ADHD, PDD-NOS, as well as other issues unrelated to these psychiatric disorders. There is a lot of controversy about PANDAS and I consider us to be very lucky to have such an awesome child psychiatrist. Thank you so very much for the book recommendation, I’m going to search iBooks right now. Take care 🙂

          2. MelodyE Avatar

            I have also read on a oxolate server that a diet low in oxolates is good for children with neuro issues. Low oxolate foods tend to be similar to low gluten.

          3. Cappy Kelly Avatar
            Cappy Kelly

            Is mag glycinate also irritating to the skin? I bought many producsts in search of sleep. One may have helped a little, but I get violent gi symptoms (tried oxide, glycinate, citrate). Can I grind up some pills somehow and use the glycinate for an oil? Thanks for your blog.

        3. Helen Avatar

          I am sure you mean a diet FREE of food colors, gluten and other chemicals?

          1. Judy Messenger Avatar
            Judy Messenger


            Thank you for that! Yes I do mean free from food coloring and preservatives and as little GMO as we can find; which is becoming more difficult. She seems to do better when we make unpasteurized organic kefir smoothies.


            Thank you, thank you! Her tics have returned; we WILL go for that strep titre.

        4. Chrissie Avatar

          Hi! Just a comment about “low-gluten”, I have had 20 years of issues with gluten and I’m pretty sure that if there is a sensitivity, it has to be gluten free. It may appear that you are getting away with small doses only to find other insidious adverse effects are actually occurring, often malabsorption of everything else leading to a whole spectrum of deficiencies and neurological imbalances. All the best xxxx

          1. Philip Avatar

            Not all people are gluten intolerant. Inflammation is not just caused by gluten!

          2. brandi Avatar

            Hopefully I can help!! Whoever said kefir grains is on the right track( from what I believe, having had issues with ocd since I was a teenager? Not fun.. Gut flora has so much to do with mental health! Unless it is just me these issues seem to be more and more common, I think the underlying issue is really nutrition, or lack thereof in our society today. Look up where serotonin is made it is not just in your brain, it is mostly made in your gut. Fermented foods have been known to be a great alternative to all these pharmaceuticals, and you can make them yourself. Just a thought hope it helps!

          3. Jodie Avatar

            I think what Christine is trying to say is that a” low gluten diet,” is no better than a diet including gluten if someone is intolerant or sensitive. To just lower gluten exposure will not be enough to determine if gluten is a problem. Given the symptoms that Judy expressed in the OP, her granddaughter would likely see the most benefit from no gluten.

          4. Jennifer S Avatar
            Jennifer S

            To anyone with Gluten Sensitively, Celiacs Disease, Auto Immune Disease and/or Leaky Gut. You should do a search on the link between Roundup/Glyphosate, Leaky Gut/Gut Permeability, Gluten Sensitivity, Celiacs Disease and Auto Immune Disease as they are now discovering that Glyphosate/Roundup damages the gut lining and causes Leaky Gut which is the precursor to many auto immune related conditions such as Celiacs and Gluten Sensitivity and others

        5. Dan Avatar

          Just another suggestion. Please check the person’s PH level.
          Acidosis can cause a multitude of problems such as the ones described. Under 7.365 ?, try to normalize by eating alkaline foods: broccoli, asparagus, cucumber, avocado, or 3 teaspoons of mineral salts in 4-6 oz of water. You’ll see a huge change in a matter of moments.
          Best regards,

          1. Michelle Avatar

            Hi Dan, I’m curious about the mineral salts recipe you are suggesting, I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and suffer from stress, low energy and anxiety and I’m wondering if your recipe could help level my levels of stress. Could you provide more details regarding which brand of mineral salts you use? I looked up magnesium flakes from Ancient Minerals and their description excerpt sounds very promising. Could you perhaps elaborate? Thanks

        6. Sylwia Avatar

          I agree!
          I started using magnesium chloride flakes in my 3 year old son’s bath this winter because he gets bad eczema. This helped tremendously. Magnesium chloride has also helped to calm him down. It’s important to use magnesium chloride not any other as the body uses and absorbs this one better. I used Ancient Minerals brand which can be pricey but still worth it, also there is a lot of good information on their website.
          My son has to see a GI for a mild immunity issue with his digestion and I told her I’ve been using the flakes in his bath and that it has helped with his eczema, she immediately googled it and said that it should have many more positive effects including neurological effects. I also started then looking into the artificial flavoring and coloring and became really concerned. I don’t really let my son have too much of any but now I’m even more careful. I see a difference in his behavior just from eating the smallest amount of the junk. Just FYI I found a cheaper supply of magnesium fluoride from Greenway Biotech which is significantly cheaper considering the amount I use, they get their flakes from the Salt Lake in Utah whereas Ancient Minerals gets it from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed in Europe.

          1. Machold Avatar

            Do you mean mag. chloride instead of fluoride in your last sentence?

          2. David Avatar

            Sylvia, do u feel it (Greenway Biotech) works as well? I just purchased some, but I just wanted to see what ur thoughts were after using it.
            Has anyone else used the Greenway product?


        7. Rahmi Avatar

          I, too, just started using Magnesium Chloride – in ALL of my seeking why am I just finding this now??? – and for those who may have started as well but are experiencing some reactions (burning, rashes, etc. – for me it was a bad case of acne, and I haven’t had actual “acne” since I was a teen) I simply want to encourage you not to quit. Maybe another poster has already mentioned this and if so, I don’t mean to be a regurgitator of info but these reactions are actually positive (based on what I’ve been reading on various sites)…it’s the manifestation of the detoxification of possibly metals, pathogens, toxins and other micro-organisms that have been standing in the way of balance and holistic health. Anyway, just my two cents– remember that you can always dilute the solution (I added distilled water)…I couldn’t afford the spray itself so I made my own “oil” using the flakes (Life-Flo)…I have diluted what I’m using since the first batch (I also eat a few flakes twice a day). Ok, Everybody BE Well…

        8. Nell Avatar

          I don’t know if you are still following this post, but you might have your granddaughter checked for food allergies. I suffered from all kinds of symptoms, literally from head to toe. The list could fill a page or two…anyway, if nothing else is proved, try this, especially if any close relatives have allergies of any kind. Hope things have improved!

          1. Helen Avatar

            Have you looked into Mast Cell Disorder? Mast cells play huge part in allergic reactions and Autism. I have a mast cell disease called mastocytosis.

          1. Lydia Avatar

            Yes I agree . If you are in the USA then please watch Vaxxed the movie from cover up to castasthrophy. They are fighting the fight for vaccine injured and the bill that eveyone has to be vaccinated .

      2. Gary Avatar

        B 6 and magnesium together are a great calming combination. There is however a possibility in some cases that an individual may need only the magnesium. If the need is for magnesium only then the B 6 will often cause irritability. The rule of thumb of determining is dream recall. If one has dream recall 2 to 3 times a week it is unlikely that there is a B 6 deficiency. The lack of dream recall is a strong sign of B 6 deficiency.

          1. Cathy Avatar

            I never dream anymore and often wondered why this was, I am always anxious, tired, sluggish, memory gone, lack of energy

        1. Yolanda Avatar

          Gary, would you mind including your sources, please? This is extremely interesting.

          1. Beth Avatar

            Regarding dream recall, B6, etc., do a search on Trudy Scott, who has a book and a couple of websites with useful information about this topic (and pyroluria, which may be an underlying factor).

        2. Lori Avatar

          This is interesting. Could you elaborate and give sources about the B6 not being tolerated? I have an autistic daughter. I was working with a Dr. Sidney Baker who was involved with the DAN conferences, etc.. In those days I tried B6 and magnesium and I noticed that she could definitely not tolerate B6 or pyridoxal 5 phosphate and perhaps one of the other b vitamins but I don’t remember which. A B6 injection did not seem to cause a negative reaction of extreme irritability but did not improve her behavior. I do remember Dr. Baker having us try different kinds of Magnesium.: mag glycinate, apartate, and citrate. It did not seem to improve her so we stopped. Recently, however, she became very irritable, aggressive, and had sleep and extreme hunger problems. St. John’s Wort and 5HTP helped somewhat. One day I gave her some D3 and she became extremely agitated. The only thing I could make of that was that she was magnesium deficient and started supplementing with mag. citrate. Sure enough, magnesium has helped tremendously and without any 5HTP,etc. she is sleeping through the night and is much less irritable. Perhaps she has needed magnesium all of these years after all. That is why I would like to figure out what happened 20 years ago with the B6. If you can elaborate your above comments it would be greatly appreciated.

          1. Dewa Avatar

            Look for Kerry Rivera’s work on autism. It may help you.

      3. John Avatar

        Liquid forms are generally better absorbed by the body. You also may want to investigate adding Omega supplements as well. ??

      4. Linda Owens Avatar
        Linda Owens

        My grandson has ADHD.. lots of difficulty in school. Google Hardys nutritionals.. it has been a Godsend for us! !!! I also spray magnesium oil on his feet at night to help him rest.

    2. vegtbull Avatar

      Would love to know the product you are giving your children. I have a child with epilepsy and tourettes syndrome that could benefit.

    3. Mana Avatar

      Yes I hear when You add Magnesium with B6 it will eliminate ADD/ADHD. My daughter and I need to try this. However, I am reading a book by Dr. Sircus that says that taking the supplements research has proven that the body doesn’t absorb the Magnesium well. I’m wondering!

      1. Marilyn Riso Avatar
        Marilyn Riso

        I had read of the benefits of Magnesium for nervous system calming but to avoid the cheaper Magnesium Oxides (hydroxide) forms as they are absorbed so poorly. Just now going to try this recipe so I don’t know from experience but this is what I read.

      2. Brett Avatar

        Google Magnesium oil recipe, do it and make a spray for your arms, legs and stomach area.
        Your body will absorb this mineral much better through the skin.

        1. Kathy Avatar

          Does anyone know where I can get blue spray bottles in the UK and do they have to be glass or can I use plastic for Magnesium Oil.

          1. jean Avatar

            I got my from home bargains or pound shop metal and plastic don’t think it has to be glass

      3. beth Avatar

        Magnesium oxide, the most common form in the drug store is not absorbed well, ( approx 4% there are many other forms look for Mg Citrate…. better stil, try to find the book Magnesium Miracle. I got it from the library. Loaded with good info.

    4. Marilyn Riso Avatar
      Marilyn Riso

      I have been reading all I can of natural ways to help my 12 year old son with Asperger’s and facial tics that have increased lately (moving from some awkward eye blinking for the last several years to increased grimacing and shoulder shrugging within the last 6 months). Recently I had read of the benefits of Magnesium and Zinc for calming tics and have been on a mission to find something appropriate for my son. Most of the supplements I have found are Mg oxides but I read that oxide forms of Mg are the cheapest and least absorbed by the body. I have been perusing this website any chance I get for the last couple of months for ways to transform our home into a more natural, earth friendly and less toxic one and just found this recipe! Thank you! We will be trying it as soon as I can get my hands on the ingredients. I’ll let you know:)

      1. emma Avatar

        I cured my sons facial tics with ionised water…highly recommend it, what country are you in??

        1. Marilyn Riso Avatar
          Marilyn Riso

          We live in California, USA. We do get filtered water (started because of my hypothyroid and desire to stay away from fluoridated water). We have been giving my son 200mg of magnesium citrate for maybe a week and a half and don’t really see any changes in tics or ability to get to sleep at night yet.

          1. Regina Avatar

            my readings are that magenesium oil is the fastest acting and most absorbable. recipe is as above in Wellness mama site

          2. Catelyn Avatar

            This is a late comment. Did any thing help with the tics? I used to get them. It turned out to be a calcium deficiency. Once I started taking taking calcium they went away.

      2. emma Avatar

        can anyone tell me please can you use magnesium oil on babies??

        1. Herbert Avatar

          I am just curious but in what way is the Magnesium “Oil” described in this exchange an Oil ? It seems just to be a solution of mag chloride in distilled water. Where does the oil come in ?

      3. Teri Avatar

        Just ran out to get the mag chloride flakes at Whole Foods. Got a 2.75 lb jar for about 19.95.

        1. Brenda Avatar

          I just ordered 8lbs for around $40 on Amazon. Same brand Wellness Mama links to.

      4. Tea Avatar

        Hey Marilyn,
        my niece is 8 years old and has many of the same exact tics as you described your son having, except hers have been getting worse lately, like biting her tongue and cheek, it was mostly squinting her eyes and shrugging…poor thing is on 2 or 3 different heavy drugs to help combat that and her ADHD…. she has to be home schooled because of teasing.. :/ My question to you is, how should I approach her mother in giving her this info about the magnesium and B6 supplements? Her parents are very medical minded and do not really have much regard for “natural” remedies… I just want to help the poor girl! Her life seems miserable right now and she is so young!

      5. Diane Kennedy Avatar
        Diane Kennedy

        Katie I a have achronic illness also other health issues I take medication To treat them .I’m going to check with my Physician before use,do you know of any medication that I shouldn’t use magnesium oil,or lotion that you’re aware of -not to use ?I really appreciate any help you can give ,know you don’t make any medical claims ,to refer to my M.D,just anxious to try this magnesium to help with these skin conditions so can feel more confident,
        Thank you Diane Kennedy

      6. Janet Avatar

        I wish Katie still used dates on her posts and comments to know how old yours is, but if you’re still following this my research has taken me to magnesium glycinate for internal use (doesn’t cause loose bowels). Citrate is also a good form if one isn’t sensitive to acids on the stomach and throat. My naturopath said to avoid any supplement in the oxide form because it must first go through a chemical change for the body to absorb it, and so not a good choice.

      7. Amy Avatar

        Also, look into copper toxicity. I know there are many different avenues because it can be overwhelming, but you can at least check it out and see for yourself. Check out Dr. L Wilson’s website. It relates to tics as well. Again, it does not mean this relates to him, but if you are still seeking, it is worth researching.

    5. Karen Green Avatar
      Karen Green

      Are the brands of suppliments Magnesium, Zinc, and B6 for ADD/(tics is the one I’m dealing with along with picking her skin, face, etc.) pure and where do you get them from without fillers and preservatives, dairy, etc. I am on a budget for now on SSDI.

      Thanks Much,
      God Bless you:)

    6. Betty Avatar

      I would like to know more about this as I have a grandson with ADD. Could you please explain further with any info you have and how you take your supplements?

    7. Liz Avatar

      Lef, which brands and dosages do you use for your children? I need help!!! My son is 13 and it is getting worse, and he does not want to take meds.

      1. Lizette Avatar

        I am in tears over the very same issue! My 14 yo son is in 8th grade and does not want to take meds, but his behavior in school and at home is getting worse and makes everyone around him miserable. I think meds would be a blow to his already low self esteem.

    8. Cindy Avatar

      I recently started applying the magnesium oil on my skin. I did this for about 3-5 nights before bed. I’m on some medication for Insomnia (hoping the magnesium would help me get off them), Anxiety and Depression. I was diagnosised with PTSD bad. Some of the meds are pretty strong. Anyway, after several days of taking the oil, I got really sick TOXIC feeling. I stopped the oil, and the TOXIC feeling went away. I was really disappointed that I had to stop the oil. Would you have any idea why I had the TOXIC feeling? Thank you

      1. BRENDA Avatar

        No doc but maybe too much mag at one time??? Start with just one or two sprays before bed. It could also be reacting with the meds you are taking now. I would research the meds to see if Magnesium could cause a reaction. When ever you deal with anxiety and depression meds you have to be very careful with what you take with them and how you stop taking them. You might try and look for a doc that is open to working with natural alternatives. Again I would be research the meds and their reactions in a PDR You should be able to find that info on line I would think.

      2. Lilly Avatar


        You got that toxic feeling because your body started to get rid of all the toxins stored in it. Also, be careful how much you use. If you are on strong medications, be careful and research, so they don’t interfere with the Magnesium.

    9. Palma Avatar

      Hi! Can you tell me the name of the supplement you use for your kids or do they take individual supplements of mag, zinc, b6? Thanks!

    10. Jan Avatar

      I am interested in what type tics you are talking about. I have 2 (grown) nephews who were identified with “essential tremor” when they were in their early teens. No one has ever been able to solve why (especially as such an early age) or solve the problem. Maybe this would help them, but I’d like to understand more. Thanks.

    11. Suhaila Ghezawi Avatar
      Suhaila Ghezawi

      May I ask what doses of these supplements do they take ? My son is 14 but he is 5’9″ and medium boned and he has borderline ADHD and is very absent minded?

    12. Katherine Avatar

      Hi, Can you tell me which supplement you use for your kids? My daughter has developed a worrisome tic.

      Thank you!

    13. Rian Avatar

      I have yet to try zinc and B6 for my son but l-theanine and magnesium and omegas seem to be helping. I’ll keep testing. I have ADHD too so many times I use myself as the Guinea pig first. He also reasons well to Gaia herbs tincture with skullcap which helps me in the capsule form.

    14. sue Avatar

      Can you provide the name and/or milligrams of the one you use? I want to try this with my grandson.

    15. max Avatar

      I get the best magnesium from CR Supplements….it is great stuff and can be used internally and externally.

    16. Carey Avatar


      I used to have severe magnesium deficiency. But also had joint pain cramps, you name it. I purchased ASUTRA magnesium oil on Amazon and have been using that brand now for 4 months. Not only has it been a life saver. It has made a lot of my issues disappear. Every where I go now I tell people how important magnesium is. Transdermal magnesium is absorbed much better than taking magnesium supplements via pill.

      Good Luck

    17. Ashleigh Avatar

      Wow. Who which supplement? My son is ADHD and would love to try supplementing rather than pharmaceuticals!

    18. Jennifer Sheridan Avatar
      Jennifer Sheridan

      Can you please be specific as I would like to try for my son. What dose/brand are you using? Thank you!

    19. Margaret Avatar

      I have a son who suffers from tics and I have tried everything. Could you please let me know what supplement it is that you give your children.


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