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homemade baby wipes
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I’ve done my fair share of cloth diaper changes over the years. Like any concerned mom I opted for baby wipes I thought were safe and healthy for little ones. It turns out many baby wipes aren’t what they seem. So instead I came up with these DIY baby wipes with natural ingredients (plus they’re much cheaper!).

What’s Wrong With Diaper Wipes?

Ever checked the ingredients on your baby wipes? Yeah, I hadn’t either. Terms like “Fresh Scent,” “natural”,” and “sensitive skin” made me think I was choosing a healthy option. Instead many of these wipes are hiding ingredients like artificial fragrances (yep, even the unscented wipes). Then there are the harsh preservatives and parabens that can cause diaper rash on baby’s skin.

Even my favorite Huggies Cucumber and Green Tea wipes weren’t much better. At the time their ingredients were linked with issues including cancer risk, allergies, and developmental problems. I used these wipes for years, figuring that if they were made for a baby’s bum, they must be safe. Apparently not!

Since then many brands, including the big players have come a long way in cleaning up their ingredient lists. But there are still plenty of baby wipes out there with sketchy ingredients.

Non-Toxic Baby Wipes

After finding out what was actually in baby wipes I searched for healthier alternatives. There are some good ones, especially with the growing demand for better, healthier products. A lot of these options are more expensive than the typical baby wipes though.

If you’re too busy to make your own baby wipes, thankfully there’s a growing list of good options! Here are some different brands that meet my healthy mama standards.

Make Homemade Baby Wipes

I stumbled on some recipes for homemade baby wipes, but they suggested baby oil, baby shampoo, and baby lotion. Baby oil may sound gentle, but it’s mineral oil, a byproduct of the gasoline industry. Baby wash and the other ingredients in these products have their own health concerns.

I figured if you could make your own with those ingredients, you could make a healthy version too!

Homemade Baby Wipes Recipe

After much trial and error (mainly error), I finally have a great baby wipes solution recipe. After using it on several kids for years, I haven’t had any issues with skin irritation.

A side benefit to my wipe making experiment is that homemade wipes are much cheaper. When I buy ingredients in bulk, the wipes end up costing way less. This saved us a ton when I had several in diapers. Healthier and cheaper- I’ll take it!

There are several ways to make your own homemade baby wipes. When I first started I used a plastic storage container and paper towels. Later on, I switched to cloth wipes for a reusable wipes version. The homemade wipes solution works with either option. It just depends on what you have and what you want to use.

I’ve included directions for the healthy (but less eco-friendly) version below too in case you want disposable wipes.

Reusable DIY Baby Wipes

There are several different reusable wipe options – no sewing required! You can cut up old receiving blankets and t-shirts into 9×9 (or larger) squares. Old baby washcloths work too. Fold them into an old baby wipes container and pour the wipes mixture onto them. You can also spray it on each wipe with a spray bottle before using.

If you want to buy premade fabric wipes, there are lots of options on Amazon and online. These organic flannel wipes are super soft.

Double Duty Wipes

This has been one of my most fun homemade discoveries. These wipes are definitely kid approved. My kids loved smelling them whenever I pulled them out to clean the baby. And then they’d try to steal one and use it to clean things. Guess I’ve instilled this a little too well. We’ve discovered these wipes also clean tile, counters, leather, and flooring. They leave a residue on stainless steel though.

I also make a lavender essential oil or tea tree oil version. These are great for all-purpose disinfecting when we’re traveling and as reusable makeup removal wipes for me.

This tutorial takes very little time and is a great alternative to store-bought wipes.

Homemade Baby Wipe Ingredients and Materials

I use either distilled water or water that’s been boiled and then cooled in these. Tap water will work, but it can quickly grow microbes. If you use your wipes within several days then boiled and cooled regular water can work.

A plastic container works well to store the wipes. My preferred option was the red Rubbermaid round container, but you can also use an old plastic coffee container or gallon ice cream bucket. When I first made these I used paper towels and the round, plastic containers fit them best. Since then we’ve switched away from using plastic.

If you’re using reusable cloth wipes, then a repurposed diaper wipes container or silicone bag does the job. These are nice for storing a few wipes at a time in the diaper bag for quick clean-up jobs. And if you’re using the spray bottle and cloth wipes option, then you can just keep the wipes in a basket on the changing table.

homemade baby wipes
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Natural Homemade Baby Wipes

This easy homemade wipes solution gently cleans and soothes baby's skin. Use it on disposable wipes or reusable cloth wipes.
Prep Time5 minutes
Making Disposable Wipes15 minutes
Total Time20 minutes
Yield: 15 ounces
Author: Katie Wells



For Disposable Baby Wipes

  • 1 roll Paper towels (use a quality brand that won't fall apart)
  • Large plastic container
  • Serrated knife (a bread knife works)


  • Combine all ingredients in a pint size mason jar and shake well to combine. If using a spray bottle, then put all of the ingredients in your spray bottle instead.
  • Place reusable cloth wipes in your container of choice and pour the wipes solution on them. Or just use the spray bottle to wet one as needed.

For Disposable Baby Wipes

  • Cut the roll of paper towels in half using a sharp knife.
  • If using an old wipes container, accordion fold the wipes into the container. If using a large round or square container, place the wipes cut side down in the container.
  • Shake the wipe solution and pour over the paper towels in your container. Let the liquid absorb for about 5-10 minutes.
  • Flip the container over to make sure the wipes are well soaked.
  • If using a square/round container, pull the cardboard tube out from the inside. This should also pull the innermost wipe out and start them for you. Depending on the brand of paper towels you use, you might have to experiment with the amount of water to get the right amount.


  • If your child has very sensitive skin, you may need to leave out the essential oils.
  • You can also replace some of the water with soothing calendula or chamomile hydrosol. 

Are you willing to try homemade baby wipes? What scents will you use? Leave a comment and let me know!

These homemade baby wipes are better for baby and save you money. Homemade wipes work really well on sensitive skin and they smell great!

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633 responses to “Natural Homemade Baby Wipes”

  1. Christa Avatar

    I’ve always used just used
    Coconut oil, Bronners, lavender EO (sometime I’ll add a little it a little tea tree also)
    I’ve always thought of adding witch hazel but haven’t. I’m gonna add that and aloe! Thanks so much for that !
    IVE found VIVA paper towels to be the best, they’re cloth like with no print (so no dyes)

  2. Sarah Avatar

    Hi! This is great! I’m wondering if this is something for my newborn. Also, if it’s ok to use on her face and hands. Thanks!

  3. Ashley Avatar

    Hi there, what container are you referring to? Do you have a picture?
    Also what is the expiry like once you have made them?


  4. Rachel Avatar


    I tried to find my answer in the comments section, but simply don’t have time to read them all and wonder if you could help (sorry if it’s redundant!).

    About how much per wipe would you say these cost? I ask because for our family, even the smallest amount of savings is helpful, and before making my decision to purchase more expensive products (which I’m sure will save in the long run), I want to see what you already know before trying to break it down since that’s definitely not my main skill (haha). I pay about $18 for 900 wipes from Costco. I checked all the ingredients on EGW’s website, and only 1 of them is a level 3 so I figure they’re ok, but if it will save me more to make my own (and also be even that much safer…), then I would do it.

    Thanks for your help.


  5. Allison Avatar

    Do you think using witch hazel with 14% alcohol would be an issue? It’s the one I have at the house right now, and I’d really like to make some wipes ASAP. Thank you!

  6. Megan Avatar

    Hi! I’m pregnant with baby #1 and I’m planning on using reusable wipes with your recipe. Can you tell me how you wash them, please? Do you have a bucket full of soapy water or a wet bag if you’re out that you put the soiled ones in immediately after use? Do you put them in soiled, or somehow dispose of the mess first? Thanks in advance!

  7. Megan Avatar

    Be careful with essential oils & kids. Some of them can lead to immunotoxicity if exposed to kids under a certain age. There is a site called Using Essential Oils Safely that breaks down what is safe for what age.

  8. Peggy D..... Avatar
    Peggy D…..

    Hi Katie, I love the wipes for my own personal cleansing. Especially in our rv because we have chosen not to put toilet paper into the holding tank. I empty the waste basket frequently and the essential oils make the bathroom smell nice. Who would have thought? I DO HAVE A QUESTION THOUGH! I get mold in the bottom of my container. I have been using vitamin e oil, but have just ordered the grapefruit seed oil. And instead of the castile soap I’ve been using Tropical Traditions liquid hand soap. Do you think it’s the soap? Or will switching to the grapefruit seed stuff take care of the mold? I appreciate your tips and advice for a healthful home and body! Thank you!

  9. Ashley Avatar

    Hello, I’ve been using this solution on my wipes that I store in a wipe warmer…could this cause problems with mold? Maybe the aloe? Thanks…

  10. Kimberly Avatar

    Hi! I would like to ask if I use Witch hazel distillate is it alright? And if i use White vinegar to replace castile liquid soap is it alright?

  11. meghan Avatar


    When you put the wipes in your diaper bag, what type of bag do you put them in? I wasn’t sure what would be best because of the essential oils.

    Thank you!!

  12. Kathryn Avatar

    Your a life saver again! 🙂 When we ran out of baby wipes I remembered this DIY to make my own. Thank you they work amazing! The Baby was happy. I will be making these all the time now. Except I think I’m going with your second idea cutting up old t’shirts for the 2nd batch. That is smart. For us that would make them almost free. I too keep all the ingredients on hand all the time. Thank you so much for doing this web page. I’ve come back many many times to use your easy DIY homemade ideas.

  13. Cait Avatar

    I tried making the reusable wipes with only castile soap and water in a bin and they started to smell funky after a few weeks. Should I make them in smaller batches? Or will adding the witch hazel and other essential oils help? Is there an expiration time on them that you have noticed?

    I might just try the spray each individual wipe like you suggested, but that won’t be as convenient.

    Thanks for the recipe. Can’t wait to try again.

  14. Topcatte Avatar

    First, I just want to make sure no one is flushing any paper wipes— Bounty or otherwise— down the toilet! City waste departments are already being overwhelmed by the so-called “flushable” wipes that are anything but, clogging the sewage systems.
    My daughter is grown but I like to use wipes sometimes and this is my solution. I have experimented with toilet paper until I found one that satisfied ME in terms of the balance of its level of recycled-ness, healthiness, and resistance to falling apart. Many things are a compromise, folks. (I’m not giving you the brand. I’m not interested in your opinion on my choice and I don’t know where to get it in East Wherever.). I make the homemade solution in a spray, and dampen some toilet paper when I feel the need for a wipe. Then I use it and feel free to flush. I would spray me instead, but I don’t like to do yoga on the toilet! 😉

  15. Amber Avatar

    What are the brand names of the bulk ingredients you show? I can’t make out the label….

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