Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits: Facts, Myths and How to Use Them

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There are few things in life as soothing and relaxing as the warm glow of a campfire, and a Himalayan salt lamp offers a similar ambiance at home.

I’ve talked before about how I use them to help keep the air fresh and for their soothing red glow. Salt lamps have exploded in popularity over the last few years, along with some explosive claims about their benefits. In this article, I’ll break down the well-studied benefits, the anecdotal ones, and why everyone seems to love these lamps!

TIP: If you’re just looking for a high quality salt lamp for your home (and don’t care about the science), I have this one on my desk right now and love it.

What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Salt lamps or HPS (Himalayan Pink Salt) lamps are large pieces of pure Himalayan Salt with a small bulb inside. They can be solid pieces of salt (like this one) or decorative baskets filled with large crystals of salt (like these). They offer a nice warm glow when lit and may be beneficial for indoor air quality.

Himalayan salt lamps are made from pure, food grade, Himalayan salt crystals. True Himalayan Salt comes from the western side of the Himalayan Mountains in the Punjab region of Pakistan. Once mined, this salt is hand carved into lamps or powdered to use as salt in recipes.

Why is Himalayan Salt Pink?

Regular table salt is primarily just sodium chloride. Himalayan salt is still about 98% sodium chloride, but also contains trace minerals like magnesium, potassium, and zinc. Trace minerals give salt lamps their hue, which can range from light pink to a dark orange/pink.

These beautiful lamps gained massive popularity recently and there are many benefits attributed to them.

But are these benefits actually backed by science?

Let’s find out…

How Does a Himalayan Salt Lamp Work?

Good question! We know the body needs salt for things like hydration, electrolyte balance, proper blood pressure regulation and for the nervous system. But all of these benefits come from consuming the salt internally (which I also do).

Most of us aren’t eating our salt lamps so the benefits come from another property of salt. Salt is naturally hygroscopic, which means it attracts water molecules to itself. The theory goes that salt lamps attract water molecules in the air.

Since water in the air can also hold allergens, pollutants and even bacteria, these substances get attracted to the lamp too. The heated salt lamp supposedly dries out the water vapor, leaving the particles attached to the salt. For this reason, many sources recommend wiping down the salt lamp with a cloth a few times a week to clean it.

Other sources claim that Himalayan salt lamp benefits are due to the creation of negative ions.

Do Salt Lamps Really Generate Negative Ions?

Many sources claim that salt lamps are natural negative ion generators, although there are some important points to understand:

What are negative ions?

At any given time, there are both positive and negative ions in the air. As a flashback to freshman science class:

An ion is an atom or molecule in which the total number of electrons is not equal to the total number of protons, giving the atom a net positive or negative electrical charge.

Positively charged ions are also known as cations, while negatively charged ions are anions. The positive or negative charge makes ions able to move and bond easily.

Negative Ions in Nature

Negative ions occur more often in nature and they are often created by things like lightening storms, sunlight, waterfalls, and ocean waves. Running water is considered nature’s greatest source of negative ions and may be one of the things that contributes to the refreshing scent of waterfalls and the beach. In fact, this is one of the reasons people often report feeling renewed or refreshed after a storm or after spending time at the beach.

WebMD explains some of the benefits of negative ions in the air:

Generally speaking, negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy,” says Pierce J. Howard, PhD, author of The Owners Manual for the Brain: Everyday Applications from Mind Brain Research and director of research at the Center for Applied Cognitive Sciences in Charlotte, N.C.

“They also may protect against germs in the air, resulting in decreased irritation due to inhaling various particles that make you sneeze, cough, or have a throat irritation.”

And for a whopping one in three of us who are sensitive to their effects, negative ions can make us feel like we are walking on air. You are one of them if you feel instantly refreshed the moment you open a window and breathe in fresh, humid air.

Places like waterfalls and beaches where negative ions are naturally produced can have a negative ion concentration of up to 10,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter whereas busy cities can have negative ion levels as low as 100 ions per cubic centimeter.

But, Do Salt Lamps Generate Negative Ions?

Short answer: Yes. But not in large amounts.

Spending time in nature, especially around water, is definitely the best way to get exposure to negative ions, but salt lamps also generate small amounts, especially when used consistently over time.

Since positive ions are often created by electronic devices like computers, TVs, microwaves, and even vacuum cleaners, they can often exacerbate problems like allergies, stress and sleep trouble. Negative ions can neutralize positive ions (they bond together) and help cleanse the air. Additionally, salt lamps offer a soothing glow that many people find relaxing.

I don’t personally use salt lamps strictly as a negative ion generator, but keep them around the house, especially near electronics. If negative ions are the goal, using a negative ion generator would be a much more concentrated source.

Salt Lamps ARE Hygroscopic

As I said above, all salt, by its nature, is hygroscopic, meaning that it attracts water to its surface. In a Himalayan salt lamp, this water evaporates quickly due to the small amount of heat from the light source (this is also why salt lamps tend to sweat and appear wet in humid climates).

Small amounts of water vapor is present in the air and can carry things like mold, bacteria, and allergens. Salt lamps attract this water vapor and those items it carries to its surface and removes them from the air. When the water vapor evaporates, this MAY generate a small amount of negative ions.

The theory that salt lamps generate negative ions is not tested or well studied. That said, it is likely that due to the hygroscopic nature of salt, these lamps have a positive effect on air quality.

The Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Salt lamps may not be the negative ion generation panacea they are made out to be, but we have them in many rooms of our house for other reasons:

1. Great Night Light and Low-Light Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits for Clean Air and Reduced Allergies

Research has shown that different colors of light affect the body in different ways. My own doctor recommends avoiding blue light after sunset because it can interfere with circadian rhythm and disrupt sleep hormones.

Unfortunately, many modern light sources like cell phones, tablets, computers, and TVs emit a lot of blue light and many of us spend a good majority of time staring at these screens, especially in the evening.

Salt lamps, on the other hand, offer a warm orange glow, similar to the orange hues found in a campfire or by candlelight. For this reason, they are a great light source for the evening and can even be used as a night light without negatively affecting sleep.

I often wear orange sunglasses at night if I’ll be on the computer or watching a movie to avoid blue light, and we use mostly salt lamps and other low and orange lights after dark for mood lighting.

2. May Improve Air Quality

As mentioned, salt lamps are not a spectacular source of negative ions. However, due to their hygroscopic properties, they may improve the air in other ways. Besides offering a soothing glow, they can attract pollutants in the air and even help neutralize the effects of electronics.

3. Light and Color Therapy Benefits

These soothing lamps may also help boost mood and energy levels, especially for those with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The soft orange hues are one of the soothing colors often used to calm mood and increase focus. The small amounts of negative ions may also be helpful in boosting mood as well. But, if you’re looking for the benefits of the negative ions, spend some time outside instead!

4. Soothing for Allergies

My brother-in-law has struggled with asthma and allergies for much of his life and he found relief after using a Himalayan salt inhaler. Others notice a difference from having salt lamps in their homes or offices. I haven’t found any studies that have looked into why, but the anecdotal evidence is strong from allergy sufferers.

How To Choose a High Quality Salt Lamp

It is possible to buy machines that create negative ions, but I’ve found that spending time outdoors and having salt lamps around the home indoors are less expensive alternatives that offer other benefits as well.

We have salt lamps in most rooms in our home and enjoy them in winter months when it isn’t possible to have the windows open or to spend as much time outside. We now have a solid salt lamp and a basket lamp in several rooms of our home and I love them for their ambient glow and orange color.

Salt lamps cost less than many other types of lamps, and a high quality one can last for decades.

If you are interested in adding a salt lamp to your home, choose ones with these features for best quality:

  1. Orange Color– Darker colored lamps are typically considered higher quality. Lamps should specify that they are 100% Himalayan salt, as cheap imitations may use lower quality salt.
  2. Size– The bigger the salt lamp, the bigger the affect. Smaller lamps weight 5-6 lbs while larger ones can weigh up to 50 lbs. Smaller lamps are typically much less expensive, so we keep 1 or 2 in smaller rooms and 2 or 3 in larger rooms of our home.
  3. Rough Surface– The surface area of a salt lamp determines its hygroscopic potential. Rougher lamps have a higher surface area than smooth and polished lamps and are more effective at improving air quality. In my opinion, they also look better and are a great decoration for most rooms.
  4. Bulb– The hygroscopic benefits are due to the salt and heat together so it is important to use a heat-producing bulb. LED bulbs don’t accomplish this. I use these inexpensive bulbs.

These are a few of the Himalayan Salt Lamps I’ve tried that meet these criteria:

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits: Bottom Line

Salt lamps aren’t a panacea and they don’t take the place of a quality air filter. They don’t create large amounts of negative ions like you’ll find in nature, especially around water. If negative ions are the goal, taking a hike or a swim in nature is a much more efficient way to get them.

Himalayan salt lamps are a beautiful light source that may offer the benefits of color therapy, by cleaning the air hygroscopically and in alleviating allergies. They are an inexpensive no-blue light source to use after dark and as a sleep-friendly night light for kids.

At the end of the day, they aren’t going to fix any health problems on their own or drastically improve indoor air quality. They are, however,  a beautiful and eco-friendly light source that produces a healthy spectrum of light. If you are choosing lamps for your home, they are a great option to consider.


Other Ways to Use Himalayan Salt

This article was medically reviewed by Dr. Scott Soerries, MD, Family Physician and Medical Director of SteadyMD. As always, this is not personal medical advice and we recommend that you talk with your doctor.

Ever used a Himalayan salt lamp or other air filter? How do you like it? Tell me below!

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  1. Courtney Avatar

    I have a Scentsy wax diffuser that I no longer use because of the chemicals in the wax.

    Do you think it would work to heat the salts up?

        1. Mindy Avatar

          The instructions that came with my lamp says, a 15-watt clear bulb. However, it could depend on the brand and size of the lamp. You should check with the manufacturer of your brand of lamp.
          Mine is made by Evolution. I purchased it at Natural Grocers.

      1. Stacey Avatar

        Hi Katie,

        I LOVE your blog!
        I was just reading in your resource page about a discount on these lamps. Is that an old offer or can I still get it?
        When I clicked the link it appeared to not be active any more.

        Just wanted to be sure.

    1. Victoria Hurrell Avatar
      Victoria Hurrell

      I’ve been checking these out today, trying to find genuine himalayan pink salt lamps in the UK. From what I’ve read, I think the bulbs should be either ‘oven’ or ‘fridge’ bulbs. Maybe this is why lots of people have had trouble with the bulbs exploding.

  2. Simone Avatar

    I bought one a while ago, but after about 7 hours of light the bulb exploded and it damaged my fridge. Same thing happened again after I got a new lamp. It’s a solid lamp and very similar to the one you’re linking to. Did anything like this ever happen to you? I thought it could just have become too hot inside the lamp?
    Now I just use my two lamps without the lamps and try to put them in direct sunlight or with a bright reading lamp shining on top of it. Think that would also work? Thanks!

    1. Simone Avatar

      By the way, it damaged my fridge because of some electricity issues, not because the bulb exploded right next to the fridge 🙂

    2. Becky Avatar

      I just got one for my husband for Father’s Day, it arrived yesterday, and the bulb it came with went out today. 🙁 I took it out and the bulb exploded. WEIRD. Was a pop then glass went everywhere. I was glad my daughter wasn’t close by… Wondering if the pressure built up inside the lamp.

      1. Jessica Avatar

        Becky, I just got mine last week and used it for a few hours on Friday and maybe 4 today (I’m keeping one it in my office at work). I got back to my desk today after lunch and the light had stopped working. I went to pull the bulb out and it also exploded (in my face!). Thankfully I was still wearing my sunglasses after walking inside. Not sure what happened but I’m a little concerned about putting a new bulb in. That was kind of scary…

  3. Romy Avatar

    Hi Katie! Thanks for the article, it was really helpful and informative. I always love hearing about things like this that I would never come across on my own… (Just like the idea of Earthing products… what an amazing idea!)

    I’m just wondering… I know you mentioned that you find the lamps to be an effective alternative to machines that create negative ions, but I was reading an article about it (http://blog.golbsalt.com/2012/09/27/healthy-or-hype-himalayan-salt-lamps-negative-ions/ if you’re interested) and it mentioned that it would take hundreds of years to produce the same amount of negative ions that it would take the machine to produce in an hour! Not sure if that’s just an exaggeration or what, but it seems like it might be a pretty huge difference…

    So I just wanted to know whether you had tried the machines before, and if there was any real discernible difference between the two? Obviously I would rather spend my money on the lamps if they did basically the same thing, ha! Plus, they certainly look cooler than another machine lying around! :p

    I really value any input you have! Thanks again. 🙂

    1. Katie - Wellness Mama Avatar

      The machines can also produce ozone which some sources say is dangerous. I’ve seen evidence that the lamps do create much higher levels of negative ions. I’ll work on finding those and adding them to the article

      1. Sarah Avatar

        What about the Salt Lamps that use votive candles? Do they work in the same way? I guess one that works with electric is more cost effective and safer. I just purchased 2 of the ones that use candles and I love it but wish I didn’t have to mess with it….Any tips for these?

  4. Marj Avatar

    Hi katie,
    Wow!!!! Im glad i bought salt lamps 10 yrs ago. I have them in every room and kept them on 24/7.

    Thanks for the great post!

  5. Rachel Avatar

    We have 4 in our house. I love them so much! My husband uses one in his office too. Once I saw the beautiful glow they created, and saw how calm they make me feel, I kept buying more. They can be addicting!

    1. Vivian Avatar

      I bought a basket one with chunks in it & took 2 pieces to work & put them on a cup warmer! The office seems cleaner & calming!

  6. Arlene Avatar

    I buy mine at Natural Grocers and I alternate days that it is in the kid’s bedroom and put it in the bathroom at night (it is too bright to leave on at night). I also bought one for my son’s classroom as they have ipads and I do not like all the electromagnetic activity they are exposed to. It does make the air feel cleaner and clears the odor from my husband’s workout clothes (in the bathroom).

  7. Marta Avatar

    Is the last source a web link? I couldn’t access it. And thank you for doing a post about the salt lamps. I got one as a birthday gift from my husband, but he wasn’t convinced that they actually help purify the air. I tried to find some trustworthy articles online, and couldn’t find any. Thank you!

    1. Vivian Avatar

      I bought 2 & put them on cup warmers, no light & they warm up the salt better! I also used an empty votive candle holder underneath when I’m gone so as not to let the salt rock get too hot! I sleep so much better when it’s on! I love them!

        1. Jan Avatar

          I just bought one tonight at Black Market Minerals, too. $14 for the small one, $24.95 for the larger one,

  8. Megan Avatar

    My cousin had one of these and I’ve been interested in getting one for a while now!! I’m so glad you did a post on it, and yours is beautiful! I’m picking up one… or 5 soon.

  9. Bart Avatar

    I can’t sleep with the brightness coming from the salt lamp. How beneficial do you think it is to have the salt lamp on in my bedroom during the day when I’m not in there very much? Should I consider putting the lamp in the closet with the doors closed at night? Would that be beneficial?



  10. Margie Avatar

    Love all you information. Thank you.
    I live in a humid climate, how bad do the lamps sweat? Do they leak water on to surfaces? Could you elaborate more on that.

    1. Trevor Avatar

      I live in a beach city, and I just discovered that my lamps sweat quite a bit. Enough to leave a large ring on my table, and stain it salty pink. I recommend putting a dish under it like you would a plant, to catch the water.

  11. Lillie Avatar

    Where did you get your lamps? The only ones I can find are from amazon and I am afraid they are fake.

      1. Denise Lewis Avatar
        Denise Lewis

        You said you got your Himalayan salt lamp on Amazon? What is the brand name? I tried to find information online, but I need advice from someone I trust. I love your site and I follow a lot of the advice you give. So when I googled finding the best Himalayan salt lamp and saw wellness mama, I knew you could tell me. I will not order them (I would like to get a couple) until I hear back from you. Thank you so much Katie.

    1. MB Avatar

      Hi I’m curious about this too. I saw some beautiful lamps on Amazon but I’m afraid they’re fake. I want to get a real one and I don’t know how to tell the difference. I read on some websites that some places try to pass off rock salt as a Himalayan salt lamp. is there any way to know the difference before you buy?

    2. Melinda Avatar

      I got mine from Amazon and it’s real. I love it!! It’s been helping my daughter sleep at night, she has autism and is drawn to it.

      1. Michelle Avatar

        Great to know. I’m going to get one for my little boy! He has ASD as well.

  12. wendy Avatar

    I bought a salt lamp that was carved into the shape of a globe. It’s very beautiful, but I was wondering if the smooth surface has made it less effective? I’d also like to know, is color a reliable indication as to a salt lamp being genuine himilyan salt?

      1. Samuel Avatar

        How much do they usually go for? I got mine in Queenstown, New Zealand today for $25 it was on special down from $210 although the shop had a closing down sale ,and was the last one so I felt the universe wanted me to have it I touched it and it was like I seen into its salty soul. Its rather a large lamp too i’d say 9-10 kilograms. But yeah how much do they usually sell for?

      2. Patricia Avatar

        I’m wondering I bought my from a home goods store the box said from pakistan. Is that the same thing as Himalayan? Is it considered a real one?

        1. Fiona Avatar

          Yes, part of the Himalayas are in Pakistan. I’d say yours is authentic.

      1. Pandora Avatar

        You can do an Amazon search I bought 2 from wbm international and they do work the air in my bedroom is dramatically improved and I am sleeping well waking up early and refreshed. Good luck!

  13. Christy Avatar

    My naturopath said that salt lamps do not generate nearly enough negative ions to have an impact. He compared it to a farmer trying to water his crops by hand, instead of using an irrigation system. In theory, you can do it but really it’s not nearly enough. I have one I still use because I like the orange glow though!

    1. Denise Avatar

      I’m sorry but I disagree with your naturopath, there are hundreds and hundreds of researches regarding the negative ions.

      Lots of people had positive results with their allergies.

      Is scientifically proven to act like an air purifier.

        1. orla Avatar

          basically you know it’s real if you scratch a little with your nail and some salt rubs off. if it’s made of plastic or anything else, this won’t happen! 🙂

      1. Cindy Avatar

        The negative ion thing is true, but even the instructions that came with the lamp said you need 10 pounds of salt per 10 ft of room space for it to be effective! Absurd to even contemplate! So your naturopath is right. Enjoy the glow, but unless you have a tiny room and a huge lamp, the health benefits are from a placebo effect.

  14. Leslie Avatar

    I have one of these lamps and I have purchased them as gifts. I love them! My boyfriend is deaf so he has his alarm hooked up to his regular lamp and it flashes in the morning. I wish we could hook up a similar alarm with this lamp, using the dimmer switch, because I would love to wake up to this gentle light. It is great for in the middle of the night when we have to talk to each other through sign because it’s not the glaring light of the regular lamp that wakes you up enough to the point where it’s hard to go back to sleep.
    I do have one question for you, do you leave yours on throughout the day to reap the air cleaning benefits? Or do you turn it on only when you’re using it?

      1. Karen Avatar

        What is your take on these being dangerous? I have read the ratings, and some are concerned with salt gathering by the light bulb socket and it leaving water puddles on table tops. I would love to get one,but I live in an area that has a lot humidity.

        1. Sue Avatar

          I live in the tropics of Australia.
          I slowly watched my salt lamp get smaller and smaller – and the puddle of melted salt lamp get bigger and bigger.
          It eventually completely melted. – I used a candle with mine- so was not an electrical hazard, but after seeing what happened to my salt lamp – yes I would definitely be wary of your electrical lamp.

          1. Sarah Avatar

            When you live in the tropics / high humidity places, and your lamp is ‘not on’ then you need to cover it in plastic wrap. When Himalayan Salt Lamps are not turned on they absorb moisture from the air and sweat, if you cover it in plastic then this wont happen. When you are home your lamp should be ‘on’. You should also ‘not’ use a dimmer switch on a Salt Lamp … if your lamp came with a dimmer switch then make sure it is on full at all times… if you put it on Dim less heat is coming out of the bulb – you need heat from the bulb for the lamp to work. I have been teaching about Himalayan Mineral Salt for nearly 10 years.

    1. Sarah bertolla Avatar
      Sarah bertolla

      I once used a Sunrise Lamp (or SAD lamp Seasonal Affective Disorder – lack of day/natural light) which had alarm clock, digital display and a dimmable option to turn light up down & set alarm to gradually wake you & button to automatic dim @ ‘sunset’ time before sleep.

  15. Carol Avatar

    I too have a himalayan salt lamp. Unfortunately I had to put it away. I have tried to put my digital alarm at least three feet away from my bed, knowing that the emf from it are not healthy. I wish I could use a traditional ticking clock, but it keeps me awake… so I put the alarm clock as far as I could, and got a salt lamp, but the glow also keeps me awake… I have room darkening curtains, and sleep in a DARK room, and sleep very well, but the glow from the lamp is disturbing to me. I suppose I could use it in another room, but wish I could use it in the bedroom. I tried to put it on the other side of the room, but that didn’t work, either. Sigh.

    1. Sylvia Avatar

      You don’t have to leave it on all night. Turn it off before you go to sleep. Just try to eliminate as many positive ion producers from the room as possible during the night.

    2. Steffani Avatar

      I have one in my bedroom but just turn it off at night! Then I leave it on during the day. I also have one in my living room and since we don’t have doors in our house (it’s tiny) I just turn it almost all the way down, but not quite off. Then it’s dim enough that it doesn’t bother me, but is helpful when I go to the bathroom in the night. (A million times, now that I’m pregnant!) Then I just turn it up to full blast again in the morning.

    3. Carol Avatar

      I’m posting this here because I have an “update” on my original comment. (above)
      This article encouraged me to re-think HSL for healthy benefits.
      I searched out the one I had packed away, and now use it in the main room of my home when I am there. I also purchased a newer type model that has a dimmer switch, and I will try using that one in the bedroom. The bedroom one will be on fully when I get home from work, dimmed for sleep and turned of until I return home in the evenings. I really do believe in their helpful benefits.
      I do have one question, that I’m hoping someone can answer: I have to put the lamp right next to an air cleaner. Will they counteract each other? Will the air from the cleaner damage the salt lamp? Right now, I’m not using the air cleaner, but in the winter, I need it as my home is extremely poorly built and I have gaps in the floor/wall about 2” where the moisture/air comes in, and although I have ‘packed’ it with long round pillows, there is still air and “stuff” coming in from outside. I want to counteract the pollution (hoping the salt lamp will help with this as well). I do live in a rural-ish community, but the road is very close to my house, and it is very well traveled at all times of the day.
      Sorry to be so long-winded, but I hope someone will have a helpful answer, or will have a similar situation with suggestions.

      1. Katie - Wellness Mama Avatar

        I don’t think that they would counteract each other, since they work differently. Salt lamps work with the evaporation of the moisture in the air, and air filters typically work by running air through a filter. I would put a little space between them if you can to be safe though.

        1. Beth Avatar

          Does that mean that running a salt lamp and a diffuser by each other that the salt lamp cancels out what I’m diffusing?

          1. Ashley Avatar

            I thought the same thing at first. I keep a salt lamp on one side of my bedroom and place my diffuser on the other. So far, I haven’t had any problems. My diffuser still helped us get through some congestion issues and I keep my salt lamp on all the time.

          2. Nancy Avatar

            Is there a salt lamp / essential oil diffussor as a single unit?

        2. Vailhem Avatar

          I was under the impression that they worked by the heat from the light (why it uses an incandescent instead of the more efficient LEDs) to heat the salt and the salt releases the negative ions being shed by the salt into the air …. ….the heat rises up & out of the lamp and… … into the air.

          That it was these negative ions that bound to the +charged particles in the air?

          Much like ion generators in most air purifiers, but where *those* produce ozone (o3) and as the O3 breaks down in the air into O2 and O1 …. the O2 simply being ‘oxygen’ (makes it easier to breathe!) and the O1 being the charged particle that attaches to things in the air… both rendering them less effective/reactive, as well making them more likely to bind to other things in the air… creating larger particle sizes, and… well, thus, turning them into ‘dust on the ground’ vs ‘stuff in the air’?

          the main difference being that the O1 from the O3 breakdown is oxidizing … and the negative-ions from the salt lamp … aren’t O1 but, instead -charged particles from the various (other) mineral-types found in the HPS?

          ….vs pulling things into it

          1. Tasha Avatar

            My response is to Nancy above. I have a sale lamp from Amazon that has a glass dish set into the too of it for diffusing. I put water in it with a couple drops of essential oil and it works great!

          2. adrienne Avatar

            If a bulb that is too low wattage to warm the salt isn’t effective, than is a bulb that is higher wattage more effective, ie hotter the better?

        3. Crystal Avatar

          Hi Katie. I love your site and your sense of humor:) I was considering buying my parents a Himalayan Salt Lamp. One of them has a heart defibrillator. I have tried researching information online whether it is safe to use with a defibrillator but to no prevail. I know you are not a doctor, but you are filled with such knowledge. Could you give me your opinion on this?

        4. Joy Avatar

          “evaporation of the moisture in the air”
          The moisture in the air is already evaporated that is why it is suspended in the air. There is no more evaporation that can occur to water particles in the air.

      2. Melissa Avatar

        I have one in my bedroom and initially had problems with the light as well. But then I got some free sleeping masks and figured I’d give it a try. I sleep even better now and am able to leave the light on all night!

        1. Michelle Avatar

          Does it matter how bright or dim the lamp is? Also mine doesn’t sweat..is that bad?

    4. Julie Avatar

      There are dimmer switches you can use for the brightness problem. Let me know if you’d like one…

        1. Debra watson Avatar
          Debra watson

          Hi, I love my lamps, I do however need a dimmer switch for the bedroom. Couple questions, is it the hotter the lamp is the better it works?? And in the summer I open the windows, should I turn it off when the windows are open?? Thank you!!!

          1. Judy Avatar

            Does it need to be warm to work? Mine has a night light bulb and doesn’t get warm to the touch. Can I put in a stronger.bulb?

      1. Nicole Avatar

        Hi I bought several of these after hearing about them. Has anyone experienced anything negative with them? I feel like I can taste salt all the time and my feet have been getting swollen (but that could just be from overindulging in food and alcohol over Xmas…!)

        1. Louise Avatar

          Hi, I have wondered about this too? Are there any negative effects?

          I have a new one on in our main living area (been there for three days) and I love the ambience of it but, i too, have experienced a strong salt taste in the air and i’m sure i can smell salt in the air too, like at the beach (which i love).

          My husband bought ours home as a surprise (he purchased it from a local news agency ;-/ ) and I wonder how i can confirm if it is real himalayan salt or not. I assumed other people may want to know the answer to this as well so i thought i’d ask.

          Thanks 🙂

        2. Dani Avatar

          I’ve had one in my bedroom for 3 days on constantly and yes all I can taste today is salt I’m going to see if the taste goes away tomorrow

      2. Mareese Avatar

        I would love a salt lamp in my room but they are so bright we couldn’t sleep, where can I get the dimmers switch from and what’s the cost please?

        1. Nate Avatar

          It’s better to have a darker salt lamp for bedrooms if the light is too bright. If you dim the light the heat required for it to work most effectively may not be enough. Personally I have two in the bedroom a lighter lamp that I do turn on each morning and off each night as well as a darker salt lamp that I keep on at all times day or night.

    5. Valerie Avatar

      I sleep with sock over my eyes or a sleeping mask as I am not able to keep all light out of our room. It helps tremendously

    6. Eric Avatar

      The reason I found this site is that my wife received a salt lamp with a built in dimmer as a gift. She keeps it on the dresser on her side of the bed. I cannot sleep a wink when it is on. Not one wink for one night that it’s on!! It has boggled my mind enough that I am searching for answers which led me to this site. I am not really a light sleeper I can fall asleep about anywhere but even with this light set dimmer than dim I absolu cannot sleep.

      1. Nona Avatar

        I doubt you’re still checking this after 7 years, but if anyone else has this problem… I’d consider if EMFs are the issue. Dimmers are supposed to be pretty bad as far as that goes. My first experience with EMF sensitivity was being unable to sleep all night because I had a space heater going. So… I know it’s a thing!

    7. Stephanie Spears Avatar
      Stephanie Spears

      I too am sensitive to light from clocks and such so I wear a sleep mask. Try that maybe.

    8. Shanna Avatar

      They have dark red that will omit a very faint glow..I would try that!

    9. Micaela solomon Avatar
      Micaela solomon

      If your bed is high enough you could place it under your bed. I had this same problem with the glow and went with a shorter fatter salt lamp (since they come in so many different sizes) that would fit under my bed. you can also switch out the bulb with a lower wattage than 15 watts. they have 4 watt nightlight bulbs.

      1. Lynne Bailey Avatar
        Lynne Bailey

        I read a bulb with wattage that low would not work, because they are too small to warm the lamp and for it to work, it needs to be warm.

    10. Greg Avatar

      paint a portion of the bulb with black high temperature paint. It will mute the light, but allow the heat from the bulb to remain the same.

    11. Michele Avatar

      I put my big one in the living room on continuously. I put the candle in my bedroom because it burns out before I wake up. I’m deaf so I need to see my light flashing to wake up and the lamp totally drowned it out. This works well for me.

    12. Wendy Avatar

      I have the same problem as you (I’m a very light sleeper and everything wakes me up) I dont have a salt lamp yet but have just prdered the t-light holders instead as they aparently are stronger as they produce more heat and you dont need them burning at night, just the day. With your salt lamp, could you keep it on and just put it on the floor near your bed instead? That way it should disturb too much of your sleep.

    13. Wendy Avatar

      I suffer from Vitamin D deficiency and have had such a bad bout of depression that I can’t get motivated in the mornings. I want to buy a few of these for my home but would love to know, which of these are better? T-light holders or lamps? And would both of these have to be used differently from each other?

      1. Wellness Mama Avatar

        I’m so sorry, Wendy. Both would have positive effects. I personally prefer the lamps, but it just depends on what suits you best.

    14. Lisa Avatar

      I wear a padded eye mask to sleep. LOVE it! No light bothers me now!

  16. Marsha Avatar

    How long does the salt last in the lamps? How often do you have to replace the lamps”m?

          1. zandile Avatar

            Ia leaving in Cape TOWN , Iwould like to know where can I purchase the Salt lamp and how much does it costs.


          2. Nikki J Avatar

            There’s a shop in Las Vegas called darkroom LV, that sales various options

          3. John Avatar

            I purchased two from walmart this week. Great size and price.

          4. Vickie Avatar

            I have sleep apnea and a TV in my bedroom does this disturb salt lamp

          5. Veronica Avatar

            I bought one today at Home Goods for a great price just $16.99.

          6. Guy Avatar

            I picked one up from a natural nutrition store in Fargo. The brand is Ancient Secrets Himalayan salt lamp.

      1. Damaris Perez Avatar
        Damaris Perez

        My husband has high blood pressure. Will it be ok to use this lamp?

        1. Lulu Avatar

          Those with hypertension should avoid licking Himalayan salt lamps.

          1. Gaela Avatar

            actually Himalayan salt has been shown to lower blood pressure.

        2. Anna Avatar

          There is absolutely NO EVIDENCE salt lamps do anything but give off a pretty glow. If you know who Dr.Weil is you might try looking up what he has to say about these false claims that they “ionize the air” and have health benefits…they don’t get rid of alleges or help with allergies…that’s all been fabricated to push sales. Your husbands blood pressure will not be affected by the salt lamp unless he uses it for salt on his food (which could be done if you scrape some off from the lamp)…you don’t absorb the sodium chloride from salt lamps any more than you absorb the sodium from a shaker of salt sitting on a table. Don’t be fooled.

          1. Marsha Avatar

            I’m pretty skeptical about unusual claims. But, we have two large ones in each living area and I have one in my office at work. I’ve noticed two huge benefits. One is that my husband smokes. Since we placed two lamps in our large living areas, neither I nor any house guests can smell cigarette smoke anymore. Also, since I have a salt lamp near my computer at work, my eyes no longer get fatigued. All of our salt lamps burn 24/7. The bulbs last for months. Very much worth the money for us. YMMV.

        3. Brenda Meeks Avatar
          Brenda Meeks

          I bought one in HomeGoods the other day but learning the significance of it! Mine cost $19.99 plus tax… I don’t sleep at night but I keep the Salt Rock plugged in and last night I slept pretty good! That’s a big plus for me but I lean to GOD for everything ? I’m not saying the Salt Rock made me sleep but GOD does! If it gets out impurities in the house then I’m for it but I’m ignorant on this subject lol …. Brenda from Arkansas

      2. Kira Avatar

        Hi Wellness Mama, I have been a fan of yours for quite a while but I want you to know that Himalayan Salt lamps do not generate any measurable amounts of negative ions to purify air. Here are my sources. http://www.negativeionsinformation.org/saltcrystallamps.html


        Sorry but it is not true. I actually bought one too and all it does is look pretty. I want you to learn more about it because scientifically, there are no evidence to your claims. Thanks. I hope you will do more research. If you do have scientific evidence on how a Himalayan Salt Lamp does indeed work, please do share because I want to know too.

        1. Hanna Avatar

          Some of that information seems somewhat compelling…..but so is the rebuttal by “Mark” at the end of your third link.

          The first link only shows a conclusion of very low measurable levels of apparent negative ionization, and the salt lamps are deemed, therefore, devoid of value in that area—and does not contribute much to the discussion otherwise.

          Admittedly, I did not investigate the wiki link, as that site has a tendency to boil my blood, and I do not find it to be an implicitly credible source (for what should be obvious reasons).

          The third link, however, was the compelling one of which I spoke…..

          However, I am not impressed by “sciencey” speak and contemporary science tests. See, the world is a grand place, and over history we have thought things, only to be proven wrong, and thought new things, only to be proven wrong. We are not the creators of the world, only inhabitants. I do not wish to spark a debate, in fact, it doesn’t matter if you believe in Creation or evolution, the position still sits…..WE ARE NOT ALL-KNOWING on this planet. The problem I have is that we often act like we are. For example, in this instance of the ionization tests—how can we know that we have tools devised to detect all kind of negative ionization, or that those devices are even perfectly accurate? What would be considered “anecdotal” evidence still has to be considered, regardless. Yes, the scientists just relegate these things to “well, I guess it’s because they BELIEVE it works”, and yet never want to admit that perhaps they are wrong in their limited observational powers. There are clearly forces at work that we cannot always see, or understand, and though it doesn’t mean we never will (understand them), we often don’t at a certain point in time, at least (otherwise, we would be all-knowing).

          I’m merely trying to point out that scientists are not infallible, claims and experiences that these salt lamps work still have to be “explained away”, and maybe they do work better than the tests say (or not, I dunno). It would still be dishonest marketing on the part of some companies to claim such things if they know they can’t be proven, but again, I refer to “Mark”’s rebuttal in the third link. He also has some compelling “facts” to be considered in the matter, which appear to counter the article’s “science”.

          I would just encourage to not necessarily dismiss something so heartily based on a couple articles….something such as this, anyway.

          P.S. We just bought a salt lamp yesterday. I feel impartial to the matter, because honestly, they seem a little “hokey” to me (don’t tell my husband), though I hope they work, and wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if it’s one of those miracles of creation that man just doesn’t understand fully. Anyway, it’s beautiful. 🙂

          1. Elizabeth Mueller Avatar
            Elizabeth Mueller

            Well said, well thought, well written! Your reply both impressed me as well as took my breath away. Thank you for such a well thought message.

            My daughter thinks we’re funny for believing these lamps have the ability to do what the claims say, but I, personally, do feel “at peace” when around it. Like being out in nature, you know?

            To add to your reply: this is something that deserves to be experienced and to dismiss such based entirely on other’s thoughts is, well, foolhardy. As a rule, I reserve judgement until I feel it firsthand. I don’t like basing my beliefs on other’s whims.


          2. Theresa Pugh Avatar
            Theresa Pugh

            I’ve just purchased mine and have had it on for nearly 2 hours. I must be one of those highly sensitive folks. I feel better. My BP was lower by 10 points. I believe in Pink Himalayan Salt and use it because of the minerals you cannot find in Table, Sea (Unless it’s Dead Sea) or any other salt. believing is part of wellness for me. Only time will tell is it works for me or not. I don’t have anything to lose but 27.00, which was a steal. Thanks for the article.

          3. Mary Avatar

            These lamps seem perfect for mood lighting in the bedroom and my husband wants to get two, one for each side of our bed. Regardless of the ‘science’ how can you go wrong with such a lovely light source!

          4. Sam Avatar

            I have three of the salt lamps that are on all the time, cannot remember ever turning them off for any reason. You have to like pleasant lighting in your home to do this. The one in the bedroom does get turned off at night when sleeping. It is so pretty! The one in the front room is a larger one, about 14″ high and sits to the left side and behind my recliner which I use a lot. The third lamp I have is in the dining room, these two never get turned off.

            2013 I tore my achilles tendon in my right leg and in 2014 I had a knee replacement in my left leg which ended up with two more surgeries, three in all. It’s been a challenging three years and has altered my life considerably, but that being said I have had the most amazing acceptance of my circumstance with an on-going positive attitude. No feel sorry for myself although I don’t like this a bit, and I just continue to do the best I can do every day. I feel very strongly that these lamps have played a major part in my attitude in looking back over what happened, I bought my first lamp about 6 years ago and two more since. I highly recommend people having one in their home, for ambiance if nothing else. Cheers!!

          5. Brock Avatar

            Oh…these lamps do something all right. First of all…I never knew they were supposed to do anything but purify the air until today. I’ve had a salt lamp for a couple years…and I had never heard the claims about sleep for example. But I’ve had a very negative experience with them. I’m always dehydrated and have VERY dry sinuses. I noticed the week I brought the salt lamp home, that I would turn it on and be watching TV and about an hour later I wouldn’t just fall asleep…but pass out and wake up feeling awful. I also have sleep apnea which is kinda related to me being very dehydrated and being a smoker. I can turn that thing on in the middle of the afternoon when I’m bursting with energy…and if I stay in that room for more than about 15 minutes, I start getting really tired and cannot stay awake. Needless to say…I don’t hardy ever turn on the lamp anymore. It just sits there. As much as I’d like to see it’s nice glow, it has a very negative effect on me. I am surprised that I haven’t found anyone else say this about these. I’ve been reading from several different websites, and only seen claims that it makes people sleep well and they wake up feeling refreshed…or that it gives people energy, which I cannot understand at all.

        2. Tammy Avatar

          I am not always in agreement with science either, but it is somewhat concerning that this lamp is to affect your mood, especially in light of many harmful new age misrepresentations that are not from God.

          1. Amanda Avatar

            Hi Tammy,

            I know it may look like a new age-y crystal, but I think you’ll agree with me that God put all elements on this earth for a reason. Of course, we can take it to extremes by depending solely on the elements for “peace” or “a positive outlook”, instead of looking to Christ (the creator of those elements) for our perfect peace. I just got my Himalayan sea salt lamp in the mail today, and even though I haven’t noticed any kind of change of energy (yet), the light is soft and soothing and beautiful coming through it. For me, it is like having more of the beauty of creation in my home. I’m not catching on to what the “new age misrepresentations that are not from God” are, but it’s just a hunk of salt. 🙂 It even inspires me a bit, since it is both salt and light, and that’s what we are called to be in the world. If we can be that, maybe we would be able to claim being able to benefit people in a way similar to this little lamp. #deepthoughtswithme ….lol. ?

        3. E. Blossom Avatar
          E. Blossom

          Were your salt rocks warm to the touch? A lot of ppl like to use the dimmer switch or have cheaper lamps that do not warm the rocks enough to experience the benefits. Rocks must be warm to release negative ions.

        4. Julia Avatar

          Salt lamps create a beautiful warm glow, so I don’t mind if the negative ions exist or not. However there’s a big problem with these lamps that no one seems to talk about–Dirty Electricity. Nothing intrinsically wrong with the lamp, it’s the DIMMER SWITCH that creates dirty (transient) electricity. All dimmer switches, whether on a dining room lamp or a salt lamp create dirty electricity which has been linked with cancer. You can get dirty electricity filters, which remove the dirty electricity flowing in the electric wires in your walls, but they will not filter the large amount of dirty electricity released by the lamp into the room. A himalayan salt lamp without a dimmer switch is safe.

        5. Julie Avatar

          Most scientists are the first to admit that they don’t know everything and next to nothing when it comes to unraveling nature and natural healing properties of natural, inanimate objects … just like the use of Amber bead necklaces for babies/toddlers to help with teething – my daughter has worn them 24/7 since she was approx 8months old (she is now 6years old – it was a last ditch effort to help with painful cross-cutting of her top teeth) and she hasn’t choked on them, nor has she suffered any teething pain since and very rarely complains of a sore throat even when tonsils are inflamed. Do you own experiments and if it works for you then continue to use it, if it doesn’t then look for something else. Research is knowledge.

        6. Cathy Avatar

          I bought one a month ago. And I have cronic sinus problems. Since I got thethis I have not had to take a sinus pill

      3. carol Avatar

        Does the lamp get hot? I have five cats, so I do not use desk lamps.
        Thank you.

          1. Gail Avatar

            Is there any problem having himalayan salt lamp positioned near your head? I had kept one on my bedside table and on a living room end table — both positioned near my head. I recently heard an energy healer state that the salt should never be near our heads???????

      4. Julie Avatar

        I’ve kept my himilayan salt block in a tiny crockpot (for years!) instead of using it as lamp. It stays hotter than my lamp-style one, and the light issues are solved.

        Anyone else tried this?

    1. Sylvia Dunnett Avatar
      Sylvia Dunnett

      Just purchased a salt lamp. Do I turn it off during day when I am not in the room, or are they supposed to stay on all the time?

          1. Gloria Avatar

            Can you buy one anywhere? How does one know if a salt lamp is made up of just salt and not any added chemicals?

          2. MCIHELLE Avatar


      1. PAULINE JORDAN Avatar

        I was wondering the same thing, do I keep it on all the time, or only when I am in the room. It’s in my bedroom, and the light coming from it keeps me awake.

        1. Lisa Avatar

          I also was wondering this because I use them as night lights for my kids, but I found out that it’s best to keep your lamp on during the day and let it do it’s thing. You should be sleeping in complete darkness anyway for the best quality of sleep.

        2. Linda S Avatar

          Yes! It helps to relax you and helps lower blood pressure. I keep mine on 24 hours a day… I keep the dimmer switch up all the way until I go to bed and then I turn them down but I keep them on. I keep mine on my nightstand so it’s behind my head and the light doesn’t seem to bother me because I keep it on low . I have three of them two in my living room and one in my bedroom. I just love them! I have a horrible time going to sleep and ever since I bought one for my bedroom I have been sleeping so much better! Wouldn’t be without them !!!

    2. Steve Wright Avatar
      Steve Wright

      Leave it switched on all day if you like as the 15watt bulb uses very little electricity, but night time use is of most benifit.

    3. Cathy Avatar

      High, I would like to comment on having the light in the bedroom. I watched an eppisode of Dr. Oz and he puts orange light bulbs in his bedroom. The light from the salt lamps, my lamps give off a orange hue. If you go to Dr. Oz website you can get the specifics on the benefits of an orange light. Hope this is helpful.

    4. Penny Jordan Avatar
      Penny Jordan

      I have just bought two salt lamps. One is in the bedroom. Does it help with a good nights sleep and do u wake up feeling more refreshed.

      1. Lynn Avatar

        I’ve had mine in my bedroom for 3 nights now and have finally slept soundly through the night, all three nights.mi keep iton high all day, but turn it down to lowest dimness at night. Tonight, I am trying it on high all night. Mymhubbymand I love it! It feels very calming. I just put one in each bird room as well.

    5. Margaret Michelle Avatar
      Margaret Michelle

      I had mine close to a plant and the soil turned white in the plant, while the salt chunks (basket lamp) have a white powder and there are starting grey/black spots on the salt. What happened? Too much moisture, move plant?? And how do I clean the salt? Help

      1. Robie Avatar

        We found a wholesale source and purchased several large lamps, and we have them throughout our home. First, you need a special place to put all of these lamps. Second, you MUST leave the light on 24/7, as the heat from the light bulb (not LED’s) keeps the salt warm so it won’t sweat. The wholesale price of these lamps is approximately $2 per pound of salt. We have some over 100 pounds, and others about 30 pounds and have had no problems for over 2 years. Good bulbs normally last over 6 months. We really purchased ours for their beautiful natural decor. You will find that dust around the lamps will be on the floor/table etc. which is an indicator that dust is unable to float in the air around them and falls to a resting place. Dust off the lamp with a soft feather like duster, that won’t smear the dust into the salt.
        Medically, who knows, but we love ours, and I’m waiting to purchase one that’s over 200 pounds.

        1. Tara Avatar

          yes with all that being said and I want to thank you so much for all the wonderful information that I have learned from just this one article, but you didn’t answer the part about the black spots!!!!!! HELP!!!!

          1. Bridget Avatar

            I have read that black spots means it’s a fake salt lamps 🙁

        2. Mae Cline Avatar
          Mae Cline

          Will you share where you bought them wholesale?! I’d love to have a huge lamp!!!

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