Grove Collaborative Review: Great Source for Natural Home Products

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I’ve been making my own cleaning products for years. When I first started, there weren’t any recipes or tutorials available online and there was a lot of trial and error… mostly error.

Natural Home Products that Work

Did you know, for instance, that vinegar and liquid castile soap together make a nasty slimy mess? Or that vinegar is better for making pickles than for cleaning many surfaces?

I didn’t, but I definitely found out the hard way!

Now, there are dozens of pre-made “green” cleaners available. Some are really good, but all of them are much more expensive than making your own.

Over the years, I’ve saved hundreds of dollars (and avoided putting dozens of plastic bottles in landfills) by making my own cleaners and you can too!

I found a company that shares my passion for natural cleaning products (pre-made and homemade) and you can get most of my natural cleaning supplies for free this week:

Grove Collaborative

One of the questions I get most often when I post DIY cleaning recipes is:

Where did you get that awesome spray bottle?

and I didn’t really have a reliable source for them. I’d ordered some online before but they hadn’t always been great quality and I refused to recommend a bottle that would stop working a few weeks after purchase.

When Grove Collaborative offered to create a limited edition Wellness Mama + Grove glass spray bottle (made in the USA) for homemade cleaners and print my cleaning recipe right on the back and send it to you for free, I jumped at the chance!

What is Grove Collaborative?

Great question. They used to be called ePantry and I had heard of them but never tried them until recently. Now, I order many of our household staples from them, including:

  • Toilet paper
  • My favorite razor ever
  • Glass spray bottles
  • Washing soda
  • Bon Ami
  • Wool dryer balls
  • Laundry soap

The best part… this week, you can get several of my favorite things for free:

Never tried Grove Collaborative? You get all of this:

  • 16-ounce Glass Spray Bottle
  • Metal Cleaning Caddy
  • Orange Essential Oil
  • Bon Ami Cleaning Powder
  • 60-day free VIP trial and free shipping

That is a value of over $40 at completely no cost when you try $20 of their products. In fact, when I ordered, I got $70 worth of products I already love and use for under $25 with the discounts and free products including:

  • Glass spray bottle
  • e-Cloth microfiber
  • Orange essential oil
  • Liquid castile soap
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Dish Soap
  • Kitchen sponges
  • Toothbrush
  • Baking soda
  • Bon Ami

Click here to lock in your free products and savings!

Already a Grove Member?

If you are already a Grove customer, they’ll add a pack of walnut scrubber sponges to your next order at on cost. Just click here.

How it Works

  1. Go to Grove Collaborative by clicking here.
  2. Take a simple 4-question quiz to help them find your favorite products.
  3. They will create a custom cart of products for you to try and add the spray bottle, microfiber cloth and essential oil for free. It will also apply free shipping.
  4. Change or delete any products you don’t want (just keep at least $20 in there to get the free stuff!)
  5. Check out, save tons of money and free stuff shows up at your house!
  6. If you join their VIP program, you always get free shipping + 5 free gifts each year!

Grove Cart

The things I ordered were substantially less expensive than the same things at our local store and I now get natural toilet paper and recycled razors (two things I ALWAYS forget at the store) delivered automatically.

Reasons I Like Grove Collaborative:

  • Flexible delivery schedules — automatically receive monthly shipments or edit delivery dates to get products exactly when you need them
  • Custom baskets — They make suggestions, but you can always make changes or add/remove products
  • No surprises — you’ll get two reminder e-mails (one week and one day before a scheduled shipment) so you can make any necessary changes
  • Great customer service — They have an entire Community Happiness team!
  • Free Stuff Through Monday– Until Monday, you can get some of my favorite things for free! (Unfortunately, they can’t ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada).

With all the money you’ll save, grab some good coffee or herbal tea and spend 30 seconds making this simple homemade cleaner.

Important Disclaimer: I worked with Grove to create this spray bottle and free offer for you, but it is not a sponsored post. If you choose to grab these free products, I do receive an affiliate commission, which helps me keep the blog up and running. You receive discounted and free products and my thanks for supporting my website! See my full disclaimer here.

Ever tried Grove? What are you waiting for?

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51 responses to “Grove Collaborative Review: Great Source for Natural Home Products”

  1. Melissa Egersheim Avatar
    Melissa Egersheim

    I cannot find the Wellness Mama + Grove Collaboration spray bottles.
    Are my only options the $13 glass spray bottles?

  2. Deb W. Avatar

    Awful company, did a preorder to ship at same time as monthly order and they told me the items didn’t count towards the bonus gift ( some little plate thing). So they take my money weeks early, won’t ship it until my cart ships but it doesn’t count towards my cart total. I wrote and expressed my displeasure but they didn’t care. They kept avoiding the issue and stating that I have a wonderful day. Totally couldn’t care less. Almost smug, pissed me off even more. On top of that, every time I’d check, my cart had new items in it – things I didn’t put there!! Seems they do this sort of scammy stuff on a regular basis to everyone! And on top of all that, they are slow shippers. Stick with Amazon or shop local where you really are appreciated. Twisted business practices just show a total lack of respect. They talk a big fluffy rainbow but actions speak louder than words.

  3. Darica Avatar

    Thank-you.. I am still so disappointed and it’s been more than a month. I need to let this go. It was so convenient with one stop shopping. All I really needed was an apology and for someone to take responsibility for my January order and fix it. They did refund the money for the order and my VIP charges. Maybe they’ve gotten too big too care? Thank- you for your response and all the good info I get from you in my inbox.

  4. Darica Roberts Avatar
    Darica Roberts

    I joined grove after reading about them on your site. I have had a bad experience with h some of the lousiest customer service I have ever received.
    I had placed half a dozen orders was super happy with their prices. Thought I would be a VIP member for ever. I received an email on 1-30-18 saying my order had shipped and they withdrew payment from me. . When I didn’t receive it for a week I checked the status, it gave a date of around 02-15-18 as delivery. 3 days was the normal time. So I sent an email asking why when I also live in Northern California. NO response. The 15 came and went sent another email, No response. Get email last week saying my next order would be shipping soon. Really?? Haven’t gotten the last order. So I text them again, this email is not nice asking for a response and explanation. NO Response Again. So on 02-24-18 I canceled and asked for my money back and to delete my account. Well I finally got an email but no apology. Just felt like a form letter saying the charges had been reversed. AWEFUL!!!
    So what seemed like a great company, I would have a relationship with forever turned into????

  5. Pamela Sands Avatar
    Pamela Sands

    Run dont walk away from this company. I cancelled the membership before auto renew for myself, my mother & daughter. I deleted everything from our online carts and also deleted our credit card info from their site. I did this due to so many issues I went through dealing with our orders. They made one account inactive but have since hand entered the credit card info I deleted from their site in order to charge 2 of us with membershii fees. They also have charged anorder to my mothers account. Seems to me that it should be illegal to hand enter CCs that were deleted. This company is not worth dealing with no matter how good their products are! I’m trying to decide whether to contact a lawyer as I cant get past the fact that they hand entered a CC that was deleted off their site.

  6. Chris R Avatar

    I am sure at one time, their customer service was stellar… but perhaps they have outgrown the capability to provide good customer service, or in my case, any at all. I was by their promotion, prices, philosophy, etc. So when I placed my order, I couldn’t wait for it to get here. My issue was what one would seem, a very easy one to fix. I placed an order which included 5 free items placed on 9/9. On 9/11 I received my shipping confirmation…12 hours later, I received another shipping confirmation. I assumed they were shipped in 2 shipments. On the 13th, I checked the site and noticed 2 orders. The difference in the orders were the free items. I was charged for both orders. Both were delivered the same day. No problem I thought, this happens, I knew this would be an easy fix. On the 13th, sent an email to “Jamie”. When the packages were delivered later that day, opened a ticket. Today, 9/22 after several additions to the tickets, I’ve still heard nothing. All I wanted and requested was a call tag for them to pick up the duplicate order. Nobody cares enough to respond with so much as an acknowledgement. So beware to you great bloggers that refer us to these companies…keep an eye on them and make sure they are still doing a great job. I have a feeling they are in over their heads sadly.

  7. karina Avatar

    I ordered on July 6th and they took out the money already and Still haven’t received anything, I requested that they cancel my subscription which they did.but I no longer see the status of the order I placed and already paid for. They last I knew was that it is still at the west coast warehouse. This is by far the worst service I have ever gotten.

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