9 Safest Plastic & BPA Free Bottles and Sippy Cups

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The best plastic free and bpa free baby bottles and sippy cups
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I recently shared an Instagram photo of my youngest daughter and many commenters asked about the metal bottle she was using. I realized I’d never written about the type of bottles and cups I use in our home for our children.

Why Not Plastic?

We’ve used BPA and plastic free options for our children since they were born and I am especially careful when they are really young to avoid plastic. As I explained before, many plastics contain endocrine disrupting chemicals that can be especially harmful to pregnant women and children.

The most well-known chemical in plastic is bisphenol-a or BPA, which has estrogen mimicking properties in the body, but there are various other plastic based chemicals that can be just as harmful, so plastic products that are just labeled as BPA free are not necessarily safe. In fact, BPA free products may still contain more harmful chemicals like:

  • Phthalates– linked to immune system suppression and hormone problems (especially in boys and men)
  • BPS and BPF– bisphenol-S or bisphenol-F have similar (and possibly worse) hormone mimicking and disrupting properties and are often found in BPA free products
  • Polyvinylchloride– linked to cancer and birth defects

These plastic chemicals are also found in large amounts in ground water, most water supplies and even in the ice in the antarctic, indicating that plastic pollution is much more widespread than once though and potentially much more dangerous.

Plastic & BPA Free Bottles and Sippy Cups

Our whole family avoids plastics and we all use alternatives to plastic water bottles, but I am especially vigilant about plastic-free options for our babies and toddlers since they are most at risk from plastic chemical exposure.

I’ve researched dozens of alternatives to regular plastic baby bottles and sippy cups and found nine options that I am comfortable using with my own children (ranked in order starting with my favorite). For at least the first six months, our children nurse exclusively, so my preferences lean more toward sippy cups than bottles, but I’ve included the baby bottles we have used at times when I’ve pumped and they work wonderfully as well…


My favorite brand of sippy cups and the one that my little kids most often use. This bottle is stainless steel with a steel lid and silicone straw or nipple so it is completely plastic-free. It is the only completely plastic-free option I’ve found and it holds up quite well. I’ve put ours in the dishwasher without a problem. The only downside is that older children can eventually bite through the silicone nipples or sippy lids (though these are replaceable).

Important note: There have been some recent reports of lead in the bottom seal of the insulated Pura bottles only. I still love this brand of bottles but make sure to only use the non-insulated ones that have no lead. These are the ones I use for my daughter.

Born Free Glass Bottles

When we have used baby bottles, I’ve used these Born Free Glass Bottles with silicone nipples. My babies did well with them (after six months old) and I like that they are glass and easy to clean as well.

Lifefactory Glass Bottles

Lifefactory makes glass baby bottles and bottles for older kids or adults that are easy to clean and the silicone sleeve on the outside of the glass seems to reduce the risk of breakage if they drop. They are also easy to clean and can be put in the dishwasher. We have two of these (one baby bottle and one regular bottle) and have never had trouble with either one.

EcoVessel Sippy Cup

The EcoVessel is a favorite among my older kids because it is insulated and keeps drinks hot or cold for a long time. My one caution with the brand is not to put milk or juice in it, as there is a place in the lid that it can collect and it will get an off-smell from these. I stick to water in this cup. This one is also not dishwasher safe.

Klean Kanteen

My husband and I used Klean Kanteen bottles for years, and they also make stainless steel baby bottles and reusable bottles for older kids. We have the stainless steel bottles that are dishwasher safe and our older kids use them for sports and camping.

Green Sprouts Glass

This sippy cup is glass with a silicone spout and sipper but a plastic outer coating to protect the glass. In theory it is great, but my one complaint is that the top is difficult to get on and often leaks if not put on exactly correctly.

Avent Glass Bottles

Another great glass baby bottle option. We’ve used the Avent Glass Bottles with natural nipples for babies and even breastfed babies seem to take these bottles easily. They are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Safe Sporter Bottles

These bottles are dishwasher safe, easy to clean and stainless steel. My kids love them and we have a different color for each child. My only complaint is the small amount of plastic in the lid and I still prefer the Pura bottles for this reason.

Plastic Free At Home

When we are home, we use stainless steel drinking cups instead of bottles and these small dishwasher safe steel cups are my favorite.

What do your children drink out of? Ever tried any of these options? Which would you recommend?


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50 responses to “9 Safest Plastic & BPA Free Bottles and Sippy Cups”

  1. Melissa Willig Avatar
    Melissa Willig

    Katie, is this info still up-to-date? I listened to your recent podcast on plastic and it sounded like silicone isn’t safe either? Looking to replace our glass bottles with a safe sippy cup for my one year old. Thank you!

  2. Katie Kelly Avatar
    Katie Kelly

    Hi Katie,

    Have you heard of silipint? Do you have an opinion on that silicone product? Its not 100% made in USA (actually it’s partially assembled in China which makes me nervous) but I’m thinking it could be a good alternative to plastic. Im not sure if I want to make a large investment yet. Ive purchased just two on amazon.


  3. Ashley Adamson Avatar
    Ashley Adamson

    Love, love, love this article! The timing could not be more perfect! Thanks so much.

  4. Lauren Avatar

    I recently stumbled upon several stainless bottles that contain a lead dot in the bottoms. A couple are listed in the above recommendations. Green sprout, Pura Kiki & eco vessel. I thought I would let you know as I’m horrified as a mama to find that the bottles I send my son to pre k with contain lead.


  5. Brooke Avatar

    Hi! Do you have any more up to date toddler cups for home? Stainless steel made in USA or glass with plastic protecting it? Thank u so much in advance

  6. amy Avatar

    Hi! Any thoughts on Zak! brand? Thank you in advance and thank you for this post!

  7. Ryan Jacobson Avatar
    Ryan Jacobson

    I am also looking for a newborn baby bottle just in case for dad. We got a kiinde system from a friend (opened barely used) but I was trying to go all glass as much as possible. Moms online said the avent glass wasnt as good as the plastic for colic (but who knows.. not clinical test) and I have some Dr Browns glass. I used Life Factory when my son was a toddler, but he wasnt colicky anymore, and there was no vent. It wouldnt be suggested for a newborn. Anyone have thoughts? Im looking into that mason bottle, but I had sick and colicky babies, so I want to be prepared with this last baby.

  8. Dawn Avatar

    Are all of the stainless options above lead free? & glass contains small amounts of lead as well, correct? So much work just to find something safe to give my baby! Thanks in advance.

  9. Esther Avatar

    FYI Green Sprouts Glass Sippy Cups are reported to have high lead content in the measurement markings on the glass insert.

  10. Jas Avatar

    Hello, do you know if the spill free wow cup is chemical and toxic free?

  11. Jenae Avatar

    Do any of these work with breast pumps? Thanks! Also recently saw NUK has a glass bottle with a silicone nipple.

  12. Anne Avatar

    We have the small Klean Kanteen bottle with the sippy cup lid and my son loves it, but I’m worried about the plastic. Has anyone found a non plastic lid that fits the KK?

  13. Vanessa Avatar

    Hi! I’m nervous about switching to stainless steel straw cups because of heavy metals. How can we be sure the stainless steel is not leaching out metals? Thanks!

  14. Miranda Avatar

    Hi there! I’m pregnant with my first and am so grateful for all these resources! Did you use any glass bottles for freezing breastmilk? Suggestions for glass bottles (made for silicone nipples) that can double as storage/freezing and use for feeding? Thanks!

    1. Lacey Avatar

      Hi there, I never comment but wish I would have found this idea/product before purchasing others. Check out Mason Bottle- you store your milk in glass mason jars and purchase silicone nipples that fit right on the jar! Genius! They also have a silicone sleeve to protect glass and a lid. Hope this helps!

  15. Harmony Avatar

    I have a question on the Safe Sippy 2 – it’s made by the same company as the Safe Sporter which is on your list – so I’m wondering if the safe Sippy 2 is also a safe and acceptable option?

  16. Jennifer Avatar

    This is something I really want to do this year. We had gotten rid of the plastic but then my son was breaking a glass a day it seemed. We “upgraded” to Preserve BPA plastic cups with a different color for each child to cut down on the endless piles of cups in the sink. It worked, but the more I read about BPA free plastic being just as bad, I realize that we need to ditch it again. Any suggestions for at home drinkware that is color coded but still plastic free?

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