6 Creative Pregnancy Announcements

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Creative Ways to Announce a Pregnancy
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Pregnancy is such an exciting time! From finding out that you are pregnant, through the various stages of pregnancy (some not so fun), to the birth of your child, there is so much to learn and experience.

Some couples wait until the second trimester to announce a pregnancy, while others can’t wait to share the news right away. If you are pregnant (congratulations!) and looking for a fun way to tell family and friends, here are a few suggestions:

6 Creative Pregnancy Announcements

1. Say it With Video

I always wanted to announce my pregnancies with a funny music video, but I forget the small detail that I tend to get Chandler Bing face on camera and I don’t have a great singing voice (and by not great, I mean terrible).

If you happen to have a great singing voice and the ability to smile naturally on camera, a pregnancy announcement video can be a fun way to tell the world. This is my personal favorite pregnancy announcement video:

2. Say It With Photos

Pregnancy Announcement PhotoThere are so many ways to announce with photos. From the classic ultrasound photo (though some people prefer not to have ultrasounds, especially in the first trimester without a strong medical reason), to the classic shoes photos to a picture of mom holding a jar of “Prego” pasta sauce.. there are so many ways to announce with photos.

You can even find some funny ways to announce in a photo, like Dad passed out after seeing the positive pregnancy test, or Dad holding two bags of ice and mom pointing to her tummy for an “Ice, Ice Baby” parody.

This post has 50 fun ways to announce a pregnancy in a photo (photo source).

3. Let Older Kids Announce

This is one way we have announced before and it was a really sweet way to tell family. We let our older children announce that we were expecting again. There are a lot of options for an older-sibling announcement too:

  • Give the current youngest child a “big brother” or “big sister” shirt to wear to a gathering or in a picture
  • Take a picture of your children reading a “big brother” book or a book about the new baby
  • Post an “eviction notice” on the crib of the youngest child and take a picture to send to family and friends

4. Have a Pet Announce

This is especially cute for a first child if you already have pets. I’ve seen cute announcements with pictures of a pet with a sign that says something like:

  • Guard dog duty starting (insert due date)
  • Mom and Dad are getting me a baby human

Or a dog sitting pretending to read a copy of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” (even though I don’t care for the book).

Funny Pregnancy Announcement Quiz5. Funny Pregnancy Announcement Quiz:

With our last pregnancy, we announced online with a funny quiz and had a button with an announcement video to check answers after completing the quiz. Here are the questions we had on our quiz.

  1. A non-paleo chef might have this in a literal sense while waiting on a certain dinner accompaniment to bake while I have this in a metaphorical/colloquial sense currently.
  2. A certain blogger has 4 hands but you would pass her on the street without noticing, why?
  3. Plant is to ground as _____ is to my body?
  4. Unscramble these words:    CNAPALTE        BORLA        PADEIR
  5. Solve the math problems… each answer corresponds to a letter (numbered in order), what do they spell?
    89,656 / 44828= _____
    The square root of 4= _____
    (three squared) + (four- squared) = _______
    The letters corresponding to the four answers are: ____
  6. What word can complete all of the following:
    ____ carrots,
    ____ corn,
    ____ swing,
    ____ steps,
    ____ clothes
  7. When does 2+1=7?
  8. What loves to bounce but should never be dropped?
  9. Decipher the phrase:  OV (bun) EN
  10. TLC, Britney Spears, Sir Mix a Lot, and Amy Grant all wrote songs with this person in the title. Sonny and Cher don’t want this person to go, The Foundations found this person, Marilyn Monroe sang “bye-bye” to this person, and Sheryl Crow wants this person to Run. Who is it?

6. On Your Blog

If you have a blog, this can be another great place to creatively announce a pregnancy….

Speaking of which, this would be a good time to let you know…

I’m Pregnant!

If you’re counting, that is #6. We are due in February and we couldn’t be more excited. (If you want to catch up on my previous pregnancy and birth stories, I’ve compiled them here)

And not that any of you would ever ask, but I figured I’d proactively include these answers in case the random people I meet in the grocery store happen to read my blog:

  • Yes, we do know what causes that (and yes, we rather enjoy it!)
  • Yes, we do have a TV
  • No, we are not crazy (ok, maybe a little)
  • Yes, my hands are wonderfully full
  • Yes, actually, we are Catholic
  • Yes, I’ve heard of birth control, I’m not a fan of artificial hormones, actually
  • Yes, they are all mine
  • Yes, they have the same father
  • No, it really isn’t your business if we are stopping or not (specifically addressed to random checkout clerk at the store who has asked the same question 5 times, including asking if I’m going to have any more while I’m visibly pregnant)
  • No, we are not getting “fixed” as clearly nothing is broken
  • Yes, we do get time to ourselves sometimes (obviously)

I promise WellnessMama.com won’t turn into a pregnancy blog, though I do plan to take the opportunity to write a few new posts on pregnancy/birth/fertility related topics that I’ve gotten a lot of questions about recently.

If you are pregnant as well, check out all of my pregnancy related posts, including this one about the prenatal care options I chose (and which ones I skipped) and these top ten pregnancy books that I found helpful.

Even though this will be my 6th pregnancy, I’m doing something different that I haven’t done since my first:

I’m taking a birth class.

Here’s why. As a first time mom I took All. Of. The. Birth. Classes.

Lamaze, Bradley, even Hypno-babies.

After my first birth I realized an important fact: labor pain can not be accurately described in smiley or sad faces, and my biggest struggle is relaxing and staying joyful during labor (which is what helps me the most when I’m able to do it).

I’ve successfully birthed 5 children and have “doula-d” for dozens of births, but I still get nervous about labor.

This time, my friend Genevieve, aka Mama Natural has a birth course that she filmed with a doula and midwife-in-training. It includes input from pregnant couples, experts, and a ton of medical research.

Even though I’ve done this whole birth gig more than Genevieve has, she achieved something I have not- a joyful and mostly painless birth. Her birth video from her last birth (which you can watch in the course) shows her happy in labor and declaring “that was awesome” as soon as she delivers her baby.

I also love the community aspect of her pregnancy course. With past pregnancies, I joined Facebook groups or online pregnancy forums and found ways to network with other pregnant women, but always became frustrated because most of the expectant mothers were not on the same page in regards to birth plans, pregnancy, labor, and birthing preferences.

The Mama Natural Birth Course has a wonderful group of moms striving for a joyful natural birth and a ton of great info about pregnancy and birth (including a bonus workout video that I’m loving right now).

If you’re pregnant like me, or if you hope to be in the near future, I’d love if you’d join me in this online birth course.

If not, I hope you’ll follow along with my pregnancy through my blog (and possibly my labor too if my husband is successful in getting me to Periscope parts of it!).

Do you have any specific pregnancy or birth related questions you’d like me to write about in the coming months? Let me know in the comments below!

If you have kids, how did you tell family/friends that you were expecting? Share below!


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150 responses to “6 Creative Pregnancy Announcements”

  1. Saira Avatar

    When we announced our third I got my first “I’m so sorry” comment which completely threw me for a loop! When we announced our fourth people started asking if we were “trying for a girl” since we already had three boys. When we announced our fifth people started asking again if we were “trying for a girl” because we had four boys. We were not “trying for a girl”. f After we found out #5 was going to be a girl, people started saying “Well I guess you’re done then now that you finally got your girl” and asking when we were going to “get fixed”. So for #6 we didn’t tell anyone about the pregnancy until after the gender ultrasound at 20 weeks. And according to everybody, since we were now going to have two girls we would definitely definitely be done. So for #7 we’re actually debating not telling anyone at all and just wait until people start counting heads and say “Wait a minute, didn’t you just have six?”
    * Important notation – the one exception in all of this has been my mother who is always excited to have another grandbaby!

  2. Jess Avatar

    can you tell me where to find your video where you answered your pregnancy quiz? I love that but I need the answers to be able to use it.

  3. Jill Avatar

    I want to thank you for sharing each and every one of your experiences. And helping us natural mamas find excellent resources to make our homes, our children and ourselves healthier. I love to hear stories of large families, my husband and I also wanted many children. God has chosen to give us three so far, and has called home four to Himself. We lost one this past January at 12 weeks, and I am preparing to try again. I am truly blessed by your blog, and love creating a happier, healthier home. I am also eagerly reading all your pregnancy posts in preparation (God-willing) for one more baby! Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Laurel Avatar

    I’m wondering about your experience in that birth class. I am pregnant with my 6th, I previously took Bradley classes and have had natural births. My last one was actually unassisted on the side of the freeway b/c baby was in a hurry. I have a good friend who is a hypnobabies instructor and it really works for her, but I have looked into it and it just doesn’t sound like it fits with the way I like to birth.

    Anyway, I love the way I feel totally connected and empowered during birth, its the most amazing experience. But, I am always intrigued when I hear about pain-free or almost pain-free natural childbirth. I have been through different kinds of labor, both long and short, I think I have a high pain tolerance and am pretty good through most of the experience, but transition kills me every time! Of course I get through it and its totally worth it, but it is the most painful thing I can imagine. I am baffled by people who have a different experience.

    I guess I’m wondering, as someone whose also been through it before more than one time, and someone who is informed about natural labor and birth, does this class really make a difference for you? What is the difference?

  5. Jaya Avatar

    I can’t wait to hear the great news about your new little one this month! I wanted to ask you if you or your midwives ever have heard of the Shettles method? Any truth to it? Healthy babies are all I ever pray for, just thought it was an interesting theory after reading Toni Weschler’s book about fertility. Thank you so much for any input! I LOVE your website and cannot thank you enough for all you have done to help our children be healthier! God Bless!

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar

      I’ve heard of it, but haven’t ever tried it personally… would love to hear you experience if you do, or maybe other readers can weigh in if they’ve tried it…

  6. Lindsey Avatar

    I really love this blog. I was hoping to see more suggestions for announcing pregnancy in the comments, but mostly all I saw were banding together about having a lot of kids. After so many of those posts I am compelled to respond to all the questions wondering why people seem to be concerned about you having so many. One reason is the planet is severely over-using it’s resources! Soon it will become a crisis with not enough to go around. Do you want your children to be part of that? The problem is here and other rich countries. One child here uses the resources of 8 African children. So, of course you should love your children. And I totally understand about avoiding hormonal birth control. But, cherish the ones you have and maybe give thought to all the children of the planet before deciding to have so many more?

    1. Beth Avatar

      I have struggled with this myself as we have 6 children and I have read a lot about overpopulation. Lots of countries are underpopulating as well. We do our best to minimize our damage to the environment and some people with only one or two children use vastly more resources than our family. Our kids shower once a week, we grow a lot of our own food, we have a small house where all 3 of our boys share a room and all 3 girls share a room. We hardly ever drive as it just isn’t worth the trouble and the kids don’t need to be entertained like so many parents of one or two who are constantly running their children to events and practices to entertain and socialize them. We don’t even use the school building or resources, we homeschool. Our children wear clothing until they have fallen apart and share toys which we don’t have a ton of since they share rooms and share toys. We make all meals from scratch and all our gardening is organic. They reuse and reuse and reuse things as we pass them from child to child. We co-sleep and babywear and breastfeed so we don’t own bottles or cribs, or exersaucers. We are teaching 6 individuals to be environmentally conscious who will hopefully pass that to their children. We have less trash per week than many people I know who have 2 people in their family. You really can’t judge how many resources a family uses or how much trash they accumulate or how much damage they do to the environment unless you have all the facts.

  7. Beth Avatar

    Oh and I forgot the announcement part. My husband usually makes a yearly video around Christmas with cute videos, pictures and stuff from the past year so for one of our kids, at the end of the video he added, “coming soon to the big screen, baby due Feb 2008” following “credits” of the movie. For years after that my family always watched the video very closely expecting more pregnancies to be announced that way. The rest were pretty quiet announcements, especially after our miscarriage and when his family rolled their eyes to announcements.

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