Is WiFi Safe? Simple Steps to Reduce The Negative Effects

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Technology has allowed us to go wireless and avoid the hassle of cables. We can now remotely turn the TVs on, start a coffee machine, and monitor babies using wireless technology. At the same time, we are exposed to unprecedented levels of electromagnetic radiation from wireless signals 24/7.

Have you wondered “Is WiFi Safe?” at these levels?

Is WiFi Safe?

Hang on tight… this may get controversial. There seem to be two rather extreme opinions when it comes to WiFi. One side says that it is completely safe and likes the idea of “smart” houses with everything run off Wifi. The other side is ready to build a Faraday Cage around themselves at all time.

The truth is likely somewhere in the middle.

Understand the Effects of WiFi

WiFi does not immediately cause diagnosable illness. For this reason, many of us choose to ignore that it can have any affect at all. However, it can interfere with our bodily functions which may eventually progresses into diseases like cancer and neurodegenerative diseases after long term exposure.

Because these are complex diseases that develop over decades, it is difficult to conclusively show that the increase in wireless signal exposures directly cause the diseases. International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) considers wireless radiation as a class 2B possible carcinogen due to limited evidence. These small number of studies are leaning towards showing that electromagnetic radiations, including WiFi, are not safe.

In the Lancet article outlining their considerations, that IARC states that epidemiological studies that follow humans who use WiFi and cell phones for a few years are not conclusive. However, rodent studies that follow the animals throughout their lifetime find that wireless radiation does cause cancer or worsen cancer prognosis. The same animal studies also observed other changes in the brain and blood brain barrier in animals that are exposed to the radiation.

The limited evidences in humans may be why regulators are claiming that this type of radiation is safe. However, some anecdotal evidences, such as how Canadian families in Ontario are noticing headaches and brain fogs in their children, suggest that WiFi may not be healthy, so it is probably better to err on the side of caution.

It is even more important to protect children and developing fetuses from radiation as their small and growing bodies are more vulnerable to radiation than adults. Many products on the market aim to help protect babies in utero from WiFi radiation (like this belly armor blanket and even this belly-shielding band for pregnant moms).

How to Reduce WiFi Exposure

is-wifi-safe-simple-steps-to-reduce-the-negative-effectsFirst, it is important to reduce use as much as possible, especially until we know more about the long-term effects of WiFi. The pro-WiFi crowd may scoff at the idea that anything could be potentially harmful about it, but we once thought smoking was perfectly fine too!

While it may not be possible to get the entire family on board, there are many options to reduce exposure while keeping everyone happy, including:

Turn off WiFi Before Going to Bed (Good)

Everyone should be sleeping at bed time, and WiFi signal may interferes with the brain during sleep, so it is a good idea to turn it off before going to bed. This allows the body to rest more deeply. By turning it off at night, you are effectively cutting down exposure by 33%. (Aside from the WiFi reduction, many security experts also recommend turning off your internet when not using it).

In addition, because many people browse the internet mindlessly at night, some may also find that having a WiFi curfew improves their marriage because they become more present with their spouse.

Many router models will have features that make it possible to automatically shut off WiFi connection and turn it back on at the same time every day, which will be useful for this purpose. You can also use an inexpensive timer to do this for you.

Turn On WiFi Router Only When in Use (Better)

If you and your family members are up for giving up WiFi for the most part, but still insist on connecting some devices from time to time, then having an option to switch on the router when in use is a better option as this reduces WiFi exposure only to a few hours a day.

Give Up Wireless and Hardwire All Your Connections (Best)

Giving up WiFi altogether is the healthiest option. It may sound daunting but it is possible and may mitigate several health issues down the line. In addition, you will enjoy more consistent and faster internet when directly hardwired in. It is certainly more work and not doable for everyone, but something we are (slowly) attempting.

You’ll need to pick up some affordable tools, including:

  • Ethernet hub if the one you have doesn’t have enough ports for every device and everyone to use. They can be plugged into an existing hub that you already have in order to expand the number of ports.
  • Long ethernet cables to allow everyone to connect from anywhere in your home.
  • Ethernet adaptors makes it possible to connect devices that don’t have ethernet ports, including tablets, smart phones, and some computers.

It is also a good idea to use wired peripherals like keyboards, mice, and headphones instead of wireless ones to reduce exposures to electromagnetic radiation.

If that all seems complicated to set up, I’d recommend asking someone to help. My tech-savvy brother was the lucky recipient of my questions.

Hold Up on Adding Gadgets or Upgrading to Smart Homes, Offices, and Cars

With new wireless technology, wireless-enabled devices with bells and whistles are on sale every single day. Smart home thermostats, bluetooth-controlled cookers, wireless baby monitoring system, and smart beds might make life easier, but they may not be as safe as we think.

Such technologies are still very new. These devices use many forms of wireless technologies, for which we don’t fully understand the long term health consequences. For these, less is more.

Turn Devices on Airplane Mode

Cell phones and tablets emit electromagnetic frequency when the receivers are turned on. Because we typically use these devices very close to our bodies for extended periods of time, exposure levels can be very high. Therefore, important to keep them on airplane mode, especially when they are around children.

Remember to also teach children and caregivers to turn these devices on airplane mode to reduce WiFi and electromagnetic exposures.

How to Mitigate the Harmful Effects of WiFi Exposure

It may be difficult to completely eliminate exposure, especially if you live or work in an urban area. In addition to taking the steps above to reduce WiFi exposures, there are many ways to mitigate the harmful effects of WiFi signals, including:

Use a Dirty Electricity Filter to Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation

Dirty electricity occurs when electronic devices need to manipulate the electric currents into the format and voltage that the devices need. This can create electrical surges throughout the wiring system.

Electronic devices, including WiFi Routers, phone chargers, and computers all produce dirty electricity, which can be a significant source of harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) in the building.

In order to mitigate this effect, consider installing dirty electricity filters on outlets throughout the home and work environment.


Wireless devices emit unhealthy positive ions and also interfere with the waves in our own bodies, such as our brain waves and the electrical system that runs our cells. By earthing, the positive ions in our bodies can be equalized with negative ions from earth, which can mitigate the harmful effects of EMFs.

In addition, earthing allows our bodies to synch with the Schumann resonance (7.83 Hz), which is earth’s own electromagnetic frequency that we are naturally built to be exposed to. A Japanese study in 2005 showed that the Schumann resonance can reduce blood pressure and produce some positive health outcomes. By synching with earth’s natural frequency, we reduce the risks of WiFi waves interfering with our bodily functions.

You can earth simply by standing barefoot on the ground for 20 minutes daily. Alternatively, you can also use a grounding shoes with an earthing metal piece, or bed sheets that connects to the grounding port of your home electrical outlets.

Adding Negative Ions

Exposure to WiFi can result in a buildup of positive ions in your body, which can promote inflammation. Therefore, if you are regularly exposed to WiFi and EMFs, it is even more important to regularly expose yourself to negative ions to to neutralize the positive ions.

You can find naturally occurring negative ions near moving water, such as at the beach or moving streams of water.

In addition, you can use a Himalayan salt lamp or negative ion generator in your home to increase your exposure to healthful negative ions and mitigate the negative effects from WiFi exposure.

This article was medically reviewed by Dr. Scott Soerries, MD, Family Physician and Medical Director of SteadyMD. As always, this is not personal medical advice and we recommend that you talk with your doctor.

Are you concerned about WiFi exposure and new wireless technologies? Weigh below!

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  1. Nicolette Avatar

    Dear Katie, I have been a huge fan of your blog for the longest time, I refer to it whenever anyone gets sick or whenever I am curious. Recently, I was very excited to read your lastest inserts, only when I went to Wellnesmama’s page, I was bombarded by a mirage of adverts. So many adverts in fact that it was impossible to read a blog post without having to pause at least 5 times because of advert interruptions. Even worse, most of these adverts on your blog are for fast food!! What is going on? Hoping this is an odd glitch. Thanks and always looking forward to more posts.

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar

      Thanks for the feedback Nicolette. I’ve never run ads before but am experimenting with it as a way to hopefully be able to work a little less. We are still working on adjusting them and testing them out. There definitely won’t be that many going forward and I’m really sorry for the inconvenience during the growing process. Thanks for letting me know that you are seeing this many so we can address it.

  2. Amanda Avatar

    Thank you very much for this article! I used to worry more about EMFs but got distracted by other things in life. Reading this article has reminded me why I was concerned. I have also learned some new things. Thank you for your articles and research. I look forward to reading them every time.

  3. Olga Avatar

    I’m curious if this applies to Wifi exposure from neighbors? We don’t have wifi at home but we do see that our neighbors signal reaches our house. Any one have any advice on this?

  4. Jenn Avatar

    Thank you for raising awareness of this critical public health issue. Your post was helpful in that it provided simple solutions to drastically reduce Wi-Fi exposure. Please note that that iPads and iPhones can be connected via the Ethernet. Video (

    We need to continue to educate our schools, friends, family on this important issue for all our children.
    Teach our children and be an example of how to use wireless devices responsibly and safely ( Airplane mode On, Wifi/Cell bluetooth antennas OFF, wired via an Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi routers OFF.)

    For more information, the Environmental Health Trust is a great resource.

    Thank you again for the post!

  5. Florence Gans Avatar
    Florence Gans

    THANK YOU for the awesome article! I am thrilled you are educating your readership on this important issue. I have been using Earthing and Grounding products for about 5 years. I sleep better when I sleep with a grounding sheet. When I use my PC, I use a grounding wrist band to help with the EMF.

    The Earthing/Grounding decreases inflammation in your body, which can alleviate symptoms. When I first found out about Grounding I bought a half dozen grounding mats and lent them to my clients with pain. The mats significantly reduced their pain levels. The Earthing Institute has interesting studies and anecdotal information concerning symptoms which can be reduced with earthing/grounding.

    Two companies that I know of (and I know there are more out there) that can help you figure out what to do for your EMF situation are and Tragically, Flutter Busters lost a child to EMF. Andrew McAfee of Raleigh ES had health issues he was able to resolve after he figured out how to protect himself and his home. Both now use their wisdom to help other families.

    I personally only use wires for connecting my PC and devices. I will not buy any device that does not have the ability to disable the Wi-Fi. I have a flip cell phone with is OFF 99% of the time.

    Sincerely, Florence Gans

  6. Tara Whitmore Avatar
    Tara Whitmore

    Wondering about Bluetooth devices such as Fitbit, Jawbone and Apple Watch, etc. The feedback is helpful, but is it worth the exposure?

  7. Chris Condon Avatar
    Chris Condon

    The best solution if at all possible is to get rid of both cellphones and wifi, As far as I’m concerned, the whole wireless revolution is a mistake.

  8. Tierney Avatar

    I’ve really become interested in EMFs in the past few months! We recently vacationed in Cancun and I was probably the only person who cared that the cell phone “towers” were placed directly on the rooftop of our hotel and those of surrounding hotels. I had to keep telling myself it was just for a short period of time that we’d be there with all that exposure! Thanks for the tips and I’m looking forward to more advice in this area!

  9. Elle Avatar

    My children’s Steiner (Waldorf) school was one of the first schools in Australia to recently get rid of their wireless internet. The Ethics Teacher put together a study on the dangerous effects in particular to children and all staff decided wireless was not worth the risk. At home we have a timer on our internet and put our phones on aeroplane mode. Although we live in the suburbs and I imagine the internet like a big spider web and feel it’s really hard to avoid with such close neighbours! I wish others would take steps to reduce exposure too and my biggest concern is mothers feeding babies while using phones/computers. Will find our schools research article and post the link….,

  10. Joel Bruce Wallach Avatar
    Joel Bruce Wallach

    It’s vital to choose the best option, to remove wifi from the home. You may need to call up the internet service provider and have them switch the wife entirely off, otherwise it may still be pumping out toxic energies.

    Longer ethernet cables winding around the house may seem bothersome, but feeling anxious and sick is an even worse bother. When you become used to the smoother peaceful feeling of a non-wifi house, you’ll really notice when you’re in a toxic environment by comparison.

    For those who still repeat the old belief that wifi is supposedly safe because it is non-ionizing radiation, this has been disproved, because non-ionizing radiation does in fact harm the mitochondria in the cells. The people claiming that they are getting headaches, heart pains, and feeling anxiety around wifi are actually feeling these effects.

  11. Vicky Avatar

    Natural beeswax candles, but NOT parafin ones, produce negative ions as well.

  12. Lesley Avatar

    More kids have headaches and brain fog because more kids have their own mobile phones, tablets, tv’s in their rooms and laptops or iPads. More kids are spending their time texting, on social media, playing games, taking selfies and NOT SLEEPING! They don’t spend enough time outside playing for real, not sitting outside and texting or liking someone’s FB picture. But actually playing. Running. Walking. Climbing. Swinging. You name it. THIS is why more kids have headaches and brain fog. Wake up parents. Stop giving devices to your children because all the other kids have them or because you want to look like a hero. And if you feel you must give them those devices, those devices come with rules such as a time limit (20 mins for my 8 year old and it will increase as she gets older if we feel it’s necessary), read a book, play outside, colour, do a puzzle, BEFORE electronic time, etc.

    1. Kate Avatar

      I was allowed however much computer time I wanted as a kid and now I’m studying to become a computer engineer. If I weren’t allowed to do what I was passionate about as a kid, I wouldn’t be as smart with computers as I am today. Would you give such an extreme time limit on playing basket ball or coloring if that is what your kid wanted to do? Promote technological interests in children, embrace it, especially in little girls.

      1. Thomas Avatar

        I agree wholeheartedly with you Kate, but she raises a point about sleep. Kids need so much more sleep than adults so maybe taking their phones away at night and giving them back in the morning is a decent idea. But Lesley, your post is so inflammatory and not biased on any sort of evidence or study that I really have to condemn everything else that you have said.

  13. Alexander Kershaw Avatar
    Alexander Kershaw

    All living things are bioelectric. Things work by transferring electrons. WiFi radiation is non-ionizing but it works at a high frequency pulse or on and off. The antennae that pick up those signals in all devices are called fractal otherwise devices would all have big antennae. A fractal antenna is a coiled coil. DNA is also a coiled coil ionic transfer system. Living creates cellular damage that is constantly being repaired. The on and off of WiFi cause vibrations in DNA that interfere, in all likelihood, with the natural repair mechanisms of life. So the damage is created by metabolism and WiFi puts a roadblock on the repair crew. None of what I wrote is absolute science probably because the research has not been funded. Surprise.

    1. Thomas Avatar

      You have evidently done a lot of research into this topic, (as have I) but you have come to a completely different conclusion to myself. I concluded that WiFi poses no danger to any part of body whilst you think it does. The only criticism I have of your comment is the bit where you linked from a fractal antenna being coiled to DNA being coiled. WiFi antenna can be any shape, the fact that some are coiled and that DNA is coiled does have a strong link as it would seem.

  14. Fiona Avatar

    I thank you so much for this info too. Yes, we all thought smoking was OK too and it wasn’t that long ago. Of course there will always be those of the flat earth society who will call it nonsense but another ten years or so will prove there is a connection between cancer/ poor health and wireless devices.

    We are doing our best to reduce positive ions but it is very difficult…my husband works from home on a computer all day and the rest of the world hasn’t caught on to the dangers yet so we are all exposed every day.

    Keep up the good work, though… twenty years they will be quoting you and saying “see, even back then, people knew about the dangers”.

    1. Deanna Avatar

      You can buy an earthing mat that sits under his keyboard and plugs into a grounding outlet. Very nice looking black mat. I have them in our home office and my husband’s office.

      1. Fiona Avatar

        I actually bought him one last Christmas, Deanna but he won’t use it. Hate to say this and it is , of course a generalisation but women seem to be more open to new healthful thinking than men.

        Once again…. I’m not saying all men but a lower percentage it seems.

  15. Hannah Avatar

    Thank you so much for all of the great info! I have just recently heard of people turning off their WiFi at night, and such. I think it’s definitely something we should at least be aware of, and know the risks of.

  16. Sue K Avatar

    The use of wifi has been an ongoing concern for us especially with our children wanting to use screens more and more as they get older. I have control of the situation at home somewhat, and we are saving for hardwiring the home. However, the use of devices for education is now in classrooms. I feel completely out of control on this matter as opting out of this learning environment could also result in my child being behind in technological advances that will inevitably be part of their future.

    1. Albert Avatar

      We can have 21st century learning, but we can do it safely, and we can do it WIRED. Wireless will damage their future more than any benefits it has to offer. You need to make sure your children are not using any wireless devices.

      1. Jenny Avatar

        I think Sue K was asking how, though. You just reiterated what she said.

        Sue K said she feels out of control on the school matter, you told her she needs to make sure her children don’t use wireless devices.

        But we’d like to know how. My sister has major problems with the school giving her four-year-old sugar snacks when the school specifically said they only provide healthy snacks. The definition of “healthy” seems to be…ridiculous to some people. Carrots are healthy. Apples are healthy. (Don’t get me started on unwashed, conventional.) Rice Krispy treats? Seriously? Who could state that’s healthy?

        My sister specifically told them, in writing, not to give her kid any juice. Only water. The second day of school, they gave her apple juice. It’s like no one cares. My sister cares, is specific and crystal clear and is careful not to ostracize her child from the other kids – but she has no control at the schools.

        How on earth do we protect our children when they’re not at home but still so young they need protection?

      2. Sue K Avatar

        Thanks for your reply Albert. As Jenny said, I am extremely aware about not using wireless devices which is easy when they are home, but my question is about what we can do when our children are at school. All classrooms have wifi. Well, wifi is everywhere really, isn’t it? Shopping centres, public places, trains etc. But getting back to the point, aside from home, children spend most time in a classroom environment (homeschooling isn’t an option for most) therefore constantly exposed to the wifi. I have read that our brains are more susceptible to wifi interference when we are sleeping so that’s something I guess.

        Jenny, I believe the awareness around eating whole foods is becoming more prevalent, thankfully. And it is so true that not everyone shares the same definition of healthy. We all have our own standards. My child has allergies so in a school environment, they are very cautious. Sometimes, it’s also the trickery by snack companies in stretching the truth in their food labelling to get away with calling an obviously unhealthy food healthy and “ideal for lunch boxes”. We just have to take comfort in the fact we do our best when our children are home with us, and then also teach them to make good choices and decisions themselves for when they aren’t home.

  17. Heidi Avatar

    I have been really concerned about this for a while already and do my best to reduce exposure in our home, especially since we have a 3 month old baby. Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t share my worry about EMF exposure. He doesn’t think it’s real. Do smart TVs and game systems like PlayStation emit harmful radiation also since they use wifi? Do they emit even when turned off?

    1. Thomas Avatar

      I will agree with your husband here, I don’t believe that EMF exposure is a problem. However, since you are concerned, I will answer your questions. Smart TVs tend to be wired in my experience, however, WiFi enabled smart TVs exist. These TVs will only use WiFi or internet if the screen is on. With PlayStation and such like they may use wifi in standby mode (if there is a light on the front but the screen is turned off) I do not know for certain. With phones and tablets, it’s safe to say that they will use WiFi in standby mode, but they won’t if aeroplane mode is enabled. (If you want to cut down on EMF exposure, try putting your devices in aeroplane mode, but only if you don’t need the internet, they will not emit anything and it will also increase battery life).
      As I said before, I am with your husband here, I have done loads and loads of research into this topic and I don’t think that any exposure to EM waves is a problem at all, but I am always happy to answer questions regardless of differences in opinion. (Personly, I think this is something that a lot of people don’t do, they only answer the question if the answer agrees with their opinion which is sad and means that they don’t experience other people’s way of life/beliefs.)

  18. Sandra Avatar

    I’m moderately concerned. I live in an extremely rural area and all i-net and satt connections are few and far between but if I lived in an urban area, my precautions would increase. I believe in grounding and, weather permitting, walk around in bare feet as much as possible. Or rather, sit in a chair, in the yard, with my feet on the ground while I read. My i-net connection is on first floor and bedrooms on second floor so a distance separates the them; they aren’t disconnected at night. I don’t have satt television but do have XM Radio.
    Several times a year, I go to the beach and spend time on the beach, on the balcony soaking up goodness. Further,… I believe all the interference caused by i-net, satt connections, etc. are killing bees and am especially worried about honey bees. As the bees go, so go our food source…if not totally then made so expensive, we’ll not be able to afford things we now take for granted.
    This is a great article and appreciate the effort and information. Thank you.

  19. Thomas Avatar

    Yo, most of this is complete rubbish, just sayin’ even with only GCSE level understanding, I can tell you that the EM waves emitted from WiFi routers are completely non-ionsing. (meaning it does not have to energy to ionise DNA thus meaning it cannot cause cancer) there are also many other problems with facts and logic in this article.

    1. Natcha Avatar

      The studies that are cited in the article specifically studied the harm of non-ionizing EMF radiation. These includes one by the IARC in Lancet and the recent one released by NTP involve studies of non-ionizing radiation Simply because there’s no ionizing radiation does not mean it doesn’t cause cancer, and also doesn’t mean we need to be guinea pigs until there are more definite proof.

      1. Thomas Avatar

        The Lancet study focuses on the exposure that people experience and not actually what happens as a result of this exposure. So yeah.
        (Credit to Veritasium)
        Video explains the inaccuracies with measuring this kind of thing. At about 5 mins into the video, it explains why the method used to measure this stuff is kinda not very good. The methodology in mentioned is exactly the same as the method used in the Lancet source so I’m inclined not to trust it. The video is based on this article: if you wish to read something instead of watch a video.

        With regards to the Biorxiv article, it is a legitimate study with legitimate results, although it is specified throughout the study that the correlation between the exposure to RFR radiation is “possible” or “likely” not certain. Also, why were only the male rats affected and not the females? Surely if it were a legitimate problem then both sexes would have been affected?

    2. Elizabeth Avatar

      Yo Bro,
      You sound like my kid brother. I have a close friend who is extremely sensitive to it. She can feel it whenever she gets around WiFi. I know it causes brain fog. When the Curie’s discovered Radium, people were selling radium water. Was that safe to drink? Everyone dies at some point. Committing suicide is ultimately just shortening your life. So why would you want to do something that has the cumulative effect of shortening your life?

      1. Thomas Avatar

        I’m sound like a kid because technically I am. Whilst I do not want to imply anything about your friend in this next statement, but these effects can most probably be attributed to the Nocebo effect. (Credit to CGPGrey)
        And in case you want some less anecdotal evidence:

        With regards to your point about radium water. You didn’t really say much other than it happened, (This would cause some people to completely discredit all of your argument and everything, which is stupid.) However, since you didn’t elaborate, I am going to presume that you meant it in a “We thought it was good but it turned out to be bad” kinda way (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) Yes, we didn’t know that radiation was bad for us at that point and even went so far as to believe that it was, in fact, good for us, but in the advent of new knowledge, we now know that it is bad for us. The period in which radium was used as a treatment was from about 1895 to 1935, This means that it took 40 years to discover the dangers of ionising radiation. The first wireless transmission was made by Marconi back in 1901, 110 years ago! This means that we have had plenty of time and opportunity to spot any negative effects. The fact that we haven’t seen them suggests to me that we are in the clear.

    3. Terry Schon Avatar
      Terry Schon

      Yes, I quite agree. The evidence is that since radio waves have been transmitted around the world over a hundred years ago now, and. With the inclusion of cell phone radiation and Wi-Fi; cancer has in humans subject to this radiation has increased at an alarming rate. No one from the medical or scientific communities seem to have an explanation for this…

      1. Raymond Avatar

        The world population as a whole is living longer and there’s increasing pollution and obesity, which are risk factors for cancer. A hundred years ago there was no concept of cancer because you would be dead from sepsis or pneumonia before you got it.

  20. Corinne Gentile Avatar
    Corinne Gentile

    Thanks for the great info! Will definitely be looking into these options for home and office

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