How I Take Fulvic & Humic Minerals

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Fulvic and Humic Minerals or Acids plus Soil Based Probiotics for digestive and immune support
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I’ve written about the many benefits of humic minerals and fulvic acids and how they can dramatically impact health and I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to practically incorporate these substances.

To recap, these substances can improve digestion, cell function, energy levels and even brain function. When combined with soil based probiotics, there is some compelling research that they can help improve gut health and autoimmune disease.

Fulvic/Humic Mineral Sources

There are a couple good sources that I’ve found and have personally tried: Probiotics and Black Mineral Powder (use the code “wellnessmama” for 50% off). You may have noticed that I used the Black mineral powder in my homemade mascara because it provided the best results I’ve found, but it is also incredible as a health supplement!

Both of these options have a wide variety of soil based probiotics alone with fulvic and humic minerals. I’ve noticed great results from both, and I’d caution to start slowly with either one, as I noticed a mild detox effect when I introduced each one into my diet.

Since they help the assimilation of food, I’ve experimented with taking them before meals and in the morning, but also noticed a benefit from taking them at night and letting them “rest” in my digestive system while I slept. Optimal timing will probably vary by person so experiment and see what you respond best to.

Water Quality

There is some emerging evidence that water quality is drastically important when taking these types of minerals and probiotics since they don’t react well with chlorine and *might* create a harmful substance when combined with chlorinated water.

The evidence is still shaky at best, but I use filtered water with the chlorine removed just in case. We currently use a Berkey filter to remove chlorine from drinking water, but are in the process of switching to a whole-house filter (that we’ve saved for years to get) since it will remove all chlorine in water entering into our home.

What I Take

Currently, I am in the final stages of working to resolve leaky gut and get my autoimmune disease into remission. Under the care of my doctor, I hope to soon wean off my thyroid medication, and blood tests are showing that this may soon be possible.

To make sure I’m supporting my body during this time, I’m using both forms of fulvic/humic minerals and soil based probiotics. If I had to choose one, the Black mineral powder is less expensive per month (at the doses I’m taking) and easier to give to my children. Right now, my husband and I take:

  • 1 scoop of black mineral powder in the morning before breakfast for the energy and nutrient assimilation (remember to use the code “wellnessmama” for 50% off if you order it)
  • 2 Probiotics at night before bed to assist in beneficial gut bacteria formation while I sleep

I started slowly and worked up to these doses. I started with half a scoop of the powder and half a capsule of the probiotics. Both are very potent and even with those I noticed some brain fog and headache the first couple of days (a common symptom of a detox effect).

My children take these minerals and probiotics too. I started them with 1/4 scoop of mineral powder and 1/4 capsule and worked them up to 1/2 scoop of mineral powder a day and 1 probiotic capsule.

Have you ever taken fulvic or humic minerals? How did you respond to them?

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64 responses to “How I Take Fulvic & Humic Minerals”

  1. Jacquie Avatar

    Very interested in black powder but can’t get it here in Canada. In your research is there another brand you would recommend?

  2. Robin Gorn Avatar
    Robin Gorn

    I love this information Katie. It seems like this kind of supplement could really help me. I was looking at the price of Black mineral powder @ 69.$ for 10 grams. Restore is around the same price at about 8 fl ounces which is 237 grams. Is there something I missed in the amounts or anything else around these products?

    1. Katie Wells Avatar

      On occasion, yes. I don’t take any supplements all the time though, as I like to give my body a break and don’t want it to become accustomed to the same ones when taken daily…

  3. Jaclyn Avatar

    Hi Katie! Thank you for all of this information! Do you know if fulvic acud is safe while breastfeeding? Thank you!

  4. Dana Avatar

    Do you know anything about the quality of Black Oxygen Organic fulvic acid powder? And what are your thoughts on using fulvic acid powder in a child who has severe adhd? I have tried GAPS and everything else I can think of to eliminate his symptoms but he just cannot function without methylphenidate. Also, have you ever combine DE and black mp?

  5. Randolph G. Avatar
    Randolph G.

    Hi Katie,
    Great article.But,I have an opinion,not a criticism.From my own research,humic acid has no beneficial effect on human health.And I have not seen any data supporting humic acid as a stand alone ingredient for health benefits.If they exist,someone please send them to me.What I have seen is studies of the benfits of humic acid in Combination with fulvic acid.My conclusion is the benefits come from fulvic acid,not humic acid.I believe companies selling humic acid with fulvic acid are doing so maybe because of the difficulty of separating the two.Its cheaper to sell them as one.How many firms do you know that sell only fulvic acid?They all sell “black powder”.Please give me your opinion.Thanks.

  6. Dan Keskey Avatar
    Dan Keskey

    I am using the fulvic and humic minerals in powdered capsules with the filtered molecular hydrogen from the 3CHO Water machine..Kapow!

  7. Sam Elayan Avatar
    Sam Elayan

    Very disappointed in your recommendation for the black living water brand you recommended. I purchased it solely because you recommended it, and it’s a major disappointment, both in the brand as well as you for promoting it, leading me to believe that unfortunately you don’t always have your readers’ best interest in mind. Sadly, will not be taking your recommendations anymore.

    1. Tj Avatar

      Do you take BlackMP Living Powder AND Shilajit (Pürblack Live Resin True Gold & Silver Shilajit)? Is that correct? At the same time? Aren’t they very similar ingredients? I’m trying to decide which way to go and your input would be awesome! 🙂

  8. Carly Avatar

    I’ve been taking prescript assist for about a year now but I’ve never given it to my son (he’s 3 years old). Just curious how you give it to your little ones who are too young to swallow pills. I’ve noticed that it makes me burp and leaves a nasty taste. I don’t think I could get him to just eat one and I was wondering if I put it in food or drink if it would make it taste bad.

  9. Gerri Avatar

    Thrilled to have found your site! I’ve read cautions about taking fulvic acid with autoimmune disease since it increases immune response. I also have Hashimoto’s (& T1 diabetes). Your thoughts on this topic would be appreciated. Thanks!

  10. Mini Avatar

    Hi Katie and everyone. So ive started reading about Fulvic Acid fairly recently and i cam across (a couple of times) the possibility that humic acid might do more harm than good if mixed qith water that contains chloride (as it produces methane)*.
    Now after reading this I started researching on water contents both for tap and bottled water…Long story short every single brand of bottled water including the so called best contain chlorine/chloride and of course tap water.
    Have you come across anything like that at all whilst researching on Fulvic Acid?


    *”Most Fulvic Acid supplements are derived from fossil fuels and decomposed matter continually depleting our already fragile ecosystem. This form of supplementation tends to contain small amounts of Fulvic Acid and mostly contain humic acid, which is hugely inferior. Additionally, Humic Acid, when combined with chlorine in our water, may emit methane, which is the major component of natural gas.*

  11. Matt Avatar

    I just started taking Healthforce Earthbiotics. It is just like the Black Mineral Powder, although Healthforce does some uniquely awesome things to their product: they certify it Tru-ganic, which is a standard beyond organic for them to rule out any radiation, they add energetic properties to the product through magnetic and vibrational techniques, and use amber glass bottles to ensure no oxygenation or degradation occurs.

    Earthbiotics has 8 strains of SBO’s, a blend of humic and fulvic acids, minerals, and micronutrients. During the first couple of days taking this, I’m feeling a level of energy, clarity, and well-being I haven’t felt in years! I’ve done my due diligence on how to carefully take humic and fulvic acids so as to lessen any detoxification effects. Unfortunately, I still got some because I got wayyyyy to ambitious with my dosage! I took like 4 capsules on day 3 hahaha. I was feeling so good, until the detox happened. It was like a Herxheimer reaction of epic proportions; inflammation in my chest, dizziness, nervousness, shakiness, etc. I took some zeolite to bind to the free-floating toxins and felt a lot better. I’m going to move back down to one capsule a day.

    Here’s where caution comes into play. With fulvic acid in particular, it increases cellular permeability. Apparently, when it electrically traps a heavy metal and then encounters another metal (either higher or lower in positive or electric charge, I can’t remember) it will drop the one it has trapped and swap it out for the new metal, thus freeing it into the blood stream or bodily tissue. This, I suspect, is what causes most of my reaction. My diet is quite dialed in at the moment, but I could have also been experiencing some bacterial die off and endotoxin build-up as well. Since it is the first time of me using such a potent remedy, I’m sure I did cause some bad bacterial genocide 🙂

    Also, I’ve found that shilajit is more or less the same thing as what Earthbiotics, Black Mineral Powder, and other humic/fulvic/trace mineral/micronutrient supplements. Shilajit is specifically sourced from mountains, where it oozes out between cracks during the summer. I guess the shilajit sourced overseas is prized and varies slightly based upon where it is harvested. Some do not have good amounts of fulvic acid, whereas some have very high levels. Dragon Herbs sells a very high-quality product, tested, and contains at least 40% fulvic acid which is one of the highest found in the world. They are another excellent company to check out.

    Doing research whether on Google or Pubmed, learning the benefits of shilajit is akin to learning the benefits of a humic/fulvic/trace mineral/micronutrient supplement.

    1. Elaine C Avatar
      Elaine C

      Dear Matt,

      What do you do to counteract that negative effect of shilajit releasing the heavy metal?

  12. Sam Avatar

    Hi Katie,

    Thank you for the informative article. I wondered where I could get the powdered humic acid from please? What brand do you buy or do you know where in the UK I could get it in powdered form, not caps.

    Best wishes,

  13. Anja Avatar

    Hello Katie:
    Bought Fulvic Acid Concentrated liquid. Have not access to spring water but use Brita Filter. Plan to buy a Berkey filter in a few months. Would appreciate your reply.

  14. Rene Avatar

    Hi Katie,
    I too suffer from hashimoto’s and tried a fulvic acid based liquid. It made me feel worse so I stopped taking it.
    That being said the liquid contained sodium benzoate as a preservative and stevia as sweetener.

    1. Lea Avatar

      Hi there,
      I have Hashimotos as well. I take the black powder Katie mentioned in a hot drink every morning with collagen peptides and it does not upset my very sensitive tummy. It really lasts a long time and is worth the $$. Hope that helps!

  15. Mimi Preston Avatar
    Mimi Preston

    It’s a very versatile supplement that everyone should include in their health supplements. I love this as it improved my sleep. I love your blog!

  16. Kara Avatar

    Have you tried FULHUM? It’s an alkaline fulvic/humic infused water?

  17. Jamie R. Avatar
    Jamie R.

    Hi Katie,

    Can I take BlackMP Living Powder mixed in my morning smoothie or coffee with Diatomaceous Earth added in or would that possibly counteract the Black Powder? Thank you!

  18. Rebekah Avatar

    Hi Katie,

    I was wondering if you have heard of the black mineral powder causing palpitations. I was take it for just over a month with no side effects. Then all of a sudden I’ve been having palpitations for the last week. No caffeine and nothing else new. Have you heard of this? Or know why it might happen? Thank you for your time!

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