Is Colloidal Silver Safe and Effective? (& When Not to Use)

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Natural supplements and holistic remedies that offer proven health benefits are big in my house. One that I always keep on hand is colloidal silver. This sometimes controversial supplement was used before antibiotics existed for bacterial infections and to support the immune system.

Colloidal silver products are still often used today and many holistic health experts say that it’s a highly beneficial cure-all. On the flip side, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved the use of colloidal silver for any health purpose, and other health care experts like doctors from Mayo Clinic also do not believe that it is safe.

Despite this, with the rise of antibiotic resistance, silver is making a comeback as a powerful broad-spectrum antimicrobial. Many swear by colloidal silver for everything from pink eye to ear infections.

So is colloidal silver really a safe and useful natural remedy?

What Is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is made when silver nanoparticles are synthesized and suspended in a solution of simple sugars and ammonia. These particles are so small that they aren’t visible to the eye and can be as tiny as one ten-thousandth the width of a human hair. That’s extremely tiny!

Modern medicine still relies on silver for antibacterial benefits:

  • Many medical companies coat their devices with silver to avoid bacterial biofilms.
  • Hospitals treat newborns with silver nitrate drops to prevent gonorrhea eye infections.
  • Silver solutions or gauze are used to help treat burn wounds.

Colloidal silver is generally considered safe to use, but it is important to be informed about what studies say with respect to its safety and effectiveness, and whether excessive use may harm us or the environment.

The size of the colloidal silver particles is the most important thing that determines if they have health benefits or not, with smaller particles and lower concentrations being most effective against harmful antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

How Does Colloidal Silver Work?

Scientists have observed that silver kills germs, but they still don’t completely understand how. A lack of strong scientific evidence means the use of colloidal silver is still somewhat controversial.

The general idea is that silver nanoparticles bind to bacteria cell walls. A fraction of these nanoparticles may react to substances in the body or the environment and become silver salt, which is antimicrobial.

Although most colloidal silver is made from silver salts, they are different things. Silver salts are a lot more toxic to both humans and bacteria than colloidal silver. Silver salts have a positive charge that binds up proteins, cause DNA damage, and disrupt the respiratory processes in bacteria. Silver nanoparticles may be neutral or negatively charged, depending on how it is synthesized.

Silver ions are more likely to cause silver toxicity or argyria in humans than the colloidal version. However, because a fraction of colloidal silver may become silver salt, overconsumption of colloidal silver can still cause silver toxicity when taken at very high doses.

Since it is potent, it’s important to be careful when using this supplement.

Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Silver is a metal and a non-essential element in the body. It is much safer to a human body than other heavy metals like lead and mercury. We can accumulate much more silver in our bodies before it becomes toxic.

Research suggests that colloidal silver works for:

  • Killing and preventing bacterial growth, including bacteria that is antibiotic-resistant.
  • Treating burn infections as a topical antimicrobial
  • Killing some strains of pathogenic yeasts, including Candida and Cryptococcus
  • Preventing certain viruses, like HIV/AIDS and RSV, from entering human cells
  • Reducing inflammation from contact dermatitis and irritating rashes in animal studies
  • Disrupting bacterial biofilm (a slimy shield that allows bacteria to hide from antibiotics) in sinus infections in sheep
  • Being toxic to certain cancer cells
  • Effectively fighting bacteria that can cause deadly diarrhea (Vibrio cholera and a dangerous strain of E. coli).
  • Fighting fungal infections on the skin.

A Note About Bacteria, Viruses, and Yeasts

To date, all studies that test the effects of colloidal silver with bacteria found that it is effective. There are mixed reviews when it comes to yeasts and viruses.

A comprehensive study by naturopathic doctors in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that it is only effective against some strains of yeasts but not others. That same study found that colloidal silver is not effective against viruses.

Another in vitro study in the Journal of Wound Care tested 3 different market brands and found no effectiveness whatsoever.

Colloidal silver is a powerful antimicrobial. However, its effectiveness as an antiviral or antifungal can vary depending on the particular infection and quality of the product itself.

Is Colloidal Silver Safe?

Natural remedies are appealing, but safety is an important issue.

There have not been large studies done in humans to truly examine whether colloidal silver is safe or effective. Most tests are done in vitro, meaning that they’re done in test tubes or Petri dishes. This allows researchers to understand how it behaves in isolated situations. But the human body isn’t isolated, and having a whole-body understanding is different from in vitro studies.

A human body is a lot more complex than a Petri dish! Just because something kills germs in a Petri dish doesn’t mean we should take it to prevent or treat an infection. We still need to understand how silver affects the rest of the body, and whether it can travel to where we need it most if taken internally. More studies are needed to understand how it works in our bodies (in vivo).

With the evidence that we do have, though, we can make some conclusions:

Gut Changes

As with many supplements, colloidal silver can affect other parts of the body that go beyond the reason it’s being taken. Two animal studies independently looked at how the gut bacteria balance of mice and rats was affected by being fed colloidal silver. The results found a disruption in gut flora.

Another study that examined digestive tissue after the ingestion of colloidal silver found that it can damage gut cells. Yet a newer study in Nanotoxicology that looked at mice found no changes to gut bacteria or cell structure.

So, there are mixed reviews.

It’s also not known how effective colloidal silver is outside of the gut, elsewhere in the body. When colloidal silver is taken internally, the small intestine can absorb around 10 to 18% of silver nanoparticles into the bloodstream. The remaining silver nanoparticles pass through the gut.

In the blood, nanoparticles bind to a protein called albumin as it gets carried around the body. Silver proteins are a lot less effective against germs than silver alone, so we really don’t know how it behaves throughout the body.

Skin Discoloration (argyria)

It is possible to get too much silver build-up in the body. This condition is called argyria or argylosis, where silver accumulates in tissues and turns the person blue or gray… permanently! When this happens, the silver does not usually cause health problems in other ways, although it can be traumatic to have discolored skin.


Colloidal silver might seem like a promising option over antibiotics, but it still has some of the side effects of antibiotics. For this reason, I’ve always exercised caution and not over-used it, as evidence shows it may be harmful if used regularly or over a long period of time.

Gut bacteria can also become resistant to colloidal silver, just like with antibiotics. This is especially true when it has been used for several generations.

Environmental Issues

Silver nanoparticles cause some environmental concerns. Currently, silver nanoparticles are present in the environment at concentrations that are about one thousand times the dose that would be toxic to fish and other marine animals.

Silver nanoparticles are also found in sewage sludge that is used in landfills. This presents a risk of it getting reabsorbed back into the food supply. While it is somewhat known how colloidal silver affects human gut bacteria, it is still not completely clear how it affects the health of bacteria, yeasts, and other microorganisms in the environment.

Since the health of our soil is closely linked to the health of the gut, we need to be careful about messing it up.


Group B Strep (GBS) is a bacteria that is commonly found in humans, but during pregnancy it can represent the risk of infection for the baby during the birthing process. Antibiotics are given to prevent complications. Mothers wanting to avoid antibiotics might wonder if colloidal silver is a safe alternative.

Colloidal silver has not been studied specifically for GBS or generally for pregnancy. Because it can be toxic—and because supplements in pregnancy can have unknown effects on the developing baby—it’s important not to use supplements to self-medicate during pregnancy, either internally or topically.

Cautions for Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a natural remedy that has been used for thousands of years. Does that mean it should still be used today? There is reason to be careful about using it.

  • Colloidal silver is marketed as a dietary supplement and is relatively unregulated. Only the manufacturer is responsible for the safety and effectiveness of their products. A random test of colloidal silver products for sale found several that were ineffective or even contaminated with bacteria. Yuck!
  • While colloidal silver might be safe and effective when used externally, or when targeting pathogens in the gut, it can also have unintended consequences. Because colloidal silver does have some side effects, research suggests using it carefully rather than liberally.
  • Colloidal silver can mess with or enhance the effects or side effects of some medications. Always check with your doctor before starting it or using it alongside anything else.

As discussed above, the safest use based on studies is external application to wounds and as a sinus rinse.

Colloidal Silver Products

If you choose to buy colloidal silver, it’s important to make sure you’re getting a pure product. Colloidal silver ingredients should only include silver and water. There should not be anything else in it.

When choosing your product, you also want to keep the particle size in mind. This refers to how big (or small) the nanoparticles of silver are. The concentration of particles per unit of water is listed in parts per million, or PPM. Basically, how many silver particles are collected per serving of water.

When you’re looking at buying colloidal silver, higher PPM is not better. Supplements are considered to be safest when they are between 10 and 20 PPM. Taking in too much colloidal silver can result in becoming toxic or having other complications, like the graying of skin.

If you choose to use colloidal silver, be sure to buy from a reputable brand. There are many available, but this is the brand I keep on hand for external use and as a sinus rinse.

How to Use Colloidal Silver

While we’ve covered some concerns, there are lots of ways to use colloidal silver safely as a part of your natural medicine cabinet.

Check out the ways that you can use colloidal silver:

  • Nasal rinse: Add a few drops to distilled water (don’t combine with salt!) and use your neti pot as usual to rinse the sinus cavity.
  • Ear infections: Use 2-3 drops in the ear, a few times a day, until symptoms subside.
  • Pink eye: Add 2-3 drops directly to the infected eye, 3-4 times daily or until symptoms go away.
  • Skin fungus or ringworm: Treat patchy skin infections with a few drops applied directly 2-3 times per day. Let dry on the skin to get the full effect.
  • Toenail infections: Add 2-3 drops to the top of the infected toenail. Use 3-4 times a day until symptoms clear up.
  • First aid disinfectant: Use as you would other antibacterial creams for minor cuts, scrapes, or bug bites.
  • Acne: Add 1-2 drops to acne breakouts 3-4 times a day.
  • Gingivitis: Add 1 teaspoon to purified water and swish in the mouth, 2-3 times per day.

This article was medically reviewed by Dr. Scott Soerries, MD, Family Physician and Medical Director of SteadyMD. As always, this is not personal medical advice and we recommend that you talk with your doctor.

What’s your experience with colloidal silver? Please share in the comments below.

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222 responses to “Is Colloidal Silver Safe and Effective? (& When Not to Use)”

  1. Brittney Avatar

    I had a cat with a huge infection on its neck. We drowned it with CS the first day and then sprayed it daily afterward. It was miraculously gone within a week! I also have a recurring rash on my neck that comes when I get a cold. I tried everything on it and then one day I tried CS ointment and it worked!!!

  2. Dee Avatar

    Colloidal Silver is the most AMAZING product to heal the body!! I read Johan Loofs book—Colloidal Silver (Nano type) and it’s Amazing Health Benefits. I followed clear instructions for removing a particular virus out of my system (considered incurable) and it worked! This healing gift from God has been maligned and rendered strife with misinformation BC it is a POWERFUL yet simple healer of a multitude of diseases. If more Ppl cottoned on to this inexpensive, relative to western medicine, HEALER the money making, disease modeled industry of western medicine would be in trouble. I am a testimony to that. Do your homework, read the multitude of blogs/testimonials from Ppl that have actually HEALED serious disorders, not just sinus issues—educate yourself. This product changed my life!
    Another healing gift from God is food grade hydrogen peroxide. Floods the body with oxygen, most bacteria, cancers, viruses thrive in a poorly oxygenated body. Think about it. Simply AMAZING!!!

    1. Dee Avatar

      Correction: The informative and instructional book I read and followed was Silver Solution for Women’s Wellness by Gordon Peterson pH.D. This book is chock full of info in an easy to read manner.

  3. Mary M Ernsberger Avatar
    Mary M Ernsberger

    I learned of colloidal silver in the mid-1990’s. Following research, I bought my own colloidal silver generator – a small box with a wire that plugs in, ran on 9v batteries, clipping onto two 99.9% pure wires that are suspended into a glass jar of heated distilled water. The generator is run for 5 mins and the result is colloidal silver, or water with suspended particles of silver in it. Common sense is involved when using it, both for myself and my children. When sick, a tablespoon of colloidal silver, gargled to the count of 10, and swallowed, 3 times a day, typically saw results in 2-3 days, even on a severe case of strep throat. I still have my little generator, it has saved numerous visits to the doctors office and numerous rounds of antibiotics. It is not a.preventative. You need to rely on good food choices to keep your body healthy.
    Thanks Wellness Momma for all you do to educate your audience.

  4. Rebecca Avatar

    Your article talks about colloidal silver but the brand you recommend, sovereign silver, is ionic silver and not very effective.

    The number one way to tell the efficacy of silver products is the particle surface area and you don’t even mention that.

    Sovereign silver has a very low particle surface area, making it very ineffective compared to products with a high particle surface area.

    I have studied silver for many years. You can get some good information at as they are a scientific lab.

    You should avoid silver proteins at all costs.

    And most real colloidal silvers are absorbed into the bloodstream via the stomach – 98% and the rest is absorbed in the first intestine… Always forget if that is small or large, but think it is large. Then, the small intestines, where the gut biome is, is unscathed by the silver so you don’t have to worry about it killing the good bacteria.

    Read the report section of the link above. You will learn a ton! The link is at the top navigation bar. I am on my phone, still in bed, lol, or I would link the reports to you. You can see sovereign silver is not very good. These are unbiased, scientific lab reports.

    I personally use NutraSilver, which is the most potent form of colloidal silver on the market. Has the highest particle surface area of any silver product. And is used by the drop instead of the teaspoon.

    One drop can purify a liter of swamp water. I would easily drink that, but wouldn’t even consider drinking something purified with sovereign silver.

  5. Rachel Avatar

    I have been using colloidal silver for myself to treat eye infections; 10ppm solution, 1 or 2 drops straight in the corner of eye, twice a day. Using it as well to treat my cats when they have a cold. As soon as they start sneezing, I give them 1/4 ts directly in the mouth, twice a day. If their eyes start watering, I put 1 drop of colloidal silver straight in the corner of the watering eye, twice a day until they are completely recovered. Not going to the vet for cats eye infections anymore.

  6. Sharon Simas Avatar
    Sharon Simas

    After successfully beating stage 3 cancer, my doctors investigated why I got it in the first place. Seems my body had a whopping toxic load of heavy metals and other toxins (and still does after extensive work at getting rid of them).

    I recently visited a new naturopath to see if her office could give me additional IVs. I was stunned when she “muscle tested” me, and decided I needed IV and oral nanoparticle colloidal silver, instead of the carefully designed treatment plan the three doctors I’ve been seeing had put together and without thoroughly reading my labs and health history. She insisted it was the only thing that would work and refused to do the IVs I need that my doctors had developed based on extensive lab work.

    Returning to my doctor, he emphatically supported my concerns – it is a heavy metal, and I have trouble getting rid of any heavy metal, and it could damage my fragile system. It can damage DNA and mitochondria and disrupts gut flora.

    Many people carry around big burdens of mercury, arsenic, lead, etc. Silver has no real use in the body. Adding anything to the body that the body can’t use risks unintended consequences. The studies you cited are all shorter term, without looking at effects 10 years later. They don’t know exactly how it works. And not enough is known about the safety of nanoparticles.

    I’m a big fan of alternative, integrative, naturopathic, and functional medicine. But, I worry that this is something that could give alternative treatments a bad name as more becomes known, especially as the arrogant doctor I visited cavalierly practices.

    Boosting the immune system and using oregano oil, tea tree oil, mushrooms, Manuka honey, saline, berberine, etc. might be more prudent rather than suggesting casual use of colloidal silver.

    I do appreciate being able to read more about this topic and I know you took care in writing it, but from the comments I saw above this, I’m not convinced that people will be as careful as they should be.

    People should thoughtfully consider other alternatives before choosing this treatment.


    1. Bron Avatar

      I have an aunt who has been living with extremely severe arthritis for around 40 years. She has been making her own colloidal silver for at least half of that time and it helps her immensely. Her 10 kids, and now their kids are given a dose on first sign of being run down- sore throat, etc as have I and it stops colds dead in its tracks. Yes, you only need a little bit, say no more than 100ml a day, about 30ml for a child.
      Thanks for a great blog and for all the feedback/input from everybody!
      Happy days.

      1. AJ Avatar

        Arthritis is an auto-immune condition; toxic metals attack the immune system so your aunt’s long-term intake of silver may very well be one of the causes of her arthritic condition.

  7. Judy Avatar

    I have used it with my dogs I sometimes put it in their water; or on their external wounds. seems to have been effective.

    1. fiona Avatar

      I agree, Judy. I have 2 golden retrievers and they get given it internally when needed. I also spray it on hot spots and it has worked amazingly well.

  8. Patti Avatar

    I love colloidal silver and have used it for ear and eye infections. I’ve rinsed my mouth with it before when I’ve had an area of infected gum, and I’ve also put a few drops in my neti pot for sinus infections. Never had any issues, but I do know not to overuse. I have a cat who had a bad tooth. It was loose and we knew it would eventually fall out. I put drops at the base of the tooth for 4 or 5 days, and once the tooth fell out, I put drops on her gum for about a week, took a week off, and did it again. Her gum healed just fine and I saved myself several hundred dollars! If it would have looked really bad or not wanted to heal appropriately, I would have taken her to the vet, so don’t worry – I’m not a bad cat mom! I just know when I can take care of something vs when I can’t 🙂

  9. Debra Avatar

    My naturalpath has me on colloidal silver internally for Lyme disease, amongst other things. But I trust him tremendously and would rather this than antibiotics.

    1. Lula Avatar

      Which brand did your naturopath recommend for Lyme Disease? I too am trying to fight it, was lucky to be diagnosed early. I’ve read that Argentyn-23 is effective against Lyme, but I need to do more research.

      1. AJ Avatar

        Don’t use silver, it’s toxic. I highly recommend that you look into heavy metal poisoning (mercury from fillings and fish, lead, aluminum, arsenic, etc). Metals are often the cause of immune issues and infections like Lyme.

        1. steve Avatar

          AJ, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Zinc are heavy metals, too, The ATSDR peer reviewed by the CDC found silver to be non-toxic, non carcinogenic, and did not cause birth defects. For your information Aluminum isn’t a heavy metal by definition (mass weight) but is toxic.

        2. Allen Eltor Avatar
          Allen Eltor

          No AJ that’s simply not so. Silver is not classed as a toxic heavy metal BECAUSE it has – effectively – no real known toxicity levels.

    2. Mike H Avatar

      ONLY 3 DAYS OF INGESTION OF 10 ML of 10 ppm of colloidal silver PER DAY I COULD SEE CLEARLY AGAIN.
      I was diagnosed 3/4 year ago with Lyme (BORELIOSE) and my eyes glazed over and I could no longer see clearly.
      Was treated 3 weeks w. Doxycycline twice a day. It didn’t work the problems with my eyes (crust every morning) plus the pains, brain fog, going to bed at 9 PM and sleeping until 11 AM continued.
      Treated again 2 weeks w. Doxycycline 3 times a day where I sensed improvement the last 2 days.
      I’m getting better and better and are now on my 12 day on silver.

  10. Tracy Avatar

    Maybe I missed it or am just not comprehending well this morning. Could you comment on the difference in the sovereign silver and colodial? I use the same brand you recommend (amazing for pink eye! ) but I’ve seen other brands that are colodial. They have not been clear and some even have a significant taste. Is there a difference in colodial vs sovereign, and if so what is it, or is this a brand thing? Thank you for your amazing blog, Mama!

  11. Becky Avatar

    I have friends who have used it as a toner during their facial care routine. One was a model and nothing else cleared the acne like colloidal silver for her. Others use it on sunburns. My family has used it as a preventative for colds etc. at the first sign of illness with success.

  12. Joy Avatar

    I have had great success using colloidal silver on myself, my husband, and my kids. My son had a killer ear infection which caused him quite a bit of pain ( he was 2) and went through three different antibiotics : ( I finally switched pediatricians ( for several reasons) and our new doc (a holistic pediatrician) recommended colloidal silver. It was the first time I had heard of it but it worked great and now we have used it for ear infections, pink eye, and the occasional scraped knee. I even used a bit on our 3 month old, with the doc’s ok. It’s really incredible.

    1. Tanya S Avatar

      How did you adminster? 1 drop for pink eye? 1 for eat infect? Does age play a factor? I know there are a lot of FDA reg and ppl have to watch their input on such products but just from convo sharing, can you share? I’ve contemplated buying this and haven’t found a recommendaton for “dosage/age”.

  13. Keith Avatar

    I have used the 10 ppm in a water pick a number of times, it works great. It makes it so you can kill the perio bugs up under the gums that brushing does not and cannot get to. I also found it very useful to team it up with the silver toothpaste gel sold under the Activz label. It is made with Xylitol, Young living Peppermint oil and 20 ppm of silver. All three are natural gum disease fighters, The weird part is when I wake up in the morning my mouth still feels clean.

  14. Juliana Wissa Avatar
    Juliana Wissa

    Any thoughts on using colloidal silver in a water pick. I understand it is effective to use on gums. I have been hesitant but wonder if I should use it. I have had gum pockets for years. I eat clean and am obsessed with oral hygiene, literally, I spend at least 30 mins daily on my oral hygiene. Regardless, my pockets stay at a level that I am not happy with. I make my own toothpaste and use essential oils. I have been contemplating adding this. Any experience with this? Thanks!

    1. Tony Avatar

      Before bed take a small dose of silver and swish around in your mouth for 30 seconds then swallow. do not eat or drink anything until morning. This kills harmful bacteria and improves gum health. I have seen pretty good results in the lessening of pockets and gum inflammation.

    2. Sharon Avatar

      You can get toothbrushes with silver in them from Norwex, and maybe other companies too. I went from one of my worst checkups to one of my best, and the only change was that I’d been using the silver toothbrush for about 2 months.

      1. Amaris Avatar

        Hi I was just wondering if anyone has ever use this for Sinus infections (As a Sinus rinse). I get reoccurring sinus infections and have even had sinus surgery.
        Looking for some other options besides antibiotics.

    3. Susan Avatar

      I have recently used the mesosilver on myself and 2 other family members and it worked great. We had all started to get sore throats and colds. 3-4 doses in a glass of water for gargling and then swallowing stopped the colds in their tracks.

  15. Lina Avatar

    I didn’t realize there was any harm in taking it internally (as needed). I’ve been taking it whenever I feel sickness coming on, and giving it to my toddler as well (in a smaller dosage). Now this makes me nervous. Is it safe to take during pregnancy?

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar

      Many people do take it internally and have good anecdotal results. I wasn’t able to find research to support this and found some concerns with it affecting gut flora if taken regularly, which is why I exercise caution. I’d definitely ask a doctor or midwife to be sure before taking.

      1. Cynthia Avatar

        Wellness Mama; I LOVE your site. Thank you for all you share with everyone on here; there’s a wealth of great and helpful information.
        I just wanted to share something. I was talking to a family member about silver; and she told me she was listening to a radio talk show once where the people were talking about fasting. It was for ‘religious’ reasons; but intermittent fasting is also very good and healthy for most people physically as well; unless they have a health condition that makes fasting impossible for them.
        Anyway; on the talk show; one man said how he once went on a one-week fast where he ate no food but drank lots of water. Now I warn you; I’m going to write something that might sound a little bit gross; but I think it will be helpful to know this. Near or at the end of his fast; he went to the bathroom one day for a bowel movement. When he went to flush the toilet; he saw that what he ‘deposited’ looked SILVER. He was alarmed of course; and took a sample and headed straight to a local hospital to have it tested. They did test it and guess what it was? Surprise surprise; it WAS silver. He spoke to his parents; asking them if at any time in his childhood; did any doctor administer silver to him. They said YES; one time when he had a tonsil infection. That was THIRTY YEARS back! Just ONE time he had silver; and that silver STAYED IN HIS BODY FOR THIRTY YEARS! It came out only with fasting. Now I myself; BEFORE I heard this story; bought a bottle of colloidal silver. I won’t throw it away; but I will NOT take it internally at all. Between this story and the comment on here from the woman who had cancer; due in part to having heavy metal overload in her system; I now know that ingesting silver is a BAD idea. Just because it might make infections go away does NOT mean it’s perfectly safe. We might get rid of infections; but at what price? I think I’ll stick to other natural remedies.

        1. Jim Lawrence Avatar
          Jim Lawrence

          You’re throwing out the baby with the silver bathwater…you don’t have any idea what kind of silver the doctors gave him 30 years ago. It could have been yet another of those products the AMA loves to shove down our throats that had large clumps instead of nano-sized particles of silver. Silver passes out of the body, if it’s from a good product that’s rigorously manufactured to exacting standards. ASAP365 and Argentym 25 are my two top favorites. Silver in sub-molecular form and electrically positively charged should never bind to anything.
          I would comfort you to not be frightened because of this one anecdote. You don’t have any real facts to go on and that could adversely affect your health in the long run, or keep you from getting relief you have at your fingertips.
          I’ve given colloidal silver to my children and stepchildren since they were all young, they’re in their 20s and 30s now and in perfect health, all of them. I used colloidal silver gel recently, after being recommended by a nutritionist, for a rash on my arms and leg (I’m 72) and it’s been amazing: in 6 days, it’s almost entirely gotten rid of the itchy, hot, bumpy rash that I’ve suffered from for months and AMA doctors had not one clue other than “Probably eczema, put steroidal antibiotic cream on it” which helped with the itching for part of one day and that was it.
          While Wellness Mama brings up some appropriate cautions about over indulging etc, I can say using colloidal silver for 30 years myself has greatly improved my health, including quicker cold and flu recovery and quicker healing of wounds, sinus infections etc.
          Trusting our doctors as the be all-end all solution to every health problem is becoming an increasingly flawed and risky belief system. I prefer to go to doctors only when none of the natural health remedies help. There’s a place for all sources of health wisdom, and the AMA-schooled doctors do not hold a monopoly on it. Far from it.

          1. Dianne Avatar

            Totally agree Jim. I’ve been using colloidal silver for colds, pink eye, sinus infections, gums, skin infections for over 25 years. Use it on my pets as well.

      2. baladev Avatar

        you are right sister … i took coloidal silver fot ten days and it really damaged my gut flora … i became really bad, wokeup in the night with a puffed up stomach and had to go bethroom … very bad experience … so people who have a fragil gut flora or are sensible to antibiotics orsimilars .. should be carefull with it.

        1. Sharice Avatar

          It actually could have been killing off bad guy bacteria and you were having die off.

    2. Sheree Lally Avatar
      Sheree Lally

      With 8 children, 16 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren, we have used Colloidal Silver for everything that can happen. We primarily use 500 ppm suspension as we’ve found that to be the most effective and safe.
      2 drops in an infected ear keeps the doctor away.
      4 squirts into a deep and terribly infected wound surprised the surgeon who was called in to treat. It was full of furry pus the night before and clean as a whistle the next morning after one treatment with CS.
      Got terrible tooth pain and need a root canal with an expensive crown? You can keep that away for years and decades with CS. Just drizzle on the tooth and gums. If 500 ppm., the result will be really quick. Other silver solutions take longer even up to a week and then come back more easily. Good for gum disease as well.
      Bronchitis remedy. Good for sinus but also need a drying agent to start.
      Heals diabetic blisters and sores. Cures the green infection that comes with diabetes and leads to amputation.
      Good for toenail fungus. Cures MRSA. Quickly heals wounds after surgery.
      CS is a remedy for shingles — both internally and externally needed
      Great for eye infections.
      Great for athlete’s foot infections.
      Strep throats gone without a doctor’s visit or bill.
      Prevention of pneumonia without vaccines
      Cancers, cancers, and more cancers — brain, lung, breast, Hodgkin’s, ovarian, stomach, pancreas, melanomas. People saved who were terminal. Just haven’t used for bone, uterine, esophageal, or colon. Trying it on liver cancer now.
      These are just some of the things I remember; we use silver as our first line for everything that is appropriate.

      1. Megan Avatar

        Sheree, Can you please tell Me more about treating shingles and eczema with it? How much/how often? Truly asking for a friend ahaha!!

        1. james Avatar

          I gave some to my daughter whom has eczema and a friends daughter whom has Psoriasis . poured into a spray bottle and spritzed onto effected areas and allowed to air dry…. within a week the areas cleared up. it didnt do anything for the scarring but it did stop it in its tracks. it also works for acne using it the same way.

          1. Linda Foote Avatar
            Linda Foote

            That is what I was going to say. The die off would cause those problems.

      2. james Avatar

        how do you address cancers, or how do you attack cancers with the CS ? drinking it ? inhalation ? please advise

      3. Katelyn Avatar

        I’ve been struggling with a toothache for over a year now but due to it being a molar I must see a surgeon and cannot afford to at this time. I took colloidal silver internally to fight the infection after multiple rounds of antibiotics. How do you drizzle it on your tooth? And would it be safe to use in your opinion after having taken it internally. It has been about a month since I stopped however and I am on probiotics as well.

      4. Tiara Avatar

        Is there anyway we could speak? Id love to pick your brain about ways to safety use cs. Id love to hear the Bronchitis as well as help for diabetics. My partners mom is diabetic been on antibiotics for almost 2 years off and on do to a infected foot. Help?

  16. Celia Avatar

    I’m prone to styes and my husband gets pink eye a lot when he gets sinus infections. I have Sovereign Silver in my work locker (I’m a nurse) and in the house at all times. When it’s ball season….it goes in my first aid kit in lieu of saline solution.

    1. Dorina Avatar

      My daughter seems to have caught a virus from getting sand in her eyes at a park ( filthy sandbox). Looks like she Chalazeon . Wanted to try colloidal silver. So, this can be dropped straight into the eye? Or need to take orally? From the box, I’m thinking orally. ??

  17. Keith Moeller Avatar
    Keith Moeller

    All the silver tests you have wanted to see are already available. No one needs to continue to guess about what nano silver may or may not do in the human system. Three human nano silver ingestion studies are already available from American Biotech Labs and are also listed in PUB Med. The studies are independent, published, peer reviewed, FDA cleared, human ingestion studies completed by a major university. The studies show that the ABL nano silver has no negative effect on human body systems when ingested on a daily basis. The second study shows that the ingested silver had no negative effect on the taking of necessary drugs. The third study showed that the ABL nano silver made it into the blood stream and had no negative effect on red blood cells. American Biotech Labs also has peer reviewed published human ingestion studies on HIV a virus, human ingestion studies on Malaria (the second leading cause of death by infection on the planet), which are parasites. They also have independent tests on nano silvers effect on probiotics, thousands of antimicrobial tests on bacteria, yeast, fungus and other virus. If you want any of the independent data all you have to do is request it from the company.

    1. Mary Kay Bachman Avatar
      Mary Kay Bachman

      These are good studies Keith. I have used a private labeld brand of ABL nano silver for several years with exceptional results. Vertigo and ear infections, sinus issues, pink eye, burns, blisters, infections, inhaled mold (stopped chest tightness and non-productive cough) colds (put into a personal facial steamer); the list goes on.
      I raised 5 children with colloidal silver and switched to nano when I discovered it 7 years ago. And, as an international flight attendant, I carry both the gel and liquid with me where ever I go.

      1. Judy G Avatar

        Can you advise me on how to travel with colloidal silver in your carry-on luggage?

        1. Serena Avatar

          Just make sure the bottle is under 3oz and your total liquids don’t exceed 1 quart ziplock bag. Just follow the TSA guidelines. I flew with 2oz spray bottle no problem

    2. Gayla Avatar

      Hi Keith,
      Do you recommend a particular brand that is pure? There are so many on Amazon it is hard to know what to look for?


      1. Sandra B Avatar

        With all the extensive research I’ve done on silver, Sovereign Silver is a reputable, high quality trusted brand. A friend of mine who used silver as part of his treatment battling cancer successfully insists on this brand!

      2. Heather Avatar

        I read an article that said you’ll know it’s good quality colloidal silver if it has no color to it but if it’s tinted in anyway then it’s poor quality I myself recently went and bought trace minerals brand of colloidal silver and its has no color and has a good reputation for being a good quality

        1. Laura Avatar

          So confusing. I’ve also heard the opposite. In fact the Mesosilver she recommends has color.

    3. Tiara Avatar

      Would love links to these! My grandpa is on diabetic meds, high bs and cholesterol. Id love some for him.

  18. melissa Avatar

    I’ve had really great experiences with colloidal silver (I also use the brand you mention above). I have had success using it as a nasal spray, taking it internally, and for pink eye. I take it internally at the first sign of a cold/virus and it seems to help stop it in its tracks or shorten it. I’ve used it for pink eye twice with awesome results! No need to go to the doctor – it was cleared up in a day or two. Great option when used appropriately.

    1. Dana Avatar

      When using in eyes or ears, do you dilute or just drop straight in? And how many drops, how often?
      And internal dosing for colds?

      1. Wellness Mama Avatar

        I don’t do internal dosing unless nothing else has worked and usually we just let colds run their course. For ears and eyes, I have personally just dropped straight in before, but I would check with a doctor before doing either of those.

        1. GUY MCCLUNG Avatar
          GUY MCCLUNG

          I am just a husband who doesnt know jack [I know, redundant like “baby puppies”], but I do know enough to believe everything my wife tells me; and she has told me for some years now to start on the colloidal silver immediately if a cold or virus is starting-and it works, it always works. Everyone else in the extended family-those who think natural medicine is voodoo and/or of the devil, you know, the ones who believe in MDs-M Deities – gets sick and goes thru the whole flu or cold program. She even uses it if her dog [not mine] gets an eye infection. I heard there was a study, now poo-poohed by Dept of Defense, where colloidal silver was effective against Ebola. You can make your own, many kits and systems out there, but I don’t know how precise they are and if you get all or most of the silver particles within a desired size range. Thanks for all this info. Guy McClung, San Antonio TX

          1. dee Avatar

            you are a wise man, as my Pastor would say. keep listening to your wife!

          2. Jane Avatar

            My ex husband makes his own and the first time I tried it was for a toothache and it worked! If anyone in the family starts to get a toothache they ask him to make a batch! I also took it one time when I had a nasty cold that I couldn’t seem to shake. It cleared up within a couple of days! Yes, I believe it works but like everything, take in moderation and only if really necessary.

        2. Esther Abergel Avatar
          Esther Abergel

          Read Dr L Wilsons article on colloidal silver. He recommends taking it orally as well as topically but just for a few days, max 2 weeks.

    2. Kathy Avatar

      How do I take it for a cold? I have a bottle of Sovereign Silver, but do not know how to use it? I have a cold and want to use it. Any information would be appreciated.

      1. Darlene Avatar

        I take a teaspoon of it in the morning. I also diffuse EO and then also take a probiotic in the evening

      2. megan Avatar

        Kathy, Sovereign silver has the dosage info right on the bottle, 3 doses a day for immune strengthening, which would say to me is what you want with a cold. One dose for an adult is 1 tsp, so it would be a total of 3 tsp a day.

  19. Shalimar Avatar

    So when you say use as a sinus rinse, you mean like as using a Netti Pot?
    And have you read anything about using it in a nebulizer vs albuterol? We are on the path to healing our guts bit not quite there so my children still get bothered by coughs from Reactive Airway Disease. Thanks!!

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar

      I just use in an empty nasal saline sprayer or just lean my head back and put a few drops in. I’m hesitant to use in a nebulizer because I haven’t seen any studies on safety that way.

      1. Amy Stewart Avatar
        Amy Stewart

        Seriously, you are NOT going to see any studies either. Big Pharma is in control of studies, and if it doesn’t further their profit driven agenda, they will not DO any studies. It’s similar to the powers that be telling people NOT to EVER consume Comfrey, yet any decent herbalist will tell you it has been safely consumed for millennia. In the same vein they will tell you it’s okay to take poisons in the form of over the counter meds that cause terrible side effects up to and including DEATH. I know, I took an over the counter prep for cough and it caused a stroke, yeah, me and 40,000 other women after it had been approved by the FDA for many years. It took the FDA 20 years to remove it from the shelves because it was in 137 preparations and big pharma stood to lose so much profit. I’ll stick to the silver.

        1. karnig Avatar

          Well said, Amy!! I will stick to the silver. This article feels like it was written by Big Pharma.

          1. Jennie Avatar

            IF Big Pharma was ANTI silver, then why would it be used in the hospital for me post c-section?

        2. sue rayfield Avatar
          sue rayfield

          You are so right – I used to work in clinical trials, and had seen three drugs approved which we all knew would be withdrawn within two years. We were correct on all three drugs.

          So, I would never take a new drug that hasn’t been out for at least two years (to be safe, 5 years).

          I wouldn’t trust the FDA farther than I could throw a stick.

          I have a research scientist friend in Canada which told me once it was scary the number of drugs that the FDA would approve, knowing they were not safe.

      2. Sara Avatar

        When my mother had cellulitis, a very bad case, She used silver in the nebulizer. It did wonders. I take internally all the time. It’s the only thing that helps with my strep! I also use externally for temporary relief of my yeast…
        Is what i’m doing not a good idea?

        1. Jillo Avatar

          Sara (and everyone else), This article is so off base on what true “colloidal” silver is. A true, and totally safe, colloidal silver solution is NEVER made with salts of any kind. It is simply pure silver, electrolyzed in distilled water, nothing else added. Any silver solution that includes other chemicals (such as the silver nitrate drops they no longer put in babie’s eyes) should be avoided. Colloidal silver with the smallest particles (ions) is the best, and will never produce that “blue man” look people warn about (known as argyria). So, be assured as you take it internally, or use it in a nebulizer. It’s a wonder, and the best part is that, because it is such a simple solution, there are ways you can make it yourself in your home for pennies a gallon! Companies selling it for big money (ex: $100 or more for 8 oz) are hyping the public. Doing a little research online will get you all the info you need to know.

          1. Tara Avatar

            I believe you misunderstood what she was saying… she was basically saying there are “bad eggs,” so to speak, produced and sold that are being called a true colloidal silver solution when they aren’t. She’s not suggesting that all colloidal silver solutions are made with salts.

          2. Kevin DeLaune Avatar
            Kevin DeLaune

            Jillo, you need to understand that typical Ionic Silver (100% of Silver that is created by these cheap generators), gets converted to silver chloride(salt) in the gut. Much of it is also destroyed in the gut. The only silver that isn’t destroyed by the acids in the gut, and doesn’t bind with the sodium chloride there(creating silver chloride), is Particle Silver(true colloids).

            Saying that, once the silver attaches to the bacteria cell wall, silver ions are released and penetrate to kill the bacteria.

            Ionic Silver is much better for external uses such as burns or wounds, due to the high amount of ions that don’t need to be converted first before destroying the pathogen. Ionoc Silver is best used any place that does not have a high sodium chloride environment. On the other hand, Particle Silver is best to be ingested because it is able to survive the stomach acids, and due to the fact it doesn’t bind with the chloride in the gut.

          3. Mike H Avatar

            Jillo, thank you. There are so many inaccuracies in this article that I don’t know where to start.
            So there is no point starting.
            Mike, Chemical Engineer. Master of Science

        2. sue rayfield Avatar
          sue rayfield

          Big Pharma can market and sell products like Silvadine gel, pads, etc. What they can’t do is to get people to quit making their CS water – so no money in their pockets.

          That’s my theory.

    2. Noel Nicole Avatar
      Noel Nicole

      A health practitioner can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe nebulizers dispense steroids and bronchial dilators, not antibiotics. So I don’t believe this would help at all, as it is listed as an antimicrobial, not a steroid or bronchial dilator.

      1. gerry Avatar

        I have asthma, and just recently had upper respiratory problem. I only use colloidal silver in my nebulizer now…works great…

      2. hazel Avatar

        FYI – Correction to the above comments ****Nebulizers are used to dispense all sorts of medicines for people with different conditions/aliments including those who have handicaps that cannot take medicines orally.

        I use my nebulizer to get plant based & non plant based medicines into my bronchial passageways. It gets these meds. into the blood stream quicker and bypasses the digestive system – colloidal silver – freshly pressed garlic juice (non-irritated home grown garlic) – glutathione supplement’s…etc….

  20. Brooke Avatar

    So you don’t use it internally? I use it in ears for ear infections (it’s amazing) and internally if we start to get sick.

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