What’s the Deal With Coffee Enemas?

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Whats the deal with coffee enemas?
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I’ve covered the topic of drinking coffee, and if it’s healthy or not, in this post, but there’s actually another way to benefit from everyone’s favorite morning beverage. Coffee enemas may sound scary and unsanitary, but there is some evidence that they are beneficial for many health issues. Here I cover what’s up with coffee enemas, the potential risks, and how we can benefit from consuming coffee… from the other end!

How This Interesting Practice Came to Be

Enemas have been around for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians detailed the protocol on ancient sheets of papyrus. (Imagine your job description being “nery phuyt”… or anus shepherd!) Hippocrates, known as the father of modern medicine, also strongly encouraged them. There are even mentions of enemas on the Dead Sea scrolls as a way to purify the body and soul.

Using coffee became a more widely popular practice starting in World War I. They were reportedly used for pain reduction during the war when meds were scarce. The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy even considered them as standard health care treatment until 1972.

Most recently, proponents of alternative medicine (from Goop to holistic psychologists) are turning their attention back to coffee enemas as a means of detoxification.

What Is a Coffee Enema?

Yes, it really is what it sounds like!

Coffee flows into the colon via the rectum and is then expelled in a bowel movement a few minutes later. The caffeine and antioxidants in the coffee have a highly effective, yet very safe, detoxing effect on the body that is hard to replicate with other methods.

Proven Benefits of Coffee Enemas

Sounds crazy, but coffee applied to your… ahem… underside can do all this:

Liver Detox

The number one reason people use this type of enema is for detoxifying the liver. Herbs like milk thistle are helpful at clearing toxins from the liver. However, these released toxins can be reabsorbed in the colon if the gut microbiome is impaired in any way.

When a coffee enema is used, a special pathway of veins carries waste straight from the colon to the liver to be processed. The liver is then triggered to release bile to flush the toxins out and back into the colon. The water from the enema softens the stool, and provides a clear pathway for the toxins to exit. This process lessens the toxic load the liver deals with and frees it to cleanse the blood and eliminate toxins in other body systems. Since toxicity plays a huge role in so many issues with the body, this process can be a powerful healing tool.

Improve Gallbladder Function

As mentioned above, liver function is closely tied to the gallbladder. When bile isn’t flowing properly, biliary ducts can become inflamed and blocked, leading to gallbladder attacks and, eventually, removal of the tiny organ. Toxins also recirculate through the body as they continue to build up in the bile, instead of being eliminated. Coffee enemas stimulate the liver to release more bile. Not only does this flush toxins from the body, but it may release gallstones and keeps the bile from stagnating.

Parasite Cleanse

Most of us have little hitchhikers stowed away in our gut and don’t even realize it. Little pockets in the colon, called diverticuli, are the perfect hiding places for these parasites.

Coffee enemas help to flush out impacted fecal matter and debris, rooting out parasites from their hiding spots. Coffee, not just flushing with liquid in general, may weaken and harm the parasites.

Candida Cleanse

Candida occurs naturally in the body. However stress, diets high in sugar, or antibiotics can cause it to grow out of control. Enemas work to restore balance to the digestive tract by eliminating harmful organisms, like excess candida. This clears the way for healthy probiotics in the gut to do their job. (However, it won’t be enough to restore gut balance if a problematic diet and lifestyle are unchanged.)

Toxic Mold

Mold spores in the air, and the microscopic mycotoxins they produce, can devastate the body’s health. Mycotoxins, from toxic mold, have been linked to certain cancers, organ failure, and other serious issues.

A major issue with mold toxicity is that the mycotoxins continue to accumulate in the bile. The toxins are constantly reabsorbed into the body, instead of eliminated. This stimulates bile flow, get it through the colon and out of the body to help flush these toxins. It’s helpful for those with debilitating illness due to mold, or anyone who’s had minimal exposure.


Cancer occurs when the body is under too much oxidative stress and toxic load. Coffee enemas are a requirement in the Gerson cancer therapy. This therapy began in the 1920s with Dr. Max Gerson seeking a cure for his migraines. Over the years, followers of Gerson have adapted his therapy to a three-pronged approach to help with cancer: a vegetarian diet, ingestion of supplements, and enemas. The antioxidants in coffee enemas support healthy cellular function, and eliminate toxins which put stress on the body.

Cancer is a complex thing and must be addressed at multiple levels though, not just with coffee enemas. Cancer Research UK warns that more research is needed before substantiating claims that Gerson cancer therapy is effective. All cancer therapies should be guided by a doctor’s advice.

Better Gut Health

Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride also recommends coffee enemas as part of the gut-healing GAPS protocol. The process flushes out bacteria, parasites, and fungus that impede gut healing. It also speeds up the detox and healing process needed for whole body wellness.

Lessen Die-Off Reactions

When the body releases toxins, it can overwhelm the system and we experience unpleasant die-off reactions. These can range from emotional issues (like irritability) to physical ones (like headaches and nausea). A coffee enema helps to quickly eliminate the released toxins from the body, to reduce or erase the die-off reactions, as part of a comprehensive cleansing protocol.

Clearer Skin

Our livers process hormones and waste in the body. When the liver becomes overburdened from all of the toxins in our diet and environment, the body tries to eliminate through a different route.

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and it picks up the slack for an overtaxed liver. Hives, psoriasis, eczema, rashes and itchy skin can all be caused by toxin excretion through the skin. A coffee enema clears the way for the liver to function properly, eliminating many skin issues.

Enema Concerns & Risks

Having looked at the benefits, we should also weigh the risks. According to a 2013 pharmacokinetic study, there are potentially negative side effects to consider when administering a coffee enema.

Forewarned is forearmed… possible situations to avoid are rectal burn, proctocolitis, and electrolyte imbalance.

Rectal Burn

To prevent rectal burn, coffee should be at room temperature before it is administered. Test the coffee like you would formula to see if it’s too hot.


The Mayo Clinic defines proctocolitis as the inflammation of the rectum’s lining. There was one case, in Korea, in which a coffee enema resulted in proctocolitis. The patient recovered through the use of antibiotics, intravenous fluids, and bowel rest.

Electrolyte Imbalance

Sadly, there have been two documented deaths associated with daily coffee enemas. These were the result of severe electrolyte imbalance. Because coffee enemas help remove toxic metals, they can also strip some nutrient minerals from your body. To stay safe, consult with a health practitioner before you begin the regimen. You may also want to check out this recipe for a natural electrolyte sports drink.

Who Should Not Use Coffee Enemas?

Even though coffee enemas are gentle and beneficial, there are a few groups who advised against them. Pregnant moms and children younger than five can use other enemas, like salt water, but are advised against coffee enemas. Breastfeeding moms may want to exercise caution here, too.

Those with severe bowel dysfunction, like Crohn’s disease, should take special precautions with coffee enemas. Similarly, those with hypertension, ulcerative colitis, renal/heart/respiratory failure, and those who are currently undergoing chemotherapy should exercise caution and consult with a health practitioner before beginning a regime of coffee enemas. As always, consult with your doctor to determine if coffee enemas should be an option for you.


This depends on the issue being addressed. Almost everyone can benefit from a coffee enema once in a while. For those with acute toxicity, like cancer patients, or those experiencing gallbladder attacks, coffee enemas can be done four times a day. This helps to quickly eliminate the toxins that may be causing the issue.

For those on a detox protocol, once a day is usually sufficient. Many people continue coffee enemas long term, transitioning to once a week or as needed for maintenance. It’s best to do an enema after a bowel movement and not right after eating. A full stomach and colon aren’t just uncomfortable, but impede the process.

Ask your doctor for specific advice (or use mine!) if you are wondering whether enemas are right for you and how often to use them.

How to Do a Coffee Enema

Two sources I found helpful in learning how to do this type of enema are:

I’ve tried this process several times, often in conjunction with a water fast, and noticed some of the benefits listed above. Specifically, it has helped me with digestion and clearer skin.

Where To Get Coffee Enema Supplies

Many sources recommend using organic, lightly roasted coffee beans to do a coffee enema. Not dark or medium roast like the kind you would drink. And a stainless steel enema bucket helps avoid the toxins in plastic. Here’s where to get them:

Could you benefit from a coffee enema? Is it something you’re willing to try or have already done? Let me know about your experience!

This article was medically reviewed by Dr. Scott Soerries, MD, Family Physician and Medical Director of SteadyMD. As always, this is not personal medical advice and we recommend that you talk with your doctor.

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25 responses to “What’s the Deal With Coffee Enemas?”

  1. Annie McLaulin Avatar
    Annie McLaulin

    That’s a huge about face Wellness Mama. Happy to see the fear mongering about coffee enemas is over.


  2. Leilani Avatar

    Can enemas be done for my children? Coffee is fine for them? I have a 7 year old who I want to try this with. Do you have any links for buying kits?

    1. Jamie Larrison Avatar

      Generally coffee enemas are ok for healthy children ages 6 and up, but you can always check with your family’s natural healthcare practitioner first for your individual situation. And links to what to buy have just been added into the article!

    2. Carol A Avatar

      Leilani, as Jamie told, generally can give coffee enemas to one over 6 yo.

      Best to first check with your holistic doctor first.

      Both of mine are over 6 yo. I haven’t given them a coffee enema yet. Boys 7and 9.

      I am going to wait until much older.

      I have been giving other enemas to them since 4 or so.

      Cleansing enemas. Also given plain water enemas for fever reduction. Used for that catnip tea or gave a garlic enema.

      I give a monthly enema regardless if illness, fevers, constipation are present or not.

      I use a rubber 8 oz enema bulb syringe. Given on table, bed or across lap way.

      Never had a mess.

      When little older I will used the enema bag. That may be a good time to give the coffee enemas.

      I get a coffee enema often. I use the red rubber 2quart enema bag for getting a coffee enema.

      Some are concerned about leaching from the rubber enema bag. I am not concerned about that.

      Growing up my mom and aunt gave enemas with the rubber bulb syringe or the red rubber enema bag.


    3. Carol A Avatar

      Leilani, yes, after checking with your doctor, enemas should be fine.

      But, best to consult with doctor first.

      Good you want to give your 7 yo enemas. I started giving my two enemas around 4 or so.
      Very good to cleanse at that age.

      Would not give coffee enemas to until much older.

      For the 6 or 7 yo giving with the reusable rubber enema bulb syringe may be best for giving him/her enemas.

      I started using the bag (two quart red rubber enema bag and the bulb syringe are sold in most pharmacies) on mine when turned 11 or so.
      Not giving a full bag.

      There may be some fussing and resisting when knows going to get his first ever enema. May be best to ask another mom to assist in giving the first ever enema.
      Especially a mom who has experience in giving enemas.
      Talking and explaining helps.

      If all went well, then can give later enemas without her help.


      1. Carol A Avatar

        Leilani,,,,,Whoops…meant to tell I want to start giving mine the coffee enema when turn about 11.
        Using the enema bag. Not full.
        And then with doctor ok .

        Karla, you can find enema buckets, bags and bulb syringe on optimalhealthnetwork.Com

        Kristina there sells the kits, oils, soap for enemas, coffee for the coffee enemas and more.
        She also has very good health articles and videos.

        Or, go to https://www.fruugo.us/search?whcat=7134&brand=Pic%20Solution and for be good quality enema bulbs, bags and more.

        Or, look in your local pharmacy or drugstore. You may have to ask where the enemas are.

        After COVID lockdown a friend of mine could not find an enema in her local stores. Seemed to be all sold out. She finally ordered on line. Make sure from good source and good quality.

        I ordered the 260 ml (little over 8 oz) enema bulb syringe from pic solutions (see link above).

        The quality is great! Price is reasonable. Shipping is little high. But yet to find the same anywhere else!

      2. Carol A Avatar

        Whoops… been trying to correct…

        Meant to tell l will start using the bag for my two at about 11.

        Not giving a full enema bag until little older.

        As far as Leilani’s 7 yo getting an enema (she asked above comment), the enema bulb syringe may be the best for giving enemas at that age.
        Best to consult with her doctor before giving an enema. And ask doctor if coffee enema is ok at 7.

        Can buy enema bag, bucket or bulb from optimalhealthnetwork.Com.
        Or local drug store/pharmacy.
        Or from Pic Solution at Fruugo.Com


    4. Nancy D Avatar

      Leilani, good you want to administer enemas in your home for your children.

      Please consult with your doctor , holistic doctor, before giving enemas.

      Not giving medical advice. Only telling what I have done and other moms I know.

      I have read can give a coffee enema, as Jamie told, 6 years and up. Some sources say older. One book I read told ok to change from the enema bulb syringe to the bag enema once he is 5 ft tall. And once getting the bag enema it may be good time to give a coffee enema.

      Again, check with your doctor for advice.

      You can purchase an enema bulb or bag at your local drugstore/pharmacy.

      Or, find them, and the bucket enema kit, at optimalhealthnetwork.Com.

      Called OHN. Kristina there sells bags, bulb and bucket kits.

      Good quality. She is professional and helpful with her health articles and videos.

      At 7 it may be best to use the bulb syringe. Again talk with your doctor.

      A good source for enemas, especially the bulb syringe of various sizes, is at.


      I purchased the 260 ml syringe. That’s a little over 8 oz.

      The bulb is of excellent quality. Very soft. But firm.

      The cost is reasonable. But, shipping is little high.

      You didn’t tell the age of the others who will also be given enemas. The age will determine what size enema is best. Ask your doctor.


    5. Sue Mom Avatar

      Leilani, yes enemas can be done for children. Growing up I was given enemas from about 4 years old to about 11. So were my siblings.

      Good you want to give him, and the other ones, an enema or enemas.
      Being the oldest by about 6 or 7 years, I remember my siblings being given enemas. Especially my cousin. Who would with hold BMs. My aunt was a nurse. She would give him an enema when needed. He would be given a mild soapy warm water enema on the kitchen table. (Yes, that is how most moms gave the enema in the home. I know a few who administer it that way today). Given with the bulb. Towel on the table.
      No mess. Once given a bulb or two taken to the toilet to expel.
      Sometimes I remember being given a second enema if my aunt didn’t like the results of the first enema given.
      Best to ask your doctor when an enema can be given. Especially the coffee enema.
      From what I’ve been told and read best not to give an enema (not talking about the coffee enema) under two years of age. Unless directed by your doctor.

      As far as kits… the bulb syringe is used for giving the child his enema.
      Ask your doctor when can start using the bag instead of the bulb syringe.
      There are many sources for buying the bulb and bag.
      A good source is at: https://www.fruugo.us/pic-solution-soft-wash-rubber-enema-spray-with-soft-cannula-260ml/p-54780166-111517815

      I purchased the 260ml size syringe. It holds just a little over 8oz.

      I do as Carol A told. Given the enema across my lap. Also, on table and on the bed.

      May write more later some helpful tips for giving the enema.

      The enema is far better than giving harmful OTC junk.

    6. Nancy S Avatar

      Leilani, coffee enemas may not be ok for him at 7 yo. Of course, always best to consult with your holistic provider/doctor before deciding to give him a coffee enema. The ones I know who were given a coffee enema were much older. But, ask your doctor.
      Him being 7 years old is a very good time to start getting enemas. It would be very good for him.
      If your other ones (you did say children) are over 2 years of age , then you may want to start giving them enemas as well.
      For him to get his first ever enema would be a great time for you to learn giving enemas. Then you will be prepared to give the others enemas.
      Best not to have a younger one running around while you are trying to give an enema.
      I found the best time to give an enema is when the others are out of the house, napping or in bed for the night.
      Like off to school. Or arranging with another mom that they can play at her house when you are giving the enema.
      Or ask another mom, or sitter, to watch the others in your home while you give the enema.
      Fortunately, I have a friend who comes over when I need to give an enema.
      Her and I talk while I am preparing the room, bed or table, the solution and such. Then she watches them when I am giving the enema.
      As far as your 7 yo getting his first ever enema, may be best to slowly introduce the enema to him. By talking and showing the syringe first. Telling him it doesn’t hurt and is very good for him. Then give him a small practice enema first. To introduce the enema.
      Few days later you could sit down and tell him you will be giving him another enema. Just like the smaller other day. But give him a full bulb or two. Have him relax and take deep breaths in out of open mouth while getting the enema.
      I see a few links were left on here by others already for kit suggestions. For his age giving him an enema would be best using the reusable rubber enema bulb syringe.
      May be best (again ask your doctor) not to use the enema bag.
      I give the enema most of the time on a table. Yes, kitchen table can be used. And no no mess. Put towel on the table. Pull the shades down. Make sure the room is warm and no cold drafts.
      Prepare everything. Have it sitting on the table…bulb, pan or bowl of solution, towel, jar of Vaseline or coconut lube,
      Once all prepared go get the one who will be getting an enema. Make sure the solution temp didn’t cool down too much. Can use a bath thermometer to ensure right solution temp. I test a little of the solution on my wrist.
      Strip from the waist down. Safely put on the towel on the table. Laying on back. Fill the syringe. Making sure no air is in it.
      encourage him to retain the enema for a few minutes.
      Take to expel.
      Clean the bulb with warm soapy water. Rinse few times with plain warm water. I final rinse the bulb with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide or alcohol.
      Leave the enema bulb airing out for a few days!

    7. Nancy Avatar

      Hi Leilani, yes enemas can be given to children.
      Growing up in the 50s my aunt lived with us. She was a nurse. Her and my cousin lived with us.

      She gave enemas. Being 7 years oldest I remember this very well.

      If you go to Dr Wilson’s page at:

      Scroll way down to enemas for children section.
      He says the coffee enema can be given to one over 2 years of age.
      He has some instructions for giving the enema there as well.

      I have heard 2, 4, 6 and even old as 11 for giving the coffee enema.

      Best to consult with your doctor as to when best to give the coffee enema.

      A plain water enema, or mild warm soapy water enema, can be given to one over 2. Never under 2.

      When have time will write more about the enema.

      Happy Season for all

      1. Bonnie Avatar

        It’s great to see some familiar posters giving input on the positive aspects of cleansing and coffee enemas. They were such a common treatment several decades ago, and it seems unfortunate that they have fallen out of favor in modern day medical practice.

        A simple, old fashioned enema, is a quick way to overcome many of those maladies that we deal with. Obviously, those constant TV ads that push the OTC and prescription meds to deal with a plethora of digestive issues, are indicative of substantial needs for options that my mom (Bonnie) and her mom were quick to deploy during those times.

        Our family pediatrician and the adult’s doctor, were proponents of this simple procedure. Many years later, I still find a nice warm enema, and coffee enemas, to be a great therapeutic adjunct to my overall health and well being!

  3. A.D. Avatar

    It is funny how you get tons of warnings about how dangerous the enemas are from 1 case of proctocolitis,in which the patient recovered,and 2 deaths due to electrolytes loss,which can be prevented by drinking electrolyte water after the enema.Nobody is talking how many people die, or end up in the ER,due to over the counter medications and prescription drugs,daily.

  4. Karla Avatar

    Hey Wellness Mama! Always great articles!

    As far as enema equipment, what is your preferred? Do you have a “kit” that you would refer me to?

    1. Carol S Avatar
      Carol S

      Karla and others,
      Yes, always great articles!
      As far as enema equipment I use the 2 quart red rubber enema bag. I have given and gotten many enemas with it for years. Cost little over $10. Got it at local drug store.For my two kids (b5 and b7) I use the rubber enema bulb syringe. It holds 8 oz. Got it at local drug stores.
      Just so others can learn some, I get the coffee enema on the bed. Put towel on the bed. Never a mess. I am given a full enema bag. Feel so good after getting a coffee enema.
      I give mine the bulb enema either on the bed on a towel, on the table and across my lap way.
      Enemas given for fevers, helping recovery from a illness, constipation or I feel an enema is needed.
      Most of the time give a monthly enema. Regardless if needed or not.

  5. Helen Avatar

    Hello Wellness Mama,

    In your blog, you mentioned that “I’ve tried this process several times, often in conjunction with a water fast…”, can you please tell me in which day(s) of your water fast (day 1, 2, or 3…) that you did the coffee enema? Much appreciated.

      1. Roger Clement Avatar
        Roger Clement

        Hi Katie,
        Not sure if my post went through okay (My cat has a habit of walking over my keyboard) so here it is again!
        I have been doing coffee enemas and regular long term fasting for 50 years and never had any detrimental issues with it. People have often wondered and told me ‘Why don’t you have any wrinkles? Your skin is tight and you still have color in your hair. You don’t look any older than a person in his/her fifties. (I am pushing eighty years old now) Any injuries and scar tissue heals up to a fine line on my skin. My secret is adding a teaspoon of Spirulina & one of Chlorella in water or apple juice four times a day no matter whether I am fasting or not. While doing this on a fast I never feel hungry and my energy level is good. Works well for me!

        1. Isa Avatar

          Hi, thanks for sharing your experience. May I ask where did you learn about coffee enemas 50 years ago and did I read right you take spirulina and chlorella 4 times a day?

  6. Janet Avatar

    I’m hooked on them. I’ve heard about them for a long time learning about alternative cancer therapies for general education, but didn’t actually try it myself until a thermography showed an inflamed liver/gall bladder area. I took milk thistle supplements for a month, but didn’t notice much improvement so I tried the coffee enema and felt a big improvement right away. In years past I tried the “gall bladder flush” drinking the olive oil and lemon/grapefruit juice and I just couldn’t stomach doing that again (and I never noticed that big of a help). There’s a learning curve with the enema and I’m not yet able to hold it past 10 minutes, but I’m working on it. Seems my body likes it about twice a week at this point. I did two days in a row to begin with. The cramping can be bad now and then, but deep breathing and stomach massage has helped me get through those waves and hold it longer each time. I stay hydrated drinking water before and coconut water after to replace electrolytes. I heard the gall bladder gurgle I’ve read about on the first try. I was definitely in need!

    1. Sue Mom Avatar

      Janet, you are not alone being hooked on them! Im hooked on coffee enemas and other enemas as well.

      Growing up in the 50s and 60s the enema was a common home remedy. Very common.

      Glad you told of taking deep breaths when getting an enema. My aunt was a nurse….she, with my cousin, lived with us during and after her divorce. My mom was also divorced. So my aunt helped watching us.
      Back in the 50s and 60s enemas were given by moms in almost every home.

      Breathing during the enema! You are right telling taking deep breaths helps. It relaxes the patient and makes the enema comfortable to get.
      When my aunt gave enemas, she would tell the one getting enema to take deep breaths in and out of open mouth.
      She would also tell the one getting it to pretend “blow the candles out.”
      The breathing helped taking the enema.
      She also gave stomach massage to help if the patient was having cramps.
      Later in life when I gave enemas in my home, I told the one I gave enemas to to breathe in and out of open mouth…and I gave a massage. Those two things helped.
      Relaxing is very important too. When giving an enema, especially to the child, talking beforehand, during and after the enema helps.

      Best to consult with doctor before giving enemas.

      What kit to buy and use is asked about often.
      Best to buy quality and only from good sources.
      Most drugstores sell the enema bag and bulbs. I used both for years. You can buy a stainless enema bucket. But I found the red rubber two quart enema bag to work just fine.
      If properly cleaned and aired for few days after use the bag will last for years.
      Growing up the bulb syringe was used. I gave enemas with the bulb too. And still use the bulb for my enemas.
      It is great to take along when traveling. Instead of the bulky bag. Or almost unpack-able bucket kit.
      The link given above in other comment is great to buy the enema.
      Or buy from optimalhealthnetwork.com

      A friend of mine got the 260ml syringe from fruugo (see link above). It holds little over 8 ounces. She uses it for her coffee enemas and other enemas. Also gives enemas to her two with it.

      She was cleaning it in sink of warm soapy water other day. It is very soft. Good quality. The nozzle is firm but very flexible and soft.

      I filled it up in the sink. Very easy to fill. Easy to squeeze to empty.

      Slap me for telling…but was fun playing with it in the sink of warm soapy water.
      Don’t buy the bulb syringe sold in most drugstores. They have a hard plastic straight nozzle. Yes can be removed for cleaning. But over time removing and putting the nozzle back on will weaken where it goes into the bulb. Water leaks when giving an enema. Right where the nozzle goes into the bulb.

      Not medical advice. Talk to your doctor before giving any home remedies. Including enemas

  7. Joanna Avatar

    I always experience abdominal pain after elimination, no matter what kind of enema. However after coffee enemy I feel energised, still the pain is keeping me from doing them often. Any suggestions what to do? I really take care of the right temperatur, enough time, no stress.

  8. Borita Avatar

    I followed a modified Gerson protocol when I was diagnosed with breast cancer(DCIN-Stage 0) almost 20 years ago. I had other issues as well-fibromyalgia, candida, Hashimoto’s, parasites, inflammation in my joints. I worked with a naturopathic doctor for 3 years and reversed all my symptoms, including cancer except for the Hashimoto’s. Since then I have continued to follow an organic diet and live a healthy lifestyle with the support of my husband. This last year, my blood tests showed that I am in complete remission from Hashimoto’s even though I had to continue to work with other functional medical practitioners to reverse SIBO and heavy metals and mold exposure. I continue to do coffee enemas as needed to remove inflammation and toxins. They have made such a difference! I am now 68 and enjoy a level of health and wellness that I never thought possible.

    1. Erica Smith Avatar
      Erica Smith

      Where do you live? Looking for a natural path to help my similar issues. I’m in Chicago suburbs!

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