4 Unusual Ways to Boost Oral Health

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I’ve always been somewhat fascinated with the methods available to naturally boost oral health.

I remember asking my orthodontist why my teeth were crooked to begin with when getting braces. Of course, his answer: simply genetic. Just like my dentist told me that teeth couldn’t heal and that sugar was causing cavities.

As I researched my way into a real food diet, a lot of things started making a lot more sense, but the idea that dental health was sheerly genetic and the presence of sugar on the outside of the teeth causing cavities didn’t make sense at all. Then, I read Cure Tooth Decay by Rami Nagel (much cheaper on Kindle if you have it) and Dr. Price’s Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and things feel in to place.

Like the rest of our body, our teeth and oral health systems are a living, changing environment that is, but just treating from the outside alone (brushing and flossing), won’t fix oral problems unless you address the inside too, though these are still very important.

How to Boost Oral Health

Optimal oral health comes with supporting the body and mouth from the inside and outside at the same time. I saw tremendous changes once I realized this. My teeth were whiter, my gum puffiness went away, and my dentist even commented that cavities were getting better and my plaque was gone!

There were several things that were vital for me to boost oral health for myself and my family members:

1. Change in Diet

What you eat can boost oral health as much (or more) than brushing or flossing.

Here’s why…

Teeth are in constant state of remineralization as the saliva in the mouth provides minerals to the teeth and the cells in the teeth use these minerals to strengthen themselves.

I first started researching this after reading Cure Tooth Decay by Rami Nagel and Dr. Price’s Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. Both books delve into the work of Dr. Weston A Price, a dentist who studied the oral health of people in cultures around the world.

He found that certain tribes that never brushed or flossed had virtually no cavities or tooth decay, and everyone had perfectly straight teeth and wide jaw lines. His research showed that several factors contributed to this incredible oral health in certain populations, mainly:

  • The presence of enough fat soluble vitamins in the diet
  • Low levels of phytic acid in the diet
  • Enough minerals in the diet

I talked about this in depth in this post about how I reversed my own cavities and this one about how to have healthy teeth from the inside out.

I followed the advice in Cure Tooth Decay and made some changes to my diet, mainly:

Diet to Help Heal Cavities and Improve Oral Health

  1. I drastically cut foods that contained high amounts of phytic acid (grains, beans, etc). I already wasn’t eating grains or beans, but I also cut or limited nuts.
  2. Limited foods containing even natural sugars or starches– I limited fruit and even starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes and focused on mineral rich vegetables, bone broths, meats and healthy fats.
  3. Ate a LOT of healthy fats. I added extra of coconut oil to my diet each day, and used only pastured, cultured butter.
  4. I made an effort to consume a lot of homemade bone broth for its added minerals.

To recap: No grains, beans or nuts and limited fruits and starches. Lots of vegetables, protein, LOTS of healthy fats and bone broth.

2. Adding Supplements:

Supplements to Help Heal Cavities and Improve Oral Health

To help the body remineralize cavities, it is sometimes necessary to increase mineral levels with supplements. Many foods are grown in nutrient-depleted soil, so supplements help fill those nutritional gaps. These are the supplements I typically recommend for improved oral health and dental healing:

  • Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Butter Blend   This is one of the main supplements recommended by Dr. Price from his research and recommended in Cure Tooth Decay. Only the fermented Cod Liver Oil has the optimal combination of nutrients and is high i Vitamins A, D and K.
  • Vitamin D This was the other main supplement that Dr. Price and the Drs. Mellanby found was extremely supportive of dental healing. The study found that cavities healed when vitamin D was optimized — even if diet wasn’t changed. Of course, the best results occurred when diet was optimized alongside Vitamin D. As a result, I spend time in the sun *gasp* around noon everyday, and take Fermented Cod Liver Oil. That way, I don’t need to supplement with extra Vitamin D.
  • Coconut Oil– I take an additional 1/4-1/2 cup a day of coconut oil in a smoothie or melted in tea each day. We get ours from Tropical Traditions, but you can find it many places…. just look for organic, virgin and unrefined coconut oil. My favorite right now is to blend it into coffee to emulsify it with a dash of vanilla.
  • Others: I also take Magnesium, Gelatin, and Vitamin C daily, though these aren’t as vital to tooth healing.

3. Balancing Hormones

Hormones can have a dramatic effect on oral health as they can control the acid/alkaline balance in the mouth and how well the body can heal or fight disease. Many of us have symptoms of hormone imbalance and things like optimizing sleep, stress, diet, and fitness can make a big difference in hormone health and oral health.

4. Change In Oral Health Products

how to whiten teeth naturally with charcoalMany conventional toothpastes and mouth products contain chemicals and artificial ingredients that can do more harm than good! Ever read the label on a regular tube of toothpaste? There is a list of cautions and warnings as even a small mouthful of toothpaste can kill a small child… not something I want sitting on my counter with teething toddlers running around!

The good news is that switching to natural toothpaste (like my Wellnesse brand whitening and charcoal toothpastes!) is often easier than switching diet, exercise or (*ahem*) getting enough sleep.

I’ve been making my own remineralizing toothpaste for years, and been using it in conjunction with OraWellness Products. In that time, I have had no new cavities, and several areas that the dentist was waiting to fill at my next appointment weren’t there when I went back! It also used to take them a long time to scrape down my teeth at each appointment, and now it literally takes a couple of minutes at most.

I’ve also been whitening my teeth naturally, though my method sparked a lot of controversy on Pinterest!

Here’s my full oral health routine that I used when I was actively trying to remineralize my teeth.

What is your biggest oral health challenge and what steps are you taking to overcome it? Share below!

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143 responses to “4 Unusual Ways to Boost Oral Health”

  1. Amanda Whitsell Ridout Avatar
    Amanda Whitsell Ridout

    I have very clean and healthy teeth. I have recently switched to all natural tooth powder.  I have passed on the clean teeth habit to my children. I would love it if they keep it going but in a natural, healthy way. 

  2. Phelps Avatar

    I’ve switched to tooth powder.  Toothpaste is problematic.  It’s not just the common ingredient SLS that I avoid but also glycerine.  Apparently it can coat the teeth and prevent your saliva from re-mineralizing your teeth!  Back to basics, I say.

  3. Stef Ray Avatar
    Stef Ray

    Thanks for the giveaway! My biggest challenge has been to eat better to help my teeth be strong.

  4. Erica Avatar

    I just had a baby 3 months ago and my gums are a wreck! Trying to juggle a baby and maintain oral health (plus 2 other children) is a challenge.

  5. Laci Garza Avatar
    Laci Garza

    I have a cavity (that WAS incredibly painful) that is now in the process of healing thanks to my change in diet, toothpaste, the addition of cod liver oil and plenty of sunshine!  I still have some healing to go but I can’t wait to at OraWellness to my list of things that helped me save my tooth!

  6. Natalie Avatar

    i use a floride free toothpaste and TRY to floss everyday. I love the information you provided and I look forward to trying the brushing blend oil!!!

  7. Sarah Morrisey Avatar
    Sarah Morrisey

    I am lucky enough to have very healthy teeth and gums.  I use your remineralizing tooth powder along with the OraWellness brushing blend.  What a PERFECT combination!!  I am convinced my teeth will remain healthy (and shiny clean) with this daily regime!  Thanks WellnessMama and OralWellness!!!  🙂

  8. Mags Avatar

    I have terrible teeth- easily get cavities! I’ve always been told its genetic.  But after reading about blog entries last night about reversing tooth decay and remineralizing your teeth, I am ready to give it a try!!

    1. Will Revak Avatar
      Will Revak

      Genetics really do play a role in oral health.  However, our cultural understanding of genetics needs updating! 🙂  I used to believe in the outdated genetic story that says, ‘well, it’s your genetics’.  In other words, you are stuck with what you got, almost like a lottery, and have to bear the burden of it or, if you are lucky, reap the benefit.

      However, the field of epigenetics clearly shows that our genetic potential expands or contracts immediately to the quality of care we give our system.  So, rather than being ‘stuck’ with poor genetics, each of us can turn on sleeping genetic potential for greater health (including oral health) be making sure we get certain nutrients in our diets.  Now, diet isn’t the only aspect to turning on our genetic potential, but it plays a foundational role!

      I encourage you to check out Dr. Cate Shanahan’s book, Deep Nutrition for more info on epigenetics and how our dietary choices can make or break our ability to experience optimal health.

      To your health!

  9. Shea Avatar

    I have a child with special needs, and I brush her teeth for her but am often alarmed at the amount she will swallow despite my best efforts. 

  10. Jessi Avatar

    I’ve always had good teeth, but my gums have started to recede. I’ve just changed toothpaste to one of the recipes you shared and have added coconut oil to our diet as well as the cod liver/butter oil.

  11. Gren Avatar

    I have had “bad” teeth ever since I was little. I had baby bottle rot and then when i was a few years older I ate a moth ball thinking it was candy (at least that’s what my mom tells me). I’ve had thousands of dollars put into my mouth over the years and it just never ends. I’ve been so frustrated that I was to the point I was going to have them all pulled and get dentures but my dentist talked me out of it. I follow a good brushing and flossing routine and do everything I can to try to save and improve my teeth but nothing helps.  I just started getting into the natural remedies and I hope that helps as I’ve had several teeth pulled and the rest are all fillings I have very little of my natural teeth left. I have given up on them and now only go to a dentist when they start to bother me (usually to have another one pulled because I refuse and cant afford root canals). Even when I made regular visits to the dentist I was constantly sticking thousands of dollars into my mouth every year.  Something has to help!

  12. Kortney Bewley Avatar
    Kortney Bewley

    My biggest challenge is just to brush my teeth and floss them. I usually forget 4 out of 7 days a week to brush and rarely floss my teeth. I don’t seem to have a problem with cavities, but i do have lots of plaque. I use jason toothpaste currently but am interested in making my own and trying oil pulling.

    1. Kortney Bewley Avatar
      Kortney Bewley

       I should also mention I grind my teeth and a filling came out last week and it cracked my tooth in half! I went to the dentist and he said I have receding gums, the beginning of gum disease!  I’m going to buy a new toothbrush and do the BASS Brushing method from now on!

  13. Elizabeth S Avatar
    Elizabeth S

    I’m just starting with the bone broth to remineralize my teeth.

  14. Ellen Flint Avatar
    Ellen Flint

    My biggest challenges have been sensitivity and yellowness. I ditched by Crest a few weeks ago and have been rinsing with hydrogen peroxide, flossing daily, and I made my own toothpaste with baking soda, peppermint oil, coconut oil, and stevia. I’m hoping to try clay and charcoal soon. 

    1. Will Revak Avatar
      Will Revak

      Hi Ellen,

      Sensitivity is definitely a sign not to be ignored.  It generally points to a decrease in minerals in the diet showing up as some gum recession and the associated root sensitivity.  It’s great that you are aware of this and are heading in the right direction with your oral care changes.

      We encourage you to come watch some of our free video tutorials on our site to help folks create positive changes in their own oral health.

  15. Jill Reznick Avatar
    Jill Reznick

    I’m a dental hygienist and fortunately do not have any cavities and didn’t need any orthodontic work. But I am very interested in learning how to heal your teeth and improve your oral health in a hollistic manner. Very exciting!

  16. Mike Avatar

    We are new to your website and we are making lots of switches to our diet and self care. We would love to get on board with remineralizing our teeth and using the brushing blend!

  17. Amber laray Avatar
    Amber laray

    I have a ton of cavities and have had more fillings than I can count. My teeth constantly hurt and as I am learning to make my own toothpaste I fail to keep at it.

  18. Tammy Allen Avatar
    Tammy Allen

    Would love to try these products. I like my current tooth powder, but this sounds great!

  19. Violet Avatar

    Well, the fermented cod liver oil tastes revolting, but I am sticking with it and trying my hardest to improve my teeth and not need the next filling.  If it works, then well worth it!!  thank you for all the information.

  20. Stacey Morrisey Avatar
    Stacey Morrisey

    I use your remineralizing powder (recipe) along with the OraWellness brushing blend. I love the combination! The brushing blend leaves a clean fresh feeling that lasts hours! Not to mention how smooth the powder makes my teeth feel. I am lucky enough to have very healthy teeth and gums, and I am confident my current oral health regime will help keep it that way!

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