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DIY probiotic face mask
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I recently posted the natural remedies for acne that helped me finally achieve and maintain clear skin. One thing I mentioned was the benefit of probiotics on the skin, and a probiotic face mask is one of my favorite inexpensive ways to get them on the skin naturally.

Why Probiotics on the Skin?

As I mentioned in my acne remedies post, we are just starting to understand the system of living organisms that exists on our skin. Just as we have a gut microbiome, researchers are finding that we have similar but different colonies of bacteria on our skin, in our mouths and other places as well.

I’m excited for the emerging research about the skin biome and for skin products that will take into account individual probiotic needs, but in the meantime, this is a simple at-home recipe that has been around for ages! (I read one time that Cleopatra used to bathe in yogurt to stay youthful).

Food on the Face?

I love this face mask because it is cooling and refreshing and just feels great on the skin too. Yogurt naturally has probiotics and beneficial fats and this is a very gentle mask. I typically do a yogurt mask every couple of weeks and alternate with a deep cleansing mud mask.

The best thing about this mask is how easy it is to do. You can use plain organic yogurt or add a capsule of probiotics for an extra boost. I typically add a capsule of a Probiotics for an extra boost.

Yogurt contains zinc and lactic acid (a natural hydroxyl acid) that are great for the skin, and the beneficial fats in yogurt help to nourish skin. I found that adding 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder was great when I was fighting acne and that adding 1 teaspoon of olive oil helped with dry skin.

How to Make a Yogurt Mask


  • 1 tablespoon plain organic yogurt (full fat preferred)
  • 1 capsule of Probiotics (optional)
  • For Oily Skin: 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder (optional)
  • For Dry Skin: 1 tsp olive oil (optional)


  1. Mix yogurt and any other optional ingredients you are using.
  2. Gently apply to face in small circles.
  3. Leave on for 10-30 minutes. 10 minutes will be more moisturizing and 30 minutes will be more deep cleansing.
  4. Wash off with warm water and pat dry.

 Ever put food on your face? How did it work?


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50 responses to “Probiotic Face Mask”

  1. Andrea Avatar

    Hi, can someone share a barrier cream recipe with probiotics or a body/face spray with probiotics? Thank you!

  2. Elaine Matthews Avatar
    Elaine Matthews

    I am 67 years old and enjoy making many personal care products. Tonight was the first time I had tried the yogurt/olive oil mask. Immediately, I felt the tightening of my skin and was very hopeful. I waited about 10 or so minutes, then washed it off. I looked in the mirror and saw that my forehead was bright red. I chose not to use toner, but instead applied a light coat of jojoba oil. About 15 minutes has passed. My forehead is now pink, and my face has a nice glow but is rather itchy. How should I judge this reaction? Thanks for all guidance.

  3. Lola Avatar

    I’ve been putting food on my face since the 70s.while I’d like to think I came up with the idea i did start using blended fruits and yes yogurt! cream and honey, many years ago. On mine and my massage clients face,hands and feet . Strawberries a favorite.

  4. Toni Avatar

    I’ve definitely put food on my face — I use raw honey to cleanse in the morning and coconut oil to cleanse and moisturize in the evening. I’ve never thought about using turmeric topically. I’d like to learn more about why that’s beneficial. I know it’s anti-inflammatory, but didn’t know it could help oily skin. Why does it help with oil?

  5. Jacqui Avatar

    I have bought a bottle of 100% pure virgin steam distilled frankincense oil that I was going to use in my oil burner but wondered if their was anything else I could use it for and how do I use it. ??

  6. Shweta Avatar

    This method really works. I have put food before on my face. My mom never allowed me to use chemicals on face. Instead she gives me food like yogurt, honey, tomato, papaya, banana etc.. It really works. And the best part is that there are little or no side effects.

  7. Jes Avatar

    Question: will using the whey from strained homemade yoghurt have the same effect? It contains the probiotics and i have so much in my fridge it would be awesome if i can feed my face bacteria with it 🙂

  8. Debra Turner Avatar
    Debra Turner

    You have some some interesting and well-researched content here! Great to learn stuff.

    1. Linda Avatar

      Aren’t many of her recipes great? I’m learning so much from the W Mama all the time! Besides the yummy yogurt and applesauce muffins, I’ve made the lip balm with my own bees’ wax and am looking forward to the lotion and shampoo bars. I hate chemicals, so thank you for helping all of us find natural and healthier ways to live!

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