Deep Cleansing Mud Mask Recipe

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Deep cleansing mud mask facial recipe with herbs and essential oils
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Writing a book is stressful! It caused my first autoimmune flare in months and the first time I’ve had a skin breakout in years. I’m back on the autoimmune reset diet and my symptoms are all fading quickly, but to help speed up the skin healing, I’ve been doing my deep cleansing mud mask recipe (in fact, I have one on my face as I type this!).

I got a natural facial as a gift one time and it was so relaxing and my skin felt great for days. My budget doesn’t allow regular facials, so I wanted to find a good at-home option instead. This mask has been great for clearing up my stress-induced breakout and getting my skin back to normal.

Ingredients Needed

  • Bentonite Clay: I like to use this Essential Living Clay for external uses like facials. I’ve written before about the many benefits of healing clays, and bentonite is especially good at firming and detoxing the skin. It is also great for detoxing the hair and restoring natural volume and shine.
  • Honey: Another facial ingredient I love, honey is naturally soothing and cleansing. I often use honey alone to cleanse my face in the evening (I use the oil cleansing method in the morning) with great results. Raw honey is naturally antibacterial and is great for skin healing. It also adds a smooth and silky texture to the mask.
  • Herbs and Essential Oils: I put some chamomile flowers and calendula flowers in the blender to make a fine powder and add to the clay before mixing with the honey and water to add some extra skin nourishment. I also like to add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil for scent and skin health. If I don’t feel like powdering the herbs first, I just make a strong tea with them instead and use the liquid in place of water in the recipe below.

Mud Mask Ingredients

  • 1 teaspoon of bentonite clay
  • 1 teaspoon raw honey
  • 1 teaspoon of water (or more if needed)
  • 1/2 tsp of powdered calendula and chamomile flowers (optional)
  • 2 drops of lavender essential oil (optional)

Mud Mask Instructions

  1. Mix the bentonite clay with the powdered herbs (if using) in a small bowl.
  2. Add honey and mix to form a thick paste.
  3. Add enough warm water to form a thin paste. Add lavender essential oil (if using).
  4. Immediately apply to face and neck in a circular motion, avoiding the eyes.
  5. Leave on 10-15 minutes or until it has hardened.
  6. Wash off with a (dark colored) wash cloth soaked in hot water (really hot water helps to steam off the mask without having to rub the skin).
  7. Pat skin dry and enjoy your smooth skin!

Ever made a mud mask at home? What did you use? Tell me below!

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91 responses to “Deep Cleansing Mud Mask Recipe”

  1. Cresence Avatar

    How often is too often to use a bentonite clay mask? Also, if you have left over mask can you save it for later or is that not recommended? Thanks!

  2. Sarah Avatar

    Hello! Love your “beauty” recipes! Any thoughts for substitutions for honey in the facial masks to make the recipes vegan-friendly? Thanks again for all the great info. 🙂

  3. mary Avatar

    I tried a clay facial once because I heard about wonderful detoxifying results. First, I used water, but it lumped up on my face. Then I tried using vinegar, per the instructions, but it made my face turn red. What did I do wrong? I love raw honey; will this prevent it from lumping up on my face? What about the chamomile and calendula? I have a lot of powdered clay left, and would like to use it.

    1. Myranda sue Martin Avatar
      Myranda sue Martin

      The face redness is a sign of increased circulation. It should only last a few minutes. If it is too intense use less ACV and add a little water.

  4. Hoku Avatar

    Are you able to keep the mask in the fridge and not use it right away?

  5. Dee Avatar

    I notice most recipes are for individual use amounts— will this not keep if made ahead?

  6. Pam Avatar

    I have access to kaolin clay and would love to make my own mask but I’m a little nervous about any impurities in the clay. I have sensitive skin and suffer from exzema breakouts. Does it need to be treated in some way ie: bake it or maybe boil it to take out any lurking organisms? I may be way overthinking this but would hate the cure to be worse than the complaint!!

  7. Jeanette Christine Nunez Avatar
    Jeanette Christine Nunez

    I just made a mud mask and was wondering if anyone else had used the ingredients I did.
    Guava leaves, soaked
    Amla Powder
    Benonite clay
    Lemon verbena flowers, ground
    Rose water
    Little lemon juice
    Rosehip seed oil
    Tamanu oil

    It’s on my face right now. A little chunky but feels nice so far!

  8. Liz Avatar

    Is the leftover clay mix saveable/reusable, if so how? And for how long?

  9. lisa phillips Avatar
    lisa phillips

    Hey! Love your life girl.
    Do you have a facebook group? This is the 2nd time I have referred to your site for excellent results (the other was hot to distill rose water – worked wonders).


  10. Greta Avatar

    Regarding the ‘Mud Mask Ingredients’
    If I don’t want to use honey, what’s another alternative? maybe organic maple?

    Thank you.

  11. Lily Avatar

    Hello ,

    I’ m having an issue of disolving clay properly , clumps are forming ,never happened before with other clays ,still this clay you suggested do magic even of used on its own ,still works amazing ,just feeling i m waisting a lot of product .Would appreciate any suggestions .

    Thank you

  12. Alison Avatar

    Ha! As I read this, I too have an Aztec clay mask on my face! I have had a terrible break out around my mouth and chin due to stress, hormones, and wearing a surgical mask for 6+ hours a day.
    I love to use the Aztec Healing Clay with distilled water and a few drops of lavender essential oil; it’s very relaxing.

  13. Joann Avatar

    Can I use fullers earth in place of betonite clay in this recipe. If not do you have some suggestion or recipes I can use it as I have a 16 oz bag of it? Thanks Joann. This is the face clay recipe with betonite clay recipe

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