All-Natural Homemade Lipstick Recipe

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Natural Homemade Lipstick Recipe with color variations
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I’ve been making natural lip balm, lipstick, and chapstick recipes for years, although it took me a while to actually get it to the point of a recipe. Typically I would just eyeball the ingredients, which shows you how easy this recipe is to make!

This homemade lipstick recipe mimics a creamy, full coverage lipstick and packs plenty of color. However, if you aren’t a fan of colored lipsticks, you can make this recipe without any added color options to achieve a basic natural lip chap.

That’s the beauty of making your makeup from scratch, like my DIY eye shadow, is you can make it exactly the way you like it!

Why Homemade Lipstick?

Wondering why you’d take the time and trouble to make your own natural makeup?

Surprisingly, conventional lipstick can be a source of harmful chemicals and since it is used on the skin (lips) and near the mouth, these chemicals can be easily absorbed. These homemade lipstick variations let you create a personalized lipstick color that is chemical-free and inexpensive to make.

Also, homemade just means more! Give these as an inexpensive but thoughtful gift at holidays or birthdays that friends and family are sure to enjoy.

Customizing Your Perfect Natural Lipstick Color

To get the hue in the picture above, I used a tiny pinch of beetroot powder (1/8 tsp or less), 1/4 tsp cocoa powder, 1/8 tsp bentonite clay, 1/8 tsp cinnamon, and a drop of peppermint essential oil (just because I like the smell). Jump to the recipe for other color customization options, all from natural colorants.

If you like a darker shade, just add a little more cocoa powder after mixing to darken slightly until you reach your preferred tone.

Now let’s get into the recipe!

Natural Tinted Lipstick Recipe

This recipe makes a moisturizing tube lipstick with a good amount of pigment and coverage. For a lighter, glossier look, try this tinted lip balm recipe.

Natural Homemade Lipstick Recipe with color variations
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Homemade Lipstick Recipe

This base recipe will create a smooth, clear lipstick that is very moisturizing and protective. If you want, you can add color with the following add-ins to create a color of your choice.
Author: Katie Wells


Base Lipstick Recipe

Optional Color Add-Ins


Homemade Lipstick Instructions

  • Melt the beeswax, shea butter/cocoa butter and coconut oil in a glass jar without a lid in a small pot of simmering (not boiling) water. It should melt quickly because so little of each ingredient is used.
  • When melted, remove from heat and add any optional ingredients like color or scent.
  • Once all ingredients are mixed well but still liquid, use a dropper to pour into the lip chap container. I used the glass dropper from an old tincture bottle. Fill just below the top as it will expand slightly as it cools. Leave to cool for at least half an hour.


Store in a cool place (under 80 degrees) or it will soften.

More Natural Makeup Recipes

Ever made your own cosmetics? How did it go? What hue would you make of this recipe? Share below!

This natural homemade lipstick recipe is an easy alternative to commercial versions that contain harmful chemicals. Made with all natural ingredients.

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326 responses to “All-Natural Homemade Lipstick Recipe”

  1. MaryAnn Avatar

    Love your recipes going to try them. I have made my own lipsticks awhile ago. I used cocoa butter,Shea ,coconut oil, Vit-E oil & beeswax. Just don’t remember how much of each. Would you be able to tell me? Thanks for sharing your recipes. MaryAnn

  2. Emily Avatar

    So I tried using beet powder and it didn’t blend. It’s just a bunch of purple specks that don’t add visible (on the lips/skin) color. Any thoughts how to fix this or why this happened? Thanks.

  3. Malini Avatar

    Hi do I have to use bees wax pastille only or can I just use bees wax that comes in a bar.

  4. Christina Avatar

    In the site that you provided for the ingredients, can you use any of those powders to make a color?

  5. Cyril T Avatar

    This is a great base. I added my own color and it came out lovely. Thanks for the recipe

  6. Dominica Avatar

    Can we use Kaolin clay instead of B clay to make the lipstick matte?

  7. Panch Avatar

    Hi there.. i don’t have access to beet root I absolutely love the color of beet.. can i use beet root juice instead of powder???

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar

      The trick would be to get it to blend in since oil and water don’t mix easily and emulsification could be tough in this small of a batch.

  8. Janis Avatar

    Did you try this recipe with the beet powder? I bought everything as you suggested, from Rose Mountain Herbs. The beet powder does not mix in, and does not color the lip balm. The result is lip balm with gritty red pieces, that sit on your lips. Additionally, you make note to add slowly, that a little goes a long way. That was not the case with the beet root powder. I began with 1/8 teaspoon beet root powder and added that amount slowly many more times (6-8) and still had no color, just the red gritty pieces. What a disappointment. I am unhappy that I invested time and money in this recipe that doesn’t work.

  9. Mary Avatar

    Hello, I love the color of the lipstick in the picture of Homemade Lipstick Recipe! Anyway to replicate it for us? It looks mauve! That’s my color!
    Mary, from Stamford, CT

  10. Zarrin Avatar

    I don’t have shea butter or coca butter in my country. What can I use instead?

  11. Louisa Avatar

    how do you get the liquid food color to work? I tried this, and 1 drop absolutely did not work. I think I had to use about 10 drops(well I think I lost count at 10), and barely got any color at all…. (Plus mixing it with the oil/beeswax base was not fun… it didn’t really like to mix well)

  12. Debbie Smith Avatar
    Debbie Smith

    Hi, I tried the recipe and it turned out well but found that I’m sensitive to Shea butter and beeswax so going to try a variation on your recipe with candelilla wax, cocoa butter and coconut oil. My question is – i would like to check that I will not “hydrogenated” the cocoa butter when I’m heating it up. Candelilla wax needs high temperatures so my plan was to heat it in a glass jar in a steamer with t coconut oil then take it off the heat to add t cocoa butter and any colouring I use. I will write back and let you know what my final recipe is.

    1. Miki Avatar

      You can’t hydrogenate any oil by heating it. Hydrogenation is a chemical process by which hydrogen links in medium chain fatty acids are adulterated at the molecular level. Heating doesn’t do that. Actually, heating any oil shortens it’s lifespan, which is the exact opposite of the reason for hydrogenation.

  13. Tara Avatar

    I always wanted to try a simple gloss made of honey and beet juice for colorant…Thanks Wellness Mama and all for your time and posts…very inspiring

    For Ally…there are tons of natural cosmetics out there made with top quality ingredients (non toxic), but fairly pricey, as most conventional high end cosmetics are. If you are on Instagram, check out organicbunny (she’s an organic beauty blogger). Through her, you will discover lots of organic non toxic products. Good luck…

  14. ally Avatar

    just read all of the comments on this post, after reading the post of course.
    huge kudos to every single woman and person who CARES about health, alternative makeup, and everything good that brings us together here in this article…
    its inspiring and i love yall.
    thanks wellness mama for inspiring it all and bringing it all together. i hope to try these out in the not too distant future…
    im also really interested (if u feel like answering..) in your take on bareessentials/bareminerals whatever that company is. or if theres any good company that can be recommended for natural products. or if you would ever sell your products…… ie: gosh, i am such a millennial. i want it now !
    thanks very much
    may all the natural world people prosper and grow and continue to inspire collective society and culture to recall and embrace the mineral bronzer dust from whence we come…..

  15. Sarah Avatar

    Hi There…love this recipe! I used mica minerals for colouring. Are they ok to use?

  16. Puva Avatar

    Hi There. I managed to get all the products ready and excited to make it. Just want to know how long these lipsticks will last? Any expiration for home made ones? Thanks!

  17. Laks Avatar

    Hi Katie. This recipe came out as a sheer gloss whereas I wanted it more matte. I made it twice, the first time with bentonite clay and the second time with arrowroot powder. Could you let me know where I’m going wrong? Should I reduce the butter/wax and increase the clay/powder?

    I don’t get much natural lipsticks where I am, so would really appreciate your response.

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