All-Natural Homemade Lipstick Recipe

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Natural Homemade Lipstick Recipe with color variations
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I’ve been making natural lip balm, lipstick, and chapstick recipes for years, although it took me a while to actually get it to the point of a recipe. Typically I would just eyeball the ingredients, which shows you how easy this recipe is to make!

This homemade lipstick recipe mimics a creamy, full coverage lipstick and packs plenty of color. However, if you aren’t a fan of colored lipsticks, you can make this recipe without any added color options to achieve a basic natural lip chap.

That’s the beauty of making your makeup from scratch, like my DIY eye shadow, is you can make it exactly the way you like it!

Why Homemade Lipstick?

Wondering why you’d take the time and trouble to make your own natural makeup?

Surprisingly, conventional lipstick can be a source of harmful chemicals and since it is used on the skin (lips) and near the mouth, these chemicals can be easily absorbed. These homemade lipstick variations let you create a personalized lipstick color that is chemical-free and inexpensive to make.

Also, homemade just means more! Give these as an inexpensive but thoughtful gift at holidays or birthdays that friends and family are sure to enjoy.

Customizing Your Perfect Natural Lipstick Color

To get the hue in the picture above, I used a tiny pinch of beetroot powder (1/8 tsp or less), 1/4 tsp cocoa powder, 1/8 tsp bentonite clay, 1/8 tsp cinnamon, and a drop of peppermint essential oil (just because I like the smell). Jump to the recipe for other color customization options, all from natural colorants.

If you like a darker shade, just add a little more cocoa powder after mixing to darken slightly until you reach your preferred tone.

Now let’s get into the recipe!

Natural Tinted Lipstick Recipe

This recipe makes a moisturizing tube lipstick with a good amount of pigment and coverage. For a lighter, glossier look, try this tinted lip balm recipe.

Natural Homemade Lipstick Recipe with color variations
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Homemade Lipstick Recipe

This base recipe will create a smooth, clear lipstick that is very moisturizing and protective. If you want, you can add color with the following add-ins to create a color of your choice.
Author: Katie Wells


Base Lipstick Recipe

Optional Color Add-Ins


Homemade Lipstick Instructions

  • Melt the beeswax, shea butter/cocoa butter and coconut oil in a glass jar without a lid in a small pot of simmering (not boiling) water. It should melt quickly because so little of each ingredient is used.
  • When melted, remove from heat and add any optional ingredients like color or scent.
  • Once all ingredients are mixed well but still liquid, use a dropper to pour into the lip chap container. I used the glass dropper from an old tincture bottle. Fill just below the top as it will expand slightly as it cools. Leave to cool for at least half an hour.


Store in a cool place (under 80 degrees) or it will soften.

More Natural Makeup Recipes

Ever made your own cosmetics? How did it go? What hue would you make of this recipe? Share below!

This natural homemade lipstick recipe is an easy alternative to commercial versions that contain harmful chemicals. Made with all natural ingredients.

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326 responses to “All-Natural Homemade Lipstick Recipe”

  1. Aleks Avatar

    Katie, have you heard of a similar recipe but with children’s non-toxic crayons? I tried it and it works pretty well – the crayons are a substitute for the pigments and the beeswax, all other variables in recipe remain the same. It should be okay as the crayons are “certified nontoxic”, no?

  2. Julie Avatar

    Help! I made this today and the beet powder did not dissolve. It is gritty. Can I remelt? Or any other ideas?

  3. Burton Avatar

    Hi, I want to do lots of bright and depressed colors. How do I do different colors?

  4. Katie Avatar

    I would love to try the lipstick recipe, I like more frost lipsticks. What could I use? I tired of all the garbage put into lipsticks and there is a color that I used to love that I can no longer find. Would love to make my own and make it taste like a dream cycle. Big dreams on a water budget. (Champagne dreams on a beer budget)
    Thank you so much,

  5. Courtney L. Avatar
    Courtney L.

    I know this post was made a while ago but I am wondering, Can we not use dried fruit powder? There is an all natural raw organic wild blueberry powder. Will it not mix well with the oils? Anyone’s opinions would be much appreciated!

  6. Nancyl Avatar

    Can you use beeswax solid or beeswax candles instead of the pallettes?

    1. Erin Avatar

      I buy mine from a local bee keeper…. it comes in one oz chunks. At the store, it comes in a one pound block. I just chop off what I need, but it does take a little longer to melt than pellets would. I must also admit that at that point, I eyeball it… or measure everything according to using 1, 1/2, or 1/4 oz’s of beeswax instead of weighing the wax. (lazy, I know). And it works very well.

  7. Michelle Avatar

    How do you sanitize the plastic containers before filling them?

  8. Shirley Avatar

    I was wondering how well this stays on the lips. My daughters are ballerinas and have to wear makeup when on stage so I am looking for a safe and natural red lip color that will actually hold up for at least an hour and handle the hot lights while they are on stage.

  9. sonia Avatar

    home made lipsticks turning bad plz help .suggest me any preservatives for lipsticks longer shelf life .thanks

    1. Anna Avatar

      One thing to keep in mind, to make sure you sanitize your containers like spraying them with alcohol before using them.

  10. Tina Avatar

    It appears that most are having a difficult time making this product with beet powder. Besides food coloring, is there an alternative to beet powder? This shade seems to be popular.

  11. Leni Avatar

    I´m going to try to color my homemade lipstick with cochineal, since my dad brought some with him from la gomera. Many of you may find this grosse but even the food industry uses it as taint and it´s completly natural and has a great and very intense color. I think it will work much better than the beet root powder.

  12. Surya Tejaswini Avatar
    Surya Tejaswini

    Hei i katie u have mentioned a line that “i am a mom on a mission”.Yes you are u stood by that lines dear.Loved you work.Awaiting to see your further posts.

  13. april Avatar

    Ive seen some people use a non toxic crayon to color their balms n lipsticks….im wondering is tht safe

      1. Erin Avatar

        Tried it. It tinted the lipstick, but not my lips. Ended up using it basically to differentiate the smells in my body lotion bars– lavender for lavender… Food coloring or cocoa powder, etc. works MUCH better. Plus, even non toxic crayons smell like crayons. And I don’t want to smell crayola all day long. =)

  14. Jessica Avatar

    So I really enjoy your lipstick recipe however, I tried using cinnamon to color mine, and while it did color it, I noticed that there was still grit from the cinnamon left over. In other words, it was not a completely smooth balm when it cooled. Do you know why this is or have any suggestions that might help? Thanks so much!

  15. R. Sky Avatar

    I was browsing your site for whole made make-up ideas that i could make, and found this. So I made some! I made mine with shea butter and a bit of red beet powder. It trurned out nicely but I must not have mixed it enough for it has some little spots of beet powder in it. It made quite a lot and next time I would make half the amount the recipe says. Very cool, I am soooooo glad I can now make my own make-up! Its way better for my skin and cheaper too!


  16. Heather Avatar

    So I successfully made chap/lipstick following your recipe, although, it was quite messy for me. I even bought ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs ( I love them!). However, the only problem I had was my batch started to cool rather quick as I was using the dropper to put it in the chapstick container. Half of it got stuck in the dropper and I can’t get it out. Do you have any recommendations?

  17. Donia Avatar

    I just received all the ingredients to make this & your deodorant recipe. Im so excited to make them! Finally I can detox my body from the store bought crapola. Im not sure which essential oil scent to use? I tend to get bo easy 🙁 so hopefully this works for me. Right now im just using plan coconut oil & it seems to work good. I use coconut oil for everything! Thanks for all your awesome advice, information & recipes. Your the best!

  18. Anastazia Hamilton Avatar
    Anastazia Hamilton

    I am curious… the natural ingredients means the lipstick will have a shorter shelf life?

  19. Rebekkah Tarka Avatar
    Rebekkah Tarka

    Beet root powder is grainy and does not blend in. Beet juice from a can does not work as well. It stays separate from the 3 main ingredients. Because the juice is water based. Im gonna try heating up parts of beet in olive oil and adding that to my mixture or I could put beats in a food processor make it real fine and boil the ingredients and see if mushes with the beeswax, coconut oil and shea butter.

    1. Evelyn Avatar

      Make beet juice with juicer. Let set for a few days in it’s own container. It will gel up. Apply to lips and cheeks with qtip. Apply coconut/shea butter over tinted lips for shine and moisturizing.

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