7 Simple DIY Beauty Products to Make at Home

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DIY Natural Beauty Products
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Many conventional beauty products contain hidden (or not so hidden) harmful ingredients and many are also super expensive. I started making DIY beauty products at home years ago for these reasons, and now… I’m addicted!

But the extra work/time/money you say? It doesn’t take as much time as you’d think, and it certainly costs much less. Many of the ingredients you probably already have in your own kitchen, and you can make most of these products at a fraction of the cost of store-bought.

Plus, it’s just really fun! Pick a recipe, stock up on the ingredients, and make it as a rainy day project with the kids.

Best DIY Beauty Products + Recipes for Beginners

While I’m thankful there are more companies today making safer beauty products, the price tag that comes with them isn’t easy to swallow. I have a few natural store-bought beauty products I can’t do without now that I’ve found them (this one for example), but it helps to save money on other products by making them myself at home.

If the thought of making your own makeup or lotion is overwhelming, just start the way I did… one recipe at a time. The 7 recipes below are really quite simple and quick to make. In fact, if you have just 7 common DIY beauty ingredients in your cupboard, you can make over 20 DIY beauty products!

If you aren’t already, consider making these DIY beauty products instead of buying them:

1. Deodorant

homemade deodorant bar recipeI’ll admit… I didn’t think homemade deodorant could possibly work. I’d tried natural versions and they weren’t effective so I didn’t have high hopes. Still, if you want to avoid applying aluminum and other additives linked to cancer to your armpits (not to mention blocking the natural function of sweating), switching to a natural deodorant is an important health step to take.

To my surprise, this recipe works incredibly well and is very inexpensive and simple to make.

With just coconut oil, baking soda, and optional arrowroot and shea butter, you can make a deodorant that works for your body type.

Here are two recipes to try for smooth deodorants, and you can also make deodorant bars with the same ingredients.

Sensitive to baking soda or tried this before and got a rash? Try applying a simple magnesium oil spray as a deodorant… it works!

2. Makeup

homemade makeup recipes naturalThere are a lot of chemicals in makeup and a lot of women put that on their faces every. single. day. Changing your diet will help improve your skin so makeup isn’t as needed, but it is also possible to make natural makeup with ingredients you have in your kitchen that are non-toxic and even edible!

Here are the recipes for homemade makeup that I use. They include foundation, bronzer/blush, eye liner and eye shadow, and even mascara!

3. Lotion

how to make homemade lotion bars recipeThere are a lot of recipes for homemade lotion online and you can definitely find one that works for you. Personally, I prefer lotions or lotion bars that don’t have liquid since they last indefinitely and are incredibly moisturizing.

With simple ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and beeswax, you can make endless variations on homemade lotion products. Here are a few of my favorites:

As you can see, once you learn to make them there are so many uses for lotion bars! These make great thoughtful gifts as well.

4. Sea Salt Hair Spray

DIY Beach Waves Sea Salt Spray Recipe-Cheap and works greatI have fine, thin hair that is difficult to do much with. I loved the way my hair always felt at the beach with more texture and volume, and this simple spray was my solution to getting the beach look at home.

It isn’t a hair spray in that it holds a hairstyle in place (this natural recipe works for that) but when spritzed and scrunched into hair, it gives great volume and texture and makes hair feel much thicker.

This sea salt spray is also completely natural and incredibly inexpensive to make. Here is the recipe.

5. Dry Shampoo

how to make natural dry shampoo for light or dark hairBack to the fine hair problem! Fine hair also shows oil more quickly than coarse or thick hair. If I don’t want to shampoo my hair every day (which isn’t good for it), I had to find a solution to tone down any oiliness.

This simple dry shampoo works better than store-bought (in my opinion) and doesn’t have the aerosol or chemicals. It is a powder instead of a spray, and I find it is best applied with a make-up brush to the roots. Have dark hair? There is a solution for dark hair dry shampoo so it doesn’t look like you are wearing a grey wig! 🙂

If you have arrowroot or cornstarch around, you can make this recipe! Here are the steps to make it.

6. Body Scrubs

Soothing Magnesium Foot Scrub Recipe - so relaxing and leaves skin silkyBody scrubs like salt and sugar scrubs can cost $20 or more in stores, which is crazy when you can make them for less than a dollar! These make great gifts and leave skin incredibly soft.

There are endless variations for body scrubs but these are my two favorites:

Once you master those, experiment with some fun variations and scents like Vanilla Latte Sugar Scrub or these adorable Sugar Scrub Cubes.

7. Face Wash/Cleansing

Oil Cleansing- the most effective way to naturally cleanse and nourish skinFace cleansing and moisturizing products are some of the most expensive products on the market and this is one area where natural alternatives are not just comparable, they are better!

Switching to the natural oil cleansing method my skin has completely changed for the better. No more acne, no more dry skin, and the softest skin I’ve ever had. The basic concept is to use oil to remove impurities instead of harsh soaps. This avoids stripping the natural oils in the face and leaves skin much more nourished.

Here is the oil cleansing method and how to incorporate it in to a natural skin care routine.

Learn more about why you want to use sustainable ingredients in this podcast interview with Emily Blain on What’s Wrong With Your Personal Care Products and Creating Sustainable and Ethical Ones.

What are your favorite homemade beauty products? Share below!

7 DIY Beauty Products

Many conventional beauty products contain harmful chemicals, but these DIY beauty products work just as well and are healthy for your skin!

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243 responses to “7 Simple DIY Beauty Products to Make at Home”

  1. Stonga Avatar

    I’d like to get rid of my conventional shampoo!!! Would love to try your recipe 🙂

  2. Sara Avatar

    I’m just starting to make my own body care products.  So far I made lotion and deodorant, but would love to start making my own soaps and shampoos and other hair care as well as tooth care.

  3. Haley Avatar

    I’ve just began switching over to making all mine and my 4 kids own products. So far I’ve made our own toothpaste, sunblock, laundry det, and shampoo. Next up is lotion and soap. I love it!

  4. Olivia Vail Avatar
    Olivia Vail

    probably won’t ditch anything else, i’ve already ditched toothpaste, soap, shampoo and most lotions made commercially and have started selling my own soap!  what’s left?  i’ll look into laundry detergent.

  5. Kimberly Avatar

    this summer I have made chap stick, lotion and bug spray…so fun and smells great too!

  6. jessi Avatar

    I’ve already replaced shampoo with castile soap or just a APV rinse, face wash with oatmeal and thyme infused witch hazel,  soap with castile soap, lotion with coconut oil and toothpaste with baking soda and castile soap. I haven’t found a deodorant that works really well. I use baking soda and sometimes nothing, but on really hot days I need something stronger! 

  7. Danielle Heinlein Avatar
    Danielle Heinlein

    I have ditched mainstream soaps, using only natural locally made and I also use NO LOTION! Just coconut oil and I do the oil cleansing method at night to remove my make up with castor oil!

  8. Pixie Avatar

    I’d like to replace my chemical filled deodorant with a more natural one

  9. Paula Goynes Avatar
    Paula Goynes

    I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease 4 yrs. ago and is my skin ever dry!  I would for sure use this on my body, replacing what I use now.  I try to use organic lotions, but the one I have been using just doesn’t seem to help and it’s expensive.  I love your site!!

  10. Rehn Avatar

    I now wash my face with coconut and castor oil and am in love with it! I also have made my own shampoo and lotions!

  11. Katrina Avatar

    I’ve ditched deodorant and facial moisturizer. I make my deodorant using Wellness Mama recipes (it’s the best…no odor!) and I use coconut oil for facial moisturizer. I want to do a homemade shampoo and lotion recipe, just need to buy some ingredients. As a facial cleanser, I use the oil method and I use Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap foe the body. I want to ditch all chemical laden cleansers…working on it!)

  12. Kelly Avatar

    I need to ditch (or find kinder alternatives to) my makeup — mascara, eyeliner, etc. Also, my hair styling products. I have short hair and need something with hold. I already use vegan products, but would love to use all-natural products if my head didn’t look like a mop.

    The rest of my regime (body, face and shampoo) I’ve already switched to natural alternatives.

  13. Angela Nelson Avatar
    Angela Nelson

    There are a lot of items I’d make.  Lip balm, lotion, body scrubs, soap,  and most certainly deodorant.

  14. lee Avatar

    I am ditching soaps, lotion, bug sprays and store bought baby products

  15. Christine Avatar

    I use our tooth powder, deodorant, and only coconut oil on my body/shea butter on my face.  Oh, and baking soda for my hair/acv as conditioner and quinoa when my scalp gets a bit crazy.

  16. Danielle O. Avatar
    Danielle O.

    Going to take the plunge and get rid of shampoo and toothpaste! Ready for it!

  17. Tawsill Avatar

    I use your recipes for deoderant bars  (and I add probiotics)

  18. Emily Ickes Avatar
    Emily Ickes

    I’m ditching everything.  I use your lotion bars, deodorant stick, body lotion, and toothpaste, plus another recipe I found for shampoo.  I’d like to make a lighter-weight lotion for face and body as well as a homemade hair conditioner.

  19. Teresa Avatar

    I am making the baby wipes- I just got the products in from Mountain Rose.  I am also making Shampoo. 

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