Homemade Anti-Itch Cream (Like Calamine Lotion)

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Homemade Anti-Itch Cream - Like Calamine Lotion
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With kids, skin irritations are a fact of life… especially during the summer when things like mosquito bites, poison ivy, and other insect bites can cause skin problems.

Don’t let the lack of pink fool you… this homemade natural anti-itch cream is an excellent DIY replacement for calamine lotion and works in a similar way to relieve skin irritations and itching. It contains all natural ingredients and can be mixed as needed for a soothing and effective remedy.

How to Make Your Own Anti-Itch Cream

If you already make some of your own natural remedies, you probably have bentonite clay, witch hazel, essential oils, and baking soda on hand. If not, I encourage you to build up a small stash of these items because you can make so many money-saving remedies that are just as effective as the ones you find in the store.

To take this anti-itch cream to the next level (and maybe make your own sunscreen while you’re at it!), you can add non-nano zinc oxide powder to this recipe. This isn’t something everyone has around, so feel free to skip it if needed. You’ll still get a great itch-soothing effect courtesy of the bentonite clay.

Longer-Lasting Option:

If you’d prefer not to have to make a small amount that must be used within two weeks, you can make a larger batch by mixing double or triple quantities of the dry ingredients and adding to the wet ingredients as needed for use. (Of course, if you’re using it for the dreaded poison ivy rash, you may want to make the large batch all at once!)

I store the pre-mixed powder in an empty spice container or small tin. When needed, I simply shake the powder out into a small bowl and mix it with witch hazel right before I need to use it.


Homemade Anti-Itch Cream - Like Calamine Lotion
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Anti-Itch Cream Recipe

Make an all-natural anti-itch cream for rashes and bug bites with ingredients like baking soda, bentonite clay, witch hazel, and peppermint essential oil.
Prep Time5 minutes
Author: Katie Wells



  • In a small bowl or jar, mix together the zinc oxide, sea salt, baking soda, and bentonite clay.
  • Slowly stir in the witch hazel (or water) until it reaches a creamy consistency.
  • Mix in the essential oil and preservative if using.


Store in an air-tight jar in the fridge and use within two weeks (one week if using water in place of witch hazel).
The recommended preservative is broad-spectrum, all natural, and used at a 4% rate. It’s only necessary if you’re not mixing up the dry powder with liquid right before use. 

Other Useful Soothing Skin Remedies

This article was medically reviewed by Jessica Meyers, MPAP, PA-C, RH(AHG), who specializes in herbal protocols and functional medicine. You can also find Jessica on Instagram. As always, this is not personal medical advice and we recommend that you talk with your doctor.

Ever have skin irritation? What has helped you? Share below!

This easy homemade anti-itch cream recipe works like calamine lotion but uses all natural soothing ingredients for DIY natural itch relief.

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120 responses to “Homemade Anti-Itch Cream (Like Calamine Lotion)”

  1. Peggy Dyson-Cobb Avatar
    Peggy Dyson-Cobb

    I’ve been struggling with dozens of chigger-slurp spots all over my body (except my head thank goodness) for a week, and my sleep is dependably interrupted between 1 and 2 with the maniacal itching (and subsequent scratching). Calendula tincture or ointment helped for a while, as did neem oil, but I kept re-wounding all those sites with the intensity of my scratching in between. A little online exploration led me here, I mixed up a round with just the salt, baking soda, bentonite clay and water and voila! a virtually itch-free night. The initial stinging was actually a relief – and when the dabs dry on the skin they create a little protective cap over the wound.
    Makes my sheet a tad sandy but doesn’t oil-stain my clothes, so a winner all around!
    Thank you thank you!

  2. June Avatar

    Don’t really have a comment but would like to ask a question? I have contracted something to do with my nostrels from a stray cat that someone lovingly (haha) dropped off months ago, ugh! Any way my nose is runny and dries out and becomes crusty and very sore and the inside swells up and makes it very diffult to breath through unless I push my nose up! So does anyone on here know what I can do short of going to a “dr”? Thanks to anyone who may have a solution.

    1. Jamie Larrison Avatar

      Could it possibly be a cat allergy? We can’t give personal medical advice but a natural health practitioner should be able to assess your situation and provide a customized solution.

  3. Karrin Avatar

    my father in law has shingles and has the ability to share the chicken pox virus right now. I am almostn30 and never had chicken pox and I have a 5 month old infant, but I really want me and all my 6 kids (even infant when safe) to get it and become immune….any words of advice?

  4. Melinda Avatar

    I’m curious why you have to use the cream within two weeks ? Does it go rancid ?
    What if you add preservative like phenonip to it ?

  5. April Avatar

    Why does it only last 2 weeks. I dont see any ingredients that are perishable.

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