Stocking A DIY Herb and Spice Cabinet

Money Saving Tip- Stocking a DIY Herb and Spice Cabinet

I’ve gotten several emails of late asking me to detail what is in my herb/spice cabinet and how much of each item I order to make sure I have enough on hand to make my various recipes. While it’s always preferable to grow and dry your own herbs, purchasing them from a reputable source can often be easier.

I’ve broken my list in to two sections: Culinary Uses and Health/Body Recipes since I use herbs for both of these. I order most of my herbs in bulk online and order enough to last for all my DIY projects for a few months since shipping can be expensive.

Culinary Herbs

I order all of the herbs and spices I use in cooking in bulk since this saves money and since we use a lot of them by cooking 2-3 times a day. I’ve found that ordering herbs and spices in bulk allows us to use organic ones at a fraction of the cost of conventional store bought spices. Many conventional spices also contain anti-caking agents, MSG or other ingredients that we avoid, so making our own is a simple and cost effective solution.

Here is a list of my 14 most used herb and spice blends, but often, I just season food to taste from what I have in the cabinet. My usual herb/spice order of culinary herbs includes (unless I’ve been able to grow enough from the garden instead):

Health/Beauty Herbs

We also use herbs in tinctures, salves, skin and beauty recipes including:

For these recipes, my shopping list usually includes:

And non-herb ingredients:

Do you make your own spices? What is in your herb and spice cabinet? Share below!

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