Almond Flour Pancakes

Super Easy Almond Flour Pancake Recipe

We eat eggs for breakfast almost every day and sometimes the kids get tired of them. I often make different variations of coconut flour pancakes, but these easy almond flour pancakes are a favorite at our house!

My favorite part about them is that they only have three main ingredients and can be made in less than five minutes! I use this type of blanched almond flour as it provides a very smooth and fluffy texture but any high quality almond flour will work (though there will be some variation in the final pancake with different flours).

These are also very easy to customize by adding blueberries, dark chocolate chips, nuts, nutmeg and orange zest (donut flavor) or other spices of choice. They are GAPS legal and dairy optional, making them a fast, easy and allergen free treat! My kids also like these topped with banana slices and nuts, berries and homemade cream or just plain butter and maple syrup!

If you’ve gone grain free and are missing pancakes, try these!

Super Easy Almond Flour Pancake Recipe

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Easy Almond Flour Pancakes




Yield 4

A simple and delicious almond flour pancake with only three necessary ingredients for a fast and healthy breakfast. This recipe is also very easy to double or triple for larger groups.


  • 1.5 cups Blanched Almond Flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup of water or milk(or slightly less to desired thickness)
  • Optional: spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, vanilla, blueberries or other flavors


  1. Mix all ingredients in a medium sized bowl using a hand blender or immersion blender until batter is a pourable consistency.
  2. Make one test pancake to check for desired thickness and texture.
  3. Cook all pancakes on a griddle or in a large pan for approximately 2-3 minutes per side until bubble form and both sides are golden brown.
  4. Enjoy!

Courses Breakfast

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What is your favorite on-the-go breakfast idea? Share below!

Almond flour pancakes are a gluten free and grain free alternative with all the taste of the real thing (and more nutrients!)

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Reader Comments

  1. These sound great! I always make my own which are similiar, but yours look just as easy and delicious!

    • Thank you for the reference to the pancakes you like. I tried this recipe on this site and thought they were pretty terrible.

      • I can’t wait to try wellness Mama’s recipe

      • Maybe its user error. 🙂 Before you use other people’s time, energy, and resources for free I.e., this websites recipes, tips, and info for FREE, you could be less childlike with your feedback. In lieu ‘terrible’, how about ‘I didn’t care for this’. She spends a lot of time coming up with this stuff for all of us to use, take that into consideration when replying.

        • I agree, why would someone need to be so negative? I loved this basic recipe. It was easy and I loved having only 3 ingredients. I made 1/3 of the recipe just for me and it was good to have pancakes spontaneously. I used only half of the 1/3 cup of milk I had measured out and it was perfect. Next time, I will add some flavoring, either cinnamon, extracts or fruit. I ate them plain with sliced strawberries and they were delicious!

          • I made this recipe for one also. I found it to be very tasty with cinnamon added. Thanks, I now have something else to eat for breakfast.

        • In reply to Apollonia, the comments are for people to express their opinions on the recipe. If someone thought it tasted terrible, they should be able to do so without you hounding them about it. It’s not like Wellness Mama will be offended… it’s just someone’s opinion. So what they don’t like it, she does so why would she care? I love Wellness Mama and her helpful posts, but these didn’t turn out for me either.

      • I would sadly have to agree. I love how simple these pancakes are, but they are pretty terrible. I made them as directed and they were SO dry and crumbly, not even worth trying to eat. I also tried adding another egg to add stability which failed, I then also tried adding a banana, thinking for some reason it might provide some moisture to help it stay together – not to mention a little flavor.

      • I agree, these are grainy and crumbly and pretty tasteless. I added vanilla, cinnamon and blueberries and it didn’t make them worth eating. They completely fall apart when trying to flip them. A waste of my ingredients and time.

      • If you’re comparing them to regular flour pancakes, there is no comparison. These will be different.

      • Lol. I love these pancakes! But eating healthy tastes different. You’ve got to develop different taste buds. White flour pancakes smothered in syrup these are not!

      • I thought they were terrible too. But instead of using almond flour I used walnut flour, so that may have been part of the problem. I also didn’t like how thin they were-it made it so difficult to flip them!

      • Really? Maybe you didn’t make them right. I followed these directions and mine always came out delicious.

    • Easy, yes; alas, delicious no. Eggy, mealy and quite unpleasant.

      • I modified this recipe by using 1/4 cup of plain organic yogurt, 1/4 cup of applesauce (my own, and easy to make), and with the 3 eggs I separated the yolk and added it to the mixture, and whipped the egg whites. I folded in the egg whites and it made a fluffier, less gritty pancake.

        I can give this recipe 4.5 stars.

    • I used Bobs Red Mill almond meal/flour and I thought the pancakes were great. I saw on another site where someone used this recipe to replace tortillas so I will have to experiment.

    • I made these pancakes today and thought they were pretty good. I used coconut/almond milk instead of water and added a few tbsp of oat bran. They were a little crumbly but I expected that w/ almond flour. I also live in Denver which affects baking & cooking some. Added cinnamon topped with cooked berries and let the batter sit a bit to thicken up.

      I was a little surprised w/the ‘outrage’ over a comment that the recipe was terrible. People have a right to their opinions as long as they are not crude, hateful, etc….. Some of the responses to that opinion were childish…. (in my opinion)

      • I agree Lori… People are oversensitive and too pc these days

  2. Can these be made with coconut flour? My husband wasn’t crazy about the pumpkin pancakes.

    • I think the proportions of coconut flour to liquid will be a lot different as coconut flour sucks up liquid faster than almond flour. I don’t know how much though.

        • I have done some research into almond flour and I would love to know your comments and advise. I used to bake with it a lot and then i read that it is toxic to the body when heated so I have stopped baking with it until i can find out more. Do you have any further knowledge on the subject. Thank you

          • Mandi, I thought this article was good regarding the almond flour controversy.


            I thought the above recipe was good if you took her advice to add some seasoning to the batter. I added a dash of salt, a pinch of baking soda to make them poof, a little maple sugar (very little), blueberries, and cinnamon. Instead of water, I used the thin part of the coconut milk can that I had in the fridge and used the coconut cream and whipped it with a little maple syrup to top the pancakes. This was a Valentines treat for the kids.

    • I found these to be too liquidy, too eggy and lacking any flavour, unfortunately. We added extra almond flour and ended up adding sugar to be able to eat them but still not an enjoyable breakfast.

      • So odd because i had to add 2 1/2 cups of liquid and still super thick. Cant figure out why ??

      • I just made these pancakes this morning and have the same issue with them. It’s disappointing because almond flour isn’t exactly the cheapest flour in my pantry.

        • Maybe the trick is to blend with hand mixer until super creamy. I haven’t made them yet so I don’t really know

  3. Sounds yummy. I use plain yogurt instead of milk.

  4. Will these work with full-fat coconut milk instead of water or dairy milk?

    • I tried 1 & 1/2 cup of almond flour and 1/2 cup of Coconut flour. I used 3 small eggs, and free poured almond milk until a smooth consistency formed. I added some cinnamon and a tsp on vanilla extract… I cooked the first couple and made them to big… so they fell apart. I decided to add another egg and some more almond milk to make it smoother and made the pikelets smaller, left them a little longer to cook before turning and then they started to turn out perfectly… the coconut flour gave them a nice flavour as well. Good Luck

      • You may just add the extra egg and let your batter sit for a while, next time. Batters always hold together better if they sit longer.

      • I did something similar to this but with water instead of milk and they were pretty good.

  5. I made a different variation of these this morning from paleomom. they were awesome and my family loved them. I think I will try ur recipe next, it has less ingredients. 🙂

  6. I tried this recipe and mine did not come out very good at all. maybe it was the almond flour.

    • I tried this recipe, too, and had similar results. Mine came out far too eggy (maybe I should have purchased small eggs) and almost ridiculously dry (fault of the almond flour, perhaps, though I wouldn’t have thought so). They also needed salt and maybe some pure almond extract.

      • Agree this is a terrible recipe

  7. These were great! My favorite paleo pancake by far, I have tried several! Added cinnamon and a few mini chocolate chips for the kids. We also froze some and they reheated fine in the toaster. Thank you!

  8. Do you have any advice on how often it is okay to include items like this in our diet?

    • We do almond flour in some form a couple times a week…

  9. I have been looking into going grain free and I was looking in to the almond flour but the brand you recommend is quite out of our price range ($35-40) for a 5 lb bag! Is there another high quality brand you can recommend? I have an almost 4 year old that is addicted to bread and I want to change out the regular flour with almond flour, can I use it to replace all flour in any recipe? Is there a way to make it into a “bread flour” for bread machine use? I am very new at this and am making small changes as we can afford them. The biggest thing we have started doing so far is adding in more veggies and once the farmers markets open up here I plan to buy from them. Any help you can offer would be great!

    • Unfortunately, it seems like almond flour is one of those more expensive ingredients and unless I order in huge bulk (25 lbs+) I have trouble finding a better price….

      • Check a whole foods near you!! I found the best price there

        • trader joe’s has 1 pond bag for 3.99

          • Good to know. Thanks.

    • I was told by a friend that if you get raw almonds and put them in the food processor it’s essentially the same thing, and cheaper. Almonds are still expensive, but small cost cutting that way.

    • I make my own with the left over pulp I get from making almond milk. I have a dehydrator so I dehydrate the left over pulp until dry and then use my food processor to process the meal to the desired consistency for the dish I am making. We go through so much almond milk and it is so easy to make and so much better than having so much waste from those containers at the store. Maybe my pancakes were so bad since I used almond milk instead of water but usually it makes everything so much better.

    • Look into making your own almond milk. You can use the almond pulp to make your own flour! I make almond cream for my coffee YUMM. Making your own requires a nut sock Andy a blender. That’s it!

    • Hi, I bought my almond flour at HyVee fo $8.00.

    • Costco had Honeyville blanched almond flour for a very reasonable price (similar to what I’d gotten directly from Honeyville on a 40% off sale, and then no shipping!), so check that out. Around $16 for 3 pounds??

    • Erin, I am also new to going grain free and loved your comment. I have see a lot of sites that show you how to make almond flour yourself. Seems relatively easy. Haven’t tried it yet but cant wait to. The bread machine question is great. wondering the same thing.

    • Unfortunately eating healthy is an expensive decision…..that’s why American dietary habits are so crappy. It took my wife’s cancer to change our minds about the worth of health. Wegmans is now making their own brand of almond flour which knocks the price down a little, and usually much less flour is used in a recipe. The Trader Joe’s comment was much appreciated. I am not near one….but may be worth the trip.

  10. almonds have a high amount of phytic acid.. See I find these great sites and then find so many contradictions. I had a lot of muscle acids and finally found out it was due to phytic acid and almonds inparticular were the cause.

    • A good way to cut down if not eliminate those acids is to soak your nuts before eating. This is relevant for almost any nut. I read almonds can take between 8-22 hours to soak properly so I would wait the 22 to be extra safe since you have problems with the acids. You can look up the soaking times for other nuts online super easy.The formula is 2 cups of purified water to 1/2 cup of almonds. Some say to put in a sprinkle of salt but that seems to be optional since not all the sites I have seen say so. You can then either store them in the fridge for up to a week in a sealed bag or if you dry them they will last pretty much as long as they would have before being soaked. You can do this with a food dehydrator or with your oven on the lowest setting with something propping the door open. But I would look up the proper full instructions so you can read then yourself. Hope this this helps you out. 🙂

  11. Added a handful of pecans… YUMMY! Added a little maple EXTRACT to my agave for the finishing touch.

  12. Forgot to mention that I also used almond milk!

    • Thanks for that I didnt even think of almond milk!

  13. Very good! I used farm eggs and whole milk, only adding dandelion flowers and a little agave.

  14. Nice! Could anybody please tell me what the difference is between ground almonds and almond flour?

    • I don’t think there’s a difference. If you look up recipes to make homemade almond flour, you’ll find that you just grind up almonds. Alternatively, you can also make almond flour with the leftover meal from making almond milk (but I think it’s a bit different since this method will strip the almonds of their oil).

    • Almond flour is blanched and had the skin removed so it’s softer whereas almond meal is ‘as is’ skin and all so a bit rougher in texture.

  15. My son is alergic to almonds and most nuts. What’s a good subsitute flour for the almond flour?

  16. I’ve come up with a fast and tasty recipe that I like several times a week. I make 2 of these. I use a Low-Card/High Fiber tortilla from La Tortilla Factory … 50 Cal ea. I use 2 Morning Star sausage plus 1/2 cup (2 eggs) of an Egg Beaters substitute. Some days I might add 1/2 a slice of a deli cheese (American) to each or like this morning a 1/4 Avocado split between the 2. I top with a tsp of Ro-Tel. About calories 170 each, 34 Protein, 25 Carbs – 16 Fiber.

  17. Delicious! Added a pinch of salt and bananas, served up with homemade guava syrup. We really liked the texture. Very rich and filling. Thank you!

  18. These pancakes ruined my morning! The amount of liquid called for is way too much and I ended up wasting very expensive almond flour. I’m so mad right now.

    • Buy a large bag of almonds, and make your own almond flour.
      Blanch the almonds, then run through a food processor until fine. Ta-dah! You save money, and can afford to waste a few almonds in the process.

  19. Thanks for this simple recipe, loved these. 🙂

  20. Just made 1/3 of the recipe to make a big pancake for just me & added pecans & cacao nibs to it & topped it with honey & almond butter. DELISH!

  21. This recipe was a total flop for me. They tasted like undercooked French toast and fell apart. Waste of almond meal for me. Did you have to do anything to perfect this recipe, or it always works for you?

    • this took me two tries to get this recipe. It is actually very good but what I had to do is add the almond meal first and the eggs and then add in a little bit of water at a time to get the desired consistency. This last time I added in a whole banana and cinnamon and they were delicious! For those of you who had them fall apart or burn or whatever…give them another try! GL!

  22. These are pretty good! I made 1/3 to try them out. I added less liquid than it said, and they were still seeming a bit thin, so I sprinkled in a little coconut flour, which added some nice flavor. I also added 1/2 teaspoon baking powder to the 1/3 recipe, and a little vanilla. You really just have to judge the thickness of the batter, and as someone else noted, it seems like it’s important to make sure you mix it enough…
    Next time I’m going to try adding blueberries….

  23. A few things…
    If you’re having trouble with the recipe you may wanna check out Elana’s Pantry article on pancakes. I haven’t tried many of her recipes but I know she’s regarded as an almond flour expert.

    Also, almond flour generally refers to flour made from blanched almonds (no skins), which is much finer and smoother and holds together better. Almond meal is almonds ground up with their skins on. I add a small amount of meal to nearly all of my baked goods recipe for extra flavor and texture.

    If you’re concerned about the phytic acid in almonds, you can make your own sprouted flour! It does take a little work but if you eat a lot of almond-based foods it’s worth it for your health. If I’m making a recipe with a smallish amt of almond meal I’ll use Trader Joe’s. If I’m making something with all almond flour/meal I’ll use my own phytic-acid-free soaked version. Instructions are fairly simple…

    For almond meal use almonds w/ skins, for almond flour used blanched (can be slivered). Rinse well, soak overnight (8-12 hrs) in filtered water + Tbsp sea salt (in covered container). Rinse & drain thoroughly. Lay out in single layer on parchment-lined baking sheet. Bake for 12-24 hrs on 150* F (17hrs works perfectly for me) until nuts are totally dry and crunchy. Let cool completely. (You can eat these straight, use them in recipes, make almond flour/meal or almond butter.)
    For flour/meal, transfer to high-powered blender, grinder or food processor. My ancient food processor will not grind it very fine but newer ones might. A lot of people use Vitamix or coffee grinder. Blend until fine – watch it very carefully because the next step after almond flour is almond butter! If it starts to clump, like the oils are overdeveloping, then stop! Store in airtight container. Fridge or freezer will make it last longer.
    🙂 🙂

    • I actually made these using almond butter-1/2 cup I figured why not? I blended ingredients in the vitamix until light and fluffy, using applesauce instead of milk. They came out great!

  24. Do you think I could somehow add pumpkin pure?

  25. I just made this batter. It’s like water. 🙁

  26. New Year’s morning breakfast — Yum! I mixed by hand: 1 c almonds, finely ground; ½ c buckwheat
    flour; 1 egg plus 2 heaping Tbsp flaxseed; ½ c milk +1/2 c water, plus a little
    more as it was too thick after adding cinnamon,
    nutmeg, vanilla, & 4 handfuls frozen blueberries. Cooked on griddle pan for almost 10 minutes per
    side – necessary to get batter to cook through — but make sure they don’t burn. Topped with maple syrup. Excellent! Thank you again for another great way to love wheat-free living!

  27. just made these….not bad but not sure its all that great either. batter was too thin so, I added probably another 1/2 cup of almond meal/flour. They are also very tender and will fall apart if you try to turn them too soon. On the plus side, they are pretty filling.

  28. I too made a smaller batch since it was just me eating. I did 1/2c almond meal, 1 egg, and 3 tablespoons of milk. Mixed in some ground ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and raisins and cooked them in some coconut oil. These are great! They were delicious and so easy to make!

    • Just made these off your directions and they’re wonderful!

  29. Unfortunately, my family did not like original recipe, sorry Katie. (But as a side note we do enjoy a lot of your other recipes!) The original pancakes I made did not look like the above picture, fell apart easily and had a not so pleasant flavor 🙁 So, I decided to make a few tweaks to the above recipe and my family thought that these it turned out really well. Here is what I did for anyone that may be curious…

    In addition to the ingredients above I added:
    1-2 tbsp gluten free flour blend (you can use coconut flour, it will help hold the mix together)
    1 tsp pure vanilla
    1 tsp cinnamon
    1/2 tsp nutmeg
    1/2 tsp baking soda
    1/2 tsp aluminum free baking powder
    1/2 a cup of blueberries or to preference (optional).
    2 packs of stevia OR 1 tbsp of honey (optional)

    Since the pancakes have a nutty texture & taste we are thinking about adding banana instead of the blueberry next time to create a banana nut pancake 🙂

    • This was great. The only other thing I did was add a half a ripe banana, mini chocolate chips, and 1 egg instead of 3. Thanks for the extra tips. It helped a lot.

  30. I liked the flavor, but texture was weird…this is my first time at making something like this! After reading other recipes, I added a shake of Stevia and switched 1/3 coconut flour and added a scoop of organic whey protein powder …then read the comments below after I ended up needing a lot of extra liquid and still had a very thick batter… Topped them off with mango and Greek Yogurt… they needed the yogurt. I will give them another go…and add a splash of almond extract. Learning new way of cooking… 🙂 A lot of pancakes for 2 adults… tomorrows breakfat is made!

  31. I’m glad I cut the recipe in 3. I was making for myself alone. I enjoyed them! If someone is new to this type of recipe, they’d probably be a bit put off, but as someone who’s used to no sugar, and oh so close to paleo, these were spectacular! hit the spot, for sure. I boiled some frozen blueberries to put on top, and that added just the right amount of natural sweet. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  32. I tried this this morning and a cup of water was WAY too much water. I’d suggest starting with a quarter cup and adding more if needed. Other than the consistency of the batter, these were tasty and filling.

  33. This was way too much water for this recipe. I followed it (even adding slightly less than one cup) and it came out extremely thin and watery. I had to add almost another 1 1/2 cups of almond flour to get the right texture. I recommend much closer to 1/2 cup of water if you want to stick to the serving size of 4.

  34. Hi there, I’ve just made these pancakes but made one modification due to lack of almond flour! I used half almond flour and half tapioca flour but the same amount of eggs and liquid called for in the recipe, they came out as crepes rather than a thick pancake but were AMAZING! just like regular pancakes and my daughters said they were the best they had had!

  35. This was my first venture into almond flour and I would have to say a bit disappointing, but that may be because i used egg replacer instead of eggs. The pancakes came out very mushy in the middle regardless of how long i left them cooking. Any suggestions on baking with almond flour and egg replacer?

    • I’ve never used egg replacer so I don’t know, but that could be the problem

  36. I agree with the reviewer who said to try 1/3 of this recipe before wasting any more ingredients. Still, at 1/3 of the recipe, it makes quite a few “pancakes”. Anyway, yuk. Down the disposal. I haven’t found a recipe yet that used almond meal or almond flour that hasn’t made its way to the garbage disposal. It is not a viable substitute for refined flour, even though Dr. Davis uses it almost exclusively. (He also states Shirataki noodles are fantastic — they’re disgusting.) Almond meal/flour tastes gritty & uncooked. I’m going to try plantains next, as described by Paleo Mom.

  37. Hiya, I really want to try these; but I live in the UK and we measure in grams not in cups. I’m wondering if you by any chance know how many grams a cup of almond flour will be equal to? Thank you xxx

  38. I just tried these and only used 2 eggs and vanilla. Even though I added flavoring, it still tasted really eggy. Anyone else experience this? I used 1 Cup almond milk as well.

  39. Would these work with Chia gel replacing the eggs for an egg-free version?

  40. These pancakes are very eggy and have a bad taste to them…yuck!!

  41. Just made this and it was a huge success! Thank you for a simple and delicious pancake recipe. I did find that they were initially too runny, though–the first two were super thin, like crepes. I added roughly another cup of almond flour and they came out beautifully. My husband and my in-laws were delighted. I served them with warm blueberry compote. Yummy!!

  42. I wanted to like these, because I adore this blog. But, I followed the recipe to the letter (added a bit of cinnamon and vanilla.) I found they were too runny, too thin, fell apart when turning, and don’t taste so great. (A pinch of sea salt is needed). I’d caution new almond flour users against this recipe, since it may need some more finessing to work out just right.

    • What kind of almond flour did you use? Some brands are not as finely ground, and so don’t absorb as much liquid.

  43. I have tried these several times and each time they have been VERY disappointing. could it be the brand of almond flour I use? (Honeyville Farms) I have tried LOTS of butter in the pan. I have tried stainless steel pan vs non-stick (which I’m trying to do away with). I have tried frozen fruit in them. I have tried regular milk vs coconut milk. I have tried more of the liquid vs less of the liquid, etc etc. Each time, the pancakes break apart COMPLETELY when flipping. My family hates them and the only reason why I keep torturing them with it on occasion is because the recipe is easy and they don’t contain any grains. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

  44. I just made these and they were simple and tasty! I did however change the proportions of ingredients a little bit after reading the comments. A lot of people said they turned out “too watery” so I started off with 1 c. of almond meal, 2 eggs, and 1/3 c. of almond milk. This turned out the be the perfect consistency, and I didn’t have any problem with them holding together. Keep in mind that these are not going to be exactly like non-paleo pancakes, but they definitely satisfy the craving. I paired mine with fresh fruit and jam and they were delicioso! I think next time I will add some vanilla extract and maybe sub half a banana for an egg to experiment with the sweetness!

    • After reading comments, I started with your recipe. I added a little more almond flour until I felt I had the right consistency. They were perfect! The key to not falling apart was letting them cook long enough…definitely longer than traditional pancakes. I cooked them in a little coconut oil and added huckleberries to them after pouring batter in the pan. Thanks! 🙂

    • I made these using your proportions, only just half the quantity. It made two beautiful, raised, pancakes. Did not fall apart at all. I used 1/2 cup almond flour (not almond meal), Baker’s Corner brand, 1 egg, a pinch of kosher salt, about 1/2 tsp. Rumsford baking powder, a pinch of baking soda, and 3 TB of full fat buttermilk. (I make my own full fat buttermilk) I measured the flour into a small bowl, added the salt, baking powder, baking soda, then added the egg and stirred thoroughly to combine. I heated up my well seasoned cast iron skillet on medium high, adding about 1/2 tsp. of ghee. Then I added the buttermilk, one TB at a time, until is was the right consistency. It took 3 TB.

      Cooked half the batter at a time, cooked until nicely browned and flipped. Perfect. Second one same. Raised as much as my typical pancakes, and beautifully browned. Gotta say, this was my first attempt at a grain free type bakery product. What a success. Thank you so much for this. I ate the two pancakes with fried egg over, and a small piece of ham on the side. My supper. I was never raised eating sweet batter pancakes, only putting syrup on top after. Fried egg over has been my go to since becoming a Type 1 diabetic thirty+ years ago. Sorry to run on, but I am thrilled.

  45. What can I say. This is by far the worst Paleo recipe I have ever used. This morning, was my third time trying to make these pancakes. I followed all ingredients to a T and they still turned out, absolutely disgusting. They wouldn’t even cook.. And by the time they were on the plate from the pan, they were so dried up, they were falling apart. Not to mention they taste like dirt. If you’re reading this, I recommend you don’t make these. I would blame myself but I’m a pretty great cook and have had success in plenty of other Paleo recipes. Unless you like chalky, fall apart, bland tasting food.. Don’t waste your time,

    • I’m sorry that your experience was bad. I’ve been using this recipe for years and I love it.

      When I’m cooking for myself, I do a third of the recipe. I cut down on the liquid and add a tablespoon each of chia and ground flax. I mix everything and then go do something else while they set up. If they’re still too thin, sometimes I add more almond meal, sometimes another egg.

      I usually add flavoring. Today it was a packet of stevia and a splash of vanilla. My all-time favorite is adding a finely chopped ripe pear and vanilla and cooked in salted butter. I have friends who ask me to make these every time I visit and they’re not particularly healthy eaters. I make a full batch for them, cutting back on the liquid and adding an extra egg.

      I usually cook mine in a generous amount of coconut oil, on 5 on my stove top, in a stainless steel pan.

      I think the trick is to know what the consistency needs to be before starting and to let them cook on the first side until they’re good and brown. I also make them 1 tablespoon size so my spatula is under the whole pancake when I turn it.

  46. I also just made these pancakes, cutting the recipe by 2/3 and using almond meal instead of almond flour, and I thought they were good, though very filling, and very easy to make. They taste exactly like the ingredients – almond-y and eggy. Bland, savory, and a good vehicle for other toppings. I used a tiny bit of salt, some butter and a bit of molasses. Had this with my buttered/coconut oiled coffee, and now I feel like I don’t need to eat for the next 9 hours.

    I think perhaps some instruction on specifically how to cook them in the pan would help, because that can make a big difference in how they come out. Personally, I put about 2 tsp of butter on my 9 inch CI skillet, let it get really hot, poured the entire batter (mind you, I cut it by 2/3) and lowered the heat to med-low. Then after the edges had set, I put a lid on the pan and let it cook maybe 2 more minutes. Then I was actually, shockingly, able to flip the whole, 9-inch diameter pancake OVER (this was very exciting to me) so that it browned a little on the other side too. Not to brag, but it cooked perfectly like this. Having a well-seasoned skillet helps too.

  47. Hi! I tried it and they are really good. Do you know how many calories per each? Let’s say not too small, not too big

  48. I don’t know how anyone made these according to the recipe and they came out good. Mine were terrible. They fell apart while cooking and they tasted more like a crepe. My son tried so hard to like them but after finishing one he said, “Sorry mamma, but these are a little disgusting.” I agree. And for whatever reason, this website will not let me give the recipe less than 2 stars! 1 star!

  49. Ohhhh boy… the quality of almond flour must really matter with these. I used my “basic” bulk almond flour (and water, I’m thinking maybe thinned coconut milk would have helped) and these turned out bland and mealy. I might give ’em another shot with a touch of coconut (or maybe arrowroot) flour to add a little “chewyness” and coconut milk to add some richness. Oh, and better almond flour, of course.

  50. Made them for the first time this morning and they were great! Thank you again Katie for another awesome, easy, healthy recipe!

  51. This has been my go to recipe for over a year. I only just had my first failure. I’m trying to figure an easy way to use the recipe for camping, so put the ingredients in a mason jar and shook them instead of mixing with a fork which is my normal routine. Too thin, but I used a jumbo egg and left out my normal addition of flax meal.

    Here’s my normal routine for spectacular pancakes:

    1/3 cup liquid (usually almond milk)
    1 egg (usually extra-large)
    1/2 cup almond meal (almond flour is too expensive)
    1 tbsp chia seeds
    1 tbsp ground flax meal

    I mix it all together and cook in coconut oil. Even with nothing added they are wonderful. I eat a very limited amount of salt all the time and also limit my refined sugar intake so these taste right to me. I sometimes add ingredients: blueberries, cocoa powder, cocoa nibs. But I love them without anything. Sometimes I get decadent and have them with butter or maple syrup or both 🙂

    My all time favorite variation is to add finely chopped pear and real vanilla. Gorgeous.

    This recipe led me to Wellness Mama, one of only 2 blogs to which I subscribe. Katie hasn’t steered me wrong yet!

  52. I am new to eating healthier with limiting flour and oils but when I clicked on almond flour to purchase I just can’t see spending $40 on a 5 lb bag of flour. How do you justify that on a limited budget? Ideas?

    • When we are on a really tight budget, we just don’t purchase foods like almond flour. I can make a cheaper breakfast with meats, vegetables and/or leftovers than with almond flour anyway.

      • Or make your own almond milk and use the ground meal for these pancakes! I did Katie and they were Deeeelicious! The only difference is that I did not have baking powder and I added a little sour cream they turned out more like crepes I filled them with a strawberry cream cheese goat cheese filling, so good!

  53. Yum! I was looking for a different way to get some easy protein in this morning and these were easy and great! I used 1/3 the recipe, since I was just making them for myself, and they looked just like the picture! They were no trouble to flip and cooked in coconut oil, they have that oily crusty edge that I like on the “just-add-water” version 🙂 I used Honeyville AF from Costco and it worked just fine. I wonder if some of the problems come from mixing? I popped it all in my Magic Bullet and buzzed it a few extra seconds since the recipe calls to mix with a blender. I think this might whip up the eggs a bit more to create a better texture. I did use less water, and tried a pancake each time I added more. All 3 turned out well, but my favorite is 1.5T for 1/2c AF and 1 egg. Thanks for the super simple recipe!

  54. My husband and I loved them! I used large eggs, pure vanilla extract, a bit of salt, and almond milk for the liquid. (Whole Foods organic vanilla) Its peach season here and I topped with fresh juicy peaches. No sweeteners needed! Yum

  55. Sounds great for the gluten intolerant among us! (ME) I was wondering if you could claify the recipe by 1.5 cups do you mean 1 1/2 cups or 1/2 cups of almond flour?

    Thank You

  56. Boy I wish I would have read the reviews before making these.

  57. I just made these for the first time and loved them! I started with the 3 eggs first, added the 1 1/2 cups of almond flour and then whole milk a little at a time while hand mixing. I ended up using only 1/2 cup of the milk and got a good consistency. Put some butter on my griddle and whala! They do cook fast though, I had my temp turned up too high. Once done, I added some homemade banana butter on top – YUMMY! Thanks!

  58. These were terrible. Like mealy scrambled eggs.

    So disappointing.

    • Mealy indicates a coarse grade of flour. I make these regularly with fine and almond flour — both come out great. Granted I season mine with assorted extracts and spices depending on my mood. But never what you have so inauspiciously described.

      • *fine and coarse

  59. We made these. Added a tbsp of flax seed and some vanilla. Great and easy to make. Thanks! When on the paleo diet it’s nice to have a little likeness to the things we miss.

  60. Truly easy and tasty. We looooove this recipe!

  61. I made this with a little variation. Added a quarter cup of flaxseed meal (just because I had some) as well as 2 mashed bananas. Hubby was pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted – reckoned it didn’t even need maple syrup. I added the mashed bananas because the pancakes were falling apart too easily & it seemed to help. Plus it’s so yummy!

  62. This recipe did not work out for me at all. 🙁

  63. Very yummy and very easy!!! I don’t understand the negative comments. I tried these for the first time and they came out really yummy. My picky family agreed!

  64. I have to agree, they needed something else, I added less almond milk and some tapioca flour and 1 less egg, a big waste of batter, did not like this recipe.

  65. The liquid:dry ratio seems to be off. Would not recommend this recipe.
    Especially do not use almond meal. I also felt nauseous afterwords- not sure if it was because I consumed so many nuts via the almonds….
    Elana’s Pantry has a lot of info on almond flour. I do like almost all of Katie’s recipes that I try though, especially the Pakistani Kima 🙂

  66. I thought these turned out great! And my very picky 7 year old (who is highly sensitive to “different” food textures) loved them too.

    I actually halved the recipe, although I used 2 eggs instead of what I guess should have technically been 1.5.. the texture was really perfect. I’ll definitely be making these again!

    • I am so glad you liked them! Thanks for reading!

  67. Just had these today. I added almond milk, vanilla, cinnamon and psyllium husk powder. I use the psyllium in a lot of bread and cookie recipes to add a little fluffiness, like white bread. Thickened up with a little coconut flour. They turned out very good! Thank you for the recipe. You need to be committed to alternative flours to really enjoy these recipes.

  68. Sorry…..forgot my stars

  69. This was a great base recipe that I just modified to fit the flavors my 4 year old would like. I added a little cinnamon, vanilla, and thawed frozen blueberries. The thawed blueberries had some juice which made the batter a beautiful purple (my kids loved that). I added just a bit of melted butter (salted) and then free poured the milk until I got a thick consistency. They were so yummy! I haven’t actually tried the recipe straight as-is, but I rarely make plain pancakes anyway. This base recipe was what I needed to have confidence to try to mix things up. Thanks!

  70. The first time I made this recipe I added a little vanilla extract and cinnamon powder, ate with melted butter and maple syrup – they were good! Second time I made them I threw in salt, zatar, and used then add a flat bread for humus – amazing! So. Flipping. Versatile!

  71. Just made these! I have been dying for pancakes and I think they are delicious! Just added vanilla, cinnamon and one packet of stevia. Will add this to my recipes.. Thanks!

  72. Definitely didn’t work for me. I have made quite a million pancakes due to my son’s food intolerances. But I ended up making this which worked well:
    1 cup gluten free flour
    1/2 c. almond meal
    1/2 c. coconut flour
    1 T grass fed butter
    3 eggs
    1 splash of vanilla extract
    Then I ended up adding almond milk until the consistency was right. I didn’t measure. Maybe it was a cup.
    I had to manually spread the pancakes on the pan, and after the flip, Smash down a little to spread the batter. They came out great. No sugar added. 😉

  73. 3 eggs £5 quids worth of Almond flour and £2.75 worth of coconut milk. I am not fussy at all…i doubt you have ever actually tried this recipe because its not really a recipe ;/. money wasted please test before giving to others

  74. Hi Wellness Mama,
    Thank you for sharing the pancake receipe. Looks like its so easy to prepare. Just one question, how much oil and what type of Cooking Oil do I need to use on the frying pan?

  75. I mademthese with cashew meal and they were delicious. My kiddos LOVED them!!!

  76. I was really disappointed in how these turned out….I had added vanilla and blueberries; otherwise I probably would have thrown them away. Very dry…I added more milk a little at a time to try to get a pourable luck. I was craving pancakes….

  77. I found this to be a wonderful recipe!! I added a drop or two of maple extract and it was just perfect!! Thank you!

  78. Will try these for Sunday breakfast.

    I think a big part of the variation in comments (these are wonderful! these are terrible!) can be ascribed to, not user error, but flour variations. Almond meal, which is what is available at Trader Joe’s, would need both a longer rest and more liquid, as it’s made from whole almonds, and would suck up the liquid more.

    Just like any pancake recipe, though, you really need to know what works for you. I’ve used, back in my grain days, expensive multigrain mixes for which the instructions were clearly wrong. If I’d used them as written, I’d have had dry multigrain biscuits, because the batter was more like a sticky dough, at the ratios called for.

    Take this recipe, either use the ingredients as noted, or adapt based on your own knowledge of what the right consistency for pancake batter should be…you’ll be happier.

  79. These worked just fine for me but I would be really grateful if someone could let me know the nutritional content (mainly protien vs carbs). Apologies if this has already been answered somewhere.


    • I got this if you use water:
      calories carbs fat protien sodium sugar
      Total: 1,155 36 96 54 246 6
      Per Serving: 289 9 24 14 62 2

      and this if you use milk:
      calories carbs fat protien sodium sugar
      Total: 1,265 62 101 70 496 30
      Per Serving: 316 16 25 18 124 8

  80. Can you please provide the nutritional info for the almond flour pancakes? I am particularly interested in the carb amounts. Thanks

    • I used to figure it out and here’s what I got:

      (with water)
      Per Serving: calories: 289 carbs :9 fat:24 protien: 14 sodium: 62 sugar: 2

      (with milk)
      Per Serving: calories:316 carbs:16 fat: 25 protien: 18 sodium: 124 sugar: 8

      Hope this helps. 🙂

  81. Hi Katie,
    Have you ever made almond flour? I’m interested in making my own since there’s no single brand out there that is organic.


  82. This recipe worked out great! It was easy to make, flipped fine and tasted delicious. Here’s how I did it. 1/2 cup almond flour/meal. 1 egg. 3 tbs water (or to a batter consistency). Dash of cinnamon. Dollop of honey. Heated a seasoned pan on medium heat until nice and hot. Melted a dollop of ghee in the pan. Dropped in a few spoonfuls of batter and spread evenly into a 1/4 in thick pancake. Once bubbles appeared in less than a minute, flipped asap to avoid burning. Served with ghee and honey on top. Aside from the almond flour flavor and texture, these were just like regular pancakes and really hit the spot. Delicious! Thanks for the recipe.

  83. Hmmm…..hard to swallow…..

  84. Just made my first batch of pancake mixture, I was so excited!! Turned out really well, but almost a little too sweet. Any suggestions for turning these in to a savoury dish for lunch??
    Thanks so much for all your fantastic info – I love your site.
    Love and Blessings

  85. Yum! I added cinnamon & vanilla. No egginess.

  86. First time to ever comment on a recipe I’ve found online. The taste is okay if you can flip them without falling apart. Terrible recipe.

  87. This was a very good recipe. I put a little vanilla and cinnamon and used my sugar free maple syrup. And used red mills almond flour. Came out very well.

  88. I really liked these! Just made them and my two daughters, ages 5 and 2, devoured them. For my younger daughter, I only put apple sauce on top with a few fresh berries, and she gobbled them up. My older daughter had a smidge of agave nectar on hers, and she liked them, too. I am trying to remineralize my daughter’s teeth, so that’s why she only had applesauce on top of hers. Also, I made mine so thin, almost like crepes, that they cooked quickly without falling apart or tasting mealy. The leftover pancakes from this morning will be used later today for grilled cheese sandwiches. Yay! I didn’t think they would be able to have bread.

  89. I am totally in love with this recipe!!!

    I used one cup of full fat coconut milk with the rest of the ingredients and let the batter sit for a while.

    Now here is the twist that makes everyone go crazy for these pancakes. I added hot chocolate powder right before frying the pancakes.

    It makes them just perfect.
    I can’t even describe the taste, not too sweet not too eggy.

    It’s not that the recipe is bad, just try to have some imagination and use this recipe as a base recipe and play around and be creative!

    Thank you for this great simple recipe. It inspired me to make the most awesome chocolate pancakes EVER!!

  90. First time I ever used Bob Mill’s Almond Flour, so maybe I just need to get used to the texture.
    I only used a third of the recipe & replaced the milk with Almond Milk. The taste is okay, but the texture is meal-ish. I can feel the crunchiness of the Almond Meal/Flour. I think I will try grounding the Almond Meal/Flour before using the next time I try this recipe. They cooked up really well though. I’m not discouraged from trying Almond Meal/Flour again, though! Thanks for my first experience with Gluten-Free pancakes!

  91. I use this pancake recipe for my candida diet
    These were Good best version Ive had yet I twicked it a bit your version was a litter to running and the pancake were really thin. Almost like crepes. Anyhow I added a sweetener and coconut flour for thickness just a little because too much can make them tough. Gd job though simple

  92. Thanks for the recipe. It’s really more a crepe recipe than pancake. With some tweaking, I was able to meet them into pancakes by adding baking soda and powder plus some spelt flour. Plus some mini chocolate chips and cinnamon. They were okay. Lots of protein compared to standard pancakes! That’s a plus!

  93. I’m having these right now, with Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour, used coconut milk, and added sugar-free chocolate chips, crushed VA peanuts and walnuts (all from, and a little shredded coconut, topping them with butter, a little all-natural peanut butter, Cary’s lo-carb syrup, and THEY ARE SO DELICIOUS!!!
    I used the portions as indicated here, and they came out just fine (I’m on the east coast at or near sea-level, so no issued like folks up in the Rockies or whatever with elevation).
    I find I need to cook them on low heat for a good long while before I flip them, or they do break up, then not half as long on the other side. Altogether, I’m quite pleased!
    Being diabetic, I do not get pancakes often… but I will now! Next I think I’ll attempt them with apple/cinnamon/walnut.

  94. I just made these. For some ding dong reason I decided to swap out half the almond flour with coconut flour used half coconut flour not realizing the coconut soaks up more liquid (as I discovered in the comments). Oops! Not wanting to waste the whole batch I forged ahead and added an extra egg and 1/8 cu almond milk plus some vanilla extract and a mashed banana. They were still whacko and crumbled up when I flipped them but I cooked them anyway, mixed the chunks up with crumbled bacon, drizzled it all with maple syrup, served it with a side of eggs over easy and called it “Pancake Hash”. It tasted good! Even though not visually at all like a pancake 🙂 Thanks for the easy recipe base! I’ll try the coconut next time (and maybe stick to the orginal recipe…haha).

  95. I’d consider this recipe a basic one, a good basic recipe. I added cinnamon and vanilla. My first pancake was crumbly. I turned down the heat and made a smaller pancake-like magic they are perfect! Thank you wellnessmama for this recipe!

    • I have made so many variations of the Almond Flour pancakes and always a hit. One day I will write down what I do and be famous, well, my just well know. I love the AF pancake and so does everyone at the ranch. Thanks again.

  96. I used bobs red mill… Almond flour… And mine turned out more grainy.. Not sure if that why or something u need to mix them a certain way to get the fluffiness?

  97. These were really good! I used heavy cream instead of milk, almond extract, vanilla extract, cinnamon, nutmeg and little bit of baking soda. They were fluffy and tasted good! I ate them with no sugar strawberry jelly. I’m on a LCHF diet so they worked out great. Great basic recipe!

  98. I made the recipe & cooked up the test pancake as suggested. It was dry, crumbly. So, I added 2 teaspoons of grapeseed oil & whisked it into the batter…problem solved!!! The cakes bubbled, cooked and held together like “regular” pancakes. Also added a couple sprinkles of pumpkin pie spice for flavor. Yummy. Thanks for the easy recipe!

  99. I made these pancakes for breakfast this morning. As some mentioned, they did come a bit dry and crumbly. But I found a solution for it!.
    I added about 1 tsp of Phyllium husk to the half of remaining batter. (Note: I made only 1/3 of the recipe just for myself, so if you want to add Phyllium husk to the full serving as this recipe calls for, you’d probably need like 1 tbsp.) After mixing Phyllium husk, make sure to let it rise for at least 5 minutes. It makes the batter thick and a lot easier to handle. And pancakes came out fluffy and moist!

  100. I made these this morning. They were really runny, so I had to add at least a 1/2 cup of almond flour to the batter. Next time I won’t add as much milk. I added blueberries too. With blueberries, they tasted better than without. I’ll definitely make them again.

  101. Well I followed the recipe to the letter but it’s true. The pancakes were not very good. On the plus side my dogs loved them. Thank you Wellness Mama.

  102. This recipe doesn’t work at all! Are you sure the ingredients are right? Dry, grainy, fell apart in the pan.