Lavender Salt Ear Infection Remedy

Lavender Salt Ear Infection Remedy

Ear infections are rough, especially for kids who are suffering through one. Many conventional methods aren’t effective for ear infections, and while natural remedies work, some can take a while.

One of my go-to remedies for ear infections is garlic oil (here’s how to make your own garlic oil), which works well but can take a couple of hours to relieve pain. In the meantime, I found a simple remedy that helps ease the pain of the infection until the garlic oil or other remedy can fight the infection.

We recently took a family trip to the beach and all of my children practically lived in the water for a week. I typically bring 3% hydrogen peroxide to use in their ears after swimming in the ocean but forgot it this time in the hustle of getting ready. Using hydrogen peroxide has helped us avoid any ear infections in the past and I foolishly thought we would be ok without it.

A couple of days after we got home, two of our younger children started displaying the classic symptoms of ear infection and waking at night with ear pain. I checked to make sure the ear drum had not ruptured and started using garlic oil and my other remedies.

Our daughter was hit with symptoms at 2 AM so I needed to find a quick way to relieve her pain so that we could all get some sleep…

Lavender Salt Ear Infection Remedy

This simple remedy combines mineral rich sea salt (or salt crystals) with lavender flowers for an external hot pack that helps ease the pain of an ear infection and speed recovery at the same time. We’ve used basic rice heat packs in the past for body aches and illnesses, but those were in the room with the last of our sleeping children and I wasn’t willing to risk waking them to get one.

Gazing into our salt lamp while I held my crying four-year-old, I wondered if Himalayan Salt would work like the rice in a hot pack but with the added benefit of negative ions. I made a quick impromptu hot pack with an organic muslin bag and some salt crystals and tried it on her ear.

It provided almost instant relief and gave the garlic ear oil I’d already used in her ear some time to work without her trying to dump it out.

Here’s Why it Works…

Salt is naturally drying and pulls fluid out of the ear. The salt pack is heated, and the heat also offers relief from the pain and Himalayan salt creates beneficial negative ions when heated. These negative ions are known for their ability to bind to pollutants, bacteria, and infection and this helped draw the moisture and infection from the ear.

Lavender is naturally antibacterial and the addition of lavender flowers helps soothe and reduce inflammation. Lavender is also calming and the scent helps induce restful sleep.

How to Make a Lavender Salt Ear Infection Remedy

Supplies and Ingredients

  • 1 organic cotton muslin bag or a white cotton sock (no colors or size markings on bottom or it will melt!)
  • 1/2 cup Himalayan salt crystals (regular coarse ground salt will work too, but these seemed to hold heat better and didn’t leave a salt dust like powdered salt did)
  • Optional: 2 Tablespoons dried lavender flowers (or 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil placed on pack once heated)


  1. Place salt and lavender in muslin bag or sock and seal tightly. I liked the bag for this reason because it was easy to tie.
  2. Heat the bag in a pan over low heat (carefully) until warmed or microwave for about 30 seconds.
  3. Make sure the pack is warm to the touch but not hot enough to burn and place over the painful ear.
  4. Warm and repeat as needed for relief of ear infection pain.

While this remedy will help draw moisture out of the ear and provide relief through heat, it is not a complete remedy for an ear infection. Consider using other remedies and check with a doctor if you suspect the infection is serious, the child has a very high fever, or the ear drum has ruptured.

What do you use for ear infections?

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Reader Comments

  1. does this work for both swimmers ear and a true ear infection?

    • Just a note: my sister worked for an Ear Nose & Throat Dr, and he recommended a solution of 50% distilled white vineagar & 50% rubbing alcohol to rinse out ears after swimming. Alcohol evaporates out the water & vinegar restores PH to the ears, to counteract the acidity of the chlorine. Use a clean eye dropper & while child lies on their side, put one or two drops in each ear. Then let it run out on a clean towel.

      • Eons ago, my pediatrician recommended a similar solution (different proportions), after he treated me for a bout of swimmer’s ear. I have used this every time after swimming or a “vigorous” shower and have NEVER had problems since then. I heartily recommend this approach. Interestingly, my DH’s ENT doctor completely dismissed the idea (DH had a different problem), which DH completely dismissed. We use this solution with our DC and feel it effective.

  2. Wow….wish I had been that good a mom when mine were little. Amazing that you know so much.

  3. Interesting! Thankfully we’ve only dealt with one minor ear infection in 4 years and the garlic oil did the trick!

  4. I used raw onion juice for years.natural antibiotic and apparent pain killer…grate and squeeze sm onion in muslin bag or small sieve to get juice only. Soak cotton ball and apply droplets to ear and have patient stay still so it will get where it needs to go..or .use a dropper for easier application/delivery…kills pain within 15 min..reapply as needed.

  5. Wonderful information. I just had an ear infection. I will remember this if it ever happens again. Wellness Mama, you mentioned that the salt draws out moisture. I have been suffering from puffy eyes every morning. I sleep with my head elevated because if not, it will be even more severe. The problem is the swelling really doesn’t go down that much as the day goes on. I believe it started due to straining my eyes and I have been dealing with this for ever since, for years. Is there anything that I can do to alleviate puffy eyes? Thanks to anyone who can help me with this problem as it is causing my eyes to really become droopy.

    • For puffy eyes, i haven’t tried it personally. But have seen this as a remedy. Take one piece of ice then rub it around the eyes for a few min, then immediately run warm water in the sink and splash water on the eyes . It is mainly alternating cold and hot temperature to the nerves and muscles around the eyes. you can also alternate with cold and hot compress. Hope this helps.

      For tired eyes after working on computer all day, I use a hot wash cloth and leave with over my eyes for 10 minutes. This really provides great relief.

    • Preparation H cream helps with puffy eyes. Takes away swelling and tightens the skin

    • I have not personally used this remedy, but I have heard that cold tea bags over the eyes can really help.

  6. This sounds great! One question though… how can you tell whether or not the ear drum has ruptured?

      • Hi Katie, I have been wanting to get one of these – do you like the one you use? Could you recommend the brand?

        • Yes, I know you!

  7. I’m really enjoying your blog, and am trying different items that you mentioned. It seems though that your search engine isn’t working, so it’s difficult to find certain things. Thanks!

    • The search function no longer requires you to hit “enter” after putting in your search term. It should just populate results as a drop-down menu in the search field.

  8. What is the ear drum ruptures? Is there a way to help that with natural remedy?

    • I’d definitely see a doc to make sure the eardrum is healing ok and make sure there are no other problems and ask before using this, but I’d personally feel ok using this after making sure the ear was ok since it would help draw out moisture.

  9. Wellness Mama, i think it would be helpful for all mommies if you could include any salt would be better to draw water from the ear. Not everyone have pink Himalayan salt around in the kitchen. This remedy always worked and don’t want others reading the post to think that only pink salt can be used. Using Pink salt would be great but everyone have salt in the kitchen in case of midnight emergencies.
    Btw… loving your recommendation of the Salt lamp. We have been using it for a month in the bedroom and i am sleeping much better and waking up very refreshed.

  10. Thanks for all your info! How do you check/know if an eardrum has ruptured?

  11. If you are breastfeeding then you have all you need for ear infections (eyes, burns, all sorts of stuff). Just put some fresh Breastmilk in the ear and let it sit for a minute…drain and repeat in the other ear….longer would probably fine too. Otherwise garlic oil is great.

  12. Could I use epsom salt? Thanks!

  13. We’ve done every remedy in the book (Garlic oil, onion juice, collodial silver, vinegar, saline up the nose…) – will try this…. doctor said firmly to us (with a disgusted tone) that putting anything INSIDE the ear will NOT help as it’s a middle ear infection — it’s been 2 weeks of pain and discomfort for our 10 year old and can’t find anything that will help. Don’t want to try antibiotics. Is the doctor right? Is there no point in filling his ear with natural remedies??

  14. Thanks for advice re. Ear problems. Son had perforated eardrum, now healed, but am wanting to guard against any reoccurrence, especially as he’s swimming again. Will make the bag, and also take it on holiday, as he will be in and out of the sea all day. I love your ideas and will be making heat bags for my nearest and dearest!

  15. An old Chinese lady told me her mother would use a clean fresh shallot for earaches, just cut off the roots and insert in the ear. She demonstrated it to our amusement, the green part protruding. Use a miror to show the child, it will make them laugh and that also helps ease pain. I have no one to try it on. But it could help some one.