Is Fermented Cod Liver Oil Safe or Rancid?

Fermented Cod Liver Oil- Safe or Rancid

I’ve written in depth before about supplements I personally take, including fermented cod liver oil.

If you follow many bloggers in the natural health community, you’ve probably seen the recent drama about the potential quality issues with fermented cod liver oil.

If you missed it, here is a quick recap:

Fermented Cod Liver Oil is considered a traditional food that has been recommended by the Weston A. Price Foundation and many real food bloggers (including me) for years. It was even the WAPF recommended brand for use in homemade infant formula and many members take it religiously.

On August 21, 2015, Weston A. Price Foundation Vice President Dr. Kaayla Daniel released a 100+ page report detailing the results of independent lab tests that she had on samples of Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil and that alleged major issues with the brand, including rancidity, lower levels of nutrients than were claimed, and sourcing issues.

Dr. Daniel’s report claims that FCLO is not actually fermented, is rancid, putrid, and adulterated with other (cheaper) oils. It also alleges that there are lower levels of fat soluble nutrients in FCLO than claimed and that the oil isn’t even from cod. Serious claims from a well-respected person in the real food community.

Understandably, this has left many people in the real food community reeling and looking for answers. I’ve gotten many emails, comments, and social media messages in the last few days asking what my take on the subject is, and have spent the last several days researching all of the claims from both sides.

Below is my personal opinion and research on this issue based on the information available right now. I will continue to update this post as more information is revealed.

My hope is that no matter the outcome of further research and study about fermented cod liver oil, the real food community will take this as a lesson in the importance of verifying the quality of supplements and use this as an opportunity to improve the real food movement, rather than to divide the community.

Is Fermented Cod Liver Oil Safe or Rancid?

In short… I don’t know. Based on the information available from both sides, I don’t think it is possible for anyone (short of Green Pastures, the company producing the fermented cod liver oil in question) to know the answers to all of the questions that many people are asking right now. At the same time, there are some holes in the report from Dr. Daniels and some potential financial ties that have come to light that call her motivation into question.

When our family first started taking fermented cod liver oil years ago, I did a lot of research on the company and on cod liver oil in general (as anyone should do before taking fat soluble vitamins regularly). The only lab reports I was able to find at the time were from Green Pastures and they showed no rancidity in the fermented cod liver oil and verified that FCLO did contain the fat soluble vitamins it was known for.

The recent report from Dr. Daniel calls these tests into question. Her results have the lab company and the party funding the test blurred out, which is somewhat suspect, though I do not think that this necessarily discredits the information in the reports. The report does, however, make some assertions about certain compounds being harmful as a justification for why FCLO is not safe, and some of these claims are not backed by existing science (or are at least controversial).

In the last six months or so, I’ve actually been researching and testing different forms of cod liver oil after readers have inquired about different brands and reported issues they’ve had with FCLO.

My Experience

Our family has seen benefits from taking fermented cod liver oil over the years, including reversal of tooth decay. I’ve also noticed that my skin is naturally more sun tolerant since taking FCLO, probably from the fat soluble vitamins it contains.

At the same time, there is the possibility that the quality of Green Pastures FCLO has changed since I researched it years ago, or that more recent lab testing has been able to reveal problems that were undetectable years ago.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil: The Claims

FCLO is Not Fermented:

There may be some truth to this claim. I’ve talked before about the importance of fermented foods for health, and why the naturally created beneficial bacteria in fermented foods are so important.

The red flag that Daniels explains is that oil cannot ferment. The process of fermentation requires the presence of a carbohydrate as the food for the fermentation process. Many people (including me) assumed that an unnamed carbohydrate was used for the fermentation process but was removed by the process so it was not listed on the ingredients or that the livers themselves were fermented and not the oil (as an oil can’t ferment without another ingredient).

Green Pastures owner Dave Wetzel has been less than transparent about this fermentation process, though supposedly he has brought several WAPF members and high profile bloggers to his facility to see the process and verify its quality. (I have never been to the facility and have no firsthand knowledge of this process, so I have to rely on Dave’s explanation of his process.

This is one area that I hope we see more detail on from Green Pastures and from independent sources in the future. For now, the debate about the process used and what part of the process actually requires fermentation does not necessarily mean that the final product is not high quality, but it does raise some interesting questions to explore.

FCLO is Rancid:

Fats and oils cannot ferment without carbohydrates, so what happens when they are exposed to the conditions of fermentation? In short, they go rancid.

This is the basis for the claims in the new report. The independent lab results from Dr. Daniel show several biomarkers of rancidity in the samples tested (these were not present in the reports I found in my initial research).

In Daniel’s tests, peroxide, free fatty acids and other biomarkers of rancidity were found. I was unable to find clear answers directly from Green Pastures, though I found several older articles and interviews in which Dave states that his product does not contain these biomarkers or that the substances are not harmful. Again, more research is needed from independent sources on this.

Low Levels of Vitamins:

Another claim in the reports is that FCLO contains less fat soluble vitamins than claimed and that the Vitamin D is in the form of D2 and not D3.

The common consensus among medical experts is that D3 is the preferred form, though Green Pastures claims that D2 is equally safe and effective. To be fair, all forms of cod liver oil contain higher levels of D2 and this does not necessarily raise a red flag, but again, more research is needed.

Also, Green Pastures has never made claims, to my knowledge, about the levels of nutrients in their products, carefully explaining that they are a food product and that levels can change.

Not Actually Cod:

The report further claimed that the DNA tests on Green Pastures products showed that the livers used were from Alaskan Polluck, not cod. This seems to be partially an issue of understanding of fish species and families, since:

The Alaska pollock or walleye pollock (Gadus chalcogrammus, formerly Theragra chalcogramma) is a marine fish species of the cod family Gadidae. Alaska pollock is a semipelagic schooling fish widely distributed in the North Pacific with largest concentrations found in the eastern Bering Sea.

After hours of research, I could not find any definitive answer directly from Green Pastures about the origin or species of the fish they use. The closest I could find was Dave’s vague answer from his own FAQs:

Ok, The question arises on the topic of location of the fish. The fish school in the northern, cold waters around the Arctic Ocean. They do not have a nationality and a fish can school for a 1000+ miles in its life. So the relevance of the specific spot the fish is cleaned is not relevant to the discussion, ‘is the fish safe to consume’.

Red Flags from the Report

While Kaayla’s report certainly raises some concerns about FCLO, it also raises some concerns about its own validity. For instance:

  • The labs used for the testing and who paid for the independent testing is not disclosed. This isn’t necessarily a red flag on its own, but given the rumored history of drama within the WAPF organization, I think it deserves further investigation. Given how much heated press this report has generated, I can certainly understand the potential desire of a donor to remain anonymous in the report,  but it does raise a red flag.
  • Though I have no firsthand experience with any of the board members of WAPF, including Sally Fallon or Dr. Daniel, reports of internal drama run rampant in the real food community. In fact, I avoided joining the WAPF for years partially because of these claims. We have not heard an official response from WAPF or Green Pastures yet, and I think that thoroughly evaluating both sides will be an important step for any of us looking to understand the long term validity of these claims.
  • The one funding source that Kaayla mentions in the report, Dr. Ron Schmid ND, has a long and somewhat dramatic history with FCLO. He reportedly took (really large doses- above the recommended amount) of regular cod liver oil and then fermented cod liver oil for decades and attributes them to his severe heart disease. He has also stated publicly that he attributes his miraculous recovery from heart disease with discontinuing taking FCLO. Not exactly an unbiased source. Again, this does not discredit the information, but does raise some additional questions.
  • While Daniels lists sources for many of her claims, she doesn’t list her sources for many of her quotes. In fact, while she says she talked to many experts (including “top university professors, scientists, researchers, lab managers, doctors and other health care practitioners”), these sources are unnamed for many of her more serious allegations. Obviously, these claims would carry much more weight if they were substantiated and sourced.
  • It also raised a red flag for me that Daniel has a call to action for her own services in the report, saying: “Finally, if you think you have health challenges related to FCLO consumption, share your story with friends, colleagues . . . and me. If you think you’ve been harmed, I would like to offer you a FREE mini appointment by phone or face-to- face on Skype. To share your story or to make your appointment, contact me at ***********” I can understand her desire to help others if she truly feels that FCLO is harmful, but a report making these allegations does not seem like the appropriate place to make this offer. Again, not a reason to discredit the report, but a red flag.
  • Emerging information has also revealed some potential political ties from the new organization Dr. Daniels founded after leaving/being forced out of WAPF and the makers of the Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil product she recommends. In other words, the company she recommends as an alternative to FCLO is a sponsor of her new organization so she may have a bias here. Additionally, there is a lot of information floating around about potential conflict within the old organization hierarchy of WAPF that suggests there may be much more to the story on both sides.

The Bottom Line

Based on the available information at this time, it is extremely difficult or impossible to draw a definitive conclusion on the issue of the quality of Green Pastures FCLO or other CLO products. I think that this whole “scandal” is a symptom of a much bigger problem- the mud slinging between competing companies and emerging attacks on both sides of the fence.

The report brings up some serious points and hints at some possible misleading information from Green Pastures over the years. As a mom who has given FCLO to my own family for years and seen good enough results to recommend it to readers as well, I am extremely angry and disappointed in Green Pastures if any of these claims turn out to be true. At the same time, there are some serious holes in the Dr. Daniel’s report and the potential financial ties to the new company bring up more questions.

I think more research and disclosure is needed from both parties, and like I said, I hope that all of us in the real food community will use this as an opportunity to improve, learn more, and get to the truth, and not as an excuse to argue and divide.

At the end of the day, I have to hope and trust until I see evidence to the contrary that both the founders of Green Pastures and Dr. Daniel are interested in health and serving their communities and continue to evaluate any information as objectively as possible.

At the same time, I don’t think either side is unbiased.

Green Pastures, of course, derives a profit from the sale of their FCLO. Dr Daniel has a rumored history of contention with different parties within WAPF and with Green Pastures as well as potential financial ties to the new EVCLO company. Again, none of these are relevant to the validity of the data in the reports or even necessarily to the motivation of either party, but they do provide a possible motivation for slanting information one way or the other.

At the end of the day, things are rarely what they seem on the surface and my guess is that we will continue to find more from both sides of this story.

What Our Family is Doing

As I mentioned, after many reader questions, I have been researching FCLO and  alternative cod liver oil sources for months.

For now, we still have FCLO in our fridge, but have been testing virgin cod liver oil as well. I’m also continuing to research the safety and effectiveness of both products and hope to see more transparency from both companies.

Based on the evidence available, I can certainly see the importance of exercising caution with consuming FCLO until we have more information, but do not think the report alone is enough evidence to never take FCLO again unless we receive further verification.

For those of us who have taken (or decide to still take) Fermented Cod Liver Oil in the recommended doses, I do not think that the report offers definite reasons for concern or stress.

I hope that both parties act openly and transparently in the coming weeks and months and will update this post as more information becomes available.

Since there is so much conflicting information on the issue right now, please share any information or research you’ve found in the comments below. Has your opinion of FCLO changed as a result of this report?

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Reader Comments

  1. Love the honesty and forthright nature of this article !

    It is a touchy and confusing subject…. I stopped taking FCLO because the vitamin A was giving me headaches….

    I hope (& believe there will be) a regulatory committee (not bought out like FDA) which stringently researches and ‘qualifies’ vitamins and supplements.

    Love your articles Wellness Mama! xo

    • Skate liver oil contains more D-vitamin and less A-vitamin then FCLO, and is recommended to people eating foods rich in A-vitamins, such as raw liver.

  2. Interesting. I have read your previous posts, but always felt a caution about the FCLO. Consequently, I instead purchased Nordic Naturals CLO, simply because it is a brand I trust. I will be interested to see how this all plays out….

  3. Hi. Does this apply to all cod liver oil or just the liquid type and the brand you mentioned? We currently take it in gel cap form and a different brand. Thanks so much.

    • As far as I know, Green Pastures is the only brand of FERMENTED cod liver oil available. It is the one the article by Dr. Daniels was written about and the one that has come into question as to the quality and validity of it’s claims. Other brands of cod liver oil are fresh, un-fermented cod liver oil and do not have the same potential issues of rancidity and putrefaction as the fermented cod liver oil. All other brands of cod liver oil (NOT fermented) should be perfectly fine to take as a vitamin supplement.

      • Thanks. That’s what I thought. Just wanted to be sure. 🙂

      • All other brands? No. There are many other issues of concern in the way cod liver oil is processed than the ones mentioned here that are to do, specifically, with fermented oil. Do your research on any oil and brand you take.

      • I took fermented cod liver oil from Green Pastures for a short time but discontinued use because it gave me extreme diarrhea each time i used it. I quit and have taken a couple of other none fermented brands without any of those problems.

      • The “study” you posted a link to isnt at all what an actual factual study looks like. It appears to be more of an opinionated based article and not even close to an actual study that was performed properly….I went to school to learn how to decipher real studies from false studies from sketchy studies and this was is definitky sketchy. I’ll continue taking FCLO with zero hesitation.

        • Yes, me and my family will continue to take it as well. I went to green pastures website and I personally feel they have been very upfront about everything and have explained, in depth, the process they use. I don’t honestly see the freak out here. I truth their company and their products.

        • Jackie- Do you have a link to a scholarly article on the benefits of FCLO? I couldn’t find one.

  4. Katie, thanks so much for dealing with this issue so quickly. Obviously a lot of us are stressed about it. Would you continue using the FCLO in your diaper cream recipe?

    Thanks again!

    • Yes, I have no concerns with topical use and nothing in the report was definitive or made me doubt the safety of cod liver oil, just potentially its effectiveness

      • The question of whether the oil is rancid is in itself a question of whether it is safe to consume. Rancid oils/foods are unsafe to consume, and according to some scientists, they are actually dangerous to consume.

      • Katie,

        Thank you for sharing your research on Green Pastures FCLO. I’m going to try your new recommendation.

        I’m interested in knowing what size serving of the Rosita Extra-Virgin CLO you would give to an 8 year old. Do you have a suggestion based on your experience with your own children?

        Thank you!

  5. Katie, once again you have proved why you are one of my favorite bloggers. Thanks for wading through all the details of the reports and the accusations on both sides to give your readers an accurate, fair picture of what is happening with the FCLO issue.

  6. I so much appreciate your thoughtful and unbiased review of the FCLO controversy. My grandson and I have been taking it in recommended doses; however, we have stopped for now until more definitive research and testing emerge. I’m anticipating info from Chris Kresser as well.
    Thanks again for all you do within the healthy living community!

  7. Thanks for this. The whole thing has been stressing me out and as the mom of a little one and starting a business I haven’t had the time to do all the research. My LO coughs and cries from the burn of FCLO every time so I don’t give it to her. I am going to try EVCLO next and see. When this was all first going down I was really bummed at how it was being handled by some of the WAPF folks. My chapter leader sent out an email to our local people raising her concerns around FCLO and she got a direct call from Sally who scolded and attacked her on the phone. It was really disappointing. Why so much drama? Can’t we just come at it from a place of curiosity and understanding? Thanks for being so calm and wise about the whole thing. And for doing the research.

    • I’m pretty sure there is some affiliation between Green Pasture as a company and the WAPF, which I think is an important point for the discussion.

      • There has never been, and is not now any affiliation. This point has already been discussed in length on various blogs. Green Pasture simply makes a great FCLO product, and tries to follow the traditions revealed by Dr. Weston A. Price.

  8. I just received my 1st two bottles of FCLO from Green Pastures. Split a bottle between my 80 yr old mother and 90 yr old mother in law. I’m wondering if I should get it back and dump it. ;-@

  9. I remember Green Pastures being the usually recommended FCLO manufacturer. There are no other fermented fish oils?

    Does the report mention where the batches were procured from? Has anyone tried to reproduce the study?
    I am not sure where I stand on this either. I really don’t like the idea of taking non-fermented fish oil as it seems like it would go rancid far too quickly.

    Thanks for another great article

    • Green pastures is the only available FERMENTED cod liver oil. All other brands are fresh and un-fermented. The problems that the study points out is that the “fermentation” process is really just rancidity, because you can’t ferment fats. So would you rather take cod liver oil that may go rancid after a while, or “fermented” cod liver oil that’s already rancid?

      When I first heard of the FCLO, I was skeptical. I was like “how do you ferment oil?” but people were so rabidly in support of it, I thought I’d give it a try. I bought a bottle of the liquid and took 2ml daily until the bottle was gone. I never saw any benefits, but I did burp up awful cinnamon and rotting fish taste for hours after taking it. I never bought any more.

      • They do not ferment the oil, they ferments the liver in saltwater (+ a culture as a starter), and they extract the oils that flows out of the fermented liver and to the top of the salt water.

        • Thanks Christer/Kirsten.

          What Christer says seems to make sense. People have fermented meat for a while so I presume
          fermenting cod liver oil is certainly doable. I still don’t know what to make of the report and don’t know how green pastures handles it’s particular fermentation process.

          If I don’t continue with FCLO (which I probably won’t at least until I hear more). I will probably just eat fish. Fish oil from what I can tell goes rancid rather quickly and I don’t feel safe keeping a bottle around for months after it presumably has already been shipped/stored in a store for months. I liked FCLO as it presumably protected the oil from such problems.

          • you can not ferment oils, and that makes the whole questioning about if the oil is fermented or not stupid. The oil should not contain any lactic bacteria. The whole attack from Dr.Daniels is with out any logic. Either is she paid to break down the respect of WAPF and GP, or she has an own agenda. I am totally confident with the products, and I know they are not rancid. I also know that big forces want WAPF and GP and their likes dead because they are industry killers (making people look at real foods). The whole Dr. Daniel stinks !

        • This is what I thought. Who would want to ferment oil? Of course it’s the liver that got fermented.

  10. Thanks for the post. This is the exact reason I consider you such a great source of information. You are a genuine person. I hope everything becomes clear soon – until then I’ll take a cod liver oil that actually tastes good 😉

  11. Hi Katie, I am concerned now as I just purchased an entire year of Green Pastures (to save money) and now I’m wondering if I should still take it! But, thank you for the information.

    • Depending on where you bought it, you may be able to return it, (Amazon is great about this). If all works out well, you could repurchase it at that time.

      • I purchased it directly from GP. It was approximately a month ago, so I doubt I can return it. 🙁

        • 30 days unopened can be returned. Check your date, I just received 4 bottles (2 days ago 🙁 ) and I am retuning them until there is more research.

          • I figured out it was probably almost 2 months when I got them.

    • Green Pastures accepts returns. perhaps we should return the products until our concerns are properly addessed.

      • Excellent idea, Carly. I don’t purchase directly from GP; I feel sorry for small suppliers like mine who are caught with the stock of it, perhaps. They, too, should press Dave for better answers instead of just publishing his labs reports.

  12. I just ordered 6 bottles of fclo from the Green Pastures back to school sale, amd now I am upset, angry and broke! Ugh!

  13. Infuriating! Thank you for the heads up, Katie! Hopefully we’ll soon see something like the Non GMO project for supplements. Thanks again for a being “watch dog” for us readers.

    • Another excellent idea…I have been hoping that the DARK Act vote will prompt some action that will be a serious consumer-driven, rather than government-driven, labeling process.

  14. When I first started seeing my naturopath, I told her I was taking Green Pastures FCLO. I was impressed with her due-dilligence, because she actually had one of her pharmacology students call the company to get details on exactly how much of various vitamins the product contained, so that she could help me pinpoint what dosage would be best.
    After quite a lot of work, her assistant finally got through to someone at green pastures, but they would only provide very vague, somewhat evasive answers about what was in the product, and gave some strange excuses about why they couldn’t give a straight answer. As a result my doctor recommended I not take it since she didn’t really feel confident that we knew what we were taking.

    This is mostly not related to your post, but it is another anecdote about Green Pastures engaging in some somewhat shady practices. I was happy at the time that I had a doctor to guide me on the issue, because everything I had heard about the products at the time were nothing but rave reviews.

    • The reason is because modern analyses do not work, easily proven when the results are very different even on the same batch (That is also why they do not give information on the content of vitamins, because it seems impossible to get the correct answers with modern test). Modern analyses do not consider natures own will. Wetzel explains this very good in his last blog-post.

      I still eat my BIR non flavored, and I know from my long experience making foods what rancid tastes like and smells like, and non of the GP-oils tastes or smells rancid, except when they are exposed to sunlight. The FCLO contains may different oils, and the lightes ones flows to the top of the bottle, and these are the ones that tastes like hell.

      • Wow Christer. Very defensive! You also want to add that pollock is the same as cod? Or what about the usage of possible plant oils. Do you blindly trust WAPF and GP? Or can you see that there hasn’t been any concern addressed officially nor any reassurance or explanation? This is very fishy indeed and really hope it will be handled well as this imparts a huge loss of credibility..!!

        • The fishyness is with Dr.Daniels in my view, but I agree that GP needs to be more transparent. I do not believe the test results due to that they are not able to interpret the results properly. I do believe in the reports from the unnamed laboratories. Dr. Daniels use one result from one analysis to front her view, and another one to front another view. What about Dr. Daniels showing her own sources, names of the professors and so called experts, names of the laboratories used, and information how has funded the reports. Reports are reports, but how you interpret them is very variable, dempending on who wants the answers. In my oppinion Dr. Daniels is unprofessional because she is not telling us her sources.

          • As I mentioned in the article, there are issues on both sides that need to be addressed…

          • She can’t divulge the names of the laboratories because of legal agreements, which is a very common practice. She’s not intentionally keeping the names a secret.

          • Someone pointed out that they don’t want Fukushima fish (Pacific), as I don’t also. GP claims that the fish they use are Atlantic cod, not Pacific Pollock. Transparency? Truth?

        • ……………………………Great pun, Michelle!

        • Wow Michelle,
          You need to read the link on Christler’s post…and have the understanding that English is NOT HER FIRST LANGUAGE BEFORE YOU ALL JUMP ON THE ASSUMPTION WAGON.
          Just sayin’
          P.S. That would be the scientific study you would be looking for.

          Yes, Chrisler, the lightest oil did flow to the top, didn’t it?

  15. Thank you thank you thank you for this article. I just read the report from Daniel and am a bit of an emotional mess. I have been giving FCLO to our young family for several years in an endevor to heal some dental issues and met with limited success. After reading this report it is implied that I could have been giving my children some seriously dangerous compounds. Like you I am angry that the opportunity for accusation and doubt is even there. I researched long and hard before starting these – but a certain measure of trust is required in the process – trust that company’s are honest and thorough in their testing and reports. I am angry at WAPF for not responding to these allegations. And I am scared, scared that something I was trying to do to promote health in our family could be causing harm.

    Do you think we need to be concerned about long term health repercussions?

    Thank you again for addressing this!!!

  16. This has nothing to do with this particular post but I am trying to remineralize my teeth based on your recommendations. My teeth look whiter but I feel as if my gums hurt more now as I brush them. I brush with coconut oil and rinse with baking soda. Is this some kind of a transisition? As in that it gets worse before it gets better.


    • Baking soda is very hard on your enamel. I’ve been making toothpast for my family with calcium bentonite clay and essential oils and my family’s dental health has improved (less plaque, tooth sensitivity, and bleeding gums). There are lots of recipes online to choose from. I would avoid baking soda for regular use. It’s more of a once in a while thing.

      • Which essential oils do you use? Thanks

  17. This the most balanced and thoughtful post I’ve seen on this topic so far! Thank you so much. Your red flags are exactly mine and for the same reasons.

    As a Weston Price chapter leader, from my perspective the best thing that can come out of all this is that the WAPF Board pays to have GP cod liver oil tested at the same 5 labs that Dr. Daniel used. This time, hopefully, in order to ensure total transparency, the names of the labs will be disclosed and the results made public to the membership.

    I can’t see any other way to fully lay this controversy to rest. We need apples to apples testing with full transparency.

  18. Gosh, I bought my first bottle last month and just (as in yesterday) reordered a 2nd bottle of capsules (EXPENSIVE). I guess I’m slow on the uptake and didn’t hear about all the controversy.

    Katie, I thought the draw to Green Pastures was that they offered the fermented cod liver blended with butter oil to get the full benefits. Do you take something in conjunction with extra virgin (non fermented) cod liver oil?

      • Hi Katie,
        Do you give your kids the K2 as well in the form of MK-7? If so, what dosage do you give them? I have a 2 and 4yr old and i’m unsure what form to give them now that we left Green Pastures brand.

        • You asked Katie, but I’ll share what I read just yesterday: kids need MK4 for brain and eye development.

  19. what are you thoughts on Garden of Life cod liver oil…I was taking that product before taking the Green Pastures FCLO 5 years ago simply because the fermented one is suppose to be a better higher quality.

  20. Interesting article. When stories like this come out, it is difficult to discern who is telling the truth and who isn’t. Our family used to use GP CLO–before the fermented version came out. We loved it, and felt better when taking it. Then finances got tight and we had to make some difficult choices, such as buy food or CLO. Naturally, we bought food. When finances changed again, a couple years ago, we bought some more CLO, but this time, only the fermented form was available. Only two of us could manage to choke it down. And I mean CHOKE! We didn’t feel better, and in fact the fclo seemed to disagree with me. When we finally emptied the bottles we didn’t buy more. I guess it is one of those things that if it works for you, great, continue doing it. It didn’t for us.

  21. I have been taking FCLO from Green Pastures for years I do get blood work done anually to semi annual bases for Hormones as I get my D3 checked at the same time my doctor said I needed a much higher level than what I had so I am taking 10k IU of a liquid D3 as the pill form of D3 was not absorbable enogh for me to get my blood level high enough so even though I was taking 4ml a day of FCLO my D3 level was still way to low my doctor say for mr to take D3 only, NOT D2 im taking Testotosterone to and wife is also on hormone replacement therapy bioidentical hormones I had high er than normal estrogen levels and am Not sure but I blame that on all the plastics, cause all plastics leech a bad estrogen chemical that blocks testorterone and raises the estrogen level especially after reading indenpendant lab studies on the plastic subject

  22. Before this report by Dr. Daniels came out, I read the article that the Price-Pottenger foundation put out about what Dr. Price actually did recommend. ( I did more research and found another company other than Rosita that does cold press their oil – which is something that Dr. Price mentioned. If you read that article, other doctors are mentioned as stating that dark oils should not be consumed and that the oil you do consume should be light in color and not strong tasting – of which the cold pressed oil I got was. So far so good with it. I would love to see your results with your blood work. Smart. I totally should have thought of that! (This is what I ordered about a week before the report came out and I’m so glad I did! – I also should say that I asked some questions about the process of their cold pressing and they responded.. “No heat involved, Processed at room temperature followed by
    Centrifugation and filtration process to make virgin cod liver oil ” and “We don’t use distillation process
    It is a simple multiplex filtration and slow centrifugation system that does not remove any fatty acids “)

    • I have been following this whole controversy and wondering why we aren’t talking more about what Dr. Price himself recommended since apparently the work of Dr. Price is where this whole cod liver oil craze originated from. Instead of asking if the FCLO is fermented or rancid, maybe we should be asking if we even WANT it to be fermented. I think the overwhelming answer is NO!! Which begs the question, why does Sally Fallon so strongly recommend only this one brand of cod liver oil? Am I the only one who wonders or is strongly suspicious that she is in some why financially benefiting from the sales of GP FCLO???

      • I have been thinking the same thing.

      • Me too… I could never understand why it was the only “Best” CLO recommended by WAPF (at the time I was researching it…they might have more now). It wasn’t mentioned in Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, and the only ‘studies’ I could find on it were from Green Pastures themselves. I never could bring myself to jump on the bandwagon because something about it just didn’t seem right.

  23. Oh Lord… I remember when I first told my husband that I was ordering Green Pastures FCLO. He said “Wow, why is it so expensive?” I explained… I am not currently working so he is the only one bringing money to the house. What am I going to tell him now? This is so frustrating… I still have almost the full bottle I recently ordered….

  24. As a retailer of Green Pastures products, and a WAPF chapter leader, I really appreciate your summary, it’s essentially what I was thinking but put into much more coherent words, and right now I feel pretty stunned by all this! Many thanks.

  25. This is so interesting! I have struggled with my guilt for not being able to handle the FCLO. I started taking it during my pregnancy and it was so disgusting to me and I never really took it long enough to see any results. My mom has told me stories that my uncle swore by his cod liver oil to help his joints. After I had my baby, my wrists and knees hurt so badly, so I started taking cod liver oil (cold processed, not fermented) and I would mix it with a little orange juice to get it down. I felt results within 2 days and then I kept taking it all through the winter. I have not been taking it in the summer–mainly just because my joints don’t hurt and it is quite expensive. Thank you for sharing this.

  26. Katie, VERY WELL SAID! I have long been impressed with your integrity and transparency. Thank you for your professional coverage of such a sensitive and polarizing topic! All this makes me sad! I feel WAPF works hard to promote the gospel of real health, & I pray this doesn’t hinder that work.
    Thank you for your timely post!

  27. Thus is the best breakdown I’ve seen so far on the issue, thanks for the time you put into it.

    On the topic of vitamin D testing, make sure you get the right tests! Many people are unaware of the truth of vitamin D.

    • A lot of informed people follow Katie’s blog! This link from Becky contains further references NHANES studies of the relationship between magnesium deficiency (common today) and Vitamin D deficiency. Wonder if that partially explains the blond surfers who tested deficient in VitD? Single supplements or food ingredients are usually interdependent. The body is a complex machine.

  28. Thanks for this information! I’ll be watching here for updates. 🙂

  29. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I’ve been taking it for a couple years now, though not as religiously as I thought I should have. When I began taking my newest bottle a few months ago, I have some stomach and digestion problems. I attributed it to the FCLO rom Green Pastures because I had read another blogger’s concern about the product after something changed in the ownership, if I recall correctly, and that her family began experiencing digestion problems as well. At the time, I took it with a grain of salt, but after the information you have shared, NOW I’m thinking there was a lot more validity to it than I initially thought.
    Where can I read more about the rumored drama within WAPF? The book Cure Tooth Decay is where I learned about Green Pastures. I want to be well informed about all of this information!
    Again, thank you for all you’ve shared. I don’t know where else I would have come across this information, if not from your site.

  30. Very well said. I have been taking FCLO for years and force feeding it to my kiddos and hubby. Hubby has had fantastic results, but I haven’t had the same results myself… he hasn’t had a cold since we have been taking it. I can’t say the same for myself or the kids. Since this has come out I have been researching other vendors and Rositas seemed to be the top choice, but the Nutrapro as mentioned here in the comments seems good as well. I did run into this article about rat fish oil:

    Just wanted to share so others were aware. Thanks,

  31. This is a most balanced reporting of the situation that I have seen, but I will say that it is curious that you NOW question whether it is fermented when exactly a year ago, you explain how it was fermented – the livers, not the oil.

    “Fermented cod liver oil is made when cod livers are fermented. This allows the fat soluble vitamins and beneficial oils to separate from the rest of the liver without damaging the fat soluble vitamins (unlike in some methods like heat processing where the vitamins are damaged). This cool temperature fermentation process allows the cod liver oil to maintain its Omega-3, Vitamin D and Vitamin A content.”

    • I like the comment 🙂 It is exactly how it is made 🙂

  32. Great work, Mama!

    In my own case, I got good results from butter oil way back (same as with other sources of K2, primarily teeth and calculus buildup). Couple of years ago I decided I’d try the FCLO/BO blend in caps. I took 2 caps per day.

    Same good results, if not better. I ordered a case of six bottles, so I took them for a good while. Stellar pearly teeth that never need cleaning or even brushing (wooden toothpicks for me :).

    Anyway, I did have a level of frustration with GP and Dave’s obsessive secrecy and mystery. I emailed a simple question: how much BO in each cap, explaining that I would like to be sure I’m getting about the same amount, with the added FCLO. Could NOT get a straight answer. I ask again: well, the BO caps are .5g and the FCLO/BO blend is 1g. I was taking 1-2 BO per day before, and take 1-2 of the blend now? Am I getting the same or nearly the same amount of BO?

    “Most people take more” is the only answer I could get, which I just consider downright smarmy.

    I may use it again periodically in the future, and I really don’t care about the fermented vs rancid issue. Many cultures eat rancid and petrified food as delicacies, and most animals do it all the time. For all we know, some level of spoil has beneficial effects.

    I also don’t care for their religious innuendo in some of their communications, which is personal preference for me, but also, “God made it that way” really isn’t a satisfactory answer since presumably he also made botulinum toxin by the same logic.

    Again, great write up and you’re a great value.

  33. It is good to hear about this. Whenever I tried to take FCLO I would develop intense rage– it was scary. I asked around, and nobody had an answer. Then I read that one blog where the mom stopped giving her family FCLO, I at least felt less alone. I mean, how could something that is supposed to be a superfood cause me such emotional turmoil at the slightest amount? WAPF has had such a close-knit relationship with Green Pastures that suggesting GP as anything but the gold standard is equal to heresy. To read that there is possibly scientific evidence to back up my body’s instinctual reactions helps me realize I’m not crazy. I look forward to what else you learn and have to share. I appreciate your lack of vitriol in your post. We’ll all have to weed through many differing emotions to find the truth, I suspect.

    • Thanks for the links. They are very helpful. I found another website from a comment through your link providing a lot of insight on this issue, which is Now I am pretty sure it’s Dr. Daniel’s propaganda to put GP and Dave in crisis situation. I believe they will get vindicated. I am now more thankful and respectful for all their efforts to provide such nutrition-dense food convenient for us in standing firm against the degradation of the entire food industry, which use various chemical and nutrient-depriving process, flavour-disguising and synthetic vitamin additives for profits and no concerns for human beings’ wellness.
      I will continue to use their FCLO/BO blend and give to my kids. After taking just half teaspoon per day not even everyday (depending on our food that day) for two months, my daughter’s recent dental appointment showed the first time no cavity at all on X-ray. I definitely need to give some credits to their products if not all.
      Here I want to give my token on how to take fish oil and any oil supplement. Don’t take it in an empty stomach. It’s best to take it with or after food at the meal time. The reason is oil and fat would signal bile stored in gall bladder to be released into the first part of your intestine, which may cause cramps, reflux, and nausea when not enough food is mixing with the digestive juice. Also, taking a small amount at a time is better. If your body cannot produce fast enough the bile salts, some serious reactions may occur in order to purge the oil out.

      • Excellent advice in your last paragraph! I’ve always known to take *most* supplements with food unless otherwise noted, but you explained the *why* that might explain why some people don’t tolerate the FCLO well. Thank you!

  34. Very good friends of mine have owned and operated a small national herbal company here in Canada. They have been doing business with Green Pastures and it’s owner Dave Wetzel for a very long time and they cringed when I brought up his name once. I don’t want to go into details because it’s not my right to say but after hearing everything they shared with me I stopped buying his product and my friends wouldn’t buy his product either because they simply dont trust him. It’s such a shame. I was so shocked and disappointing to hear everything they had to say.

    I say it’s time we start looking for a new source. Glad this article was published. Great work as always Katie 🙂

  35. if you have an immune system problem, especially Sarcoidosis, do NOT take cod liver oil or even vitamin D supplements without first having BOTH your vitamin D 25 and vit D 1,25 level checked. For sarcoid pts, 42 to 46 is considered the highest of normal and <42 would be best.

    Thank you –only trying to avoid a problem in a subset of people. 😉

  36. oops, should have included <42 is preferable for vitamin D 1,25…above that it is inflammatory for sarcoidosis patients and increases risk of bone and vertebral fractures.

  37. Thanks for posting this article.

  38. Thank you for staying so open & curious about new info, it’s so important, especially when we think we’ve finally got something all figured out!

    I would absolutely love a post on the biomarker tests you recommend (and how you came about getting them done, through a doctor or at home.) I think keeping tabs on biomarkers could be such an invaluable tool but I have no idea how to go about it, how often to do it, etc.

  39. As someone who has fished for cod off the Maine Coast I can tell you cod is loaded with parasites and worms. Yes, even in the liver. It’s not uncommon to get a can of cod livers from Europe and finding worms in the livers.
    So there is an exposure with fermented or extra virgin cod liver oil because neither is heated to kill these beggars.
    Also, take a close look at Green Pasture Butter Oil. Look at the color and the amount of butter wax in it.
    I found it to be 75% butter wax and 25% ?
    I make my own raw butter and unheated raw butter oil and can tell you it’s very bright yellow and taste great.
    One pound of raw June butter from the Northeast (cows eating 100% grass) will give you the following. 7 ounces of butter wax, 4 ounces of milk solids, and 5 ounces of pure bright yellow butter oil.
    No need to buy butter oil. Just eat good butter.
    Do the math. You can buy raw butter for $8-10 bucks a pound and get 5 ounces of butter oil or you can buy an 8 oz jar of Green Pasture butter oil for $60.00 and get lots of butter wax and ?
    If you don’t believe me, take a jar of Green Pasture butter oil and put it in an old Omega jucier with the cloth filter and see what you end up with. You won’t be a happy camper.

    • Thank you Chuck, for this comment! I was thinking exactly the same thing. I use both coconut oil and ghee for cooking and raw butter for everything else, and really love it. I had bought some of the GP blend (FCLO + Butter Oil) ion capsules, so it was easy to take, but it did smell a bit funny, so had to take it really quickly, holding my nose 😉 Having said that, I did notice almost immediately, that I was feeling less irritable and my moods were less volatile, which I attributed to this supplement. I ordered a second bottle, but had decided that I can’t really afford the price, as 1 bottle of 120 capsules is a does of 4 capsules each day and costs over £30 GBP.

      On the news of this story earlier this week, I did look at Rosita, but outside of the US, you have to buy it directly from their website, and they do not have good security practices (they confirmed by account by sending my password “in the clear” which is a red flag), and they made some excuse about people who have just created an account tend to forget the password they just created (!) so I chose not to do business with them.

      Lastly, the concern about cold processing animal products has finally decided the matter for me. It doesn’t sound safe, even though I believe it is not rancid (regardless of its fishy scent!), but for all of the above reasons, it’s a NO from me 😉

      Cheers, Michelle G

    • Hi Chuck, how do you make your own raw butter? Is this the same thing in the end as the High vitamin butter oil?

  40. Parasites and worms…eww. I am leaning towards STOP taking fclo.

  41. What are your thoughts on krill oil?

  42. Thank you for a well written response, Wellness Mama! I had never even heard of Dr. Daniel until this report came out. However, I have thought on many occasions, that I wish someone would give Dave Wetzel some competition. Force him to show more care for his clients who spend a fortune on his product. His website and customer service are terrible. He is rude, ignores questions, and is very vague about the contents of his products. I think we all should be concerned about his unwillingness to be honest and transparent. We are all about real food, honest labeling, knowing where our food comes from but we blindly support this man when he is unwilling to tell us what is in the products that our families are consuming? My question to Dave years ago was regarding essential oils in the products. Many people don’t believe adults or children should be consuming essential oils, but they are added to most of his products with no information about amounts or where the EO’s come from. He refused to answer my question. I still don’t know, so we stick to unflavored. I hope we can get some answers. I hope Dr. Daniel’s information turns out to be false, but perhaps this should remind us all not to blindly follow. We should all hold Dave Wetzel accountable. Peopek are doubting him now, in part, because he has not been upfront in the past. We deserve honesty from him, and his recent blog response on this matter didn’t cut it. Maybe we should return all our FCLO and stop purchasing from Green Pastures until we have some answers.

    • I think unless you have other information, don’t simply depend on Dr Mercola. I found his information interesting, but every time I received an email from him, it was overloaded with adverts for his own products. Now, I do realise that bloggers and website purveyors need financial support. However, when each and every recommendation comes with a “buy this product from me now” link, I tend to take a step back. Lots of bloggers have affiliate links, but it is not usually so in your face. I think Dr Mercola’s website does have some good information, but definitely do your own research and see whether there is any independent evidence that something works.

      For krill oil, I have seen loads of anecdotes, but no real evidence to date. And I have seen scads of articles in favour and against krill oil, some going so far as calling it a “krill oil hoax” and that it’s a waste of money, and others claiming it’s akin to the waters at Lourdes. Well, of course, the truth is somewhere in between, but since I can’t find a definitive answer, I am not spending the money to buy this particular supplement.

      Hope you find the answer easier than me!

      Cheers, Michelle G

      • Here is a website which bases its information from studies (with cites) and best of all it doesn’t sell supplements.

        According to the information on here krill oil does appear to have advantages. No mention of ‘fermented’ fish oil though

        Hold ‘ctrl’ then press ‘f’

        and type the word ‘krill’ to find info about krill on the page

  43. GRRRRR!!!! I Literally just bought FCLO! It’s supposed to arrive in the mail today. i was looking forward to taking it now i feel like i wasted 60.00. Is anyone here going to continue taking FCLO??

    • I am continuing to take it. I have a skepticism of this report from Dr. Daniel. I don’t know why, I just do. It’s my gut. So until I hear what I consider an unbiased source that it is bad- I will continue to take it.

      • just curious, how long have you been taking it and has it been beneficial?

        • I have been taking it only a month. I will be going soon to get blood tests to determine if it is making a difference. I have hypothyroidism, so I get blood tests done often. I bought a years worth of it and it has never made me sick to my stomach. I take the capsules. Actually it might be closer to two months when I do the math.

    • I have been taking FCLO for 2 years with no problems. I just bought a 3 months supply not too long ago so I spent a ridiculous amount of time reviewing the data for and against FCLO. I even sent copies of the H NMR analysis the Green Pastures did to my friend who is an organic chemist. It is not rancid/hyper-oxidized. Dr. Daniel seems to have an agenda, (just my opinion).

  44. Competition is always a good thing for consumers.

    And manufacturers must be examined routinely.

    If one tries something, and it does not feel right, then you better stop, even if someone is pushing. Just don’t risk your health to prove you are one of the faithful. Health is not a religion.

    As for me, yes, I disbelieve that something so stinky can be any good. But I may be wrong. In my opinion, the best is to eat about one pound of real oily fish every week, if that is possible. Yeah, difficult and expensive, I know.

    So, it is a matter of personal choice. I wish everyone chooses wisely.

  45. Green Pastures FCLO seems like it has been a cornerstone of the real food health movement with many experts practically saying it’s a must have supplement! They are also a sponsor of the WAPF and I’m sure that had to do with why the foundation was reluctant to do more independent testing. I haven’t read all of Daniel’s article, but reading the reviews it sounds like there is some shoddy research techniques there (not disclosing the lab names). Also from what I did read, the tone is very problematic. Still what’s most concerning to me is the lack of transparency and that the product may have been cut with vegetable oil!
    I’m not to concerned about the levels of the vitamins. Those will vary between batches and because they contain many forms of fat soluble vitamins it is difficult to measure.

    I am wondering though about how temperature affects the FCLO and EVCLO. When I ordered my bottle of FCLO it was during summer and the bottle was very hot after I opened the box. I’m considering ordering the Rosita Real Foods brand, but I’m also concerned about the lack of refrigeration or heat protection and rancidity.

    I also have never gotten a good explanation of what exactly a rancid oil is and why it is so harmful. Is there bacteria in the oil? Is there a chemical change to the oil? Fermented cod liver oil is a traditional way of preserving the oil, as is cold pressing. But can we really assume the Rosita oil will be fresh if it’s coming from Norway to the US?

    I tried the cinnamon tingle FCLO and it gave me stomach cramps in diarrhea. After a few doses I couldn’t ever bring myself to try it again. I assumed it was the fat content or the stevia that bothered me, but now my doc has me off fermented foods so I believe that was a factor as well.

    Lesson is: even a good supplement won’t work for everyone and we should always ask questions!!

    • Hi Becky,

      I had the same concerns about shipping and heat.

      As far as rancidity, I think the simplest explanation of the problem is that rancidity is caused by oxidation. Oxidative stress leads to inflammation in the body, and that leads to all kinds of health problems. It is one of the reasons I have long avoided frying and overheating foods, and also make sure to store oils, nuts and seeds in a cool place, and well-sealed to keep out as much air as possible.

      I think one of the easiest things to forget when we’re trying something that is supposed to be very healthy, is to listen to our own bodies! I had that problem recently with something my functional doctor prescribed.

    • I had the same concerns about shipping and heat.

      The easiest explanation of the rancidity problem is that it’s oxidized. Oxidation causes inflammation in the body and that leads to lots of health issues. It’s the reason I have long avoided frying or overheating foods, and also keep oils, nuts, and seeds in a cool place and well sealed to keep out as much air as possible.

      I think one of the easiest things to forget when we’re trying something that is supposed to be healthy is to listen to our own body.

  46. I took my usual FCLO and HVBO this morning as I have been doing for the last 10 years with great benefit.

    Dr. Daniel has not been open or honest at all about the funding for her tests, over $50,000 if her own estimation of $10,000 per Testing Company is true. Who paid for that? As Sally said so many years ago in “Oiling of America”, follow the money.

    I am certain the Dave will be adding more information on his labels and this comes with our new understanding.

    I observe that the majority of people who feel betrayed by GP have turned to the Rosita brand. If I were a betting woman, I would say that Rosita is one of those who funded Dr. Daniel.

    Dr. Daniel please do as you have written and be open and transparent and provide the community with the names of those people and companies who have donated to your funding for the testing.

    • As I mentioned in the article, both parties are at fault here and need to come clean…

      • Innocent until proven guilty, Katie. I am quite surprised at your stance on this issue, and it has been over two weeks already. There has never been, and still is not any proof of the claims against the Green Pasture FCLO products. I understand everyone’s shock from the report; however, there is simply no basis for the doubts you express, other than that bogus report from Dr. Daniel.

        You actually have first hand experience with the effectiveness of FCLO, and that experience is superior to any test results. Yet, you still expressed doubt in the face of that report, and now you have sent many of your readers fleeing from a product that could help them. Some people may very well lose teeth or suffer other ailments due to FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt).

        Please consider reviewing your stance and posting an update. As for me, and the vast majority of FCLO users, the stellar reputation of Green Pasture and their products remains intact. The reputation of Dr. Daniel and others jumping on that bandwagon is another story.

    • Ann, from my perspective WHO FUNDED THE TEST RESULTS IS IRRELEVANT. I’ve worked in the natural foods & products industry my whole life, especially supplements, and third party testing is the gold standard.

      If the testing was being done over months and months, as in a LONG TERM STUDY, then yes, who paid for the study would matter. But in terms of one-time, third party testing, which is what Dr. Daniels did, it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever, UNLESS DR. DANIELS FALSIFIED THE RESULTS. Which, I believe, is why she included a photograph of the original, but with the names blacked out – to prove she had NOT falsified the results.

      The BLACKING OUT OF NAMES IS ALSO IRRELEVANT. What if Dr. Daniels took her sample of GP clo and deliberately left it in the sun for a month before sending it off for testing? And then she placed an advertisement stating how XYC lab results prove that GP clo is rancid?

      To protect themselves, if a second party, and not the manufacturer, sends in the sample, the second party must legally agree not to use the name of the lab because the lab cannot guarantee what happened to the sample before they receive it, only the quality of the work they do to test it.

      From my perspective as a WAPF chapter leader, THE ONLY WAY OUT of this mess is for WAPF TO FUND A REPETITION OF THE SAME TESTS done by Dr. Daniel. If GP sends in the samples as the manufacturer, the labs should have no problem letting their names be used when the results are made public.

      • WHY DO OCCASIONALLY SHOUT? These points might not be relevant to you, but, please don’t dismiss the concerns of others. I, for one, would like transparency or I’m not buying it.

        • Sorry, Patty, didn’t mean to seem like I was shouting. I’m not a frequent online commenter and am n ot familiar with all the standards.

          I merely put that information in caps because it’s not possible to bold or emphasize any other way.

  47. when i click on your fermented oil link, it comes up at extra-virgin cod liver oil. the picture at the top is a “gel” and the link is a different produce (not fermented. i’m confused 🙂
    also, i can’t find FCLO GEL anywhere. can you help with all this? thanks so much, Katie!

  48. For what it’s worth, taking FCLO is what tipped the hat with my histamine responses. I would take my dose at night and within minutes, I would start sneezing and itching so bad that I had to take a Benadryl to calm my body down and sleep. (This is not faulting the FCLO, as my body was obviously in a state of distress.) However, because of that response, my ND advised me to take Nordic Naturals cod liver oil…not fermented. I also take a liquid Vitamin D supplement and eat real butter. Since making the switch, I have felt much better! I’m not sure where GP product’s will end up on the nutritional scale for vitamins, but there are other ways to get those omega 3’s!

  49. Katie, should I be concerned that I’ve been taking this FCLO for the last 34 weeks of my pregnancy? I’ll stop until I learn more but a little worried now.
    Thanks, RW

    • I am planning to start taking it next week. I’m currently 9 weeks pregnant now. How is your experience so far? Are there any noticeable benefits to your baby and yourself?

      Thanks for sharing.

  50. As a health blogger, I relate to your sense of violation by GP. You have done an outstanding job sorting through all of this. It’s interesting to me that I have never been able to stomach the FCLO. Because I couldn’t develop a taste whatsoever I couldn’t offer it to my kids with a clear conscience. And I’m able to develop a taste for pretty much anything – including natto! I figured that unless I can catch the fish myself and extract the oil I’m inherently taking a risk when I buy cod liver oil in any form. I always go back to my instincts as a mom and as a woman. I’ve learned to trust them. I still think FCLO is likely much better than a can of Dr. Pepper or Big Mac. Thank you, Kate!

  51. I have 6 bottles! Been taking it semi-regularly for over a year and can’t stomach throwing all that money away. I think I will continue to take it….

    However, I am wondering for my newly pregnant sister – what would you recommend? Should she take the FCLO (she told me she wants to start) or a non-fermented kind.

    Also, what K2 supplement do you take?

  52. I started taking the brand you recommended a few months ago and I stopped taking it after a couple of days because it made me so sick. I did start taking it right after finding out I was pregnant so I don’t know if that had anything to do with it. I tried taking it with food, right after food, alone, before bed and it made me sick no matter what. So I have an almost full bottle still in my fridge. Hopefully some answers will come to light soon on this issue. Thanks for your post.

  53. Thanks for the thoughtful article! I’ve read about this controversy from several different sources, including a statement issued by GP regarding Dr. Daniels’ report, and I still don’t know what to think. I had been taking FCLO everyday for the past two months and, honestly, I can’t think of a single negative side effect–though this isn’t to say that I feel that I’m completely in the clear. Sheesh, maybe it was all a matter of the placebo effect? Who knows.
    I suppose that I, too, am bothered by the lack of transparency from both parties. GP’s statement didn’t seem to directly address findings in Dr. Daniels’ report; rather, it was more of a broad rebuttal (which, in itself, isn’t necessarily a bad thing). I’m just going to have to trust my instincts, keep my ears / eyes open, and do my homework.
    Thanks again, and looking forward to your findings!

    • Oops. *Dr. Daniel’s

  54. I am also very upset/angry about this turn of events. I recently purchased a bottle of fclo for my 4yr old to take and 2 bottles of fclo& bo capsules for my husband and I. Because I’m in Canada these products are even more expensive – this was an investment of more than $200 including shipping!! Which is a significant amount to a single income family with 2 small children. Although all financial repercussions pale in comparison to what health implications this has on both my kids as I’m a nursing mom who also spoon feeds this stuff to my oldest child.
    I’ve also read up on this at Chris Kresser’s site and he, like you, has taken a very professional ” more info needed” stance on this issue.
    I’m not sure whether to take what I have or stop until further info is available – because of my kids I’m leaning toward stopping. Any input? Anyone

  55. I have been taking Swanson Double Strength Cod Liver Oil caps for a little while now in the dosages recommended by WAPF. My toddlers actually ASK to have them (and chew them up which I think is gross, but apparently they think it’s tasty!) I had been thinking of switching to FCLO for remineralizing cavities, but I think I’ll stick with what I’m taking (it was on the WAPF “good but not best” list.) Do you think the same doses of CLO but just not the FCLO will do the same job for remineralizing teeth? Has anyone else had experience with this?

    • The mentioned product in this article isn’t Rosita EVCLO, it is rat fish oil…

    • Yes, I do not trust a company that has tested for high levels of toxins in any of their products. I am surprised that many health food bloggers are recommending this product.

  56. i have been taking it and giving it to my baby. I am livid. Sickened. I just don’t understand how this can be allowed to happen. But beyond this, I am now so confused. Is there a benefit to Cod Liver Oil over Fish Oil from sardines/anchovies/salmon?

  57. Hey folks,
    I purchased 4 bottles of FLCO/BO one month ago. I have been researching for years and had finally come to a point where we had the finances. Having said that, with this recent info, I decided to return my bottles before the 30 day unopened point and purchase again in the future when I feel more confident again. When I called Friday afternoon, I spoke with a customer service rep named Genie. She said to keep the product as a free gift and they would refund my purchase in full. She made clear they are confident in their product and feel they will come out on top of these allegations. I am still not going to take them right now, but to anyone who has purchased them within the last few months, I would def call and see what they offer financially.
    Hope that helps some of the financial burden at least!

  58. Wellness Mama, thank you for this article. It’s funny. Everyone keeps making a point of “fermenting” oils, and whether or not this is possible. When I read the name Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO), I have always taken it to mean that the oil is NOT what is fermented, but rather, the cod livers themselves. Now that is definitely possible. I assumed that the fermented cod livers were then diffused or somehow emulsified into a carrier oil. I am likely using all the incorrect terminology, but my point is, I believed the word fermented was an adjective for the cod livers and not the oil.

    This week Chris Kesser also came out with his take on Dr. Daniels’ report. Like you, Wellness Mama, he saw the need for more transparency and research overall, but did not believe that the report indicated definitively the FCLO was rancid. I think there was something like 2 out of 5 labs indicating bio-markers for rancidity (sorry if I have the exact stats incorrect here; I do not have his article or the Daniels report in front of me). If some of the FCLO samples were indeed rancid and there was something inherently wrong with the production process, it seems to me ALL of the samples would have had bio-markers pointing strongly towards rancidity, but they did not.

    I am not a WAPF member, nor do I have any particular skin in this game other than I care very deeply about feeding my family and myself the highest quality real foods and supplements (when necessary) that I can. I have taken the FCLO on a daily basis for years, and my heart, teeth, and bones are in excellent shape. I see no need to change now based on the Daniels report.

    The one thing that has raised cause for suspicion in my mind is that your article and Kesser’s link to the Rosita brand of EVCLO. He did mention below his article that he gets a small compensation for any sales made by following his link. You did not do so, at least not anywhere that I saw. You are generally good about noting such things in the face of full disclosure, so perhaps you are not acting as an affiliate for that particular product at this time. If you are, however, benefiting from the sales of that product, that is no less objectionable to me than Dr. Daniel’s making the hue and cry for her services at the end of an alleged scientific report was to you. I find it questionable to link to another product for your your own financial gain when discussing the subject of this report and possible rancidity. Not saying you don’t have the right to do it and that you should never do it, but I am saying there is a better time and place — perhaps a whole new blog entry on EVCLO. Just my opinion.

    Again, thank you for your hard work and thoughtful contributions to the real food community.

    • Thanks for the in-depth comment. I agree that I’ve also seen great results from FCLO in the past and am not convinced that it is not safe to take. I assumed the same about the “fermentation” process and think there is more to the story on both sides, and I hope that more information does come out on this in the coming weeks and months.
      As for affiliate links… great question and I’m happy to clarify. I’ve recommended FCLO with affiliate links (to Radiant Life) in the past, and now have those links pointing to the EVCLO until there is more clarification on FCLO, at which point I will re-evaluate. My affiliate disclosure that I link to at the top of every post lists Radiant Life as one of the companies I believe in and shop from myself, and thus sometimes link to with affiliate links. This is not something I’ve ever tried to hide, and I’d recommend these products with or without affiliate links. the link above is an affiliate link, which I felt comfortable using since I was just stating what I am taking for now, and I was not making a recommendation either way. If I don’t link to a product, I often get dozens of questions asking where I got it, so it is easier just to link. That being said, I do think a post specifically on EVCLO is a great idea and am working on that.
      Thanks for the comment and feedback.

      • Thank you for your reply, and I owe you an apology. I honestly did not see the link and disclosure at the top of the page, so my faith is, once again, fully restored in Wellness Mama!

        Keep up the good work, and I look forward to your future post on EVCLO.

  59. Just started taking a bottle as I have 3 cavities under crowns. One can be fixed and i will have to pull the other two as can’t afford new crowns. I was hoping that the Fermented Cod Liver Oil would fix these. Has anyone ever gotten rid of cavities in their teeth.

    • Definitely works for cavities, IMO. Used it for my little kids. Takes time, but works.

  60. Clearly there is a lot of doubt at present, in regards to the quality of this particular product. As for “the Naughty Nutritionist” then I really wouldn’t trust the lady as far as I could throw her. The reason being, she wrote some material in critique of ketogenic diets that was extremely biased and full of unsubstantiated and claims that were extremely weak to say the least.

    From what I understand, among the main reasons of consuming cod liver oil is to get vitamin A in its bio-available form as well as vitamin D and omega 3s, Cool. For vitamin A: eat liver, For vitamin D: get sunlight. For omega 3s: eat more seafood. Personally, I think fish is not recommended enough by paleo authors. The 1 pound (453 g) recommendation of Jaminet is not enough in my view. I eat twice this amount, as well as a good serving of shellfish once a week.

    Paleo advocates will go on and on about how fish has polyunsaturated fats that aren’t stable yet many promote fish oil! Fish has co-factors like IODINE that prevent the fats from oxidizing but many don’t know that. Why? Because they look at studies that research omegas 3’s in isolation.

    If you eat real seafood you won’t need to worry about fish oil supplements. Simple as that. I’d rather eat real seafood from the ocean than a dodgy oil from a lab.

  61. Did you get the rebuttal email from Green Pasture?

    For me, it always comes down to trust. Do I trust this company?
    I still do. It makes no sense for me that the FCLO is rancid. Wouldn’t we all get belly aches? It definitely helps with reversing cavities.

    Who is this lady with the labs and what is her motive? Is she with the “big shots”, trying to shut down a good company?

    I guess we’ll just wait and see. I hope Green Pasture still has integrity. We’re going to finish our 3 bottles of FCLO and then maybe wait to buy some more.

    • I was just about to post this link! Worth reading.

      I shall be continuing to take my FCLO and giving it to my family. The results we’ve had speak for themselves.

      Read as much as you can and make your own decisions. I’d avoid reader comments – which is funny as I’m posting one! 🙂

  62. Chris Masterjohn has an interesting take here:

    It does seem like many of the claims against FCLO are incorrect and that Dr. Daniel is biased. As such, I would hesitate to lash out at Green Pastures due to quality issues based on this report. It is easy to quash companies by making false accusations that are difficult to defend. If the tone in the report had been more even/scientific I would be less concerned. When I read a book/article that is biased, I do my best to take the conclusions with a grain of salt. The report certainly seems to fall into this category.

    I do think Green Pastures should be more open and that is something that should affect future purchases. But to attack the quality based on a questionable/biased report could put a good product out of business, removing a viable alternative from the market.

    I dislike regulation. I believe we should be good customers and make our own decisions. I am capable of coming to my own conclusions and dislike others choosing what is safe for me. Especially since our regulatory record is less than desirable.

    I think in this particular case there isn’t enough evidence for either proving or condemning the safety/benefit of this or any particular fish oil supplement. The best we can do as consumers is read pubmed references on fish oil and make inferences on what makes a particularly good brand of fish oil.
    Having a transparent product would definitely make me feel more at ease with Green Pastures and I hope that Green Pastures takes this into account in the future.

    At this point I am concerned with mercury in fresh fish, rancidity in unfermented oil, and histamines from fermented fish oil. I will probably stick with fresh fish, but if my histamine problem resolves I will reconsider FCLO.

  63. Very well written, Katie. I am excited to hear what becomes of this. Personally, my family completely stopped taking FCLO 6 years ago. I have met Dave personally and I have been to his facility. I have no scientific evidence for or against him. (Other than the fact that he was, indeed, vague while we were touring his facility in 2008. My Dad is a chemist/microbiologist and was asking touch questions. We both left a little confused at his lack of wanting to share.) All I know is, the FCLO NEVER worked for me and my family. We were constantly burping it, unable to swallow it at times, but marched on taking it in the name of health. Finally, after over a year of getting sick on it and trying every different flavor and way to get it down, I took the advice of my doctor and went back to a non-fermented cod liver oil. My kids started begging for it once we stopped the FCLO! To this very day, they remind me everyday that it’s time to take their cod liver oil. We have tried a few brands, but through muscle testing and also just watching them and listening to them, we decided on the Standard Process brand. I have no idea if it’s the best, but we know it works for us. Out of my 4 kids, my 3rd has had cavities in not-so-ordinary places that showed up when she was 18 months, still nursing, on a totally GAPS diet. We successfully healed both cavities by giving her the Standard Process CLO everyday with a tested amount of Bio Dent for her specifically. We also gave her bone broth most days and just kept her sugar intake to fruits and honey. We did NOT strictly follow the “tooth decay” protocol by Ramiel, but pretty close. Within 6 months, she was healed. To this day, they look great and our dentist can’t even believe that’s what we did.
    Once again, I am very interested to see where this goes. Thank you for your insightful, and non-judgmental blog post. It’s one of the reasons you are the VERY FEW blogging momma’s I still follow. 🙂

    • I’m curious as to what Bio-Dent is?? I’m trying to heal my cavities and ordered FCLO about a week ago before i knew about these accusations against GP. ;/
      I’m taking Vitamin D, i was going to take FCLO, and using a remineralizing toothpase. I am going to start making bone broth as well.

  64. There is a great alternative – Rosita Cod Liver Oil that is raw and not fermented. Dr. Beverly Meyer has a great podcast with the founder of Rosita.

  65. Very interesting article! It will be good to hear more about FCLO. I was taking FCLO and had great benefits from it- it seemed to help my eyes and the best part was I had so much energy! Then I started to feel nauseated and could tell when I would take FCLO that it wasn’t making me feel so well. I had my vitamin A levels tested and they were too high! I was taking more than the recommended dose and the multi vitamin I take also contains vitamin A (in both forms). So I have stopped taking it for the time being. But what I am curious about is that if you supposedly have a natural vitamin A source how easy is it to overdose on vitamin A? Or can you only overdose on synthetic vitamin A? Or is it when you don’t have enough vitamin D present that you can overdose on fat soluble vitamin A (I thought I read something about that in the cure tooth decay book by ramiel nagel)? Or can you overdose on any fat soluble vitamin (since they store in the fat (?))? Anyways I did think FCLO did help me until I got too much vitamin A. I just resumed taking the fish oil my chiro sells (w/o the vitamin A). It will definitely be interesting to see what other news will be released about Gp’s FCLO.

  66. hi, what about Nordic Naturals. They are reputed to have high standards of manufacturing.

  67. I think Weston Price said something about cod liver oil in small amounts being very beneficial and in large doses being poison, so the guy in your article that took large amounts and then blamed his heart disease on it may have been correct. While I do think it’s important to maintain and expect high standards and quality from the supplements you take, I feel Dr. Daniels did a disservice to Green pastures and their customers by doing this report that seems to be very antagonistic and lacking any objectivity. The way she throws around words like rancidity and fermentation without any knowledgable clarification seems to only be there to create negative emotion in the reader. I think it’s unfair and very wrong of a person in her position to have behaved in such a way. I honestly don’t know if at least some of the accusations may be correct. But even if they are not, Green Pastures will probably suffer as a result. I agree that the health food/whole food/eating healthier whatever we are group of people should ban together for. Better products and services rather than trying to decide which is definitely what Dr Daniels has done. I think she should be removed from her position at the Weston Price foundation because of it.

    • The Court of Public Opinion is not always fair and balanced–you are correct that GP (and its retail partners) will undoubtedly suffer substantially from the way this whole matter was handled from the start regardless of the outcome. Like Katie, I think there’s some culpability on three sides: GP for not adequately answering all questions, WAP for not being proactive and thus waiting too long to address Dr. Daniels’ allegations, and Dr. Daniels for approaching the matter in a way more worthy of The National Enquirer.

  68. Thank you so much, Wellness Mama, for the well balanced information. I wasn’t aware of the new report from Dr Daniels and I’ve been taking FCLO/BO blend religiously for two years and also giving it to my toddler son. I’m not sure what to think yet. . .but I’ve not had any adverse affects to the oil and enjoy taking it. I’m now pregnant and will finish up my newly opened bottle and then decide what to do. I feel as though it is a staple of my healthy diet and one that I’m not quite ready to stop yet.

  69. Well I finally broke down and bought FCLO after reading so many rave reviews about it. Not even a week later the Dr. Daniels report comes out on it….ugh. So today I called Green Pastures to request a return on the FCLO….they didn’t ask me one question as to why. The lady simply stated, “I will give you a full refund on your order, and you can keep the product as a free gift from us”. I said, “thank you very much”. Either they know their product is legit and great and trust that I will consume it and love it, or they know they are guilty of selling a fraudulent item. I just appreciated the zero hassle from the company that speaks volumes to me.

    • i bought it about a week ago too. it literally arrived a day after the report came out. i bought mine from Radiant life though. 🙁 i will try calling and is if they can refund me.

  70. Hi Wellness Mama

    Thanks for taking the time to break this down for us. I’m keen to hear when there are any further updates.

    I’m always such an advocate for taking natural options, and I feel like this type of thing just provides fodder for the naysayers. And it also leaves me feeling distrustful and cynical. What’s next? Are we going to find out that our other favourite organic / natural / grass fed / whatever products are dodgy??

    • I think this underlines the importance of being informed consumers. I think something like 70% organic food comes from a handful of companies. I’d imagine it is very difficult to answer to a board of directors and still do things the way that you like. I am a bit jaded, but my feeling is that most large companies will take whatever shortcuts we allow. Ideally we’d see/talk to the people in charge of feeding us. I haven’t done this myself, but it might be worth feeling out more companies by asking questions of there customer support departments.

  71. Green Pasture emailed a lengthy comment on the controversy last night. You can read it at Sidebar on the left side of the home page: “My Thoughts…”

  72. I only have my experience to go by, and it has been favorable. I feel my teeth have been in better condition in recent years since I’ve started taking it.

    Regarding the taste, I order the “infused coconut oil” form, where the FCLO is blended in banana-carob flavored coconut oil, and I find it pleasant.

  73. I have been looking for a post like this… I just ordered GP’s FCLO. I took two capsules last night and one tonight. I have been experiencing brain fog, tiredness, irritability and a slight headache. I slept like a log last night and had a strange dream about a rat infestation. I always tough out detox, so I’m not sure if I should stop taking this, or keep on going to see if it goes away. I’ve suspected that I could have histamine tolerance problems, but I tried a low histamine diet without any improvement. I don’t know what to think about these odd symptoms…

  74. Hello community,

    Just want to give a quick and short answer, that everybody understands: oils cannot ferment!! It is the (cod) liver that is fermented. Fermentation only works with the presence of carbohydrates. In the liver there is glycogen (a form of glucose=carbohydrate) and those glycogen stores in the liver are what ferments.

    official response (and more information) from WAPF to the report by Dr. Daniel:

  75. Hello,

    What do you think about the quality of Norwegian Carlson cod liver oil? Or could anyone here recommend a good and safe cod liver oil available in Europe?

    Thank you 🙂

  76. Hi Katie, have you any more thoughts on fclo since the scandal came out? Just about to finish my bottle of green pastures capsules – first one we have had- and wondering whether to buy fclo or regular clo – here in UK, don’t think we can get evclo 🙁
    Thanks for all you posts!

  77. Thanks for the info. I noticed that when I give my son FCLO he gets a lot of congestion so I took some last night and woke up with allergy like symptoms or a cold and I am not allergic to any food and are on a full gaps so I think it’s not good for our bodies. I will stop that immediately.
    I was thinking in taking vitamin d3 and k-2 mk7 in drops. Do you think it’s a good alternative to cod liver oil?
    Thanks in advance.

  78. Hi any new updates on this subject?

  79. Oil doesn’t ferment, but fish livers do. They are fermented to release the oils. This is neither new nor controversial. I urge you to read the letter from the food scientist released by GP. This answered all these questions about cod vs pollock, rancidity, fermentation, etc. As for Kaayla Daniel’s report? My conclusion is, there is no “there” there.

    No food or supplement is necessarily good for everyone. Biochemical individuality tells us that, so the fact that some people have bad reactions to FCLO even though others swear by its healing power is not surprising, or should not be. We all have to do our own research and try things out for ourselves.

    Thanks for being a voice of sanity.

  80. The holistic doc muscle tested me for this and confirmed rancidity. At the time, this info hadn’t come out, and I was shocked that a company with such a great reputation would have a bad effect on me. Thanks for the article, Wellness Mama!

    • Muscle testing is a great idea. But muscle testing attempts to determine compatibility, and cannot determine the qualities of a product. Sadly, it seems that the FCLO was not a match for you at that time. However, Compatibility can also change over time, as our body chemistry does, so you may test differently in the future. The FCLO is not rancid, but it is not compatible with everyone. Did you muscle test with their skate oil? Just curious.

  81. Will the cod liver oil you are now recommending still work for cavities and teeth that are de calcified? I was just about to buy some and am so disappointed. What benefits will the un fermented cod liver oil have in comparison to the fermented one?

  82. There is a lot of hearsay and half truth being banded against GP being banded about at the moment. I think much of this has started from the rather unscientific report by Dr. Kaayla, which actually proved nothing. When you look at the facts of fermented cod liver oil, it has done nothing wrong except maybe not appeal to everyones taste (so by this logic, tomatoes are EVIL).

    Have a read of what we actually KNOW about FCLO here: Here’s the latest update on the Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil sitution!

    I’ll still be taking it as I always have done. I just feel sorry that so much hate has come out of so little evidence.

    • Hello Katie,
      I hope you are feeling well these days since you gave us the wonderful news of expecting!! I was wondering about the FERMENTED BUTTER OIL as well. I had understood from many, many comments that the good results from taking the two together it what gives the healing outcome, such as I was told I needed ROOT CANAL on a very back tooth with a crown over it and after taking the GREEN PASTURE BLUE ICE FERMENTED COD LIVER OIL & GREEN PASTURE HIGH VITAMIN BUTTER OIL together for 3 months, the pain went away, as well as clearing up my rosacea. I read where you will NOT GET the healing results unless you TAKE THEM TOGETHER. I must have read over 200 reviews from customers that purchased the exact same GREEN PASTURE PRODUCTS that I have above mentioned here from Amazon. Many said they took the gel, capsules, mixture of both, BUTTER & COD LIVER OIL together but did not get the positive results until they took it IN THE TWO SEPARATE BOTTLES (as I have listed above) and that is the way I took it, and it HEALED MY TOOTH AND ROSACEA. I recently stopped taking them and my tooth has become sensitive again and my skin has become dry again. I’m excited to hear you will keep us updated because I do not know what to take now. Thank you so much for your commitment to help us thrive to be healthy. Take care & HAPPY BABY TIME! <3 Sincerely, Victoria

  83. What are your suggestions for pregnancy? Does unfermented provide similar benefits, or should I be looking into another alternative?

  84. HI Katie,
    I have always been happy with the FCLO but your article has made me put ordering my next bottle on hold. I know you’ve recommended the Rosita Cod Liver Oil but I was wondering if you have any opinions on the Rosita Ratfish Oil?

  85. Hi Katie,

    I appreciate your well written article. I will mention up front that I was approached by David Wetzel to review Dr. Daniel’s article. I currently hold a doctorate in Organic Chemistry and work in the Pharmaceutical industry where I specialize in investigating product complaints, out of spec results during product testing, and product degradation. So it is no surprise to me why David contacted me. However, I am a complete outsider to the natural foods/health community and to be honest did not have much interest in taking on this project. That is until I read Dr. Daniel’s article. As a scientist and the Chair of the Nebraska section of the American Chemical Society I was shocked by Dr. Daniel’s article. I was shocked by what she is presenting as scientific evidence. It should raise some very serious red flags to everyone that the so called lab reports are redacted in her article. By doing so she has eliminated any chance for anyone to independently verify her results. This is one of the most unethical reports I have ever had the displeasure of reading. I would strongly recommend to all of your readers that they give the article a very careful and thorough re-read. Look past the scare tactics and evaluate the data for yourselves and what you will find is a very cleverly word smithed article that provides no supporting evidence for the claims she makes. In fact in many cases 2 out of 3 labs show FCLO to be safe yet she leads the reader rather cleverly to just the opposite conclusion. The only conclusive result she presents is for Acid value. However, acid value is not selective for fatty acid formation, the product of hydrolytic rancidity. It measures all acids in the product. Since lactic acid as well as other acids are formed during the fermentation of sugar it is expected that the acid value for a fermented product would be high. Either Dr. Daniel is unaware of this or she is deliberately miss leading the public. This is really only one of many examples from her 100+ page article. Give it a re-read, choose one topic so you don’t lose the tree in the forest, and see what you conclude.


    Dr. Friest

    • Dr. Friest – Are the P-Anisidine values secondary oxidation? It is my understanding it is an accurate test, but there are still some accusations being made about oxidative rancidity.

      Also, what are you thoughts on the surprising Vitamin D results?


  86. Katie,
    I have a bottle of the Green Pastures Blue Ice Royal Fermented Cod Liver Oil that I can no longer use because it is so rancid. I was using it everyday and stopped for a couple months and it is no longer useable. It was kept in the refrigerator. I am very disappointed with the quality of the oil. I am wondering if anyone else had this problem. Thanks, Debbie

  87. Hello,
    I was wondering if you are still not taking FCLO. I just ordered 8 bottles of FCLO from green pastures and am considering returning but wanted your opinion first.

  88. I’ve been giving my children fermented cod liver oil for years. I personally can’t take it as it makes me sick. I never saw any health benefits in my children and one of them had a vitamin D test and it came back as 31, which is right on the border of being considered low.

    After the report came out, I started doing a lot of research. Personally, I don’t think it’s safe and I refuse to give it to my children anymore. I do believe it’s rancid.

    One interesting thing I noticed is that it smells like it has rosemary in it (I have capsules) but on their website Green Pasture claims that they don’t use any rosemary for preservation. I don’t believe it.

    Dr. Daniel explains why she redacted the names of the laboratories on the reports she posted. Most likely that was part of the agreement, that she couldn’t release the names to the public. I’ve seen it before in other reports and it’s not uncommon at all.

  89. Katie, I noticed Green Pastures released an analysis of their product and response to Dr. Daniel’s allegations about FCLO on their website. I am curious if you saw this, and if so, any thoughts on their response and analysis? I’ve still got 6 bottles of this stuff to take or toss, and I’m inclined to just take it since I have been taking it a long time without issues.

  90. That’s what I’m doing, Laura. I had only one fairly new bottle when the brouhaha erupted, but I’m taking it and will likely re-order. I have added a 100 IU Vitamin D3 to my regimen JIC, and I’m using the FCLO every other day instead of every day. I’m 67 yo and blessed with no (known) health issues, so I honestly can’t tell if it offers anything positive; I have no indication of adverse effects after taking it regularly for a few years.

  91. So Katie, any updates on your vitamin d levels? I’m pregnant right now and just ran across this contrversey. I’ve tried to stay away from the Internet so not to destroy my peace. But I found some people talking about it and decided to look at your opinion. I have been taking FCLO from Green Pastures almost religiously for over 2 years. I’ve experienced no negative side affects only positive ones, the same with my son. My anxiety/depression, tooth issues, and skin issues have cleared considerably since I’ve been taking FCLO and my son’s cavity dissapeared within two weeks of supplementing his diet with FCLO. I don’t give my son supplements everyday as we try to follow a healthy organic balanced diet. We’ve never had any of the burning throat sensations (we take the unflavored capsules paired with butter oil and the cinnamon tingle gel with butter oil) or any of the nausea and vommitting some have complained about. So just curious on any updates as its been a few months. Thanks Wellness Mamma I value your blog and the information you provide.

    • My Vitamin D levels are pretty good now (not quite as high as I”d like, but not low). I am still researching the topic and very much still divided on the controversy. On the one hand, much of the evidence about it being harmful is anecdotal from people who didn’t feel like their bodies responded well to it. That is understandable but makes me wonder if it is an issue with fatty acid digestion and not the cod liver oil itself. At the end of the day, I do think that there is a very important individual aspect to all supplements and if it works for you that is more important than the experience of others either way. Like you, I also used it in reversing cavities and have seen the benefits, and I hope we will continue to see more research on both sides so we can all make informed decisions. Congrats on your pregnancy!

      • Thank you for your time Katie!!! I think I’ll finish what I have and then maybe switch it up after I talk with my homeopath.

  92. Hey Katie, thank you for all that you do! You are an inspiration. Back in 2008 (!!!) Dr. Mercola wrote about the problems with the Vit A and Vit D ratios in Cod Liver oil. He actually doesn’t recommend taking Cod Liver Oil at all…unless you are Vit A deficient which is rare in North America.

    There is so much conflicting information about Cod Liver Oil!!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to wade through it all. I look forward to hearing more about the debate on FCLO….I was just about the click “submit order” on the green pastures site, when I hesitated to do one last search on your site and found this article!!! I think i’ll postpone that order for now!!!

  93. I just wanted to comment on the fact that you noted that oils cannot be fermented, however Coast Salish First Nations have been fermenting Ooligan Grease for centuries, where the actually allow the whole fish to begin decomposing or ripening in a cedar box/canoe and then the render the fat. I wonder if that’s possibly the process that Green Pastures use. Hard to know. I’m also very disappointed in the recent information that came to surface. I’ve been a trusted user of Green Pasture products for a few years now. Maybe the answer is to encourage more processing of Ooligan grease and using that instead….

  94. Hi Katie,

    Thank you for your post and congratulations on your pregnancy. Just wondering, with the Rosita oil, what do you recomend for pregnancy and children in terms of dosage? I bought your pregnancy ebook and have been taking FCLO and giving it to my 2 yr old . So I am curious to know how much I would need of it. Thanks!

  95. AHH! I just got this for reversing cavities…. (I got the liquid form and it’s pretty intense). Do you think it’s still ok to use to reverse a cavity? I also have a vitamin D3 supplement.

    Love the site,but now i know to double check for updates before ordering. Your personal blood test, did you notice any difference when switching?

    thank you

    • It was helpful to me in reversing my own cavities and I would likely use it again for that purpose.

  96. Do you take Green pasture’s skate liver oil?
    Any updates on the FCLO? I have about 1/2 dozen bottles and am not sure what to do…

  97. Yes, there have been many updates over the last several months, and many scientists have come forward with test results and analysis that show the controversy to be a fraud. There is absolutely nothing wrong the FCLO products. In fact, the followup analysis has confirmed (again) many of the amazing things we often hear about the Green Pasture products.

    You can find these reports and analysis on several different sites, including Green Pastures home page and the Weston A. Price Foundation. Here are some links:
    There are many new reports and tests, with analysis by several scientists.
    This has a list of articles, again with analysis from various scientists.

    There are others, but you can find most from the two above. The bottom line is that Dr. Daniel’s report was a fraud, and was used to support her own agendas; which she and others continue to push. Many in the blogging community attempt to remain neutral because of personal and business relationships, and I find that sad. Tests were called for, tests were delivered, the scientists provided analysis, and the FCLO came out glowing. Yet we still have people sitting on the fence for political reasons.

    As with all things, people should use common sense when consuming FCLO or any other product, as there is no food that fits everyone all the time. Sometimes that is not easy to determine, as some products can seem quite disagreeable, and yet provide great health benefits. Personally, I do not like the smell or taste of any of the FCLO products, and my stomach doesn’t like them much either. But I see amazing benefits from taking them. It is hard to argue with the evidence of healed cavities, reduced teeth sensitivity, and all the other benefits that people continue to observe with FCLO consumption. (Usually consumed with the High Vitamin Butter Oil).

    • Dr. Daniel’s agenda was to spread the truth. She knew what it would do to her career and her finances, yet she did it anyway. She wasn’t protecting herself, she was protecting others. What other motivation would there be? Why would someone knowingly ruin themselves in that way unless they believed in what they were doing? What is her agenda in your mind?

      You can find articles and lab reports to support either side of the issue. It’s all in how the information interpreted. I’ve been watching this entire scandal from the very beginning. I was hoping it wasn’t true, that we hadn’t been duped, but I believe we have from the research I’ve done.

      I gave my children FCLO/Butter Oil for years. I saw absolutely no benefits. When one of my children’s Vitamin D levels were tested they were low even though we live in one of the sunniest places in the US and they are outside a lot and she was taking FCLO/Butter Oil every day. I tried to take it myself but it would make me very sick. Every day that I took it I would become more nauseated to the point where I couldn’t eat. I don’t have any health problems and I can consume any other fat just fine. FCLO is the only one that makes me ill.

      I trusted Green Pasture. I spent a lot of money with them over the years. Now I can’t trust them and therefore I will not use their products ever again. I threw away FLCO/Butter Oil pills ($$$) because I don’t feel comfortable giving them to my family anymore. I don’t trust any CLO source and won’t give it to my family ever again.

      • Your personal experiences mean that it was simply not for you. Far more people report extraordinary results from the products, and there has never been any question about this. Clearly you also know this, since you seem active in the community. Definitely trust your own instincts and body more. None of us can impose our assertions on others, as everyone is unique.

        Your perspective illustrates exactly why Dr. Daniel’s report was so dangerous and irresponsible – as she was perpetuating a lack of personal responsibility with her fraud. She knows the product is not dangerous, and she contradicts her own lab reports.

        Be careful of what you conclude from blood tests also. Testing blood for Vit D is woefully inadequate for telling us what is really happening. The health of your children’s bone and teeth, etc., will tell you a lot more.

        • Then why is she doing this? What do you believe are her motivations? You didn’t address that.

          Where is the proof that she is contradicting the lab reports? Of course Green Pasture and WAPF are going to say that. She has scientists that say one thing and GP and WAPF have scientists that say another.

          • All these months later, there are now many scientific reports, analysis, etc. to refute everything she put forward, and while she claims she wanted more testing, all such tests are being ignore. She (and Gumpert, etc.) continue to march on, regardless of what facts come forward. During the same period they have offered nothing to contradict the scientists, other than the same rhetoric that started this fiasco. That is probably the most damning proof of all.

            Plenty of proof is also within her own report. If you read her report closely you will notice many problems. For example, she tries to make you think that the products were shown to have GMO content, but she never actually says it. She uses this strategy often, to lead the reader to believe something, without ever saying it is so. She goes on and on about the dangers of this and that, without making any direct connection to FCLO. Her words are carefully crafted to make you associate certain fears with the product or company. The intent to deceive is obvious and grotesque. Even more offensive is the tone and language of the report, which does not sound at all like a scientific document.

            Her claim that the FCLO is rancid is simply false, and is proven false by her own test reports. Most people simply reacted to her report title and claims, but never actually read it. There are no scientists that I have seen stepping forward to support her, but many coming out against her.

            David Gumpert obviously coordinated the ruse with her, as he published about ten articles attacking FCLO, Green Pasture, and WAPF, and not once did he ever list facts to support his belief that FCLO was rancid. He engaged the readers through hundreds of posts, and provided nothing but rhetoric. The facts are easy to list, as others have done in support of FCLO. The falseness of his efforts was/is far too obvious too me.

            Industrial espionage is nothing new, and sadly not uncommon at all. Most readers in the blogosphere are emotionally drawn in to believing or disbelieving – on the the notion that ‘conspiracy theory’ is too crazy. People think Dr. Daniel’s assertions are too crazy to be false, but it is simply common business practices these days, with rather common labels, such as astroturfing, seeding, etc. Yes, it is horrible to imagine, and even worse to witness, but it is all too common. Dr. Daniel, Gumpert, and a few others have simply executed a business plan that was built to feed off of consumer fear and confusion.

            I think it would be inappropriate for me to say precisely what her motivations are, as nobody can speak for another in that regard. However, there seem to be several obvious hints at possibilities:

            1. Craig does an excellent job of pointing out the ties between her and EVCLO, and there are other people that have added additional info about that connection on other blogs.

            2. If you actually read the report, you noticed that it was ‘behind a wall’ that required you to register information. Thus, it was not a public service, but rather bait to accumulate registration data, site traffic, etc. Such tactics are common in the internet age, where user data and site traffic have cash value.

            3. The site and report are loaded with ‘sales pitches’ that invite you to seek her services. These are not subtle or delicate.

            4. If you follow this fiasco closely, you will note a small group of people that banded together around her, all with the same agenda, which was eventually revealed in the birth of a new organization.

            I could go on and on about motivations, but it is all just speculation. Only she knows why she did it. However, it clearly was not done with good intention. The report is a premeditated fraud – something that was planned with great effort to deceive the reader.

  98. This might be an interesting read for anyone following the ‘scandal’. Its an account of all the malicious attacks EVCLO have made against FCLO, including making videos which suggest FCLO is bought from China.

    EVCLO are not a company I would trust. Their actions are quite despicable.

  99. I have read with interest both sides of this. I think this blog post points out some interesting points. One of the big ones is that Kaayla Daniel’s does not name her sources or her labs.

    I am able to motility test substances and foods. It’s from the work of Sharon Giammatteo, PT, PhD and Integrative Manual Therapy. With any substance, some people may test well for it and others may not. Unless it is something like nutrasweet or good mountain spring water, most foods and substances don’t test well for 100% of the people.

    When I tested FCLO and the butter oil I found they tested well for my lymph, liver and GI systems and heart. My family tested well and when I checked in with amounts, I got 3 to 4 times a week was plenty of a tsp each. This could change over time so we like to motility test from time to time.

    There is a way to find out what is true to you and not rely on others for validation or to blame.

    Let me know and I can tell you more about motility testing.
    It’s not that hard to learn.

    Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC, certified matrix energetics practitioner

  100. I am not sure if anyone mentioned the trans fat issue. “Independent lab tests have now revealed that there is naturally occurring trans fat in every single cod liver oil brand that was tested, not just fermented cod liver oil as incorrectly claimed.”

    Rositas Cod liver oil also has trans fat in it. (Which is not bad like Dr. Daniel says, it is actually natural). So again, there seems to be a lot of misleading information in the report that Dr. Daniel published. I spent a week reading through the data and different articles on this topic. I found no evidence that Fermented Cod Liver Oil is rancid. None. I even sent the H NMR data to my friend who is an organic chemist, (and not familiar with the controversy), and she confirmed that it is no rancid. Just think about it, if FCLO is rancid then why have so many people, (including Wellness Mama) successfully reversed tooth decay with FCLO and the butter oil. That simply would not have happened if it was rancid. I think Craig’s article, (above), is an excellent analysis of the odd timing of the whole affair.

    I personally think FCLO is superior to other Cod Liver Oils because it is easier to digest. Many people have compromised digestive systems and can not digest fats very well, (including autistic children).

    • Thanks Ruby for the links! Sheds some light of the shenanigans that was going on when this all exploded in August! In the end it always seems to be the money factor, not the health factor that drives people. I want to take cod liver oil… But I do not wish to support Rosita/Corganics/Dr. Kaayla it’s a money love triangle. And I feel disgusted that they would Slander GP the way they did. Takes away ALL their credibility.

      • Agreed! The Slander takes away all credibility. Cheeseslave just happened to write her blog posts while promoting a new organization that competes with Weston Price. Very fishy to me.

    • Ruby, you misunderstood the points. The fact is that CLO (and meats) can indeed be fermented, and have been fermented for ages. This has already been explained in detail by many scientists and bloggers at the beginning of this controversy. And there are many other common products (i.e. Bonito flakes) that serve as examples. Anyone claiming that FCLO is not fermented is attempting to deceive the reader. Dr. Daniel, being a PhD in the field and working specifically with such food products certainly knows that her claims were false. There is no question that FCLO is a fermented product.

  101. Hi, I was trying to find a follow up article to this.

    I was taking green pastures until I heard about the report. I am now taking Rosita’s virgin cod liver oil. It is so terrible! I didn’t have a problem and neither did my son with green pastures. But Rosita’s is terrible! My son (10 months) won’t take it. I just bought nordic naturals dha for him to see if he will take that….I haven’t done much research on it but the guy I trust at Whole Foods said it was “the best.” I read that I could just put some of the Rosita’s on his bum and he will absorb it into his skin just the same. But the smell is terrible! What to do?! What did your family do? How did you get your kids to take the CLO? Some books say he doesn’t need CLO until he stops nursing? But WAP says to start so young. Lots of questions…I know!

    • My daughter loves Green Pasture’s too. We are still taking it. If your child won’t take Rosita’s there is a reason. We are all different. You should go to the Green Pasture’s website, they have more studies posted now that show the FCLO is not rancid.

  102. Great article that presents both sides in an objective light! Has anyone read/seen any of the “Cheeseslave” blogger interviews against FCLO? I was pretty convinced after listening to those interviews against GP… But then she started to get into the inside drama of the WAPF and I started to wonder what her objectives were…

    • I watched one of the videos she (Cheeseslave) specifically asked me to watch, (based on some of my comments). After watching them I asked her some more questions and pointed out the that the H NMR data that Green Pastures submitted was considered the “GOLD STANDARD” of rancidity testing by her own expert in the video. (I think it was Dr. Rudi). I pointed this out to her in some comments and she called me a troll. So yes, I absolutely question her motives after the way she treated me. I stopped following her when the slandering of WAPF continued. ( I diasgree about the videos, they were not convincing at all to me. But I have a degree in Biology and I understand a lot of the tests and terms more than Cheeseslave does).

  103. Hi Wellness Mama,

    I was wondering if there were any updates on your position on the cod liver oil? Which do you currently take? Thanks!

  104. The author of the book “Cure Health Decay” still says Green Pasture’s FCLO is the best on the market. He said this on his Facebook page today.

    “Fermented Cod Liver Oil is the best product on the market, and it is safe to use. That does not mean that it is the right product for everyone to use. Its up to each person to take a responsible dosage of products with what aligns with their belief system.

  105. Are there any updates on this subject? I just bought a bottle of the FCLO/butter blend and am not sure I want to use it:-(

    • Working on some updates to add to this post, but in short, there are a lot of politics on both sides of the issue, and I still feel safe using FCLO in the regular doses…

      • Do you have any theories about why your vitamin D level was low?

        • From what I’ve seen,Green Pasture’s Claim’s theres 387-2055 IU of Vit D3 in there fish oil, think per ml. Average person needs 1000-2000iu a day. Lets say there fish oil gives a mean/average value of 1221, and u require 2000 a day, then you need 2ml a day, and I think standard dose most people take is half a ml.

          If the FCLO your taking only has the lowest they declared 387iu per ml, then you would need over 5 teaspoons. This is just my theory, maybe its not absorbed or your body needs it from sunlight or direct supplementation.

          Before I was supplementing with FCLO and HVBO, i was taking 10,000 iu 5-6 days a week for a long time, i took my serum vit d levels from 19 to 153.9 in about, think couple years. I’m dropping it now though as i’ve places they say you should try and be close to 40-50.

          Even though the FCLO gives me Vit D, to be safe, I’m still take vit d3, about 2000-4000 iu a day.

          • Thank you, that makes sense. I know the ratios of vitamin A to D are important. Chris Masterjohn recently released a report about Vitamin D in FCLO and it did not clarify anything at all.

    • Me, too! I’m still taking FCLO/butter, in the suggested dose. I say go for it if your body says OK.

  106. I first came across FCLO 10 years ago. I studied as a naturopath and have always had an interest in traditional foods and particularly healthy fats versus hydrogenated/rancid etc .

    However I had deep misgivings about this product, both in its effect, quality, composition and most importantly its supposed fermentation.

    And the promotional material – the old worldy traditional story that appears at every opportunity, just came across as blatant marketing schtick . And nary a clear description of their fermentation process. I contacted Dave Wetzel and tried to get some details about the process, safety certificates etc and to say he is not transparent is an understatement.

    As to the affiliation with WPA and the thug tactics described above, it never ceases to amaze me how America turns food and health into fanaticism at the bat of an eye. We get so emotionally attached to a ‘super’ food fad its almost invested with religious qualities ….
    What was originally a fairly reasonable position from Price Pottenger has devolved into what now appears to be a cult.
    Amusing but sad.

    Truth is in there somewhere.

    • Hmmm. Seems like there may be a misunderstanding about the identities of Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation (PPNF) and Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF). They started in the same place but are two different organizations now. Price-Pottenger (PPNF) has the original documents form Dr.Price, and they have researched what he actually used and recommended. Might not be what you think. More info here:

  107. I was getting worried reading this until I went to Green Pastures and went through the FAQs.
    One of the primary “concerns” of the study is that oils cannot be fermented.
    Just looking at one question, GP states several times that they ferment the LIVERS. Not the oil they extract from the livers. The fermentation is just their method of processing/extraction.

    “When we ferment the livers the oil is second to none for functional human nutrition as attested to a by moms, doctors, clinical trials, energetic testing and bio-feed back testing. But don’t forget about the by-products, they are life giving and fully functional. Just like fermenting milk, none of the cod liver is ‘rotting’ but all fermented and ready to eat/use and all life giving.

    When we ferment the livers some of the oil is released for the benefit of all in our community. After we pull the oil we take the fermented livers and sun dry them. ”

    You can ferment fish and meat, there are recipes everywhere… so based on the singular stupidity of claiming that either a)fish is not fermentable or b) that GP is fermenting the oil when they directly say 3 times in 2 paragraphs that they ferment the LIVER – that’s enough to discredit the study to me.

  108. Thank you for this thorough report. I myself, stopped taking Greener Pastures FCLO only because it wasn’t providing me with vitamin D like I had hoped. I know this because I have been taking it for 3 years straight and went in for a blood test recently. It came back I was pretty deficient in Vitamin D. That was the main reason I was taking it. Possibly my body couldn’t absorb it – but regardless, I wasn’t getting it from the product. So unfortunately, I couldn’t pay the high price for something that didn’t work for me.

    • Hi Shannon,

      Were you take the FCLO with butter oil, or were you taking the FCLO solo? Thanks for the input!

      • Both actually! I was taking just the FCLO solo for about 2 years, then I bought the additional FCLO with butter oil and took that with the FCLO solo for 1 year. So 3 years total. Like I said, it could be that I have problems with absorbing vitamin D. I do have the MTHFR gene variant. Not sure if this info helps.

        • I had my vitamin D levels tested recently and I was low in vitamin D too. But I am not sure the vitamin D content in any cod liver oil is high enough to meet daily requirements.

          Also FCLO is not vitamin D3. The Weston Price Foundation recently put up information about that. Chris Masterjohn wrote a long post about vitamin D metabolites. So now I am not sure what form of vitamin D is in the FCLO.

          I suggested to Cheeseslave that for some reason people might not be metabolizing vitamin D in the FCLO properly. It reminds me of the MTHFR and folic acid issue. Apparently there is a mutation some people have with their vitamin D receptors. So that might be what is going on.

          I have seen no evidence that rancidity is the issue, all the evidence I have seen does seem to suggest variation in vitamin D absorption.

          Either way, I am not sure I will ever rely on any Cod Liver Oil for vitamin D again. It just does not have enough, no matter what brand.

  109. I ordered the oil/butter combo cinnamon tingle flavor gel and within days of taking the daily recommended dose I broke out in a hives-like reaction, red, itchy bumps all over my legs, arms and back. Nothing else in my diet or lifestyle had changed so the oil seemed the most likely suspect. As soon as I stopped taking it, the rash began to clear up. I recently read another article that spoke to many people’s pretty intense side effects of FCLO that also gave me pause.

    • There’s some truth to the interview, but also a good bit of misinformation, as Ann Marie is not an unbiased source in the matter…

  110. Hey Katie,
    Thanks for the post. I’m wondering what your thoughts are in regards to a comment on this post a year ago. A comment was made from a fisherman stating he’s seen how full of parasites cod can be and cold pressed isn’t going to kill off the parasites. This is worrisome to me with the GP fclo … Do you have any thoughts on this ? Thanks

  111. Hi wellness mama,

    Just wondering if you’ve heard of any follow up action (results) on this? I thought WAPF was supposed to be getting some third party testing done? It seems like 9 months later we should have some answers?! Am I just looking in the wrong places?


    • I have wondered the same thing. Thanks!

  112. Hi Wellness Mama,

    I saw that there is a recent article that appeared to be addressing this on Green Pasture’s website. Have you read it? I have not read it yet.



  113. Thanks for the informative article. I am wondering if you have any sources for this statement: “To be fair, all forms of cod liver oil contain higher levels of D2 and this does not necessarily raise a red flag, but again, more research is needed.” Green Pastures is the only cod liver oil brand that states it has more D2 than D3. All of the other cod liver oils I have come across say they do not have any D2, that is all D3. So I am just curious where you came to the conclusion that all cod liver oils have more D2 than D3? Thanks!

  114. I recently started taking the FCLO/BO to heal cavities. I took 1/2 or 1 tsp the first day and next day almost all teeth pain was gone. But at the same time I started having ankle and leg cramps in the early morning hours. Then I reduced my dosage down to 1/2 tsp, then to 1/4 tsp twice a day and finally to 1/4 tsp per day. Cramps stopped for a few days but are back again. I also noticed what I thought was die off or detox symptoms initially but pressed through. 1/4 tsp a day is not enough to help my teeth and the leg cramps are not acceptable so will most likely try to return the product to the health food store. I’m disappointed as I was looking forward to the benefits. I don’t know what to think about this. I can’t imagine why it would be causing leg cramps but that is the only change I made in my supplements. The cramps are too painful to continue. Could this be a histamine reaction?

    • Hi Kathy,

      Leg cramps are a possible sign of magnesium deficiency, as well as other possible deficiencies (calcium, potassium, boron). It could be that the FCLO/BO enabled your body to use your available resources for your teeth and bones, and thus left you deficient in other areas.

      You might want to try supplementing with magnesium, via epsom salt baths, magnesium oil, or a supplement that you have confidence in (not all supplements are effective).

      It seems that you worked out the FCLO/BO dosage that works for you, and that is great. It could be that it is not a fit for you; although I don’t think that I have ever heard of an association between leg cramps and histamine issues.

      I would not get rid of your FCLO/BO just yet.
      Good luck to you.

  115. I know this is an older post, but I am curious if you have any updates on this? And if so are you still using it? Or a different brand?

      • I just found out I am pregnant. And looking to maximize my health for both my baby and I. I also found a different site that uses cold pressed liver cod oil. Can you tell me if you have researched and also if you will be changing from Green Pasture to a different brand?
        Thank you so much for your time and all you do for us!

        • I’m still using the Green Pastures brand…

  116. Hi Katie,

    THANK YOU for this article… so helpful.

    Any new information or updates on this issue? I was hoping that by now, Green Pastures would have made a public stand and defended themselves….

  117. Thank you for this article! I have been confused and concerned with the allegations made against Green Pasture’s FCLO. I’ve been giving it to my son with his formula. He is now 3 months old and he seems to be thriving on it. My family, friends and even his pediatrician can’t believe how healthy and active he is. I also give it to my dog who seems to be doing fine on it as well. Anyway, I recently found out I have a family friend who was involved in this investigation. She tells me that is is a rancid, putrid product and that I should use extra virgin cod liver oil instead. The thing is, she will not tell me why. She provides no evidence or information to this claim. So, until I hear about anymore information on this, I am not convinced this product is bad.

  118. This new article sheds some light on this topic.

    WAPF did their own testing of cod liver oil in November 2015. The results support the original testing by Dr. Daniel, although the WAPF hasn’t updated the fermented cod liver oil information on their website to reflect this information. Links to all the reports are in the article.

    I’m glad I stopped giving it to my family when I did. It made me sick so I stopped taking it. My children took it for years. I had one of my children tested and her level was low.

    • There are no tests on WAPF or anywhere else that support Dr. Daniel’s conclusions. You put considerable effort into your article, using similar techniques that Dr. Daniel used to create the controversy. Why would you do that?? Certainly you know of the rat assays which prove conclusively that FCLO is a superior source of Vitamin D3, and you must understand that the Vitamin D metabolites cannot be measured by the blood tests that you reference. And the idea of FCLO being rancid has been shown false countless times at this point. The debate has long been over, and it is FCLO that has been vindicated.

      • First of all, I didn’t write this article. I linked it here. But why did the author of the article write it? To show that FLCO isn’t what it claims to be.

        Secondly, yes, there is a test that proves Dr. Daniel’s tests are correct, and it’s right on WAPF’s website:

        These tests show that:

        In 100 grams of FCLO there is 62,500 IU of vitamin A, which is 3,125 IU per teaspoon.

        And only 1,180 IU of Vitamin D3 per 100 grams of FCLO which is only 59 IU per teaspoon. The D3 is very low and nowhere near what Green Pasture claims is in their FCLO.

        Also, WAPF’s UBE Lab results (which they haven’t published for some reason) show only D2 and no D3 according to WAPF:

        If you scroll down to the very end of the last graphic you can see that. Cod liver should only contain D3, not D2, as D2 comes from plant sources. And somehow their UBE tested FCLO only contains D2, no D3 at all, which is suspect. I know that they explain the whole D2 thing away with talk of metabolites and D3 being an “industry standard” that they don’t subscribe to. But that really makes no sense. The other lab results don’t back that up. They also left out the values for the Covance lab test results on that graphic as well. They only use the UBE lab results in their graphic.

        WAPF regularly has Covance test the products that they promote and so they obviously are a trusted lab:

        I can’t find anything linking to actual rat bioassay tests proving that FCLO is a good source of Vitamin D3. I’ve only found articles where they talk about the results. If you have the link please share.

        At this point I don’t believe that FCLO has been vindicated. WAPF’s stance is to not share certain information. Also, they keep promoting a product that may not only be not what it claims, but is actually harmful.

        I want as much information as possible about what I’m putting into my body as well as my children’s. I spent hundreds of dollars over several years on Green Pasture FCLO products, which I personally couldn’t use because they made me ill. But I continued giving them to my children thinking that they were extremely beneficial with no results. If they aren’t safe and don’t work as stated I want to know.

        Squashing information isn’t helpful. I want the truth. I’ve done hours upon hours of reading and studying this issue and I’m still not convinced that FCLO is what they say it is and is safe.

        • If you want the truth, I have a post just two posts above yours with about a dozen links to studies and scientists. And they lead to more. All supporting FCLO, and all standing against Dr. Daniel’s claims. I am certainly not squashing any information.

          Sorry if I assumed you were the author of that article, but it seemed odd that someone would post such a thing in the face of all the evidence. The evidence supports FCLO. When I saw that article attempt to disregard metabolites, that was a huge red flag to me.

          One point of confusion might be that you are mixing the tests with the conclusions, so let me try to clear that up:

          There is no support for Dr. Daniel’s conclusions. In fact, her own tests do NOT support her conclusions. I have already written about this in detail elsewhere, and you will find others pointing out the same. So, yes, you will find some of her tests perfectly in line with other testing, and none of it can be used to say that FCLO is rancid or vitamin deficient. The Vit D issue is more about testing methods, which are insufficient to draw conclusions from. You want hard evidence about FCLO vitamin D3 levels? Search the internet for ‘healing cavities’ and you will find Green Pasture’s FCLO product associated with many success stories, many of which contain photographic evidence.

          If you want to discredit FCLO at this point you will have to discredit all those test reports and scientists that have validated the FCLO claims, and I don’t see that happening. There is not much good in pointing to a blog post that seems to have a vested interest in creating FUD (Fear, Uncertainty. Doubt).

          FCLO may not be for everyone, but there is no doubt that it is one of the best sources of Vitamin D3 that we have. Understand that there are hundreds of Vitamin D compounds, and blood tests are not necessarily a good indicator of your levels. I have a post that explains that more here:

          All this information can be found elsewhere, so no need to take my word for it.

          • It’s “odd” that I would post an article that has some different or new information? Why? We’re all searching for the truth. Even Sally Fallon says that they don’t understand metabolites and the role they play in FCLO. There are a lot of us that are on the fence and aren’t convinced one way or another when it comes to FCLO.

            If testing methods for Vitamin D are insufficient to draw conclusions from, then why use them? That makes no sense at all. For every person that supposedly healed their cavities with FCLO you’ll have one (or more) like me that became sick from eating FCLO. That isn’t proof of high Vitamin D levels in FCLO and it working wonders. Maybe they completely changed their diets at the same time that they started taking FCLO, which I suspect is probably the case. You have to look at the whole picture.

            There is nothing wrong with doubt. It leads to asking questions, researching and hopefully answers. I wouldn’t say the blog article creates “fear”. Uncertainty and doubt, yes, but that’s what makes us search for answers.

  119. It looks like my comment didn’t go through, so this might be a duplicate.

    WAPF tested the FCLO in November of 2015, showing the same results that Dr. Daniel’s report showed. The reports are on their website, however, they’ve been quiet about it and haven’t updated their information about FCLO. They are still recommending FCLO in spite of what their report shows.

    Recent article that details the testing timeline with links to all of the reports:

    I took FCLO for a while and had to stop because it made me sick. My children took it for years and early last year one of them had their Vitamin D level tested and it was low in spite of years of use. After Dr. Daniel’s report came out I stopped giving it to them and we don’t use any CLO now. I’ve been waiting for more information, as the issue seems to have come to a standstill, but now we know that WAPF did test it but didn’t make the results public.

    • There are no tests on WAPF or anywhere else that support Dr. Daniel’s conclusions. The article and images that you link to contain incorrect information. If you would like to understand the situation better, please browse the comments here and read the many links to scientists and test reports that show the FCLO an exceptional product, as good or better than advertised.

      • I’ve already read through all of the comments. I’ve been following this story since it first came out. I’ve read all the information I can get my hands on and I still am not convinced.

  120. They do not confirm Dr. Daniel’s testing, and the testing was not the main problem anyway. Her conclusions do not agree with her own tests. I am sure you already have seen that in other posts here. There are no tests anywhere that can determine FCLO to be rancid or lacking in Vitamin D. Dr. Daniel’s claims remain false to this day. Just read what all the other scientists have said about her claims in the other links.

  121. I’ve taking regular cod liver oil with no problem, but I recently bought the green pastures fclo in cinnimon and I broke out in hives (which is NOT normal for me). I eat fermented foods daily and have never had any issues with high histamine foods. Is it’s possible this is just an allergic reaction or is this brand indeed rancid?

  122. I found this article very interesting. This scandal is simply the tip of the iceberg. The food industry is led by greed and to the detriment of our health. Cancers, most of all other diseases including obesity have affected the general population. I feel sorry for those who can’t afford the time and the land to be sustainable. Corporations take advantage of us to benefit themselves. It is simply disgusting. The medical system also, goes to bed with them. Medicine is a business that puts in the front the profit of the doctors and mostly of the pharmaceutical companies. I started boycotting the supermarket about 15 years ago. I now fully sustain myself thanks to my land and my goats. All of the vitamins and minerals I need can be found in healthy food!