All-Natural Homemade Lipstick Recipe

Natural Homemade Lipstick Recipe with color variations

I’ve gotten several requests for my natural lip balm, lipstick, and Chapstick recipes, and while I’ve been making these for years, I finally got around to actually measuring the ingredients so I could tell you the recipe (I usually just made it by eyeballing the amounts).

Surprisingly, conventional lipstick can be a source of harmful chemicals and since it is used on the skin (lips) and near the mouth, these chemicals can be easily absorbed. These homemade lipstick variations let you create a personalized lipstick color that is chemical free and inexpensive to make.

If you aren’t a fan of colored lip sticks, you can make this recipe without any added color options to achieve a basic natural lip chap.

The Base Recipe

This base recipe will create a smooth, clear lipstick that is very moisturizing and protective. It is made from completely natural ingredients and is safe for us on the lips or skin. If you want, you can add color with the following add-ins to create a color of your choice.

Optional Color Add-Ins

Other notes: I got all of my supplies from Mountain Rose Herbs, including the plastic container, which was $0.30.

What to do

Melt the beeswax, shea butter/cocoa butter and coconut oil in a glass jar without a lid in a small pot of simmering (not boiling) water. It should melt quickly because so little of each ingredient is used.

When melted, remove from heat and add any optional ingredients like color or scent. To get the hue in the picture above, I used a tiny pinch of beet root powder (1/8 tsp or less), 1/4 tsp cocoa powder, 1/8 tsp bentonite clay, 1/8 tsp cinnamon and a drop of peppermint essential oil (just because I like the smell). I think I added slightly more cocoa powder after mixing to darken it up slightly but I didn’t measure that one.

Once all ingredients are mixed well but still liquid, use a dropper to pour into the lip chap container. I used the glass dropper from an old tincture bottle. Fill just below the top as it will expand slightly as it cools. Leave to cool for at least half an hour. Store in a cool place (under 80 degrees) or it will soften.


Ever made your own cosmetics? How did it go? What hue would you make of this recipe? Share below!

This natural homemade lipstick recipe is an easy alternative to commercial versions that contain harmful chemicals. Made with all natural ingredients.

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Reader Comments

  1. What is the texture like if you leave out the bentonite clay?

      • Thanks for the speedy reply! I think I’ll give this a try.

        • that rhymed hehe 🙂

          • haha! Love it

        • I love to make lipstick but it always mess up but I like to wear lipstick on my lips except sertant colors like dark colors.

      • Thank you for the recipe. How would I make this into a liquid stain?

        • Do you think you could use beet juice instead of beet powder?

          • You can certainly try it, although because you are using a liquid, the lipstick might turn soupy. If you try it, let me know how it turns out!

          • I just tried beet juice and it didn’t work. It is more water based and the the rest is oil based so it separates.

          • What if you soak some beet slices in the melted oils/wax to colour? I think it will work.

          • I tried this recipe first using beet powder (gritty and awful, possibly because I tried making my own beet powder). Next, I tried using a few drops of beet juice with the clay and cocoa. It wouldn’t mix completely with the oils and I ended up with clumps of grit at the bottom. I strained this with cheese cloth and added a couple more drops of beet juice. I immediately transferred it to the tube and stuck the tube right into the freezer. (To keep it from separating.) The result is a non-gritty lipgloss / stain texture. Love it! It might not work for people who want the more thick / matte texture, but maybe you could add more clay in after those steps. Thanks for the recipe!!!

          • Maybe half the amount of beeswax or increase the coconut oil amount that way it is a little thinner.

      • I’ve been using this exact recipe and I can’t get it to turn out right, it’s either too oily and smooth and won’t leave any color on the lips or gritty? Can you help?

        • Use emulsifying wax (organic and all natural of course)

      • Sounds like many of us are having the same problem; it’s not carrying enough color to the lips. Better color with the clay in, but gritty texture. Help!!

        • Try using arrow root powder in place of the clay. It’s the smoothest powder I’ve ever felt. I use it in all my lip balms and deodorants. It mixes perfectly without any grit. Also, try Mango or Kokum butter instead of cocao. It’s smoother.

          • Kokum butter is awesome! Sadly is is not suggested or used enough in home-made cosmetics, possibly because it is a little more expensive (but well worth it). I’ve been using it for years in a home-made anti-aging cream and it works wonders. The downside is that it is much harder and stiffer than shea or cocoa butter and has to be melted first for ANY recipe. I highly recommend it.

        • I found that to be the case as well. But I add just a bit of arrow root to my recipe and it works like a charm. It will stay on almost all day.

  2. Question on using the beet root powder as a coloring agent… I have used beet root powder as a coloring agent in lip balm and found it to be a very grainy, unpleasing texture. What do you find this does to the texture of the lipstick? I tried straining the beet root powder granules out of my lip balm and then the little color that was left all sunk to the bottom of my tin when the mixture cooled. Any tips?

    • This seemed thick enough that it stayed but it was a very fine powder.. You could use the natural food coloring of you’d prefer though

      • Hi, I would live to know where I can purchase the green lip balm tins that you show on here.
        I bought the plastic ones but would really love those tins!

        • I found the tins on Bulk Apothecary (website).

          I have a question…since this is natural with no preservatives is there a problem with spoilage, mold or other issues? Thank you in advance.

          • You can always add a few drops of natural vitamin E as it will act as a preservative

      • I was wondering if you could use flavoring oils? I wanted to make up some for the kids.

      • Do you know how I can get a bright red color in the lipstick? I’ve been trying to find a recipe for it, but just can’t seem to really find a good one…

    • When I make mascara, I use coffee, which tends to be grainy. I just sit and smash it to smithereens while I’m watching T.V. with my mortar and pestle. Anything will turn into a really fine powder with enough elbow grease.

      • How do you make your own mascara?!?!?! I want that recipe bad too!!! 😉 ….whose elbows did you grind to dust? hehe

        • Making your own mascara? Please share the recipe!! I would be so grateful for that.

          • Here is a recipe I use. 1 part beeswax to 1 1/2 part coconut oil. Make sure you use a new unused mascara container. Then add 1 capsule activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is said to prevent infections in open wounds, and no it’s not the same as the charcoal in the mines that cause black lung. It’s essentially very burnt wood. Even though I made some, I have only worn it once. I don’t really like mascara. I guess in Heather’s case, she uses very ground up coffee. I am thinking it must be the dark roast too. The darkest bean you can find. I might try that next. I also watched a girl on a vid take slivers of almonds and fry them until they were burnt to a crisp and black as charcoal. She then let them cool, and crushed this into a very fine powder, added a bit of oil, and used as an eyeliner. Supposedly it’s a very old Indian tradition. I guess you could try adding burnt charcoal nuts too, but anything you add for color must be ground to a flour like consistency. I have learned this the hard way using natural foods for pigments!!! The trick is to get it as close to cocoa powder as you can, or you will be disappointed.
            You can also infuse colorful berries and herbs in oil until the oil turns the color you want, then use that tinted oil for lip balms and blushes, but the color is not as deep. Keep jar of oil in sunshine in the window until the dye is leached out into the oil in the warmth of the sun. Tricky business this natural makeup thing, but well worth the obvious health benefits and savings in money. I need a good recipe for natural shampoo for dry hair if anyone has one.

        • This is my recipe- I find it to be a lot less wet and with a lot better hold, but a little bit more complex.

          1 tsp coconut oil

          1 tsp shea butter

          2 ½ tsp. Aloe Verra Gelly

          2 tsp. Grated beeswax

          2 drops vitamin e oil

          1 drop vegetable glycerine

          2 capsules of Activated Charcoal

          ¼ Tbs Cornstarch


            1 TSP COCONUT OIL

      • That’s so cool!

  3. oh, I like this idea and I just might try it! I go through lipstick very, very slowly and it goes bad before I’m even halfway done with it, plus who the hell knows what they’re putting in it at the MAC factory? This seems fun!

    • Just a quick FYI-My Dr. just took me off all comercially made personal care products. (thus why I am here) He did however say some of my makeup was ok to keep using. He said MAC and BareMinerals are the least toxic options out there.

      • Have you ever heard of melaleuca? They have a line of amazing quality natural cosmetics, although they are pricey. Not much more pricey than Mac or any of those other top of the line make-up suppliers. I usually get my make-up from them, but right now, I’m a broke collage student looking for blue lipstick :p

        • I know this is months later, but for cheap blue lipstick, crayola might be your answer. I’ve never tried this myself, but here are some helpful links,

          Also for the DIY mascara and eyeliner comments, FYI, this can be a horrible experience for contact lens users when it starts drying out and crumbling or when washing off and all the grains get into your eyes.

    • I do know for certain that mac uses lead in their lipsticks. Which scares the living crap out of me and is the main reason i started making my own. Bare minerals however is pretty decent. Maybe only one or 2 ingredients i don’t like using in my own stuff.. People do your research before using any store bought beauty items! It’s scary stuff.

  4. Is there anything I could add to make it stay more solid when it’s warm? It gets pretty warm in my house in the summer because we don’t like to run our cooler too much, plus I often carry lip balms and glosses in my pocket when I’m out and about, so I’m afraid of it melting.

    • Add more beeswax until you get it as solid as you want… the more you add, the less lipstick will transfer to your lips each time, but it will stay solid at high temps.

    • Try using a wax with a higher melting temperature like candelilla or carnauba.

  5. have you used the clear lipstick containers? how did they work out for you?

    • I have… They look a little messy with the color on the inside but they work…

  6. I’ve made a lipstick using alkanet as the colorant. Do you have any opinions on that? Since I’ve not tried beet, am wondering which truly adds color to the lips. And after reading the comments, because I use more beeswax and mango butter, so to be less melty in my pocket, I think they don’t allow much color to transfer I’m guessing. I love my homemade and don’t really need the color so much, just the emollient qualities.

  7. I usually use 1tbs of beeswax with 3 tbs of coconut oil and 1tbs of castor oil (cause I like it glossy) and I don’t have melting issues. I always have one in my pocket.

  8. is there an alternative to the beeswax? I am highly allergic to it but would love to try

    • Mountain Rose Herbs has a non-bee sourced emulsifying wax that would probably work as well.

    • Carnauba wax is vegan and sourced from a type of palm :). It is much harder than beeswax though so start with 1/2 the amount and see how you like the texture

  9. I’m so excited to try this! I just ordered my butters today and my natural dyes should be coming in this week :D. Ever since I started doing some research, my whole outlook on what I put on my body has changed. Thank you for posting these recipes for people like me!!

  10. I made this with cocoa butter and a drop of peppermint oil and it is like I have a York Patty on my lisp. Yum! The peppermint makes it tingle like “real” chapstick. This recipe made 2 tubes with a little left to apply to everyone in the house 🙂 Just a note: I had no problem filling the first tube but by the time I had gotten to the second the mixture was hardening already. So move quick!!

    • Hi
      Where did you get your tubes?

      • you can try Sage Mountain. That’s where I get mine.

    • ok I will give you ,my recipe you are going to need: 1 tsp of Vaseline
      2 tsp of coconut oil
      1/2 tsp of vitamin e oil
      1 tsp of mineral oil
      2 tsp of watermelon flavoring
      so that is all the stuff that you will need ok and I hope you know what to do next so I love sex

      • Katie, Vaseline is a biproduct of gasoline, and *NOT* safe for use anywhere on your body. Disgusting stuff!

  11. Thanks for the recipe! I love lipstick and I will be pinning this recipe for a reference! Blessings!

  12. What if you like light pink? What would be a good natural color ingredient to make that with?

    • You could just add a tiny bit of the beet, or infuse some hibiscus into the oils for a lighter shade.

  13. Hi there – I don’t think you can add any water based ingredients to an oils/fats/waxes recipe, so I don’t see how adding “drops” of red food colouring would work.

    • Jane, of course you can add water to oil. In small quanties, it’s called suspending. But for more water-based liquids like teas, infusions and decoctions, you make an emulsion by warming both the oils and liquids to body temp, then drizzle in your oils whilst whisking or running a blender. It’s the way we make everything from blushes to body creams to mayonnaise.

      • Hi Miki, I’m assuming that you’re confirming that adding water into oil works when making lipsticks since we are discussing about Wellness Mama’s lipstick recipe here? I’m thinking it may work on blushes, body creams and mayonnaise but not on lipsticks?

        • Absolutely, Anna! In an oil suspension, which is basically what lipstick is, 1% or less of a water base will hold together perfectly. Same thing for balms, salves and glosses.

          I was responding specifically to the statement above, “I don’t think you can add any water based ingredients to an oils/fats/waxes recipe,” and giving Jane examples of water-oil concoctions as illustration.

          • So don’t you have to add a preservative since water is added?

          • No preservatives are needed when water is less than 1%, or when beeswax and/or coconut oil are used, as both have antimicrobial properties of their own. But you can always add a few grains of potassium sorbate (bought in a 1 ounce bottle from the home brewer’s supply), if it concerns you.

          • Hi, I added water to my lipstick and after two weeks turned green and I had to throw it :S i will try to dissolve the beet powder with essential oils or almond oil and hopefully it will work 🙂

  14. The melted oils to not leak through bottom of tube? I thought maybe to put a few droppers of oil in the bottom until they set,then fill rest of tube. Any thoughts?

    • My tubes were solid on the bottom so I didn’t have that issue, but depending on the tube, that might be a good idea…

  15. Tried this and the commenter below who said that they didn’t see how adding water-based food coloring to an oil mixture would work was totally right. I bought organic natural food coloring (made from beet root powder) that was $18 just to try this and it did not disperse in the oil/butter/beeswax mixture at all. Really disappointing. Had to add 10+ drops and mix like hell to get even the faintest hue.

    • I don’t think Wellness Mama tried the food coloring for this recipe.

      • Hi–
        I actually tried the food coloring for this recipe.
        I had to do it twice, though.
        The first time was a complete, pinstrosity fail. Beads of water based color floating and burning in the mixture. Gross, lumpy, and all around EW!

        The 2nd time I decided to try something new– it’s all about emulsion, and that means a longer process.

        Basically, don’t add the food coloring until the mixture is cool and mushy, like a paste, or split pea soup that’s been refrigerated. You can then successfully whip it into the mixture. After waiting an hour or longer for it to cool into a paste, and then using my mini plastic fork to whip it into shape, I have a nice, dark red lip butter I use for evenings out. I think I added 5 or so drops of red because I wanted the color to transfer.

        Directions: Make as Mama describes above. Let cool into a paste. Add food coloring and whip. Using a spatula like tool, spoon into a tube OR, into a little glass jar. (I’m a fan of the jar) I also use a lip brush so I don’t stain my fingers red.

        Good luck!

        • I’m a pastry chef and when adding color to things in the candy world like white chocolate (which is entirely cocoa butter, sugar and milk solids) you never use regular liquid food colors specifically because they are water based and separate. However in the baking world when adding colorants to fats and oils we use powder food colors, oil based food colors or even some gel food colors will blend into oils. All three oil friendly food colorants i can usually find next to the cake decorating section of most Walmarts and specialty baking stores..

          Its just my opinion, but if it’s any help maybe you could try using cake and candy food colorants in your lipsticks since they are designed for use with fats and oils.

    • It might… let me know if you try it how it works…

  16. Any tips on getting the colors to mix with the oils? They seem to clump for me and not make a smooth color.

  17. Is there a way that I can use herbal vaseline instead of beeswax so it could become more shiny?Im really having trouble finding the other types of oils and i dont want to use petroleum jelly.

    • If you want it shiny just use olive oil.

  18. What’s a good substitute for coconut oil? I’m very allergic to coconuts and cocoa.

    • shea butter worked as good placeholder for me. Also makes it a bit more solid. I used a slight bit of aloe vera gelly to compensate.

    • I know im three years late but you can use olive or almond oil.

  19. Does anyone know where I can get the lipstick containers??
    Thanks 🙂

    • Amazon has some and so does Mountain Rose Herbs

    • Bulk apothecary

    • I ask for my friends’ and relatives’ expired/stocked makeups and I just empty the containers up

  20. apart from coconut oil, what alternative can I use? also what can I do if I would like it smell like honey?

    • shea butter worked as good placeholder for me. Also makes it a bit more solid. I used a slight bit of aloe vera gelly to compensate

  21. how do you store the product after ?

      • Can you make your own beet powder?

        • If you have a dehydrator, and a mortar and pestle grinder. You have to smash it to a near flour- like consistency if you don’t want gritty color. I prefer hibiscus, and oddly find it darker than beet. I have not tried this, but I read you can also put the oven on 200* F or lower, and leave them in the oven for 24 to 48 hours. From what I understand they don’t burn as long as the oven is just warm.

          • I tried adding hibiscus powder to both balmy amd glossy recipes and it was a gritty disaster even when i let it sit and infuse in the warm oil mixture for a good long time… Also tried using a tiny gadget for frothing milk to blend it up well. No luck. Any advice? I have this big old bag of hibiscus powder and no idea how to b properly use it. Thanks!

  22. Hello there! I tried with cocoa powder- it’s perfect, but I need help finding good beet powder! Where do you get yours?! Thanks so much!

    • You could make your own beet powder. Peel and slice beets very thin, then put them in a dehydrator overnight. They should be nice and crispy, let them cool and them grind them to a fine powder in a coffee grinder.

    • The coffee grinder doesn’t make them fine enough for me. Still grainy. I had to do both the mortar and pestle and the CG.

      • try using a sifter.. i used the metal basket that i use to infuse tea leafs in my tea pot. just pour it in the basket and shake lightly.. all the fine beet root dusk should come through

      • I wonder if a vita mix would work. It would sure be less work and effort than a mortar and pestle. I have an old vita mix that I use to grind my ingredients.

    • You can find some at mountain rose herbs(bulk herbs) but you can only order in largish quantities.

  23. I mean do I have to put any preservatives in the product or how to I store it after to get longer shelf life? e.g refrigerator?

    • Coconut oil has natural anti-bacterial properties as does beeswax; if you add a drop or two of vegetable glycerine like I do for extra moisture, then that has anti-microbial properties too. I trust these as natural ‘preservatives’. As for shelf-life, as long as the oils/waxes are in tact, the lipstick is good. In other words, don’t store them in heat or sunlight where the oils might degrade. I have seen rough numbers of 4-6 months’ shelf-life all the way up to a year (the numbers depend on which oils/waxes you use, how much of each, and how you store them daily). I’ll be curious to hear others’ experiences.

      • I don’t know about this but it looks quite firm in the photo

  24. Love this recipe! I’ve been looking for an all natural lipstick recipe for the longest time! All the other recipes I’ve found said to add eye shadow or dye. I couldn’t find a natural alternative to dye my lipstick naturally. Thanks!

  25. If somebody makes this lip balm and then sell it by themselves, would you mind if they did not inform you in advance? Thank you.

    • I write the recipes to help others out, but if someone is using the exact recipe, I would appreciate attribution.

  26. Will the red lipstick have the same effect if I apply beet juice to it? I can sadly not find ANY beetroot powder close to me. I really want to try this out.

    • I’m not sure that beet liquid would mix in with the oils…

      • Do you have a brand suggestion for the natural food dye you mention above? The only one I’ve found locally is beet liquid.

        • I have not had good success with beet powder or hibiscus powder- no matter how fine. I use natural food dye from whole foods, it is made out of Beet, it is a liquid like regular food coloring, but all natural. It mixes very well as long as your oils are not super hot. As soon as they start to cool you add the food dye and mix it. If it gets too firm you can heat it back up just until pourable and it wont separate.

    • Karla above said how to make your own. 🙂 “You could make your own beet powder. Peel and slice beets very thin, then put them in a dehydrator overnight. They should be nice and crispy, let them cool and them grind them to a fine powder in a coffee grinder.” I guess it would be worth a try, right?

      • How do you dry the beet if you don’t have a dehydrator? Is there any other way? Thanks!

  27. Hello, I have follow the steps above to create my product but it ends up so dry after 2-3 days?? what did I gone wrong?? thanks

    • Hmmm. I haven’t had that problem… is it in a closed container?

      • I had that problem too, but only for the batch I used beet root powder and cocoa powder in. My husband is using the color free version and he loves it. I think the powders are absorbing some of the moisture so adding a little more oil may help. I am going to melt mine back down and see if it makes a difference. Hope this helps.

  28. YUP!!! did I do anything wrong with the ingredients?? like too much shed butter?

    • Possibly…. maybe try adding more of the oil or beeswax?

  29. but when i put lots of oil, the colour is so oily and it doesn’t work

  30. hello, i have just made my lipstick, but it ends up too oily and the colour doesn’t come out, what should i add more to give a stronger texture?? shea butter or beewax?? Thhanks

  31. *mind blown*

  32. I’m curious to see how well the color turns out before going through the process of making this myself. Would you mind posting pictures of your lips with and without the lipstick on? Thanks 🙂

  33. Hi! I love the recipe 🙂 but, my friend wants me to make a black lipstick…any idea what I should use to make that color?

    • Activated charcoal

    • Try a couple capsules of activated charcoal if you have any

  34. I too have tried this recipe but the beet root is grainy and then just sinks to the bottom of the container. I remelted it and added cocoa powder and the color looks great in the pot but goes on almost clear and then again the color is at the bottom of the lipgloss tin. Any tips for getting the color to go onto the lips? I do like the texture but want a little color.thanks

    • i had the same experience…wanting to make it in pink

      • Someone mentioned above infusing hibiscus in the oils worked better than beet root powder.

  35. FYI, if you add some (ultra mortar & pestle ground) cinnamon or cinnamon oil, it will slightly irritate the lips and give a natural ‘plumping’ effect 🙂

  36. I can’t use shea or cocoa butter… could I just leave that ingredient out?

  37. The best way to add any water based colorings to chapstick/lipstick is to remove some of your mixture of oils and etc. You can put it into a little bowl or something. Let it solidify a bit, and mix your coloring in. Then mix the solidified part back into the melted oils and wax until it is melted and mixed together. Then you can pour it into your containers. I did this with red (food grade) dye to make my chapstick pink. (I use my own recipe for chapstick, and it is more like a lip gloss so I wanted color) It worked amaaaazing and I adore my homemade glossy pink chapstick.

  38. when i added the beetroot powder …it isn’t mixing to add color! what to do?

  39. I have the same problem that many of the other commenters seem to be experiencing. Mixing the beet root powder into the oil-based waxes/butters simply does not work. The color clumps up sinks down to the bottom of the container, and does not mix at all. I really wanted to love this recipe for a natural lip tint, but it just didn’t work. 🙁

    • If you can grind down dried hibiscus flowers into a near flour (and I do mean a FINE powder – like you breathe it in by accident floating in the air), you can add them to straight shea butter (mash it around into the shea butter until it gets warm and loose, but do NOT melt), or you can add it to pure food grade Lanolin. The kind sold in the aisles for nursing moms. This way, the tint stays suspended and does not feel gritty, and it definitely adds color to your lips! I admit, I didn’t have any luck with beetroot, but I purchased it at a health food store, and noticed it also contained the leaves (maybe not good for tinting, and too gritty). I think you have to use just the beetroot, dry gently in the oven for a few days, and grind into near dust. Again, I have only tried hibiscus, but I have read this from other people who have had success. 🙂

  40. Hi, Is there anyway to add an SPF to this? My lips are very sensitive to the sun and if I don’t use a sunscreen on them I get a cold sore. 🙁 I was wondering about adding some zinc??? Thanks! I’m going to make your baby wipes too!

  41. I’m sorry to bug you. I did this recipe and added beetroot powder, more than was called for, but there’s hardly any tint at all. Do you have any suggestions?

  42. With the measurements that you posted, how many tubes will you get to make? I am trying to get the preciseness so that I can know how much to measure for a larger batch.

  43. I made this lipstick today with just the main ingredients, no added color. I put a few extra pellets of beeswax because I wanted to add some sweet almond oil. Turned out perfect! Filled enough chapstick containers for the whole family with some left over to melt down for next time. Leaves lips feeling soft and moist with just a hint of honey fragrance from a good quality beeswax. Thank you so much for this recipe 🙂

  44. Question! After doing the recipe, how do you get the dropper clean of wax?? There is all this residue stuck in mine and hot hot water does not seem to be enough…

  45. Um, have you heard about the crayola lipstick? It’s supposed to be okay as well since it’s lead free. I know this is kinda stupid but I’m still curious about that one. It’s popular on YouTube right now.

    • Crayola crayons are made from paraffin, which is a petroleum product. I wouldn’t put that on my body.

  46. This appears to be the same recipe as your lotion bars. Is there a difference that I’m missing? Looks great.

  47. Do you have any further instructions or advice for getting the color to be smooth and consistent? I’ve tried adding the beet root powder from Mountain Rose Herbs, but when it dries, it comes off on my lips as powdery and doesn’t create a consistent color throughout the tube. Any advice as to when in the process to add (perhaps I should let the mixture cool more first?), or how to avoid this, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Katie!

    • I followed the recipe that Wellness Mama posted twice. The first time, I added a bit of beet root powder after it cooled just a bit. Then I stirred it well and the color was awesome! My daughter loves really red lipstick, so this turned out perfectly for her. I like my lipstick to be more on the pink side, so I decided to try it again, with less beet root powder. I was a little more impatient the second time around and didn’t let it cool enough. the color clumped and stuck to the bottom of the container. Next time, I will be more patient.

  48. When you say, “infuse hibiscus into the oils” or beetroot for better color, what do you mean exactly? would love to try this process…

  49. Please… Post an image of what the lipstick looks like while worn. 🙁

  50. Does the color go on more opaque or translucent? Does the bentonite clay help make the color more opaque in addition to helping make a matte look?

  51. I heard crayon works so does parrafin wax I believe cOuld same look for recipes n you tube has good stuff I used crayon almondd Shea and vitamin e aloe peppermint use color wheel there’s so many variations !

  52. I’m gOing to use bees wax… but concerned I’m allergic to bees though

  53. I’m new to making my own skin care etc. and I was very excited to find this recipe because I have so little color in my lips that I almost always feel I have to wear lipstick in order to look ‘alive’. 🙂 But I don’t want to put all those chemicals on my lips. I ordered beet root powder specifically in order to make this. But, the problem is that beet root powder doesn’t dissolve, and I’ve tried this recipe twice! I’ve gone from very excited to very frustrated…especially since I don’t know what else I’ll ever use beet root powder for! Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

    • I’ve given up on bee powder and am going to use it in smoothies! It won’t work in my lip balms no matter how much I grind it up….I hear alkanet root powder works.

      • *beet powder, sorry, trying to type with cat in lap.

  54. Do the colors actually come out pigmented on the skin or does it just look like that color? I love and pretty much only wear red lipsticks so I was just wondering how much the color actually show up on the lips using beet root powder and food coloring.

  55. Was thinking of making some of this for Halloween. Do you think it would be okay to add activated charcoal to make black lipstick? And if so, any idea of how much I should add? Thanks. :]

  56. Wonderful website!! Very helpful, SO happy I came across it. Looking forward to trying out some of the recipes. ^_^

  57. Think you could use this recipe to make concealer? I’ve been trying to find a good recipe for it for months, but have been finding it to be an impossible feat.

  58. shea butter and beeswax good for combination & oily skin plz guide me?

  59. Hi! Awesome blog, please keep up the great articles! I had a question about this homemade lipstick: How does the color look on your lips? Is it similar to a tinted lip balm or is the color rich and deep like other commercial lipsticks? Thank you!

  60. Beet root powder is grainy and does not blend in. Beet juice from a can does not work as well. It stays separate from the 3 main ingredients. Because the juice is water based. Im gonna try heating up parts of beet in olive oil and adding that to my mixture or I could put beats in a food processor make it real fine and boil the ingredients and see if mushes with the beeswax, coconut oil and shea butter.

    • Make beet juice with juicer. Let set for a few days in it’s own container. It will gel up. Apply to lips and cheeks with qtip. Apply coconut/shea butter over tinted lips for shine and moisturizing.

  61. I am curious… the natural ingredients means the lipstick will have a shorter shelf life?

  62. I just received all the ingredients to make this & your deodorant recipe. Im so excited to make them! Finally I can detox my body from the store bought crapola. Im not sure which essential oil scent to use? I tend to get bo easy 🙁 so hopefully this works for me. Right now im just using plan coconut oil & it seems to work good. I use coconut oil for everything! Thanks for all your awesome advice, information & recipes. Your the best!

  63. What did you use to make that dark shade of purple in the photo?

  64. So I successfully made chap/lipstick following your recipe, although, it was quite messy for me. I even bought ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs ( I love them!). However, the only problem I had was my batch started to cool rather quick as I was using the dropper to put it in the chapstick container. Half of it got stuck in the dropper and I can’t get it out. Do you have any recommendations?

  65. I was browsing your site for whole made make-up ideas that i could make, and found this. So I made some! I made mine with shea butter and a bit of red beet powder. It trurned out nicely but I must not have mixed it enough for it has some little spots of beet powder in it. It made quite a lot and next time I would make half the amount the recipe says. Very cool, I am soooooo glad I can now make my own make-up! Its way better for my skin and cheaper too!


  66. So I really enjoy your lipstick recipe however, I tried using cinnamon to color mine, and while it did color it, I noticed that there was still grit from the cinnamon left over. In other words, it was not a completely smooth balm when it cooled. Do you know why this is or have any suggestions that might help? Thanks so much!

  67. Ive seen some people use a non toxic crayon to color their balms n lipsticks….im wondering is tht safe

      • Tried it. It tinted the lipstick, but not my lips. Ended up using it basically to differentiate the smells in my body lotion bars– lavender for lavender… Food coloring or cocoa powder, etc. works MUCH better. Plus, even non toxic crayons smell like crayons. And I don’t want to smell crayola all day long. =)

  68. Hei i katie u have mentioned a line that “i am a mom on a mission”.Yes you are u stood by that lines dear.Loved you work.Awaiting to see your further posts.

  69. I´m going to try to color my homemade lipstick with cochineal, since my dad brought some with him from la gomera. Many of you may find this grosse but even the food industry uses it as taint and it´s completly natural and has a great and very intense color. I think it will work much better than the beet root powder.

  70. It appears that most are having a difficult time making this product with beet powder. Besides food coloring, is there an alternative to beet powder? This shade seems to be popular.

  71. home made lipsticks turning bad plz help .suggest me any preservatives for lipsticks longer shelf life .thanks

    • One thing to keep in mind, to make sure you sanitize your containers like spraying them with alcohol before using them.

  72. I was wondering how well this stays on the lips. My daughters are ballerinas and have to wear makeup when on stage so I am looking for a safe and natural red lip color that will actually hold up for at least an hour and handle the hot lights while they are on stage.

  73. How do you sanitize the plastic containers before filling them?

  74. Can you use beeswax solid or beeswax candles instead of the pallettes?

    • I buy mine from a local bee keeper…. it comes in one oz chunks. At the store, it comes in a one pound block. I just chop off what I need, but it does take a little longer to melt than pellets would. I must also admit that at that point, I eyeball it… or measure everything according to using 1, 1/2, or 1/4 oz’s of beeswax instead of weighing the wax. (lazy, I know). And it works very well.

  75. I know this post was made a while ago but I am wondering, Can we not use dried fruit powder? Such as this: The site states it is an all natural raw organic wild blueberry powder. Will it not mix well with the oils? Anyone’s opinions would be much appreciated!

  76. I would love to try the lipstick recipe, I like more frost lipsticks. What could I use? I tired of all the garbage put into lipsticks and there is a color that I used to love that I can no longer find. Would love to make my own and make it taste like a dream cycle. Big dreams on a water budget. (Champagne dreams on a beer budget)
    Thank you so much,

  77. Hi, I want to do lots of bright and depressed colors. How do I do different colors?

  78. Help! I made this today and the beet powder did not dissolve. It is gritty. Can I remelt? Or any other ideas?

  79. Katie, have you heard of a similar recipe but with children’s non-toxic crayons? I tried it and it works pretty well – the crayons are a substitute for the pigments and the beeswax, all other variables in recipe remain the same. It should be okay as the crayons are “certified nontoxic”, no?

  80. hello Wellness Mama! Is there a reason you don’t use oxides and/or mica?

  81. there is also a mascara recipe at if anyone is interested, her brown recipe is made with cocoa power instead of coffee

  82. Has anybody tried alkanet powder? The beet powder hasn’t worked well for me, so I’d like to know how alkanet works, if anyone has tried it….thanks, love this site!

  83. What should I do when the liquid dye sinks to the bottom? No matter how much I put in and stir it does not mix together.

  84. I love this! I just got into making my own lip balm, and am excited about this recipe and adding some color!
    My question is does adding the color agents affect the scent/taste of the balm a lot? I would imagine boot root powder and cinnamon would make it a bit unappealing.

    • Nope not at all, i used beet root, cinnamon, clay & cocoa powder & it smells great. Very smooth.

  85. I just tried a variation of this that worked very well. I melted my oils in a small glass bowl in the microwave. YMMV, but at 1 minute the beeswax had just melted. It was warm enough to get the beetroot/cinnamon/cocoa and some cinnamon oil mixed in with a toothpick and still liquid enough to pour it into a tin. I popped it into the freezer and by the time I’d wiped up the bowl and counter, it was ready to use. seriously, maybe 3 minutes from start to finish! Liking it a lot, such a nice natural color.

  86. I just made 12 chapsticks worth of your recipe. This recipe is definitely awesome, 2 thumbs, 5 stars, & a round of applause! I love how smooth it makes my lips & doesnt feel waxy like store bought stuff does. Just real creamy & smooth, with a refreshing feeling of peppermint. I’m keeping one tube & sending the other 11 for Christmas gifts as well as foot scrub, & a hair care product from your website!

  87. Do you have to add the clay.

  88. Good day, Wellness Mama, did you try using other types of butter before concluding that Shea and Cocoa are the best? I mean can someone use the ordinary butter we get from cow’s milk? Please advise.
    With thanks and best wishes,

    • I’ve never tried but I think I’d use ghee instead of butter to extend the shelf life…

  89. So I bought some very fine beet powder but it will not integrate with the lip balm mixture and just falls to the bottom no matter how much I mix 🙁 Maybe the clay and cocoa powder help? Idk…

  90. Hi, i love you natural beauty diy’s and and this idea for lipstick is great ,do you think i could add something else instead of clay ,maybe aroowroot or rice powder ,or cornstarch ,to give it a more matte texture or it just work with clay.
    Thanks in advance, I look forward to your reply

  91. I made this recipe today and something turned out wrong! Instead of blending into a nice color, I ended up with tiny grains of color?? Help?!! What did I do wrong?

    • If you used oil it might of separated fr the other ingredients fix it by not adding as much oil

  92. i made homemade crayon lipstick with non-toxic crayons, organic ghee butter, tangerine essential oil and castor oil. it came out great. My question is will the ghee butter be ok instead of using Shea butter? i purchased at local healthfood store. I thing I grabbed the ghee, instead of the Shea, lol. Like I said, it turned out nice though. Any help about if this combo was ok or not will be a blessing, thanks!

  93. what do I do if the color separates from the wax base when the mixture cools down?

  94. Is there a good natural recipe for a matte liquid lipstick like those of la splash or Anastasia Beverly hill matte lipsticks something very pigmented but super matte but not drying i want to make my own liquid lipsticks

  95. How would I make a dark purple colour? I have no idea how!

  96. Where do you get cheap empty lipstick tubes from in England?!?!

  97. OMG I love it! But unlike most people I don’t have the ingredients (or I am just really, really, really forever alone) Well you can use Non-Toxic crayons. (Yes I know it is crazy) But I have tried it online and it works like a charm. All you need is coconut oil and crayons (yes, it is really that simple) but other peeps who don’t have it just use veggie oil or olive oil. The more oil you add the more sheer and less pigmented. I recommend using Crayola crayons and not cheap crayons from restaurants and the dollar store because you are going to put this on your face right? I’ve made dark reds to vibrant electric purple . And most of this stuff is at home ready to use and saying “don’t leave me! use me!” most people cut about an inch away from the tip if it is used (yes you can use old crayons) or just buy a new box just for lipsticks and don’t waste any crayon. This is a super easy DIY and fun to do with your kids or friends before a dinner party. Google “DIY Crayon Lipstick” and loads of videos will pop up just pick out the most trust-able one and roll with it. I advise watching more than one video since other people do different recipes. Chose the one just right for you and get down to business!

  98. i like it very much

  99. Hi 🙂 Love some of your products! I’ve made your coconut oil deodorant and love it! Can’t wait to try this!!! I’ve been wanting tinted lipbalm/stick for ages! Just a few questions:
    – I’ve only got coconut oil, so can I use just that for the base since it remains solid?
    – Does the cocoa powder actually mix together/melt into the oil? And does it actually change the colour on the lips?
    – I’ve read in some places that there is a need to drain the beetroot powder out once mixed, is that the case? Or will the bootroot powder when left in not leave the balm gritty?

    Thanks so much 🙂

  100. Thanks for sharing. I like the recipe. I would use a glass container to store it, though. The production/use/disposal of plastic detracts from the health of life on the planet.

  101. I want this to work so bad but my beet root poweder always sink to the bottom making the bottom super dark and the top slightly redish white.

    • I am having the same problem with separation. I have two items I think it could be. Either elevation (unlikelier, I think). We’re at about 7,000 ft where I live. Not sure what elevation this has been successful at. Other thing I’m thinking is that my Shea butter may be off. It smells a little earthy and I’m wondering if it is causing the separation.

  102. Hi, I was wondering if you know of anything beeswax can be replaced with? It’s used in a lot of DIY recipes and I’m allergic to it. Thanks so much 🙂

  103. There are other options that work better than beet root powder, and if you do use beet root powder it will mix if you use an emulsifier. Google emulsifiers to see what to do.

  104. Can anyone say what those options are? Right now NOTHING works because water based colorants will NOT mix with oil based base like waxes. Even emulsifiers are not helping any.

  105. How could you make this with SPF in it?

    • You might try adding non-nano zinc oxide, but I am not sure how this would affect the color.

  106. Mine creates a small white dotted mold after about a week in the container- any ideas?

    • Are you sure it’s mold? Mine sometimes has dots at the bottom right away from I think essential oils not completely dissolving. I wouldn’t think it would create mold that quick.

  107. How could I turn this recipe into a liquid lipstick?

  108. I am very excited to try this recipe out especially as a teen newly experimenting with make up.My mother wears make up every two years or so due to the reason that commercial make up tends to be extremely harmful even with the supposedly non toxic ones.They claim to be non toxic however even the most natural have lead,titanium to be found in them -which is initially harmful to the body as a metal especially when put on your skin which is the most absorbent of things.

  109. What ingredient would you add to make it long wearing?

  110. Is there any substitute to the bentonite clay. I have a clay mask that has bentonite in it but unless I order online I haven’t found pure bentonite clay. I don’t know if i want to try with the clay mask i have since its only 1/4 tsp or if there is another option maybe to get a matte finish?

    • It might be at mountain rose herbs ?

  111. Dear Wellness Mama,

    since this awesome recipe is naturally home made and uses no preservatives. how long before it turns bad or the colour changes and we have to toss it out(expiration date)?

  112. Hi the colors turned out great, with cocoa powder, with beet powder, but do not taint the lips even a bit. what is the mistake

  113. I used beet root powder and the granules do not mix in well. Is there somewhere I can get more finely ground powder? Or a trick to get it mixed in? I love the consistency of the rest of the balm, but the granules are very annoying. They are like sand!

    • You can fully pulverize best root powder in a coffee grinder or spice mill. You can also use alkanet, henna, and rosehip powders, which are often more finely ground, commercially. Don’t worry about the henna staining your lips, unless you’re using a fixative.

  114. isn’t using MICA going away from natural healthy ingredients. I thought commecial lipsticks use MICA to get their colors and it is harmful like other minerals and metals

    • It’s generally considered safe, but I’ll be writing a post about it soon.

  115. Hi,I was wondering if we can use Rosehip powder for colouring?

  116. Hi thanks for the recipe ! But I was wondering his to avoid the beet powder sinking to the bottom .because when I tried it the beet powder didn’t melt in and sank to the do I avoid this ?

    • Would hibiscus work ?

  117. I tried the moisturizing lotion and it was awesome!! Thank you so much for the recipe. I shared the lotion amongst my friends in different containers ofcourse, and they loved it!!

  118. Does anyone have a idea to help it mix .mine isn’t mixing the colors and the oils ?

  119. I would like to make lip gloss and put it in glass roller bottles but I’m looking for a recipe that won’t be too thin or too thick for the bottles! Any suggestions?

    • Straight jojoba oil in a 4:1 parts mix with castor oil (for shine) makes the best liquid lip gloss. Jojoba ester wax is the most similar in consistency to the sebum produced by your own skin, making it a perfect complement and the best part is that jojoba doesn’t become rancid, so it travels easily in heat excursions. It also holds colour infusions well (I make heat infusions using alkanet, grass indigoes and hennas for this purpose). Castor oil is very thick and sticky, so never use more than 1/5 of your total volume, or you’ll be annoyed by the results.

  120. Hi Katie. This recipe came out as a sheer gloss whereas I wanted it more matte. I made it twice, the first time with bentonite clay and the second time with arrowroot powder. Could you let me know where I’m going wrong? Should I reduce the butter/wax and increase the clay/powder?

    I don’t get much natural lipsticks where I am, so would really appreciate your response.

    • I would try reduce the butter and keeping the beeswax the same and increasing the powders slightly.

  121. Hi There. I managed to get all the products ready and excited to make it. Just want to know how long these lipsticks will last? Any expiration for home made ones? Thanks!

  122. Hi There…love this recipe! I used mica minerals for colouring. Are they ok to use?

    • Any luck with cochineal?

  123. How can I make pink, coral and purple tones?

  124. just read all of the comments on this post, after reading the post of course.
    huge kudos to every single woman and person who CARES about health, alternative makeup, and everything good that brings us together here in this article…
    its inspiring and i love yall.
    thanks wellness mama for inspiring it all and bringing it all together. i hope to try these out in the not too distant future…
    im also really interested (if u feel like answering..) in your take on bareessentials/bareminerals whatever that company is. or if theres any good company that can be recommended for natural products. or if you would ever sell your products…… ie: gosh, i am such a millennial. i want it now !
    thanks very much
    may all the natural world people prosper and grow and continue to inspire collective society and culture to recall and embrace the mineral bronzer dust from whence we come…..

  125. I always wanted to try a simple gloss made of honey and beet juice for colorant…Thanks Wellness Mama and all for your time and posts…very inspiring

    For Ally…there are tons of natural cosmetics out there made with top quality ingredients (non toxic), but fairly pricey, as most conventional high end cosmetics are. If you are on Instagram, check out organicbunny (she’s an organic beauty blogger). Through her, you will discover lots of organic non toxic products. Good luck…

  126. Can I reuse the plastic tubes?

  127. Hi, I tried the recipe and it turned out well but found that I’m sensitive to Shea butter and beeswax so going to try a variation on your recipe with candelilla wax, cocoa butter and coconut oil. My question is – i would like to check that I will not “hydrogenated” the cocoa butter when I’m heating it up. Candelilla wax needs high temperatures so my plan was to heat it in a glass jar in a steamer with t coconut oil then take it off the heat to add t cocoa butter and any colouring I use. I will write back and let you know what my final recipe is.

    • You can’t hydrogenate any oil by heating it. Hydrogenation is a chemical process by which hydrogen links in medium chain fatty acids are adulterated at the molecular level. Heating doesn’t do that. Actually, heating any oil shortens it’s lifespan, which is the exact opposite of the reason for hydrogenation.

  128. how do you get the liquid food color to work? I tried this, and 1 drop absolutely did not work. I think I had to use about 10 drops(well I think I lost count at 10), and barely got any color at all…. (Plus mixing it with the oil/beeswax base was not fun… it didn’t really like to mix well)

  129. I don’t have shea butter or coca butter in my country. What can I use instead?

  130. Hello, I love the color of the lipstick in the picture of Homemade Lipstick Recipe! Anyway to replicate it for us? It looks mauve! That’s my color!
    Mary, from Stamford, CT

  131. Did you try this recipe with the beet powder? I bought everything as you suggested, from Rose Mountain Herbs. The beet powder does not mix in, and does not color the lip balm. The result is lip balm with gritty red pieces, that sit on your lips. Additionally, you make note to add slowly, that a little goes a long way. That was not the case with the beet root powder. I began with 1/8 teaspoon beet root powder and added that amount slowly many more times (6-8) and still had no color, just the red gritty pieces. What a disappointment. I am unhappy that I invested time and money in this recipe that doesn’t work.

  132. Hi there.. i don’t have access to beet root I absolutely love the color of beet.. can i use beet root juice instead of powder???

    • The trick would be to get it to blend in since oil and water don’t mix easily and emulsification could be tough in this small of a batch.