Magnesium Oil: Benefits, Uses & DIY Spray Recipe

How to make your own magnesium oil spray

I’ve written before about how I use magnesium daily and why I feel it is such a vital part of overall wellness. Many people don’t get enough of this vital mineral that the body uses for hundreds of reactions. Every cell in the body needs magnesium in some way, and it is essential for bone, tooth, muscle, and joint health as well as for optimal sleep and stress reduction.

Why Magnesium Oil?

How to make your own magnesium oil to improve sleep and reduce stressDeficiency of magnesium is widespread because many of us have lifestyle factors that actively deplete our magnesium levels such as lack of sleep, excess stress, or alcohol/caffeine/sugar consumption. On top of that, many natural sources of magnesium are becoming depleted. Our soil contains less magnesium due to over-farming and high pesticide use. The water filtration systems remove much of the naturally occurring magnesium in water.

The ocean is still a wonderful source of magnesium and trace minerals, but for those of us who don’t have daily access to a beach, transdermal magnesium oil can be the easiest and most effective way to increase magnesium levels.

Magnesium Oil Benefits

As I mentioned, magnesium is a very important mineral for the body. The easiest way I’ve found to increase my levels is transdermally or through the skin. This magnesium oil is the least expensive way I’ve found to do this. There are thousands of studies that involve magnesium therapy in some form. These studies evaluate magnesium’s affect on everything from skin health to diabetes and hypertension.

While magnesium does have many well-documented benefits, it is important to realize that it is only a small part of the many nutrients needed by the body. Magnesium supplementation is great but should be in addition to a real food diet and healthy lifestyle. Some of the benefits most-often associated with adequate magnesium levels and magnesium oil use are:

1. Increase Magnesium Levels in the Body

Obviously, the goal of magnesium oil use is to increase the body’s magnesium levels. A 2010 study showed a 25%+ increase in cellular magnesium levels in participants who used transdermal magnesium therapy for 12 weeks. Transdermal magnesium therapy includes magnesium soaks (using magnesium flakes or epsom salts) and magnesium spray. I personally consider this a basic form of nutritional insurance since it is so difficult to get magnesium from food and water.

2. Smoother Skin

I also really like using magnesium oil for healthier skin along with dry brushing. I dry brush in the mornings and use magnesium spray at night and this helps my skin stay smooth and breakout free. Magnesium oil is irritating to the skin for some people, so those with sensitive skin should start with diluted magnesium oil and work up as their skin allows.

3. Ease Muscle Soreness

Many athletes swear by magnesium for post-workout recovery. Even those of us who aren’t high-level athletes can benefit from using magnesium after workouts. Studies indicate that magnesium spray may help reduce muscle cramping and replenish magnesium levels lost through sweat.

4. For Headaches and Migraines

There is a lot of research about magnesium’s importance for those who suffer from headaches or migraines. It isn’t an acute treatment for symptom relief, but the studies indicate that those who have optimal levels of cellular magnesium have fewer instances of headaches and migraines.

5. Balanced Blood Sugar

There is also quite a bit of research regarding magnesium and balanced blood sugar levels. This may be for several reasons. As mentioned above, excess sugar consumption depletes magnesium levels in the body. Having unbalanced blood sugar and insulin levels may deplete magnesium. This, in turn, makes it more difficult to properly balance blood sugar and insulin. Magnesium is not a treatment for diabetes or blood sugar imbalance but studies show that magnesium may be an important part of a holistic approach to blood sugar management.

6. Blood Pressure and Hypertension

IV magnesium has long been used in hospitals as an acute treatment for high blood pressure. Most of us aren’t giving ourselves IV magnesium at home though and until recently there hasn’t been much well-documented information about supplemental magnesium and blood pressure. A recent meta-analysis of available literature found: “Magnesium supplementation appears to achieve a small but clinically significant reduction in BP, an effect worthy of future prospective large randomized trials using solid methodology.”

This analysis found the statistically significant benefit at doses of more than 370 milligrams a day, indicating that a person would likely need to supplement internally and transdermally to get the benefit.

7. Supporting Restful Sleep

There’s good reason that epsom salt baths are often used for relaxation. Magnesium may have a beneficial affect on GABA receptors in the brain. This allows a person to relax and sleep easily and possibly deeper. It is important to note that a small segment of people seem to notice the opposite affect and wake up from magnesium supplementation. These people should, of course, not take magnesium at night.

How to Make Magnesium Oil Spray at Home

I use magnesium daily in some form and use magnesium oil on my skin most often. There are some really high quality pre-made magnesium oils available (this is my favorite), but it is also possible to make magnesium oil easily and inexpensively from magnesium chloride flakes. I’ve used one of these forms of magnesium oil for years and notice a big difference when I forget to use it. If you don’t want to purchase the pre-made oil, this DIY magnesium oil spray recipe is a great alternative and super easy.

Magnesium Oil Spray Ingredients

Magnesium Oil Spray Instructions

  1. Boil the distilled water. It is important to use distilled to extend the shelf life of the mixture.
  2. Place the magnesium chloride flakes in the glass bowl or measuring cup and the pour the boiling water over it.
  3. Stir well until completely dissolved. Let cool completely and store in the spray bottle. Can be stored at room temperature for at least six months. I keep in my bathroom to use daily.

Note: I prefer to use magnesium oil before bedtime and often add 10 drops of lavender essential oil to the mixture for scent and relaxation.

Magnesium Oil Uses

Spray on arms, legs, and stomach daily. I use 10-20 sprays per day. It will tingle on the skin the first few times it is used, and this is normal. It should fade after a few applications, but you can dilute with more water if it bothers you too much.

You can leave on the skin or wash off after 20-30 minutes. I usually apply after a shower and then use coconut oil or a lotion bar to moisturize about 5 minutes later. If the sticky feel on your skin bothers you, try applying at night before bed when you won’t notice it as much or before showering and rinse off.

Natural Ways to Get Magnesium

Magnesium is found in some foods, though the amounts present in many foods are declining due to poor soil quality and over farming. Foods that contain magnesium include:

Top Ten Magnesium Rich Foods

There are also magnesium supplements that can be taken internally, including drink mixes like Natural Calm (this one is my favorite) though many people have difficulty absorbing magnesium internally and find topical magnesium a more effective method.

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Magnesium Oil FAQs

This post has generated hundreds of comments and questions and I’ve tried to answer the most common ones here:

Why is this called an oil when there is no oil in it?

Good question. This is actually a highly saturated mineral solution of magnesium but when it goes on the skin it tends to feel somewhat like an oil and was named “Magnesium Oil” for this reason. Confusing? A little… but I didn’t come up with the name. Even commercial brands of magnesium oil (including my favorite) use that term.

What type of magnesium is best?

From the research I found, magnesium chloride seems to be the most absorbable and least irritating form that is readily available for purchase by the general public. (This brand is my personal favorite.)

Would epsom salts work?

Yes, and check out the comments as several readers share experience with making an epsom salt based spray. The difference is that epsom salts are magnesium sulfate and can be more drying and not absorb as easily into skin. Personally, I find epsom salt based sprays too drying but I love epsom salt baths.

Will Natural Calm work for the magnesium?

Nope! It uses magnesium citrate, which is easier to absorb internally but really irritating to the skin. This would also leave a white film and make a big mess. I don’t recommend it.

Is it good to add calcium to the spray too?

I personally wouldn’t. In theory, you could and it would dissolve decently well, but it would leave a white film on skin and calcium is not as easily absorbed through skin. Also, it seems that many people get plenty of calcium and not enough magnesium, so this would potentially not be as beneficial.

Can this go in a plastic bottle?

In theory yes and it should work just fine. I prefer glass whenever possible, especially since glass bottles are readily available now. My personal favorites are these eight ounce amber bottles.

Can I use this on babies/kids/my pets?

Ask your pediatrician/vet to be sure before using any product on a child or pet. Personally, I use this spray on my children at night to help them sleep more soundly.

Can I use magnesium while pregnant/nursing?

Again, check with a doctor before using anything while pregnant nursing, but I have personally used it through several pregnancies with great results.

This is supposed to improve sleep- why does it seem to keep me up?

From all of the comments, there seems to be a small group of people who have an opposite reaction to magnesium. While it promotes restful sleep for many people, this small percentage seems to have trouble sleeping for a few hours after taking magnesium. My mom had this problem and found that she did best when she took or used magnesium spray around mid-day.

Why does this oil cause burning/tingling on some people?

One theory is that those who are deficient will have a tingling or burning reaction to magnesium oil. I did notice that it seemed to irritate me much more at first and that I soon adjusted and didn’t have a problem with this at all, but I don’t have any science to back up the deficiency theory. I also found that this particular magnesium oil didn’t tingle or burn at all.

What about adding essential oils to the mixture?

There are some risks associated with certain essential oils but some can also be very beneficial. Personally, I’d check with a qualified practitioner or aromatherapist before using any essential oil in this recipe.

Can this be used as deodorant?

Yep! I have a separate recipe for a spray deodorant that is basically this recipe anyway and this spray on its own works great for me now.

Featured Download: Download a complimentary copy of my Magnesium Special Report to find out how magnesium changed my life and might change yours too. Send it to Me!

Have you tried magnesium to help reduce stress, improve sleep or for another reason? Ever tried to make your own? Share below!

Homemade magnesium oil is a cost effective way to increase your magnesium levels and can reduce stress, improve sleep and improve health.

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Reader Comments

  1. Two of my children take a supplement of magnesium, zinc and B6 which has eliminated their ADHD symptoms and (for one of them) tics.

    • which supplements/brands do you use in particular?

      • I have tried Natural Calm and the Bluebonnet brand of Liquid Calcium Magnesium Citrate with Vitamin D3. What do you use and what have you found works best?

        • I use natural calm, an ionic liquid supplement and the magnesium oil…

          • I do have fluoride in my water. Will the magnesium oil still work best?

          • Yes… Just make sure you make it with distilled water!

          • Thanks for the advice!!

          • I have well water, why can’t I use it?

          • You’re amazing Wellness Mama! Just want to add I use Milk of Magnesia for deodorant. Put in a clean roll on container, and add essential oils. Works like a charm! The same or better than the natural solid deodorant I made, which is similar to the one on your blog. Keeps you a bit drier I think. Don’t use the flavored MOM!!! Full of chemicals. The plain one is also just magnesium and purified water. Another way to get this vital mineral.

          • Milk of Magnesia is Magnesium hydroxide, just another salt of Magnesium. It’s probably the easiest way to consume Magnesium salts. There is no side effect or problem with using fluoridate water either. Whatever small solubility advantage you might get from the ‘citrate’ salt will be more than offset by the price and savings that way.

          • What about Milk of Magnesium’s laxative element? Or are you only using it in a spray? Could it still cause diarrhea?

          • Depends on the fluoride complex that is added to the water, and you can bet it isn’t calcium fluoride, which is the naturally occurring fluoride. If it is a variation of sodium fluoride, which is a toxic industry waste by-product, it is poison, and most definitely a problem.

          • I have a 17 yr old daughter w severe anxiety. I’d like to try to wean her off Zoloft somewhat by giving her supplements and I’ve heard that the B6 & magnesium combination is really helpful. I myself took CALM for a while, but unfortunately it absolutely did a number on my stomach – really bad – I guess I just could not handle the mag citrate and have since discovered that I need to stay away from citric acid in general. Anyway, I’m very reluctant to give my daughter CALM……will try the oil but any advice you may have I’d appreciate! I know different forms of mag absorb very differently. Also how much B6 and I’ve heard you should only stay on B6 for 2 mos. or so, then go off for a while to give your liver/kidneys a break. Thanks in advance for your help……

          • I used to use Milk of Magnesia as a deodorant also (with good results) until I read that one of the inactive ingredients was bleach. Not something I wanted to use on my body. Thanks for the magnesium oil recipe. Can’t wait to give it a try!

          • I was wondering how early in age can you use the magnesium oil? My son is 16 months and I’m seeing signs of anxiety right before his meltdowns. Is it safe to spray the oil on his skin?

          • Hi,
            Magnesium chlorudeyflakes can be taken orraly?or magnesium citrate is better?

          • I just ordered the Natural Calm – Wellness Mama how much do you take daily? And at what times? Im also going to try making your recipe of Magnesium Oil and have just ordered the Ancient Mineral flakes. Thank you 🙂

          • I am just learning about the seriousness of magnesium deficiency and would like to inquire about how much to take, how often, and what brand/type to take.
            I am a 45+ yr old, in peri-menopause, extremely healthy, and only take a small low dose RX for blood pressure each day. I am very active (mentally, physically, socially and spiritually) and just want to take something that will give me the best “bang for my buck” so to say….
            Thank you so much for listening–very happy to have found you online! 🙂

          • Can you use the Natural Calm for making the magnesium oil? Does it make a difference whether I use the Natural Calm or Ancient Minerals?

          • Do you recommend adding Aloe Vera to the oil to relieve itching and burning?

          • To the mom with the daughter on zoloft, have her B12 levels checked, not just serum B12 but HotoTC levels as well as MMA and Homocystein. B12 deficiency can cause depression and anxiety amongst other things. Absorption can be blocked by acid blockers, diabetes meds, as well as birthcontrol pills and nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

          • Could i use magnesium stearate instead? Don’t know if i can get the one you used here. I’ve been giving my son pure magnesium powder in water or juice for about 3-4 years now ( i think). He gets some serious cramps. And doc says hard to tell if growing pains or genetic (had the same too and my brother). It does help him. I take a Vitamin Code -calcium magnesium Vk2.
            Thanks for all recipes and remedies

          • Can I use on my newborn Katie? What age is safe to start at with magnesium? ) xo

          • I want to make a magnesium oil using magnesium chloride,but I read somewhere that people with Hashimoto(like me) shouldn’t be using mag.chloride.Is that the truth? Or not.I don’t want to make my condition worse.Thank you for replaying.

        • be careful with supplemental magnesium esp that contains calcium as they are often times not readily absorbed by the body for instance in this case calcium actually blocks the absorption of magnesium making the supplement nearly useless. do your research- look for information on the most bioavailable forms of magnesium.

          • PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY SUPPLEMENTS ON YOUR NEWBIRN WITHOUT MEDICAL PRIFESSIONAL SUPERVISION. Baby’s have sensitive skin and even if you were to use Mg and breastfeed, you don’t know dosage. It definitely has effects; but one persons medicine can become poison by degree.
            Find a naturopath.

      • There is a brand called ON TASK created by parents in Texas and made in the US. If the previous person mentioned all of the supplements then they SHOULD have been kind enough to leave the manufacturer to aid you in your research. I just stumbled across this website looking for magnesium recommendations for children since it said “WELLNESSMAMA” and saw your post,hopefully you already found this brand or another alternative as a means to help your child’s development.

        • My son has been taking On Task for a few years. We really notice a difference with him. So have his teachers. He is undiagnosed, but has ADHD symptoms.

    • Do you use a liquid form of magnesium, zinc and B6 or whatever? Where do you get yours? I have a son who has ADHD symptoms and I am going to get him tested soon.

      • Our granddaughter has seizure, tic’s and ADHD which have been helped considerably by keeping her on a food coloring/preservative/and low gluten diet, along with vitamin D3 and magnesium chloride in our food, water and on skin. Stick that in your … ear big pharma!

        • I do sooo love your response. I am so glad to have found this blog and others like myself who prefer natural health remedies and prevention and have a healthy distaste for big pharma!!!

        • You are a good grandma. Although these things help with the symptoms one thing lots of people overlook is what’s causing them. Tics, OCD and ADHD symptoms in children can be associated with an infection such a strep. My daughter had this problem – it is called Pandas syndrome. Your very first line of defense is to insist on a strep test (blood test – you are looking for elevated titers) to see if an underlying infection is causing the symptoms. A great book to read is childhood interrupted by Beth Maloney. It literally saved our 10-year-old daughter’s life. Good luck!

          • Kimberly,
            Wow, I’m completely blown away from your comment. My 7 y/o son was just diagnosed with PANDAS three months ago. His antibody levels were through the roof! I had never heard of it before. He also has ADHD, PDD-NOS, as well as other issues unrelated to these psychiatric disorders. There is a lot of controversy about PANDAS and I consider us to be very lucky to have such an awesome child psychiatrist. Thank you so very much for the book recommendation, I’m going to search iBooks right now. Take care 🙂

          • I have also read on a oxolate server that a diet low in oxolates is good for children with neuro issues. Low oxolate foods tend to be similar to low gluten.

        • I am sure you mean a diet FREE of food colors, gluten and other chemicals?

          • Helen,

            Thank you for that! Yes I do mean free from food coloring and preservatives and as little GMO as we can find; which is becoming more difficult. She seems to do better when we make unpasteurized organic kefir smoothies.


            Thank you, thank you! Her tics have returned; we WILL go for that strep titre.

        • Hi! Just a comment about “low-gluten”, I have had 20 years of issues with gluten and I’m pretty sure that if there is a sensitivity, it has to be gluten free. It may appear that you are getting away with small doses only to find other insidious adverse effects are actually occurring, often malabsorption of everything else leading to a whole spectrum of deficiencies and neurological imbalances. All the best xxxx

          • Not all people are gluten intolerant. Inflammation is not just caused by gluten!

          • Hopefully I can help!! Whoever said kefir grains is on the right track( from what I believe, having had issues with ocd since I was a teenager? Not fun.. Gut flora has so much to do with mental health! Unless it is just me these issues seem to be more and more common, I think the underlying issue is really nutrition, or lack thereof in our society today. Look up where serotonin is made it is not just in your brain, it is mostly made in your gut. Fermented foods have been known to be a great alternative to all these pharmaceuticals, and you can make them yourself. Just a thought hope it helps!

          • I think what Christine is trying to say is that a” low gluten diet,” is no better than a diet including gluten if someone is intolerant or sensitive. To just lower gluten exposure will not be enough to determine if gluten is a problem. Given the symptoms that Judy expressed in the OP, her granddaughter would likely see the most benefit from no gluten.

        • Just another suggestion. Please check the person’s PH level.
          Acidosis can cause a multitude of problems such as the ones described. Under 7.365 ?, try to normalize by eating alkaline foods: broccoli, asparagus, cucumber, avocado, or 3 teaspoons of mineral salts in 4-6 oz of water. You’ll see a huge change in a matter of moments.
          Best regards,

          • Hi Dan, I’m curious about the mineral salts recipe you are suggesting, I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and suffer from stress, low energy and anxiety and I’m wondering if your recipe could help level my levels of stress. Could you provide more details regarding which brand of mineral salts you use? I looked up magnesium flakes from Ancient Minerals and their description excerpt sounds very promising. Could you perhaps elaborate? Thanks

        • I agree!
          I started using magnesium chloride flakes in my 3 year old son’s bath this winter because he gets bad eczema. This helped tremendously. Magnesium chloride has also helped to calm him down. It’s important to use magnesium chloride not any other as the body uses and absorbs this one better. I used Ancient Minerals brand which can be pricey but still worth it, also there is a lot of good information on their website.
          My son has to see a GI for a mild immunity issue with his digestion and I told her I’ve been using the flakes in his bath and that it has helped with his eczema, she immediately googled it and said that it should have many more positive effects including neurological effects. I also started then looking into the artificial flavoring and coloring and became really concerned. I don’t really let my son have too much of any but now I’m even more careful. I see a difference in his behavior just from eating the smallest amount of the junk. Just FYI I found a cheaper supply of magnesium fluoride from Greenway Biotech which is significantly cheaper considering the amount I use, they get their flakes from the Salt Lake in Utah whereas Ancient Minerals gets it from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed in Europe.

          • Do you mean mag. chloride instead of fluoride in your last sentence?

          • Sylvia, do u feel it (Greenway Biotech) works as well? I just purchased some, but I just wanted to see what ur thoughts were after using it.
            Has anyone else used the Greenway product?


        • I, too, just started using Magnesium Chloride – in ALL of my seeking why am I just finding this now??? – and for those who may have started as well but are experiencing some reactions (burning, rashes, etc. – for me it was a bad case of acne, and I haven’t had actual “acne” since I was a teen) I simply want to encourage you not to quit. Maybe another poster has already mentioned this and if so, I don’t mean to be a regurgitator of info but these reactions are actually positive (based on what I’ve been reading on various sites)…it’s the manifestation of the detoxification of possibly metals, pathogens, toxins and other micro-organisms that have been standing in the way of balance and holistic health. Anyway, just my two cents– remember that you can always dilute the solution (I added distilled water)…I couldn’t afford the spray itself so I made my own “oil” using the flakes (Life-Flo)…I have diluted what I’m using since the first batch (I also eat a few flakes twice a day). Ok, Everybody BE Well…

        • I don’t know if you are still following this post, but you might have your granddaughter checked for food allergies. I suffered from all kinds of symptoms, literally from head to toe. The list could fill a page or two…anyway, if nothing else is proved, try this, especially if any close relatives have allergies of any kind. Hope things have improved!

          • Have you looked into Mast Cell Disorder? Mast cells play huge part in allergic reactions and Autism. I have a mast cell disease called mastocytosis.

        • Your granddaughter has most of the symptoms of vaccine side effects. You can thank Big Pharma and Bill Gates for that. If you have time please watch this interview with Dr. Blaylock.

          • Yes I agree . If you are in the USA then please watch Vaxxed the movie from cover up to castasthrophy. They are fighting the fight for vaccine injured and the bill that eveyone has to be vaccinated .

      • B 6 and magnesium together are a great calming combination. There is however a possibility in some cases that an individual may need only the magnesium. If the need is for magnesium only then the B 6 will often cause irritability. The rule of thumb of determining is dream recall. If one has dream recall 2 to 3 times a week it is unlikely that there is a B 6 deficiency. The lack of dream recall is a strong sign of B 6 deficiency.

        • That’s so interesting, Gary. I never knew that!

          • I never dream anymore and often wondered why this was, I am always anxious, tired, sluggish, memory gone, lack of energy

        • Gary, would you mind including your sources, please? This is extremely interesting.

        • This is interesting. Could you elaborate and give sources about the B6 not being tolerated? I have an autistic daughter. I was working with a Dr. Sidney Baker who was involved with the DAN conferences, etc.. In those days I tried B6 and magnesium and I noticed that she could definitely not tolerate B6 or pyridoxal 5 phosphate and perhaps one of the other b vitamins but I don’t remember which. A B6 injection did not seem to cause a negative reaction of extreme irritability but did not improve her behavior. I do remember Dr. Baker having us try different kinds of Magnesium.: mag glycinate, apartate, and citrate. It did not seem to improve her so we stopped. Recently, however, she became very irritable, aggressive, and had sleep and extreme hunger problems. St. John’s Wort and 5HTP helped somewhat. One day I gave her some D3 and she became extremely agitated. The only thing I could make of that was that she was magnesium deficient and started supplementing with mag. citrate. Sure enough, magnesium has helped tremendously and without any 5HTP,etc. she is sleeping through the night and is much less irritable. Perhaps she has needed magnesium all of these years after all. That is why I would like to figure out what happened 20 years ago with the B6. If you can elaborate your above comments it would be greatly appreciated.

          • Look for Kerry Rivera’s work on autism. It may help you.

      • Liquid forms are generally better absorbed by the body. You also may want to investigate adding Omega supplements as well. ??

      • My grandson has ADHD.. lots of difficulty in school. Google Hardys nutritionals.. it has been a Godsend for us! !!! I also spray magnesium oil on his feet at night to help him rest.

    • Would love to know the product you are giving your children. I have a child with epilepsy and tourettes syndrome that could benefit.

    • How much do they take and is it one pill with all three combined

    • Yes I hear when You add Magnesium with B6 it will eliminate ADD/ADHD. My daughter and I need to try this. However, I am reading a book by Dr. Sircus that says that taking the supplements research has proven that the body doesn’t absorb the Magnesium well. I’m wondering!

      • I had read of the benefits of Magnesium for nervous system calming but to avoid the cheaper Magnesium Oxides (hydroxide) forms as they are absorbed so poorly. Just now going to try this recipe so I don’t know from experience but this is what I read.

      • Google Magnesium oil recipe, do it and make a spray for your arms, legs and stomach area.
        Your body will absorb this mineral much better through the skin.

        • Does anyone know where I can get blue spray bottles in the UK and do they have to be glass or can I use plastic for Magnesium Oil.

          • I got my from home bargains or pound shop metal and plastic don’t think it has to be glass


          • I always recommend using glass over plastic…

      • Magnesium oxide, the most common form in the drug store is not absorbed well, ( approx 4% there are many other forms look for Mg Citrate…. better stil, try to find the book Magnesium Miracle. I got it from the library. Loaded with good info.

    • I have been reading all I can of natural ways to help my 12 year old son with Asperger’s and facial tics that have increased lately (moving from some awkward eye blinking for the last several years to increased grimacing and shoulder shrugging within the last 6 months). Recently I had read of the benefits of Magnesium and Zinc for calming tics and have been on a mission to find something appropriate for my son. Most of the supplements I have found are Mg oxides but I read that oxide forms of Mg are the cheapest and least absorbed by the body. I have been perusing this website any chance I get for the last couple of months for ways to transform our home into a more natural, earth friendly and less toxic one and just found this recipe! Thank you! We will be trying it as soon as I can get my hands on the ingredients. I’ll let you know:)

      • I cured my sons facial tics with ionised water…highly recommend it, what country are you in??

        • We live in California, USA. We do get filtered water (started because of my hypothyroid and desire to stay away from fluoridated water). We have been giving my son 200mg of magnesium citrate for maybe a week and a half and don’t really see any changes in tics or ability to get to sleep at night yet.

          • my readings are that magenesium oil is the fastest acting and most absorbable. recipe is as above in Wellness mama site

          • This is a late comment. Did any thing help with the tics? I used to get them. It turned out to be a calcium deficiency. Once I started taking taking calcium they went away.

      • HI
        can anyone tell me please can you use magnesium oil on babies??

        • I am just curious but in what way is the Magnesium “Oil” described in this exchange an Oil ? It seems just to be a solution of mag chloride in distilled water. Where does the oil come in ?

          • It is not a true oil, it just feels oily, so it’s nicknamed “oil”.

      • Just ran out to get the mag chloride flakes at Whole Foods. Got a 2.75 lb jar for about 19.95.

        • I just ordered 8lbs for around $40 on Amazon. Same brand Wellness Mama links to.

          • The best price at

      • Hey Marilyn,
        my niece is 8 years old and has many of the same exact tics as you described your son having, except hers have been getting worse lately, like biting her tongue and cheek, it was mostly squinting her eyes and shrugging…poor thing is on 2 or 3 different heavy drugs to help combat that and her ADHD…. she has to be home schooled because of teasing.. :/ My question to you is, how should I approach her mother in giving her this info about the magnesium and B6 supplements? Her parents are very medical minded and do not really have much regard for “natural” remedies… I just want to help the poor girl! Her life seems miserable right now and she is so young!

      • Katie I a have achronic illness also other health issues I take medication To treat them .I’m going to check with my Physician before use,do you know of any medication that I shouldn’t use magnesium oil,or lotion that you’re aware of -not to use ?I really appreciate any help you can give ,know you don’t make any medical claims ,to refer to my M.D,just anxious to try this magnesium to help with these skin conditions so can feel more confident,
        Thank you Diane Kennedy

    • Are the brands of suppliments Magnesium, Zinc, and B6 for ADD/(tics is the one I’m dealing with along with picking her skin, face, etc.) pure and where do you get them from without fillers and preservatives, dairy, etc. I am on a budget for now on SSDI.

      Thanks Much,
      God Bless you:)

    • I would like to know more about this as I have a grandson with ADD. Could you please explain further with any info you have and how you take your supplements?

    • Lef, which brands and dosages do you use for your children? I need help!!! My son is 13 and it is getting worse, and he does not want to take meds.

      • I am in tears over the very same issue! My 14 yo son is in 8th grade and does not want to take meds, but his behavior in school and at home is getting worse and makes everyone around him miserable. I think meds would be a blow to his already low self esteem.

    • I recently started applying the magnesium oil on my skin. I did this for about 3-5 nights before bed. I’m on some medication for Insomnia (hoping the magnesium would help me get off them), Anxiety and Depression. I was diagnosised with PTSD bad. Some of the meds are pretty strong. Anyway, after several days of taking the oil, I got really sick TOXIC feeling. I stopped the oil, and the TOXIC feeling went away. I was really disappointed that I had to stop the oil. Would you have any idea why I had the TOXIC feeling? Thank you

      • No doc but maybe too much mag at one time??? Start with just one or two sprays before bed. It could also be reacting with the meds you are taking now. I would research the meds to see if Magnesium could cause a reaction. When ever you deal with anxiety and depression meds you have to be very careful with what you take with them and how you stop taking them. You might try and look for a doc that is open to working with natural alternatives. Again I would be research the meds and their reactions in a PDR You should be able to find that info on line I would think.

      • Cindy,

        You got that toxic feeling because your body started to get rid of all the toxins stored in it. Also, be careful how much you use. If you are on strong medications, be careful and research, so they don’t interfere with the Magnesium.

        • A very, very dangerous answer Lilly and plain wrong.

    • Hi! Can you tell me the name of the supplement you use for your kids or do they take individual supplements of mag, zinc, b6? Thanks!

    • I am interested in what type tics you are talking about. I have 2 (grown) nephews who were identified with “essential tremor” when they were in their early teens. No one has ever been able to solve why (especially as such an early age) or solve the problem. Maybe this would help them, but I’d like to understand more. Thanks.

    • Can you tell me which suppliments you use?

    • May I ask what doses of these supplements do they take ? My son is 14 but he is 5’9″ and medium boned and he has borderline ADHD and is very absent minded?

    • Where can I get this product?

    • What is the supplement?

    • Hi, Can you tell me which supplement you use for your kids? My daughter has developed a worrisome tic.

      Thank you!

    • I have yet to try zinc and B6 for my son but l-theanine and magnesium and omegas seem to be helping. I’ll keep testing. I have ADHD too so many times I use myself as the Guinea pig first. He also reasons well to Gaia herbs tincture with skullcap which helps me in the capsule form.

    • Can you provide the name and/or milligrams of the one you use? I want to try this with my grandson.

    • I get the best magnesium from CR Supplements….it is great stuff and can be used internally and externally.

    • Max,

      I used to have severe magnesium deficiency. But also had joint pain cramps, you name it. I purchased ASUTRA magnesium oil on Amazon and have been using that brand now for 4 months. Not only has it been a life saver. It has made a lot of my issues disappear. Every where I go now I tell people how important magnesium is. Transdermal magnesium is absorbed much better than taking magnesium supplements via pill.

      Good Luck

    • Wow. Who which supplement? My son is ADHD and would love to try supplementing rather than pharmaceuticals!

    • Can you please be specific as I would like to try for my son. What dose/brand are you using? Thank you!

    • Which supplement do you buy?

  2. My dr had me use magnesium and calcium to reduce Charlie horses when I was pregnant.

  3. Love it! We use is for bruises, smashed fingers and toes. It will take the throbbing. Don’t get it in a cut though. It will sting like crazy.

    • Correction – it will take the throbbing away. I smashed my toe and couldn’t stand for the sheets to touch it so I wrapped my toes in a piece of gauze that I soaked in Magnesium oil. It took the throbbing out. We have done it with smashed fingers too.

  4. I was working on upping the number of sprays from magnesium spray I got on Amazon; on night three I woke up and vomited! I’m assuming it was a stomach bug but no one else got sick and ever since then I’ve been afraid to use it! Bummer, because I think I could benefit from it. 

    • My husband vomits if I give him a magnesium pill too. And the spray made him very red and gave him a rash. 🙁

      • I am using the homemade oil recipe you show on your site and it does a bit more than tingles…I am getting the rash and burning sensation. I am wondering if I should just dilute it more. Any thoughts anyone???

      • Take them at night– It will help with feeling nauseous.

    • If you are not used to taking a magnesium suppliment you need to start out slow, trying to add to much to your system at one time will cause nausea… I found that out after taking a magnesium based medicine, doctor and pharmacist said that was natural.

    • Wow magnesium keeps the bowels regular…kinda funny that it came up instead of out….maybe there’s a kink or stoppage somewhere…just a thought….

      • I have been using magnesium capsules for over 20 years. If I skip a day I’m constipated and I have leg-cramps during the night. I wonder if the magnesium spray will have the same effect.

        • If you have been taking oral magnesium supplements for 20 yrs. and still have cramps if you miss a day, you have not come close to correcting what appears to be a SEVERE magnesium deficiency. Magnesium oil should definitely help. If it stings too much, either dilute it a bit or wash off in 20 min. Ancient people valued hot mineral springs because most were high in magnesium. Transdermally is the BEST way to get magnesium.

    • If you were “upping” the number of sprays, rather than not use it alt all go to “undering” the number of sprays, do just 1 spray for a week, then two the next. Do not go over the recomended number of sprays on the bottle or go back the the number of sprays you were using before you got sick. And it is possible that could have had a bug that no one else in your house got.

      • Agree starting over with a smaller amount.
        Slowly increasing the amount.
        My hubby can tolerate internal magnesium but sprays tend to sting or burn so if a quick fix of spray is needed we apply a light coating of a carrier oil then spray mag oil and smooth in with the carrier oil. He says it doesn’t burn or itch then.
        I.E. coconut, almond, olive or any massage oils.

    • My daughter made me the spray with Mag. and I was using it on my feet, legs and arms. One night I sprayed it across my back and stomach. I woke up in the night and had diarrhea and I vomited once and broke out in a sweat. Was up off and on all night with diarrhea. Now I am afraid to use it anymore and a friend had the same reactions. I am all for using natural things instead of all the pills that are given out for this and that. My daughter thought it would help with the circulation in my legs. Maybe if I didn’t use it as often but it still scares me now as I was so sick. Thanks for any info you can give me. I guess I will stick to the magnesium tablets.

      • Your large intestine can *excrete* Magnesium (it’s how Milk of Magnesia works), it’s only a short journey from your skin to your gut, even if there is a lot of muscle in between. You need to be careful not to put too much on your stomach (I personally can’t resist putting on a bit, esp. on the sides, for stretching), don’t want to start an avalanche 😉
        What you described reminds me of a time I overdosed on approx. 600mg Magnesium Oxide (I was *really* short, had just discovered it): sweats, followed by violent nausea, etc. Day off work. Not nice. Kept me away from Mg – and therefore in discomfort – for a year.
        Mg oil is much better than supplements. I’ve just discovered it. Best tips I can give: don’t use a lot without building tolerance, wait at least an hour between applications in order to avoid accidentally using too much, apply to painful areas for a “win-win”. Be warned: it can sting, try small amounts first!

      • I checked out Dr Dean’s website and her products the Magnesium looks okay but the RnA is a bit on the high dollar side. Has anyone taken the RnA supplement or her magnesium? Also how do you know how many milligrams you are getting of the spray/mag oil?

  5. Wondering – is there an advantage to using magnesium chloride over magnesium sulfide (epsom salt)?

    • From all the research I’ve read, it’s almost impossible to get enough from diet, since even high quality organic foods come from depleted soil. Seafood is one good source, so if you eat wild caught seafood more than twice a day, you are probably fine… Blood tests are also a poor way to tell, since only a tiny amount of the body’s magnesium is stored in the blood…

    • Magnesium sulfide does not last very long in the body. Mag. chloride lasts much longr in the body.

      • Codswallop. Once in water, the magnesium is completely ionized. In your stomach, there will be no difference, the sulfate will no longer be associated with the magnesium in any useful way.

        • codswallop… lol I’m stealing that.
          It wouldn’t be going in my stomach. Mag oil is used transdermally because it gets absorbed better that way. Does that change anything?

          • Not at all. I’m just saying there is a less expensive source you can use. Epsom salts have been used for this very treatment for centuries. Soak your feet or take a bath with it. This is just a variation on a very old treatment.

          • Hmmmm, I wonder than if epsom salt can be made into a concentrated spray. If you dissolve mag. chloride in water (about 16$ for a whole container of mag oil- a years supply + for my family) and use it concentrated on the skin it seems much cheaper than a 6$ bag of epsom salts for a couple baths.

          • If you use it for baths, obviously most will go down the drain. But you should be able to spray a solution of Epsom salts too. Use them as a substitute for magnesium chloride. I was merely pointing out that there is a cheaper alternative.

          • Hello. I’m curious – would it be possible to quantify/measure the amount of elemental magnesium per amount of liquid in this “oil”?

            Some sort of materials chart, perhaps?

            This looks useful, but a close friend made a very good point: without knowledge of how much magnesium is in a particular amount of liquid (especially a hyperconcentrated liquid), daily transdermal applications could result in hypermagnesemia.

        • I have high hopes of ditching plans to ingest it w/acid reflux!

          Will try Epsom salt or the mag citrate caps be in cream/rub on 1st with natural mineral water.

          • Try Swedish Bitters for acid reflux. It works for me! Get the non-alcoholic pills or liquid also drink apple cider vinegar with water first thing in the morning.

          • Acid Reflux ? Home made Cabbage soup three times a day for a week and kiss your Acid reflux Goodbye. The fastest way to stop the burn ? A glass of water.

        • Eric is completely correct, although I don’t advise folks getting their cods walloped for ill-researched comments.

          Frankly, being the low-paid academic that I am, I find epsom salts from the dollar store (no cheaper source) to make a fine Mg oil.

          What is somewhat magical about Mg oil, and yes, I know that isn’t scientific (keep away from my cods!), is that when you rub it on your legs and arms after a workout the feeling is just great. Possibly placebo effect, but a warm fuzzy relaxation nonetheless.

      • it’s just about solubility. Mag chloride is much more soluble in water at a lower temp, so you can make “oil” with it with more magnesium/water and have it stay in solution. You can make a saturated epsom salt solution, but some will fall back out of solution to the bottom of your container. You’d just need to use more that way. There are some benefits to mag sulfate as well. Sulfur helps to heal and bind proteins, so it helps a lot with joint/muscle inflammation. We use both! mag sulfate is also much cheaper to use in the bath, where you have a higher temperature and can make it more soluble.

    • Magnesium is essential for detoxing and you can get a rash. If no muscle soreness, fever, headaches are also present that’s what it is. I was happy to continue with mag chloride oil usage once I’d confirmed it was detox and not a bad reaction or illness. I also use mag chloride oil for deodorant, cold sore outbreaks, muscle, joint,, bone, tooth, skin, nail health but as an acupuncturist I also learnt that magnesium deficiency can cause seizures and prescribe it to my patients who suffer such. You will get no increase in peristalsis to the point of diarrhoea with transdermal application as the mag is not stimulating gut peristalsis. You can also forget about internal supplementation with transdermal therapy. It’s your number one treatment option and won’t see you flushing your hard earned cash down the toilet (literally)! Can apparently help teeth recalcify and rebuild tooth decay (dentists do not recommend-no money there). Good luck and enjoy.

      • Melanie, what dosage do you recommend for tooth /dental health? I get horrible canker sores on my gums frequently & my tooth seems to be loosening as a result. THank you, Nita

        • I’m not sure if cold sores and canker sores are caused by the same virus, but for cold sores, taking a lysine supplement really helps to avoid getting one in the first place. I take lysine when I get over a cold which is when I tend to get a coldsore, always external much to my chagrin. 500 mg per day, for a few days does it for me.

        • Try oil pulling. Also, any sores in mouth can be eliminated by applying vegetable glycerine, or any glycerine for a couple of days.

      • I have been using the spray on my legs and I have venous insufficiency that causes leg swelling and redness. About 2 wks ago my left leg got really red, hot, and painful could this have been caused by the mag oil? I thought I had cellulitus and maybe a clot which was ruled out with a negative DVT ultrasound study. I didn’t connect using the mag oil for about 3 wks prior to this happening on my leg. Any input would be appreciated. And yes I am following up with a vascular doc but not until December. I did some research on venous insufficiency and found that horse chestnut is very good for the veins so I am now taking that but not using mag on on my legs.

        • Brenda, the reason your leg got hot was because your body was finally able to get sufficient blood to your leg to help it heal. My Mom gets the same thing. The mag oil is helping your circulation, which is what you want. Keep your legs elevated, continue with the mag oil (or soak in the tub with epsom salt and vinegar). You will notice a difference once your body can absorb enough magnesium to improve your circulation.

      • I had a loose front tooth and started taking Natural Calm to help me sleep. That loose tooth firmed up. I can’t believe it but the bone regrew! My dentist will be pleased.

      • Hi! How do you know if it’s detox or a reaction? I got a rash, but it’s not itchy, rather painful if touched, I also have muscle soreness, but that’s what I have anyway sometimes, especially with PMS, I can’t be sure if that is from the magnesium or not. The rash is all over my shoulders, upper back, breasts and upper front of the body. On the internet, some day keep using – it’s detox, others say stop using – you may have something with your kidneys or mag overdose etc. It’s kinda confusing, how can you tell if it’s detox or not?

      • Your statement that Dentist’s don’t recommend it because “there is no money in it “,is offensive.

        They like you treat patients with care and concern and provide treatment based on the patient’s needs. Maybe, like many of us they are simply uninformed, there is so much to learn about our magnificent bodies.

        • Doctors LOVE giving prescriptions with a host of side effects. Haven’t you heard all the commercials about “see your doctor…” Why do they push these pills so hard?? They want you on these money making “killers”!, for a reason!! Ask them for something natural, and they’ll look at you, like you grew a horn on your head! If doctors are so concerned about our health, they would protest GMO’s, that in are in 99% of our foods, flouride, and many other chemicals in our water, the GMO’s they are in the feed of all factory farmed animals, along with the hormone and antibiotics shots, these animals are give are given on a daily basis, and then that goes into OUR bodies, making us diseased, and sick! I could go on and on, but doctors are the WORST people in the world to go see, unless you have an outside wound, for them to wrap up. I and many others, are pushing people to stop eating all that garbage in the grocery store, and go all ORGANIC, THAT’S the only way to take your body to whole new level of health, WITHOUT a doctor! I should know! Apparently, you must BE a doctor, or was one, at one time, to support them so heavily.

      • I have read that Magnesium oxide is not absorbed as well as the other forms of magnesium, but I have it and wonder if making it into oil to use it up would be better than nothing. Also, I already take Mag Citrate in pill form. We don’t have any serious health concerns at this time so don’t feel any urgency.

      • Hi Melanie,

        Thank you all for the information on the use of Mg. I suffer from Epilepsy and I am looking into ways to decrease seizures that does not include additional medication. For example through food, diet, exercise and lifestyle. What dose of Mg do you give your patients (oil or supplement?) and do you recommend other supplements ?

  6. I use it as a deoderant, works well for me.

    • Mee Too! =)

    • I use it as a deodorant too. I took an old roll on bottle and popped the ball out. Poured some of my homemade magnesium oil in it and now roll it on my underarms every morning. I get a dose of magnesium oil and it really helps prevent any odor.

      • Tina,
        I would be really curious to know how you popped the ball out of a deodorant roll-on. I’ve tried this many times, and have yet to get one out.
        Thanks !


          • Does it not burn your underarms? I used it on my legs today and it burned and itched.

      • Thank you so much for the info. I will now be on a mission for a magnisium deodorant . I’m 50 and lacking.

      • How did you get the ball out of the roller ball deodorant container without breaking the container.I’d like to reuse my old container yo put the magnesium oil in it thank you!

  7. So, how can I know that I am not getting enough magnesium in my diet and need to supplement? For those of us who have good diets, I am afraid to just make the assumption that my body is deprived of it, because if it’s not I would be overloading it with magnesium and that can’t be good either, right?

    • It’s very rare and hard to overload on magnesium…your body has a built in system to rid itself of excess magnesium in the form of vomit/diahrrea, so if you don’t have stomach issues with it, you are fine.

    • The best thing to do is start out with a very small amount. Use if for a few days, and if you have no stomach issues as mentioned than you can increase a little bit the next few days.

      • I was diagnosed with very acute anemia prescribed a High dosage of Iron. Since iron is a constipator, and magnisuim is an instigator I take both of them and it all evens out! Not very scientific, but effective.

  8. I think you caused a run on the Ancient Minerals Magnesium Flakes, the first vendor apparently ran out, took a little bit for the listing to catch up and a different one take over. The ones who got there first got a slightly better price!

    • Magnesium chloride does have chlorine in it.
      it is magnesiun chloride hexahydrate which means for every mag atom there are 2 chlorine atoms and 6 water. just an FYI you body can use a little chlorine but not a lot. Magnesium sulfate or Epsom salts has one sulfur atom to one mag and then some water as well. Mag oxide is one to one with oxygen with no water atoms most likely. (MGO) Of all these Magnesiums with water is probably most absorbable by your body.

  9. Is this form safe while pregnant or should I stick to my Epsom salt foot baths?

    • I see that you are now playing with your little one but for other pregnant women:
      Magnesium can be taken orally. Magnesium is also absorbed through the skin whether it is in you foot bath, bath water or sprayed on. Your doctor should be aware of any source of Magnesium you are using while pregnant.

    • Do not use any magnesium except magnesium gluconate while pregnant, as it can cause diarrhea, which can spur on miscarriage.

  10. Because I’m allergic to high-level of magnesium I can only take it in small quantities in my multi vitamins. however, I was told thatbthis is not normal, is this true?

    • I’ve never really heard of someone being allergic… I would say it’s probably not normal…

    • You could try it, but I’d boil it first to make sure anything “alive” that could cause the oil to go bad is killed…

      • I read the recipe 3 times and I don’t see any “oil”???

        • Magnesium oil doesn’t have any oil in it. It is named this because when you spray it on your skin it feels oily.

          • I made some today and it didnt feel oily not sure if I did something wrong

          • Then call it magnesium spray oily. Right?

  11. I began taking magnesium about 2 weeks ago, just our local grocery store brand, after my husband found that when supplementing with vitamin D3 magnesium is needed. My D3 levels have been very low. A few months ago, I started feeling my heart flutter. I thought it was menopause. I hadn’t been sleeping well either. But since beginning the magnesium supplement about 2 weeks ago, my fluttery heart is gone and I’m sleeping better than I’ve slept in months. The results for me were almost immediate.

    • What a revalation reading this! I was low on D3 and have been taking supplements. I have had the exact same issues. I never put 2 and 2 together and am sure I never would have. I thought it was anxiety from EMDR therapy which I started about the same time I started the D3 supplement. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to go get my magnesium!

    • Hi. I wonder how long you were taking D3 before the heart palpitations occurred. I have been taking D3 now for about a month but have had no heart flutters yet. However, I am now taking this magnesium oil as well.

    • Look up the ingredients in your supplements from grocery stores brands and other places, and see what “other” ingredients are in there! They love to put fillers, and other junk your body doesn’t need, or can’t use…in them! You should use main brand names, instead, but I know their somewhat more expensive, but at least you don’t get a lot of junk with them!

  12. Is distilled the same as reverse osmosis….or can it be used interchangeably? We have an RO system in our house, and didn’t want to buy water if I didn’t have to.

    • Reverse osmosis is better than distilled. Less acidic!

      • Patricia,
        I think you have to keep changing your Osmosis filters after acouple of years, to make sure your still not filtering in the bad stuff..

        I have an Osmosis system in my home, and that is what we where told to do..Of course they want to sell you the filters, so I think you can wait longer, but it does work well..We have ours tested.

        • P.S. I mean replacing those tubes after a couple of years..and yes it can be pricy.
          Although you do not have to change them out all at once.

          Take Care,

    • I’d love to know this as well…we, too have an RO filter.

    • I’d love to know this as well…we, too have an RO filter.

  13. I took an OTC sleeping pill that contained magnesium and I slept well, so I’m thinking that I might be deficient in Mg. I take melatonin so I know what that does to me but I’ve never tried mg.

  14. Why is it called magnesium “oil” if there’s no oil???

    • The pre-made versions are called that as well. It has an oily type consistency when you first apply it…

      • Thanks!

  15. I’m wondering what the concentration of your recipe is vs the magnesium oil ancient minerals sells. Just looking at cost benefit analysis. I already bought the oil from them while I was pregnant and the lotion. The oil is much more concentrated than the lotion. I have heard that applying the oil or lotion or taking a bath (so absorbing magnesium through the skin) vs taking orally you will absorb it much more readily through your skin. It also works as a great way to detox your body!Thanks for sharing sharing your recipe!

  16. If it is mentioned here, I missed it…I use mg flakes from Swanson…best price

    • Where do you get your flakes,and if you don’t mind me asking how much did you pay. For what amount, thanks in advance .

    • I’ve notice some brands add “other” ingredients to their supplements. Look those up!

  17. Could I use regular epsom salt instead of the flakes?

    • Nope… it is magnesium sulfate to magnesium chloride, but it is great to add to baths.

      • Katie, can you comment as to why specifically? I have seen similar recipes based on epsom salts….

        • From what I understand it is not quite as easy to absorb and can be more drying to the skin…

          • I made this today with Epsom salt and it totally left a residu and was drying lil. Guess I need to spring for the right thing! 🙂

          • I have not tried the mag citrate oil yet so I don’t have that to compare to, but I tried this with Epsom salt since I had that on hand and YES it DOES leave a white powdery residue which is very annoying. Does the mag oil made with magnesium flakes leave a residue? I would love to know. If it doesn’t then that would be worth a switch on it’s own! I haven’t noticed it drying out my skin. I boiled water and added an equal portion of Epsom salts to the water and kept it simmering while I stirred until it was all dissolved. once cooled I put some of it in a spray bottle, and some in a jar. I liked it better in the jar. I could just dip a few fingers in and then rub it on, versus spraying and my sprayer getting clogged. ( I think I need a new spray bottle because it did this before also) I’m not sure how long the mag oil made with mag flakes takes to work, but the Epsom salt kind works very fast in the bathroom department so keep that in mind. I have Hashimotos so for me this is absolutely FANTASTICO!! Also, I saw someone say that Epsom salts do not sting/tingle like mag flakes do, but mine definitely does! Maybe they were referring to when they use them in a bath? I honestly don’t see anything wrong with using the Epsom salts as a spray if you are willing to bathe in it. It’s just a more efficient way of getting it into your skin (meaning you use a lot less with more effect). However if the mag flakes don’t leave a residue then I think they are definitely worth the switch.

        • I take a hefty Epsom salt bath once or twice per week, I’ve found that 2 hrs (I add more hot water) and about 2 or 3 cups of Epsom salts work best. Without it, my chronic fatigue is so bad that I can barely get out of bed, and the migraines are hell. With soaking, my body absorbs the magnesium, allergies are better, and the brain fog has gone. Anxiety is also less. I suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, migraines, social anxiety, nausea and gerd… not fun, but eating organic, resting when I need to and those Epsom salt baths work wonders. I add several drops of lavender oil and peppermint oil also. About once per month or so, after I get out of the bath, I put my dog in it. She also has a grain free diet, but has skin problems, dry, itchy, flakey etc. After her bath, her coat is soooo soft, and her skin much better. I have less migraines as long as I take my magnesium supplements and baths,

          • I have a dog that has seizures and on phenobarbital and lately has been itchy and scratching all over. Just wondering if giving her a bath with Epson salt would help or should I try the mag oil? I heard that dogs that have seizures might benefit from magnesium.

          • Replying to Michelle: Because it detoxes the skin, and most of the ‘nasties’ come out of the skin, AND because of the white residue: you should always rinse off after taking a detoxing bath with magnesium to wash off the toxins that have been left on your skin. This will take care of the white residue and rinse the toxins off from the sweating out .

          • Susie, you sound like you may have celiac disease. Gluten damages the small intestine villi, you do not absorb vitamins and minerals due to the malabsorption syndrome of celiac auto immune damage to the small intestine. I was 71 before I Dx myself with celiac after reading Jennifer Esposito’s book, “Jennifer’s Way”. Found out that my father’s family is loaded with celiac disease. With a gluten free diet for a year I am a new person. Need less thyroid medication, for the first time in my life I am not anemic, vitamin levels are finally all normal, even with supplementation they were never normal. Anxiety and depression are gone, chronic fatigue gone, joint, bone and muscle pain gone. Cardiac arrhythmia’ decreased now that I am absorbing magnesium, calcium and potassium from my diet. No more migraine headaches. Please talk with your naturopath or medical doctor. No longer lactose intolerant either. Look into it.

  18. My doctor put me on Magnesium because I could not get up in the mornings and my immune system was so low! After a few days I started to feel so much better! I have shared this with friends and they have been amazed at how much better they have felt!

  19. I have used the Ancient Minerals Mag Oil that you recommended. I assume you take a shower and towel off and then spray the Oil on. After 5 minutes, it would still be quite oiley or wet. How do you moisturize and get dressed in that case?

    • Mine absorbs in pretty fast… I would guess it might take longer on some people though… If you make your own mag oil, you could make it stronger and use less so it absorbs faster…

      • thanks…this morning I realized that I have been using a LOT more of the oil. I will cut back to 10-20 sprays! I did that this morning and it did soak in.

        • I understand that this could be obvious… but can you use this as a rub? And can you rub it in or do you just spray it on and let it soak in.. thanks for any feedback.

  20. So, I decided to make my own b/c it would be much cheaper than trying to buy enough for 5 people, and I have been using it for 3 days now. I’m happy to report that I woke up this morning feeling energized and had NO stiff neck, neck pain, or lingering headache (which I usually wake up with everyday, due to herniated discs). 🙂 I don’t know if it’s the magnesium or the uptick in coconut oil….I don’t care….I’m not stopping! THANK YOU for this wonderful site! I love it!

    • That’s great! I’m so glad that you noticed a change so quickly!

    • If this happens to me I can’t begin to tell you how ecstatic I will be. I always wake up with a headache and stiff neck and it really takes a toll on your life. I really hope this also helps me get a goodnight sleep and stay asleep. My son as well he wonders at night and I doubt he is getting much sleep as well.

      • Rebecca- any update on the neck and head issues after using mag oil? I wake up the same way- and plan on starting my new mag regimen tonight!

  21. Thank you for this great recipe, Katie! This is just what I was looking for 🙂

  22. I eat Raw Cacao it has no bad side effects and has many other beneficial effects on the body as well. Check it out.

  23. I take magnesium citrate powder. Would there be a better advantage to taking the oil also?

  24. Where do you find your spray bottles? Thanks!!

    • I ordered them from mountain rose herbs… They have glass ones in various sizes

  25. you said that you also ingest it… how much of it do you take?

    • I take Natural Calm or Ionic Magnesium (not magnesium oil!) internally. I usually drink one glass of Natural Calm or 1 serving of the ionic magnesium daily (the serving size varies…)

  26. I would love to try this. I get horrible leg cramps during pregnancy, any reason this wouldn’t be safe during pregnancy?

    • I use this daily during pregnancy. It is actually even more necessary during pregnancy and it helped me avoid morning sickness last time, as well as leg cramps. It made labor easier too!

  27. i’d rather get my magnesium from food…..

    • Me too… it’s just pretty difficult with our modern food supply unless you are eating a LOT of seafood.

    • Zoe….not all people can absorb magnesium through food…meaning the gut….so transdermal or via through the skin may work…Some people may not know they have a problem with absorption via the intestines…..

    • Eat as much organic food and drinks as you can, and if everyone did this, they would notice a great improvement on their health and body!!

  28. Thank you so much for this post!! I’ve been using the spray morning/night for 10 days. I’m a 3 year breast cancer survivor and the gifts of chemo keep giving. One of the things I’ve struggled with is constipation. I’ve tried calm several times and nothing..but topically..we’ll let just say, magical. Waiting for my cod liver delivery. Be Well WM 🙂

    • I have tried the Natural Calm as well and it was a waste of money. I am praying that topically I notice something.

    • Congratulations Melissa, I pray you remain a survivor for many, many, many, many years. You, too, be well sweetie.

  29. I have had whiplash twice as a child and have suffered from debilitating tension headaches. In the last few years I started to get them every month or so and it would take me down for days. I was using Magnesium to help the inflammation so I switched to supplementing a low level every day and not only do I rarely get those headaches anymore but a eye twitch I had developed stopped too. My one warning is that Magnesium is a stool softener, low levels are great, and if you have been recommended to take a high amount break it up over the day. It is easier on the system to take 100/200 mg 3 times a day than all at once. Magnesium is an essential mineral, I agree with wellness mama, it is good for pregnant women, just remember everything in moderation, OK? I work in a health food store selling vitamins and I have spoken to one or two people who have had problems with magnesium but the majority of people I have spoken to have found it to be very, very helpful. Especially the ones who are constipated ; )

    • You’ll still be getting plenty by making it. You can even use water that is just below boiling but still hot enough to dissolve the magnesium flakes if needed…

      • I have to ask, what is the point of boiling the water, I have just heard people stating that they boil it first and am confused?

        I started out using the ready made spray for about a year. But, have been making my own, for over a year now, and I’ve been using distilled water, @ room temp, and have not noticed a difference between the two. Is there a reason to boil distilled water, I assumed anyone boiling it was not using distilled. So confused!

  30. Ok, someone at the local health food store (which, I recognize that doesn’t mean anything…1/2 the time I go in there and they have no clue what I’m talking about) told me that if you boil the salt, it kills off some of the nutrients. Is this true? Should I be purchasing the pre-done spray, or do you think I’m getting enough by making my own?

    • Hi Andrea, If I’ve read the instructions correctly, you are steeping the salt. Just like tea should be made. You are not adding the salt to the boiling water. You are adding the boiling water to the salt. It’s just like “temporing” when cooking. I don’t think that you are loosing that many nutrients in doing this (if any at all). Any nutrients using this formula should be enough and if you feel you need more then just give yourself an extra spray. I would start with the minimun amount of sprays suggested and increase the dose if warrented. I hope this helps.

    • I don’t think boiling water gets hot enough to damage the minerals. It’s minerals, not vitamins–minerals are basically rock. Think about how much heat and pressure you need to change rock from one form to another. You’ll be fine.

    • You need to mix it with the hot water to dissolve it, anyway its nearly impossible to damage a mineral !!

    • I’m pretty sure that Magnesium is not destroyed by heating it in this manner. It’s fairly stable. It’s a mineral, not a “nutrient” which is more unstable. There would not be any other nutrients to kill off in this case. 🙂

      • My friend, Magnesium is not a “Mineral” it is a “Metal”, and a very special one at that.
        It is an earth alkaline metal, just like sodium, and calcium.
        The common calcium most all speak of is calcium carbonate “lime stone”, this is a mineral.

        Magnesium, in its metallic ionic atomic state is a “fuel generator” that is used by our cells mitochondria to produce energy, and magnesium is required to help balance our calcium levels, and force our bones to re absorb calcium.

        Magnesium plays a major role in our nervous system. Magnesium conducts electricity, and our nerves utilize electrical impulse to send signals, and if the magnesium is low, our nerves “misfire” kinda like a cars engine that misfires and runs poorly.

        Magnesium chloride is the preferred delivery vehicle to introduce magnesium into the body’s tissues for storage.
        If you need more magnesium entering into the blood stream then add a small amount of DMSO which will carry the Magnesium into he blood stream.

        • What is DMSO?


  31. Hi Andrea,

    If I can’t find magnesium flakes locally, do you think I can adapt the recipe to use magnesium caps instead? (The ones I am looking at contain 400mg of magnesium oxide).

    I really appreciate your articles on this topic! I have many symptoms of magnesium deficiency, probably connected with my problems absorbing calcium and vitamin D, so hopefully topically-applied magnesium will make a difference.

    • I haven’t tried it… If you’re able, I’d order the flakes online… A little goes a long way and it’s definitely a cheaper option … If not, you could try the capsules and see how it goes…

  32. Oops, sorry, I meant to write Katie, (not Andrea!)

  33. Would this be ok to spray on my 18month old. He has always had a hard time napping. I wonder if this would help..

    • It’s fine for kids too… just dilute with more water and start off with that and work up to full strength so the skin tingling doesn’t bother him 🙂

  34. I was wondering if you think it would work to add magnesium to homemade lotion?

    • It probably would. The only tough factor could be the texture/oil water mix, but it should work… let me know how it goes…

      • i will… thinking of trying it in a whipped lotion to mix it in well

        • I have made a magnesium mint cream, which I use on feet at night and under armpits in the day. Looks pretty awful as the magnesium makes it go really grey, but if you can get over that it’s lovely. I’m yet to work out how much magnesium I might be getting using it, but the mag solution/oil is about 40% of the cream so I’m hoping lots still. I added a couple of things to offset any tingling: Coconut butter and a some nettle and cleavers infused oil. Feels silky going on.

          • Whoa! That is a great idea!

            Try putting on your legs, that will give you maximum surface area for Mg absorption.

      • Its not oil.Its mistakenly called oil because of its slippery texture, so it should mix.

  35. Is it safe to use on diabetics?

  36. I just bought some
    Magnesium Chloride Flakes. I look forward to trying the Magnesium oil.

  37. Whoa, this is so cool! I had no idea you could make your own. I use Natural Calm but it gets pricey. Definitely going to give this a try! Thanks!

  38. You know what else this is good for, in some people? Migraines. They’ve been linked with magnesium deficiency.

    • Seriously?!?! I’ve suffered from migraines and insomnia for YEARS. If this helps I would be ecstatic.

    • Where do you buy the magnesium chloride flakes? I want to try this

    • I’ve been using magnesium malate for migraines and fibromyalgia pain and it works great! Basically magnesium is good for any pain. I can’t wait to try this magnesium oil. Thanks wellness mama!

      • With this special combination:
        -lots of chronic injuries, fatigue & inflammation + wasted Epsom salt baths
        -restless anxiety, prone to insomnia
        -so-awful-they’re-a joke DIY multi-magnesium chews…

        I have high hopes of ditching plans to ingest the magnesium caps i’ve been too wary to take. Diet + a basic prenatal wallowing me on applesauce for weeks :(!

        [Frugal-creedo dictates my giant tub of Epsom salt or the mag citrate caps be tested in cream/rub on like this 1st. My natural mineral water stash should work if this is just about tap water too]

      • Have you had any positive results?

  39. I could only find “magnésium sulfate sodium chloride” it ok for the DIY magnésium oil?
    Thank you!

    • That will be more drying on the skin… Amazon carries the regular magnesium chloride flakes…

  40. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have grain sensitivities so I figured I was magnesium deficient. Oral supplementation helps, but this seemed like a better delivery system for my damaged gut. It stung like razor burn on my legs, but didn’t bother me on stomach. I felt fine and seemed to have better bowel motility. Otherwise didn’t notice much difference until my period. I didn’t even know it had started because I wasn’t crampy or having backaches. My period was 1 day shorter and lighter than it has been since baby #2. Also I seem to be shedding less hair. I did buy a bottle of magnesium oil at Sprouts so I could try it out right away and spray it on my sleep-deprived, Charlie-horse suffering husband. I’m ordering some flakes today to continue on the homemade version. I’ve been using your homemade toothpaste recipe (minus diatamaceous earth) and having great results. Again, thank you so much.

  41. Does anybody know if this would be safe to use for children as well? Both of my kids (5 & 2 1/2) are very restless sleepers, suffer from night terrors etc etc etc…which in turn means poor mum gets very little sleep along with them too..!

    • I use this on my kids, just dilute at first and start out slow or the skin tingling will annoy them.. any make sure it isn’t in any place that they can wipe it into their eyes…

      • I was wondering the same thing. I have a 3 year old who doesn’t sleep well at all. I hadn’t thought about him possibly being deficient in magnesium. Do you give your children magnesium supplements, too?

        • Yep… I use diluted magnesium oil, they get epsom salts in their baths and they sometimes drink natural calm or another supplement.

          • Thank you so much!! I asked you on fb as well because I’m using my phone and couldn’t see your reply. I really appreciate all you do. Thanks so much!! I can’t wait to try this.

  42. I just made some magnesium oil but I did not boil my filtered water 1st, do you think it will be ok?

    • It will probably still be fine, especially if you are using it so it isn’t sitting for months and months.

    • Thanks!

  43. A WAP leader recommended I use epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) and baking soda in a hot bath to increase my mag intake. Thoughts??

    • It will work. Not as effective as the oil but it will bring your levels up if done regularly.

  44. Do you think the magnesium could be added to the coconut oil somehow? That would streamline my showers. 😀

    • I think another reader tried that and it worked great. let me know how it goes if you try it too!

    • How would you do this?

  45. HOW DO YOU TAKE THIS INTERNALLY? Is it the same recipe?

    • Nope…. the link in the beginning of the above article is to another post about magnesium deficiency and I talk about the options for taking magnesium internally.

  46. a WAP leader suggested to me that I take hot baths in magnesium sulfate (epsom salts) and baking soda. Have you heard of this? Is it an effective method for transdermal magnesium?

    • Yes, but will take longer than the oils as it isn’t as concentrated, so the progress will be slower.

  47. I need help…would you recommend using magnesium oil to someone who has eczema? I’m about 8 weeks pregnant, and my eczema gets worse during the first trimester (and then magically disappeared for the last 2 trimesters, at least with my first baby). I made my own magnesium oil and was really pumped to use it daily, but it burns and itches like hell! I was starting to get red eczema patches in new places, as well. I’ve read that magnesium oil is supposed to be good for eczema, so I sucked it up and continued to use it twice a day for a week or so, hoping it would get better, but I just can’t do it anymore. It makes me dread my after-shower routine, because it’s followed by a very painful and itchy 10 minutes. Any advice? Should I abandon it altogether until my eczema clears up?

    • I’d start with just rubbing it on the soles of your feet before bed (and putting socks on) if that doesn’t mother you too much. That is some of the tougher skin on the body, so most people don’t mind it, and that would be a way to work up gradually. You could also take some internally to help get your levels up, which would also help with the itching…

    • …may I suggest removing grains from your diet…especially wheat and corn…I found this information regarding skin problems in a book titled ‘Wheat Belly’ by Dr. William Davis…a great wealth of information for everyone!…

      • 95% of all wheat and corn crops in the US are GMO (genetically modified organism). There are other crops, one other being cotton. One suggestion is to eat and drink, as much organic, as you can, daily! I find many sales, discounts, and close out sales, of organics at many of my grocery stores. If you have a Harris Teeter grocery store, they have organics all through their store, and is my favorite! Even Walmart and Target, are getting on the bandwagon, and selling organics. Just study up on which organic companies are in bed with Monsanto!
        But for health, THIS is the way to go! I can eat ORGANIC wheat and corn, with no problems!

  48. I always put olive oil (mixed with a couple of drops of lavender oil) on after washing in the shower. Is it possible to combine this mixture with the olive oil one that I already use?

    • Probably… I haven’t tried it with an oil mix yet, but i don’t see why it wouldn’t work…

  49. I have been making my own magnesium oil for months now. I do not boil my water. I just buy distilled water & when I combine the two it liquifies. As a type 1 diabetic it has helped me in so many ways & on so many levels. I also put about a teaspoonful in my drinking water throughout the day. Love my magnesium. It is a blessing & I am so thankful that it came into my life. I no longer feel like I am existing in a lethargic funk.

    • How r u making this oil
      I’m am so confused in this site
      I am a pre diabetic and nervous about using this and I see the benefits for u r good
      Any help would be wonderful thx Deb

  50. Just curious…do you know the difference between Magnesium Glycinate and Magnesium Asportate? I have taken both but really don’t know how they affect my body differently. Any thoughts? Very interesting the Magnesium oil treatment!

    • This post is from a long time ago, so I don’t know if you are still seeking an answer. But, someone else might want to know, so I’m posting a response anyway. I suggest looking at the Ancient Minerals website, specifically this page:

      They talk about the different types of magnesium compounds and their relative effectiveness. Magnesium Glycinate is listed as a magnesium chelate, and is apparently very effective as a supplement (although expensive).

      Magnesium Aspartate is listed as a “magnesium acid complex”. There is a footnote in that section that states “*Both magnesium aspartate as well as magnesium glutamate break down into neurotransmitters that, when not bound with other amino acids, are neurotoxic.” I am not qualified in any way to comment on these issues, but based upon what I read on their site, I would not knowingly take magnesium aspartate under any circumstances.

      Their site says nothing about using these two compounds for making Magnesium Oil.

  51. Great website! neen reading it for awhile. I don’t see anything saying I can’t mix the Natural Calm in the water to make the mag oil per your instructions, instead of the flakes. Could I do that of definitely has to be the flakes? Thanks.

    • I mix natural calm oil with water 50/50 and spray at least 25 x day, or soak in tub/soak feet as often as I great for me.

  52. What about the Ancient mineral magnesium chloride lotion version? Does it work as well as the flakes and water version?

  53. Has anyone suffered from headaches since using magnesium oil? I’ve been using it about a week and I get headaches daily. My husband and friend got migraines the first time they used it and are afraid to try it again.

    • I don’t think you have anything to fear with Magnesium. It’s one of the most important minerals there are. Migraines, never heard of it with magnesium. It would probably lessen headaches, if anything, because of the way it relaxes the body. You are rubbing this on the skin, right? There are other, internal, forms, like Magnesium Citrate.

      • Not true ANY form of mag gives me a really bad headache and I get a stuffed nose. I was going to try the oil…but after reading a few of these comments have decided against it…

        • Just curious… does ocean water give you headache too? If not, soaking in it in water might be a good option for you…

          • thanks, never noticed that ocean water did anything…
            When I tried taking mag at night to sleep better I would wake up stuffed up and really bad headache. Tried a bunch of diff kinds, liquid included. When I took it in the middle of the day, I would just get the headache, not the stuffiness. I would mainly like to use it for fibromayalgia and for increased sensitivity to noise as I get older. Thanks so much for your reply.

          • Reading all this with interest. I like ocean water and find its the best to swim in at the seaside. I am thinking should I put some in a bottle and take it home and spray with it each day or just drink the water when I am swimming ? Not sure how much I can drink but will give it a go. If I take a bottle home is a plastic bottle best and does it matter if its had Cola in it ?
            Thanks for all the inspiration.

          • My neurologist has me on 500mg of magnesium supplement for Daily Chronic Migraine. Doctors RARELY prescribe supplements so I feel good taking it. I actually have been taking 1000mg for over a year. If it was going to cause migraines to be more extreme on a regular basis, it would have by now. My psychiatrist has me taking via prescription, 50,000 IU’s of vitamin D every Monday. I had no idea Magnesium needed to be utilized first for the other vitamins Wellness Mama mentioned to be utilized. Since these 2 vitamins are pretty big for me, ESPECIALLY the Magnesium, I bought the ingredients to make the Magnesium Oil. Can Wellness Mama or anyone who knows PLEASE tell me, how do I know how many
            sprays = 1000mg? I really need to get at least this much for my migraines.
            Thank you so much!

      • I use magnesium for migraines and it works much better than any OTC meds. I just have to take a lot of it at once when in that much pain. I found out about using it for migraines from a health store worker who had serious pain from an accident that crushed his facial bones years ago. He said magnesium helps him way more that the prescription pain meds he had taken for years. It also helps my fibromyalgia pain. Not saying that some could have problems with it though..

      • It is important to note that Magnesium Citrate is a bowel cleanser – it is present in laxatives. Magnesium Glycinate, Magnesium Oxide, and Magnesium Chloride get into your cells.

    • Me too…and I tried taking all diff kinds of mag (liquid too) and also diff times of the day. Headaches and stuffy nose. Maybe some kind of allergy?

      i have a feeling this would do the same… sad, because I feel like i need it!!

  54. thankyou

  55. can you use magnesium oil on your face..?? would you use it on the face along with coconut oil moisturizer following magnesium spray?

    • You definitely could… it tingles for some people and might bother their skin, but it would be fine if that doesn’t happen for you…

  56. Is this okay to use on the little one’s too??

    • Yes, I just start out really low dose and dilute it since it can irritate their skin if they are deficient

      • As far as diluting, would you mean start with more distilled water or add regular water to the already prepared mix/ My flakes just arrived in yesterday and I plan on making the oil this weekend, but I have exzema pretty bad on my legs and I fear anything that will make the burning worse… 🙁

        • I’d dilute with more distilled water and probably apply to feet only for a while to minimize the burning…

  57. OK i think this has been covered but I am still confused just a bit. Is Epsom salt the same as the flakes you linked to? And will Epsom salts work for the recipe? Or should I buy the flakes? Thanks in advance.

    • They will work, though some people are more sensitive to them and do much better with the magnesium flakes.

  58. I have been on Magnesium for over 20 years for cramping in my legs & feet. I have always taken tablets but about a year ago I found out about taking it topically it is so easy & my husband is even using it now. I can’t wait to try this recipe. Thank you.

  59. Just discovering this site, love it! Question: I have sensitive skin, have read that mag sprays burn a bit, will this exacerbate my sensitivity? it’s not to everything, I just never know what will make it flare. Obviously, I might be able to work up to it if so.

    • I’d dilute and start gently, maybe with the bottoms of your feet or other tougher areas while you work up…

  60. I use transdermal mag. also but if you have sensitive skin it is best to start out for a few months with just putting it on the bottoms of your feet every night. Make sure to keep your feet moisturized during the day to keep them from getting dried out and cracked. It can also be used as a deodorant for those that are not sensitive. I personally can not use it as a deodorant because it burns my skin ( a sign of being low in magnesium). Glad to know we can make it. It gets expensive using it in baths and foot soaks all the time.

  61. Can I use Epson salt instead, which is Magnesium sulfate? It’s less expensive than Magnesium Chloride.

  62. Where can you find the magnesium chloride flakes?

    • I order them from Amazon since nowhere local has them where we live…

    • It has a somewhat oily texture once made, but you are right… it isn’t technically an oil (the store bough versions are called that as well, so I used the name for clarity)

  63. I realize this is an older post, but I thought I’d mention that for Canadians, you can purchase magnesium flakes from here:
    We ordered a 1 kg bag (just over 2 pounds) and it arrived very quickly.

    • Many people need more magnesium than calcium, and a lot of people also have trouble absorbing magnesium through the digestive track for various reasons, so the skin is sometimes a more effective way to absorb it…

  64. Where do you buy your glass spray bottles?

  65. instead of dissolving this in water could you dissolve it in heated coconut oil and use as a rub? it might help some of the skin sensitivities or would it not absorb as well?

  66. Just bought the magnesium flakes! I’m going to try to use them with coconut oil as Heather suggested. Praying it helps me with my anxiety and depression! I will be trying it on my 22 month old “spirited” toddler as well, it would be a plus if it helps with sleeping issues!

    • Ok, so I tried the coconut oil. The magnesium isn’t dissolving totally. I now have a lump of magnesium floating in coconut oil. Any ideas as to why? I only used 1/4 cup of both.

        • I decided to just do the water. It seems to have worked wonders in just 4 days. My daughter, who has only slept through the night twice in the last 22 months has slept through the night the last two!

  67. Is it safe to use on a toddler. I have a one year old and wondering if I should apply on her but not sure how much?

    • I put a couple of sprays on each child’s foot at night at that age…

    • If you have a young child and you are giving them baths, you could also put some epsom salts in the bath water. It’s less concentrated than the mag oil……but it’s another way to get mag into our systems. So you could use the mag oil and the epsom salts together as part of your daily routine.

  68. Do you know if this will this affect eczema?

    • I haven’t tried it directly on eczema externally, but I have seen magnesium help eczema recovery when taken internally…

  69. After 20 min even an hour, no oily feel , also feel nothing, no salt anywhere either, i also think the water desentigrated the salt, so Im stumped

    • It is great if it doesn’t feel oily on your skin… did you follow the instructions? Did you use magnesium flakes or epsom salt?

  70. Can you tell me more about using this on my 17 month-old? Her sleep is TERRIBLE. She is up every 1.5-3 hours at night. We no longer nurse at night, but she still wakes up. Sometimes, after she has woken up, if she isn’t settled enough, she will wake again in 20-30 minutes. I’ve tried remedying all the obvious possible issues (teeth, hunger, wet diaper, cold, hot, blankets on/off, etc.) with no improvement. I’ve tried Calms Forte for Kids (at a reduced dose) with one night of success, but no more than that in a week long period. I’m interested in trying the magnesium oil, but I want to be sure its something that is safe for her. I’d appreciate any info you can give me. Thank you, thank you. I’m really hoping this is it, because if its not, I’m at a total and complete loss.

    • It may take a little while to get her levels up so she sleeps well… I run a few sprays on my kids feet and then put socks on before bed. Improving gut health also seems to really improve sleep though…

      • I’ve been pretty strict with her food. I’m not sure how damaged her gut is. She was EBF until 6 months. At that point we started with avocado and sweet potato, but she really didn’t get interested in solids until she was 9 months. Even then she only had tastes of things (whole, organic fruits, veggies or organic, grass-fed meats). She didn’t really start wanting 3 meals a day until she was 13 months. We mostly followed “food under one is just for fun”. She was completely grain and gluten free until 13 months. At that point I introduced a grains here and there, but only as small tastes and she is still GF 90% of the time. She is not vaccinated, she has never had any OTC meds or any antibiotics. She occasionally gets homeopathic remedies or tissue/cell salts. Does it sounds like her gut health could be an issue given the info I’ve provided?
        I just got the Magnesium Chloride flakes tonight so I’m going to go make the magnesium oil and we’ll start it tomorrow. Is there risk of using too much on her? Should I just use a few sprays on her feet once a day?

        • Sounds like you are doing great on the diet/gut health… it is really difficult to overdose with the skin oil or baths, so a few sprays a day to start on the feet should be great…

  71. I’ve seen a magnesium chloride product by Life Flo Health that comes from the ancient Zechstein seabed, yet they claim that it is not for internal use? Is that only for precaution?
    Also, I’ve seen that a few weeks of daily spray raises levels to normal/optimal, so how frequently would the spray need to be used after that for maintenance?

  72. Will substituting Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) for the magnesium chloride flakes give the same results?

    • It will still be a source of magnesium and I’ve heard from several people who have done this, but I don’t think the results are exactly the same…

      • Having been told much the same by acupunturists & chiropractors alike about epsom salts. I receive some benefit from epsom salts baths, which is better than none at all, but have been surprised it did not provide the relief I was told to expect. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I think it’s exactly what I’ve been seeking. 🙂

        • I use the magnesium chloride powder (not flakes) which I buy on line and make it up just by adding 50gms to 100ml of distilled water. Using it daily on the skin and depending on the severity of the condition you are using it,several times a day. You can not overdose on it using it as a skin spray. My acupuncturist uses it and gave me the information. It does have a cumulative effect so you should keep using it. I get relief (almost immediate relief) from my mixture. The fakes aren’t quite as strong as the powder and epsom salts is not the same either. Hope this helps.

  73. excited to try this! just made my magnesium oil.

    • Not the same… magnesium sulfate vs. magnesium chloride. It will still provide magnesium and some other readers have done this, but I haven’t tried it personally…

  74. Magnesium is absorbed through the skin. I get mine by taking a nice soak in the tub twice a week for about 15 minutes with epsom salts. It works great.

  75. Hi so i just read thats its almost impossible to OD on the oil which is great news,, i am healing candida overload and leaky gut with adrenal fatigue lol bundle of fun arnt i lol,, os i have gut issues,a very restricted diet while healing the candida, get anxiety when im really off, get muscle aches and im tired,, you think this is a good addition ? cause i used to take mag back in the begining but it used to upset my gut system so this would be a good way to take it by the sounds of things?? any advice offerings :)?

    • My son did great with the skin oil when he was on GAPS for gut issues… worth a try…

  76. Take a bath with Epsom Salts. Problem solved.

    • Epsom salts are not the same as the magnesium flakes. The flakes are magnesium chloride and the Epsom salts are magnesium sulphate, I believe. Can someone correct me if I’m wrong?

  77. I use magnesium as a deodorant.. I’ve not used commercial deo for at least a year. I buy generic Milk of Magnesia which has no other ingredients in it other than magnesium hydroxide. I also soak in epsom salts often.

  78. Lots of lay people and experts commenting on magnesium in this group. I noticed a few people here mentioning putting on coconut oil with the magnesium oil. But, according to Morley Robbins (magnesium man) the magnesium will not be well absorbed this way. He suggests spraying or rubbing the magnesium oil on your body and waiting at least 30 minutes before washing it off or putting on lotion.

  79. I have long used Slow Mag pills for muscle spasms caused by my fibromyalgia and general muscle strain. I think I need to get some for my son, and my daughter both, as they are both serious insomniacs. Where would I get the magnesium flakes?

  80. i’ve been taking magnesium for a couple of years now because of ligament cramps in my feet and ankles…it also helps with constipation! i’ve been taking 250mgs. a day plus another 80mgs. in my calcium supplement…from what i’ve read, i may need to increase my dosage!

  81. This sounds great! I also use coconut oil on my skin everyday. Magnesium is a very important supplement for fibromyalgia.

  82. Hi. I have just made my oil but without thinking i have used regular tap water instead of the distilled water. So what would the shelf life be, or are there any indicators to tell if it is no good anymore? I’m thinking I will hopefully go through it quickly enough using it daily to not matter.

    • It should still last a few weeks at least, just make sure to watch for any signs of it going bad…

      • What are the signs of it going bad?

      • i have a Zero water filter…is it ok to use this water?

  83. I haven’t been able to go through all the posts and read if this is answered already, but can it be mixed in with naturally made lotions? I am about to make my own and found recipes with others have added different vitamins and minerals to the lotion. Just wondered if this is another ingredient I can add. 🙂

    • It should be fine, just add as a liquid ingredient, not as an oil…

  84. When I spray the oil on the bottom of my feet at night, the skin becomes very dry and starts peeling. Any suggestions?

    • You can moisturize a few minutes after to help minimize that…

  85. could you use epsom salts in the recipe in place of the Magnesium Chloride flakes?

    • you could, but it can be irritating to the skin for some people…

  86. how many mg of magnesium should I be taking per day? I am a 23 year old female

    • You can start by dissolving 1 tsp. in near boiled water and if you do not experience “too loose” a bowel movement, you can try 1 1/2 tsp. each day. You usually keep adding by the 1/2 tsp. until you have too loose a movement and then back down 1/2 tsp. This is your bodies way of telling you when you are giving it too much.

  87. Has anyone found they get a rash from the topical oil? I haven’t made my own before, but i found I got a VERY itchy rash that spread the more i used the oil my natruopath gave me. Been afraid to try it again!!

    • Hi! I was spraying this on my legs for a couple of weeks and noticed that they were getting dry..So, I came up with the bright idea to spray it on my chest and upper back (which are very oily) thinking it would balance it out. WRONG! I got a horrible rash that looked awful and itched. I stopped it and it , eventually, (about a month!) went away. I went back to spraying it on my legs (no rash there!) and just putting lotion on afterwards.

  88. Hi there! Just wondering if anyone is from Melbourne Australia and knows where I can find Magnesium flakes instore? Online they are significantly more expensive than the ones in the US! 1 pound for $42 plus shipping! PS – Love this site. such good, practical advice for those who want to detox their bodies and homes!

    • I live in Adelaide SA and buy my magnesium chloride powder (NOT FLAKES) online. You can add 50gms to 100ml of distilled water to make up the oil. No boiling,steeping etc. As you can see,a little goes a long way. The powder is stronger than the flakes too. More concentrated. Easier to handle too. Sray on skin as often as required. Can’t overdose either using it this way. Hope that helps.

      • Also in Adelaide. Where to get Mag powder online? Thank you

  89. I always did feel better when I lived by the ocean and could either swim in it or even just wade in it. Years ago, my neurologist recommended I take magnesium along with vit. B2 to help control migraines. I also have fibromyalgia. Lately, I have been bathing with Epsom salts besides taking the supplement daily. It really does help, but I think I would like to try the magnesium oil and see if it will help even more. I have had problems with insomnia, too, and I find that when I bathe with the Epsom salts I do seem to sleep better. Thank you for all your posts.

  90. Would it be possible to use Natural Calm fizzy magnesium drink powder in place of the bath flakes? Probably not, but just thought I’d ask. 🙂

    • I don’t think so… the citric acid would irritate the skin..

  91. Will magnesium citrate powder also work for a spray or does it have to be flakes?

    • Haven’t tried, but I would guess that a citrate might be more irritating to the skin..

      • I was wondering the same thing, I went to a local natural foods store and all they had was epsom salt and the magnesium citrate powder so I grabbed the powder and used it. I put about 3/4 tablespoon in and sprayed it on myself this morning and I did not have any problems, but I am wondering if it still has the same benefits as the magnesium flakes???

  92. Where can you buy Magnesium Chloride Flakes

  93. Do you think that you could use the magnesium oil in your tooth paste recipe? The reason I am asking is bc I have made the recipe with the coconut oil how ever when the temp drops it goes rock hard so I was thinking of reducing the coconut oil amount making calcium from eggshells and adding magnesium oil along with all the other ingredients you listed. Do you think that would work? Thanks

    • It might… I’m not sure how it will mix with the oil though…

      • Can you ingest the oil or flakes? I need help with constipation!

        • I’d suggest something like Natural Calm or just a magnesium liquid supplement for internal use but it will definitely help with constipation. Using this externally will also help with constipation though…

      • Thank you!

  94. I am new to this site and just want to say how much I am loving it! You are AWESOME!! 🙂 I do have a quick question, I have a friend who suffers from headaches almost daily. He also is very dizzy alot of the time and has no energy at all. The doctors have test him for everything you could possibly think of and they are finding nothing. Do you think he could unknowingly be low on magnesium and this is causing his symptoms? I read in one of your posts that its hard to test for low levels.. Thanks so much for all your help and all you do!

    • Has he looked into chiropractic adjustments at all? I suffered from dizziness and headaches often as a child. When my husband and I met he convinced me to go to a chiropractor for these issues and it has helped a lot. Now whenever I have a headache that won’t go away I go in for an adjustment and it goes away almost instantly. We as a family go once a week and it makes a huge difference in our lives. Good luck, I hope he can find a solution!

  95. I was having horrible problems with constipation due to having to increase my calcium. I starting taking magnesium at the same time as my calcium and found that not only did it return normal bowel functions, but I was sleeping much better, and as a result less cranky.

    I also use epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) regularly in baths. It really helps soothe the tired muscles.

  96. Why is it called Mag. OIL when its really just the powder and water?

  97. Why is it a oil if made with water?

  98. Can you use magnesium oil on a baby under 1? I read that you put it on your kids feet?

    • I will put a small amount on their feet after about 6 months. Before that, they just soak in magnesium baths with me 🙂

  99. I used magnesium oil with astonishing success to treat terrible muscle spasms in my chest due to an old injury that flares up periodically. I applied it from a spray bottle (a few squirts) two or three times a few hours apart leading up to bed time and this helped me to get a better night sleep than all the prescription anti-inflammatories and extra strength muscle relaxants that the doctor recommended. In fact, I had the best sleep I’d had in awhile.

  100. I am around 10 weeks pregnant, and am very, very nauseous and vomiting daily despite B vitamins, papaya enzymes, diet change, and even zofran. I can’t wait to try this. I’m praying this is the answer. I have noticed when I go the beach and lie in the ocean, I feel so much better, if only for that day.

  101. Hi wellness mama! question re mag. I have a dropper form of ionic mag. I mixed some with jojoba oil and rubbed it in like lotion, I became itchy and red where I applied it. any suggestions? I wasnt even using the full 4ml recommended dose, it was prob more like 2 ml.

    • This can happen with some people and it seems to be more likely if you are deficient…

  102. What about adding a few drops of an essential oil to the spray, so it acts as a moisturizer?

  103. so where’s the ‘oil’ part?

    • It feels like an oil on the skin but isn’t an oil itself..

  104. I LOVE this…just trying it out for the first time tonight and I SWEAR I already feel calmer…

  105. Hi, I love this article! Question….can I use epsom salts instead of the flakes?

  106. What is the magnesium dose per spray when one makes magnesium this way?

  107. Magnesium also helps with RESTLESS LET SYNDROME.

  108. Magnesium also helps with RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME.

  109. Thanks for this recipe. I’ll definitely give it a try. Katie, a post on your daily diet/nutrition/supplements would be great! In theory, I know the healthy things we should be eating – organ meats, fats, etc. But something like a sample of what to eat daily so we can get adequate vitamins & minerals from our diet would be fantastic. Thanks for all the great tips on this site!

  110. I use magnesium supplements for restless leg syndrome. Works great! A doc tried to put me on Parkinson’s meds for this and I refused. I asked her if there was something natural I could try and she THEN informed me that some people have success with OTC magnesium tabs.

  111. Just used it directly on the lower abdomen for TERRIBLE menstrual cramping. 20 minutes later, it feels like nothing happened! Even the backache is gone. I wish I knew about this when I turned 8 and had my first cycle. I’m 22 years old, and NEVER has anything helped so efficiently. Thank you so much Ms. Katie!!


    • Wow that’s crazy – thanks for the tip!! Wish I’d seen ur comment last week! Geez, 8 yrs old… poor thing! I was 10 but developed endometriosis quickly, plus bad genes (mom & grandma had horrible heavy prds) so I can relate! Surgery helped tremendously with the excruciating pain so now I just have really bad “regular” cramps lol 😉 You might wanna also try red raspberry leaf. My dr told me about it & Katie recommends it as well. I make it as a tea but don’t care for the taste much so might try a tincture…
      🙂 🙂

  112. you said you put it on the kids….is this right after bed time? how much should i dilute it? this will be my first time…

    • I dilute to about half of adult strength and put on their feet right before they go to bed..

  113. I just bought magnesium flakes and made my first batch – mine does not tingle, is that normal for some people? Interested to see how this helps.

    • Mine does not tingle either. We might not be sensitive, my skin for the most part is not

  114. I make my own coconut oil based lotion bars. Do you think I could incorporate the magnesium oil into the bars for application? Or would being gently heated or used together with the other ingredients hinder the effectiveness?

  115. Mg also stops my son from tic-ing 🙂 He has regular epsom baths, and occasionally we squirt him with Mg spray. (He also takes probiotics, krill and multi B)

    • Hello- I’ve been giving my son either nat calm or trace min for some time now for facial tics, they haven’t gotten worse however not gone. I rub mag lotion in his feet and I am going to make this oil as well. Do you feel the liquid supplements work better than the pill form? I just keep trying to find the best supplement to help with this. Thanks so much for any info ????

  116. Even better, this spray also works as a deodorant!

  117. I see so many with ailments; I wish I could impress upon everyone the importance of the health of our gastric flora.

    Unsprayed vegetables, fruits, milk and other foods have a bio flora present that our bodies “just happen” to use in the digestion and absorption process. The process of making food into human cell components. I say unsprayed because the pesticides used in conventional farming also kill this flora. This is why fermented food is sooo good for us and foods with preservatives are sooooooo BAAAD. When you ferment food, you increase the number of organisms present on the surface of the food exponentially and it actually becomes an “elixer” if you will for our gastric system ~ correction ~ our whole body.

    There are many people who are helping them selves and their children by fixing their gut flora and keeping it that way. Things like nerve disorders, autoimmune disorder, gastric system disorder…. the common cold. I am not kidding. Research it. Better yet, do it and see for yourself.

  118. Hi amazing. Really interesting. Does magnesium oil keep? I’m wondering whether to buy the big more expensive bottle, or the smaller one.. I live in the UK

    • It really keeps indefinitely as there is enough magnesium to inhibit bacterial growth

  119. I don’t understand why you titled this post how to make your own magnesium oil and then gave a recipe for a water based magnesium spray.

  120. OK never mind. I read the lengthy article on magnesium “oil”

  121. Katie first let me say that I have a great deal of gratitude for all that you share. It is making a difference in my life. My question is about the magnesium oil and body butter. I used tap water when I made the magnesium oil for my body butter. Is this harmful? I will use distilled next time but don’t want to throw away what I made with the tap water if I don’t have to.

    • My understanding is that the reason for distilled water is to lengthen shelf life. Tap water certainly won’t hurt you (you do bathe in it after all!) but should be used up quickly so bacteria doesn’t grow. I don’t know exactly how long one made with tap water would last – that you may need to google 🙂

  122. Can I just ask where does the “oil” part come in, as it’s not listed in the ingredients? Am I missing something? thanks

  123. I recently purchased the natural vitality calm magnesium drink. Could I possibly use this instead of the magnesium flakes? Just wondering because its what I have on hand.

  124. This is a misinformed piece of writing. If you think you need magnesium for some reason (not sure why you would think that) you should go get your blood tested. To start taking supplements without knowing if you need them is dangerous! You can harm yourself! Kate you are very very misinformed and you shouldn’t be telling people this.

    • Seeing as a mere 1% of Magnesium is in the blood, ordinary blood tests are of no value in ascertaining body levels of this vital mineral. SMART people would do some basic research and discover that it requires a RBC and/or HTMA to assess what levels are held in the cells/tissues. Gee, how did you ever miss MENSA? Then again, guess it doesn’t matter how smart you are when you obviously have such a kind and compassionate heart!

      • Whatever Melinda. The idea is that people should not use supplements unless they know for a fact they are deficient. And please tell me what you mean by a “RBC” asessment? I thought RBC stood for Red Blood Cell??? In my opinion, you have no facts/medical truths to back your theory about why we need this over abundance of magnesium. Sounds a lot like all the rest of the new age hype and all I can say about that is be careful because so many of these new ideas are unproven, untested and can harm you.

        • Right, Steven, RBC means red blood cell, but it is an entirely different test than a standard blood test (serum) which inadequately reflects Mag in the body. I will agree that it’s never a bad to have tests that are useful before supplementing willy nilly. However in the case of Magnesium, excess mineral is excreted automatically (bowel tolerance) except in the case of renal insufficiency/kidney disease, so there is usually no danger. Perhaps your intentions are good, but your slamming Katie on this issue was out of line. Her advice here is sound. 🙂

  125. I have plantar faciitis and am wondering if magnesium spray would help if applied to the bottom of my feet…any thoughts?

  126. is this the same as Epsom Salts?

  127. Why is this called magnesium OIL?
    There is no oil in it.
    It is a SOLUTION of a magnesium salt + H2O.

    • You may have found the answer to this already, elsewhere, but just in case – it’s referred to as “oil,” even though there is no oil in it, because is has a slick feel to it. (Puzzled me at first too! LOL)

  128. I have Magnesium CHloride flakes, I do not know how much to take daily, how to measure? in teaspoons? or how, what do I mix the flakes with. I want to detox my body and loose weight by eliminating all milk and milk products and sugars.

  129. Do you have an opinion on Epsom Salt as a source for magnesium?

  130. Hi, I would like to know if the MgCL2 pellets work as well as the flakes?

  131. Hi, is it ok to use the MgCL2 pellets instead of flakes?

  132. but the boiling water wont affect the magnesium flakes in a negative way? why you cant just mix it with room temperature water?

  133. I really want to supplement my 2 year old son with magnesium oil, but he screams when I apply it to his skin. I was under the impression that after a few uses the tingle/itchy feeling would go away, but he still really really hates it. Is there any other way to get a good quality magnesium supplement into him? Thanks 🙂

  134. My tummy got used to my oil being sprayed daily. My neck however continues to PRICK terribly though. This is after months of use. I read that if you sprayed it on joint aches it would lesson the achiness. Should I dilute it more? Any suggestions?

  135. Why not just soak your feet in Epsom Salt’s (Magnesium sulfate) and water or add them to your bath like most people do? There is nothing magical about the form of administration, you could take a supplement and get the same results.

    • Oddly enough, you just offered 3 options for getting magnesium intake. I don’t understand shunning a 4th option, especially seeing as how magnesium chloride (listed here) is not exactly the same as magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt). Plus, some may not like taking pills while others have no access to a soaking vessel, e.g. tub. There is no magic in any form of administration, only the wonderful world of options.

  136. screw the flakes, why can’t you use epson salt? i dont wanna have to pay for overpriced flakes

  137. Is distilled water really necessary or will filtered tap water be good enough?

    If not is the distilled water in the cleaning section of the supermarket good enough or best to avoid this?


  138. Will this work for backaches?

  139. where do u get magnesium chloride flakes that too in india?

  140. I take a couple of swallows of milk of magnesia every evening with one swallow of pepto bismo and it has made my digestion and elimination very smooth.

  141. I have a question. Why do you call it “magnesium oil” as there is only water and magnesium in it. Did I miss something in translating your receipe into French ? Thanks Beatrice

    • As stated many times here in the comments: it is called magnesium OIL because it FEELS like an oil! Such a non issue, but there it is.

  142. In the evenings I warm up a glass of milk for the calcium and tryptophan with a tablespoon or two of blackstrap molasses stirred in for the magnesium. Puts me to sleep!

  143. The worst part of menopause for me was not being able to sleep. I was told to try melatonin–that as we age our melatonin levels decrease. It helped but I’d wake up with a head ache. Then I read an article that said Mg+ is a precursor for our bodies to make melatonin and most of us are lacking in Magnesium. I started taking Mg+ and it has been a miracle. I sleep like a baby. I have a question though. Can this Magnesium oil be actually put in oil?

  144. This does not contain oil. Why do you call it magnesium OIL???

  145. Would Epsom salt work as well as magnesium flakes for the spray?

  146. Do you spray this on your children?

  147. Where can I order the flares ans can you give me a ball park figure on the cost,thanks in advance.

  148. Would magnesium citrate powder work?

  149. What happens if you add more magnesium flakes to the 1/2 cup water? Just thinking of making a stronger spray.

  150. It is asorbed well through the skin if you put epsom salt, which is Magnesium sulfate, into your bath water too. And you can increase the ammount of magnesium in vegetables from your garden by watering with epsom salt also.

  151. I’m curious. I make many of my own personal care products. could the magnesium flakes be dissolved in a homemade body butter or lotion? I like to mix my oils & butter. Adding the magnesium would save a step in my daily routine.

  152. Do you think I could use Epsom Salts until I get get the flakes??

    • See ’21 Uses for Epsom Salt’

  153. Nigari a product used to make tofu coagulate is mag chloride. bout 6-11 bucks for a pound.

  154. Can you use Epsom salt instead of magnesium flakes?

    • She says yes on the ’21 Uses for Epsom Salts’ page. Gonna try it soon!

  155. Can reversed osmosis water be used instead of destilled?

  156. Can anyone tell a difference using this recipe vs using regular magnesium oil? Beside the article, I’m looking for personal expierances.

  157. Hi!

    A couple quick questions:

    Where do you obtain glass spray bottles? Are they expensive?


    Any way to measure the amount of magnesium per tsp/tbsp? (Seems useful to be able to tell how many mg magnesium, in case of overdose.)

  158. Safe to use on your face or body only?

  159. Hey Katie – What about a DIY recipe for “Calm” the magnesium supplement?! Any suggestions??!! 😉

  160. I took a whole food magnesium supplement and after about 30 days I slept again and now use the oil spray. I had suffered with insomnia for many years. Magnesium depletion was the ROOT of my sleepless nights. So thankful!!

  161. Hi, is the “oil” safe for type II diabetics? Did you say for beginners to start with 5 sprays on the bottoms of the feet?

  162. The answer to my question may have been posted in one of the above comments but there are so many I may have over looked it. I want to make my own Mag oil but I don’t currently have Mag flakes and I”m excited to try the oil and don’t wanna wait to order the flakes so my question is, will Pure Chelated Magnesium powder work in the receipe in place of the flakes?

    • I haven’t tried it, but depending on what form of magnesium it is, it should as long as it can dissolve in water

    • Same here. I bought the Magnesium Glycinate chelate, because it is supposed to be easily absorbed, but it tastes nasty, so I haven’t even tried giving it to my kids. My husband and I don’t like the taste either, and a spray would be better. However if the Magnesium Chloride is cheaper, I’ll get that next time.

  163. I put lavender oil in mine. Smells great.

  164. After following the link to Ancient Minerals’ remarks about homemade magnesium oil, I am wondering if your homemade magnesium cream may be what caused a tan stain on my night clothes and socks. Hmmm.

    I’m curious, too, that you provide a recipe for homemade magnesium oil, but don’t use it yourself.

    Please comment.

  165. Katie,

    Another amazing use of this would be as a mosquito repellent. I did research on its use back in the 1980’s on it and it worked like a charm. Spray it on yourself and the mosquito’s will stay away and your skin will become softer as well.

  166. I was just wondering, how long after applying magnesium oil should i wait to apply body lotion? I have searched all over the internet and cannot find any advice at all other than “use magnesium lotion” (which I would prefer not to – I enjoy having an excuse to give myself multiple massages!)

  167. Is it ok to use dead sea salts instead for this recipe?

  168. I recently just made a batch of magnesium oil according to the directions. It seemed fine when I put it on, it didn’t even really burn or tingle or anything. Now this evening, about 24 hours later, I have a huge red and bumpy rash in all the places where I applied the magnesium oil. Any idea why this would happen? I have used the magnesium body butter with no problem, but I find that it is too greasy for frequent use except on the feet overnight. Could I take the leftover oil I made and use a little here and there in a bath? Maybe if it is diluted it won’t cause a rash…what do you think?

    • Yes… I got a rash all over my arms, legs, and stomach area (right between my boobies). They were bumpy and itchy, blister-like and some were just wider itchy bumps, mosquito-bite-like. I know magnesium is good for you so I don’t want to stop using it… so now I just spray it on the bottom of my feet. Once I use it all up, I’ll probably just make the magnesium body butter instead.

      • Some have said in the comments that what you are experiencing is a toxic “download”: that your body is just eliminating all the toxins in it because of the magnesium oil. Try reducing the magnesium oil you are taking, and that should help. But since it is eliminating toxins, it is a good thing, if you can stand it until you are detoxified!

  169. Hi Katie – thanks for your recipe! Just a quick question. I’m looking at making / applying the oil to my 4 year old. I see on previous posts that for young ones, diluting, and doing a few (3?) sprays on their feet, then building it up, is the way to go. However, does the oil stain the bed sheets? In winter there is the option of socks (as you suggested), but we are in the middle of summer right now (Australia), and that won’t work… Cheers.

  170. i followed your link for the flakes but it costs more to ship them than they actually cost. Anyone know where else to get them? GNC or other store maybe or different on line site. Magnetic is too darn expensive.

  171. Hi, I’m researching magnesium oil sprays and bath flakes for my RLS. After a recent sleep study is was determined that I have both RLS and PLMD (periodic limb movement disorder) where my limb (mostly leg but sometimes arms too) wake me up numerous times a night. I’m currently working with a medical doctor as well but am not responding to the initial drug being prescribed (Ropinerol(sp?)) and would rather find an alternative method anyway. I’m currently investigating coconut oil intake as well as magnesium oil sprays so any additional information you have regarding these disorders and RLS would be greatly appreciated. I’ve noticed from a recent blood test, there did not appear to be a check for magnesium which makes me wonder why if many Americans are deficient why this wouldn’t be in a normal blood test.

    • Blood levels are not a good indicator of magnesium status, since only a tiny amount of the body’s magnesium is stored in the blood. Typically most tests are pretty inconclusive for magnesium and it is easier to just start with the skin oil and see if you notice any changes.

  172. Instructions for preparation say pour bowling water over…what is bowling water? Do you get it at a bowling alley? Should that say boiling water? And why is this called an oil? There isn’t any oil in it at all? Should be called a spritzer, or mist, or even just magnesium water.

    • Yes, it should say “boiling”… typing while nursing. It is called an oil because of its oily texture even though there is no actual oil. Commercial brands are called this as well, so I called it this for clarity

    • why so technical ?

  173. I have a 6 year old daughter that gets severe foot cramps. Is this something we should be using? If so how much? Any other suggestions would be wonderful there have been a lot of sleepless nights.

  174. Wellness Mama,This may have been addressed but I can’t seem to find it.. I am new to this and want to start slowly and then build up to more.. would you make the ratio of oil and water different or just use a less amount of sprays. Instead of 50/50 maybe 30/70 , water being the greater ratio? I can’t tolerate much of the Natural Calm so I’m wary of “overdosing” on the oil 🙂

  175. I was just diagnosed as having sensitivities to gluten, dairy, eggs, and yeast. Trying to find what I can eat that doesn’t cost a fortune and or take hours to prepare.

  176. This stuff is AWESOME! It is my multipurpose miracle snake oil! I decided to try it because I have S.A.D., am frequently low on vitamin D, sleep poorly, and get migraines. I started sleeping through the nite the first time I tried it! I have since noticed my nails also grow better. A friend tried it and her headaches and menstrual cramps went away, and my mother’s night time leg cramps went away!
    The magnesium flakes are expensive, I got the 8 lb bag for $42 on amazon. But since it is a spray, it lasts a long time. All the benefits make the cost well worth it!

  177. Use a coffee grinder to pulverize the Epsom salts 1st, easy-peasy dissolvable magnesium 🙂

  178. Hi wellness mama! Thanks for your post! Are the supplements you provided safe for use during pregnancy?

  179. Can I use Magnesium Citrate Powder instead of Magnesium chloride flakes for the Oil? Does the proportion differ as well?


  180. Question – do you ever have to worry about TOO MUCH magnesium?

  181. would Natures calm mag powder work as well to make the oil?
    By the way—Love your site!

  182. I just made a Magnesium Oil Cream that I love.

    1/4 c Olive Oil
    1/8 c Coconut Oil
    1/8 c beeswax (shredded or pastilles for easy melting)
    1/4 cup Magnesium Flakes
    2 Vitamin E capsules
    10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil

    Put Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and beeswax in a mason jar and put the mason jar in a saucepan filled with water, being careful not to get water into the oil mixture. Heat until melted.

    In another pot put a small amount of water (1/8 – 1/4 cup) water and bring to a boil. Add the Magnesium Flakes and stir until melted. Then add this to the mason jar of melted oil. Bring to room temperature (stirring every few minutes). Add the Vitamin E and Lavender and continue to stir until completely mixed in.

  183. how long will I boil the distilled water?

  184. Does it have to be ancient minerals magnesium chloride flakes? They are so expensive!

  185. I am new to all this, recently had to stop work, and I am aiming to sort my many health probs, including diabetes.

    I boght 25kg magnesium chloride, waned to ask if ok in foods, and otehr uses, I will be ordering epsom salts too

  186. I started taking magnesium and using the lotion after years of being a guinea pig for a neurologist for different migraine preventive meds that never prevented them and always had horrible side effects. After taking magnesium for only a few short weeks, my migraines went from 2-3 a week, with a few sending me to the ER, to only 1-2 a month, and they are now manageable. Magnesium has given me new life.

  187. Hi,
    with the magnesium body butter, can I add essential oils to the mixture?
    Thanks 🙂

  188. I used purified water, do you think this is ok?

  189. THx for the bath oil recipe.

    Are the flakes used in making Mag oil bath flakes or other type? thx

  190. Good to apply on itchy scalp to stop the itching, too

  191. Is deionized/deionised water OK for this, I have litres of deionised water but not distilled water at the moment, I have read about the differences of the two.

    Although I have read that not all bacteria will necessarily be removed with deionised compared to distilled I’m thinking that the water being boiled with help to kill off any that might exist.

    I’m guessing that once the magnesium oil is made and bottled up that it is able to prevent the buildup of bacteria within the bottle, possibly antibacterial effect?

    From what I understand, anything that is water based always introduces the possibility for bacteria to exist.

  192. How much does Magnesium Oil help for stronger bones?
    I have Osteoporosis..

  193. I would like to know if I can use this spray on somebody who has high blood pressure.

  194. Well, I am glad I found this blog with all this great information on magnesium. I take it everyday and it has improved my restless leg syndrome. I get mine from a compounding pharmacy and it costs me $64.00 CDN for 300 cap. I may try this spray method instead. This may be a bit of an overshare but it really helps me go to the bathroom if you know what I mean!

    I did find some at Costco, that were half the price. Not sure if this is a store in the US. I will have to go to the health food store and find the flakes and make up some spray. I fear I am becoming high maintenance, the morning routine is becoming longer and longer, creams, lotions, mag spray etc…. only in Canada eh!

  195. Please, all who are seeing signs of anxiety in your children consider the foods they are consuming. Processed foods and chemical ingredients effect behavior and cause many other problems in the body. And everyone should watch the documentary called Generation RX. It contains great information on what these medications are doing to children.

  196. Is this safe during pregnancy?

  197. Thank you for sharing this recipe! What do you think of adding essential oils to this? I would love to add some and highly doubt there is any issue with doing it, but just curious about your thoughts. Thanks again for sharing as much as you do for free. The internet is awesome for businesses but it also requires a lot of free content to keep people interested so just know that your time and work are appreciated. I <3 your blog…and the new podcast!

  198. I just made this (I’m pregnant and desperate) and completely forgot to use distilled water. Should I make it again? How long is the “shelf life” with regular water? Thanks!

    • Still pretty long. There’s not a bunch that can go bad. Did you boil the water first? That helps…

  199. After you dilute mag oil with water 50/50 and put in spray bottle, will it keep for a while?


  200. I don’t have time to run through all these comments, so I was wondering if you ever tried making it w/magnesium oil and what the results were? Thanks.

  201. I am pregnant and started using the magnesium spray on my belly to help with my nausea. When I get to the second trimester I perk back up and feel great, so I discontinued spraying my belly. However, I began waking up in the morning with severe leg cramps. When I thought to spray my calves with the magnesium spray the cramps disappeared after 2 days. Thanks!!!

  202. Informative Youtube interview from Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND who wrote “The Magnesium Miracle”. She talks about the types of magnesium and best way to use it. Lots great information as well. She also talks about the increase in heart disease in women over the years and how calcium supplements could be the cause due to calcification. She also mentions that an experiment was done and bones of calcium and carbonate shatter if dropped. Bones of calcium and magnesium bounce. Interesting.

  203. Such great info! Thank you. I tried to see if this was answered in the comments but there are hundreds. Epsom salts are 100% magnesium sulphate. Can this be used for making magnesium oil?

  204. Hi, I was wondering if I can use magnesium oil for small children? Mine don’t really eat any vegetable, so I think it might be good for their development and I certainly wouldn’t get them to drink Magnesium (they are 2 1/2 and 4 years old). If I can use it, how often is ok?

    • You can totally use it. I actually use the Magnesium Body Butter, but you could use oil too. I use it on them every night to help them sleep.

  205. Can reverse osmosis water be used instead of distilled?

  206. The price of “magnesium flakes” is preposterous. The link only brought up what appeared to be one company so maybe there are reasonable sources out there. If you let anonymous people on a board convince you that if you get water in your mouth during a shower your health is at risk you will find many people eager to add to your anxious concerns. Life is not scary. Nor is tap water.

  207. I use this recipe for restless leg syndrome and for my daughter. We both find it to burn/itch when applying. I dilute it somewhat with lavender oil (applying the lavender after the magnesium) and it seems to help. Any other thoughts on this?

  208. What *clincal* research, e.g., experiments with people, in a double-blind, randomized, controlled trial, are there that indicate that magnesium chloride (which is what’s in magnesium oil) is actually taken up by tissues and used there, as opposed to staying in blood serum and just relaxing muscles?

    • I really don’t think there will be studies concerning the benefits of magnesium! its too cheap and pharmaceutical drugs are more beneficial for drug companies. magnesium if u been reading the comments helps w/ arthritis, constipation, migraines, facial tics, insomnia……these are all diseases that drug companies patent and sell drugs to people for, they don’t really want people to know that magnesium is a cure for all of this and more! are u serious? think about it they would lose SO much business and so they’ll probably suppress this info an im surprised they haven’t already, but if lots of people get on the magnesium bandwagon? forget it! u know they’ll start bad-mouthing magnesium just like the do w/ lots of other natural supplements and herbs etc. I really don’t think mainstream media wants to tell lots of people about this!

      I personally have gotten relief from constipation, insomnia and migraines because of magnesium…

  209. Could that be an idea to add a little Magnesium Chloride to a homemade body lotion ?

  210. Hi.Did you see any difference in using your homemade magnesium oil and that one that you bought? Thank you so much. You are really a source of healthy informations. Thank you for sharing with us:)

  211. Hi! I was wondering if Magnesium Chloride Liquid can be used in place of the Magnesium Chloride Flakes? It is significantly cheaper than the flakes, and I am on a very tight budget. Thank you!

    • Magnesium chloride liquid (depending on source) is probably already pre-made magnesium oil and can just be used topically

  212. @Jenn, I realize your comment was months ago, but I thought I would suggest that you read about Rhodiola Rosea for anxiety. It is a natual adaptogen and is used to help with anxiety, depresssion and adrenal fatigue. I have taken it for over a year and cannot believe the difference it has made. If you go to Amazon, you can read the reviews and there is also a book on it. I think you can read the first chapter online. I hope this helps.

  213. How do I know if it’s working? I’ve been using it for a few days but I haven’t felt any tingling and there hasn’t been any noticeable changes.

  214. How is it an oil if you do not blend in an oil? Do the magnesium flakes when mixed with the distilled water make an oil? I am a big believer in magnesium and would love to make this. I was just curious about the “oil” part.

    • It has a consistency similar to oil… it feels “oily” on the skin.

  215. First, I have to say: I LOVE your site. I’ve made many of your recipes (like your herbal neosporin!).

    I have a question about your magnesium oil recipe. Admittedly, I don’t know much about the composition of magnesium oil, only that it has magnesium in it. This recipe has no oil in it. How can it still be called magnesium oil, not magnesium water?

    Thanks, in advance, for the clarification and always for your awesome site!

    • It has to do with the consistency of the mixture. It feels oily 🙂

      • Oh gosh! It all makes sense now! 😉

        Thanks so much for your promptness!!

  216. Is magnesium flakes Epson salt? 🙂

    • Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate and most magnesium flakes are magnesium chloride. I’ve talked to people who have gotten epsom salt to work, but they do work slightly differently in the body

  217. Can I add essential oils like lavender and vanilla to it?

  218. Maybe its the magnesium oil but you are the most patient, tolerant group I have ever encountered. Not one unkind word to to all the folks who ask for the 27th time in the posts “But how is it an oil?” and “Can I use Epson Salts instead?” I joined in the hopes that your patience and kindness will rub off on me. I am also excited to run to Earthfare in the morning for the Magnesium Flakes!

  219. Thanks for being patient answering all those questions. I guess people don’t read the posts before asking things that have been answered ten times all ready.

  220. Hello, I have a question for you. Can I use Epson Salt to make this same spray?

  221. I have been using this for a few years but have found that you do not spray it on freshly shaved legs because it feels like rubbing habanero pepper extract into a cut! Maybe not everyone will feel that burn, but I sure did.

    • I have been using this for a few years but have found that you do not spray it on freshly shaved legs because it feels like rubbing habanero pepper extract into a cut! Maybe not everyone will feel that burn, but I sure did.

      Hi Diane,

      As you get more magnesium stored, the burn will subside. : )

  222. I find this fascinating and want to try the magnesium oil spray to help me with my insomnia. I live in Costa Rica and can get the Magnesium in powder but not in flakes. Will it work the same way ? Also, do you have a recommended dosage for treating insomnia.

    • Yes, as long as it is magnesium chloride.

  223. Where on your body do you spray the oil? I suffer from foot cramps, should I just spray my feet?


    Also Why is it called an oil if it s just mixed with water? can I just mix coconut oil to the magnesium and water solution?

  224. hi i was wondering about making magnesium oil with magesium salt instead of the flakes and what the ratio would be …. thankyou

  225. Do you know anything about zinc and if it can also be absorbed transdermally? If so, any ideas how to make a transdermal zinc solution? My baby has eczema and I know that zinc can be helpful for eczema sufferers, and I understand that like magnesium, most people are deficient.

    • Do you know anything about zinc and if it can also be absorbed transdermally? If so, any ideas how to make a transdermal zinc solution? My baby has eczema and I know that zinc can be helpful for eczema sufferers, and I understand that like magnesium, most people are deficient.

      I know four people that no longer have eczema that use magnesium chloride and water on their skin.

  226. Can I add lavender essential oil to this or would that be a problem?

  227. I read that Magnesium Sulfate is 10% Magnesium, while Magnesium Chloride is 12%. If I’m not too concerned about losing that 2%… Is it safe to use the sulfate (epsom salts) for the recipe instead of the chloride?
    (I started to search through the comments for the answer to my question but found the comments to be too many to read!!)


    • You can, but magnesium chloride is easier for your skin to absorb.

    • I read that Magnesium Sulfate is 10% Magnesium, while Magnesium Chloride is 12%. If I’m not too concerned about losing that 2%… Is it safe to use the sulfate (epsom salts) for the recipe instead of the chloride?
      (I started to search through the comments for the answer to my question but found the comments to be too many to read!!)


      Hi Kara,

      Magnesium Chloride stays in your body longer, it is put to use in muscles, bone, nerve tissue, the manufacture of digestive enzymes… pretty much “body function”. Oxide, sulfate and others are eliminated by your kidneys fairly rapidly, between two and four hours.

  228. Just wondering if I can make this same recipe with mag sulfate instead of citrate? Does anyone know?

  229. Hello. Love what you do! Huge fan. I, with friends, run a local Phoenix area co op to save on healthier living sort of items. We do bulk buys for magnesium chloride flakes, and suggest that people can use your recipe to make oil. Someone in our group just post this link. What are your thoughts?

    • I mention it a little above. I see the distinction, but from the independent research I’ve seen, there isn’t a huge difference and the DIY version makes it affordable for many more people..

  230. Can you use epsom salt instead of magnesium flakes? What is the difference?

    • Keep in mind that one difference is Epson Salt is Magnesium sulphate and the flakes are magnesium chloride. I love this group as well……nice people and good posts—everyone helpful and practical. At least that is the case most of the time. Someone may have some magnesium sulphate (sulfate) flakes.

      • Thank you!

  231. Love your site! Just wanted to make a comment as far as magnesium absorption goes. My regular doctor practices holistic medicine. He recommends Magnesium (as magnesium hydroxide) – as the type of magnesium best absorbed by the body (see: will not cause undesirable side effects of the bowel, which is a sign of non-absorption if I understand correctly). It is also my understanding that any magnesium one takes should be paired with some form of Malic Acid (like ACV tablets). The Malic Acid helps in the absorption. I am not a doctor or a supplement specialist. However, I have seen Magnesium work wonders in my own life. I personally use Progressive Laboratories brand (ATP Energy), which is a little pricey but consistent. As for this post, I am SO excited to try this spray! Thank you for the recipe!

  232. I just shared this with my friends. and just wanted to let everyone know you can tweak it a bit to your liking. I have done some research on this. You can mix your own Magnesium oil 1 C. filtered or distilled water 1 C. magnesium choride flakes 4 D. rose (if your lucky enough to have that essential oil) or 2 D. each Lavender, and Roman or German Chamomile: or 6 to 10 D. total of any other EO (single or combination) Patchouli, Frank, Ylang Ylang, Joy, Peace & Calming Vetiver, Gental Baby, Harmoney to name a few. Bring water to boil. add flakes to bowl pour hot water over flakes, dissolve. Let cool until warm use funnel to pour liquid into 8oz. spray bottle add Essential oils. Uses: Put a little on your hand and rub over arms and legs, as your level builds you can rub all over body. If your body is greatly lacking Magneisum the application may cause itchyness in the beginning. The more deplited your levels are the more itch there may be. Continue applying, the itch will diminish. You can not overdose, your body only absorbs as much as it needs. Use as a daily back rub,or foot massage. NOTE: Remove any oils, lotions, creams or other barriers before you apply. Do not put the oil in your mouth, eyes, nose or mucus membranes. It may sting on open cuts or wounds, but can be beneficial. If you want to shower or rinse off the magnesium oil after using it, wait 20 minutes after application.

  233. Hi,

    Can I use Magnesium Chloride crystals rather than flakes?

  234. Hi Wellness Mama,
    I live in Indonesia and cannot find magnesium flakes anywhere. Can I use epsom salt instead to make the magnesium body butter?

  235. I tried the magnesium oil a few days ago. I sprayed it all over my legs and belly. It stung like crazy, the next day I itched everywhere I sprayed it, then developed a rash. How long will this rash last (it’s driving me crazy!!!)? Is there anything I can do to help stop the itch? I see from other posts that, once this rash is gone, I should dilute the mag oil next time, and maybe only spray on my legs or feet until I build up the mag levels in my body.

  236. can you overdose on magnesium? I take a multivitamin but needing to know if I can take more?

  237. I have made a version of this and I liked it! I used it on my legs and then put PJs on before bed. It helped me get better sleep, I think.

  238. My husband works 3rd shift and has a very stressful job. Plus there is a lot of financial and family stress at home. He is on 3 different things to help him sleep and none of them keep him asleep for more than 2-3 hours at a time. Do you think this would help by spraying on the souls of his feet? We have used lavender oil this way and it helps quite a bit.
    Vickie Redding
    Concern Wife

  239. Could I use Magnesium Chloride Liquid instead of flakes? Thank you!

  240. Hi Katie,

    Thank you for the magnesium oil recipe. I have made and started using it. How long, vaguely, does it take for the deficiency to start getting corrected? And, if you stop using it, roughly how long does it take for magnesium levels to get depleted again? I am asking because people’s accounts of magnesium oil use have left me a little confused – some people say their body odours go away very quickly when they use it, and also come back noticeably fast if they stop applying the magnesium. Don’t any kind of health supplements take at least 2 months to show any major effect?


  241. I didn’t read through every comment but can my daughter use this home made mag spray on her VERY spirited 2 year old boy?

  242. I’m currently going through a bout of insomnia and I want to give this recipe a try. Does anyone know if you can use ice melter made from magnesium chloride? I’ve seen some ice melters being sold at hardware stores (about $20 for 50lbs). Also, can you simply crush some magnesium pills (magnesium glycinate for example) and make an oil from that?

    • I honestly would stay away from those. The entire point of the lotion is that you will absorb the ingredients through your skin. I’d be really hesitant to absorb either of the things you mentioned…

  243. Amazing!!

    And how many pure Magnesium are in 1 ml of this oil?

    • Did you get an answer yet ?
      I would like to know about Magnesium dose (after a good shake :-)) per gram,

  244. Hi Wellness Mama

    First I would like to thank you for all the advice you have given in the last year of me finding your site.

    I have made magnesium oil but not used distilled water. Just checking if this is OK and also what the shelf life is for normal boiled water made magnesium oil?

    • It should still be ok, since there is such a high concentration of salts (magnesium salts) in the recipe that it would be difficult for bacteria to grow.

  245. Hi – I’ve been using this for quite awhile now and love it. I was wondering….. can you make a large batch ahead of time and store it? Or, is it best to make a small batch at at time? Thanks in advance for your help.

  246. I do live by the ocean but I am in a 3rd world country where I am not able to get Magnesium Chloride flakes and the shipping here is crazy. I would love to use Magnesium Chloride daily but the smell of ocean water is not my favorite smell. Is there something I can do to make the ocean water not smell and still get the benefits of the natural Magnesium Chloride from the water? Can I boil it to sterilize it and hopefully take the smell away or will that destroy the Magnesium Chloride in the Sea water? Thank you Mary

  247. I really want to make your Headache Relief stick, and I want to make this magnesium oil but I was only able to find magnesium chloride powder. Have you ever used the powder instead of flakes? How much powder would you use to make this oil? Please help!

  248. Hi Katie, I’m concerned that my nearly 3 year old has cold induced asthma. I’ve heard of mag oil helping with this. Have you heard this before? Can you possibly refer any good sources for more info?

  249. Hi,

    I’m going to give this recipe a try however I have 2 questions first. 1. Could I had some essential oil to the recipe and 2. Could I add some magnesium flakes directly to my kids bath water? If so how much? My kids are 8 and 5.

    Thank you!

  250. Hi Katie! You say you use magnesium oil after a shower, then wait, *then* moisturize. Is there a reason?
    It’d be a lot less to think about if I could do one right after the other, or better yet, dissolve the magnesium flakes directly into the oil blend I use after every shower! Would that work?

    • It just gives the oil chance to absorb. Also, because it’s technically not an oil, chemically speaking, most of my oil or butter based lotions will not absorb into my skin with a layer of glorified water on the skin 😉 You could certainly try dissolving them in oil, although I am not sure how that would work.

  251. Sorry to start up an old conversation. I bought some magnesium capsules but I’m struggling to take them (they’re huge!). Am I able to empty them out and turn into an oil?

    • It depends on the form. Typically, magnesium chloride is used for making magnesium oil, so you should be able to if it is in that form.

  252. Hi, I have horrible muscle aches and am starting to have pain in my hips. I was recentley diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. i am wondering if maybe I am deficient in magnesium and if it will help me to use the magnesium oil and take the magnesium tablet. I recently bought a bottle of magnesium from wal-mart but don’t know if they are as good as what I might could get at a health food . Thanks for any help.

  253. Took a bit of trying magnesium oil before I got the itching part to stop but I diluted it for a week or so then I was just fine!!! Thanks for the ease of it!!

  254. I have Magnesium spray, which I have used several times, but personally had to stop because I couldn’t stand the itching. Is there something that I can combine it with to make it easier to tolerate? Also, if I were to use on my kids, to help sleep, where on their body would be best?

  255. I’ve seen it asked twice on here but I could not find the answer either time, so I’ll ask it again. When you are using a Magnesium spray, how do you know how much you are getting? How does it compare to taking pills orally?

    • Pre-made sprays list the amount per spray on the bottle. The good thing about transdermal (like this) is that your body will only absorb what is needed. With internal sources, many people don’t absorb it at all or have a limited capacity and it can cause digestive troubles.

      • I have the Activation Magnesium spray. There is nothing on the back that says how much each spray is.

        • The one I have is the same way, can’t remember the brand. (it is upstairs and I am down and not going up stairs now to find out)

        • EASE by Activation Products has 4,422 mg per ounce. Assuming approx 420 sprays per ounce, there would be 10.5 mg per of magnesium chloride per spray.

          I’m looking for a good recipe to make a lotion with EASE. The recipe would be different than most because EASE is water based, not an oil.

          • None of the Mag oils have any oil in them, they call it “oil” because it has an oily feel to it. So far my favorite Mag “oil” is E.A.S.E.

          • EASE doesn’t have the oily feel that the others have and it doesn’t leave a residue on your skin, Aside from the benefits for the magnesium in the Ease you wouldn’t know you sprayed anything other than water on your body other than perhaps some very slight tingling from the magnesium.

  256. Guidelines from the American Headache Society and the American Academy of Neurology say magnesium is “probably effective” for migraine prevention. (However the guidelines recommend the nutritional supplement butterbur over magnesium to prevent migraines.)

  257. I modified this recipe from Katie at Wellness Mama by adding half as much organic sulfur (MSM) and WOW! I spray it everywhere and skin issues (dermatitis) disappeared within a week, my pores tightened, lines smoothed out, overall crepe texture improved–almost gone on the décolletage and hands. Yesterday’s mod was to add a couple drops of white iodine (after the solution was cold) and most lumps and bumps literally disappeared overnight and one larger one is almost gone–yes, overnight. I am so happy with this regimen for the skin benefits, but I think it’s helping reduce the effects of stress and improve my sleep as well. I could be the poster child for magnesium deficiency, but it might work for you, as well.

    • What is the recipe you are using that has the MSM in it? I have very dry skin and it sounds like a good thing. Not sure what you mean by adding white iodine when it is cool? Is this when you are making your own Mag Oil. The last bottle of spray I bought stings my skin, I have diluted it with distilled H2O but still stings a bit.

  258. I’ve been using your recipe for magnesium spray oil for months.
    After trying various deodorant ‘recipes’ – I decided to try this and this oil spray is the best that works for me. –

    so this is a 2-fer for me.

  259. I have made your magnesium oil spray. The itching was bad and I stopped used it but want to start again and work myself up to getting used to the tingly, itchy in hopes it will subside because I really think I would like to use this to try and help some issues.

    My question is….what is the “shelf life” of homemade magnesium oil? I’m trying to determine whether I can use what I made before or whether I need a new batch.


    • It lasts a really long time because of the salt concentration. If the tingly sensation is a problem, maybe try this one… I never had a problem with this it

  260. Why not use a Calcium Carbonate / Magnesium powder in your homemade toothpaste? I found a powder that has both plus Vitamin D3 and Maltodextrin. Do you think that would work for toothpaste?

  261. The company that you list for the magnesium flakes, does not recommend using the flakes to make the oil. So, what other options are there to make the oil yourself vs. buying it pre-made?

    • Lol they make that recommendation because they also sell oil…

  262. I wonder if you could dissolve it in coconut oil? Anyway. Another great way to get magnesium is from black strap molasses. I’ve found that if you add it to milk (or even cream) it makes it taste like a caramel latte of sorts. My husband loves it like that.

    • It doesn’t dissolve in oil… That said, I made a really concentrated magnesium oil – maybe syrup is a better description – (water/magnesium chloride) then added to warm coconut oil. Shook it really well, placed it in the fridge. Then every 10 minutes, shook it, until it solidified. I have since then taken it out of the fridge and it hasn’t really separated. Some of the magnesium “syrup” has seeped out, but minimal. I can always place it in a hot pan of water / double boiler, then repeat the fridge process. I rub it on the bottom of my kids feet before going to bed and in the morning. BUT it stings elsewhere, so careful!

    • Kali, when I was a kid….long long ago the adults had coffee and we kids had Molasses Milk. Cold in the summer and hot in the winter. Yummy. Thanks for the reminder. I’m going to start drinking it again

  263. Hi Katie 🙂

    I love your site! It’s an amazingly thorough compilation. Thanks so much.
    Noticed that in this post your links for the oil led to a site called “Discover Ease”, a magnesium oil company, different from Ancient Minerals. Even on the linked “Ancient Minerals” words, it brings us to this site. Was wondering if it was an error, or spam or if its another company that you recommend. Thinking of ordering some oil, from A.M. but wanted to know if you had heard anything from this Ease company. Thank you! Happy Friday!

    • I love Ease for oil (it’s high potency and easily absorbed), although I still get flakes from ancient minerals!

  264. I had no idea I was magnesium deficient until you posted information about it and I saw that I had almost all of the symptoms. Since using magnesium oil, I sleep through the night, I’m not nearly as anxious or stressed, and even my circulation has improved! It has made such a difference in my day to day life. Amazing that if I forget to take it, that night I won’t sleep and the next day I will be anxious again. It really makes all the difference for me, I am so much happier (as is my boyfriend seeing how much happier I am!). THANK YOU 🙂

  265. Hi, Is this safe to use during early pregnancy please?

  266. I am wondering if Epsom Salts would be the same as the Magnesium flakes that you showed on this post?
    I know they are Magnesium and I would think they would work too.
    I do like this idea for making this and am going to try it.
    Thanks for all the great hints and tips. They are so useful in our daily lives.

    • Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate, while flakes are magnesium chloride. The flakes are more easily absorbed, but you can sue either to make the oil!

    • Don’t do it. It is NOT the same and will act as a laxative. Look online for the mag chl flakes. You can find them at a decent price. You will use so little it will pay off.

  267. can this be used along with some water? I’ve been having a tsp of sole in my water first thing in the morning but am considering this for at night.

    Also, with the sole, is there any evidence of it healing to clear teen acne? I think my girls are too acidic and the sole may help that – but perhaps this instead? Together?

    Your thoughts? Thank you. Beth

  268. Could this be made with himalayan sea salts? Thanks, love your blog!

  269. Why is this called “oil” when there is only water and magnesium??? This is rather confusing!

    • As stated MANY times here in the comments: It is called Magnesium oil because it FEELS like an OIL. Such a non issue, but there it is.

  270. Hello Wellness Mama,

    i love your blog and am thankful for the guidance. I recently started transitioning to a natural lifestyle and have saved money, stress, time, and am glowing (literally).

    I purchased magnesium flakes from Ancient Minerals and used them to make magnesium oil. The product is what it is advertised as, and works great. That said, I wanted to write about my experience with the company.

    Ancient Minerals advertises that they harvest their magnesium from 16,000-2,000 meters below the ocean from the Zechstein Sea off the coast of Europe. They also package and distribute their products in and from California. The company also claims that, “The magnesium salts, or magnesium chloride, that’s mined from deep beneath the Zechstein Sea is far superior to other currently available magnesium salts derived from above ground contaminated water sources.” Yet, Ancient Minerals is the only company to conduct, verify, and authentic these findings.

    This raised questions in my mind. Like is the magnesium sustainably harvested without disrupting marine life? How much fuel and pollution is created to transport the magnesium back to California? Is there a sustainability plan in place?

    I emailed the company. I got a response back from an email with a first and last name, and a personalized greeting. After that, I got copied text directly from a site that can be found through any google search engine by searching, “Zechstein Magnesium’.” Nothing was mentioned about sustainability, and no specific response to my questions were given.

    While I hope that they DO have a sustainability plan in place, and until I learn otherwise, I will not be buying magnesium from Ancient Minerals again. I will be buying my magnesium from companies like Natural Vitality who have programs like the Calm Earth Project and sustainability plans built into their mission statements. These are companies that are openly committed to taking CARE of the earth rather than taking FROM it.

    It can be a difficult balance to strike, between caring for ourselves and for the earth.
    The deficiencies we see in our own bodies are direct reflections of what is lacking in the earth. And the more that we take, the less ‘health’ we will all have in the long run. An individual makes up a group. Without each individual there would not be a group, or a market. so if each individual is aware, we can use our purchasing power to encourage companies to shift their practices to become more environmentally caring.

    In Gratitude,


  271. Can I use Magnesium Chloride powder instead of flakes?

  272. Thank you for sharing you experience and good ideas.
    There is one “but in your advise.
    you are describing magnesium water and not oil…….Flakes in the glass bowl or measuring cup and the pour the boiling water over it.

  273. Hi Katie – thanks for all of your wonderful ideas and recipes! I have a liquid Ionic Magnesium to take internally – I was wondering if this could just be added to lotions, etc.? Thank you!

  274. I was wondering when anyone has made magnesium oil, if there was sediment left in the bottom of the spray bottle after the “oil” had been sitting for a couple of days.
    I recently purchased a bottle through a CO-OP that was homemade Magnesium oil made by a WAHM. I left it sitting overnight and intended to start using it the next day but there was a very noticeable amount of sediment that settled to the bottom of the bottle. When I asked the CO-OP about it she said it was normal just to shake the bottle before use. I have looked online and can find nothing about this, all pictures of Magnesium oil is very clear material.

  275. RE question about sediment. I have not had any sediment in mine that was visible. That said…. I do sorta swirl it before using because if I forget it seems itchier. I figure it settled a bit but so far has never precipitated out of the solution.

  276. Hi thanks for the instructions, but this is magnesium water, not oil, right? does something happen to the magnesium when it’s mixed with water other than become liquid?

  277. I was wondering if you could put the magnesium oil in an aluminum spray can?

    Thanks so much for the recipe! It has done wonders for my shoulder – I fell down a flight of steps at Fenway Park a year ago and have been unable to put my arm behind my back. After using the magnesium oil for about 2 weeks – amazing results! My husband now uses it for his arthritis – no results yet.

  278. The recipe has been great. Just wondered if I could use aluminum spray cans instead of the glass?

  279. Hi,
    I love your recipes, working on starting to try them all out! The first one I made was this. I used epsom salts rather than magnesium flakes, and I put it in a plastic spray bottle. I found that the salts separated from the water after a while. Is this normal? Or is this because I used plastic? (I confess it didn’t work as a deoderant, but I didn’t add any essential oils tbh)
    Thanks x

  280. I just wanna say………….THANK YOU wellnessmama Katie! u are a huge blessing in my life and are saving me so much money! I cant believe I went and bought just one bottle of the oil and now I can make my own oil w/ just one container of the flakes instead and I don’t even know how many bottles I can even make from that one container? its incredible how much money im saving thanks to u and yes it works just as well as the pre-made one. I was a little wary hoping it would work just as well…yes it does! since I used distilled water it just dissolved in a short while w/out me having to boil the water at all, the easiest recipe in the world… thanks a million God bless! btw I bought “life-flo” brand not ancient minerals and I think its pretty good

  281. Can I use magnesium bisglycinate?

    • Dr Dean writes about all the types of magnesium, their effects and their uses. The one she warns against is mag GLUTAMATE. It breaks down to a neuro toxin, and is not really safe. Look in her book, The Magnesium Miracle, for the best ones to use.

  282. I have a vibration in my feet and also on occasion get leg cramps. I can take a couple of Magnesium tabs and within 15 mins I have relief. It helps me sleep through the night without that “medicine head” feeling in the morning.

  283. Hello all, let’s take a quick look at the science.

    1) Magnesium (Mg) absorbs best through the skin. Taking Mg orally is suboptimal and can cause gut distress.

    2) Mg is one of the most important minerals in the human body. It is an essential nucleic mineral and plays a role in DNA double-strand break repair.

    3) Mg is best in an ionic form. What that means is as a salt dissolved in water. Mg Oil is an ionic form. It really does not matter if the Mg oil is made from MgSO4(Epsom salt from the Dollar Store) or MgCl (expensive ‘flakes’ at your local ‘Health Food’ place).

    Unconvinced? Spend a dollar and get a $1 bag of Epsom salt. Dissolve it in boiling water, as much as it will take. Cool and pour off the “oil”, it will be thick like an oil, but still aqueous. Rub it on your legs before bed. It will tingle and possibly burn–but not in a bad way (man/woman-up here). YOU WILL SLEEP LIKE A BABY!

  284. I only have magnesium supplements. Can I use that instead? Thanks.

  285. hello! wellness mama! how amazing you are for taking your time to create these informative posts! very grateful! this really is a well appreciated and beautiful thing your doing here! 🙂
    I was wondering if you know (just if you have this info in the tip of your hat) what may help mucous production around joints

  286. It’s hard to get magnesium chloride flakes in my country. Can I use Epsom salt instead? Will I get the same result if I use Epsom salt? Thanks

  287. Wellness Mama what is your take on using eps on salt baths? Won’t that offer magnesium as well?

    • Yes, but not everyone has time to take a long bath in epsom salts. Magnesium oil is a great way to get magnesium transdermally but without the time commitment of a bath 😉

  288. I love the magnesium oil and lotion. However, when I make the lotion it is grainy from the magnesium flakes. I can live with it, but if anyone has any suggestions I would love it. I have followed the recipe and dissolved the flakes. I have also tried the microwave. Cooling it in the frig and then putting it in my vitamix. But it will still become grainy….anyone have any suggestions?

    • I suspect your flakes may not be of the highest quality. I make an extremely saturated oil (by boiling the water) such that after it is applied it leaves a very fine dust on the skin, but it is not at all grainy when liquid.

  289. If I use this oil on my 6 year old daughter and 2 year old son, would you use less sprays or would you dilute it more?

  290. Thank you so much for all your research and healthy living tips. Much appreciated. I’m 4 months pregnant with 2nd baby and getting tension headaches. In your opinion, will this spray help me? Safe for use everyday while pregnant? Many thanks!

  291. Just wondering if you have a recipe for homemade muscle rub like a Biofreeze or Ancient Mineral Mag. Oil. I have use in the past Sombra Gel and China Gel that I have purchased from my chiropractor but they are both so expensive. I will try the spray in your article but sometimes my muscles are sore and just need some direct attention and I love the warming feel as it seems to loosen and relax the muscle.

  292. I apologize in advance for not reading every reply and response. Is it possible to make an application of the spray that can be applied as a lotion, for example to the soles of my feet or arms?

    The spray seems wasteful with overspray and misses. Advice and suggestions?

  293. Does this magnesium oil need to be put in a glass spray bottle or can a plastic one be used?

  294. I just found natural calm with calcium too. That would be even better then the plain natural calm, right?

    • You should read Dr Carol Dean’s book “The miracle of Magnesium”. She says we are getting way too much calcium, and it is not as good as some people think. If you have too much calcium and not enough magnesium, the calcium will lurk in soft tissue (where it does NOT belong) like your muscles and cause leg cramps, too much in the heart can cause heart attacks, too much in the brain it can cause dementia, too much in the kidneys- it can cause stones, and so on.
      You cannot take in too much magnesium, because you will just expel it. She tells you how to balance it so you won’t get gastric distress.

      • Read Dr. M. Holick’s latest book on Vitamin D, among others; then K. Rheaume-Bleu’s book, The Calcium Paradox and Vitamin K2. The two Vitamins, plus Magnesium, are essential for the best of health.

  295. I have a bunch of magnesium 500mg (magnesium oxide) tablets. Could I ground them up and use them in place of the magnesium flakes? Thanks

  296. Hi there!

    I have a stupid question; why do you call it oil, if it’s a liquid spray?



  297. Hi. I would like to ask for advice. Let me explain, first, my situation. I have suffered for four years in a form of permanent muscular stiffness (spasmophilia). As known, the problem is often lack of magnesium. But I didn’t know it, so, after great suffering, I found by chance the first, extraordinary relief with oral supplementation of magnesium. After a few months, however, the improvements dwindled. Over the years I continued to take magnesium orally but without solving the problem. I made further improvements using other methods: elimination of gluten, dental abatement, kefir and probiotic, Multivitamin-Mineral and vitamin C mega doses. After years in which I was resigned to staying ALMOST well, a month ago I try applying transdermal magnesium oil. I spread it everywhere, except the head and intime parts, and firmly massaged, it itches and burns but it’s okay, I resist to pain. Every day, twice a day, for a week. Since the first application, the results were EXTRAORDINARY, as much as the first oral supplements of many years ago. I finally found a way to bring magnesium back to the right levels. I feel like I’m going to heal. Here the actual problem begin. On which I’m asking for advice. After a week of application I started to have itching all over the body, and not only when applying but throughout the day. It is not very strong, but it is annoying. I interrupted applications but after three weeks I still have itching. What should I do? Should I wait longer? I read here and there online that this could be a BENEFICIAL DETOX REACTION. So what am I supposed to do: start to apply and wait it out over time? Or do not apply until it passes the itching? Definitely I have to dilute the solution with water, and maybe mix it with coconut oil or almond oil. But should I start again or wait? I would like to start again, mildly. Thanks for answers and sorry for my english.

    • That is tough. I’ve also read that it can be the result of a detox reaction but it could also signal a problem. I’d talk to a doctor or naturopath in your area and see if they have any specific advice. I’ve personally found that I don’t have any of the skin reactions with this form of topical magnesium but diluting may also help.

    • I have used a number of different brands including Ancient Minerals, and there are only 2 that don’t burn and sting the common denominator is, food/pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride hexahydrate. There are 2 brands I know of Sunfood and E.A.S.E. The EASE is a little less expensive.

      Give them a try and see how they do. I had fair luck with the burning ones when I diluted them with distilled water.

      • Thanks a lot. Anyway my problem now is this itchiness which have been lasting for a month since I stop applying mag-oil… Will it go away?

        • The sting and itch should subside with in a few hours. Maybe you have some really dry skin????? I have very dry legs and in the winter will claw them till they bleed, I now use Cere/ve lotion and have very little dry itchy skin. If it isn’t dry skin I would contact your medical provider.

        • Hi Dom, I sent a comment to you but didn’t get it as a direct reply to you. I hope you saw it. sincerely, Julene

    • Hi Dom, I have a sister with breast cancer and a brother with colon cancer. I started doing a lot of on line research looking for things that could help them and myself. First I marveled at all that Vitamin D3 has to offer (i wonder if you could be deficient in that because that and magnesium work so well together; you should get your level checked ). Then I was amazed at MSM (organic sulfur), which I have started taking along with D3). Now I’m just amazed at how important magnesium is for our health. I came across this site while trying to decide what form of magnesium to take. I want to make my own oil after finding the recipe here.

      I said all that to get to this….. one of my first sites/blogs to visit researching Vitamin D3 and magnesium has been extremely enlightening and informative. I keep going back to it. The woman who has the blog is an RN and has apparently done tons of research. She will accept questions and answers them, though I don’t know how up on all of that she is. The blog is a little hard to figure out but I think she might be able to give you some advice if you can figure out how to post a question.I I love to read questions/answers sections. I do remember reading that she said if you post a question to be sure to leave your email address. The blog is

  298. Shampoo/ cream rinse applied inthe shower can also cause all over itchiness. Have you changed products in the recent month or so?

  299. When I get leg cramps I jump up and spray my cramp with mag oil for instant relief. Rub on lower back for pain. We take 100% Chelated non buffered fully reacted magnesium morning and night.

  300. Do you have any idea how much magnesium is being absorbed via this oil spray? You mentioned in a different post….Dr. Mark Hymen of the Cleveland Clinic recommends up to 1,000 mg/day for adults and 4-500 mg/day for kids. We get this amount my using the magnesium spray all over our bodies each night before bed.

    Also…how soon after using this spray should I be able to notice a difference, specifically with energy? Thank you!!

  301. I often worry about using boiling or too hot of water when making anything that I want to obtain some health benefit from – thinking the high heat will kill some or all of what I want to benefit from. Any reason that boiling water with magnesium flakes would not take away something? Have not found any information addressing this.

  302. I have a little boy who is 3yrs old and was born with Ds…he has a lot of issues when it comes to sleeping. For instance, he tosses and turns frequently, throwing his little body around all night long and has a tough time falling asleep too. I am wondering what tests I should ask to get done? Could it be a magnesium deficiency or could it be so much more? Appreciate your feedback.

  303. Hi, I would like to make the oil for myself and two sisters. I looked on Amazon for a quality spray bottle. One has over 1700 reviews with a rating of 4.8 but many people still seemed to have problems with the spray nozzle getting clogged. I would appreciate a recommendation of a good bottle that some of you have had good results with. thanks

  304. Sort of nature of the beast. The water evaporates from the crystals and plugs the sprayer. To prevent this just rinse the sprayer every day or so. When it gets clogged just turn the bottle upside down in a glass with some water in it and it will unclog.

    • Thanks for commenting. I wanted to make this for my two sisters to try as well. Now I am reluctant to deal with the hassle of clogged spray nozzles for the 3 of us. Anyone else or Mama Wellness have good luck with certain spray bottles not getting clogged? Or I wondered if I make the oil can I apply it with a cotton ball and maybe tape the cotton ball to the sole of my foot? Or would too much of the oil get wasted that way? thanks

  305. Thanks a lot everybody. Maybe the itch is only dry skin. I’m using creme and lotion and it’s little bit better… I’ll let you know.

  306. I mean: the magnesium salt maybe has take all the water from my skin, and now it’s dry and itchy.

  307. Thank you for so much great information!

    If people would read the comments (that they need to scroll past to even post their own comment) BEFORE they post their questions that have already been asked and answered dozens of times…it would cut the comments in half. Scrolling through so many “why is this called oil when there’s no oil,” & other FAQ takes twice as long when you’re reading & trying to gather as much info as possible. The answers to the same asked and answered questions are all addressed in the first 50 posts. I think it’s just a common courtesy to readers & the blog owner. I can’t believe you answer every time & aren’t just posting a link to the first answer or what I would do…instruct them to scroll up from their reply # 500 to reference reply # 48 for the answer…but leave replies unnumbered. ? that’s terrible, but read…I don’t have the spare time to scroll through hundreds of repeats, but I make the time because I’m looking for information.

    I realize the irony of my posting a long reply complaining about how annoying 100 duplicate questions about a supplement intended to calm & relax us, is. But maybe that’s why I’m here scrolling through comments looking for answers! lol Sorry for the tangent.

    Great blog! Very helpful. Thanks again.