DIY Dry Shampoo for Dark or Light Hair

How to Make Your Own Dry Shampoo for Light or Dark Hair

Dry shampoos have been all the rage among some of my friends lately, and I can understand why… A beauty product that makes your hair look clean when it hasn’t been washed in the past three days that day is a tremendous help, especially for those of us with little ones who are lucky if we get to use the bathroom alone, much less shower every day…

Dry Shampoo Recipe

how to make natural dry shampoo for light or dark hairDry shampoos are also great if you’re switching to “no-poo” or homemade natural shampoo, which will often leave your hair oily for the first week or so while your scalp adjusts to not having its natural oils stripped each day. Personally, I have naturally oily hair even when I don’t strip the oils, so I am a huge fan of dry shampoo. (On the upside, relatives with the same naturally oily hair haven’t started going gray until their 60s or 70s, so I have that going for me…)

The basic idea of a dry shampoo (or wet-dry shampoo) is to put an oil absorbing substance (like arrowroot or cornstarch) on the oily parts of your hair to absorb the oil and leave it looking clean. This is also very helpful if you’ll be styling hair and need it to hold. Dirty hair hold better than clean hair, but it doesn’t have to look dirty. In fact, for an upcoming wedding I’ll be sporting hair that hasn’t been washed in three days (you’re welcome for that visual!) 🙂

A wet-dry shampoo uses the same concept, but puts the oil absorbing substance in a quickly evaporating liquid like vodka or rubbing alcohol (or Rum if you like to smell like a pirate…)

Commercial dry shampoos  can be pricey and contain things like “isobutane, butane and propane.” Make your own instead! You’ll not only save money since homemade versions are about 95% cheaper, but you won’t be putting explosive chemicals on your hair…

On my hair, I use a light powder (arrowroot) since I’m blonde, but for dark hair, cocoa powder mixed with arrowroot works better (plus you get to smell like chocolate! win-win!)

Here are the official “recipes” that can be customized to your hair type:

Dry Shampoo Ingredients

Dry Shampoo Instructions

  1. Put the drops of essential oil into the arrowroot or cornstarch and mix with a spoon. Store the mix in a small jar or old powder container.
  2. Apply with an old make-up brush to the roots or oily parts of your hair. Applying with the brush is optional, but it removes the need to comb through as much and is better for styled hair. If you don’t use the brush, comb the powder through your hair and style as usual.

If you’d rather have a spray wet shampoo that works as a dry shampoo, you can accomplish this by adding some water and edible alcohol to the above recipe:

DIY Wet/Dry Spray Shampoo for Light or Dark Hair

  • 1 cup warm water
  • 1/4 cup arrowroot or cornstarch
  • 1/4 cup vodka, rubbing alcohol or witch hazel (what I use is from here)
  • Essential oils or a spritz of your favorite perfume to scent

What to do: Mix all ingredients in a small spray bottle and shake well. Shake before each use and spray on roots or oily parts of hair. Let dry and style as usual.

Bonus Tips

Arrowroot or cornstarch can also be used as a mineral veil or finishing powder for homemade makeup or as an oil absorbing powder on the skin. I keep a mason jar filled with arrowroot on my counter and use as a dry shampoo in my hair and to set my makeup.

If you have dark hair but don’t want to use cocoa powder in your hair, just use plain arrowroot and apply before going to bed the night before or at least 2 hours in advance so that it has time to absorb and you won’t get the fake-gray-looks-like-a-wig look.

If you’re not into making your own dry shampoo, this pre-made option from Morrocco Method might be a good fit for you.

Do you use dry shampoo? Ever put chocolate in your hair? What is your best haven’t-washed-my-hair-in-days trick? Please share below!

Three recipes for homemade DIY dry shampoo (or spray dry shampoos) for dark or light hair that are inexpensive to make and work as well as store bought!

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Reader Comments

  1. Hi Katie,
    I just recently found your blog and I’m LOVING it!  You have so many good posts that are helpful in trying to live a clean life.  I have tried store bought dry shampoos in the past but just cant take the chemicals.  This looks like a great alternative to that and I can’t wait to try it!  Keep up the great blog!

    • Do I leave in or do you wash this out,

        • Hi, does it work well to rinse out as well? Any reason it wouldn’t?

          • The whole point is a dry shampoo for days when you don’t shower. If you rinse it out, it isn’t doing its job.

      • I put the powder on my scalp first. I keep it in a squeeze bottle, anything with a nozzle on top. if it held liquid before just use scissors to make the dispensing hole a bit bigger. then i bend over my sink or tub, give myself a vigorous scalp massage once the powder is in then brush or comb (I have fine hair so brush for me) the powder past the ends of your hair. If you get a bit too much in there the first time use a really thickly bristled brush and just brush brush brush

        • oh you just gave me the idea to use one of those condiment bottles as an applicator or maybe Sally Beauty sells the empty hair color bottles. The fine tip nozzle would make application a breeze.

          • Can I use instant organic coffee instead of cocoa powder ? I’ll blend it into a powder…

    • I have been using corn starch for years as a quick fix when I don’t have time to wash my hair. In the 1980’s and 1990’s I used corn starch baby powder. I can’t believe this is now a trend, with an actual name! 🙂 Careful everyone, or you can look like you have gray hair, lol.

      • I was afraid of the same thing, that the white starch would look like dandruff on my hair. But the added cocoa powder makes it almost invisible 🙂

      • Nothing wrong with those of us who choose to go gray gracefully 😉

    • I have just tried this technique and I am SUPER happy!! I have long fine hair but my scalp gets oily fast, so I would have to wash my hair everyday which of course resulted in dry ends 🙁 Well not anymore! Thank you for this time saving and money saving technique 🙂

      • I have very dry skin and hair (I *have* to go 3 days without showering) and to keep the ends of my hair moist I massage in some coconut oil about 5 minutes before my shower. It’s now winter in MN and my hair is happy as can be, and almost never staticky!

        • Have you tried vitamin E oil as a facial moisturizer? Very gentle and what I use in the winter when my skin is thirsty!

    • Hi there – I’ve found this “recipe” about a dozen times, but I have a problem which may not be unique to me. Having slightly darker than arrowroot hair, I tried adding just a little bit of cocoa, which worked so well and my hair looked so nice….

      BUT, I couldn’t stop my dogs from licking my hair. Naturally, this only got worse after adding any essential oil (and I tried several). Do you know of an oil that would be unpleasant enough to ward off my puppies without doing the same to my friends and family? Or is there something other than cocoa that could darken the arrowroot?

      Thanks if you can help – bel

      • ..You shouldn’t be letting your dogs lick cocoa they can die. but i hear most animals hate mint

        • Thanks for your suggestions, but as it happens there isn’t an aroma in the world that will deter my dogs. In fact, mint is one of their particular favorites!

          One other thing – naturally, I don’t allow my dogs to lick my hair at will. It’s just gross, but it would take at least an entire canister of cocoa to give my 55lb dog so much as a belly ache! They are much less intolerant of chocolate than the media has led us to believe.

          My dog has even eaten an entire 1 pound bag of dark chocolate M&M’s with no residual discomfort. Not so much for the snail bait (formaldehyde + molasses), or the Advil, or the brand new bottle of 2000mg Vitamin D tablets, but he survived it all. I think he’s suicidal…

          • Lol my schnauzer ate our chocolate Easter eggs all the time! Never got sick or died from it.

            For the hair powder, I have brown hair and have tried alternatives to baby powder, etc. The internet can be useful.
            I don’t know where you are in the world, but a local skincare company here in St. John’s, Newfoundland called Tval makes an awesome dry shampoo for brunettes (and blondes, too). All natural ingredients and smells like rosemary and mint. It’s beautiful 🙂

          • Hi Betsy,
            Just wondering if cinnamon would work, and if your dogs would be as into it as they are cocoa powder.

          • Try menthol. My little dachshund is blind (born that way) and uses his nose to get into EVERYTHING. He hates anything that smells like vaporub.

        • I’m pretty sure they won’t die just from licking some cocoa powder… I know that chocolate is bad for dogs, and can even kill them, but I feel like the main concern in this instance would be the digs messing up your hair:)

        • It would probably take at least half a pound of chocolate to kill a dog. Licking a thin film of cocoa powder isn’t going to hurt them.

        • This comment about dogs dying from licking a bit of cocoa powder further exemplifies the extent of your scientific knowledge…
          Just for the record, aerosol cans always contain “explosive chemicals” like butane, isobutane and propane, that’s what makes the aerosol container functionally spray out its contents, they act as propellants. These organic chemicals are only explosive when the contents are under pressure, in a can… and they volatilize as soon as they are out of the can. So, while I have no problem with using an alternative to mass-produced dry shampoo, you are wrong in suggesting that these natural, organic hydrocarbons are dangerous to spray on your head, because they don’t stay on your head. If anything, you should recommend against inhaling the contents, but even inhaling cornstarch isn’t good for you.
          Also remember that “natural” does not always mean good (just as “synthetic” is not synonymous with “bad” and sometimes the synthetic derivative of a chemical compound produced by plants is actually safer for human use or consumption, like aspirin). We all know that ingesting a large quantity of chocolate is not good for dogs, but cocoa is a completely “natural” ingredient, consider that there are lots of plant-derived toxins that have adverse effects on humans.
          I am all for DIY and using these types of ingredients, I love plants and nature and vegetables and hemp just as much as the next person on here, but I really don’t appreciate the fear-mongering… Maybe look into what exactly ingredients are and what the purpose of each one is before you criticize it and scare people into thinking that spraying from an aerosol onto their head will make them catch fire.

          • The person that made the comment about the dogs dying is not the same person that wrote the article. Also you should be reading Wellness Mama’s articles with a bit of humor in mind. I highly doubt anyone read that explosive comment seriously (except for you). Her philosophy is far from fear mongering. Most people looking up these recipes are trying to stay away from any aerosols, many of which do leave a toxic residue and contribute to environmental concerns.

          • I agree with you, but she has a sense of humor in her writings. It isn’t fear mongering lol

        • Dogs hate citrus. They make citrus spray bark collars. You could try adding that to it. The Cocoa powder in your hair will probably not kill your dog, the lethal dose of chocolate for dogs is weight dependant, but chocolate is certainly not good for them.

        • Have you tried tumeric or another alternative power that has a darker tint?

        • Dogs won’t die on cocoa or chocolate. It’s hard on their digestive systems and they may be diarrhea, but there’s a lot of hysteria around dogs and chocolate so I try and share this info when possible.

          • No chocolate is not just hard on a dog’s digestive system, I work in an animal hospital and I’ve seen dogs die from chocolate toxicity. In smaller amounts chocolate can cause vomiting and diarrhea but with larger amounts dogs can experience things like muscle tremors, seizures, an irregular heartbeat, internal bleeding or a heart attack. The chemical that dogs can’t tolerate is theobromine and naturally a larger dog can handle more of it than a smaller dog and dark chocolate is more dangerous than milk chocolate b/c of the higher concentration of theobromine. Please don’t “share” info about things you don’t know for sure, that’s why people wait until the last minute to bring their pets in to the vet after eating a brick of bakers chocolate and then are devastated and guilt ridden when they die….

      • Use Tea Tree Oil. Your dogs will not like the smell.

        • But your cats might! One of my cat goes completely batsh*t for tea tree oil when I apply it (and I know it is toxic to cats)

      • This is too funny..but I guess is true!

      • Try a brown mica in place of cocoa. sell lots of colours and you can make eyeshadow with it, too. Or in Australia, My Mica Obsession on Facebook.

      • So very sorry. But I had to say – I got a good chuckle when I read that your dogs were licking your hair… 🙂

        I do hope you found a ‘cure’ for that though.

      • FYI: The darker/more pure the chocolate the more poisionus it is to our dogs. Milk choc is not good for them but the pure stuff is the worse

      • Dogs hate Tea Tree oil – I use it (very very sparingly, they are so sensitive to scent…) when they won’t stop licking an ouchie. 🙂

      • you can use neem essential oil or neem in a carrier oil. it smells earthy but tastes incredibly bitter, your dogs won’t like it one bit. neem is also really good for hair : )

      • Have you tried carob powder? Looks and tastes almost like chocolate, but is actually healthy for dogs and humans.

      • Try eucalyptus. Most animals & insects hate it & humans love it. Use it more sparingly than most essential oils; it’s more potent & toxic to humans than most essential oils.

    • Agreed. Thanks Wellness Mama! My dirty hair now smells like orange citrus.

      • Citronella is also a scent that dogs tend to dislike.

  2. I’m so glad you posted this!  I love dry shampoos but I have dark hair and opted for the store bought kind as they seemed to disappear easier.  But making my own with out all the chemicals will be so great!  And such a money saver!

    Question though – what essential oils would smell good mixed with the cocoa powder?  I’m not too familiar with the different essential oils to know for sure. 

    Thanks for all the great ideas!

    • Lavender would work well, or any citrus (orange and chocolate would be great!). Mint chocolate is also an amazing combination and either spearmint or peppermint would work (and mountain rose herbs has both pretty cheap)

      • I made this up this morning and used it.  I used sweet orange essential oil, but used probably 2 times the amount.  I LOVE this!  I’m SO excited about it!  The money I’m saving using this is huge!  Although I need a new way of storing it as I made a huge mess all over my counter when applying it.  I’m thinking of investing in one of those brushes that have the powder in the handle and just continue to reload it.  That should contain the mess that way.  Thank you for the idea and for your website!!!

        • Thanks for reading! Glad you like it and that is a great idea on the re-fillable brush!

          • If i decided to opt out of the cocoa poweder and use corn starch is there a certain time frame i should keep it in my hair before I brush it out? And when i brush it out will the color fade and look normal or should i only do it before i goto bed and let my natural movements settle it in?

        • Jenny P,
          Did you ever get a makeup brush that holds the powder in the handle?  If so, please let me know where you got it!, I’ve been looking on the internet, but cant seem to find one…

          • I reused mine which originally had a finishing powder in it. It’s by FACES cosmetics.

        • So I used a salt shaker I had cinnamon in. One of those cheap ones from target with a bunch of holes in the lid. I have darker hair. I used 1/2 cinnamon to cornstarch. Shook it up Parted my hair and shook it on my roots over the sink and repeated this all over my hair. I then used a synthetic boars head brush to blend it through my hair. They are used to pull your natural oils down the hair anyways. So it was perfect. I can hardly see anything In my hair. I them took a shower with my hair wrapped in those wrap towels. It was great. Thanks

        • I used three drops of jasmine and two of tangerine and it smells heavenly.

      • I’ve also read that citrus helps absorb oils as well – I plan to try the orange/ chocolate mix. I’ll keep you posted!

    • I think orange or peppermint e.oils would be fabulous 🙂

    • I love this! I have been using dry shampoo for about a month now using cornstarch and cinnamon!(I have red hair). One small problem is that no matter how much I rub it in, I can still see little white dots all over! Am I the only one with this problem?

      • I have the same problem. I used 50% cocoa and 50% cornstarch and I still look gray and dandruff-y because my hair dark brown, but I’m not sure if I should add more cocoa or not. I also read I could add cinnamon but that it can burn your hair- what did you experience with the cinnamon? Cocoa and Cinnamon mixed would smell awesome!

        • I haven’t tried this, but maybe it work to run the mixture through the food processor to take away the small lumps.

          • You could use ground black walnut she’ll…the black outer covering of the shell actually……you can soak the nuts casings and color your hair different shades depending on how long you soak them…

        • Would activated charcoal/cocoa/cornstarch work for you? The charcoal is black and mixed with the cocoa maybe you could color match your hair. I too have hair darker than cocoa powder.

      • I had the same problem, but I found that after the powder absorbs on my roots, if I shake off the excess and brush through with a brush I run under the faucet for a few seconds, it solves the problem. Since there isn’t much water, it dries again in about 5 minutes.

  3. I only wash my hair twice a week, right now I’m going on 5 days, and have long thick healthy hair.  I started washing less out of laziness, I have a ton of hair and the whole hair process takes over an hour.  
    My friends all think I am crazy but I know that not washing the essential oils away has a huge benefit as well as not processing as often (I now only dry and flat iron twice a week too).   I use dry-shampoo after a workout or a quick fix if I am short on time before I go out.  I am excited to try your natural alternative; it seems better, easier and cheaper than dry shampoo.

    Tips- Parting your hair in different directions or places helps to hide your roots, also try a zig-zaggy part.  Once I get to day 4 or 5 I usually wear a pony tail (or messy bun), sometimes with a small braid across the front to hide my roots.  I usually don’t care what my hair looks like at work and always remember the benefits of washing less 🙂 

    • Same here, very thick straight hair…I do pigtails when it’s day 4 🙂

  4. Awsome! Just one question, what would the shelf life be for both dry and spray shampoos?

    • Dry is indefinite as long as you wash the brush you apply it with. You can also just keep in a salt shaker or powdered sugar shaker and it will literally last for years. The spray lasts about 3-4 months (the longest I’ve tested it…)

  5. For fear of sounding dumb…The essential oils won’t make your hair oily-er? Like you, I have naturally oily hair regardless so the concept of putting something on my hair with oils in it (without stripping the natural ones 1st) in an attempt to cover up the oil seems strange to me lol. But ny dark hair is SICK of using commercial dry shampoos that turn my hair a nasty gray color & smell awful so I’m super excited to try your recipe!!

    • i find that only using it on your scalp, in small amounts, and using your fingers to vigorously rub it in solves the grey issue!! don’t comb it through your hair!

    • A little (few drops) goes a long way. They are used for adding a fragrant aroma to the starch. Despite the name essential ‘oils’ they really are not oily at all. They are made from distilled water and essence of plants.

    • Actually, you can find the right essential oil for your hair type. I do this for my family, and customize it to each hair type. I love MRH’s page for this:

      I have been using this for years as I have curly hair that is just such a pain at times. Especially the environment in which I live. Good luck, and have fun with it.

  6. I think shampoo is the one ‘chemical’ I will never give up. It’s easy and I know the way it makes my hair behave. I tried dry shampoo once and it was weird 🙂

  7. I love this and did it right away!  I have bought the store stuff or used baby powder in the past but was never happy with that!  Thank you!  I have to laugh!  You seem to be on my wavelength!  Your posts are almost always something I’ve been thinking of or want to get to!  From barefoot running, to organizing the house, to natural dry shampoo!!  Thanks!

  8. I love this and did it right away!  I have bought the store stuff or used baby powder in the past but was never happy with that!  Thank you!  I have to laugh!  You seem to be on my wavelength!  Your posts are almost always something I’ve been thinking of or want to get to!  From barefoot running, to organizing the house, to natural dry shampoo!!  Thanks!

  9. love it, the commercial powders for dark hair are super expensive

  10. Very interesting and will definately trying this. Any suggestions for covering some greying hair naturally. Also, suggestions for eyebrows joining my hair and going the same direction – grey. Only a little but enough to notice.

    • This won’t work on your scalp, but for your eyebrows a little bit of oil, especially thick like castor oil, would help darken eyebrows. The castor oil is supposed to also be moisturizing for eyeballs if put on eyeLIDS at night, as well as help eyelashes grow thicker and longer. So I put castor oil on eyelids and lashes at night (gets rid of my dry eyes) and then a little on brows when applying makeup to darken them and keep them in place.

    • i have heard you can use walnut powder to “dye” with…. haven’t tried it but I know you can find at a lot of natural stores and co-ops….

  11. I’m making this immediately!   I just used dry shampoo and had to open the bathroom door so I could breath!   Ugh, I was inhaling so many chemicals!

  12. Thank you!! I rarely have time to shower more then 3x a week and my hair gets oily so fast, I have med/dark hair and never like the corn starch idea (I’ve heard of using talcum powder too) as my hair looked awful, thanks for the cocoa idea! I usually just have a few head scarfs and hats that I wear when showers have been off the to-do list for a while.
    I’m gonna go try this now!!! And with the cocoa powder there is no need for essential oils, a nice chocolaty scent!

  13. Is this safe for color treated hair?

  14. I have dark hair and have used regular old baking soda as a dry shampoo. It absorbs much better and doesn’t show up as gray. I wonder if the cocoa powder would make your hair sticky…?

    • AFAIK it wouldn’t do that. There’s no sugar in cocoa powder. Or at least there shouldn’t be…

    • Baking soda is more caustic than your hair is used to and can throw off the pH balance. It’s great if it’s working for you, but a lot of people have had problems with baking soda making their hair very unhealthy and brittle. I know you said as a dry shampoo, but you have to be REALLY careful using the baking soda/vinegar method of no ‘poo because it can be very hard on your hair.

      Again- if it works for you, that’s awesome, just be aware that it can cause problems. 🙂

      (I know this was awhile ago, but this is more for anyone who happens to be reading the comments in the future anyways.)

  15. I have medium/dark hair, so i’ll be going for the cocoa powder recipe.  My hair is on the thinner side and it also get oily quickly, usually wash every day, though sometimes I can stretch it out to two days.  I am VERY new to this dry powder shampoo …. do you ever wet your hair?

    • I don’t wet it when using the dry shampoo, though sometimes I spray my beach waves spray through and let dry first, as this often dries the oils enough that the dry shampoo is not even needed. Then, just brush on the cocoa powder lightly in the oily areas :-). I do wash my hair 1-2 times a week, but not in between or when not shampooing. The dry shampoo basically just lets me go longer without washing it…

  16. Sadly my “best dirty hair trick” is a pony tail and too many bobby pins. I am going to make and try this right now!! Thanks Wellness Mama!

  17. I just made this dry shampoo using an old Bare Minerals container that I still have and large bronzer brush.  It works so great and the container contains the mess very well.  Thanks for this post!

  18. I just tried this and it really works! I like this much better than the other store brands that i’ve tried. I am blonde so i used just the cornstarch at first but it made me look like i had grey hair so i added a little of the cocoa powder and it was perfect! Thanks!

  19. Does cocoa powder become sticky if you sweat? I know that you brush off the dry shampoo first, but of course there is gonna be some leftover powder there. I have really dark hair and other recipes dont work for me, so I wanna know before I try it

    • I have black hair and it does work for me even when I sweat. That said I don’t use this recipe and feel like I can go hair down and for a few more days, I have been using it and styling my hair up on a messy pony tail/bun and washing the next day so basically it just buys me one more day.

    • I’ve never had trouble with this… without any type of sugar it isn’t really sticky by itself

    • I use this trick and do crossfit so I spend a good hour of the day drenched in sweat. It doesn’t get sticky and even by day 3 or 4 of no washing and sweating the trick still does wonders. What’s really fun is that you’ll smell like chocolate (if you use cocoa powder), when you do sweat! Wait, that usually just makes me want chocolate, lol. It doesn’t run or get sticky and works miracles if you only have time to do a quick rinse after a hard work out! Saves me so much time!!!

  20. Thanks for the wonderful idea!! I tried this and loved it! I have two toddlers so getting to wash my hair more than two or three times a week is a huge luxury. I have thin, oily hair so using this in between is wonderful! Oh also..I have red hair so I added a bit if cinnamon to the arrowroot/cocoa powder concoction and it worked out well! I love all of your post! Thank you for sharing such wonderful tips and recipes!!

    • Does the cinnamon irritate your scalp? I have red hair, too. Just the cornstarch leaves my hair looking funny and I’m afraid the cocoa isn’t the right color family. Any other suggestions?

      • Pink or Red rose powder. I saw some at Mountain Rose Herbs.

  21. Does using perfume instead of essential oils work? Don’t have any.

    • I do not recommend perfumes… essential oils have healing qualities to them, perfumes more often than not have damaging qualities to them. You can pick up a btl of Essential Oil for between 8 and 20 dollars (some can be very expensive, others more cost effective)… it will also last you forever… just my personal opinion

  22. Baby powder works for light brown or lighter hair. I never thought of arrowroot, for hair it make up. I have especially oily skin on my face and have yet to find something that works since origins stopped making the one thing I had found years ago. Thanks for the tip!

  23. I tried to do the cocoa for my dark hair.. idk as i was brushing it threw it really toke the oil away; I brushed my hair to keep taking the remaining off; but idk if i like it too much it got on my clothes :/ I really liked the smell of it in my hair suckss that it got on my clothes.. I usually just use baby powder & it does show as gray but i brush it off with a towel & brush & does wonders

  24. Make up brush!!! I’ve been trying to figure out an effective way to get it on my hair without getting it everywhere else (floor, sink, my clothes – although it just brushes off wiht a dry towel). I’ve been using this for a couple months now – I can’t believe how much time it saves – literally hours throughout the week!!! The only problem I have is by day 3 or 4 my boyfriend has caught on and starts calling me a dirty hippie even though I assure him I have showered, lol. Whatever, this is the greatest beauty trick ever! Oh I just use straight cocoa powder – I have light brown hair. It blends well and can’t tell at all.

    I wear a lot of hats so sometimes by day 4 I just throw on a cute hat and am on my way and can push through that fourth day, but otherwise I can’t quite make it past the 3 day mark. I think because I do crossfit so I am covered in sweat everyday (which by the way, this trick works wonders even if you work out). The best part is when I’m working out I smell like chocolate at the gym!

    • I was dying laughing reading yours. Thanks, I needed that today! 🙂 I have dark hair too and I am going to try cocoa powder. (We will see if my boyfriend catches on)

  25. Just made this and used some. It passed the hubby test. Best thing is that my son’s GF won’t be stealing it since it is in an unmarked mason jar 🙂

    • +rofl+

  26. could you use talcum powder instead of arrowroot?

    • You could, but I’d even use cornstarch instead of talcum as it can be harmful…

  27. i put some cocoa in my daughter’s (thin, curly and oily but normally dry) hair this morning. It helped tame the oil (she had a coconut oil treatment last week which is still helping her dryness) today, gave her good body and her hair was still looking nice tonight. i’m so happy about this. even though she is 7, it is like she has toddler hair, so it is hard to find things to work well in her hair. i’m loving anything that i can do to help her hair. 🙂

  28. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Just tried this and it worked great. I can not wait to try your other creations. You are a saviour to those of us with severe allergies to almost all chemicals and perfumes (which unfortunately includes a lot of natural/organic products). Thanks again! ^_^

  29. I’m wondering….if I left out the arrowroot powder for the wet-dry shampoo, would it work as a body spray? Maybe more witch hazel, less water?

    • Yes, you can use more witch hazel and add any essential oils for scent, and it makes a great body spray.

      • Can the witch hazel be alcohol free and still be effective? I have scalp psoriasis and don’t want to irritate my scalp by using alcohol. Thanks!

  30. Hi i was wondering if this would work without the rubbing acholol?

  31. Hi
    I have been using arrowroot powder as a dry shampoo for a couple of days now, and I notice that I have some build up. I wonder if somebody else have same problem.

    • Try brushing your hair through or making the “wet” dry shampoo. Btw, I haven’t had this problem, though I’m sure someone else has.

  32. Do you recommend anything for red hair? Cocoa powder shows up too dark

    • Maybe a mix of arrowroot and finely powdered beet root or hibiscus?

    • red clay … its what I’ve used for years

    • Cinnamon! I have been using it for years and I used to use a cinnamon that was too red for my hair. I have recently found a cinnamon that doesn’t have as much red in it. I invite you to go on a cinnamon treasure hunt and find a cinnamon that looks more red. It seems to vary depending on soil, climate, water, etc. I am curious to try the red clay. I am very curious about the suggestion to add a little beet root or hibiscus powder – perhaps mixed with the cinnamon? Maybe even rose petal powder?

      • Badia makes a “red” cinnamon.

    • I was wondering the same thing about red hair. If cocoa powder is too dark, I wonder if something like cinnamon or paprika might work?

      • Great idea! It probably would… let us know if you try it!

  33. I have thick blonde hair and I generally wash my hair every day/every other day. I’m trying to go ‘poo free. I’m going to be swimming in a pool every other day so how should I go about keeping the chlorine out of my hair while not using shampoos to wash my hair? Will rinsing out the chlorine and using a dry shampoo work? How often do you rinse your hair? Everyday? Or should I just wait until I won’t be swimming as often to start going ‘poo free?

    • That is touch with chlorine. I’d probably do a diluted apple cider vinegar rinse after swimming to get the chlorine out, or just use an organic shampoo until you stop swimming….

    • Hmmm…. I think that the ACV is a good idea, but you may need to put a conditioner in your hair so it doesn’t dry out. You can also try a little jojoba oil (it works best on my hair after it’s dried, rather than applying when it’s wet).

    • get your hair wet with non-pool water before you swim. your hair strands will absorb that water instead. if you’re only cutting shampoo, not conditioner, mix a tiny bit of conditioner into the water first, and it works even better! this also helps your hair from getting nasty from the salt water at the beach!!

  34. I made the dry shampoo for dark hair and I love it! I didn’t add any essential oils to it, though, because I love the chocolate scent. My hair isn’t very oily (I wash it every other day) but this dry shampoo is great for days I don’t feel like washing it or for when I used too much styling product and need to absorb it. Most dry shampoos I have used made my hair feel icky, but this one keeps my hair dry and adds loads of volume.

  35. I had a bottle of dry shampoo that was in an aerosol can…until I looked at the ingredients one day and saw that it contained aluminum O_o After I passed it off to someone who doesn’t care about that kind of thing, I did a lot of searching for a dry shampoo that didn’t contain aluminum and that wasn’t in aerosol form. I found one at Sephora, but it’s $22 for a 2.65oz bottle. Yes, it would last a while, but holy cow! I’m an actor…so I’m basically broke all the time. Still haven’t had it in my budget to buy the one at Sephora. I’ve recently discovered I can make virtually everything in my house myself (beauty and cleaning products) for a fraction of the cost of buying commercial products, and knowing that they are safe and healthy for myself, my husband, our pets, and the environment. That’s how I stumbled upon this, when I decided to see if it was possible to make my own dry shampoo. I just have a couple of questions. One of the things I love about dry shampoo is that it gives my otherwise fine, flat hair some nice volume. Does this recipe do that? I’ve seen a couple of people mention it, but I’m wondering if more often than not people experience a boost in body. Also, I have darker brown hair, but am not so keen on the idea of smelling like chocolate. I LOVE chocolate, and I LOVE the smell of chocolate, but I don’t think it will mesh well with any of my perfumes or the scents of my other products. I’ve seen cinnamon mentioned a couple of times, and while I’m also not that keen on smelling of cinnamon, I think it will blend better with my musky/woodsy scents. So my questions here are: How much cinnamon is needed to keep my hair from looking grey? And how potent is the smell exactly? Does it fade after a little while? Thanks for any help anyone can give me 🙂

    • The smell isn’t too potent, and I would guess that about 1/4 cinnamon to 3/4 arrowroot would keep it from looking grey…

      • Thanks everyone!

    • After quite a while you won’t be able to really smell it as much.

    • The cinnamon doesn’t make your hair look grey because it is dark. It actually diffuses any grey hair if you have some. I found a nice light brown colored cinnamon that isn’t very red at my local health food store, which matches my hair perfectly. It gives my hair lots of volume – I love it! If you are uncertain, you can try it on a day when you have time to wash your hair if you don’t like it. Over the years I have turned quite a few friends onto it and they love it.

  36. I would also like to help everyone who keeps asking about coco powder getting sticky (in addition to being an actor, I’m also a professionally trained chef…so I know a thing or two about food). Coco powder is just ground up coco beans, which contain no natural sugars. That’s why if you took a spoonful of coco powder and tried to eat it, or mix it with hot milk for a hot chocolate, you’d make quite a face. When you add fats and sugars to coco powder to make chocolate bars, syrups, etc, is when you get stickiness. So unless you try to dump a packet of hot chocolate mix on your head, you’re going to be fine.

  37. while i’ll certainly try the wet/dry spray, i’m wondering if cinnamon would work instead of cocoa as a dry shampoo for red heads! thanks for the recipes, and i’ll get back to you if i try the cinnamon!

    • i tried the cinnamon in place of cocoa, works a charm on my hair and smells lovely. didn’t need to add any other scent.

    • I have been using cinnamon for years and it works great! Friends say I smell like a cinnamon roll! My hair gets oily very quickly and I can look like Professor Snape the day after washing my hair. As I have long hair, I don’t want to wash it every day and the cinnamon trick has saved me a lot of time. Once, while camping, I went 10 days and my hair looked and smelled amazing. I have to be a little careful because the cinnamon can get on the collars of clothes that are light colored – but it washes out easily. I keep my cinnamon in a bottle and step onto the back porch. Then I pour about a tablespoon onto my brush and work it into my hair while I lean over. I am going to try the cocoa powder today!

      • Do you use just cinnamon or cinnamon mixed with arrowroot powder or cornstarch?

  38. Finely ground oats work well as dry shampoo too. Plus you smell like breakfast all day. I consider that a plus. 🙂

  39. Need to say that Orange Oil(fruit oils) are photosensitive, and should only be applied on the skin if they are washed off, same as Cinnamon(photosensitive), if applied to skin, they can pose problems. especially when exposed to sunlight. Essential oils should not be applied NEAT(directly) on skin, they should be accompanied with a carrier oil(maybe the cornstarch and cocoa is enough, not sure). Just a heads up that you should be very careful when selecting essential oils.

  40. Thank you for this! I know this sounds crazy and gross, but… I don’t need to wash my hair for months at a time. It’s thick, coarse, wavy and dry, and it just doesn’t get oily. And it looks much better when I don’t wash it, so I don’t. DOES ANYONE ELSE DO THIS? The problem is it ends up smelling like dirty head. So, I’ve been experimenting with dry shampoos, and spraying witch-hazel etc., to clean off whatever the scalp build-up is. QUESTIONS: 1. The witch-hazel is stinky. Does all witch-hazel smell like that? Even when I add lavender it smells nauseating. Is it really fine to use vodka? Other options? 2. My hair’s dark, so the light powders make it look grey, and I don’t love smelling like chocolate. I don’t actually need oil-absorption — I just need some form of non-water cleansing — for the scalp, I guess? ANY BRILLIANT SUGGESTIONS WELCOME! Thank you, everyone!

    • Have you tried rubbing essential oils onto your scalp, such as rosemary, rose geranium or lavender? You could experiment with just a few drops – you don’t need much. Don’t use citrus, though, as it is light sensitive and could interact with sunlight.

    • Try Thayers rose petal witch hazel, smells great!

  41. I just tried the spray and my hair seemed more oily than before the spray. Could the essential oils be the problem? I used 2 drops rosemary, 2 drops peppermint, 2 drops lavendar. Should I add more arrowroot the the mixture?

    • next time let your hair have time to dry….

  42. Love this recipe, and as long as you don’t use too much it works wonders!! I have used every store bought dry shampoo out there, and the cocoa powder and corn starch leaves no residue, and my hair feels like I just washed it!!!

  43. How do I mix the Arrowroot and Cocoa powder? Should I wet it or should I just mix the dry powders together?

      • But do I mix it together in a bowl or.. Do I first add the arrowroot in my hair and then add the cocoa powder later?

        • I mix in a bowl and store in a small jar… then I use an old blush brush to apply to hair…

          • Alright! I have dark hair as you obviously could guess, will the cocoa powder change my hair colour or?

  44. Hi! I wanna make the DIY dry spray shampoo but i dont have alcohol, wht should i use?

    • Just mix the ingredients and use it dry instead like a dusting powder…

      • Can I use perfume? And will this recipe infect my scalp at all?

        • I am not sure about perfume, I use essential oils. And I have never had a negative reaction to the dry shampoo.

  45. holy crazy amazing astronauts from another planet on drugs! I am in shock! the wet/dry formula just wiped out my nasty oily hair, added body, didn’t cause ‘powdered wig’ look, and took all of 4 minutes to make including cleaning out an old spray bottle and shaking!!!! My hair looks like I just blow dried it after a shower and added product to make it tame! granted, i did do a hot oil treatment a few days ago, my hair is AWE—SUMM!

    Thank you for all these insanely wonderful things, I found out about your site literally last week on tuesday like less than 12 days ago, since then I have made sunblock, shampoo, dry shampoo!!!!, lip balm, have ordered the toothpaste ingredients, made deodorant, ordered water kefir grains, learned about kombucha, will be ordering a ton of herbs including yarrow (probably through mountain rose herbs-I’ll navigate from your site so you get the points) and stocked up on some others at the local indian market and found out how versitile coconut oil is!!! My mind is totally blown, seriously my husband thinks I’m having an outer mind experience. I literally jumped up and down at the Mother’s market when I saw 30oz glass jars of coconut oil on sale for $12 bucks each… Your site and my reading and research (‘genetic heavy metal toxicity’, ‘the hundred year lie’) is changing how I live and how I feel! I am on such a high, a life High! thank you for pooling all your information on this resource! i just prayed and thanked God for the internet thismorning! My family is going to be heck of healthy and in so much better shape than the norm! I can’t wait to get some more ideas of what to make next! Thank YOU!

  46. baby powder!!!
    It is cornstarch and already smells great!!! I am blonde so I just lightly sprinkle in my hair before bed and brush and style the next day! Been doing this for years as I have dry hair that is waist length
    and a pain to wash and dry. This way I wash only twice a week:)

  47. Hi. Is it ok to put coconut oil? Thanks.

  48. My mom taught me to use baby powder on my roots for oil absorption. I’ve been doing this for a decade now, and it keeps my hair looking spiffy. Since I have curly hair, I don’t brush and using a little on my roots is all that is needed, as the ends are drier. I love this post!

  49. Thanks so much for this. I no poo and didn’t have time to shower before church so this is saving me from looking like a greaseball. The dark hair version works great!

  50. Does the powder leave residue and rub off on clothes, sheets, etc.? you know kinda like make-up does.

  51. Also, how do you use the wet/dry? Never seen that before 🙂

  52. Okay one more question…..where is a good priced place to get essential oils (seems that they are very pricey) and things like beeswax shea, cocoa, and other types of butters in the other recipes for lotions and deodorant? I am most definitely on a budget and a cheapo!

    • I don’t know if you’re still looking, but Mountain Rose Herbs has good prices on very high quality and organic products – everything you mentioned. I 1st discovered them when looking for a reasonable price on organic lavender EO and then when I stumbled upon Wellness Mama months later I saw that she also buys her supplies there.

    • If you’re still looking for essential oils I like to buy from and because both sell in either bulk quantities or “sample” sizes. I like to have many fragrances on hand at a time so buying a few of them in .5 oz quantities and seeing which ones I like and which I don’t works well for me.

  53. Thank you so mush! i just started to do the no poo method and working out. so I really needed a good dry shampoo on the in-between washings. 🙂 I noticed for me, brushing with the dry shampoo really for my roots and spaying the middle of my strands and the back of my head with the wet shampoo is a really good combination. ( I have long think black hair- a big pain to do each separately for my whole head)

  54. I’m trying to go no ‘poo (I started with the BS/ACV method, but it left my hair feeling like straw – further research showed that it’s actually BAD for your hair – not PH balanced) but I haven’t yet found a ‘wash’ recipe I like. I’m currently trying aloe gel & coconut oil, but my hair is greasy the day I use that. Some days I just scrub really good with water only, but I still have issues with oily hair (I’ve always had oily hair/face) so I decided a dry shampoo was the way to go. I finally picked up some arrowroot today and, while I LOVE my essential oils, I was to lazy to blend everything together, so I did cocoa and also added in some cinnamon. Smells delicious! It gets rid of that oily look and makes my hair look fuller. Thank you for the recipe!

    • Have you tried a rhassoul clay shampoo? I’m currently doing a 3:2:1 of Aloe Juice, ACV and Rhassoul Clay and it leaves my hair feeling so clean! Worth a try and you only need to use like a tablespoon at the most per wash.

  55. I’ve used plain baking soda for about 2 years, and I’ve heard of adding cocoa powder for awhile. I am extremely into natural and organic living, because of the health benefits and I KNOW it’s not tested on animals (when I make it). I really appreciate all of your ideas, and will be using so many of them. Thank you for all the help, and simple ideas. (:

  56. I just went poo free, and I just mixed this up for dark hair, so cocoa and peppermint. I’m pretty excited about it.

  57. Oh my gosh. I’ve been using dry shampoos (many different brands) for years now, and I’d pretty much settled on one or two as my go-to favorites. I’ve gotten tired of spending my bucks on it and started to get a little freaked out by the ingredient lists, however… then along comes your recipe! It just popped into my life when I least expected it, and I love it! Love. It. It’s definitely as effective as my usual brand, and about $25 cheaper. And because I have really dark hair and use the cocoa powder recipe, I smell like a bakery instead of a chemical factory. Win.

  58. Baby powder works great too. Plus, it has its own salt shaker type application.

  59. I’ve been using plain cornstarch on my hair every couple of days. Despite the fact that I haven’t washed it in almost 1.5 WEEKS, it looks like I washed it yesterday! Perhaps I will never have to shampoo again?! Will see how long it lasts as I hate washing my hair. Also it helps to make my dark roots look less obvious

  60. This is AMAZING thanks for sharing! <3

  61. Hi Katie I just found your post. I’m trying to go natural I have fine thin wavy hair due to having a perm that never came out so sometimes my hair can be dry. It seems 2 me that my hair gets dead ends fast now and I don’t do anything other than wash and go could it be due to what I was using such as Wen? I did try a beer rinse and loved it ACV makes my hair brassy and dry my hair is dark and I have been graying since 21 now I’m about 15% gray I’m very oily as well so how long does it take for the scalp to get used to no shampoo and just water?

  62. I just made the “Wet/Dry spray” & tried it. It now looks like I have tiny flakes of dandruff (The arrowroot)!! Help!!! I have dark brown hair. I followed the recipe exactly, using witch hazel.

  63. Thank you so much! My hair is quite thin and gets greasy really fast, this is a life saver!

  64. I love your blog, and this is so simple and awesome-and it really works. Adding the cocoa for darker hair is such a good idea. Thanks for all you do!

  65. I have been using your dry shampoo for almost a year now and it has worked great! I love it! I am wondering though if the arrowroot powder can dry out your hair eventually? I can’t tell for sure if this is happening or if it is from something else and wondered if others that have used this noticed anything? Thanks!

    • I use this about once a week…

  66. I’ve never used dry shampoo before, but I think I need it because my hair is pretty much super oily the second it’s dry. No joke. So my question is, how exactly do you put it in your hair? Do you need to flip your head over, or do you apply it while standing straight up?

  67. Where do you get your essential oils? Thanks Wellness Mama!

  68. Love this recipe as well, especially the coca powder edition. My tip is: when my hair is really needing a good oil soaking up, like day 3 or around my cycle, I do my usual application, but I don’t work toward the end right away. I put on a shower cap and shower or put on my make up, whatever needs to be done. Right before I need to go, or after 15 or so minutes, then I work it through and/or style my hair. Also, putting it in right after a fresh shampoo helps prevent oily build up and that yucky cakey feeling. Take action, not reaction.
    Love the mention about baking soda for odor control.

  69. I love this. I have used the cocoa powder mixture, when needed, for a while now, and my daughter uses it almost every day. She is 12, and thinks that it is fantastic. She also likes that her hair smells sweet without the scent being overpowering. I add a few drops of tea tree oil when I make it, in the hopes that it helps keep little critters away. 🙂

  70. I was wondering how the powder would work in a refillable spray bottle. One of the things I love about these products is that you can spray them on.

  71. I’m trying this for the first time now! I used the cocoa recipe for dark hair, and I’m so impressed with how non-chalky my hair is. Thanks so much! I adore this blog. 🙂

  72. I have seen other similar posts using these ingredients but also using baking soda in addition to cocoa powder and corn starch. Do you know what the difference would be?

  73. Hello there! This post was very helpful and interesting! I saw that some good brands of dry shampoo have as their “key ingredient” the rice starch.. Does cornstarch work as well as the rice starch? I’d also like to ask if talc (baby powder) has any effects as a dry shampoo =)

  74. I’d love to try this, but my multi colored RED BLACK BLAND hair would be soo confused… got any ideas for read/ginger hair? pretty please?

    • Hi, Renee! Try mine: cinnamon and paprika. Cinnamon has light brown color, so you add the paprika to change the tone. Paprika comes in a variety of colors, so the redder the hair, the redder the paprika… Be careful not to use smoked paprika, your hair will smell awful (I guess)! Apply small amounts on the roots with a soft brush, leave it for a minute or two, then brush your hair over the bathtub. You don’t want to do this in your bedroom! Final step: clean the bathtub :D!

  75. Ponytails. . . Fancy ones. Haha. That was my secret when my hair was long and I hadn’t washed it in days. Now I have shorter hair and my partner and I are trying to go no-poo or all-natural, whichever ends up working better. I was afraid that although baking soda-vinegar rinse will work for me, the Mr. would get sick of the smell of vinegar, which he hates. Your homemade shampoos recipes are going to be tested at some point; thank you so much for doing what you do!

  76. Hi, girls! This is my own recipe for dark and/or red hair: I mix equal parts of cinnamon powder and paprika (not the hot or smoked ones, of course!) and apply it with a brush to the roots. I used to use cocoa powder, but it’s kind of oily itself and, besides, my husband didn’t like the smell… The new recipe works like a charm every time; the bad part is you have to be extremely careful not to let it get in your eyes, it really stings (happened to me a couple of times)! But it’s great, my hair looks amazing, has volume and smells fantastic.

  77. I want to make the wet/dry shampoo, but am a little confused with which witch hazel do I use? I am now looking at the Mountain Rose Herbs site which I have gotten my shampoo and conditioner from and see a bunch of witch hazel. Can’t wait to make this.

  78. I’ve just discovered that dry/powdered ginger is also a great DIY dry-shampoo for blondes. I just applied it directly with an old makeup brush then used by hair brush to brush it through my hair. The smell is a little odd, so I misted on some perfume afterwards. I expect this could have been avoided with a well matched essential oil, but seeing as I was improvising it turned out pretty well. The light yellow colour is a major bonus too

    • It seems there are more brunettes than blondes. I, too, am blonde and was sitting here wondering what spice I could add to the cornstarch to give it some color that worked for my hair. I didn’t think of ginger. Thanks, Robin. That’s perfect! A great color for my hair AND I have it in my kitchen cabinet in a pint mason jar as it’s a favorite cooking spice. 🙂

  79. I used an empty baby powder container to store my dry shampoo. That way I can just sprinkle it into my hair where I want it. My dry shampoo is a mixture of corn starch and baking soda. My hair color is dark blonde, so I find it works better to sprinkle the dry shampoo on and work it into my hair the night before. By morning everything is absorbed, and my hair looks light and fluffy (I have fine hair). So, my hair goes from oily and clinging to my head to clean and full of body.

    • Yay Ruth, another great hint! My blonde hair is also fine. Applying powder at night and sleeping on it will save even more time in the morning. 🙂

  80. I seriously love you lol! I looked up two totally different topics just now on google and your site was on both (first I might add). Thank you for your wealth of knowledge! Helps me so so much!

  81. I have a bag of carob powder I bought years ago and never used. Any reason I shouldn’t use that in place of the cocoa powder for my dark hair? Unless advised otherwise, I will give this a try this evening & let you know how it goes!

  82. Great ideas!
    I think it amazing that you can put cocoa in your hair to cleanse it!! 🙂 I definitely must give it a try!

  83. I used an old pill container for this so I can just put everything in and mix it quickly and its small. Tried it on my husband after a lot of heavy convincing and we were pleased to say it really worked! Glad I dont have to buy those spray dry shampoos in the store anymore as they are expensive and dont last long.

  84. I just mixed up a batch of the dry shampoo for dark hair and I am stunned with the results! The arrowroot powder completely disappeared in my hair – there is no visible residue to be found. The cocoa smell was mild in the beginning and has since disappeared, and I am left with full, soft hair. I haven’t washed my hair for 3 days and this dry shampoo has done an amazing job!!!! Thank you for the fantastic DIY recipe.

  85. I was so excited to make this. Immediately I ran to the kitchen looking for a Cocoa powder substitute since I had none, nor did I have an extra makeup brush so I improvised. I mixed Arrowroot powder with Cinnamon powder into a salt shaker.
    It works and smells great but I’ll definitely try Cocoa powder next time because I found the Cinnamon to be too granular.

  86. I just found this post and website today because I never had good luck with store bought dry shampoos and was sick of greasy hair when I skipped a shower for just 1 day. I would put baby powder in it and used perfume but I have dark hair and I could never get all the baby powder out so I didn’t have funny looking roots. So I found this and made it just a few minutes ago and it works great 🙂 I added a little more cocoa powder though since my hair is really dark and I had some scented body powder I used to make it smell nice so I wasn’t walking around smelling like a chocolate bar lol Thank you so much for posting this it will be a life saver!

  87. I can’t wait to try the cocoa powder and cinnamon for my dark hair! (could also be a new diet for me…if I smell like candy all day, maybe I won’t eat it) I am going on a 1000 mile hike for several months this summer, and have been trying to figure out how to keep my dark, fine, oily hair somewhat presentable without cutting it off, or getting braids – which would itch after a week of no washing. Thanks for all the ideas!

  88. huh… I so have to try this out… although I am now using the pro naturals shampoo, which I love and recommend =D

  89. I have thick light colored hair. After day 1, it is only slightly oily, but after day 2 it is very oily. I am going to try this but I have some questions before I do. Can you use the cocoa powder in blondish/brownish hair? And is tea tree oil an essential oil that you can use in this. Or would that not quite smell right with the cocoa, I’m not sure if I have other oils to use.

  90. Thanks for this recipe! I am soon to embark on a trip form the US to South Korea, which involves three planes, layovers, and over 2 days total traveling time, at the end of which I will be reunited with my husband after not seeing him for a little over a month. I have super oily hair, and anything that will help me too look a little bit less bad upon arrival will be very useful to me.

  91. This looks so awesome and simple!! A couple questions, do you think I could sub corn flour and or cacao powder? I have these on hand but not sure if they would work as good as the recipe above. Thank so much!!! Your blog is great!!!

    • My mother taught us to use corn meal for dry shampoo. The grittiness actually makes it brush out more easily. Just do it before you dress.I’ve been doing this for forty years. I’ve just recently discovered arrowroot powder and I’m going to try this.
      Yellow cornmeal doesn’t show in brown hair.

  92. last month i made the wet/dry shampoo spray, and i love it! i have long, very fine dark blonde hair, and an oily scalp. in the past, if i had to go without a shower and shampoo, i would feel i had to wear a hat to cover the oily roots. with this spray, my hair is GREAT (with the bonus of body and texture) on the first day, tolerable on the 2nd day, and then only on the 3rd day would it be hat time. thanks for the great recipe! i just made my 2nd batch in about 2 minutes. (i used arrowroot, and some rose geranium essential oil)

  93. Can’t wait to try this out! Do you suggest the dark shampoo for light brown hair? I’m not sure if the light is only for blonde or if it might also work for lighter shades of brown. Thanks!

  94. I can’t thank you enough for this! I have always wanted to wash my hair more infrequently and with this I can go more days without washing. I was just wondering is there any negatives if you have this stuff on your head for like two days? Can it clog pores or something? I ask because I like to use this after the day I’ve washed my hair because my hair gets greasy so easily but I don’t wash my hair that same day so it sits in my hair for two more days and I usually even put it more. I’ve noticed that my scalp might feel a little bit itchy if I have this for like two days in my hair. Thanks and sorry for weird sounding question! lol

    • It can just build up if you use a lot. It won’t hurt your hair or scalp but eventually your scalp will want it off 🙂

  95. I just found your site upon doing a search for DIY dry shampoo. I have to say I love it! I just tried your dry shampoo but used carob powder and cinnamon along with 1/2 corn starch and 1/2 arrowroot! I had used baby powder when I was younger but it always looked like I scraped my head against the chalkboard. This “recipe” works wonderfully on my extremely dark hair. Thank you so much! I look forward to trying out your other DIY’s!

  96. Does the cocoa powder work alone? I have curly, extremely tangled hair, too, so I can’t brush it when dry, not even with a wide tooth comb… What should I do about it? Thank you!

    • It should. Just figure out what mix you’ll need to match your hair color

  97. This is great! I ran out of cocoa powder though, and tried it with carob powder instead. It worked out fine, as I have mid-tone brown hair to begin with, and it covered up my gray flyaways that have begun to rear their wise strands! Got lots of compliments today. Yay! A solution to toddler mommy hair!;)

  98. Tried the dark hair version this morning in a pinch – worked GREAT. Better than the store bought stuff. Thanks again for all your help!

  99. Could I mix baby powder with just regular cocoa powder?

  100. So on days you’re not shampooing and you use this, do you still shower and just rinse with water? Or wear a shower cap to keep your head dry?

  101. Thank you for this. I used the corn starch and cocoa powder on my hair. I just started using your shampoo recipe and the first two times my hair was fine. This is the end of the second week, washing every other day and my hair seems to be a bit oily. Sometimes the oily-ness goes away after a few hours, but I tried this and it works great. I hope my hair adjusts soon, I have thought about adjusting the amount of castille soap. I am determined to make it work. I want to use natural beauty methods but I can’t afford expensive organic brands.

  102. Went “no-poo” for a month or two. Caved and washed again with product. Still using Hershey’s cocoa powder as a dry shampoo and have never been happier! I use it straight without any arrowroot, but may consider adding it since the cocoa powder is very colorful. I have dark brown hair anyway though. Man, it’s luxurious smelling like chocolate all day!

  103. This stuff works way better than store bought. I’m on day three and you would not know. I used to wash daily because my hair is pretty oily. A few months ago I switched to only washing on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Friday I used my usual store bought spray and today (Saturday) used my diy and my hair looks better than it did yesterday. And of course no cloud of fumes while using! I put it in a spice shaker, which made a bit more of a mess than I would like, so I’m going to try a brush next time. And it smells divine, I might add! I’m going to make the switch soon to homemade shampoo. I think this stuff it will help considerably with the transition.

  104. Yeah I wish I’d done an Internet search before going to the store and giving them my first born for a tiny bottle of dry shampoo that smells like my great grandmother.

  105. Has anyone tried red cocoa powder? I’ve been seeing this around lately.

  106. I wash my hair everyday. I know that’s supposed to be bad. I started using the Shielo Hydrate Shampoo, my hair looks and feels so healthy. I barely need to use any shampoo, a quarter-size only, and I have a ton of hair. Typically I’ve had to rinse and repeat , but with Shielo – I use just the quarter-size and its perfect. Feels soooo good and its super hydrating.

    I would recommend this to any gal with thick hair prone to getting dry.

  107. Hi there, I am newish to this diy shampoo. I tried the baking soda shampoo and acv rinse my head as very sore, itchy and very oily. Then I tried just acv rinse and still very oily. Tried aloe versa and water, and also just water which was better, still too oily. There was several weeks with all experiments. Just wondering if wash with only dry shampoo like cinnamon, or should I try use aloe versa wash, with dry shampoo between.

    • A lot of hair care is finding what works for you… everyone’s hair and scalp are different and what works wonders for me might not for you. I encourage you to continue to experiment. maybe start with only the dry shampoo, as you suggest, and add in the aloe vera wash if it becomes apparent something else is needed. I know it’s time-consuming, but once you find a routine that works well, you will be much happier. Keep me posted on your results: I would love to now what you come up with!

  108. I have auburn hair. I use cornstarch first, then get rid of the “gray hair’ look with loose powdered bronzer sprinkled at the roots and brushed through to blend. I wrapped my pillow in a dark towel. Love the idea of adding essential oil for fragrant hair, and of putting the powder in a small shaker or squeeze bottle. Thanks ladies!

  109. would it be safe putting the rubbing alcohol in ur hair though?

  110. Just tried this after finding this post a couple of days ago and wow oh wow did it do wonders!! 🙂 I have super thick dark hair and ever since I started using all natural shampoo bars, it seems like my hair gets greasy faster since they don’t strip your hair of the essential oils like traditional shampoos do. I did cocoa powder, arrowroot starch, and a few drops of sweet orange essential oil and it smells amazing! I can officially say I have found my fix! 🙂 Thank you so much!

  111. I have been on no shampoo for 3 weeks and just came across this site. I have been a model for over 10 years so my hair has taken a lot of strain over time. It is long and thick and very heavy, and since I started this routine it is feeling softer and lighter. I never knew about the cocoa and my hair was oily as I haven’t used bicarbonate and vinegar for 4 days now, and I just used cocoa powder in my hair and it is transformed! I also smell like chocolate which makes it better haha. Although my husband had a good laugh when I walked out the kitchen looking like I fell into hot chocolate!

    Thanks so much for this info, I can’t wait for my hair to be over this transition phase and be healthy and glorious! Xx

  112. I have dark brown/ red hair and have also used cinnamon as a color enhancer, so I don’t end up looking gray. Either way – cocoa or cinnamon (or both)- be careful when wearing white, depending on your hair length it did discolor some of my white tees over time…..

  113. I’ve tried cornstarch and cocoa powder before but could not stand the way it smelled! Just made this, added peppermint EO and that saved it! Thrilled you posted this! Thanks!

  114. Thanks for the idea Katie! I’ve been using a kind of “homemade” (except I didn’t make it 🙂 bergamot dry oil for my face but I hadn’t considered trying a dry shampoo.

    What does the cocoa powder do exactly though? I’m wondering if I should leave it in or take it out. Thanks!

    • The cocoa powder in the dark hair dry shampoo is a bit of color. It keeps it looking too chalky in the hair. You certainly don’t want to look like you have baby powder in your hair 😉

  115. Thank you for the recipe! I can’t wait to try it.

    Before I go out and get the ingredients, I was wondering if the cocoa powder would be noticeable in jet black hair. If that’s a possibility, is there anything else you’d recommend or suggest for black hair?

    Thanks! 🙂

    • It might be noticeable. I haven’t really researched specifically for black hair, but I will look into it.

  116. I googled Arrowroot to see where I could buy it and Bob’s Red Mill Arrowroot Starch was suggested. Will this work?

  117. My hair is a bit drier than it was when I was younger (im 45+). I also live in a very dry climate in western Colorado which also contributes to the dryness of my hair. I use the Shielo Restore Oil because its perfect for making my hair soft and moist again. I have short hair so I only use a small amount on my fingers and spread it through all of my hair. I can shower twice a day when necessary and if I use the Shielo Oil, my hair does not dry out. I like the result!

  118. I’ve done this for years. For darker hair, I use ground cloves which is more brown with little red in it. Tumeric is good for blonds/lighter hair. Just FYI… I use ground cloves, red morracan clay, cinnamon and paprika in my blend for my auburn hair.

  119. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I have always been unhappy with my lackluster hair if I don’t wash my hair daily, but I have an almost 2 yr old, so my mornings are very busy. After many days of still being unshowered and greasy by 4 PM, I thought I ought to start showering at night. Problem is, my thin hair was always greasy by morning! And put a workout in there??? Game over. I made this last night after it popped up on my google search (first, I do believe) and tried it this morning after I showered last night and did yoga and sweated through the humidity of this rainy August day. The verdict? Incredibly close to looking as though I just had showered and used a blow dryer this morning. This is so amazing. I made the dark hair version, only corn starch and cocoa powder. I actually don’t smell anything when I use it, but I only dab at the base of my hair. I think I may make this as Xmas gifts this year…Again, thank you, this is amazing!!!

  120. Did anyone else find the cornstarch or arrowroot to be comedogenic?
    While using the cornstarch as my base with just sweet orange essential oil and lavender oil I would break out around my hair line. I’ve seen corn starch on lists of comedogenic ingredients before so I can’t use it for setting make up, but I’m curious if arrowroot will have the same outcome? The arrowroot, when used as my dry shampoo doesn’t cause noticeable breakouts.

  121. For coloring, I would add iron oxides like one uses for soap — brown iron oxide for brunettes or brick red for reddish hair. For black hair, I would recommend activated charcoal. With any color additive, be mindful that it will be apparent if you get caught in the rain or go swimming.

  122. I have to say, I’ve never felt the need to comment on a blog before, but you’ve motivated me! I’ve used about 10 of your recipes. Marshmallow root detangler, vanilla latte body scrub, air freshener, etc. Every single one has been AMAZING. This takes the cake, though. I wish I’d done before and after pics! I flat iron my hair. I wash it the same way every time; sometimes it looks oily, sometimes it doesn’t. I have clue why. Anyway, I had no desire to wash and straighten my hair twice in one day so I tried this recipe. I used water, witch hazel with aloe, cornstarch, rose absolute, and sandalwood essential oils (BC that’s what I had on hand). My hair not only looks oil free, but shiny, healthy, and great smelling. I’m now a wellness mama fan for life 🙂

  123. Thank you so much for this!! I have tried a few other Dry Shampoos before and they always made my hair smell, look like I was wearing a wig, or feel really really stiff. This worked so well and it feels like there is nothing in my hair! I will definitely be trying more of your recipes! Thank you again!

  124. I just love your site! Been trying all different kinds of hairproducts that you’ve posted. Shampoo didn’t go to well but today I found that liquid soap you use – looking forward to a shower.

    Also trying this dry shampoo, I’m gonna put it in an old spice bottle though. I used to use baby powder until I read what it actually contained.

    And I’ve got a hairspray waiting for the styling tomorrow!

    Thanks for a greaaaat site!

  125. Hey this is really awesome! I had dyed my hair one night and the next morning, I still had Vaseline left in my hair. I didn’t have much time so I literally sprinkled (generously) some cocoa powder on my roots and it worked like magic. Almost every trace of oiliness was gone. Thanks so much!

  126. It’s simply wow…wow…wow… hats off…to dry shampoo…and i loved yr blog on dry shampoo wellness mama. Ive such a oily hair that ive to tie them up in a pony on the 2nd day after washing my hair. Iwas searching for a solution n this dry shampoo is d best. Thanku very much…

  127. I made this weekend after going to the Dermatologist to be told that I have developed Sebhoratic Dermatitis which was causing my hair to be over oily and I needed to cut back on washing it (I was washing it daily and by the end of the day it looked like it had never been washed). So the first non-wash day, I used traditional Dry Shampoo in the aerosol can which made the Dermatitis worse, my hair dull, stiff, and I couldn’t wait to wash it out the next day. So thankfully Google directed me to this recipe and it has been a God send. My hair actually feels clean after using it, and it doesn’t irritate the dermatitis at all. Upside is that when I do wash my hair and the hot water hits it, it smells like brownies are baking (maybe I am weird but I think that’s awesome). Thanks for the recipe!

  128. To be honest, I will go up to 2 weeks without washing my hair, and it won’t get noticeably oily like it used to, but that’s because everyday I use a little bit of baking soda as a dry shampoo and at night when I shower I use Apple cider vinegar to condition it.

  129. Hi its great your sharing these lovely cheap and natural home tips!
    I have a question, what about adding volume to your hair, any tips? Most dry shampoos are volumizing as well and i love that!

  130. I’ve tried using Corn Starch and it doesn’t help me remove oil from my hair at all. Will arrowroot be any different?

  131. I can’t wait to try this. I developed a serious reaction to formaldehyde in my shampoo (and other things). I have been making my own shampoo since July and still have extremely oily hair. But I couldn’t function with the chemicals. I will cry if this works! I get embarrassed by my oily hair sometimes.

  132. Ok I must be doing something wrong…I have very very thick straight hair, dark brown to a bleached blond at the end. I tried straight cocoa powder and it made a clumpy, still-greasy mess on my scalp. When I tried brushing it out it just left weird flakes everywhere. The cocoa powder isn’t even dark enough. It is very old (some Hershey’s crap I’ve had for years because I don’t bake) might that be why?

    • That might be the reason… I’ve never had trouble with it. You could also add in some arrowroot or cornstarch too though

  133. Wow that’s a lot of comments! Love your style… This is the first article of yours that I’ve stumbled upon – but not the last!
    I have naturally black hair, but with red/plum/violet highlights. I’m leaning towards entirely eliminating shampoos. Would the dry shampoo do the trick? If I use cornflour (is it the same as corn starch?), cocoa powder, cinnamon (or powdered red food colouring) and rose extract, would this work and would I smell like a giant cupcake?

    • I’d experiment with the ratios for your hair type… I only faint chocolate scent for a few minutes after applying and the rose would smell great!

  134. This works awesome! I have been using it for 2 1/2 weeks now and am constantly amazed at this inexpensive cheap “product”. I have long (middle of back), medium brunette, coarse, frizzy, thick, curly hair. My hair is dry but my scalp is more oily. I use the dry recipe because of my frizzy hair. I apply the cocoa recipe with a powder brush to my roots. I wait for the oils to absorb and comb or brush it. If I want to keep my style, I just brush or comb the root area and it blends beautifully (I try to brush my hair as little as possible because of my crazy frizzy hair). Dry shampoos are expensive and this product works perfectly. It doesn’t take much (too much and hair gets dull. I love healthy shiny hair which is hard with my type of hair)

    Thanks for this recipe and helping my hair!

  135. …another win for Katie-Lou! I was getting tired I feeling like I had a layer of powder on my hair post dry shampoo, and your wet dry shampoo was just the fix! thank you!

    now I’m off to make a comet alternative!

    • although I tried to give it 5 stars and it came up with 1…hmmm…it’s a 5 star recipe if that can at all be adjusted!

  136. I had just tried cornstarch for the first time! I have very dark, naturally oily hair so I tried to mix in some cinnamon to help with color. I put quite a bit of cornstarch in my hair (not just roots), since I am attempting to go ‘no-poo’ and all my entire hair strands looks greasy :(. I didn’t use enough cinnamon though, because my entire hair looked gray and stayed like that for the entire day! Like a powdered wig :). On the bright side, my hair, though weird colored, looked fabulous! Voluminous and thick and not greasy at all. I will definitely add a lot of cocoa next time and keep doing this in the future. Thanks!

  137. Hi,
    I just love your blog and have already tried the blush and compact powder recipes and it just works great 🙂 . I want to try this dry shampoo recipe but I have jet black hair (Indian). Just the cocoa powder alone is also lighter than my hair colour. Any ideas on what might be a natural alternative so my hair doesn’t end up looking like I randomly applied chocolate on it 🙂

    • Hmmm… don’t know of anything offhand that is that dark and safe other than something like activated charcoal, but that would be really messy. If you used plain cocoa powder and a large makeup brush to apply, it would probably absorb in really quickly and not cause the fake look.

      • Jessica, you can try Black cocoa powder for true black hair; you can find it on Amazon. Search for “black onyx cocoa powder.” This is a dutched/alkalized process cocoa that makes baked chocolate goods very dark, like Oreos. And it works great on dark hair!

  138. Started the new year poo free… using cornstarch, I dry shampoo my hair then wash it out in the shower. At first it was every other day… it’s now every 3 to 4 days. Day 14 of this experiment and my hair has never been better. I have fine thin hair and it “bends to my will”.. finally. It’s never been softer and shinier. A couple of vinegar rinse’s here and there. I’m never going back to shampoo…

    Thank you for the website… lots of information here for going “poo free”… !!

  139. Hey Katie, I added turmeric to my dry shampoo this morning and could not be more pleased with the results. It’s much more golden and natural looking in my blonde hair.

    • Oh wow, cool! Thanks for sharing! I may have to try that!

    • We Indians use turmeric paste to stop hair growth in our arms. So I would suggest you do a bit of research on it b4 adding turmeric to a hair product

    • Tumeric will stain – it can be used as a dye – so use with caution. I like this recipe – I’m not worried about cornstarch or arrowroot powders, but I would suggest using a face mask. Some people have recommended kaolin or talcum on other sites. when these substances get into your lungs, they coat the cilia and don’t go away. the condition is called silicosis and can be deadly. Be safe and use a mask!

  140. I put the Wet/Dry Spray Shampoo in an oil mister bottle that with a few pumps makes a natural aerosol mist. I part my hair into sections and spray just the roots, then either blow it dry it or let it dry over night and rinse it out. I find that I can control the application better this way. Works like a charm!

  141. Hi I was wondering if to make the dry shampoo, do I need to use an essential oil? I don’t have any at home…

  142. This is awesome!! Thank you for the dry AND wet recipes! And for the mineral veil suggestion! I cant wait to try all of these! I found you through a google search this is the best! 😀

  143. When I did this with my first cocoa powder, it was great, but then I tried a different brand, and it was kinda sticky and didn’t work at all. Moral: not all cocoa powders are created equal.

    • which cocoa powder worked best for you?

  144. Works great!! I love it. Thank you so much. I can’t shower for 48 hrs because of the patch test for allergies on my back, and leaning over the tub and sink isn’t an option. This is excellent and easy. Btw I bought a huge 5 lb bag of arrowroot on Amazon for $20-25. Highly recommend.

  145. I just found this website and I am in love with it.

    I tried your dry shampoo suggestion and it was perfect! And the smell was heavenly without being overwhelming (I used 5 drops of lavender oil)

    I also decided to try the wet-dry shampoo, but I didn’t use alchohol because I was worried about the smell of it. (I’m in the medical field afterall) So I decided to use Chai tea as the liquid base. It works wonderfully.

    [[2tablespoons each of Cocoa powder and corn starch + 1/4 cup of brewed Chai tea]]

    So naturally, I’m thinking, since Chai is a mix of many herbs, that I would use the same solution as the wet-dry shampoo as a “No-poo” It was actually really amazing, and since my hair is in fact colored, i was pleased that it didn’t strip the color in any way.

    I just thought I would share my experiences with you.

  146. So grateful to have found you, Wellness Mamma!

    For me, I just stopped using shampoo cold turkey. Not sure if it’s advisable for oily hair, but I have dry hair. It’s been about a month now since I stopped. I just jump in the shoes and rinse my hair/scalp with water and done. I also stopped using conditioner (although I snuck it in a couple of times, just at the roots). I air dry and don’t put any styling products.

    Results: split-ends gone. Tangles eased up. Scalp flaky during first week of transition; now no flakes at all. My hair doesn’t look like celebrity-gorgeous hair though (it didn’t even when I was shampooing anyway, except maybe after the first day of shampooing in the old days).

    Moving forward: I’ll continue on. Will try Wellness Mamma’s hair oil treatment; then perhaps will use the dry shampoo after to take the oil out. Will use the dry hair recipe after (rare) styling to take products off my hair, then condition.

    I have stopped shampooing my daughters too, but need to condition (will try the hair oil on them too). Glad to be rid of chemicals!

    I’m a big fan, Wellness Mamma! You are on a noble mission! Will introduce you to my tween when she starts interest in hygiene/cosmetic/beauty products!

  147. I have a pretty dirty job and come home everyday with dirty sawdusty hair, but I don’t like to wash it everyday, because it’s curly so it dry and hard to style. My roots can also get a bit oily inbetween washes so I tried a dry shampoo but it makes my scalp really itchy and flakey and not worth it. I’m definitely going to try this recipe, can anyone recommend how much cocoa powder to use? my hair isn’t very dark, it’s a medium/light auburn.

    • Carrie, I just sprinkled a very small amount after using the arrowroot, also a small amount, until it looked good. I didn’t need very much at all, and most of my focus was the top and roots. It worked great, and smelled great, ha. I initially had a tbsp ready to go of each, but I didn’t need near that much.

  148. I’ve been using organic shampoo bars and baking powder washes for a few months now. Very happy. I noticed a heck of an improvement, but wanted to reduce washes further. Currently I have to wash 3times a week (down from 4-5), cause the sides get all greasy and will look scruffy. So this diy dry shampoo might just be the answer. Thank you.
    Btw. I wash my 4y old sons hair every 2 weeks. If he’s been playing a lot and sweat, I scrub his head with a wet facial cloth. I started that a year ago and he’s never had an itchy scalp since. Also his hair never looks greasy.

  149. I have ALWAYS been jealous of girls who could use dry shampoo. My hair is dark and thick so baby powder and cornstarch would streak it noticeably. I’ve never thought to use cocoa powder! I’m so happy about it, and this works wonderfully. My hair gets so greasy so quickly and since I’ve recently gone no shampoo, this mix is going to be my go-to quick fix this summer.

    The only issue is that it needs to set and you have to be mindful of how much you use. I dragged my fingers through my hair and there was a lot of residue.

    Any recommendations for the amount I should use for each application?

    • Honestly, you may need to experiment a little. I have heard that you can put an old nylon stocking over your brush and brush through to remove excess.

  150. Can I use tapioca starch instead?

      • I did this today with the arrowroot and a make up brush. It blended perfectly and since peppermint stimulates hair growth, I used peppermint essential oil. The trick for me was to dip the brush in the powder and tap off the excess before applying to roots. My hair looked fresh and no icky stuff showing on the scalp. Love this! I won’t go back to chemical based dry shampoo again. This worked better than any I have tried! Thank you!!!

  151. I have been using a similar recipe as dry shampoo for my dark hair: cocoa powder, cornstarch, baking soda, and cinnamon). I find that the best container/dispenser for the mixture is a former spice jar with perforated lid. I just shake it in while leaning over the tub, massage it in a bit, then brush it out over the tub. It works great, but with the cocoa powder you do want to be sure your hair is perfectly dry or it can get a little gummy. Thanks WM for the great post!

  152. Wow, this sounds great! I live in Japan, and dry shampoo is virtually unheard of here. They do have some, but it’s this strange watery spritz-spray and it doesn’t work at all for my hair. I asked my mom if she could send me some, but apparently it can’t be sent through the mail – and it would get expensive and tiresome to have her ship me some every time I need it anyway.

    This sounds like an awesome alternative, and cheaper too! With the hot, humid summer coming on and my naturally oily hair I’m hoping this will be a godsend for me. Especially for my bangs which can look oily even just ONE DAY after washing!

    Thanks for sharing!

  153. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this, Katie! I regularly use cornstarch on my roots now, and it has been a real time-saver, and my hair feels so much better now that I’m not washing it as much. It looks prettier too! I’m so glad that I discovered your site! 🙂

  154. My mom gave my dog a piece of chocolate a day and he didn’t die or get ill. He lived up to 14!


  155. I did this in a 4 oz mason jar and used a double layered cheese cloth to just sprinkle it into my hair instead of using a makeup brush! Works great and I LOVE the smell.

  156. I love love love love LOVE this stuff!! I use a equal mix of cornstarch/cinnamon/cocoa powder and added a bit of paprika because my hair is dyed dark auburn. My pets (especially my cats) are so interested when I’m putting the mix in and I worry about their sensitive systems. I keep them out of the room while I’m putting it in but I’m sure it is all over my floor. Do I need to be worries about them inhaling the powder (I’m particularly about the cinnamon). THANK YOU, Wellness Mama! This recipe has made my life sooo much easier!!! I just want to make sure it’s no harm to my furry kids 🙂 ??

  157. Hi. 🙂 I just wanted to ask if you could color the cornstarch another color besides brown? I have dyed green hair and I wanted to make this green so… If so, what would I use? Thanks ^^

    • What about French green clay or spirulina Mama? Wonder if that would help…

  158. I did your recipe for light and dark hair liquid dry shampoo, since my hair is dark, and my hair looks white, powder white hair. Any suggestions??

  159. Thank you so much for this simple, fantastic recipe – when I came across this, I realized that it was so simple, I already had everything I needed in my kitchen to make a batch up immediately! A tip for my very dark and black-haired friends out there: I found what might be an amazing alternative to the cocoa – black sesame powder. You can buy it at Asian grocery stores, in 100% natural form with no sugar added, and for my black hair, it is absolutely perfect!

  160. Hey! I was wonde4ring if someone could answer a question for me, I’ve used baby powder before as a dry shampoo, and all it did what make my hair feel matted and gross, and it just looked worse! I was just wondering if this would do the same or if I messed up using it somehow? I have very thick very dark hair.

  161. LOVE this recipe for dry shampoo. It is so much better than any product you can buy, and no chemicals! Question: do you have any good recipes for an everyday hair conditioner that you wash out? Apple cider vinegar doesn’t work for me and olive oil doesn’t seem to wash out. Thanks!

    • I don’t… My hair gets oily if I use conditioner regularly, so I don’t have a recipe.

  162. Is it okay if I use cornflour instead of cornstarch/arrowroot powder? I can’t find any of those locally in Australia and our cornflour is made from wheat.

  163. I love this and really want to try but I was wondering how visible the powder is in your hair because my hair is currently blue

  164. Is there an essential oil you’d suggest for pairing with the dry shampoo with the cocoa? I’m thinking more floral or citrus, but I’m not crazy about mint.

  165. Such a simple recipe but SO effective! Thanks for posting the tips.

  166. Oh my goodness! I LOVE this one! I made the spray with cornstarch, water, vodka, and a few drops of lavender EO, but it was honestly just as good without the EO. It felt SO REFRESHING and my hair looked and felt great!

  167. I’m having trouble with the spray dry shampoo in that it seems to clog the nozzle. Do you have any recommendations for spray bottles that can handle the powder?

    Also, I’m not sure if anyone else has posted this but I have black hair and found the combination of arrowroot powder and activated charcoal to be really effective! Although the cocoa powder worked well, it was still too light for my pitch black hair. I use 3 parts arrowroot to 2 parts charcoal.

  168. I know this post is about dry shampooing…

    BUT, has anyone tried making either a solution or a paste of cornstarch and water as a cleanser to massage onto a wet scalp to remove any natural oil buildup?

    I did. Then, after I rinsed it out, I followed with a co-wash of regular conditioner, which I also rinsed out.

    Result: CLEAN, shiny soft curls!

    Seriously, once my hair dried, I rubbed the lightest coating (pencil eraser sized) of shea butter over the surface of my hair and twirled what was left on my hands around my curls and I have no frizz on quite a humid day. (I have a lot of fine, curly hair that frizzes by nature and ALWAYS needs the help of a gel and/or mousse. Not today, Baby. Not today!)

    I hope the results are consistent each time I do this, because, frankly, I am about ready to throw in the (hair) towel. For me, shampoos cause scalp irritation; conditioners alone don’t clean properly; natural shampoo bars followed by ACV are two ends of a pH spectrum that, when used in tandem, make my hair, especially the ends, brittle; baking soda causes dryness and breakage. And forget about water only. (Historically, people of different cultures have used water and SOMETHING ELSE to get their bodies and hair clean. Why it is now thought by some that water alone is sufficient to cleanse is perplexing to me. I know of no one who washes her clothes in water only and then thinks they are clean.)

    • Follow Up:

      Using the cornstarch to cleanse by mixing it with water to form a solution causes you to use a lot more of it than when simply using it dry. Thus, the result was second-day starched and rather stiff-looking hair with the return of frizz. Not pretty.

      So, if you venture into using cornstarch or rice flour or rye flour or ANY starch to cleanse, and you want to try it in a solution with water, DEFINITELY follow it up with ACV rinse and then whatever else you may normally use for more conditioning and defining, as per your hair type. [Note: I was happy to see that using the vinegar without any alkaline cleansers first,( i.e.. natural shampoo bar aka natural soap or baking soda,) did not dry out my hair. Nice!]

      I’ll get this right, yet!

  169. I love this especially the spray form, I’m not too keen on the dry form, and I don’t like the store bought ones. I just wanted to say I have black hair, and I didn’t add the cocoa powder, but this spray did not leave any white like the store bought ones and doesn’t make my hair sticky like some, the only white or grey is unfortunately the few strands that are starting to show up naturally. Love your website.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, I too have very dark hair and was wondering how the wet/dry would work without the cocoa powder. I like braiding my hair when I don’t wash it and prefer if it’s a little wet. Can’t wait to try this!

  170. Can I use vodka that’s already been turned into vanilla extract? Would it be sticky?

  171. Can i substitute tapioca flour for the arrowroot powder in the dry shampoo recipe?

  172. really liked the way arrowroot powder helped control the grease and add volume, but I also felt like it contributed to split ends, so I’m switching to cornmeal to see if that makes a difference

  173. I also have a dark hair. I get tired of smelling like cocoa everyday. So today, I substitute cocoa powder with finely ground coffee….yum….now my hair smells like mocha latte (today is day 3 of not washing. yesterday i used arrowroot+cocoa powder, this morning, I just brushed some coffee on my hair). Happy trying!

  174. I have an oily/itchy scalp with dark brown thick natural waves. I wash my hair 3x per week, but I’d like to cut it down to 2x, so I made this to hold me over in between washings. I added sweet orange essential oil to the dark hair dry recipe and used an old blush brush to apply in sections on the crown and sides of my head. It works perfectly. My hair does not look oily, the color blended right in and my head smells delicious. Thanks for a great recipe!

  175. Hi i need help please,

    My local store only provides Baking powder. Can this be used for the no poo method, and if it does what is the ratio i need to use?

    • I found the arrow root powder at Meijer if that helps! Otherwise, I’m sure you could find it online. I’m really not sure about the baking powder.

  176. This stuff is amazing. I never liked using the spray stuff but sometimes found it necessary. Tried this for the first time last nite and slept on it so I wouldn’t appear chalky and it worked great. I have so much body in my hair today. I was also able to match my hair color perfectly with just one tablespoon of cocoa powder. Used peppermint essential oil and so every time I turned over my pillow smelled like mint chocolate. An added bonus I wasn’t expecting. Next time I might try lavender so I’ll have a sleep time calming aromatherapy. 🙂 thank you so much WellnessMama for sharing this with us. Love your site. You’re changing your world one great idea at a time.

  177. This dry shampoo is FABULOUS! I am recovering from a neck and shoulder injury at the moment, which has made it difficult to do my hair. I’ve been trying to go as many days as possible between shampoos to avoid any undue stress to my neck and shoulder (and to stubbornly avoid asking someone to do it for me!).

    I studiously eschew commercial products (one of the reasons I’m such a huge fan of your blog). I made a batch of this dry shampoo and it is simply amazing how it transforms my dirty-looking hair in just a few minutes. My hair looks not only clean, but styled with lovely volume. It looks so good, in fact, that my physiotherapist inquired how I was managing it! I shared the secret and she is going to recommend it to all of her patients.

    The other reason I’m thrilled is how travel-friendly this is. I can easily place a small amount in a tin and not have to worry about airport security. The recycled air in airplanes makes even my freshly-washed hair look oil-laden. This will be a perfect solution, especially for long-haul journeys.

    THANK YOU!!!

  178. Just want to follow up any comments

  179. Can I also add an ingredient to treat itchy scalp to a dry shampoo ? Sometime a use of dry shampoo is not for only the oily hair treatment


  180. I have dark brown hair and will not put cocoa powder in it. Is there anything else other than a food product that could be used?

    • You could experiment with using black walnut hull powder mixed with arrowroot, but I haven’t tried it personally so I”m not sure if it could work.

    • May I ask why you would think put cocoa powder in your hair?

  181. Can using this make your hair oilier in the end? My bangs always get stringy and oily faster then the rest of my hair, but it usually takes a day and I just washed my hair and my bangs look very oily while the rest of my hair is fine. I’ve been using the cornstarch/cocoa for a few weeks now. I’m getting so frustrated.

  182. I am aiming to go ‘no poo’ which is a big deal as I have fine, oily hair and up until now I have washed my hair on a daily basis. After my last wash, I waited 3 days before trying your dry shampoo recipe. I used a brush to apply it to my roots, and also to the rest of my hair as it was looking quite oily. I’m delighted to say it worked instantly!
    However….my bathroom was a mess of cocoa powder when I’d finished, and my white pillowcase suffered too, sporting a decidedly brownish tint by morning. Perhaps I used too much? Or should I apply it to the roots only?

  183. Thank you so much for this dry shampoo idea, Wellness Mama! I recently coloured my hair a red/brown and hate how fast it fades with shampooing. I found some tapioca starch and mixed that 1:1 with cinnamon powder and applied with a makeup brush. It worked like a charm!!

  184. Can you use cocoa powder in the wet/dry recipe?

  185. I live in a dry climate, so I need a shampoo that is very moisturizing, but wont strip my hair while cleaning it. Been using the Somaluxe Clarifying Shampoo for 2 months now – its very moisturizing and perfect for dry weather climate. It gives my hair this bouncy young look

  186. Is there something I can substite the cocoa powder with? I have dark blonde hair, and cornstarch makes it look gray. I added cocoa powder until the color matched my hair, but the cocoa smells awful when in my hair. Really sour. Lavender EO didn’t cover it. 🙁 Any tips? Other than that, it worked like a charm!

    • Some people like cinnamon instead of cocoa powder.

  187. I’m going to try the cocoa recipe but I think I will add jojoba powder to it because I’ve heard that helps with sebum over production. I was also thinking a squeeze bottle with a cone like end would puff the powder into my roots better. I was worried a brush might be too much for me. We go rough camping a lot, and there’s no way to wash my hair for days and little things like brushes are too fussy. My hair looks stringy, tangled and horrible within hours of a real shower when not camping so it’s a big problem. I wildcrafted seeds in Arizona from jojoba bushes in the desert but I know it’s sold as a product too.

  188. Coming from a professional hairstylist background I want to add the BONUS TIP of using a BOAR/NATURAL bristle brush to get the powder out after it’s absorbed!
    The natural bristles are AMAZING at evenly distributing your scalps natural oils (sebum) as well as your delicious DIY dry shampoos 🙂

    Enjoy ladies!

  189. Hello, I’ve been trying this for a little over a month now and I have a problem. My scalp is very itchy and there is build up on it and I am flaking but only in the front, where my front head is. I use a makeup brush to apply the dry shampoo. Is anybody else having this problem?

    • Vero,

      You might just have a sensitivity (allergy type reaction) to the powder you are using. For sure you want *organic* corn starch if you are using corn starch as you don’t want the heavy pesticides that are in regular corn starch from the GMO and then them dumping heavy pesticides on it. And if you are already using organic,, you might try switching to the arrowroot powder. Another idea –My hairdresser told me it’s super important to massage the scalp to get the powder off when you do shampoo, so on the 3rd of 4th day when I shampoo, I am diligent in doing that. You might be getting clogged follicles so try that. Good luck. Dry shampooing has changed my life! Freedom!

  190. I’ve tried making the spray twice thinking maybe I mixed it wrong the first time but I’ve tried using it several times and it doesn’t cut the grease at all 🙁 any suggestions?!

  191. I keep reading that with dark hair w/out the cocoa it won’t blend in well. My thing is I don’t want to smell chocolate all day, will not help w/my diet, ;). Does anyone know how long the smell lasts for?

  192. I just made this up and used it now. I mixed about 2 tablespoons of cornflour and 2 teaspoons of pure cocoa (very dark) in a little glass spice jar with perforated lid.
    It’s worked perfectly to lightly sift the dry ingredients onto my hair without going overboard.
    I didn’t add any essential oils, because who doesn’t love the smell of chocolate? It reminds me of Thierry Mugler’s Angel parfum.

  193. Hi there,

    Has anyone with darker hair tried this recipe with essential oils? It doesn’t seem like they would mask the chocolate smell and it might turn out weird. Curious if anyone has given it a try!

  194. Thanks for sharing this, I was hoping if I could still use this as I have naturally frizzy and curly hair thats prone to dandruff. Would this work as well?

  195. I want to try this out because the chemicals in the commercial dry shampoos are scary so I’ve never bought a bottle. I started washing my hair less in the last 2 years after learning online that it helps in growth, hair loss and brings back moisture to hair. Washing with shampoo too often is bad for hair. Your natural dry shampoo recipe sounds delicious but I need to ask if it’s essential to get organic cornflour and organic cocoa powder for my black hair. Or is it safe to use non organic on the scalp? Would organic cocoa blend well to my black hair or leave a brownish residue? Also are there side effects of these products on hair that we need to be aware of? Sorry for asking too many questions and I’ll really appreciate if you could answer them. God bless.

  196. I’ve finally had a chance to try this. I used the dry/ wet recipe with lemongrass and lavender essential oils. I have super dark straight hair that gets oily after a day of not washing it. My scalp felt invigorated, and it actually removed oils! It felt clean- So much better than the junky store brands I bought, and it didn’t leave white stuff that first day I used it. I was trying to go three days without washing it, on day 3 I noticed some white stuff…not sure if it was dandruff from not washing it so long. Or because I didn’t let it dry completely before putting it in a bun. I was wondering though if it’s okay to apply product after putting this in my hair? I like braiding my hair in between washes and need some hold! All in all, I recommend this recipe!

  197. Hi! I have light brown hair, but I adore the smell of chocolate (I don’t like to eat it, weirdly) and cinnamon. Could I add these to cornstarch or arrowroot flour to put in my hair without it looking like I’m trying to dye it? Opposite problem of people with dark hair not using the the cocoa, I guess! LOL!

  198. I was trying to go through the comments so I wouldn’t have to bother you, but there’s a lot to go through!
    I was wondering if the essential oils will just clump in my dry shampoo. I can’t use the liquid version because alcohol irritates the eczema on my face. I’ve been wanting to use a few essential oils to add in more fragrance (maybe vanilla with the cacao powder??? ;D ), but I’ve been hesitant to try. Do I have to just keep stirring and stirring to get rid of clumps, if it does clump?

    • It really doesn’t clump since essential oils almost evaporate and just leave scent after a few minutes in this small of amount.

  199. Do you have to brush it after?

  200. This is amazing for my dark brown hair, but my mom has jet black hair. I wanna make some for her but cocoa powder would be really obvious. Is there anything else i can use to make this for black hair? Please someone answer quickly.

  201. thanks so much for the dry wet shampoo recipe. i had vanilla infused vodka that i made myself to use as vanilla extract on hand so i used that for vodka. hope that will work fine as plain vodka especially for scent. 🙂

  202. Hi Wellness Mama! I made the dark hair dry version for my dark Asian hair and it’s working great for me! Thank you for posting the recipe! I am interested in making the wet version but I have a question on one of the ingredients. You have listed witch hazel or some kind of alcohol like vodka. I was wondering what the purpose of that ingredient is! Is it to preserve the wet shampoo or is it for some kind of cleansing purpose? The reason I ask is because I have a water filter that allows you to pick various ph levels. Obviously alkaline and neutral levels are for drinking. But there is a high acid and mild acid level you can pick for cleaning purposes and so on. If the with hazel/alcohol’s purpose is just to clean, I would like to try the mild acid water in its place. But if it is to preserve the mixture I’d better stick with one of your ingredients. If the latter is the case, I was wondering if you’ve found the witch hazel to be overly-drying for your scalp. Thank you Katie! (Or other readers who might respond)

  203. I was reading about dry shampoo but its unclear if weather or not I will get clumps of oily starch balls in my hair or a layer of cakey starch. I exercise everyday and have to wash my hair everyday because of the oil and smell. I have a very oily scalp. Does dry shampoo eventually form a cakey substance on the scalp or what happens to the actual starch after it has absorbed the oil? And am I supposed to apply, let sit and then massage or apply, massage and then let sit? Thank you!

  204. Hi, I’m wondering for how many days others have successfully used this recipe on their greasy hair. I have naturally curly hair and don’t flat iron it often, so when I do, I like to make it last as long as possible. I’ve gone for multiple days (5-7) without washing my hair, just using store-bought dry shampoo, and it looks good, but leaves my scalp feeling kind of gross, and my hair stops feeling as silky after a few days. I’ve always assumed that was due to the corn starch-based dry shampoo I was using but I haven’t researched if that’s the actual cause or not. So for how long does this dry shampoo work at keeping oil at bay without leaving hair feeling kinda icky at the roots?

  205. I am excited about trying this recipe out! Has anybody found that the Cocoa version stains their clothing or pillows?

  206. Hey I just made the Wet Dry Shampoo and it turned into this thick slimy mass! I followed the directions, not sure why it turned into this consistency. Is there anyway to save it??

  207. Love this and love dry shampoo! I can’t live without it.