Homemade Sunscreen Bars

homemade sunscreen bars

I’ve had fun lately creating a several different varieties of lotion bars. I started with the basic recipe and realized that the options were truly endless for variations.

Another of my favorites so far is the sunscreen bar!

It’s basically a bar version of my homemade sunscreen, and it avoids all the chemicals and potential carcinogens in regular sunscreen. It’s also easier to apply, since it is in a bar (use it almost like soap) and easier for kids to do themselves. I would recommend keeping it in the cooler if you take it to the beach, because it will start to get soft when the temperature hits the high 80s, but it will store well at room temperature.

I’d also encourage experimenting with how much coverage you want based on how much Zinc Oxide you add to the recipe, as this will be a smoother and thinner (and more waterproof) coverage than the basic sunscreen recipe. When possible, it is also important to spend some time in the sun without sunscreen for vitamin D production and there are some supplements and high nutrient foods that will help you avoid burn when you don’t use sunscreen.

What You’ll Need

Sunscreen Bar Ingredients

  • 1 cup coconut oil (I get mine here)
  • 1 cup shea butter, cocoa butter or mango butter (or a mix of all three equal to 1 cup)
  • 1 cup beeswax (can add an extra ounce or two if you want a thicker consistency, which leaves less lotion on the skin when used)(I get mine here)
  • 2 tablespoons (or more) of non-nano Zinc Oxide
  • Optional: Vitamin E oil to preserve. I added 1 tsp vitamin E oil for this recipe made with 1 cup of each ingredient)
  • Optional: a few drops of vanilla or essential oil for scent (do not use citrus oils!)

Sunscreen Bar Instructions

  1. Combine all ingredients (except zinc oxide and essential oils if using) in a double boiler, or a glass bowl over a smaller saucepan with 1 inch of water in it.
  2. Turn the burner on and bring water to a boil. Stir ingredients constantly until they are melted and smooth:
  3. Remove from heat and add the zinc oxide powder and essential oils.
  4. Gently stir by hand until essential oils are incorporated.
  5. Carefully pour into molds or whatever you will be allowing the lotion bars to harden in. I used these silicon baking cups, though any mold would work. This recipe exactly filled 12 silicon baking cups when I made it.
  6. Allow the lotion bars to cool completely before attempting to pop out of molds. These could be made in different shaped molds for different holiday gifts (hearts for valentines, flowers for Mother’s day, etc.) or made in a square baking pan and then cut into actual bars.
  7. They can be stored at room temperature or in the fridge or freezer for longer term storage. Keep below 80 degrees or they will melt! Adjust coverage to your needs and be careful not to burn while determining how long you can spend in the sun with these.

Address the Inside Too!

It is also important to protect your skin internally by making sure that your body has the nutrients it needs to avoid burning, even when you don’t use sunscreen.

About this time of year, I start taking a specific regimen of supplements that help reduce inflammation and improve sun tolerance. The supplements I take are:

  • Vitamin D3 (I take about 5,000 IU/day)- Emerging evidence shows that optimizing blood levels of Vitamin D can have a protective effect against sunburn and skin cancer
  • Vitamin C (I take about 2,000 mg/day)- A potent anti0inflammatory, and it is good for the immune system too.
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil melted in a cup of herbal tea per day- the Medium Chain Fatty Acids and saturated fat are easily utilized by the body for new skin formation and are protective against burning
  • Fermented Cod Liver Oil/High Vitamin Butter Oil Blend  (also great for remineralizing teeth)-Probably the most important supplement for sun protection. I take double doses during the summer and the kids take it too. Since adding this and the coconut oil daily, none of us have burned. It’s also great for digestive and oral health. (Amazon finally has the capsules back in stock)
  • Astaxanthin– A highly potent antioxidant which research shows acts as an internal sunscreen. It’s also supposedly an anti-aging supplement. I don’t give this one to the kids though.

Do you use sunscreen? What kind do you use? Share below!

These sunscreen lotion bars contain zinc for a natural sunscreen without the chemicals. The natural coconut oil and butters provide SPF and moisturize skin.

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Reader Comments

  1. Looks great! But tell me, lots of white film? 

    • Practically none at all. I was shocked actually, but since it can go on so much thinner as a bar, it doesn’t leave the ashy look…

      •  I just made it tonight.  I didn’t realize until I got down in the recipe that the zinc oxide was to be ‘powdered’.  I used cream.  Hope that’s not a problem.  I bought one of those tubes for camping that you can fill with stuff and seal off at the end.  I poured the mixture into that tube.  Hopefully it will squeeze out okay.  Can’t wait to try it.  I’ve made the shampoo and LOVE it.  I made the lotion but it didn’t emulsify properly … using it anyway.  I will try that one again and put it into one of these camping tubes this time.  Thanks for all the recipes.   Not too sure about the make-up one … I’m middle aged now and not sure this makeup will do the trick.  I’ll be curious to hear feedback on that.

        • What’s the shampoo recipe please?

      • Do you sell these?

        • No, I just make them for myself and family & friends.

          • Hi Welness Mama 🙂

            Would patchouli oil be okay in this recipe?

      • is this ok to use on babies and expecting moms?

    • Is there any way to make the sunscreen slightly less hard. I used to love the Vietnam-era sunscreen tins (don’t start I know it was LOADED with chemicals) but mostly for the fact that it was in a tin & that was easy to apply. It was like a heavy grease, you just take a big gob out with your fingers and smear it on. I would love to be able to do whit again with the empty tins, as they are now $5-15 online (since they are much rarer now) and regular commercial sunscreen is much cheaper. I am trying really hard starting this year to get healthy, and that includes less chemicals going into and onto my body.

      • Maybe try it with less beeswax and see what happens?

    • Can you tell me how much of the food items you take to prevent sunburn from the inside you give to children? I believe what you’ve posted is for yourself as an adult. How much would you use for, say, a 6 year old, or a 12 year old? Thanks!

  2. How long is the shelf life??

    • They will last about 2-4 months at room temp and over a year in the fridge or freezer. Also, none of the ingredients will go bad, so only after they come in contact with skin will that time start…

      • which one would be better for the outdoor water park? sunblock bars or sunblock cream? The sun gets very hot here in Wichita KS.

      • I just made this today. Love how smooth it is when you put it on. How do I wash the bowls and utensils I used to make these? I think the waterproofing beeswax is making it really hard to wash off!

        • Scrape as much as possible and then wipe out with a paper towel while still warm. Best way to clean up that I’ve found. 🙂

  3. What would be the best essential oil to repel bugs in these?

    • What a great idea! I didn’t even consider the multi-use! I am gonna go look online for that now, I am guessing Thyme or Basil.

      • Hello! I am going to make this for the first time but will incorporate a few drops of either lemongrass, rosemary, mint or catnip oil. They all repel mosquitoes. Thanks so much!

      • Thank you so much for sharing all of this information! Would you use this blend on a baby?

    • Peppermint is the best at repleling bugs.

      • Be careful with EO’s as many of them stain!! I found this with many bug sprays I made incorporating Geranium, Lemongrass, etc. Only EO I have found doesn’t stain is Birch Wood, but I can’t make any promises. Haven’t found a consice list of non-staining EOs on the web. Lemongrass seems to leave terrible rust coloured stains when I put my clothes/swim suits through the wash. This always coincided with use of some EO.
        I bet this recipe is amazing. I will make.
        The deoderant bar recipe is the bomb! I will try half coconut oil this time and use only Shea butter. I wish for more specific measurements of the different butters because they each have different consistencies and would like to made one that can be left out of the fridge. So true about leaving stick in fridge so less oil costs your pit.
        P.s. You cannot entirely omit the coconut oil. It lends a velvety consistency, creates a thorough coating, and seems to help with the odour side of things as well…in case anyone was thinking of experimenting in this way.

        • Aloe butter and castor seed butter works well in place of coconut oil. It lends a similar(even better silky smooth glide) ??? I use the combo for clients that are allergic to coconut.?

    • Planning on making a few different ones actually 😉 One with lavender (really helps with burns on the off-chance we have burns), geranium (helps with dry skin/eczema), and then some TerraShield (which is a mix by DoTerra for insect repellant)

    • Also, has anyone tried putting these in containers like push up deodorant containers??? Would that work???

      • I made this and filled one deodorant container with it, which worked fine. I poured the rest in a pan and cut into bars. The bottom of the bars are white, what is the reason for that? Has all of the zinc settled to the bottom of the bar? I hope not.

        • Marilyn, I feel like the zinc settles in my bars as well. And, I often have it left at the bottom of the jar I make it in. They do still work, but if you can see it settled then it probably is stronger on that side of the bar. I have started using carrot seed oil along with or even instead of the zinc. It has a natural spf of about 40, and it blends great!

          • A lot of the zinc settled to the bottom of my mixing bowl too. I’m worried that not enough zinc made it into the molds. Do you think it’s safe to re-melt the bars and add more zinc?

          • Hi Chellie, would you happen to know where I can buy these? or anyone who sells homemade ones?


    • doTerra has a wonderful TerraShield for keeping bugs away! You only need a little bit and it works WONDERFUL! totally safe for kids! we use it each summer 🙂

    • Clove is great against mosquitos but can have an overwhelming scent. Cypress oil acts as a natural deet. Perhaps a combination of both. That’s what I do for homemade bug repellent

  4. I can’t wait to try this. What do you use to store the individual bars in?

    • I’ve got a few in the fridge in cellophane bags, but I have little pyrex containers with lids that hold the ones we use 🙂

    • Lavender and Lemongrass work the best for mosquitoes.

  5. Seems that the commercial “natural” sunscreens that “repel bugs” contains lavender.

  6. Are your bars standard muffin/cupcake size (seem so from the glasses comparsion, but wasn’t sure) and how many does one batch make? I’m trying to get a guage on how much supplies to buy.

    • Mine are standard muffin tin size and I used silicon because they are easier to get out but if you use a regular muffin tin you can just put in the fridge to harden and then really quickly dip the pan in boiling water to loosen and turn upside down quickly to get them out. I used 1 cup each of the oil, cocoa/Shea butter and beeswax and it perfectly filled 12

  7. does this protect from UVA too?

    • Yes though the amount of protection depends on the amount of zinc oxide

      • My sons Pediatrician and allergy Dr. had recommended that with his Atopic dermatitis I avoid sunscreens with zinc oxide, but go for ones with the titanium dioxide instead. It does seem to make a difference with store bought sunscreens. He doesn’t breakout from the titanium ones, but does with most zinc. I would like to make these but am curious where I can find the titanium dioxide, if you know of any reasons not to use it, and if it would be used in the same amount as the zinc oxide. I have to make our own soap, laundry detergent and lotions already since his skin is so sensitive. I would much rather make this as well, and not have the chemicals in the store bought items. Thanks for what you do! It’s been very helpful.


        • Hi Sarah, I am a soap maker and have purchased titanium dioxide from brambleberry.com. I have never used it for sunscreen so I don’t know a specific amount to use, but I know they carry it.

    • Yes though the amount of protection depends on the amount of zinc oxide

  8. I am completely addicted to your site.  This is an amazing idea!  Totally pinning it.  Thanks for posting!

  9. Can the astaxanthin be taken during pregnancy or while nursing?

  10. We do occasionally use my homemade sunblock (made with zinc oxide, could also use titanium dioxide), but avoid sunscreen altogether, as it contains chemicals which react with the skin  to “protect” the skin.  They are actually very different products, though the names tend to get mixed up.

  11. Do you need to make these in a mold that you won’t use for food?

    • Technically all of the ingredients are non-toxic. They will leave a small film that is tough to wash, but this actually works as a non-stick coating on it…

  12. I’m sure most people are aware that generally  speaking what you put on your skin surface can be detected in your urine later that day (apart from Zinc oxide where the particle size is too big to pass through skin). 
    So limiting  sunscreen ingredients to those you may find in food is sensible. 
    Far better than the ingredients you find in typical sunscreens. 
     http://www.greenlivingtips.com/articles/127/1/Sunscreen—protection-or-poison.htmlSome of these are really very worrying. 

  13. Okay, I have another technical question.  If I order a pound of one of the butters, do you have any idea approximately how many cups that would be?  Same for beeswax? (An rough estimate is fine, I’ve never worked with these products, so I have no clue.)

    • I would guess about 2-3 cups or more per pound. My one pound jars of each are about the size of a quart mason jar

      • Thank you again!

      • I’m really excited to make these! I am a bit confused, though…. Were you saying (in using 1tsp Vit E with each 1C of ingredients) that in using 1C Shea, 1C Coconut oil & 1C Beeswax, I should use a total of 3tsp Vit E?

  14. Do you have a suggestion for a oil to use other than coconut oil?  (due to allergies)

    • I’d try almond if you can or even olive oil.

      • Why no citrus

        • Citrus EO’s are known to cause skin to be photosensitive, meaning more prone to sunburn, for about the first 45 mins after applying them to skin.

  15. These look great! Thanx. Curious, how about using a crockpot geared especially for this purpose?

  16. How do you know when to reapply or what SPF it is? I have tattoos that need protecting.

  17. One of my kids is allergic to coconut products :(…is there another type of oil that you can substitute for the coconut oil?

  18. Could you use zinc oxide cream instead of powder in this recipe? I can’t find the powder anywhere except on line.

    • You could, just make sure there aren’t any other dangerous ingredients with the cream…

      • Would the bars still harden, with using the zinc oxide cream?

        Also, the only beeswax I can find is sold in pellet form. So per 1 cup coconut oil, would it be 1 cup of pellet beeswax, or one cup of melted beeswax?

  19. Could I use a cleaned out deodorant applicator instead of a baking pan?  I’m just trying to think of ways to easily apply/transport.  And I think having the ability to roll up the amount I need would be beneficial. 

    • absolutely! This is how I did the deodorant bars I made and it works great.

  20. Sorry if this seems like a stupid question but I live in a small town and the only zinc oxide cream I found was in the form of desitin and it is only 40%  zinc oxide, is this okay to use? I am assuming that it would be the lesser of two evils out of commercial sunscreen….

    • You could try it… I haven’t tried with a cream, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. It just might be hard to not leave a white film, so play around with the ratios…

    • Amazon carries all these products.

  21. Why no citrus oils?

    • They increase sun sensitivity and can cause burning

  22. Hi..I am going to try this!   When you buy the beeswax. …..do you buy the beeswax pastilles or the filtered beeswax? 


    • I buy the pastilles but either one will work!

  23. What a fantastic idea!  I have done a little of playing around with making my own bath and body products but never realized you could make sunscreen.  I also have been trying to go natural with sunscreen.  I like Bahainlove’s ideal of adding bug repelent  such as Citronella. 

  24. Hi,
    I just stumbled upon your blog and I LOVE this idea of homemade sunscreen. I purchased some natural sunscreen for my kids and me because my skin won’t tolerate regular sunscreen. But it is $18 per 3.5oz tube. Which is crazy expensive. So I wanted to find a more economical/fun way of making my own. We have just started incorporating a Primal/Paleo diet in our family and we use a lot of coconut oil and I’m hoping it will help with our sunscreen dilemma. Anyway…I’m rambling… My question is when you are measuring out your ingredients it says 1 cup coconut butter/butter mixture. Are you packing all that down into a measure cup? Or are you melting it all to get a 8floz measurement?

    Thanks so much! I’m adding you to my netvibes feed! 🙂

    • Just packing it down, and you can actually cut the recipe in half if you don’t want to make a huge batch up front. Thanks for reading 🙂

  25. what would you say is the SPF equivalent of the recipe?

    • 15-20 depending on how much zinc oxide you add… I’d still test with a little sun exposure at a time until you see how it works for you though

  26. do you avoid burning simply through supplements? i like that better than applying sunscreen — even a natural one (yours looks great). we’ve also started trying pure coconut oil as a sunscreen this summer … so far so good, but it’s got such a low melting point that it’s getting tricky….

    • The last few years I have avoided burning just with supplements. I do start slow though to make sure I don’t burn, but now am spending several hours a day in the sun (pulling weeds) in the heat of the day without burning… never been this tan before either! So funny, I used to hate my pale skin and chalked it up to genetics, thinking it couldn’t change…

      • thank you! i’m off to shop for supplements NOW.

      • Hi, could I add zinc powder to avocado oil? I haven’t purchased zinc yet, I am fair and live in hawaii- tied of spending so much $ on sunscreen.

  27. I used 40% zinc oxide like diaper rash cream (that’s all I could find). Is this ok? I did put extra in though.

    • It should be fine. I haven’t tried it but it should work just fine. I’d just start sun exposure slowly to make sure the SPF is the same and work up.

  28. These seemed to separate quite a bit as they “set”, it almost looks like all of the zinc is on top.  Any tips?

  29. LOVE your stuff!! Was just wondering…can you take coconut oil supplements instead of melting some in tea? Do you think that would work as well?

    • You can as long as they are just coconut oil. They are more expensive, but they will work just as well.

  30. Zinc oxide is one of the least offenders. Other than that, the best option is just covering up with hats or clothing.

  31. Zinc oxide is one of the least offenders. Other than that, the best option is just covering up with hats or clothing.

    • I am 41 and was diagnosed with skin cancer a few years ago, compliments of a beachy childhood…. And I spend a fortune it seems on sunscreen for me and the fam year round. I LOVE your recipes and use several of them- I already use zinc on my face almost daily per dermo instructions to heal my skin from the chemo treatments I’ve done, and I’m SO EXCITED to try this recipe! He already told me the benefits of zincs physical barrier to the skin as a sun protectant. Thank you for your posts! ????

  32. any suggestions if you have an allergy to zinc oxide (especially on the face and neck)?

    • The mix of coconut oil and shea butter will naturally be about an SPF 6. Other than that, covering up is probably the best option…

    • Kelly I’m wondering if my daughter has an allergy to zinc, what is your reaction like? I made (and love) this sunscreen for myself and my 3 children and she is the only one who seems to be having a reaction — watery, itchy eyes when applied to her face and itchy skin with tiny red bumps when applied to her body. She’s kind of a sensitive kid (low pain tolerance) but doesn’t have sensitive skin unlike my son who is the opposite and he didn’t have a skin reaction to this. Ironically she’s never had a reaction to commercial sunscreens so I don’t know what to think! I want to make another batch with carrot seed oil instead of the zinc and see if the reaction goes away but I wondered if you could shed some light on what a zinc allergy looks like.

  33. Just made them!  So excited to use them on our camping trip on the Frio River in the TX sun.  I’ve been grain free for 2 months now thanks to you:)  Feeling great and down 10 pounds with radiant skin at 37 with 2 kiddos.  Still working on getting the entire family on the bandwagon.  Thank you Wellness Mama….love your posts. 

    • Congrats! That is wonderful! Have a great camping trip… sounds like fun!

  34. I just made these, and after I poured 90% of the mix into the cups, I realized most of the zinc was curdled at the bottom of the mix.  I poured everything back in, mixed up more, poured again, and it was still doing the same thing.  Is there a trick to get the zinc to mix in properly?  Do you think enough of the zinc mixed in?

    • A lot of the zinc will mix in, even if some sinks to the bottom. You can let it cool slightly and mix it when its thicker and then scoop into molds to help it mix better…

      • Thank you, I will try that in the batch.  I could tell some mixed in because the color lightened up alot when I added it, but I wasnt sure it was enough.  Yesterday afternoon I went outside to test, and when I started rubbing it on, I could see the white of the zinc in the mixture, so I knew it was in there!  I was outside several hours and didn’t burn, so I would say it worked!  Thank you so much for this recipe!  

        • Oops, I meant I will try it in the next batch 🙂

  35. I dont love silicone can I use a regular muffin tin?

    • Yep… You just might need to dip the pan in hot water for a second to loosen them up once they’ve set

  36. How can you post something like this without including Any precautions about the dangers of working with a powdered mineral like zinc? This must not be inhaled, proper ventilation as well as respiratory protection are necessary. Please revise the article to include this information before someone hurts themselves. Sheesh. 

    • Those instructions come with any of the zinc powders I’ve linked to and it is also a common ingredient in mineral makeup or cosmetics which women regularly up on their face and nose

  37. Any suggestion for where to buy powdered zink oxide?

    • I get it on Amazon, but you may be able to find locally, just look for non-nano…

      • I have just made these today, and they turned out awesome, I used the silicone muffin cups..they set really well in the fridge for a short period of time, and you hardly get the white residue.. I did use the non-nano zinc oxide powder! LOVE THEM, and your site is my favorite 🙂 Thank you!

        • How did your zinc oxide mix in? I seem to have quite a bit left in the bottom of the jar. Some is mixing in, but it seems some is just sinking. looking for a tip on this.

          • I had the same problem, looking for advice on how to fully mix the zinc in???!! Can I re-melt everything and remix and repour?

          • You might try letting the oils cool to a semi-firm state. For instance, mix everything together, let cool until the mixture just begins to harden, stir again to incorporate the zinc more completely, repeating this until the bar has set up completely. This is a method I use when I make scrubby shower bars or any lotion bar with additives. Another method I use is to let the mixture cool until mixing it creates more of a “paste”, then smooth the “paste” into the molds to harden the rest of the way. This method works well with additives like zinc or clay. Hope this helps!

  38. You mentioned at one point “a cup of each ingredient”, are you including the zinc oxide in that statement?  I’m just curious because I know you said 2T in the ingredients list, but I thought maybe you actually used 1C and it was a much higher SPF?  I’m someone who usually used SPF 70+ and can STILL burn.

  39. I have a daughter who has such terribly sensitive skin and has had a recent allergic reaction to the “baby” version of sunblock. Coppertone I think. So, I am excited to give this a try. If you had to give this a number, what SPF would you give this with org recipie?

    • About a 20, but not super exact! If she has skin reactions, It would also be worth trying the fermented cod liver oil and other supplements to help heal from the inside out too 🙂

    • So if I double the amount of zinc oxide does it double the spf? Is it uva/uvb?

  40. How long would you say this lasts before you need to reapply? 

  41. I can not wait to get all these ingredients , my skin is so sensitive I  can only wear mineral make up. Most over the counter sunscreens, even the ones for the face are too strong and upset my Roseau.

  42. OK, so I make the bars.  I thought they came out great but I got sunburned today.  I was pretty disappointed since I had such high hopes.  I actually doubled the amount of zinc oxide used and I thought it would be enough.  Could I melt them down again and add more?  If so, how much more can I add?

    • You could add as much as you’d want. How long were you out today?

      • I was out from about 9:30am till about 1:00pm.  Maybe I should have reapplied!  Can I melt the bars back down or will that ruin them?

        • You can melt them back down without a problem. I’d probably re-apply every 2 hours or so, especially if you are sweating…

        • With any sunscreen, you’re supposed to reapply every two hours and even with waterproof sunscreens, you’re supposed to reapply after getting wet. When in doubt, reapply any sunscreen as often as you can!

        • I had my boyfriend put this on his shoulders and neck before he went outside to do yard work. He was out there for a couple hours and got very burnt. I had added extra zinc oxide too, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. I don’t think the hardened bars work well for me because I have to press pretty hard in order to get residue onto the skin. Sunscreen in a lotion/cream form might work better.

          • I had the same problem. I added extra zinc as well. Now I just use it as a creme before I go to bed, since it is so thick and do not want to waste it. I have it in a glass jar, and if it is cooler in the house, i just put it in my sink with warm water, and then it slides on easily. I am disappointed though that it did not work for us, especially how much work it was and the price of all the ingredients.

  43. My sun is so allergic to every sunscreen and breaks out all over his bod when I put it on a small part of his face! I hope this solves my problems. Thanks for the post.

  44. Is there a substitution that can be made for the beeswax?

    • I substituted carnauba wax for beeswax (vegan). Carnauba was has a higher melting point, thus a harder wax and will withstand higher ambient temperature. It is a little tricky, you have to melt this first and keep the double broiler going and add a little of the other waxes/butters in small quantities or the carnauba cools and hardens in clumps. Yes, ended up making 2 batches for this reason.

      Any recommendations for cleaning up the bowls, pans, spoons. What a mess. Ended up reheating and wiping with papertowels. Hottest water I could stand and soap did nothing for the residue.

  45. How long does one of these bars last?

    • It has a shelf life of at least a year if that is what you are asking, though if you are asking how long it will take to use up, it will depend on how much you put on and how often.

      • Thanks. I was asking for how long it will take to use up. I just wanted to say that I love you site. 🙂

  46. So I made these and combined the bug off idea with the sunscreen idea and am excited to see  how it works!  My only issue lately is that when I make things I am absolutely terrible about the clean up!  I’m finding it really hard to get the beeswax off of my bowls and spoons and whatnot…the lotion bar/sunscreen bar “stuff” is on my tools and I can’t seem to get them to come off.  It’s making me crazy!  Lol!  Do you, or anyone else, have any ideas?  What do you guys do? Thanks!

    • A tip I just recently though of… form now on, just mix all the ingredients in a glass jar and place the glass jar in the pan of hot/boiling water. Stir or shake every couple minutes, then just pour into molds. I just have a glass jar that I use only for this and it is working great… just can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner!

    • Baking soda sprinkled in the bowls helps. You can sprinkle it in, wipe it all out with a paper towel, and then proceed to wash normally.

  47. How do you take these with you in the summer to the pool or beach?  Or be able to travel with them on vacation?  Just wondering about the melting point.

    • I store in glass jars so in case they melt they still work and just stick them in the ice chest with the water.

  48. How long do you need to start taking them before you start staying in the sun?

    • A few days typically but the sun tolerance will increase the longer you take them and the longer you are off other foods.

  49. No, but there are probably some people who do…

  50. I just read your revised Sunscreen lotion recipe. Do you think you can use the same Jar method rather than the glass bowl/double boiler for the sunscreen bars?

    • Yep, absolutely. I just haven’t had time to update those yet.

  51. I was curious about the issue regarding the nano particles of the zinc and was wondering how safe it is to be absorbing nano particles of zinc into the blood stream. I would also like to know what is the recommended daily intake of zinc as I am getting conflicting bits of information regarding this. I am also confused about the differences between zinc oxide and naturally occurring zinc.

  52. Hi, I really want to make these but after buying some zinc oxide online I’m slightly concerned that it says on the packet its not suitable for prolonged contact with skin… I’m a bit worried. Are you sure it’s safe to wear on the skin?

  53. How did you decide to take 5000 IUs of Vitamin D/day?

  54. Hi- I just love your blog. I have a question about the amount of zinc oxide for these bars. You have a sunscreen lotion recipe that has 1/2 almond oil,1/4 beeswax, and 1/4 coconut oil and 2 TBS zinc oxide to make about 20 spf. Then- I read through this recipe and it has triple the amount of ingredients- using a cup of each to make a bar and still the same amount of zinc oxide….I just assume that you would triple the amount of zinc oxide to make it a 20 spf?? So I made some bars based on that thought- I used 6 TBS zinc oxide with the 1 cup of each ratio and it made a really white lotion bar- I just want to make sure that it’s ok…or did I use too much?

    • That should be fine and sounds about right…

  55. That’s a big load of vitamin D3, and then you’re adding cod liver oil! I would never do it. You might want to look at vitamin K to keep that D from depositing calcium in your vessels. Just sayin’…

    • It must be Vitamin K2, not just Vitamin K.

  56. do you know what spf this original recipe gives?

  57. LOVE the sunscreen bars! So convenient. I’d like to weigh in on the
    Vitamin D issue. I think taking 5000 IUs during the winter months is a
    good idea. But in the summertime a fair-skinned person can get 10,000
    IUs after just 10 minutes of exposure to the sun. So I don’t think
    vitamin D supplements would be needed by the average person in the
    summer. Last summer I tried spending a moderate time in the sun each
    day without sun screen. Depending on the day it was as little as 5
    minutes to as much as an hour or so. If the sun was hot enough to cause
    sunburn I wore a sun hat and loose long-sleeved top along with
    sunscreen. I think that’s one way to get that valuable vitamin D when
    the sun is high enough for us to take advantage of it 🙂 LOVE your blog
    and recipes 🙂

  58. Hello, Do you know what the spf is of the original recipe for these bars. I am so happy to have found your site because we really needed a natural sunblock due to allergies.

  59. How much zinc oxide? your recipe says 2 tbls or more. As I read comments you said 1 cup. How well does the larger particle zinc combine? I cant seem to find pure zinc oxide in diaper isle. Has lots of other ingredients. <3 Thank you

  60. Does anyone know what SPF this recipe would have? Also how do you know how much zinc oxide to add to make different SPF?

    • About 15 SPF as written I think, and you could add more zinc oxide to increase SPF though I don’t know specifically how much the SPF will increase.

  61. Do you have a recipe for a sunscreen face stick?

      • Hi Wellness mama. Wow I just read through all of these comments. So
        after doing some research I saw that it was very important to get
        purified distilled pharmaceutical grade zinc oxyde. the particles need
        to be greater than 30nm. I went to the link you provided for purchasing
        zinc but it didn’t say what size or quality the zinc particles were.
        Could you please tell me? And also, how did you figure out how much zinc
        to put for the recipe?

        Thank you!

  62. Hey wellness mama, I’m new to the making of the lotion bars and such… I saw that you updated your post on lotion bars to heat the ingredients in a mason jar in water- will this work in this recipe too? Also, do you need to get these wet to apply, how about the lotion bars too? Thanks!

    • You can make that way. Just put the ingredients in a mason jar to melt and make sure that no liquid at all gets in the jar. They are both applied to dry skin..

  63. I just made these tonight and I’m so excited to use them! Do you think they would also be an effective diaper rash cream, and if so, ok to use with cloth diapers? Thank you!

    • Yes… and I use these with cloth diapers but I use a disposable insert or a paper towel when diaper cream is needed…

  64. Do you give your children the same dosage when supplementing? I am interested in taking supplements to help improve sun tolerance (we live in Southern California). If you don’t how much should I be giving them? My kids ages are 3, 5, and 9. Our homeschool science project will be making sunscreen bars!!! Thank you so much for posting this!

    • I give them 1/4 or 1/2 doses depending on their size…

  65. I rub coconut oil as a sunscreen, I love it , it doesn’t clog my pores. I even put it in my homemade toothpaste, I would love to make sunscreen bars , going to do this soon.

  66. Can I use muffin pans to make my bars?

  67. I just finished my first batch. When I got down to the last little bit I noticed a lot of zinc oxide powder hanging out in the bottom of the bowl. Did I not stir enough? Did I wait too long getting the liquid into the molds?

    • That can happen… it is so temperature dependent so it could just be that it was still slightly too warm when it went in to the molds but it should still have a protective effect…

  68. I have a 5 year old, fair skinned, red head. She will turn into a lobster after just moments in the sun. Needless to say we go through A LOT of sunscreen. I really want to make this for her, but I need to make it at least a 50 SPF. Any ideas about ingredient ratios to get a 50? Thanks!

    • I’m not sure, I’d probably remove the beeswax and add a lot more zinc oxide to make almost a paste…

      • Ditto with the redheads!! I have 4 of them!!! I’ve tried lots of OTC “natural” sunscreen and it doesn’t work on my kiddos. Hopefully this will work!
        How do we make this waterproof??

  69. Is this safe to use on babies? I have a yr old that loves being outside but has sensitive skin

  70. I’m curious about why you take D3 in the summertime, when you can get a great amount of it from the sun? Granted, sunscreen blocks some of this out, but if you are out without it in the less harsh times of the day, it’s not an issue. I would have thought taking D3 supplements would be more for the winter time. I plan on making these bars tonight, thank you for the idea!

  71. Katie, since you have experience with children, do you know if Astaxanthin is safe to take while breastfeeding?

  72. My zinc oxide seemed to settle a bit when I mixed it in. I stirred it for a while trying to get it all mixed. When I finally poured it into my deodorant containers, there was some thick white stuff in the bottom. I’m assuming it was zinc oxide that didn’t get mixed all the way. What did I do wrong? Did I just use too much? Thanks again! And by the way, I LOVE your website!! :):)

    • There seems to be a catch-22…The non-nano zinc doesn’t dissolve in as well in higher amounts but the nano versions are not good for you…

  73. Does this sunscreen protect both UVA and UVB??

  74. I’m getting ready to make this and my beeswax is really tiny pellets — it almost seems like snow. Can you tell me what the weight of one cup of the Pastilles is so that I can just weigh my tiny snow beeswax. Thanks!

    • Not sure on weight, but mine are pretty finely ground too, so I would guess that you’d use just slightly less…

  75. Hi wellness mama.

    I’ve just made the sunscreen bars. They look great I was a bit caught out with how quickly it started to set. I can still see some really small clumps of the zinc oxide. Is that normal? Ok to use? Thanks x

  76. Hi and greeting from Denmark
    I´ve just made two amazing sunscreen-bars – and now I am wondering… if it is possible to make as a liquid sunscreen, using some of the same ingredients or other oils/butters? – if so…which one(s) would you recommend? =)

    Thank you, for your great work and advice.

    • I think so…. working on this recipe 🙂

  77. I just made your sunscreen and am about to make these bars but noticed your instruction not to use citrus oils… I used Lemon Essential Oil in the sunscreen I just made! Is that a problem? If so, why?

    • All citrus oil are photosensitive.

  78. Thank you so much! What does the Zinc powder actually do to your skin? Does it prevent vitamin D from the sun getting to you? Would it be bad for you to wear this lotion everyday, all year? I am very sensitive to the sun and have quite pale skin. My dermatologist told me off because my skin was in a terrible state and said I should wear sunscreen every single day of my life from now on, and limit sun exposure. To her, I should have stayed in bed under a blanket in a dark room everyday of my life! I thought it was ridiculous, also because I’ve read a great book on vitamin D and sun exposure that proves her completely wrong. I never noticed my skin being in a terrible condition before, it’s not dry or anything, I just have freckles. But the lady did kind of get me a little concerned…

  79. And could I use grape seed oil instead of vitamin E oil to preserve?

    • Yes, and it will physically coat the skin and block Vitamin D production so I personally don’t wear sunscreen unless needed…

  80. Was wondering how you know you have an SPF of 20 with the zinc oxide. You use 2 Tbsp. zinc oxide in both the sunscreen cream and bar recipes, but the total contents of the bar recipe is double the cream recipe. Doesn’t that mean you have to double the amount of zinc oxide if the ingredients are double? And the ingredients that are naturally SPF of 4 and 6 Coconut oil and Shea Butter, do you add those numbers to your zinc oxide SPF number? or do they just exist separately? Just asking as I am making a product to market and want to be accurate. Thanks so much! Roberta Horsman

  81. i want sme gud thing for my dry hair and premature graying of hain my no.8275329415

  82. Coconut oil in tea!? That sounds really interesting. I assume it’s without any milks too because it’s herbal? I’ll have to try that

  83. Hi Katie I need your help. I got ambitious and made these sunscreen bars into a double batch that didn’t work. I had to pour two jars, one beeswax and one with the rest and melted them down, poured them into a glass bowl to mix everything. I poured the mixture into the molds but it wasn’t until the last one that i realized that the zo was still at the bottom. So, One bar got all the zinc. If i re-melt them will it ruin the zo sunscreen ability? What if i used the microwave, would that make the zo a non-sunscreen?

  84. hi katie i am from the Philippines i just want to ask if i can franchise your homemade product because i was planning to start a small business. Could you help me please because i just wanted to help my parents. Right now i was hardly to find a job so this is my second option.

  85. Thank you so much for this recipe/post, I’ve loved everything I have read on your site! A question I have is regarding the temperature – you mention keep it below 80 degrees but I live in Hawaii and just wouldn’t be able to keep it under 80 degrees at room temperature but also don’t want to have to go to the fridge every time I want to put lotion on :). Any suggestions for a change in recipe or storing method to keep it from melting at higher temperatures? Our max in summer is generally around 90, maybe 95 but the most normal is at about 85. Thanks for any add’l info!

    • I live in Hawaii, too. I make this sunblock, pour it in a glass jar, and it stays just fine (inside, outside, just not in the car). In fact, I think it’s easier to apply when it’s a bit soft.

  86. Is it possible to make the sunscreen without using any beeswax ?(“I can only get the bleached beeswax in South Africa and I believe it is bleached with hydrogen pyroxide, which can’t be good for the skin!).

    Would the sunscreen be less effective? or would it just change the consistency?
    Could I perhaps use castor oil which is easy to find here?

  87. I love your receipe.
    Can i put them in a small jar instead of making them bars?

  88. Hi – These bars sound great, I will definitely be making them because I have rosacea and I fry like a crispy critter in the sun. With these being solid, I can take them on an airplane and not have to worry about “declaring” them!

    Also, thank you so much for your wonderful website. I just found it today and I’ve been thrilled with all the incredibly helpful recipes and information you post!

  89. Hi, I read you post about the deodorant and how you make it into sticks. Since the recipes are the basically the same base, could I do the same thing with this to make sunscreen sticks ?

  90. OOPS, I forgot to say I love your website 🙂

  91. hello how many tablespoon of lotion do we put in the bottle of sunscreen we are making

  92. Wellness Mama!! I am LOVING this site!! Just found it 🙂 I saw where you said this made a dozen cupcake molds, do you sell them at all? I would be SO interested in purchasing some!

    Love your site! Thanks so much Katie for your time and info!

    Erica Montgomery

  93. Hi! Love this site. I’ve been making body butter with lemon essential oil and was planning to add zinc oxide to counteract the photosensitivity the lemon can cause. It doesn’t work that way? Why? It smells exactly like lemon meringue pie and I’d hate to have to scratch my recipe. Thank you !!

  94. Have you tried this on your face? I am trying to switch to all natural products but I live in Arizona and if I don’t wear sunscreen on my face I get terrible dark sunspots.

  95. My father who is a science teacher told me about titanium dioxide instead of zinc oxide for better sunscreen options. Now I looked on Amazon and the Titanium is water proof. Have you ever looked into it before ? I don’t know anything about it if it is truly safe to use. I like to use all natural as well as you and love your recipes.

  96. This recipe looks great and I can’t wait to try it out! The problem I’m having is that I can’t seem to find the zinc oxide powder. The few pharmacies I’ve asked haven’t even heard of it. One pharmacist, when I told her why I needed it, showed me the zinc oxide cream in the baby isle, but it’s mixed with petroleum jelly (just those two ingredients). I’ve seen that a few other people have asked about zinc oxide cream and I would’ve bought it but wasn’t sure about the petroleum jelly. Any info on this? Thanks!

    • Petroleum jelly isn’t the best. I just use the powder and there is a link in the article to where I buy it 🙂

      • Thanks! I checked out the link but they only ship with a minimum $100 order. I was able to track some down locally, though! (Thanks – I’m not a petroleum jelly fan, either.)

  97. I thought that both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide were known carcinogens? How is this more natural than store-bought? Am I missing something?

  98. Wellness Mama,

    Since I have noticed that beeswax is purchased by the ounce, I wondered, when you say 1 cup of beeswax, are you talking about 1 cup of the beewax pastilles or 1 cup of a grated or cut up beeswax? Do you know if 8 oz of beeswax would be one cup? Thanks so much for your help.

    • I am talking about the pastilles. 8 ounces would be more than one cup I think

  99. Wellness Mama,

    I apologize for being redundant. I now found where you had already answered the question about how many ounces of beeswax in a cup.

  100. Hi Wellness Mama,

    I wondered where you buy your Vitamin E oil? Thanks so much for your help.

  101. What is the approximate SPF when using two tablespoons of Zinc Oxide?


  102. I’ve been reading these comments and haven’t seen any mention of adding carrot essential oil which I believe has natural sunscreen properties. I found another recipe when I was searching that called for 1/2 cup of coconut oil and 10 drops of carrot oil it claimed 30 spf. 10 for the coconut oil and 20 for the carrot oil. It also said reapply often if in direct sunlight.

  103. Love how simple the recipe is, I am new to all this! 🙂 How much SPF is this recipe? Wanting around a 30spf and wasn’t sure how to figure out how much zinc powder to add to this recipe or if what you called for is enough? Thanks!

    • It is probably about 15-20. You can add carrot oil or raspberry seed oil to increase the SPF.

  104. I LOVE your whole blog and sometimes when some of us are sitting around wondering about different health questions or thoughts or natural recipes we say “Let’s check what Wellness Mama says,” Anyway, as I was getting ready to make your sunscreen bars for the summer I was e reading aver the internal SPF you recommend as far as supplements goes and I found this on Cod Liver Oil from Mercola…

    I’d like to know what you think about this…

    • I read this and looked in to it too… unfortunately, it coincided with his split from the Weston A. Price foundation and his release of his own Krill oil supplement which he promotes as an alternative to FCLO, so I don’t believe his motives are entirely pure!Also, the studies he refers to are testing regular cod liver oil and not fermented, which can go rancid, altering the form of Vitamin A. I also take Vitamin D or get adequate sun exposure with FCLO to make sure to keep Vitamin D and Vitamin A in balance, which is his main point in that article… Hope that helps 🙂

  105. I will definitely be trying this for me and my son who is 1.5yrs. If I were to try the supplements how do I get a little one to take them? Are there alternatives? I think I can get the vitamin D3 and C in powder but not sure about the fish oil? Thanks!

  106. Wondering if I can make these vegan by substituting the beeswax for something else? Also, wondering what the approximate SPF is,

  107. I hate to add ANOTHER question to this long list, but I’m shopping for Vitamin E oil, and can’t seem to settle on one. Do you recommend a particular one? (There are so many containing soy, which we DON’T use, and other fillers…)


  108. So excited to have found your website & recipes. Looking forward to making these today. I was reading through your bug repellent lotion bar recipe too – can the two be combined to make a 2-in-1 sunscreen/bug repellent bar? Infuse the herbs in the oil & then follow the rest of the directions for this recipe? Or, are there bug repellent EO’s you recommend using (individual oils, not blends) in this recipe? Thank you!!!!

  109. Katie, When I made these bars I didn’t have zinc oxide so I included myrrh and other oils that have a bit osf spf each and we love the bars. But now I have the zinc and was wondering if I could melt my remaining bars to add the zinc or I should make a new batch. Im concerned with heating up the oils that are already in the mix. Any help will be truly appreciated.

    • You can remelt them and you might just want to add extra essential oils if needed

  110. Can you use Tea Tree Oil in this recipe? I’m making these as a party favor for an outdoor wedding! Great price point for the bride on a budget:) Thanks!

  111. I have light skin and I burn VERY easily. I never use sunscreen lower than 50spf. I plan on making this. I go to a lot of music festivals, and they are very hot so I won’t be able to cover up. I’m gonna try to use an umbrella for the sun, but I can’t always do that. What is the max SPF I can make this? How much zinc oxide should I use for the maximum coverage? I don’t care about white streaks. I just want it to be easy to put on (so I don’t get deterred from reapplying. I expect to reapply very often) and work.

  112. Hello, thanks for all your wonderful posts!

    I just tried making these bars, but made a fatal mistake! I halved all of the ingredients (1/2 cup of the oils and wax) and accidentially put in 1/2 cup of zinc instead of 1 TBSP! Is there anyway I can still use these so the material isn’t wasted? Like remelting a half of one into a new batch, or should the zinc not be reheated?? Thanks for the advice.

  113. Love this mix, our family has used it for myrtle beach and Florida trips. Worked great, goes on white but then disappears. Be careful with anything that has coconut oil, it melts quickly and seems to find a way to leak out of any container. The best I have found is a glass jar and I still put it in a zip lock plastic bag. Thanks for the site. Love it!!

  114. I make these sunscreen bars every summer for friends and family so THANKYOU! After watching North By Northwest this morning about the importance to of protection from uva and uvb I was curious if the sunscreen bars are effective to protect from both? Thanks:)

  115. I have trouble with the zinc oxide blending. I always have some left at the bottom of the jar. I’ve added it slowly. Any tips for this?

  116. Why no citrus in the sunscreen bars? I wanted to add this “bug off” mix of essential oils.

  117. I just tried this recipe…I mixed all the ingredients (with the zinc) for at least 5+ minutes. I thought I had the zinc mixed into all the melted oils well so I poured it into many molds. When I got toward the end of the oils, it was a think, clumpy mess of melted oil with lots of zinc. Any advice on how to mix the zinc in better?

    Can I remelt the bars and then re-pour them to get the zinc more evenly mixed in?

  118. I’m vegan and would love to make this without the beeswax, is there an alternative to this ingredient? Thanks!

  119. Is the beeswax necessary & is it safe to use essential oils on kid’s face?

    • The beeswax keeps the bars from melting too much. I use them on my kids… I think it’s fine. If you are concerned, you could try it without the oils… They are mostly for scent anyway, and totally optional.

  120. I just finished making sunscreen and basic lotion bars that I intend on using on myself and my 6 month old daughter and noticed that the beeswax pastilles have a label on the back that says “WARNING: (California Proposition 65): This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.” Is this true?

    • That warning is on basically everything in California… basically, california Prop 65 mandated that if a chemical had the potential to cause cancer in any way it had to have that warning label. Definitely do your own research, but I don’t worry too much since practically everything we come in contact with will require that label

  121. Hi, I made a batch of sunscreen with the coconut oil, olive oil, zinc oxide, beeswax and vitE. it dried yellow, and it is somewhat hard. It does rub in, but i really wanted a softer consistency. So I have two questions: Can I go back and reheat the batch to fix the consistency? and what can i add to make it more liquid/softer, like a lotion?


  122. If someone else has already said this, I apologize for the redundancy. If you are especially sensitive to poison ivy, you may not want to use mango oil. I get poison ivy very easily and can enjoy mango very carefully, but MUST wash my skin well if I get mango on it. The two allergies are related. I just had a vision of what would happen if I smeared mango oil all over myself, and it wasn’t pretty. I hope this helps someone.

  123. Hi!

    I’ve been doing a lot of research on vitamin E oil and sweet almond oil…..do you recommend a company that is 100% pure and organic?


  124. Is this safe in newborns?

  125. Congrats Mama on an awesome website. I’ve been reading with great interest for hours and with anticipation of trying many of your recipes. I’ve made a list, but what to try first!
    I note the comment re: Vitamin E used as a preservative in a couple of your recipes and thought I would share info regarding Vitamin E and its function…
    Application: Vitamin E can be added into the oil phase of a formulation where it can work as a skincare active and an antioxidant to reduce the likelihood of oxidation of the formulation. Vitamin E is NOT a
    All the best and thanks for the time you take in sharing your info.

  126. I made my own sunscreen today for the first time. Can’t wait to try it out. Now my question is regards to cleaning my kitchen tools: my measuring cup, whisk, spatula! I have tried soap, lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda and muscle. I have a really hard time getting the white residue off everything. Any helpful comments would be much appreciated 🙂

  127. I’m going to use this recipe to make some sunscreen lip balms so I wanted to add a little vanilla to it. I have some vanilla absolute diluted in jojoba. Would adding vanilla cause any concern in regard to sun exposure? Thanks!

  128. Hi Katie,

    I only have a bit of beeswax left but i have a lot of soy wax. Would that be fine if i use 1/4 beeswax and 3/4 soy wax?

  129. My dermatologist told me that no amount of sun is OK. She also said that you will still get the benefits of Vit D with sunscreen on. The problem is not the few days we sit in the sun or suntan, although that is a problem.. The problem is cumulative sun over your lifetime. I have skin cancer on my left arm. That’s the arm that gets sun exposure when you drive. That is no coincidence. I also have it in the corners of my forehead where I tend to miss the sunscreen. Wear sunscreen every day-its the best thing you can do to prevent wrinkles, skin cancer and age spots. I have always used it on my face and I look twenty years younger until you see my hands and chest. Love the idea of this and will try to make it higher SPF. I also will poor some in a lip gloss tube to carry in my purse. My hands are in constant exposure to the sun from driving. This way I can reapply often. Great idea, Wellness Mama. Be careful about any sunscreenless sun exposure. I have large, noticeable scars from teeny, tiny dots of skin cancer. Hoping to protect you!

  130. I’ve been hearing a lot about carrot seed oil for sunscreen, fact or fiction?

  131. I just made it and use it today. I love it. But i want to know if it’s safe to apply on eyes and lips area. Thank you. I love your site!

  132. Hi Wellness Mama,
    I’m a huge fan of your website and diy products! I have a question for you. I have really oily skin and after about 30 min of applying any type of lotions, makeup on my face, it gets shiny. I am wondering if adding a bit of bentonite clay to your face sunscreen lotion (not the bars) would help with the shine. How about applying a bit of the bentonite clay onto face directly before applying makeup? Please send me your suggestions. Thank you so much!

      • What would you recommend in place of beeswax? I just found out I have an allergy to propolis in beeswax

  133. I’m going to Key West in a few months and want to make sure the sunscreen I use isn’t going to damage any of the coral while snorkeling. I’ve looked at various brands that say they’re reef safe, but they still contain questionable ingredients that I’m not comfortable using. I’ve used this recipe before and I would assume that it is safe, but I just thought I’d ask. So could this sunscreen be considered reef safe? Thanks!

  134. Hi,
    What would you say is the estimated cost involved with making a batch of sunscreen bars? I’ve found a woman who sells the bars and was trying to decide financially if I should buy hers or make my own.
    Thank you!!

  135. Hi, I found your site while looking for a recipe for lotion butter. On your zink it links to Amazon and the price is $15.99. I purchase most of my oils and bulk items from Bulk Apothecary and checked their price for the same 1 lb. is only $5.98 if you want to save some money 🙂 I have purchased many of their oils and bases and they have good prices and are fast shippers. I am not associated with them I just always check their prices first when I need these kind of things and thought I would pass it along.

  136. How do you think this would work with having photo-sensitivity as medication side effects? I don’t really burn until I’ve been outside a while, but even five minutes can leave my arms with a type of rash that gets really itchy and welts up? And sometimes the part of my chest exposed by my shirts (right next to my neck). Rarely anywhere else.

    I use coconut oil in my tea daily. I take Vitamin D3 (about 10,000 IU/daily as the winter months are winding down). I don’t take any vitamin C, as I’m on a ketosis diet, and without carbs, vitamin C is not needed. I can’t get fermented cod liver oil anywhere close to me or affordably. Is there are alternative. What about to the butter oil blend? And I don’t even know what Astaxanthin is….

    I have the coconut oil on hand, but not really any of the rest of it, and I am wondering what else might work??

  137. Can you give me some tips on how to get kids to take the fermented cod liver oil butter blend. I have the chocolate flavor, and keep it in the fridge. I scrape a small ball out of the bottle each day and swallow it like a pill. But it has been really tricky to find a way to get my kids to take it. Any suggestions?

    • Chocolate? Sounds like a smoothie! If you make them fruit smoothies you might be able to sneak it in… Do a sort of strawberry chocolate thing.

  138. is This recipe baby safe? I would like to use it on my 10 mo old

  139. Hello,
    First of all, this recipe seems amazing! So thrilled and cant wait to try it. I bought every ingretiend I need but I had a question…. I bought Beeswax and I was wondering if the 1 cup was for melted beeswax of solid cause this would double the dose…

    Thank you so much for your website! This is so amazing to be able to do everything at home! Specially love the deodorant recipe! Its amazing :)))

  140. Do you think adding citronella oil would help with bugs?

  141. I understand that raspberry seed oil has a high spf. It also has properties good for the skin. Would you recommend using it in the sunscreen as well, if so how would I incorporate it to the recipe?

  142. Hi,

    I can’t use any coconut products. Is there a substitute ingredient for coconut oil in your sunscreen recipe?

  143. Hey Katie!

    The link for the non-nano Zinc Oxide that you use is telling me that it is currently unavailable. They do not know when or if it will be back in stock. Is there another brand that you recommend?

    Thanks so much!

      • Thank you so much Katie! Thank you for the recipe, your suggestions, and your prompt response! 🙂 God bless you.


  144. I made the homemade sunscreen and was wondering how do you wash the containers? Since the substance is waterproof I am facing a difficult time with cleaning up.


  145. this may have been asked a million times but there are so many comments! lol How does the amount of zinc determine the SPF? More specifically how will I know what amount of zinc to use to get the approx. SPF I want. For example, the 2 tbsp in your recipe gives this an SPF of…?

    I hope this makes sense lol
    Thank you!

  146. Can you use carrot and red raspberry oil in this recipe??

  147. Do you sell these bars?

  148. I am looking for an infant safe sunscreen. Would this be safe for a newborn? We are avoiding prolonged sun exposure, but we want to get out safely with 2year old sister this summer!

  149. Is there another zinc oxide you’d recommend as the two links listed are unavailable.

  150. 1/4 cup of coconut oil in a cup of tea sounds like a lot. My doctor recommended more like a teaspoon per cup. Do you use 1/4 cup of oil??

  151. Just a warning – i put 1 tsp of carrot seed oil in mine and the smell is quite overwhelming! Not really in a good way either?

  152. I tripled the amount of zinc oxide in my recipe and it still didn’t work, I’ve been getting tan..which isn’t a good sign. I haven’t been spending much time in the sun, definitely less than 2 hours at a time. I even added red raspberry seed oil, which has it’s own spf. Does the liquid version work better?

    I had to invest in the ingredients so I really want to figure this out.

    • CAMILLE: I had the same problem… I added way more zinc and no help. An hr into the sun, I burnt. I don’t have raspberry seed oil but do have carrot seed oil, which I added. .. and no luck.

      • It’s frustrating isn’t it?! hopefully the author will offer some advice.. I’ve been using Blue Lizard sunscreen in the meantime but man, it’s expensive.

  153. Is there any way to avoid the clumping from zinc oxide? I want to make the sunscreen smooth but it always turns out clumpy? I’ve sifted the zinc, used less, mixed completely, blended longer and it’s always clumpy?

  154. Could you please confirm that you give all of these supplements to your children, except for astaxanthin? Thank you so, so much for sharing all of this with us! As a mama to 6, this website is such a blessing!

    • I do give the supplements besides astaxanthin to my kids (in smaller than adult doses), but check with a doc if you have any specific questions or concerns.

  155. This might be a silly question but when you say vanilla, is that vanilla extract or something else? Vanilla scent sounds lovely! 🙂

      • I wish I could buy the bars somewhere!

  156. What Vitamin E oil do you use? I have also seen jojoba oil and carrot seed oil added to similar recipes. Thoughts on those? Thanks!

  157. This sounds awesome! The only question I have is about it being water proof. The beeswax in it makes it water proof…Correct?

  158. What Vitamin E oil do you use?
    I have heard of using jojoba and carrot seed oil as well. What are your thoughts on those?

  159. I don’t have silicon molds. Do you think it would stick If I lined a muffin tin with wax paper? About how many normal size deodorant containers would one batch of this recipe fill? And (maybe I missed it) about what spf is this?
    And between this and your other recipe, which would be better overall for a day on the boat and in the water? I.e.: most waterproof and best sun protection so I am not a lobster at the end of the day ?
    Thanks a bunch I am excited to try it!

  160. Hi! Wondering how long this would last I. I don’t add the vitamin e oil? I don’t have any on hand… Also.. How long does it last with vit e oil?… And can you use this on your lips or do you have a recipe for lip sunscreen? My husband gets bad heat blisters and I’d like to find a home made recipe he can use! Thanks!

  161. I know some people already asked about turning this into a dual sunscreen and insect repellent, but I didn’t really see any answers about how effective that would be. You say in this recipe not to use citrus oils, but I knot some citrus oils can be very effective as bug repellents. Could we simply add some citronella oil to this recipe for a dual sunscreen and insect repellent?

    • I’d experiment with it, but I don’t see any reason that wouldn’t work.

      • citrus essential oils can cause the skin to be photosensitive to light. I’ve experienced what citrus EOs can do to skin when exposed to the sun and not only is it not pretty, it’s horribly painful. Please do not use citrus oils in your sunscreen!

  162. I want to make a combo insectrepellent sunscreen bar .do you think it would work?

  163. Where do you get your vitamin e oil? Is it safe for ingesting, or just for topical application? I’ve recently read/heard that jojoba is closest to our own skin’s sebum/oil that it’s great for nourishing the skin. Thoughts on jojoba oil in this recipe?

  164. Hi Katie, I’m getting ready to make these bars, and I thought I read somewhere the approximate SPF and now I can not find where I’ve read it. I have read thru all of this a few times and I’m just lost :/ can you help.. Please!! Thank You

  165. Vitamin E oil is actually NOT a preservative, Vitamin E oil IS an antioxidant. This means that when it is added to oils, it will HELP to prolong the shelf life of an oil otherwise exposed to oxygen and thus, oxidation. This is very true with oils. As soon as any sort of water base is added to a compound, that compound will develop mold, bacteria, and other nasty organisms in very short order unless a preservative is used. This will happen eventually even if that compound is refrigerated.

    One is much safer using a paraben-free preservative.

  166. Hi! I’ll be making these for folks and wonder the ‘guesstimate’ for spf? Thanks!