Supplements for Children

Best Vitamins and Herbs for Children

I’ve shared before the supplements I take regularly, and  which ones are I add in specifically during pregnancy or nursing.

Supplements for Children…

Another time when nutrition is incredibly important and sometimes difficult to accomplish is during childhood. I can’t emphasize enough how important a healthy diet is for growing children, but some nutritional gaps can still occur because of soil deficiencies, lack of variety in the diet, or environmental factors.

A high quality and varied diet should absolutely be the top priority but there are some supplements that can help fill in any holes in a child’s diet. Just as during pregnancy or nursing, this is a time when one should be very careful about the supplements given and choose only high-quality supplements from verifiable sources after checking with a healthcare practitioner.

On top of making sure that kids are consuming a lot of protein from quality sources, an abundance of green veggies and plenty of healthy fats, I often find that children benefit from:


If they’ve ever been on antibiotics, children can greatly benefit from quality probiotics. Their gut flora is still developing, and supporting gut health during childhood will have much more of an effect than attempting to supplement later in life (though I recommend it then too). We use several different types of probiotics on a rotating basis, and alternate between:

  • Bio Kult probiotics, The kids prefer these and they are small and easy to swallow (or even to chew for really young kids!). The capsules are individually wrapped and don’t have to be refrigerated, which makes them much more convenient. One capsule is typically adequate for children up to 12 years old. I take 4 of these capsules a day and others may need more or less. We’ve also given large doses of this to one of our sons while he was on the GAPS protocol.
  • Prescript Assist Probiotics + Prebiotics– Another really potent strain of probiotics that also includes prebiotic strains (which feed probiotics and can help them colonize). These capsules are a little larger and don’t taste as good so they aren’t a favorite with our kids, but we do rotate them in occasionally.
  • Probiota 12– A broad spectrum that we also rotate in and out, especially if we ever have to use antibiotics. These are also shelf stable and small capsules which the kids prefer.

It is unfortunate that probiotic supplements are even necessary. Once upon a healthier time, we were able to obtain all the strains of probiotics we needed from the food supply. Vegetables were not irradiated and sterilized so they contained soil based probiotic strains. Foods were often fermented to preserve them, creating a wide variety of native probiotic strains, and we didn’t use and overuse antibacterial soaps and antibiotics, which can alter gut bacteria.

With the constantly emerging evidence about the importance of gut bacteria for all aspects of health, this is one area I don’t skimp on with our family. Though we ferment foods like sauerkraut and water kefir for probiotics, don’t shy away from gardening and interacting with dirt, and don’t over sanitize, I still feel it is important to provide a variety of probiotics on a regular basis to support gut health.

I am hopeful that with all the emerging research, we will again start to understand the importance of living, probiotic-rich foods and bacterial exposure from other sources and address this problem on a wider level as well.

Vitamin D

Just as we used to effortlessly get Vitamin D from the environment (the Sun) as we did probiotics from food and soil, modern living has interrupted this normal pattern.

I’m a firm believer that kids should be getting their Vitamin D outside, in the sun, and preferably barefoot. This works great in the summer, but it is more difficult in the winter, or if you live in an area where you don’t have access to direct sun daily. We make a sincere effort to spend time outside gardening or playing each day in the summer to get both probiotics (from soil) and Vitamin D (from sun) but in the colder months, I am more careful to supplement if needed.

Most children’s vitamins contain Vitamin D but the issue of supplementing Vitamin D in children can be controversial. To make sure my kids don’t get too much or too little, we check their levels about once a year in the winter and supplement based on the results. I’d definitely recommend this, especially if you plan to give your children higher doses or supplement on a regular basis.

Vitamin C

I always keep Vitamin C on hand, and we’ve avoided many trips to the doctor because of this and Homemade Elderberry Syrup. I add about 1/4 tsp of vitamin C powder to the kids water or smoothie once a day (it is bitter!) to keep their immune systems bolstered… mainly in the winter. During illness, we take Vitamin C powder more often until the illness passes.

Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil

Cod Liver Oil is one of the toughest one to get kids to take, but the one I notice the most difference in their mood (much calmer) and concentration when they take it. It comes as a gel, and I typically add it to smoothies or spread on a banana nut coconut muffin to get them to take it (it tastes pretty awful by itself!) There are capsules of this, but my littler kids can’t swallow capsules, so we stick to the gel or liquid versions.

We also regularly consume high quality seafood and other health sources of fats to help absorption of all of these supplements.

Magnesium Spray + Baths

Magnesium has been a miracle mineral for me and it also helps my kids sleep well. Our favorite is this topical magnesium spray which can be sprayed on the whole body for absorption. It doesn’t burn or tingle like some brands do and I’ve also never had trouble with it drying out my skin like some types of magnesium do. I spray this on myself and my kids each night and it helped me avoid morning sickness with this pregnancy.

Another easy way to give kids a magnesium boost is to add about 1/2 cup of epsom salts or magnesium crystals to their bath water so they can absorb it through their skin.


Gelatin is excellent for intestinal health and for hair, skin and nails. We try to eat homemade bone broth regularly, but I also occasionally make the kids healthy jello and gummy vitamins to give them some extra gelatin intake. I drink it in smoothies or in warm water, and also sometimes sneak it into the kids smoothies. A kid-favorite treat at our house is homemade probiotic marshmallows with gelatin. I’ve been able to verify that this brand is from grass-fed, humanely raised cows and doesn’t contain any additives or pesticide residue.


We don’t routinely give our kids a multivitamin, but we have given them this brand before, especially during the winter or if there is a lingering illness just to give us all an extra boost.

Do your kids take supplements? Which ones do they take? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. We use the NOW Chewable vitamins (no artificial colors, dairy or wheat but does contain soy derivative), Barlean’s Lemonade Fish oil, and 2000 IU vit D3 most days.  They sometimes get gelatin in smoothies, all eat yogurt frequently so I don’t worry too much about probiotics unless there’s a bug going around or something.  This is for my 7, 5, 4, and 2 YO children.  My 11 YO daughter gets 2-3 capsules of the recommended 4 a day dose of Special Two by NOW (she started menstrual cycles over a year ago) , along with fish oil capsules, the 2000 IU vit D3, and probiotics when I think of it (our current brand requires refrigeration and I’m having trouble remembering to take them).  She also eats a lot of yogurt, though.

    • My 3 year old loves the Kids Kyo dophilus they are chewable tablets. I also give him fish oil gummied from puritans pride he asks me for his “gummy gums”
      after dinner : )

    • I like Natural Vitality Kids Calm Multi vitamin and Mineral supplement. It has very high amounts of calcium, magnesium and C compared with other multis plus extra brain nutrients and a blend of 24 organic fruits and veggies and 30 mg of protein from quinoa. I have been comparing a lot of different brands and once I started with this one I didn’t have to buy my kids extra calcium and only need extra C when they are sick now. I love it!

      • Does the Natural Vitality contains natural flavors, soy or milk? I really need something like that but not finding one that works my daughter has allergies!

      • Where do you find the Natural Vitality Kids Calm Multi vitamin and Mineral supplement and how much does it cost?

        • Vitamin shoppe.

      • My 4 yr old son takes Dr Furhman pixie vites. No added sugar, no preservatives, no artificial flavors/colors, no isolated vitamin a or beta carotene. Also no wheat, dairy, gluten or soy. They seem to work great and he loves the taste. Love that they have active folate and B12-methylcobalmin. I take his prenatal as well and love it as I have a MTHFR gene defect and can only assume one passed onto my son, so feel the active forms are best for him too.

        • Magnesium stearate is not that good?

  2. Thanks! Curious..I am going to try Natural Calm for my 3 year old son who battles constipation ( fear of it due to hard stools when an infant ) 1/2 a tsp a day…will that be too much over time? I had cut out all dairy but am going to start introducing raw milk back into his diet. Thoughts? Thanks WM! You rock 🙂

    • It shouldn’t be too much, and for constipation, you could probably give him more. I don’t have the bottle in front of me, but I’m pretty sure that 1/2 tsp is less than 100 mg, which is well within the safe range, even for kids…Especially if he’ll be getting calcium in the dairy, that won’t be too much at all.

      • One more thing 🙂 Does it matter what time a day I give him his magnesium drink? Thanks!

      • Is that 1/2 tsp of the regular natural calm or the kids multi one? Also, can i give some to my 15 month old daughter? She has hard stools. If not can i do milk of mag or epsom salt baths for her? How long can she stay in an epsom salt bath?

      • My son is having a hard time staying regular. The Dr suggested Miralx but I do not want to use that. I have used Natural Calm for myself and was wondering if 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons a day would be too much for him. 1/2 a teaspoon doesn’t seem to be enough for him.

        • I would check with Natural Calm to see what their recommended dose for children his age is.

          • Caution: My son’s dr said the Natural Calm was not the same type of magnesium that is needed to help him relieve constipation. It’s not one that your body can absorb and use she said. Magnesium hydroxide is the kind to help relieve constipation. Switching to the “right” thing has really been helpful. I put about 1/2 teaspoon on his water bottle and it’s enough to keep him regular without making him have the runs.

    • I know this is an old post BUT I was just given samples of Calm for kids! I am anxious to try it for my son who has bowel issues!

  3. Have you ever heard of Amazing Grass we put that in our Smoothies everyday. My son he is 4yrs begs for a green smoothie everyday he loves them. He also loves natural calm too.

  4. I really wish I could get my son to eat supplements. If it smells or looks weird no amount of bribery will work. I bought the Green Pasture Butter Oil/Fish blend in Cinnamon tingle … it is hard for me to eat it lol but I know its benefits so I just take a tsp straight. I tried mixing it in his yogurt but that did not work. I may try the mint liquid fish oil … maybe that will work. I also bought the Natural Calm Orange flavored and he won’t take that either. I will just have to use Epsolm salt.

    Gelatin in smoothies that is a good idea. All I have is Knox at the moment not Great Lakes (we will be moving soon so I can’t order it) is that ok? For the time being will the Knox suffice?

    I use to take chlorophyll years ago so its funny you mention it. It was minty and tasted fine but I don’t remember it having any affect. Maybe I didn’t use it for long enough? That may be something I could get him to drink .. possibly mask the liquid fish oil.

  5. What do you think of Garden of Life probiotics, or how about PB 8???  We seem to always have these two and Biokult on regular basis.  I wonder if we’re wasting money buying Garden of Life and the BP 8.   So confusing.  My kids take fermented (Mint) cod liver oil with some juice, usually it’s the Green smoothie by Odwalla and love it!  I give them probiotics, vitamin d and c in milk, and occassional multi by either Garden of Life Raw or one made by Natural Calm, liquid.  Some ContenTrace minerals and usually some Calc Phos and Calc Flor cell salts, at least twice daily.  I think that’s all 🙂  

  6. You have shared some really valuable information here and i especially enjoyed reading of your sneaky ways to get them into your kids.  I have to agree with you regarding multivitamins.   A good one is hard to find and I am not sure how I feel about them for that reason. Great reading and I look forward to visiting more.  

  7. My kids take vita c. Even fairly run of the mill chewables seem to make a big difference. I just got in our first order of bio-kult. Excited to see a difference. Gelatin should be here today. My 13 year old has always struggled with his teeth. Just found out he has three new cavities and a capped touth has been bothering him. Dietary changes have been the hardest with him. Pain has brought him fully on board. Says he is willing to do any weird thing I tell him. We are also taking apple cider vinegar twice a day. Any thoughts on that?

    • U bought bio kilt for your child’s teeth? Is bio kilt a type of multi vit

  8. I give my kids Catalyn chewable by Standard Process.

    • I do also; Catalyn Chewable by Standard Process.

  9. We switch off days…..M/W~ Cod liver oil (orange flavored)…..T/F~Acidopholis……S~ Chlrophyll…..W/Sun.~ Brewer’s Yeast Shakes & Vit. C powder. (We took some Vit. D this winter, but we live in So. Ca. and have had a very mild winter.)

  10. I’d be very careful giving your kids supplements.  Too much of certain vitamins and minerals can cause serious harm to your child.  I would ask your Pharmacist what they recommend.

    • Ask your pharmacist if they know what fermented cod liver is. Chances are they don’t. They are only DR’s of prescription pills. They are not educated on healthy natural vitamins…

      • My husband is a pharmD and he is very well educated on natural remedies and will most likely recommend it to someone before a script, as will the other two pharmacists he works with, and that is at a big chain store. I think that stereotyping is what causes people to not utilize pharmacists…they are educated in all areas, not just pharmaceuticals, and can be a great FREE resource for you.

  11. We use Shaklee for everything we give the kids now. Right now, my oldest is taking the multi vitamin and the mighty smart DHA chews. I am in the process of adding the energizing soy protein, cal/mag and optiflora. I’ve also been watching his diet closer than ever since we have really been noticing more ADD/ADHD symptoms. I have since become a distributor for Shaklee since learning so much 🙂

    • I’d be careful about the soy protein, especially with kids. It has a lot of estrogen-like compounds that can interfere with hormones.

    • Shaklee’s Soy Protein products have phytoestrogens which actually work to inhibit estrogens and thereby reduce the risks of estrogen fed cancers. It’s a little bit different from your everyday soy. 

      • All soy has phytoestrogens but they do impact the endocrine system and not always positively

  12. I am breastfeeding and she is 9 mos.  Our pediatrician told me to get a multivitamin for her.  What would you give a 9 mo old?  We live in Florida and I do get out in the sun with her about 4 out of 7 days.

  13. Hi! I ordered the Great Lakes gelatin through your Amazon link and they sent me the pork kind. Do you think it’s as beneficial as the beef gelatin or should I return it? Thanks!

  14. We use Shaklee supplements exclusively. It is the only brand I’ve found that has the extensive research and testing (published in over 90 peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals) to put my mind at ease. 

  15. Hi, I love your post however I was wounder about taking cod liver oil, because the liver is cleaning organ, would it be a risk to get polution from the the cod liver oil? When I breastfeed wouldn’t my baby get toxins from the cod liver trough the breast milk? Also what can I give my baby insted of cows milk when he stop breastfeeding???? Thank you 🙂

    • The liver is a detoxing organ, but it doesn’t store toxins, it just flushes them. As long as it is a quality source, liver is an amazing food for the body and especially for little ones or while pregnant. In many cultures around the world, pregnant women eat a lot of organ meats, fatty food, etc to support baby’s rapidly growing brain. When babies stop breastfeeding, they actually don’t need milk at all if they are getting a good diet, but raw goats milk or coconut milk (homemade) are both good options too.

  16. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this! I was told a long time ago about cod liver oil and how it might help my three year old with her autism. The problem was that at three she obviously can’t take the pills. No one thought there was any other way except to take the pills, or to put the oil in a smoothie which she won’t drink. 

    Pretty much everything I’ve tried she refuses to do. She won’t eat fish or anything the color green. This actually gives me things I think will work with her now instead of things I might be able to try when she is twelve or at the very least when she starts talking. And that might not happen for a few more years if it ever happens at all.

    • I would definitely start by removing gluten, dairy, and soy from her diet completely. You can supplement Nordic naturals omega 3 liquid or cod liver oil liquid and mix it in some juice. It is flavorless. She would probably benefit from some strong probiotics as well. There are MAPS doctors who can help your child reach her full potential and you can find one on the generation rescue website. TACA is another great online resource.

  17. How much of the cod liver oil/butter oil do you recommend for kids and adults?  Our son is 19 months and I would like all of us to start taking it.  Also, what flavor is your favorite for the gel?  Random thought…Do you think that the capsules could be ground up and add to something?  Really worried about the flavor of the gels.  🙂 Thanks…I am new to your site and love it!

    • Unfortunately, the capsules are gel on the inside, though my kids eat the capsules and chew them no problem. I give my kids (11 months and 2 years) about a teaspoon a day each. They like the chocolate or the cinnamon best. I keep in the fridge to let it be hard and then put some on a spoon and they just chew/swallow it no problem. I’ve also dipped it in honey at first to help them get it down but now they do it no problem. Honestly, I think they have less trouble with it than I do…

      • Sorry, one additional question…do you mind telling me how many of the gel bottles you go through in a month?  I am interested in the green pastures that you recommend but am trying to budget costs.  There would be 3 of us taking it – myself, husband and baby.  I am guessing an adult would take 1 or 2 teaspoons?

        • Probably 1-2. If you get the gel, you can probably spread one bottle out for all of you in a month.

  18. We are on a limited budget and some of these supplements can be fairly expensive…especially the fermented cod liver oil and butter oil. What are the most important supplements to give if I can’t afford them all and is regular cod liver oil sufficient? I have a 2 1/2 year old and 1 year old. Thanks!!


    • For littles, I have the Fermented Cod Liver OIl and probiotics at the top of the list. I also add epsom salts to their baths for magnesium. They eat a really nutritious diet, so I feel like the FCLO and probiotics fill in any gaps. I haven’t used much regular cod liver oil, but if it is high quality, it should be fine.

      • What is the difference between regular and fermented cod liver oil?

        • From my understanding, fermented is more absorbable and carries less of a risk of overdose (which is highly unlikely anyway). Personally, I noticed a difference when I switched from regular to fermented…

  19. All three of my children are antibiotics for strep throat. Should I give them a probiotic while they are on the medicine? Will it make the antibiotic less strong and possibly not work on the infection? Thanks.

    • I always give double dose probiotics during and for a few weeks after antibiotic use. I asked a doctor this when my husband was in the hospital with a c-diff infection and on some really nasty antibiotics, and he said that probiotics are fine to use during antibiotic use and that they should be used afterward as well to rebuild gut bacteria.

      • Love your website. I have a question though — I have had the unfortunate experience of having c-diff colitis from a strong antibiotic to get rid of a sinus infection 2 years ago May now.  Anyway, I was wondering if your husband ever feels any adverse reactions from that infection.  Sometimes my lower back hurts when I am constipated and wonder if it is something related to the c-diff or just a coincidence.  Which I am aware that the colon and such goes along that route and it could just be that, but I have noticed more of a difference since that bout.  I am glad to say that I have not had antibiotics since that time and do take some probiotics (not as faithfully as I should sometimes).  I have just purchased Dr. Mercola’s probiotic powder for myself and husband and children — my husband doesn’t take it much, but the children like it and also we got the Dr. Mercola Krill Oil.  He had an article about the krill oil and said it was better than the cod liver oil.  Anyway, his website is almost as phenomenal as yours — yours has more info for every day use though! 🙂  We also take the Dr. Mercola Vitamin D spray — easy for the kids to take.  Dr. Mercola has a kids Krill Oil and the capsules are very small so the children can swallow it easier.   Thank you for all your research and knowledge.  I am slowly changing over our household.  I am also been wanting for a while to get into Holistic Nutrition and to get my Masters in Holistic Nutrition — any ideas on any certain colleges on that — I have tried researching, but have found some Natural Health colleges but I don’t know how well known they are and was wondering if you had any idea about them.  Thank you for everything.  Sorry to take up so much time with my typing away.

        • It might help to do a really strict 30-days with no grains, sugars, dairy, nightshades, sweeteners, nuts and minimal fruit. Those symptoms could still be from c-diff. He hasn’t had any trouble since his surgery but we’ve had him on a really careful diet and supplements to build his system back up. During that month, I’d concentrate on lots of probiotics, fermented foods and the supplements you are taking, along with some healthy sun exposure and easy exercise (walking, swimming, etc) and lots of sleep. This will give your body some time to fight any residual infection if there is one. As for education… good luck! Unfortunately, many of the online ones are not accredited and most accredited schools aren’t on board with the holistic mindset at all. I went through a traditional nutrition program and knowing what I know now, I don’t think I could do it again. Thanks for reading 🙂

          • Thank you so much!  I will try that.  Thankfully my c-diff wasn’t too bad and I didn’t even have to be hospitalized but it was bad enough to always have it at the back of your mind of wondering if you have it again or not.  I will try to 30 day restrictions along with the other suggestions.  That is what I was afraid of on the education part.  Thank you for everything. 

  20. Hi, Do you think Great Lakes pork gelatin is ok to use. I accidentally ordered some thinking I was getting the beef. Thanks!

    • It should be fine. When I talked to their company, they said their pigs were pastured as well and that they used the same quality standards, so it should be fine.

  21. hi there,
    with regards to the chlorophyll, you say “a glass of chlorophyll in water every day”….little bit confused what you mean by this? thanks!

    • Poor wording… sorry… i drink a teaspoon to a tablespoon in a glass of water a day…

  22. You said your kids can’t swallow the Cod liver oil capsules so you use a gel. You recommended the Green Pastures brand, but that looks like a capsule. What gel do you use? Thanks!

    • Green pastures has a gel also… they probably have it on their website if Amazon doesn’t have it in stock currently.

  23. We use Natural Vitality’s Kids Natural Calm Multi. It does have fish oil although not enough. I have been researching about the magnesium and really agree this a necessary ingredient needed for everyone. I would be interested to know what you think about it. It is truly hard to find something that I trust to give to my kids as we transition into eating better.

  24. Great information! Our family eats Juice Plus+ and it is completely safe for children as it is food!! We take the capsules daily and my kids can eat the chewables anytime they want a snack.

  25. Hi Katie! First thank you for these blogs. I truly don’t know where I would be without you. I have purchased almost every supplement you recommend and have started cleaning green! One question I have is my 2 year old is on Garden of Life Vitamin Code chewable. I have heard this is the best multi…can you tell me what you think about it. I can’t see anything it is missing, but I am no expert! I also am giving her probiotics, extra d3 and c right now. What can I give my 11 month old who doesn’t have many teeth? Thanks!!

    • Garden of Life is pretty good too… for little ones, I just do lots of bone broth and probiotics in food before they have teeth, and small amounts of FCLO if they take it…

  26. I make yogurt that my kids eat most everyday, and understand that the probiotic content in homemade yogurt is fairly high. Do you think this is a sufficient source?

  27. How did you give your 8 month old FCLO? I’m curious because I’d like to start giving it to my baby. I’d love to hear what your method was and did you use flavored FCLO?

    • I just use the FCLO/Butter oil emulsified one and keep it in the fridge so it is thicker. I just scoop out little spoonfuls with a baby spoon and she eats it no problem, though some moms dip in maple syrup to help it be more palatable…

      • thank you!

      • Hi there, I have been looking at products to see what to give my daughter, She’s 11 months . Do you think giving her 1 tsp of garden of life FCLO is okay? And could I give her garden of life raw green powder? If so how much? For adults it’s one scoop and 4 and up its half a scoop. I just don’t want to give her to much.

  28. Hi. The Chlorophyll supplement seems to also contain parabens (it says on the bottle). Should we be concerned?

  29. Garden of Life has a good children’s multi vitamin….

  30. Question my daughter has psoriasis, mainly on her scalp, behind her ears, she also had a patch on her eye lid. I’ve tried to control it with medicated ointment from Her physician, but I read that this can also be treated with vitamins. I read that fish oils, and also zinc and vitamin d would help, but I don’t know how much to give her and don’t want to give Her too much. I just need help as she is at the age where her peers start to notice and I dont want her to become self concious about this. Any help or suggestions , also here is my email to answer me directly.

    • Hi…FWIW, I had psoriasis as a child and my grandmother, who was a nurse, told me to drink aloe vera juice. I drank a cup each day for about 1 year and all symptoms subsided. I don’t have a problem with it as an adult. Good luck!

  31. My son takes a Rainbow Light multivitamin “star” every day. It’s dairy, egg, soy, and gluten free. It’s pretty good, but it does have really low levels of a few vitamins/minerals, but since he has a great diet, I’m not really concerned with that.

  32. You said you use Bio Kult for your children and I was wondering at what age that is safe to use? I have a 6 month old and a 22 month old that I am wanting to start on probiotics.

      • Do you give them the whole capsule of powder or less?

  33. I’ve heard that when taking a magnesium supplement, that it should be taken with calcium? Is this true? I have been taking NOW brand calcium and magnesium powder, which also has vitamin D in it. I’m not sure that I actually need the extra calcium, but I for sure need the magnesium. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks!

    • Most people have too much calcium and not enough magnesium…

  34. Kirkman’s Children’s Chewables are free of casein, gluten, soy, wheat, artificial colors or flavors, gelatin and yeast. Thanks for this post… we’re going to try the cod liver oil capsules.

  35. I’d like your opinion on Liquid Health Children’s Multi. I’ve been using this brand for a few years now for my kids.

  36. Which of these supplements would you give a 1 year old since they can’t swallow pills? How much of the biokult would you give??

  37. i use the Nutrilite vitamins for everyone in the family. If you are ever around Los Angeles area, you can visit their farms and manufacturing facility.

  38. Having trouble finding chlorophyll dosage for me almost 4 year old. She is experiencing fatigue, achiness, and on and off fever from eating monchong (fish). Any suggested links on where to find info. Mahalo

  39. My son was diagnosed with ADHD and immediately prescribed Adderall 5mg. I am a parent that does not condone psychological medication due to the harmful side effects and the damage it does to a child period. I have done so much research to the point I am wanting to pull my hair out! I would like to go the natural and herbal route and changing his diet. Please any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. So far I have put him on a all natural children’s DHA, EPA and Omega 3-6-9 Gluten free and no GMOs or artificial colors and flavors. Is their something else I can give him with this to help with concentration, focus hyperactivity and decreased attention span. Thanks

    • I herd cat nip tea helps

  40. How much of the fermented cod liver and butter oil did you give to your 6th month old?

  41. Thank you for all the information. It is very helpful as a mama to know if I am giving my children the correct supplements. I have a question. How many billions should I be giving my 6 and 8 year old of probiotics? On a daily basis, I give them a probiotic I billion strain, and Vitamin C 100mg. Is that sufficient? Thank you in advance for your response.

  42. My boys take Juice Plus+ chewables which is whole food nutrition from 25 fruits, veggies and grains. What do you think of them? I sell them so I hope you think they are ok!
    They don’t take a multivitamin but do take Nordic Naturals Omega 3s. They used to take natural Factors Vitamin D3, then we tried Nordic Naturals but I was looking for something new. I don’t know how they would do with Cod Liver Oil. Any suggestions on a reputable D3 chewable?

  43. What age would you recommend starting to add Epsom salt to baths for the little ones?

  44. Hi there, I’ve been looking into getting my son on a multi vitamin as well as some other supplements and I have a few questions. One is how much Epsom salt do you put in a bath and how often? Second is do you know anything about melaleuca brand supplement, probiotics, and the omega 3 oil? I have a friend who is obviously trained to tell me how great they are and how break through the technology is and I’m wondering if there is any truth to that. Thank you so much for you site and any info you can give me. I’m really just starting out, but I want my son as healthy as possible!!

    • I haven’t found their products to be any better than others, and I’m personally cautious about network marketing products.

  45. How much of the probiotics do you recommend I rub on my 3 month olds cheek?

  46. Hi there,
    My 9 month old is lactose intolerant. Im wondering if giving him the probiotics you recommend would help him digest milk better??

    • Possibly, but there is likely a gut issue that need to be fixed with a special diet and gut recovery program

  47. I give my 6 year old Natural Calm, but I was wondering if it is ok to give to my 2 year old. I would love to find something to help her sleep better. I am convinced that my husband and I just breed nocturnal children :).

    • I’ve given it to my kids at that age, but check with a doc if you aren’t sure

  48. My nursing son is 6 months.we discovered He is allergic to dairy. Will the fclo blend with butter fat be okay to take.. im assuming no.? Should I stick to the plain FCLO? And since I am nursing when can I start giving this to him.. and how much for him..? (I plan to nurse for a while.. ) Myself(nursing)? Daughter 5? Thank you so much ….your blog has changed our life! Oh off topic.. but how much zinc oxide should I put in the bug bars for my infant? After this bad weather when he can get to go outside we will have both bad sun and terrible mosquitos on his never exposed skin…
    Thank you again!

    • Ask a doc for sure but I’d stick with the regular if there is an allergy. I give to my kids starting at about 4 months before they get anything else. I take a teaspoon or more a day while pregnant or nursing and my kids get about 1/4 tsp. I’d start with 2 tablespoons or more if needed on the zinc oxide

  49. Hi, I’ve recieved the Bio Kult (thanks for sharing your personal info) but noticed some of the bacteria strains are derived from milk. I have kids with sensitivities that get ear/sinus infections, and one who has a serious allergy to dairy. I’m sure I have healed his gut, because he no longer seems to react to cross contamination and can eat a little bit of food in powdered milk form with no reaction like he used to. But I think it still does something to his kidneys, because he has to pee a lot. Do you give this to your child with dairy a sensitivity/allergy too? I’m so greatful for your info on magnesium, I think that’s a huge step forward in the right direction for my family. Thank you!

    • My dairy sensitive son does fine with bio kult and they are recommended for GAPS when dairy is avoided in certain stages 🙂

  50. What would you recommend for a 1 yr old? He’s eating some solids but not much yet. Thank you!

  51. Hi Katie – I just want to be sure – even an infant can take 1 capsule per day of Bio Kult, correct? I’ve been giving my 3 month old daughter 1/2 capsule, but not on a regular basis, and she’s been struggling a lot with bowel movements, so I’d like to give her 1 per day, as I think it will help greatly.

    • I’m not a doc so I can’t recommend anything but I have given my own kids that dose at that age.

  52. Do you give any extra calcium supplements? We don’t really drink a lot of milk.

  53. At what age can you start giving FLCO? I am currently nursing, she is 11 weeks old today. Can I just double up on it?

    • I take more while nursing and give to babies around three months (only thing they get before at least 6 months).

      • Ok thank you. How much do you give at that age? How do you give it to them without them spitting it out? It is probably to early to give them the FLCO/BO correct?

  54. How many epsom salt baths per week do you recommend for kids (ages 2 and 5)?

  55. Hi! I had been giving my kids 1/2 a tsp of the cod liver oil and just brought home the cod/butter oil mix and noticed the dose is lower. (1/2 tsp instead of 3/4) do you know why the difference? How much do you give your kids? Mine are 3&4

  56. I ordered the Dr. Mercola children’s multivitamin that your post linked to from Amazon. When it arrived, it had a warning label for California residents that the product contained a chemical that was known to cause birth defects and reproductive health issues. It did not say which chemical. As well, the ingredients listed contained citric acid, which we were not comfortable with. We were able to return it and I found another supplement that more suited our needs. Thank you for your information leading me down a path to answers, but I thought this was important info for you to have.

  57. Hi. My husband and I have just started taking a TBSP of organic liquid Chlorophyll everyday. We noticed a dramatic increase in our health within two weeks. We were wondering if we could give it to our three-year old daughter too? Thank you!

  58. Hello, and thank you for your site!:) I’m new to supplements and fairly new to a healthy lifestyle. I’m wondering if you know anything about the supplement “happy gut” from the bulk herb store. Is that a good one? Also I read a article about fermented cos liver oil not being a good thing to take as the ratio of vitamin A and D and that krill oil would be better? Do you know anything about this or if it is true? I’m interested in remineralizing my families teeth as well as getting healthy!Thank you very much again!

  59. Do you give your children omega 3 supplements? If not, may I ask why you chose not to? Thank you!

  60. Can you tell me which ingredient it is in Mercola’s Children Multivitamin that requires a warning label on the bottle for known birth defects in California? I ordered this for my children and now I’m scared to give it to them.

  61. I ordered the mercola’s children multivitamin as we’ll and it did have a warning label that it contained an ingredient that could cause birth defects. What is another children’s multivitamin?

  62. Hi, I use the Bio kult probiotic with my family as well. My daughter who is 2 years olds seems to get loose stools after being on it a few days. Have you ever experienced this with your children? Are there any other brands you might recommend?
    Thank you!

    • Our son with digestive issues had this at first. Prescript Assist is another good brand

  63. Hey There!

    My husband and I love your blog. We do not have any children yet, however we have begun changing our lifestyle in preparation. We wanted to stop taking synthetic vitamins and (questionable) supplements, but had no idea about the organic brands available. This is a site I came across that we used to atleast point us in a better direction since there are soo many companies out there it’s a bit overwhelming.

    Hopefully this might be helpful for others in a similar situation.

  64. Would you put the probiotics in baby food for an 8 month old?

  65. Is it safe to give my 10 week old baby biokult mixed with breast milk? And if so, how much? And also, is that ok for him in addition to the biokult probiotic he is getting through my breast milk?

  66. Hi! Would you please weigh in on Catalyn by Standard Process? Specifically, I would be interested in any peer reviewed studies you may know of….seems Google search results are from those with a vested (not unbiased) interest in the product. Thanks very much! And thank you for all you do to help others!

  67. I used to work for an independent natural foods chain and we only sold vitamins/supplements we did extensive research on. My family liked Barleans Fish Oil Swirls – it was the only fish oil I ever found that didn’t give you the fishy ‘burps’ later! Over the years we tried several brands incuding Nordic Naturals gummies (for kids) Standard Process Catalyn, Source Naturals multis, NOW vitamins (a little budget friendlier), etc. A great gluten-free kids vitamin is Hakuna Matata vitamins ( – they’re chewable and taste really yummy so kids like them a lot.

    Thanks Wellness Mama!

  68. My 4 year old will not take the Green Pastures fclo….She will take Alms Bio and/or the Barlean’s Omegas. Any thoughts? Are either of these a comparable substitute? Thanks so much!

  69. Spirulina from a trusted source is an all in one superfood I give my toddler since she was 8months old. Being vegetarian am not worried if she’s getting enough proteins, b12 and other vitamins and minerals kids need – everything she needs is in there !

  70. Plus kefir of course !! She loves it. Kefir has changed our lives.

  71. My 18 month old has been taking Green Pasture FCLO since 5 months old. I give her 1 tsp a day. We live in Northern California.

    You mentioned testing your children’s Vitamin D levels in the winter. Why? And should I be considering this for my family as well?

    Thank you!

    • Since where we live gets very cold in the winter and the kids don’t spend a lot of time in the sun (they go outdoors but they are bundled up) so their levels may get low. I test to make sure they are getting enough.

  72. When I make Mac Cheese I use a little extra milk then add some great lakes gelatin : )

  73. Hi Katie–love all the info on your blog!
    I have two questions.
    First, I was diagnosed with Lymes during my pregnancy and started taking Amoxicillin when I was diagnosed and will continue until I finish breastfeeding to hopefully prevent baby from getting it as well. I took Biokult and Sacchromyces B. during pregnancy, but now that I have had my baby, she gets terrible gas pains and cries for hours because of it. When I stop taking all my probiotics her gas decreases significantly. Any recommendations for her and/or for me? My doctor recommended probiotic-rich foods instead to see if that bothers her stomach, but is that enough in your opinion? And I’m nervous to smear any probiotics on the inside of her mouth as I’ve seen her in so much pain from getting it through my breast milk. I want her (and myself) to have a healthy gut, especially since we will both be on amoxicillin for over a year, but I also can’t have her screaming in pain for hours.
    Secondly, you mentioned you give each of your kids VD 5,000iu weekly–at what age do you start that dosage? My holistic doc recommended my infant to get 1000iu every other day via drops and my 2yo 1,000iu daily. I’m guessing my 2yo would be fine with the 5,000iu weekly? At what age do I start that dosage for my younger daughter?

  74. Hi I have a 2.5 yr old who takes a whole food multi vitamin, a probiotic and I wanted yo start him on fclo from green pastures. We don’t have a great diet because we are living with family right now. Should I keep giving him the multi along with the fclo or would that be to much vit d or a? I have been trying to find a reliable chart with suggested ants so I know if I am overdosing…I also have a newborn who is breastfeeding. I take the mykind prenatal, a probiotic and planning on taking the fclo also. Is that to much for me or the newborn? Thank you, I really enjoy reading all that you have to say 🙂

  75. Hi,
    I recently discovered you WM and I am loving your blog. I have a two year old and would love to get him started on probiotics , vitamin c and natural calm (as well as taking it myself). At what age did you start implementing these supplements for your children. Also, I am 32 weeks pregnant with my second baby….did you take all these vitamin/supplements during pregnancy as well.
    Thanks for all the great info,

  76. What supplements would you suggest giving to a 1 year old who is still breastfeeding. If any? Will she be getting enough nutrients/supplements threw me? Also between taking the cod liver oil and the prenatal vitamin you suggested would that be too much vitamin A?

  77. Hi Katie,

    I have a 6 month old baby girl and I still bf, but she just recently started with solids. I am doing the baby led weaning method and I am wondering when can she start with these natural supplements you’re talking about here. Any thoughts? Many thanks in advance!

    • I started mixing in things like cod liver oil and probiotics into my kids’ food when they started eating solids.

  78. My two yr old has chronic constipation since she was 10 months old, and I have recently gone dairy free, gluten free for her for the last three months and nothing works. I want to start the magnesium because Miralax helped but I have stopped it, it’s not good for her even of the pediatrician recommended it. I will do the 1/2 tsp natural calm and the Epsom salts like you suggested. Thx. I also do the bio kult probiotic every day and the FCLO and gelatin for her. I also do that same multi vitamin. Sounds like I am doing everything but the magnesium. Maybe that will be the key.

  79. Hi, thanks for all the great info! My kids struggle with cavities and I read that cell salts will help. Have you heard of this?

  80. Just wondering if there is a reason you give them the red can of gelatin over the green?

  81. These are all great information especially to new moms out there. I love your ways of slipping vitamins into your kids. A million reasons to eavesdrop your answers to my struggles.

  82. Just wanted to put the Kirkman brand on the board. My son is on the spectrum, so supplements are a big part of his treatment and the brand his doctor recommends. His doctor is legally liable advising supplements, so this brand is heavily researched, studied, etc.

    Kirkman has a FABULOUS Probiotic – they make a chewable, 20 billion CFU’s per ONE chewable!
    There chewable multivitamin/minerals are great as well. MY sons takes several other supplements, Kirkman has an entire line.

    They have plenty of supplements for adults as well, and an entire Prenatal line.

    Thanks for all of this fabulous information from the Wellness Mama and followers alike!

  83. What’s the difference between the Advanced Multi Strain Bio Kult and the Bio Kult Infantis? We have the regular Bio Kult, which I want to give to our newborn since I (and she) received antibiotics during labor and delivery… but my husband is skeptical of giving her an “adult” probiotic instead of one made specifically for infants…?

  84. Is Xylitol a concern? It’s typically found in most vitamins for kiddos.

  85. My daughter is two and very picky! She doesn’t get junkfood but I don’t feel like she gets a good variety in her diet. I’ve been giving her garden of life chewables and Nordic naturals kids cod liver oil. Do you think this is too early to be doing that? She loves them! I saw someone mentioned it above but nobody responded so I’m worried it may not be a good brand. I don’t want to mess with hormones unintentionally.

  86. Hi- I have a 10 month old baby and want to know all the supplements you use especially to build strong bones. His bone cracks

  87. I saw on pinterest you posted something about a childrens laxative/ constipation remedy. I have a very picky eater who unfortunately does not like many vegetables or fruits either 🙁 Do you use a coconut oil “treat” to help get things moving for the kids or will simply adding epsom salt to the bath help her? The doctor prescribed miralax but i did NOT like the info i got on it, plus it just made the situation worse in my opinion. So, we tossed it.

  88. Can anyone recommend a multivitamin for a 14 month old? Thanks!!

  89. Hello there, Thank you for all your great posts, My little guy has fish allergy. He is 27 months. Can I give hime the FCLO/HBO? Thanks

  90. I’m just wondering if there are any dangers of doing the sleepy time spray or magnesium body butter on my 18 month and 3 year old?
    Thank you!

  91. Hi! I’m just wondering if anyone knows the equivalent of magnesium flakes used in bath water as opposed to the spray. For example, could I do a magnesium flake bath with my 5 yr old who struggles with eczema once a week instead of spraying her with the oil every day? The oil kinda itches. Just curious. Thx!

  92. When do you start giving your children probiotics? How do you give it? What brand do you use? My two year old is already taking a probiotic but we started giving it to him too late in my opinion. I also have a little one (6 months old) and I want to start giving her one but unsure if its too early. Thank you WM for all that you do! You have opened my eyes to so much and have helped me make healthier choices for my family.

  93. Thanks Wellness Mama for all your posts. I’m currently on the path to healing my adrenal fatigue which I learned was part of what was wrong with me through your site (trying to eat paleo, use magnesium, vit. D, and K). I always thought that since we ate clean and very healthy we didn’t need supplements, but now I realize we need to get them! I currently give my 6 month old 1/8 tsp and 4 year old 1/4 tsp Garden of Life probiotics, but that’s it. I know you’re getting this question a lot, but what Fermented oil should I get and how much should I give them? I should also mention, my 6 month old is no longer breast fed (Nature’s Only brand). With all of the health problems I experienced after his delivery I could no longer produce milk 🙁 my body is wrecked 🙁

    • I’ve used Green Pastures for years with good results, though it is controversial now. The Rosita Extra Virgin CLO is another good option that I’ve used…

      • Hi-What multi vitamin can I give my 16 month baby please. He’s lacking vitamins .. He’s always put things in his mouth

      • Why is green pastures now controversial? Mercury from fish? I use them for both my girls I want to stay on top of things

      • Ok read the article on FCLO controversy, what do you think about Pharmax Cod Liver Oil? If other fermented foods are part of the diet is regular CLO ok if from a clean source? Thoughts?

  94. Recently I was told I should be rotating my probiotics with another kind. My whole family, including my 2 year old, take BioKult. Do probiotics become less effective over time if they are used exclusively? What would the schedule look like if I were to rotate a probiotic? Biokult 4 days, the other probiotic 3days?
    Thank you!

    • I do also take prescript assist at times, but since we eat a wide variety of fermented foods, I’m not too concerned about lack of diversity in our probiotic strains. There is some evidence that taking only an isolated probiotic can be less effective over time as the gut is an ever-changing environment.

  95. I love the Zahler brand. They have a fantastic, great tasting all natural childrens line. Their products are top of the line. I usually order on Amazon (
    I give my kids the Junior D3, Junior Multi, Kidophilus, and Junior Omega. Their stuff are fantastic! I recommend for anyone to try them out

    • Hi- 4-6 years old … Can still give my 16 month baby this multi vitamin?

  96. I have a 14 month old that has an MTHFR mutation. I want to start her on a proper multivitamin and probiotic. How much of the BioKult would you give to a 14 month old? Or should I buy the infantis one?

  97. Hi- what do you put in the green smoothies for toddler to meet their dailyl supplement? I order the Rosita extra virgin cod liver oil, pure radiance vitamin c, ease magnesium, prescription assist and natural calm. I’m missing anything?

  98. I am searching for a good MVI to give to my 3 and 5 year old. I was about to buy the Seeking Health Optimal MVI recommended in the above post, but then saw there is a Prop 65 warning for them. Are they still safe or should I avoid? Does anyone know something about this? Thanks!

  99. Iodine is a very important vitamin every woman especially pregnant women should be taking. If people are using sea salt or Himalayan salt without iodine added, you are not getting enough iodine. Iodine is not in all supplements and not in all prenatal supplements and if you or your kids are not taking supplements with iodine, unless you are eating kelp on a regular basis, you are not getting enough iodine. Not getting enough iodine during pregnancy can cause mental retardation and autism along with birth defects and so on. Also for a growing child it can cause stunted growth and lower IQ. When people go all organic and decide supplements aren’t necessary without learning about each and every vitamin including iodine and use salts without iodine added in with not providing their children supplements it makes me cringe. At least give them kelp every once in a while. Other foods contain iodine at low levels to none. Not even close enough to make sure you don’t have an iodine defecency.

  100. I was wondering if you and your family were using FCLO from Green Pasuture or Virgin Cod Liver Oil like Rosita?

    • I’m still using the the Green Pastures…