Natural Hair Growth Oil for Men

Natural Hair Growth Oil for Men with Castor Oil -black seed oil-herbs

I don’t write many posts specifically for men, because men typically require fewer personal care products. I’ve shared the natural shaving options that my husband uses, and this is another recipe for men that I just had to share.

Many men notice thinning or balding hair as they age. Women typically only get the pleasure of this experience after a pregnancy (so much fun- you just created an entire human being and now you get to lose your hair too!).

When experimenting with natural ways to encourage hair regrowth for myself after a pregnancy, I realized that one of my concoctions would be just as effective on men and that many guys might like some help to avoid hair loss.

Natural Oils to Encourage Hair Growth

There are a variety of natural oils that encourage hair growth quickly and easily. In this recipe, I use:

  • Castor oil – which is used for detoxification in remedies like castor oil packs and which I’ve used to thicken/lengthen my hair and eyelashes. It works for guys too! Castor oil not only helps avoid hair loss, but it can double or triple normal hair growth rates (my hair grew 1.5 inches in a month using it twice a week). I get mine here, but it is also available at Mountain Rose Herbs.
  • Black Seed OilBlack seed oil has many benefits but it is especially wonderful for hair growth. It can help remedy some fungal infections that lead to hair loss, and may also help avoid thinning hair in the first place. It can be used internally or topically, just test a small amount on the skin of the inner arm to make sure there is no sensitivity before using on the head or any large area of the body. (I use this one but for this topical recipe, it could also be ordered from Mountain Rose Herbs)
  • Rosemary Oil – Well known for its ability to stimulate hair growth, rosemary is often added to hair-growth treatments and shampoos. Adding a small amount creates a manly smell and increases the effectiveness of this recipe. (I use this one)
  • Lavender Essential Oil – Also useful for improving skin health and hair growth. It helps mellow out the scent of the black cumin seed and rosemary to create a refreshing but definitely manly scent. (I purchase essential oils here)
  • Optional Olive + Cayenne: 2 tablespoons of olive oil infused with 1/2 teaspoon dried, ground cayenne pepper. If you opt to use this, heat the oil slightly over a double burner and add the cayenne. Allow to infuse over low heat for 30 minutes and strain out the cayenne. Alternatively, you can leave the two in a glass jar in the sun for a few days to make a solar infused oil and strain as normal. Cayenne helps boost blood circulation and is a folk remedy for hair loss and sore muscles.

I’ve also created a recipe for a daily use hair gel that contains these oils plus vegetable emulsifier and aloe vera which I’ll be sharing soon.

Natural Hair Growth Oil Recipe



  1. Combine all ingredients in a dark glass bottle. A brown dropper bottle can be used, but I reuse the black cumin seed bottle because it is special miron glass that protects the oils from going rancid for years.
  2. Moisten hair and massage 10-30 drops (or 1/2 to 1 tsp) into the scalp. Leave on for an hour or overnight and wash out. I recommend using at night and sleeping with a towel on the pillow to avoid oil stains.
  3. Use once a week or as needed to increase hair growth.


Test the oils on a small part of the inner arm before using on the entire scalp and do not use if it causes any reaction or sensitivity. Black cumin seed oil will irritate the skin for a small percentage of people with sensitive skin.

What products do you (or the men in your life) use in their hair? What other natural recipes would they use?

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Reader Comments

  1. Great 🙂 article but sadly not enough was covered.
    Example; The Miasmatic DNA imprints we are predisposed with can alter hairgrowth.
    Meaning this- If you have inherited the Syphlitic Miasm you are bound to have loss of hair.
    No creams/potions/lotions/oils topically will fix this,unless you treat it from within (via anti miasmatic homeopathics)

    • I’ve seen information about that, but it is a somewhat controversial topic and many involved with epigenetic research would agree that it needs to be treated internally, but there is potential for other substances besides just homeopathics to be helpful as well. Since the skin is the largest detoxification and absorption organ, topical treatments could have some benefit even for miasms.

      • Homeopathics aren’t ‘substances,’ Katie. Gina is correct. Different constitutions require different remedies.

        • Really, Diane? You’re saying that homeopathic remedies aren’t “substances”? All that substance means is material/matter, which, as diluted as it is, homeopathic remedies still are. Just because every person would need a different remedy, doesn’t make any difference; they are still substances. Your comment is drowning in its own semantic arrogance. Also, do you see how using someone’s name as a punctuation like that is incredibly pejorative? Maybe you don’t have to be so quick to slam people who are just trying to help the world in the ways they can. You can add your two-cents without coming off as holier-than-thou.

          By the way, my homeopathic practitioner (who was an ND before she turned over completely to homeopathy) prescribed me a “substance” (an ointment) in addition to using a homeopathic remedy for a problem I was having. Apparently, even homeopathy can use help from outside ‘substances’ in order to cure.

          • Here, here! Well said!

          • you are so right. The wtraditional medicine, the one that is followed in America & the rest of the west & the world is in fact the worst kind. It has almost killed the natural methods that were followed by the ancient systems like Ayurveda (fromIndia) & Unani (from the middle east, Unani is the word for Greek) I habe used both & have found them much more effective & much less dangerous to the patients & the planet than the current modern system that is being pushed in the USA & the world. I became a convert to Homeopathy when my daughter told me that she was having fertility issues becuse of PCOD & the doctor had suggested fertility treatments & wanted to put her on medication for diabetes. That time I stepped in & told her to find a good homeopathic doctor in India. (she was living in the USA but used to travel to India 2-3 times a year) She for oncelistened. She found a gynecologist who was the head of the Gyn depatment in a homeopathic medical college in India. That doctor treted her for 1 year, 7 my daughter followed it religiously…& 1 year from the start date of the treatment she got pregnant. She called up the doctor, & the doctor told her, “stop taking whatever I have given you & find yourself a good obetetricia. Come back to me when tour baby is 6-8 months old.” You won’t believe this: with the 1 uear of treatment, not only did the PCOD subside & she get pregnant, she lost 80% odf the weight she had put on, the diabetes disappeared, the coarse dark hair on her face disappeared, & her periods became regular & near normal. & today,she is 38, & a mother of a 6 yr old & a 4 yr old, & is still only thinking of going back to that doctor, has not yet gone there, because there are no obvious problems now… What can I say. Whenever I mention this on the internet of in company, I get pooh-poohed, even my daughter’s in-laws & husbad are not convinced EVEN after this. While atleast 12 other women (my daughter’s friends, the daughters & d-i-ls of many of my friends & their friends 7 relatives went to the same doctor after seeing the success of my daughter & have experienced the same result. And the entire treatment for my daughter cost her about $1000, including the ultrasounds that she had to get done out of pocket in the USA, because her insurance wouldn’t pay calling them unnecessary. She did one every 3 months, emailed the results to the doctor in India, & the doctor would give the prescription to my sister who would buy the medicine & send it to my daughter in the USA or my daughter would get it if she was in India. During the later part of the treatment it was easy, as my daughter & her husband had moved to India.

  2. Hi Katie, just wanted to leave a quick note on how thankful I am to have found your site. You’re saying it was one of the first that I found on my journey to a healthier lifestyle. I have used multiple of your DIY recipies and have been transitioning my family little by little! Thanks

  3. Hi Katie,

    Thanks for your post. I’m confused as to when you would use this recipe for hair loss and when you would use your hair growth serum? (My husband has been using your hair growth serum almost daily and the growth seems pretty slow. I have been using the growth serum myself twice a week with very little results).


    • Either one could be used. This one is definitely a little more potent, but also stronger smelling and more likely to irritate sensitive skin, making it more idea for men.

  4. Katie,

    Could this work on the face to encourage beard growth? My husband has wanted a full beard for forever, but his facial hair grows so thin. Thanks!

    • Hm… Honestly I don’t know! I can’t think that the experiment will hurt…

  5. Hello Katie,

    I have been growing my hair out for the last few months and have been using the castor oil in my hair. As my hair is growing out I have been noticing quite a bit of hair loss. (I’m 20 and have rather thick hair) I wonder if I’m just starting to notice this because I am used to short hair? I drink plenty of water and eat a pretty (bulletproof) diet.

    Can this be used to increase hair growth such as your serum? Also would this be safe for my face to help with beard growth?

    I also have relatively severe acne, however as I age it seems to become less of a problem. (Diet also helps a ton.) I want to know if you have more complex recipes for things like oil cleansing or your moisturizers. To incorporate some of the other oils that are supposed to help with acne. Such as Sea Buckthorn, Sweet Almond, tea tree etc. I have somewhat sensitive skin so any help would be appreciated.

    You know I might be the only 20 year old male that makes his own skincare and household products haha

    Thank you for the great blog,
    Patrick from Alaska

  6. For those of you wondering about Mountain Rose Herbs Black Cumin Seed oil, and the fact it is sold in a clear/opaque bottle, just put it in another dark bottle. I used to buy Kombucha in dark bottles, and always keep glass bottles and jars for reuse: I just transferred the BCSO into one of these and keep it in a dark closet.

  7. Hello,

    Can you explain why you use the rosemary antioxidant extract vs. the rosemary herbal oil (on Mountain Rose Herbs)? The herbal oil specifically mentions hair/scalp health, while the antioxidant extract doesn’t give uses. I’m interested to know why you chose the one you did. Thank you!

  8. I love your blog. Stumbled upon it by chance and loving it already. Please I would like to know if the Natural Hair Growth Oil will work for both men and women. My girlfriend cut her hair and she has been trying to regrow it. I would also like to know if it would be good for blacks because of our kinky and curly hair type. Lastly, how can i purchase them from you as I might not be able to mix them myself. Thank you

    • It should works for men and women, although the essential oils in this one are more “manly” (in my opinion). And It should work for any hair type since it works to stimulate the scalp. I talk more about general use for castor oil and hair here:

  9. Thanks for sharing. I want to try the daily use gel on my husband, can you give more info on the vegetable emulsifier so I can have ingredients ready when recipe is posted? I thought all emulsifying waxes were toxic.

  10. Hi Katie,

    I’ve been trying your tip on growing hair–particularly eyelashes–with castor oil. I’m also having my dad use it on his balding head. 😉 Can you please tell me will non-organic castor oil work just as well? –I bought the Heritage brand, non organic.


    • I would be very careful putting non-organic anything that close to your eyes…

  11. What’s the purpose of the lavender oil? Won’t that stimulate estrogen?

  12. Hi, Ely asked a question that I’m also wondering about. Would you please answer it? Thank you 🙂

  13. I was thinking of adding aloe Vera to this recipe for my hubby. Anyone see a problem with that? And Katie I wanted to thank you for guiding me on my health journey! You and your blog have been a great backbone and resource to me and my family. Thanks so very much!

  14. I would also like to know the answer to Ely’s question. Can we substitute Rosemary essential oil for the Rosemary antioxidant extract? And if so, how much Rosemary essential oil should be used?

    • Yes, though only 2-3 drops would be needed since it is more concentrated

  15. Hi,

    Wow. Now men would be happy to know that there is some remedies for them to use for hair growth.

  16. can you ship to indonesia.?

    thank you

  17. Hey my name is jeanette charlot and I have loss some of my hair my back hair has a big patch and ever since I had that patch. My back hair won’t grow

  18. Great ideas…Thank you.

  19. Katie,

    Could I use my Rosemary essential oil instead of the oil? I’m making this for my guys for Christmas so I’d love a response if possible- thanks so much.

    Merry Christmas!


  20. Hi Katie!

    I’m wondering what you would add to this to make it a “healing” product as well. I am looking into using several of your recipes on my horse – this one in particular for the scratches he gets all over. I was thinking that tea tree oil would be beneficial to help with the healing aspect – and how much?
    My boy recently got some awful scratches on his face. They are mostly healed now, but the fur isn’t growing back. I’d love to just make an “all in one” treatment for this!!


  21. Hi. Does this need to be refrigerated?

  22. I don’t know if it’s just my phone or the mobile version is not working or your site. But the recipe section is incomplete. The ingredients is missing. Please edit. Thank you

    • They are working on my end. can you tell me what kind of phone and browser you have so we can try to troubleshoot?

  23. Thank you for this recipe! I plan to make it for my son who, I believe, has hair loss due to malnourishment from Ulcerative Colitis. I will let you know if we see any improvement.

  24. Are most of the remedies light sensitive? Should they always be kept in a cool dry place? How long will a mixture stay potent, like having an expiration date or shelf life expectancy? I just happened to find your sight today, and I am really glad I found it!

  25. I didn’t understand the optional part with cayenne pepper and olive oil. Should I add it to the other oils to complete the recipe?

  26. Hey I wanted to try this recipe for my hair
    I had a quick question.. What is the best soap to wash it out with?

  27. Can I use dermaroller with this oil.If yes,than before or after applying the oil. May I use it all 7 nights per week