Postpartum Soothing Spray

Postpartum soothing spray

Note from Katie: After birthing five babies … I know all-too-well the discomfort that comes with the post-birth healing process. I’m happy to welcome Shaye Elliot to share a recipe I wish I’d had with my first few children. Enter Shaye…

If only I had been wise after the birth of my first two children. Advil was taken. Medicated pads were used. The water that they gave me to “rinse myself” with wasn’t cutting the mustard. And the uterine cramping when I first began nursing was almost unbearable.

As my sister prepared for having her first baby this week, I knew that I wanted desperately to alleviate some of that discomfort for her. And since I’m set to give birth to my third in just a few more months, I figured it was the perfect time to experiment and think up a few post-baby-natural-remedies.

Because as anyone who has had a baby knows – it ain’t pretty. Dignity is lost. Modesty is thrown out the window. Pain is experienced.

Luckily, there are wonderful and effective natural options for the crunchy Mama.

Not the least of which is this postpartum soothing spray.

Yes. If you’re going to have another baby, you’re going to need it. It’s designed to help with pain, swelling, healing, and toning. Perfect for that post-baby-“area”.

Postpartum Soothing Spray

You will need:

-6 tablespoons witch hazel

-3 tablespoons aloe vera

-6 drops Frankincense essential oil

-3 drops Clary Sage essential oil

-4 tablespoons filtered water

Glass spray bottle (this helps to avoid any plastic contamination and maintains the quality of the essential oils)

What to Do

Simply combine the ingredients together in the spray bottle. Gently shake to combine. Once you’re ready to use post-baby, keeping it refrigerated will help to increase the “cooling relief” of the aloe and frankly, makes it quite refreshing for anyone to use. No judgement here, man.

The witch hazel acts as a toner on the swollen area. The aloe vera soothes and relieves further swelling and discomfort. Frankincense oil heals any tears, broken skin, and irritation. Clary sage helps to re-tone the area and relieve pain and cramping. It’s a lethal combination for any post-baby-body.

Hoping this postpartum healing spray brings you and your nether-regions great relief!

About the author: Shaye Elliott writes at The Elliott Homestead, A blog that encompasses so many of the things that she desperately loves – her bearded husband Stuart, their quiver of little children, and life on the farm. Go say hi!

What do you do to help the post-birth healing process? Share below!

This calming and cooling postpartum healing spray helps alleviate after-birth discomfort and speed recovery of delicate areas.

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