Postpartum Soothing Spray

Postpartum soothing spray

Note from Katie: After birthing five babies … I know all-too-well the discomfort that comes with the post-birth healing process. I’m happy to welcome Shaye Elliot to share a recipe I wish I’d had with my first few children. Enter Shaye…

If only I had been wise after the birth of my first two children. Advil was taken. Medicated pads were used. The water that they gave me to “rinse myself” with wasn’t cutting the mustard. And the uterine cramping when I first began nursing was almost unbearable.

As my sister prepared for having her first baby this week, I knew that I wanted desperately to alleviate some of that discomfort for her. And since I’m set to give birth to my third in just a few more months, I figured it was the perfect time to experiment and think up a few post-baby-natural-remedies.

Because as anyone who has had a baby knows – it ain’t pretty. Dignity is lost. Modesty is thrown out the window. Pain is experienced.

Luckily, there are wonderful and effective natural options for the crunchy Mama.

Not the least of which is this postpartum soothing spray.

Yes. If you’re going to have another baby, you’re going to need it. It’s designed to help with pain, swelling, healing, and toning. Perfect for that post-baby-“area”.

Postpartum Soothing Spray

You will need:

-6 tablespoons witch hazel

-3 tablespoons aloe vera

-6 drops Frankincense essential oil

-3 drops Clary Sage essential oil

-4 tablespoons filtered water

Glass spray bottle (this helps to avoid any plastic contamination and maintains the quality of the essential oils)

What to Do

Simply combine the ingredients together in the spray bottle. Gently shake to combine. Once you’re ready to use post-baby, keeping it refrigerated will help to increase the “cooling relief” of the aloe and frankly, makes it quite refreshing for anyone to use. No judgement here, man.

The witch hazel acts as a toner on the swollen area. The aloe vera soothes and relieves further swelling and discomfort. Frankincense oil heals any tears, broken skin, and irritation. Clary sage helps to re-tone the area and relieve pain and cramping. It’s a lethal combination for any post-baby-body.

Hoping this postpartum healing spray brings you and your nether-regions great relief!

About the author: Shaye Elliott writes at The Elliott Homestead, A blog that encompasses so many of the things that she desperately loves – her bearded husband Stuart, their quiver of little children, and life on the farm. Go say hi!

What do you do to help the post-birth healing process? Share below!

This calming and cooling postpartum healing spray helps alleviate after-birth discomfort and speed recovery of delicate areas.

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Reader Comments

  1. And here’s me using zinc oxide ointment on myself instead of the baby. I’ll have to make a trip out for the frankensense eo ASAP.

  2. Although the aftermath of my first child was absolutely horrible, my second child hardly left me sore. I followed the Bradley method which has exercises you do while pregnant. I didn’t tear, and because I stayed relaxed, wasn’t even really that sore. I think I will make this because I am due in April, just in case. I bet it is wonderful with tearing or an episiotomy.

  3. Dear Katie – I work as an OB nurse – will keep this in mind for “FYIs” for my ladies who might be interested. Hmmmmm….wonder if the hospital would stock it if I made it? Heheheheh……

    Also, I really appreciate your blog – it’s on my feedly reader and almost every day something interesting catches my eye. Including some of your more “controversial” topics. Thanks for what you do.

  4. That sounds great. Anything for C-section birth pains?

    • Yes, that’s what it’s for 🙂 🙂

  5. Ok forgive my bluntness…. am I misunderstanding or is this as awesome as I think it is? Can this be sprayed on the lady nethers? 😉

  6. Yes, some csection recovery tips please!

  7. I am so going to make this. I’m due with baby 3 in April so this will be a great thing to stock up on to help and bring with to the hospital.

    Thanks for another inspiring post.

  8. That looks like a great spray. I used something similar for my postpartum days and included a strong tea of Calendula and Hypericum as the base for the spray. These really helped with the healing and added soothing.

  9. Wish I’d seen this after my son!

  10. For the mommies out there, rub coconut oil into the perineum daily throughout your pregnancy. This helps to increase the elasticity of the tissue to prevent nasty tears.

  11. I’m wondering if instead of buying aloe gel, if have to buy online and have it shipped, could you just blend your own up? Also, aloe is amazing for the digestive track, anyone know if it’s alright to take while nursing? Either soaked in water or some tossed in a smoothie I did all the time prepregnancy.

  12. how far in advanced can I make this? Shelf life? Thanks!

  13. I’m due this Jan. and am relieved I found this before. I just made some up and am packing it in my hospital bag now. I’m sure that anything that helps after will be a welcome relief.

  14. I am currently recovering from a 3rd degree episiotomy (dr went to town down there, despite my wishes) My LO was posterior and needed help out. The episiotomy had a hematoma which got really infected since they did not drain it. I am now dealing with a fairly large open wound. I had to go on IV antibiotics and lots of pain meds.

    I was wondering if you could suggest anything to speed the healing.

    Where they stiched the skin came away so I had stitches holding nothing together. Which means a pretty deep wound. I do sitz baths with Epsom salt and lavender EO twice a day or when I can find time. Also have a postpartum pile that I would love suggestions on speeding that uncomfortable thing. I am not sure which herbs can me used on open wounds. Thanks!

    • I have the same issue, except I’m 4th degree …I’m 7days postpartum I’m on nirco, and lIdocane gell… wondering if this stuff helps?

  15. Are there any other EO’s besides Frankincense that would work?

  16. Where do you buy your essential oils from?

  17. Hi Katie,

    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful recipes, I haven’t tried them yet but have my cupboard stocked and ready to go for when small arrives.

    My question is the same as Melissa’s above… what is the shelf life for this product? Technically I’m due in 10 days, can I make it and keep it ready or is it better to wait until first stages of contractions and have it fresh?

  18. Hi,
    I’m having a really difficult time finding frankincense oil as well (I’m out of the US so can’t order from your site). Do you have any suggestions for an EO we can safely use as a substitute?

  19. Hi Katie,
    I know someone already asked this, but I was curious if I made this spray ahead of time and then stored it in the fridge if it would keep better?

    I’m due in about 4 weeks and nesting pretty badly, and also would like to bring this spray with me to the hospital for after healing that’s why I’m asking. I would keep it in the fridge for one of my grab at the last minute items if you thought it would stay okay.


    – Kelly

  20. Where can you purchase the glass spray bottles? Also, any suggestions of brands for the spray ingredients?

  21. Okay, thank you for posting this!!!!
    So am I correct that this can be used to C-section incisions as well as VB tears etc…
    And that the ALOE is a gel used in the bottle? Does it not clog? Or should I be buying the liquid form?


  22. is it okay to use witch hazel that is 86% witch hazel and 14% alcohol or will that sting/burn?

    • Almost all witch hazel has alcohol, you can find one or two without but some say it is not as effective.

      I used one with alcohol and it was not bad, can’t recall it specifically burning from it. But I had a 3rd degree episiotomy so I had a very sore area in general.

      Also I used liquid aloe in the mix and fresh from the plant on some frozen pads I made… Which are amazing by the way, make some! 🙂 and these you can make ahead and throw in a ziplock in the freezer for nesting moms (I nested really early).

      Also for pernium healing the sitz baths helped so much! I bought one for at home.

      And witch hazel soaked on cotton balls applied to any piles you may get (from conventional pushing positions or posterior babies like my DD was) is almost heavenly!

      Happy birthing mamas!

  23. I just made two bottles of this (one for me and one for my sister) and it smells SO good. I cannot wait to use in June after I deliver and let you know how it worked for us.

  24. What essential oil do you get? There are so many choices when you click on the link.

  25. Can you recommend other oils that would be effective? I don’t have sage or frankincense and can’t afford right now?

    • Even just lavender would be soothing…

  26. I’m glad I read the comment section – I didn’t consider using lavender instead of clary sage. Now I will make this for my next baby!

  27. The complete recipe is not in the post. Missing ingredients/measurements on some items.

  28. After just giving birth to my third and not having bad after birth pain with the other two, I was blindsided by the afterbirth pain and cramping and swollen hemorrhoid pain. I made this up and it has been a life saver so far at three days postpartum! Thank you so much for this recipe. I am sure it will help any mom. And I am one of the lucky few who had a quick labor, just three hours, and only a small tear. Bradley method prepared me well. I’m going to make some extra batches for other pregnant moms, as this should be a staple for the healing!

  29. I used this spray post birth and it is amazing!! I also continue to use it as I am struggling with a posterior wall prolapse causing me to always be wet down there with odor. After 2 rounds of vaginal antibiotics I went back to this spray and it took care of the wetness and the smells. I love this stuff!!!!!!!!

  30. I am due in a week and just made a batch of this and am really excited to see how it works! I am curious as to it’s benefit on a swollen hemohrroid pre-birth? I was thinking of using it right now to soothe my bum from the pressure I’m feeling right now but am concerned about using clary sage prior to giving birth (even though I am a week away…or so).

    • Always check with your doctor first, but any of the ingredients that you aren’t comfortable with using (like clary sage) can just be omitted.

    • Julia, my hemohrroids were swollen after birth and it was so painful to just sit down. So I took those tucks pads they give you at the hospital and rinsed them out so that they were just cotton circles, and soaked them in the spray, then put them right on the hemohrroid. It seemed to helped a lot, but still took about 3 days to be able to sit down without pain. Something to think about postpartum and have on hand, as they can be more painful after birth. Good luck and congratulations!

  31. After reading up on Frankincense and Clary Sage EOs, both state they stimulate menstrual flow. It seems like that might not be a good thing right after giving birth. Would you mind clarfying please?

  32. Ok I have an embarrassing question. Would this work for healing an anal fissure? Or would you recommend something better? I have been dealing with this every since I had my first baby 17 months ago and it just won’t go away! My husband and I are talking about trying to get pregnant again and I’m scared. Please help.