Sweet Dreams Sleep Tincture Recipe

homemade tincture to help kids sleep better

I love this natural sleep tincture recipe, made from some of my favorite herbs. It is a mildly and naturally relaxing and calming tincture that is great for sleep disturbances. We don’t have to use it often, but when one of the kids is sick, or we are traveling and their schedules are crazy, this natural tincture helps them sleep peacefully.

And it doesn’t work just for kids … adults who struggle with insomnia or anxiety can benefit from a sleep tincture too.

What Is a Sleep Tincture?

A tincture simply takes the proven health benefits of herbs and concentrates them in liquid form.

If you’ve tried any kind of “sleepy time tea” and found relaxing, sleep-promoting benefits, a tincture can work even better. Tincture recipes usually use some kind of extraction method to release all the benefits of the herbs, and then add a natural preservative like alcohol or glycerin to further extract and make the tincture shelf-stable for a long time to come.

Because tinctures are powerful, last so long, and are so easy and inexpensive to make (if you have an herb garden, you already have a lot of the ingredients!), I rely on tinctures for complaints like tummy troubles, colic or teething, sore throats, or even as a multivitamin. I even have one I like to use for postpartum healing.

Are Tinctures Safe?

Tinctures have been used in herbal medicines since ancient times.

There are as many uses for tinctures as there are herbs, but make sure to research carefully before creating a new concoction. Just because something comes from nature doesn’t mean it is safe to concentrate and ingest! Quite the opposite sometimes, actually.

Sleep Tincture Recipe



  1. Put all herbs in clean glass jar. (Tinted, or keep away from sunlight.)
  2. Pour boiling water to just cover the herbs and mix well. Steep for 5 minutes.
  3. Fill the jar the rest of the way with vodka or rum alcohol. (NOTE: Not rubbing alcohol!)
  4. Cap with airtight lid and leave in cool, dark place for at least 2 weeks and up to 8, shaking daily.
  5. After the desired steeping time, strain the herbs out using muslin or cheesecloth and store in small tincture bottles for use as needed. (I use 2 ounce bottles and the droppers that come with them.)
  6. Normal daily dose is 2-3 droppers full for adults and 1 dropper full for kids over two.


  • Always ask a doctor before using any herbs, especially on children, if pregnant, or if you have a medical condition.
  • If avoiding alcohol for health or personal reasons, there are options. Try making a tincture made with vegetable glycerin instead. (It will not be as potent or long-lasting, but it works!)
  • If alcohol is only a mild concern, try adding the tincture dose to a hot cup for tea and wait 10 minutes or so for some alcohol to evaporate.

Where to Get Ingredients

I order all the ingredients that I don’t grow in my garden online, but you may be able to find some of these locally. Start with a very small dose, especially in children, as it typically works very well, even at low doses.

If You Don’t DIY

Steeping herbs isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (pun intended), so I also keep the homeopathic sleep tablets for kids from this brand on hand for the occasional restless or anxious night. I love that they are independently tested for safety and purity (no toxins, artificial flavors or fillers, or GMO-derived ingredients), and they do seem to help my kids drift off to sleep.

Ever have trouble sleeping? What’s your remedy?

This homemade herbal sleep tincture recipe helps promote restful sleep, especially during times of stress or illness.

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