Lavender Mint Bath Salts Recipe

Lavender Mint Bath Salts Recipe

I used to love taking relaxing salt baths when I first got married. Now, most days, bath time just involves me washing many tiny fingers, toes and heads of hair. No complaints, but definitely not as relaxing!

Benefits of Salt Baths

There are so many health benefits to a relaxing salt bath and I definitely try to squeeze them in when I can (which usually ends up being about once a month). Salt baths are great for:

  • Stress relief
  • Reducing muscle aches
  • Improving circulation
  • Better nutrient absorption
  • Headache relief
  • Speeding up wound healing
  • During illness, especially respiratory illness
  • For children to help mineral absorption and improve sleep
  • For acne, eczema or other skin problems
  • For joint pain relief
  • To help relieve poison ivy or skin reactions
  • Improving skin hydration

I especially love using epsom salts or magnesium flakes since the magnesium has many added benefits of its own.

I use magnesium and salts all the time in my children’s bath water to help reduce chemicals and improve relaxation.


  • 2 cups epsom salts
  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 1/4 cup sea salt (optional)
  • 30 drops of lavender essential oils
  • 10 drops of peppermint essential oil


  1. Mix all ingredients in a medium size bowl.
  2. Store in an air-tight jar and use 1/4 cup per bath.

 Other Ways to Use Salt and Magnesium:

Ever take a salt bath? What do you put in yours? Tell me in the comments below!

This lavender mint bath salts recipe is a great way to combine the benefits of magnesium and sea salts with essential oils for a relaxing bath!

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Reader Comments

  1. Hi Katie! I follow you and make so many of your recipes… Thank you for being such an integral part of educating people (so many!) on what it is to be healthy. I am sipping my coconut oil coffee here as I type this (with Frontier Cinnamon and Coconut Cream Concentrate too!)… I was just wondering a very simple thing… where do you get the beautiful glass jars that a lot of your salts and powders are stored in such as this one? Thanks! 🙂 ~Angela

    • You can usually pick up glass jars at your local thrift store: I go about three times a month and get 7-8 for about $25.
      You’ll have to buy new gaskets, but you can get 6/$5. most places. Or cork @; they are FAST!
      I have gotten some absolutely beautiful jars this way, and some just regular bormoli-type but they are MUCH cheaper than new, and JUST as good!

  2. I love your blog–all of your posts are so great! This one too. Your list of benefits is so complete! Thanks!

  3. This is great! Would be perfect Christmas gifts. Where do you purchase the containers to store in?

    • I’ve purchased a lot from Zulily, but you have to check often to find out when they have ’em in stock. Amazon also has some nice ones.

  4. Love this! Although my family isn’t big bath-takers, I’ll be making a batch very soon! How long does this keep?

  5. I add coconut oil and use Dead Sea Salts………going to try your recipe next time…….best relaxing bath ever!!! So good for you, too. Thanks Katie!

    • If you add coconut oil will it last for awhile or does it go bad?

    • Yo isn’t bath salt illegal?

  6. I just wanted to know, does it have to be an airtight jar? What if its a basic little mason jar?

  7. so excited to have found your site – thank you SO much for the incredible sacrifice of time and attention you obviously spend sharing incredibly important, helpful, inspiring, and life giving insights. So thankful!

  8. I would like to use a couple of your recipes in a book I am writing and would like your permission to do so. Please contact me via email.
    Thank you,

    • All of my recipes are copyrighted. I do not allow reprinting of them. Thank you.

  9. Hi Katie,

    I am planning on making this but I just wanted to know why you add baking soda.. What does it do to the recipe?

    • It is supposed to be good for pulling toxins from the skin and it makes the water more alkaline

      • Baking soda in the recipe can cause the mixture with essential oils to harden like a rock, how do you avoid this from happening Katie.

  10. Hi, Thanks for your recipe! Have you ever stored it in ziplock bags instead of glass jars?

  11. Hi Katie, I absolutely love your blog and am so thankful for your time to share all your delicious and healthy tips and tricks!
    I am planning to make these as Christmas gifts and am wondering how much per bath you suggest using {for adults}? Thank-you!

  12. Hi I love all the information I have made so many changes to our life in the last few months because of all I have learned from you, so thanku. However I wanted to make some bath salts for gifts and I cant find the recipie I thought it had cocnut oil added do u have that one?

  13. Katie, I made a few batches to give away as gifts, but realized that it went hard and cakey in the jar. What would have happened to it?

  14. Hi Katie, I am new to using essential oils, I would like to know if it is safe to use Epsom salts & baking soda bathsalt for my children to bath in? Is it okay to use peppermint oil for their bath too? They are 5 and 7 years old. Could I ask what the benefit of Epsom salt & baking soda is in the bath salt, or can I opt for sea salt & the oils on its own?

    • Peppermint shouldn’t be used with children under 6 years of age.

  15. Hi Katie,

    Have a silly question, can I use dead sea salt? Is it just the same as sea salt? Is there any difference?

  16. Thanks for the great recipe. Just a warning on something worth checking up on : I’ve read of a few instances where the combination of salt and baking soda stored in glass jars have exploded sending shards of glass flying all over! Apparently as a result of pressure build up emitted by the combination of the two. Might be worthwhile checking up on that!

  17. I signed on specifically to warn about air tight glass jars! I just saw the post from May 15 warning of what just happened to me. It WILL explode. I made the salts early May (before the 15th), and I have only opened the jar once since, and that was also in May. I used a tall, thick walled jar and it exploded. I cannot even imagine if I (or my cat) had been in the bathroom at the time. It ripped up the wall, since it was so close, and bent the wire shelf it sat on. PLEASE use caution with the storage container!!!

  18. I made these salts and put them in airtight jars to give as gifts. They were ok but then became so hard we had to use a knife to cut them out. What do you think happened?

  19. I was really excited to make this recipe until I read the comments about the possible reaction between the salt and baking soda. (Cleaning up shards of glass from an exploded jar is definitely not relaxing…not to mention dangerous if you are in the room when it explodes.) The baking soda and sea salt seem a little redundant in addition to the Epsom salts. Epsom salts alone are excellent for pulling heavy metals and toxins from the body, plus they give you a good dose of magnesium. I think I will just mix the Epsom salts and essential oils and store in a glass jar. Then when I use some in a bath, I could also sprinkle some baking soda directly in the bath water if I so choose.

    • I had mixed the baking soda in with the epson salts as well in a thick glass jar. Although it didn’t explode it did get hard as a rock within a week. I added boiling water hoping it would dissolve but it stayed in hard chunks. I decided to keep two pretty jars – one with epson salt and one with soda and mix a scoop of each in my bath. I’m glad I only gave one as a gift to my mom (hers did the same thing) and not to anyone else. Live and learn.

  20. How much does the bath salts make cause I want to make it for Christmas gifts

  21. I used this recipe and made a big batch of salts for gifts. When I went to test one out it was hard as a rock. What did I do wrong?

  22. I had the same problem with my first batch of bath salts. I live in AZ so I thought that because I tried this recipe in the middle of summer, the heat caused it all to melt in the jar and become something that I didn’t think I wanted to put in my bath water. After reading some of the comments, sounds like the same thing is happening to others. I adjusted my recipe and added half of the essential oils and the salt stays nice and loose and still has that beautiful scent, however, the second you put it in the bath water, the scent is gone 🙁 Any recommendations from others for adjustments I could make to maintain the smell of the lavender once I’ve added it to my water, or is this happening even with the full concentration of oils in the original recipe?

  23. Hi, I am wondering what your thoughts are on using Dead Sea salt in bath salts? Perhaps substituting Dead Sea salt for Himalayan salt or Magnesium flakes?

  24. I made this and I had the same problem and some of you I see, I put the salts in a glass bottle with a cork for a top and just one day the cork up and popped off. The glass didn’t break thank goodness. But is was quite a scare and the salts flew everywhere. But I do love this recipe it’s been a month and the oils are as fragrant as when I made it.

  25. What would you add for color, as your Pinterest picture shows?

  26. Let the oils dry into the salt for 24 hours before putting it into your containers. Store away from heat I keep mine in linen closet. You can also reduce baking soda by half to help prevent exploding jars. I also add a little vit E oil.

  27. Not for sure what I did wrong. But when I opened my jar to use these they were all stuck in the jar hard. I had to use my spoon to dig them out of the jar. What did I do wrong?

  28. I stored mine in a mason jar. After about 3 weeks it was hard and essential oils seemed to seep to the bottom. Any advice?