Natural Headache Relief Stick

Headache relief roll on stick recipe and DIY

Headaches are often a sign of a deeper problem (like magnesium deficiency, in my case), but sometimes they have a practical cause like five-kids-playing-marching-band-in-the-house-syndrome.

I almost never get headaches anymore since changing my diet and boosting my magnesium levels, but for times of stress or noise when I do get one, I keep this headache relief stick in my purse.

It rolls on easily without getting anything on my hands that I can then accidentally rub in my eyes, and it knocks out headaches quickly. This blend is made with a combination of cooling essential oils and is also great to put on the wrists to help with motion sickness or nausea (sailboat induced in my case- not morning sickness :-).

Most of the ingredients are things I keep in my first aid kit, but mixing them in a roll on tube makes them easier to apply and keep in my purse. I use this blue one but also have a bunch of clear roll on bottles for making mixtures like this and they are much cheaper.

I use Magnesium oil as a carrier for this oil to dilute it and make it less strong on the skin. There is some evidence that this can also speed absorption and since many people find relief from chronic headaches with magnesium, it is a helpful ingredient long term too. I make magnesium oil with this recipe since it is less expensive, but you can also get pre-made magnesium oil from Ancient Minerals. I also get organic essential oils in bulk to save money and mix my own recipes like this one.

This could also be easily made in a spray or a lotion, but with the oils I used, I wanted a solution that I didn’t have to rub in with my hands since I’ve accidentally gotten essential oils in my eyes before and I don’t recommend it.



  1. Remove the top of the roll on bottle and the roller stop.
  2. Pour the essential oils into the roller bottle first.
  3. Add just enough magnesium oil to reach the top.
  4. Put the roller stop back in and tightly cap.
  5. To use: roll carefully on skin. For headache, I use it on the back of my neck and shoulders.

Do you ever get headaches? What helps you? Share below!
This natural headache relief stick has magnesium and essential oils to help knock out headache quickly and naturally.

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