Scrumptious Coconut Flour Biscuits (Grain & Dairy Free)

Coconut Flour Biscuit Recipe

Sometimes only a soft, buttery biscuit will do. (I’ve found this to be especially true when I’m pregnant!) And when those cravings happen, these coconut flour biscuits really hit the spot!

Our family tries to avoid most grains for health reasons (my entire cookbook is grain-free in fact), but we’re only human … it’s only a matter of time before the longing for bread strikes. Sometimes only savory comfort food for breakfast will do—like biscuits and gravy, or our favorite, Eggs Benedict. Or in the summer, our kids love fresh strawberry shortcake.

And of course it’s always nice to have a bread-like substance on the side to soak up soup or chili.

Still, no indulgence is worth intestinal aftermath. But no worries … there is a solution!

Grain-Free Biscuits Made Possible

At the request of my husband, I’ve finally figured out a good recipe for flaky coconut flour biscuits. I’ve given an option to make them dairy-free as well, but if butter is better, feel free to use it and boost the comfort food factor! Another option is using ghee instead of butter or coconut oil, but reduce to 3-4 tablespoons if you do.

My favorite thing about biscuits is their versatility. You can use them in savory applications or in a sweet dessert, or just on the side or as a snack. I’ve included some variations on these biscuits below to get the meal planning wheels turning.

For Fluffier Coconut Flour Biscuits

These coconut flour biscuits (as with most grain-free baked goods) will be denser than a traditional biscuit. I typically go for quick and easy and use a immersion blender to whip these together, but you could try this more traditional biscuit making method for a fluffier result. Many thanks to the Wellness Mama reader who suggested it!

1. Pulse dry ingredients in food processor with cold butter (or ghee, coconut oil, natural lard, or a 50/50 combination of these) until crumbly.

2. Beat eggs and add to food processor. Pulse just until mixed. Do not overmix.

3. Gently form batter into 6 balls and flatten, keeping them relatively thick.

4. Bake as indicated.

how to make grain free biscuits with coconut flower

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Coconut Flour Biscuits




Yield 8 biscuits


  • 1/2 cup coconut flour
  • 5 TBSP coconut oil, softened but not melted (or butter if not avoiding dairy)
  • 4 large eggs
  • 2 TBSP honey (optional)
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
  2. Put all ingredients into medium sized bowl and mix well with immersion blender or hand mixer until well incorporated.
  3. Using your hands, carefully form into eight small balls and gently flatten with a spoon to make it about 1/2 inch thick.
  4. Bake for 12-15 minutes until just starting to brown.


The texture of coconut flour and its ability to absorb moisture can vary by brand. When making these the first time, add the coconut oil little by little until the consistency seems right.

Cuisine American

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Try These Other Coconut Flour Biscuits Variations

  • Top with fresh strawberries and homemade whipped cream for strawberry shortcake
  • Top with egg, bacon, and hollandaise sauce for Eggs Benedict
  • Serve with chili or soup
  • Top with cream cheese and add a sprinkle of cinnamon for flair!
  • Spread with almond butter and a natural sugar jam for a great PBJ alternative for kids
  • Cut in half or use two to make a grain-free sandwich for breakfast or lunch
  • Add 1/2 cup grated cheese, chopped green onion, and 1/4 teaspoon cayenne to make savory cheesy biscuits
  • Cut out with shaped cookie cutters (stars, hearts) for fun
  • Flatten and wrap around nitrate-free sausage for a fun pigs-in-blankets approach

What are your favorite uses for biscuits? Will you try these? Let me know!

Coconut Flour biscuits made with eggs, coconut flour and coconut oil or butter for a healthy, filling and grain free treat.

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Reader Comments

  1. These look delicious. I’m going to give this a try without the honey because we’re following the “Modified Atkins Diet for Seizure Control” (MAD) and have to keep carbs under 20g a day. Total carbs, not net carbs. One of the things we’ve missed the most is my sausage and cheese muffins and these look like they might replace them very nicely! Thank you SO much for the recipes; your Blog has been a Godsend.

    • Hi Lorri! My son was on MAD for 3.5 years. Last summer he had a clean EEG and we took him off the diet. Haven’t seen any seizures since! Good luck on your journey.

      • I know this was posted 4 years ago, but do any of you have more information on this MAD diet? I have a friend that needs more info for her daughter who is having seizures while she sleeps. Anything will help. I’ll google it too, but thought if someone could point me in the right direction in internet world, that’d be great! Thanks!

    • I just made them with 1/2 cup cheese yum…but do they freeze as I live alone and don’t want to eat all 9 at once

    • They have immatation honey.. no carbs no suger and taste the same. Amazon.

      • Thank you for that!!! I’ve made low carb into a lifestyle . So that’s perfect

    • Just tried them!! Yummy. I added cheddar and left out honey. Used the butter version. Will be making these and trying out variations. Thank you.

  2. perfect timing! chili’s on the menu tonight.

  3. Nice simple recipe and gluten free at that! Be still my heart;)

  4. so excited for the Eggs Benedict recipe!

  5. How coconutty do these end up tasting? They look great!

    • I’ve been using coconut flour and oil for over a year, so I might not
      be as sensitive to the taste as others, but I don’t generally notice
      a coconut taste at all, especially if you use butter instead of
      coconut oil.

      • Hi just wondering where you get your coconut flour from?

        • I get most of my groceries from Trader Joe’s. They have a 1 lb bag of Organic Coconut Flour for $2.99 and it works fantastic.

        • Wal mart sells it

    • I don’t like coconut,but other than a faint smell, they don’t taste like coconut at all. My kids couldn’t believe they were made from coconut flour!

    • To me, they taste really egg-y. I don’t taste any coconut at all, I only taste the eggs in it.

      • I replaced two of the eggs with 2/3 cup milk, I guess you could use any liquid and let my batter sit for over 5 minutes before I made my biscuits. They turned out wonderfully.

        • Thanks so much for posting this Cyndi! I used a little less milk to bake up some fabulous biscuits. They’re also good with just the eggs, but even better to us this way.

    • They are pretty coconut-y. Almost like a coconut macaroon without the drid coconut texture.

  6. I just baked these. After not eating breadlike things for some time, that first bite of biscuit with butter and strawberry jam was like HEAVEN.

    I think that people who have an aversion to coconut will not find them offensive if they go for the butter option. People who dislike eggs, however, might find them a bit strong on that count. But I think that any flavorful topping should cover up any egginess or coconuttiness. (Those are totally not words, but you know what I mean.)

    Thank you for the recipe!

  7. UPDATE: I followed your recipe, split the biscuits in half and added a sausage patty and some American cheese and…they were a HUGE hit! The kids have requested this again but this time, using bacon instead of sausage. Thank you again!!

  8. Made them tonight with a big pot of buffalo chili…I couldn’t wait until dinner so one has already been consumed with butter and organic strawberry jelly and yum is the word! They are really very simple to make and the only suggestion I have is to make less biscuits making each one larger if you want to fill them…

  9. I’m back! I made these this week and I have to say that they are fabulous! Thank you so much for this recipe!

  10. I am new to the grain free lifestyle but have enjoyed it immensely, especially with all of these wonderful recipes available.  I made the coconut biscuits and I absolutely loved them.  I purposely neglected to tell my husband (who hates coconut) what I used to make them in hopes that he might like them if he didn’t know they were made with coconut.  However, this did not work he tasted the coconut right away.  So I was wondering if it is ok to use almond flour in recipes where it calls for coconut flour?

  11. I made these this Friday and they were like macaroons, which is a great flavor for breakfast!  I think I will add 1/2 cup of shredded sharp cheddar and some jalepenos for cheddar biscuits. Yum!

    • How did the cheddar turn out? That sounds like a great idea!

  12. These are fantastic. They will never last long in this household. I LOVE them, and so does my family. Thanks for sharing this great recipe!

  13. I’ve made these twice, the second time with cheddar cheese and green onions. My husband cannot get enough of them. It’s the first time he’s been enthusiastic about a grain-free baked good other than chocolate brownies. 

  14. I made these, but I wasn’t able to form them into balls (they were too liquidy). Also, they spread out and baked like pancakes. What do you think I did wrong?

    • There can be some variation in coconut flours, and some absorb more oil and liquid than others. Next time, just try adding an extra TBSP of coconut flour and they should be fine.

      • I had the same thing happen to mine. I will try the extra tbsp and I’ll put them in a cupcake tin.

        • I tried this recipe (I added 2Tbs cacao powder to make choc biscuits) and it was extremely liquid even though I used about 2/3 cup coconut flour in the end.

          I wonder in Australia biscuits are hard and crisp – I take it you call these cookies – so are these more like scones? Even still it was pretty hard to form into a biscuit shape.

          I waited ages after each addition of coconut flour to see if it would absorb more. I use a really good quality coconut flour (organic) from Niulife.

          Any suggestions on how it should look prior to forming into balls? pics would be great if you could post some?

          Loving this site. Just made kale chips for the first time (yum!) and the almond meal choc chip biscuits (but I added a cup of spelt flour and a little water to increase the volume and help it come together – turned out great!


    • Same thing happened here! I’m glad I’m not the only one! The batter tasted so good going into the oven…

      • Yes, me too… it turned into a kind of a slice/ scone (not biscuit), even with a lot of extra flour. I wonder if there is something up with the quantities? Thanks.

  15. Wow! I just tried these and they came out buttery, light, and delicious! I will try it with cheese next time.

  16. Mine was very runny? I added more flour & had to put in muffin tins hope they turn out! Maybe it’s the high altitude?

  17. I just started the Atkings diet and wondered how many carbs are in the coconut flour.   thx for you blog, so many recipes and ideas, luv it

  18. I tried making these with ghee as a substitution (5TBS) and I knew the batter was already NOT right as it was very soupy but I went ahead and baked them anyway and ended up with one huge FLAT biscuit, LOL.  The kids still gobbled them up but hoping to try again with coconut oil!!


  19. My WHOLE family fought over these and I’m the only one on the Paleo diet!!!  They were the best – fresh out of the oven.  Hoping they are equally yummy tomorrow morning!

  20. I mad etwo batches yesterday. One with butter and one with coconut oil/ I used the cheddar. cayenne and honey. The butter ones were fantastic/ They stayed formed. They looked like yours only a touch more cheddar colored (used white cheddar). The coconut oil ones went flat on me and merged into one giant spread and the bottom burned. (I have the worst excuse for an electric oven known to mankind so I am blaming the oven on the burnt bottoms.) I lowered the temperature for the next batch of both recipes down to 350 and the coconut oil ones merged again but no burnt bottoms. The butter ones were fine even at the lower temperature. SO I scraped out the coconut ones and put them thru my food processor to make ‘coconut panko’ to use in viener schnitzel. I had been looking for a replacement to make breaded things with. I use the coconut flour for the dredge, then egg(s) with grated lemon zest, lemon juice and red pepper flakes and salt for the wash. Now I had these wonderful ‘coconut panko’ crumbs for the coating. They worked great. I added some shredded unsweetened coconut flakes to the ‘panko’ to stretch it to do 4 servings and it was just enough. Served that with a small green salad and lemon wedges and it was off to the races. It was a big hit. Then I saved the butter ones to use as a substitute for toast for my poached eggs which I love. Toasted 2 up this morning, put some butter on them and then popped and egg on each one. Perfect. Thanks so much for the recipe. I really miss my bread on Paleo and you have solved that problem for me!

    • Sounds great. Love the fact you found another purpose for the ones that did not come out, GENIUS!! I also like how you made them as panko crumbs… I will have to use your suggestions for this, thank you!

  21. Can I use Almond Flour instead?

    • yeah, but the proportions would be different because it doesn’t absorb as much. There are probably some other good ones online

  22. Oh my gosh, these were delicious!!! I made them tonight to go with chili and they were perfect! I used butter and Splenda instead of honey…. I know that’s not real food but I don’t have any honey at the moment :(. I was expecting these to taste a little more “eggy” but they absolutely did not! They were a little sweet and a little bit grainy like cornbread (just a hint!).

    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I can’t even wait to try the other variations!!! Your blog is absolutely wonderful and I’m gaining SO much from it! I’m 32 weeks pregnant and living on a Gestational Diebetes diet and I’ve found so many recipes I want to try! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  23. Do ou realie that your recipe indicates only 1/3 cup of coconut flour??? how about 1 1/3?

    • Nope just 1/3, but perhaps an extra tablespoon depending on our brand of coconut flour. The eggs make up the difference, but coconut flour absorbs a LOT of liquid. Definitely takes some adjusting… I did double takes on recipes when I first started using it 🙂

      • hi I’m a little confused b/c the posted recipe says 1/2 cup but here you 1/3? We made these twice w/ 1/2 cup with the food processor and both times came out dense and VERY crumbly. There is no way we can cut them in half like others have said. Is there something we can do to make them less dense? I thought maybe beating the eggs til fluffy before adding them, or using my kitchenaid stand mixer with the wire whisk? Any suggestions ?
        Oh yes, which is right quantity? thank you Arlene

  24. I just made there… eating as i type! I just made them plain, omitted the honey and added a sprinkle of coarse grey sea salt on top. YUM!!! I havent had biscuits this good… ever! Today i topped them with gobs of cream cheese, and they totally satisfied my bagel cravings. Thanks so much for the recipe! (i’m not sure the remaining biscuits are going to make it to my hubby 😛 )

  25. These are fantastic. I’m on the hcg protocol and wanted some variations on this round’s stabilization phase so I have been trying to find a tasty, easy and versatile recipe for something bready. This was wondeful. I use Bob’s Redmill coconut flour and so I had to use a little more than 1/2 c instead of 1/3 cup with these and I subbed agave for the honey and they turned out great. had one slathered with Bestlife buttery spread with my dinner and had another topped with strawberries and fresh whipped cream for dessert. Tomorrow one’s going with my eggs! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!

  26. Can you use buttermilk instead of the eggs or not? 

    • I haven’t tried it but I wouldn’t think so since buttermilk doesn’t stiffen when cooked like eggs do… let me know if you try it though!

    • Hi i always use flaxseed meal mixed with water in place on eggs for most recipes, especially when i do not have local eggs on hand. The ratio is 2 tablespoons of water to 1 tablespoon of flaxseed meal for each egg that recipe calls for. Stir and let sit for 5 minutes or until room temperature. You will be amazed at how closely the texture is to that of an egg! Use this method for meatloaf, dressings, etc. it’s wonderful. Hope this helps!

      • Thanks so much for the flaxseed meal substitute for the eggs. I am not a huge fan of eggs and was worried about an eggy taste.

  27. I’d like to try these out, but my husband has an egg allergy. Any recommendations for egg substitutes in this recipe?

    • I’m working on it, but coconut flour is such a different type of flour that it usually needs the egg to stick. I’ll keep you updated though!

  28. Never mind; I just saw the comment above mine for an egg substitute. Can’t wait to try this recipe!

  29. Just tried the biscuits – we are on the GAPS diet as a result of leaky gut diagnoses. I tried doubling this recipe and am confident the measurements were exact (I used less coconut oil, however). The result was more batter than dough, so I poured it into muffin tins. They puffed up HUGE and then collapsed. The result was not pretty. They are soggy and not at all fluffy. I am so excited to get this to work. Any tips?

    • Hmmm… there is a big variation in the textures of different coconut flours. I’ve been working on trying them all and making a conversion chart. In the meantime, use 1 tablespoon less butter/coconut oil and that should fix it! Just out of curiosity, what brand of coconut flour are you using?

    • Hmmm… there is a big variation in the textures of different coconut flours. I’ve been working on trying them all and making a conversion chart. In the meantime, use 1 tablespoon less butter/coconut oil and that should fix it! Just out of curiosity, what brand of coconut flour are you using?

  30. Thanks for the fantastic recipe!! I just made these and they came out great!!

    I  wanted to give some prep suggestions for folks who might be experiencing hockey puck biscuits. I grew up with southern cooking and giving up buttermilk biscuits has probably been the hardest thing about going low carb. Anyways, here’s my adjustment based on my technique for making fluffy traditional biscuits:

    1. Pulse dry ingredients in food processor with cold butter (I prefer a blend of 50/50 homemade lard and butter) until crumbly

    2. Beat eggs and add to food processor. Pulse just until mixed, DO NOT OVER MIX

    3. GENTLY form batter into 6 balls and GENTLY flatten keeping them relatively thick

    4. Bake @ 400 deg for 12 min

    My biscuits came out much fluffier than the ones in your picture. I think you may have  overmixed them. They taste kind of eggy which is the only
    downside.  I might experiment with replacing some of the egg with
    strained yogurt to minimize the eggy taste…

    • Great advice… thanks! I probably did over beat them, as I just use an immersion blender 🙂 thanks for the tip

    • Fabulous recipe and that is excellent advice Augustina! My biscuits are great!

      I used Bob’s Red Mill Coconut flour and needed 1/2 Cup.

      I also had to cook them at 350 to prevent burned bottoms.

    • I made these using this tip and they are really good. I made 10 out of my batch and over each one added a teaspoon of butter, which I think may have covered up some of the eggy flavor. I’m kind of good and finding the eggy flavor, but these were good. I will make them again.

  31. You overmixed the batter. I left a comment with tips for how to prep this for fluffier biscuits.

  32. Ground or whole Chia prepared the same way as the flax seed meal is another good alternative. I usually add extra butter for flavor when using that replacement as the egg provides extra richness you don’t get from Chia or Flax.

  33. Made the biscuits tonight and doubled the recipe and used one stick of butter. This made 12 nice size drop biscuits that were dense and moist. I also did not roll into balls. I let the batter sit for a few minutes to thickened up before scooping heaping soup spoonfuls of batter on a lightly greased cookie sheet. The visual result reminded me of the cheddar biscuits I make. The taste not the same,but surprisingly good. Not a lot of flavor but perfect if your hankering for “bread”. Served along side with root vegy stew, nice. Will try adding a bit if milk for added flavor. Thanks for the easy quick recipe!

  34. not quite sure what i did wrong here.  I followed the directions exactly (using coconut oil) and they came out looking like pancakes.  They taste ok, but it’s just weird eating it!  

  35. Are these to have 1-1/3 cup coconut flour as 1/3 seems like it would make it soupy?

    • Nope.. 1/3 cup… Coconut flour is extremely dry and absorbs a lot more than regular flour, though some brands absorb less than others … I use tropical traditions brand but if you use a different one, maybe add an extra tablespoon of coconut flour. Hope that helps…

      • Thank you! It was my first time using coconut flour. The biscuits are so yummy!

  36. This recipe looks great.  I’ve never baked with coconut flour but am trying to find a recipe for sweet potato biscuits that uses a non-wheat flour.  Do you have any recommendations?  Thank you sooo much!  Priscilla : )

  37. We made these, and they are very good!

  38. I have been trying out a few of your recipes (specifically the pancakes, muffins, and biscuits). I have several food sensitivities and allergies and was excited about the concept of going grain-free. I am allergic to eggs but usually do fine with using them in baked goods, however I’m having a reaction to the recipes I’ve tried here with eggs. I don’t know if the difference is that they’re not in with grains or that such a large portion if the recipe is made up of eggs. I really enjoy the flavor of the recipes even though I was skeptical at first. Is there any alternative to the eggs? My other recipes for GF, corn free bread products contains so many starches (potato starch & tapioca sarch) that I’m thinking it can’t be that healthy!

    • I’ve had other readers say that they’ve been able to substitute 1 tablespoon of finely ground chia seeds and 3 tablespoons of water per each egg in a recipe. Haven’t personally tried it with this one though. If you’re allergic to eggs, I’d definitely avoid them until you can heal to the point of not being allergic 🙂 Good luck!

  39. This is so GOOD! I am going to use this bread to replace sliced bread for PB&Js which we miss so badly and tuna sandwiches, etc., etc. Thank you, we love it.

  40. It was way too eggy for me (I hate eggs). But my son didn’t mind it.

  41. Can you make them ahead and then store them to use up during the week.

  42. Where do you get your coconut flour from? Whole Foods doesn’t sell.

  43. After being grain-free and dairy-free (no baking) for months, this recipe is a nice little prize. It was quick and yummy, and I think could easily be turned into a cookie recipe. My kids thank you. 🙂

  44. These turned out well- although a bit too eggy for me. I added some chopped almonds and pecans,chia seeds, goji berries and cacao powder and had them topped with bananas and organic peanut butter for breakfast; amazing! Thank you for the recipe!

  45. I just made these and OMG they are delicious! I omitted the honey and added the cheese and cayenne pepper. They are a huge success!! I do a lot of experimenting with coconut flour and almond flour since I follow a low carb lifestyle. This was a HUGE find! I will make these again and again!

  46. These are great! Reminded me of cornbread, so they were a great pairing with our chili. I can think of so many variations, too.

  47. Hey there Wellness Mama, just wanted to say thanks for the yummy recipes! I’m the main cook in the house with my boyfriend and we’re trying to eat as healthy but yummy as possible. I made your chicken veggie soup to go with these biscuits, I can’t wait for my boyfriend to try it all! 🙂

  48. I have recently just discovered how wonderful coconut flour is and am still learning how it behaves and the best way to use it. My husband & I are both diabetic, so I’m on the hunt for grain free alternatives to our favorite foods. I just made these biscuits, thinking I would be able to make cinnamon rolls out of the dough. When I saw how moist the dough was, I decided to just add the optional honey in the recipe and cinnamon to it (1-1/2 teaspons) and man, these are some very yummy creations! Thank you for sharing everything that you have on your site. I see a lot of wandering through it and trying things for me!

  49. I am thinking of making several batches of these so I have something bread-like on hand. Will these keep well in the fridge?

    • Ah, nevermind, I read the comments below and found one similar to mine 🙂 Can’t wait to try them!

    • I actually prefer to freeze them and re-heat in a toaster oven for the best texture

  50. Does anyone know what the nutritional data is for this recipe? I don’t know whether the label on the coconut flour refers to 3.5 oz by weight or volume, so I am not sure if I am figuring it out correctly.

  51. What could I use instead of 4 eggs? My grandson is allergic to milk, wheat, eggs, corn rice, soy and nuts! I’d love to give him some kind of bread choices.

    • I know that there are some recipes online that have flax seed and water substituting for eggs. Check out “Vegan egg substitutes”–I’m no vegan,but these might be helpful for you!

  52. I just made these and forgot to add the baking powder (OOPS), so they didn’t rise much. BUT… they did taste pretty darn awesome! I’m looking forward to having one tomorrow morning with my eggs. I didn’t find these eggy at all. I used coconut flour, which is a very fine ground flour. Almost like powder. I got a very thick dough. I will try them again as soon as I run out of these, next time remembering to add the baking powder and maybe some garlic powder. Thank you so much for this super easy, awesome recipe! And my husband, who HATES coconut, loved them! He said they reminded him of cornbread. It’s a keeper!

  53. these are really good. i made them 3 times now! thank you for posting

  54. I made these last night to go with Hungarian Goulash, it is so hard to eat a meaty stew without a bread near it. They were wonderful, the kids loved them with extra honey on top. Thanks for the recipe!

  55. I made them for breakfast this morning and for the first time since I gave up grains I was able to have a breakfast sandwich. It was the best breakfast sandwich, ever! Thanks for the recipe!

  56. Love those, thank you so much. I was thinking to make a loaf of bread using this recipe. You think if I’ll double the ingredients will be enough?

  57. I just made these and they were wonderful!!! I used my kitchen aid and whisk to whip the eggs to a very frothy state then lightly folded in the rest of the ingredients (took a little extra coconut flour to get the right consistency). I baked them at 325 until they were slightly golden on top. They were amazing and we made egg and bacon sandwiches out of them. Never thought I would have a bacon and egg sandwich again:) I’m going to use them for strawberry shortcake with a little coconut milk and raw honey. Then I’m going to make blueberry cobbler. I like my cobbler with no added sugar. Maybe a little more coconut milk mixed with raw honey on that also. You don’t have to quit living when you stop eating grains:-) When you have children you have to get creative. My kids hated when I quit eating grains but they have both decided to join me and don’t miss them at all.

    • I have a question about how you fold in the flour and butter? also how long they need to bake at 325? thank you

  58. Thank you for this! I used this as a batter to make sausage ball muffins for a quick breakfast. Added about 1/2 pound (maybe less) cooked crumbled spicy sausage and about 1/2 – 3/4 cups shredded sharp cheddar to the batter, and cooked in greased muffin tins. They were great!

  59. I just made batch with bacon fat – delicious! I also added a tbsp of coconut flour because the batter was very thin at first.

  60. Great page Thanks for sharing.

  61. These weren’t good. They were too eggy & did not taste like a biscuit at all. I won’t make them again.

  62. Thank u thank you!!! Made them this morning bacon egg cheese with biscuits!!!! Love <3

  63. This was amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. Based off my calculations…its a 120 calories for one biscuit out of the 9. The entire batch was 1080 calories. I used everything but the honey and used coconut oil instead of butter. It was delicious and worth every bite:)

  64. Um, the recipe doesn’t say this, but you need to GREASE the pan!!! Had a “sticky” situation this morning. Also, this recipe only made 6 biscuits. That left my husband wanting… Our family of 3 each ate two biscuits for breakfast and my husband probably could have eaten all 6 himself, being the big, muscle bound Marine that he is… All of that said, these were yummy.

  65. I made these this morning…my husband gave them a 2 thumbs up! We have officially dubbed them “Dodger’s”

  66. Made them!! They tasted GREAT! We live on a tropical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean so finding coconut flour reminds me of the saying: water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink, since we’re surrounded by coconuts but coconut flour is pretty unheard of. But where there’s a will, there’s a way, and since starting paleo I’ve learnt how to make coconut flour from fresh ones! You have to use WAY more flour than industrially produced ones, and I added just a pinch of cinnamon as well as using home made breadfruit flour. It came out great! It didn’t taste eggy at all and the breadfruit flour balanced out the coconut taste! Thanks for the recipe it is DEFINITELY a keeper!

  67. Katie,

    Did you mean one half cup of flour? My mix was runny like pancake batter. Seems like something’s missing.


  68. For someone who is gluten free and yeast free, I miss having bread and the occasional sandwich more than anything. These are so easy to make and I made a fried egg sandwich with them. Absolute heaven, thank you!!!

  69. Well mine just flattened out and look like sad pancakes 🙁

  70. Hi There.
    I made these yesterday, 2 different batches. The first one with a tiny bit of stevia instead of honey and the second batch with honey and cheese. The first batch smelled weird… The egg smelled strange and the edges had greenish bits, also through the middle (when I cut them open) and the baking soda (which is a Bob’s Red Mill one) smelled weird too, it often smells like ammonia after it is cooked?? Have you ever experiences any of this. My kids are not very picky, but they did not enjoy them lol. I have cooked a lot of muffins with coconut flour, baking soda etc and sometimes it happens that it smells strange (from the baking soda and eggs) unless I have a lot of flavor in them like lemon, stevia etc.. The other batch btw turned out beautiful and my husband loved them!

  71. I was just shy of 1/3 c of oil, so added almond flour, but still was super runny, so I added nutritional yeast. Turned out flat, not at all fluffy like your picture. I put these on top of a cheeseburger casserole, then topped with yeast cheese. Good, so , no problem with biscuits being flat. Will go by the recipe next time though! Yours look much better! Thanks for the recipe!!

  72. I tried these last week and they turned out exactly how they look in the picture. I absolutely love them. I’ll be making 2 batches this week: 1 savoury and 1 sweet. They are absolutely awesome! Thank you for your recipes. 🙂

  73. These were fantastic, I used 1 TBSP agave instead of 2TBSP honey and they were amazing. I also seemed to need a little more coconut flour as it was too runny. The family even liked them. They are a tad dry so adding butter after they are baked made them amazing as well.

  74. Okay— I’ve made a very similar recipe to this before. This time I used 2T coconut oil and
    2T butter…and since I can’t do any sweeteners, other than stevia, I grated a small parsnip
    and put that in. YUM! Added 1 additional teaspoon of coconut flour. (And used small eggs.) Perfect!
    I’d suggest trying some additional spicing depending on whether you want go savory
    or sweet. Try-em! You’ll like’em!

  75. Best versatile scone recipe ever! Yummy. Makes good use of the coconut flour I bought some time ago.

  76. I cannot have egg yolks, Could you make this with just egg whites?

    Thanks Kathleen.

  77. Beautiful recipe thankyou.
    I tweaked it a bit, doubled all the ingredients except the eggs, i used 4 eggs
    and 1/2 cup coconut cream.
    Made lovely sweet, soft, moist biscuits.
    Suzanne 🙂

  78. Hi I forgot to say i also added 1/3 cup desiccated coconut to the recipe
    ( organic unsweetened)
    Suzanne 🙂

  79. Thank you for this recipe Katie – and thanks commenter Augustina for helping me make them correctly!

    I made three batches this weekend. The first one I followed the recipe exactly (with butter / no honey) and they turned out very soupy. I dropped them onto foil and got little “hockey pucks” as Augustina described. They were thin and a little burnt on the bottom but they tasted good enough to give them another try.

    I read through the comments and the second time decided to take Augustina’s approach. I used cold butter and pulsed it with the coconut flour in the food processor just until crumbly. I also added two extra tablespoons of coconut flour. Then I added the beaten eggs (again no honey – I am out). I also added 1/3 cup shredded cheddar cheese. This time they turned out beautifully!

    The third time I omitted the cheese and put in 1 TBL maple syrup. I also used 1 extra TBL of coconut flour this time instead of 2. I couldn’t taste the syrup – and I would say this was the best batch yet.

    The first time I used Viva Labs organic coconut flour and the second/third time I used Lets Do Organic. I think the last two batches tasted more “coconutty” but since I am not comparing them side by side I am not sure. It could be that the different brands of coconut flour acted differently as well though I suspect the preparation method had more of an impact.

    Overall I am thrilled with this recipe. Super fast and easy, and very versatile. I am already thinking how to make cranberry orange biscuits/scones out of this. Will let you know if I succeed!

  80. I made a huge batch of plum butter from the plums in my yard but had nothing to eat it with, until I found this recipe! It’s perfect! I ended up needing about an extra 2 T of coconut flour, but other than that I followed the recipe exactly and they turned out beautiful and delicious. I made little mini-sandwiches for breakfast with almond butter and plum butter. I’m excited for the possibilities! Thanks for the great recipe. 🙂

  81. Just made theses and although they taste delicious mine turned out flat BUT I also used coconut oil instead of butter and flax seed instead of eggs. My batter was amazing it came out super light and fluffy! I think my issue was the 5 tbsp of coconut oil I’m going to go for 3-4 tbsp tomorrow and not squish them down to 1/2 inch. They do taste coconutty though so I would mainly use these for dessert baking stuff …..I.e…… cobblers , short cakes or even light scones

    Thank you so much for the recipe!

  82. I used this recipe with Bobs Mill brand and used 1/2 cup of flour and added a tsp of vanilla and used it for blackberry cobble… Yummy….

  83. I made these, all excited here on a Saturday morning for my family, and they turned into awful flat pancake-type creations. Any ideas??

  84. Hi Katie,
    I am English, and have just made these biscuits and all I can say is WOW! I absolutely love these although I can taste the coconut in them which does not bother me in the least.
    Thank you for this recipe.

  85. made these with half flaxseed and half eggs in recipe. they taste good but do not rise like the almond flour ones I make. the batter was not to moist or dry. Im not sure why, they didn’t rise much, maybe they don’t. comments?

    • Ann – I made mine with butter and I only used 3 eggs and then substituted the 4th egg with a chia seed/water mixture. They turned out very light and fluffy. But they don’t spread out or rise much while baking from the original size of the batter. Coconut flour baked goods just don’t seem to rise very much. But a good recipe, like this one, will still turn out light and fluffy. Some of the commenters who used coconut oil had theirs turn out flat. I have found that if you use coconut oil instead of butter, it helps to chill the dough beforehand. That seems to help a little bit in keeping the batter from melting and spreading out so thin.

  86. I’ve made these a few times and they’ve always been a big hit. Today I made them with farm fresh duck eggs. AMAZING!!!!!

    • Duck eggs are the best for any kind of baking…I need to get some again and try this with those!

  87. These were great and super easy to make! Seems like a very versatile biscuit recipe to. Excited to try some twists to it – thought of adding some frozen blueberries to make scones. Thanks so much for posting this. Its always nice to find an easy paleo bread alternative.

  88. how much cinnamon would you add to make the cinnamon rolls?

  89. I didn’t really like these. I think they tasted very eggy and spongy. Maybe if you put a little almond flour in too it would help the texture and taste!

  90. Thanks for this awesome recipe Katie! I just made these tonight and thought they were delicious! Mine turned out light and fluffy like biscuits are supposed to be. I used butter not coconut oil – seems like more of the flat biscuit problems are coming from coconut oil maybe? In reading through comments, I saw someone’s about it tasty too eggy. So I only used 3 eggs and then I used 1 tablespoon chia seed w/3 tablespoons of water as a substitute for the 4th egg. That substitution might have also made a difference in the texture. I was out of garlic powder so I used garlic salt and left out the regular salt. I also used a dash of dried dill. I’ll definitely be making these again. I love the savory but I might try some of the sweet variations too.

  91. These turned out horrible. I followed the directions exactly, even went out and spent 30 dollars on new groceries specifically for this recipe, and they turned into burnt pancakes in the oven. I guess I will be having my chili without biscuits tonight!

  92. I made these tonight and they were sort of flat and really spread out some on the pan. However, they tasted good and I ate several. Next time I will add more coconut flour for a stiffer batter (mine was very soft and I used a cookie scoop to put on my pan). I intend to follow some of the other comments and suggestions. Definitely worth trying again.

  93. What a wonderful recipe! My coffee grinder ground coconut flour did not absorb well so I did 1 tablespoon less butter (used half lard and half butter) anx 1 less egg. I still ended up needing more flour, which I did not have, so I used arrowrootpowder to achieve a good texture. Next time I’ll have more coconut flour! They turned out so yummy! I love that I have an easy snack for my 1 year old as well. We don’t do processed foods,and hardly any grains, so it can be frustrating when she needs a pick up and I don’t have time to heat up meat, make an egg, steam veggies, etc. Usually I do have time, but this will be great to have on hand 🙂 especially to round out my girlies meals when all she wants is meat or sardines and non starchy veggies! My husband and I were drooling over many of your recipes last night! Fried cheese sticks are next on our list to try 🙂 Thank you for ALL you do Katie!!

  94. They looked good, they smelled good, the texture was good… but the flavour was off. They were too sweet. Next time I will only use a teaspoon of honey. Had to add a 1/4 cup extra coconut flour, but like you mentioned, not all coconut flour brands are the same.

    I used bacon fat instead of butter and threw in some cheese for what I thought would be a smokey cheddar flavour, but the honey ruined it! Live and learn, I’m excited to try this recipe again with some tweaks! There’s a lot of potential.

  95. These are good! I have had to add more coconut flour as mine are too runny with amount in recipe. I added chocolate chips and they are like this yummy, soft, coco-nutty, bread-y, chocolate chip cookie that my husband and I now crave.

  96. These were great. I used applesauce instead of honey and they turned out beautifully. Kids loved them. Will be making these again. I want to try them with cheese!

  97. So glad I’ve found this recipe 🙂 I just made some cinnamon ones for breakfast, and I realized how much I missed having bread and biscuits. Next time though I’m using butter, I suspect it’ll come out better since my coconut oil is always on the melty side because my kitchen is always hot (small apartment with no ventilation). Also, I want to make them with garlic and oregano and use for bruschetta with olive oil, mozzarella, tomato, and basil 🙂

  98. I just made these because I wanted a snack for this snowy day. I used 3tbs of ghee instead of butter/coconut oil… batter was a little runny, so I added more coconut flour in half teaspoons until the dough seems good. THESE are delicious and simple. I’m topping them with coconut butter and whole fruit spread. They will be gone quickly. Thanks!

  99. Wow! This is the first coconut flour recipe that I completely enjoyed! So, so good. Thank you for sharing this. I made some pear butter for the topping…delicious.

  100. Hi. Just wanted to check how many mlx in your tablespoon. Is it an American 15ml, or an English 20ml?

  101. Made these with extra 2 tblspn of coconut flour and they’ve turned out really beautifully! Like Melting Moments, if I can find a frosting to go in the middle!

  102. Ugh, so frustrating! I’m going to have to try these again when I’ve read through more of the recipe tweaks others have posted. I followed the recipe exactly from Katie’s cookbook, baked these in 2 groups, and EVERY SINGLE ONE of these stuck to the baking pan – used 2 different pans, one dry, one coated with coconut oil. They taste fine, they just look terrible, and I have a lot of cleaning up to do. Boo.

    • Use parchment paper…

  103. So these are the options/changes I made based off other comments and how mine turned out!
    I used Better Body Foods organic coconut flour. Five TBS of softened butter and and I eyed this but my guess is about I TBS of honey. 3 eggs and 1/3 cup of Silk brand coconut milk (unsweetened). Everything else is the same. I know I changed a lot so some might say it’s not the same recipe…but either way I wanted to share my results because I always appreciate when others do.
    Mine came out like a soft. cake-like short bread….delish! It was also flatter like a puffy cookie. I could see how adding cheese would be delish! Oh and I baked at 375 on parchment paper 😉

    • Just made my first ones today. Mixture was wet but formed in sticky balls. Leaving my husband to actually bake them. Will see how they go.

      One thing that should be watched when baking with an American recipe in Australia (or anywhere for that matter) is the tablespoon size. Metric and Imperial are different and it can make a big difference in recipes. I’m an American living in Australia and I’ve had goof ups going both ways until I started labelling my recipes (I also have a set of Imperial measuring spoons and Metric measuring spoons). Watch out for the egg sizes also – I always try to use medium for baking. These are things I wish would always be listed in a recipe (size or weight) of ingredients. I don’t like throwing out food.

  104. Just popped these biscuits in the oven, &, because we were out of eggs, I replaced the eggs with flax meal and enough milk to get the consistency right. The batter tastes like a mildly modified biscuit, that I remember.
    Now I’m hoping they don’t stick too badly, but I’m sure they’ll be delicious anyway!

  105. These biscuits smelled like scrambled eggs coming out of the oven…

    • Also, didn’t intend to do the star rating. This recipe is definitely higher than a two, though probably not quite a five. It’s a good biscuit (for being grain-free) with minimal prepping–that’s a win, I’d say.

  106. I love this website and have loved watching your recipes change over the years to grain free options!!
    I however have made this twice with no success. I use Coconut Secret raw coconut flour. organic softened butter and eggs. no honey. and follow the recipe. I dont know what I’m doing wrong!! I know it’s me and not recipe. I use coconut flour all the time…. maybe I need to let mine sit? I’ve added arrowroot starch both times. very runny for me. also use immersion blender.

    • Is it possible you are turning your coconut into a liquid or paste? I know if i blend normal coconut and add a little heat it goes like peanutbutter

  107. I made these the other day and the mixture turned out so runny that there was no way I could shape these by hand. However, I just put them in cupcake liners instead. They were really yummy and the kids loved them. I also added a little almond meal. Anyway, thank you for a great recipe, I’m making them again right now:)

  108. I followed the recipe and unfortunately my batter looked a but clumpy and liquidy. I baked them and they fell like pancakes ( major disappointment) 🙁 I used Bob’s RedMill Organic Coconut Flour. I would like to take some of the tips mentioned without the egg substituting with buttermilk for a more flaky traditional version.

  109. Just made these. Used coconut oil, didn’t use honey, mixed with a fork, otherwise followed directions exactly. Batter wasn’t runny at all, biscuits turned out fantastic. I’m not expecting a true biscuit product, I accept the trade off being that this is a low carb alternative. Easy to make, doesn’t require a ton of ingredients. Taste great. Five stars!

    • I just made these, replaced 2 of the eggs with a big dollop of ricotta cheese and a little almond milk. Turned out a bit more scone-like, but since I’m gluten sensitive and have been trying to ease up on the carbs, these satisfied my bread craving. I’ll keeping playing around with it and def plan to try the cheese option with chili.

  110. I made these this morning. I have been doing grain free for a week now and my husband was thrilled that I found a biscuit recipe 🙂
    At first the mixture was much too runny to form balls as it was mostly liquid. I incorporated everything and let it sit a minute to let the flour absorb the liquid. Still too runny. I added heaping spoonfuls of flour (3-4) until it started to gel enough for me to plop down a mound. Still no ball formation and definitely didn’t need to flatten with a spoon! Baked 13.5 min and they were done. Buttered and served with eggs they had a faint sweetness to them and egginess but not really coconuts. Soft on the inside and a new weekend favorite!

  111. Im doing Weight Watchers and plugging this in for points…. What is the serving size to this recipe ?

  112. How is 4 eggs plus 1/3 c any type of flour supposed to equal dough ???

    • Perhaps you have not worked with coconut flour before… it absorbs a *ton* of liquid.

      • you are right, I have not! I was making sure that was not a typo, or a mobile version mistake before I tried. Thanks!

  113. I followed this recipe to a T and they melted completely in the oven! :(:( what did I do wrong?? They are puddles!

  114. Taste exactly like eggs and coconut flour. Not very appetizing. Maybe I’m feeling burnt out on Paleo coconut flour pancakes? The texture was not good to us at all. Shoot! I was really hoping for a biscuit. I’ll try to find another recipe that includes other flours and less egg.

  115. This must be a good recipe since there are comments from way back to the present! I am anxious to prepare these for Valentine’s day when I’ve been invited to bring a grain-free Biscuit! I previously ordered a muffin top pan that I haven’t as yet used and am wondering if rolls flattened out would be better or not. I don’t want to disappoint the other guests but I can’t afford to experiment too much this week either. Any suggestions other than the many above would be appreciated.

  116. I tried this recipe tonight for the first time, and was pleasantly surprised by the results. I did the cheddar version with butter to go with chicken soup for our dinner. It was delicious. Even my husband, who is not a big coconut fan, loved it. Also, I didn’t need to use a hand mixer or immersion blender, just some vigorous wooden spoon stirring so this was a snap to clean up. Will definitely make again.

  117. Yum!! These are fantastic. Thank you so much!! Had them with some honey + butter and they tasted amazing

  118. Pls anyone try this with any egg replacer before, how do they turn out? can’t work with egg as my children are arllegic. But will sure give it a try with the E-nergy egg sub and see the result.

  119. I have made these several times and I LOVE them. But when you divide it into 9 biscuits, they are so tiny. I do either 4 or 6. 4 is like an English muffin and is good toasted the next day. YUM!

  120. This recipe can’t be correct. 1/3 cup of flour is not enough. Can you correct the recipe or tell me the correct amount.

    • It is enough and the recipe is correct. Coconut flour behaves much differently than regular flour.

  121. Hi there! Just tried these biscuits and they are yummy;-) Wondered how many calories they are and the other nutritional stats? Do you happen to have those?

  122. Here’s more praise for this great recipe! I was low on eggs and followed the lead of others & replaced 2 eggs w/ 2/3 cup full fat coconut milk (slightly diluted). I also didn’t add honey and thew in about 1/8 cup sharp cheddar/romano blend and some jalapeños lightly sauteed w/ garlic. I also added an additional 1/3 cup coconut flour as my batter came out really mushy and I wouldn’t have been able to shape it into the balls. The result was oh so tasty! They were light and airy and very similar to biscuits. Someone asked about nutritional facts. I calculated the calories for mine. The whole batch made 8 biscuits and they are about 166 calories each using the ingredients I mentioned. Has anyone tried these in an eggs Benedict? I’m curious as to how well they would hold up under the hollandaise (would be delicious regardless). Thanks, Wellness Mama!

  123. I tried making this recipe and it was way too runny and I didnt grease the cookie sheet. A sticky disaster. The next batch I used two eggs instead of four. I added an additional two tablespoons of coconut flour and I used Melt brand dairy free honey butter right out of the frig. They came out nice and fluffy and were about a 1/2 inch thick. The next time i am going to try using the coconut oil again but I am going to refrigerate it before i use it so it stays in the hardened state.

  124. Am i doing something wrong here? It is way too mushy. So it did not form properly. I must messed up the measurements …

    1/3 cup of coconut flour
    4 eggs
    5 tablespoon of coconut oil

    • It won’t form like regular biscuits but should become firm once cooked.

      • should I put the dough in the fridge before baking? will that help? or should I put it in a muffin tin and bake it?

  125. I just made these this morning and my granddaughter loved them. I will be making another batch to go with dinner. Thank you very much! These are yummy….I followed the recipe exactly and they turned out beautiful.

  126. Could you use this recipe for monkey bread?

  127. I just made these following your exact recipe and they came out like flat cookies, not at all like biscuits. What did I do wrong?

  128. I had to comment to tell you, You have saved my life; since the past 2 months or so, I joined your wellness remedy course,started making my own herbal first aid kit, and changed my diet to fight not feed candida fungus. Both being a part of your course and having the confidence to try new diet friendly recipes like this one, has made my family have a better transistion into wellness and given me the boost to work hard at keeping it up, thanks for being you,..and for these biscuits, they are a hit!! i added garlic salt instead of reg salt, and it cut the coconut flour flavor very well, my husband thought they were chedder biscuits, i will reduce eggs next time and try some milk, …thank you so much for this great biscuit recipe

  129. Hi,
    I have a request. I am currently on the SCD diet. I have found out that I am allergic to eggs and dairy, which makes baking SCD loaf bread and flat bread difficult. I was wondering if you can try to make an SCD bread or wrap without eggs and dairy. It would mean so much to me and other SCDers who suffer from the same allergies. Please let me know if you have any advice.

    Thank you

  130. Hi Katie – I love your blog and have loved many of your recipes and appreciate your dedication and work! My son is allergic to eggs. Do you have a suggestion for a substitute. Usually I substitute flax eggs for eggs in baking. I’m not sure if that would work in this recipe though since it calls for several eggs. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  131. Made these this morning, a little coconut-y but very good, nice and light and fluffy. I did the butter option and only used three of my extra large farm fresh eggs. My oven is a little hot so I baked them at 390 F for 12 minutes and used parchment paper. Thanks for this recipe and I really enjoy your website. 🙂

  132. I love this recipe! It is so simple and versatile. I used coconut oil even though I enjoy butter and the flavor was delicious and buttery. I added dried herbs and fresh cracked pepper. Next time I will try a cheddar buscuit.

    Thank you, Katie!

  133. These are the BEST coconut flour recipe I have ever made, and I’ve made about 50! So easy, so delicious. I added 2 tsp vanilla essence, 1 TBS cinnamon (I love it), and a handful of raisins after processing the other ingredients. They taste like English scones! So much less bother than muffins. Gonna make more – this time with tiny bits of apple! Thank you SO MUCH!

  134. Ok — I have these mixed up in a bowl…but they are like liquid. No way to form them into balls? Help???? Thanks, I so wanted to try them this morning

  135. This was the first time I had success using coconut flour! These are amazing! I heated up frozen blueberries and put it on too as a jam. Best recipe ever. I also didn’t use honey and used stevia instead.

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