Healthy Uses for Alfalfa Herb

Healthy Uses for Alfalfa HerbI use herbal remedies for many things on a daily basis. From homemade lotions, infused oils and salves, to teas and additions to my veggie smoothies, we use a lot of different herbs each day and of of my favorites is alfalfa.

I’ve personally seen the benefit of many different herbs, even in situations where medicine or conventional remedies didn’t work at all.

Many herbs also have very nourishing properties and can be used in special combinations in foods and drinks to improve the body’s absorption of those substances.

Each week, I’ll be profiling an herb and talking about its many uses…

Enter Alfalfa

To some of you, alfalfa may bring thoughts of a type of hay or a character from the Little Rascals, but Alfalfa is a powerhouse among herbs, the Pavel of herbs, so to speak.

Sometimes also called Buffalo Herb, or scientifically, Medicago sativa, Alfalfa means “Father of all Foods” and deserves its name! It contains a wide variety of minerals including iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, sodium, potassium, silicon, and trace elements. It is also a good source of Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Vitamin K, which is necessary for blood clotting.

It also contains essential amino acids, which are not made by the body but must be obtained from food sources. Because Alfalfa is so easy to assimilate, it is used as the base in vitamins and supplements and it contains the highest chlorophyll content of any plant (in fact, it is used in Liquid Chlorophyll, which has a very high nutrient content).

Uses for Alfalfa

  • Cleansing the blood
  • Helping alleviate allergies
  • Aids in blood clotting
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Can easy morning sickness
  • Is helpful in reversing tooth decay and remineralizing teeth
  • Great source of Vitamin K so it helps improve Baby’s Vitamin K levels at birth if mom drinks during pregnancy (recipe for an herbal tea for pregnancy here)
  • Supports the pituitary gland
  • Supportive during nursing
  • Helps ease morning sickness
  • Helps ease gout
  • Aids with all forms of arthritis

Alfalfa is used in alternative medicine to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. Its high concentration of alkaloids make it useful in reducing blood sugar levels.

It is also commonly used as a blood detoxifier and for any types of arthritis or joint problems. It is a great source of many nutrients and is generally considered safe for children, adults and pregnant/nursing mothers.

The one caution about alfalfa is not to use in combination with blood thinning agents or medications as it is so effective it can interfere or amplify the effects of these.

How We Use Alfalfa

In our family, we add alfalfa to many of our herbal teas, tinctures and to food. I make a tea for the kids with it by adding, Red Raspberry and Peppermint as a source of vitamins and minerals that they love to drink. (We buy it in bulk here)

We also drink a lot of Liquid Chlorophyll, which is a concentrated liquid of the chlorophyllins from the fresh alfalfa plant. We love this brand because it has a minty taste, and even the kids love to drink it. When the kids are sick, this is often all I can get them to take, and its purifying and detoxifying properties help them recover more quickly. Since it is so high in nutrients, I also don’t worry if they don’t eat as much while they are sick.

During pregnancy, I add it to my pregnancy tea (recipe here) and add it to herbal teas if anyone gets sick. Due to its mild flavor, I also add scoops of dried alfalfa to smoothies and drinks.

Ever used alfalfa? Taken liquid chlorophyll? What herbs do you use?

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Reader Comments

  1. Liquid chlorophyll is my favorite of all supplements.  A local herbalist recommended it to me during pregnancy because I have struggled with anemia my entire adult life.  LC makes me feel noticeably better and made my hemoglobin levels higher than I had ever seen them… 12.6.  I usually hovered between 10-11… as low as 8.6 (12 being the lowest # within normal range).

    • This might be something to think about as well as my iron is pretty low due to Celiac Disease as well as the copper iud (interferes with iron and zinc absorption). Thank you for sharing!

  2. You are a wealth of information. I just love your blog. Thank you for sharing! I don’t know how you get it all in in one day – all the herbs, vitamins, gelatin, etc… perhaps you could give a brief rundown of your daily regimen and include all a list of everything.

    • is takin g these herbs and spices bad for my health,can they cause reactions on meds,ulcers e ct .ive heard chilli is bad

      • Like all herbs, they all have side effects. Alfalfa does have side effects. Google it. I do think the blogger should post that as well because it doesn’t give the full picture. You need to be careful with any herb you consume and to consult with your physician before taking it or combing with other supplements.

        • Very good point. ALSO, the chlorophyll that was recommended has parabens. I don’t think the blogger knew this, because she is usually very cautious with her recommendations.

        • Many herbs do not have side effects. There are many mild food herbs that provide nutrition but not strong alkaloids that can be toxic.

        • why would you need to ask your physician? Alfalfa is a plant, it is a food. Do you ask your doctor if you should eat lettuce or cabbage or green beans!!!!???????? Really alfalfa is completely safe it is a food. I would never ask any medical doctor about food as that is something they are NOT trained in. They know nothing about food only drugs

          • I totally agree with this point.

  3. I had no idea of all the things alfalfa was good for. These herb profiles are a great idea. Would love to see my favorite – rosemary – profiled. Thanks!

  4. How much would this help morning sickness? i suffer from hyperemesis and am currently pregnant.  I will give this a try.  Thanks. Any other ideas would be helpful too.  This is my fifth baby and my research over the years about this has had mixed results.  Thanks again. 

    • The liquid chlorophyll was one of the only things I could get down in the mornings and it, along with the mint taste, really helped ease the nausea. I took about a tablespoon in water each morning

  5. I take a few alfalfa tablets everyday in hopes of beating fatigue and keeping my Ph balance just right. As I suffer from the Autoimmune Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease, I have to battle extreme fatigue and chronic pain. This powerhouse of nutrients is really good for my whole body. I’m always searching for natural remedies to accompany my daily regimen of prescription drugs. RA drugs are so dangerous so I need to do everything I can to protect my body from drugs’ side effects and damage.

    • This is so true because a bad doctor will give you medicines he know will kill you. Some of them don’t care if u live or die.

    • You do know that people w auto immune ds are told to NOT take alfalfa dont you? Seeing as you did some research?

  6. I’ve seen alfalfa seeds at my health food store. I was thinking of adding them to my daily oatmeal (which has chia seeds, goji berries, flax, nuts haha the list goes on). Would it have the same benefits or does it need to be the actual plant??

  7. The more I look around on your blog, the more I love it! The day you reviewed the T-Tapp system I ordered it, and I’m loving it (I’ll post a comment on that page). They promote the use of alfalfa for skin tightening, water retention, improving varicose veins and dark under eye circles. I ordered their brand of capsules bc they are supposed to organic and contain no seeds. Also not heat processed, etc. It is supposed to be the best out there. Or maybe I’m paying through the nose unnecessarily :). I have loose skin on my belly from 6 kids so close together (including triplets). So I am trying this with her skin brushing system to improve that. We will see! Cheaper than a tummy tuck! They have a long description of alfalfa benefits on the product page in their shop.

    • Their brand is good… if you can handle the texture, etc, you can also order powdered alfalfa in bulk from mountain rose herbs for a lot cheaper. It can actually be made in to a tea also…

      • Good to know. Theirs come in capsules, which is convenient. I will check out mountain rose herbs. Thanks!

  8. Sally Fallon of Nourishing Traditions disagrees. She says alfalfa causes a host of problems, low immunity being oe of them. What do you say to her claims?

    • Hi Anne, I was researching the same question, and it looks like most of the problems come with an extended use of the alfalfa seed (see: Obviously, anything taken in extreme amounts and/or for long amounts of time can make a body’s natural system unbalanced. Liquid alfalfa (liquid chlorophyll), herbal alfalfa tea, capsules, etc. were not mentioned as linked to auto-immune problems, etc. in this report, just the seeds. So perhaps Sally’s experiences or knowledge of others’ experiences were mostly related to the taking of the actual seeds? In any case, I’ll be staying away from the seeds myself. The other forms, however, like liquid chlorophyll, which you dilute in water a Tablespoon at a time (and used in moderation), etc. seem not as threatening, and the wide variety of vitamins and minerals seem worth it for those in search/need of the benefits. All things consumed by the body should be done so with wisdom and understanding; most problems with natural substances (or any drug/food for that matter) happen when wisdom and prudence are not practiced in their consumption. Just a thought.

  9. I’m curious about the brand of liquid chlorophyll you use — I bought the natures sunshine bottle like you recommended, but the second ingredient is methylparaben, which doesn’t seem like an ingredient you would support… Did I buy the wrong bottle? Is methylparaben ok?

  10. I was curious if any of these benefits are also present in sprouted alfalfa? We eat tons of salads and these are a weekly addition.

  11. I am already taking an iron supplement (Floradix) and a magnesium supplement (Calm). Can I take this too?

  12. Hi Katie,
    I noticed in this post about alfalfa that you normally take it in the liquid form. We do it in capsules, and I was wondering if taking it in tea would be more effective. Or does it matter? Thanks! I seriously love your blog and appreciate all the wonderful information you share.

  13. What’s the next best alternative to alfalfa? I’ve read multiple articles about how it can interact with birth control.

  14. I just started alfalfa supplements tonight, after needing to remove toxins from my body, I heard it was excellent for that. Now realizing it’s great for all those other reasons too, brings more of a benefit to me. Having high cholesterol levels and being on RX medication for it, knowing that these new supplements could actually lower my levels, makes me very excited! Perhaps, I’ll be able to be off these RX meds some day! More people should know about the healthy effects of alfalfa.

  15. A guy I’ve known my whole life recently kicked a meth habit. He is about 51, so I can only assume how much damage it caused his body, in addition to what shape his body was in prior to starting the habit, or even how bad his diet was if apparently he thought doing meth wouldn’t cause significant enough harm.
    Either way, since getting past it all, he began to describe unimaginable pain all through his body, as if something were inside at eating away at him constantly. After trying an assortment of things, some of them you have mentioned, he finally settled on soaking in a bath full of ground alfalfa as the most beneficial, an also pain alleviating. He’ll do this for hours at a time and claims it makes him feel brand new. Seems to me like these other ways of getting alfalfa could be even better. He’s a bit resistant of change, but we’ll see if I can’t get him to consider these other methods, and with time he might pick up the practice himself.
    Go alfalfa!

  16. My midwife just suggested that I start taking either alfalfa or liquid chlorophyll. Is there any concern about the copper in liquid chlorophyll? Is there a brand that doesn’t contain this?

  17. New to your site…always looking for updated information on natural products and healing remedies thanks

  18. I take Alfalfa supplements for Kidney stones. I have suffered with kidney stones over the years and have found that the alfalfa helps to break them down so they can be easily passed when urinating.

  19. is coconut bad is it a saturated fat,

  20. Can I give this to my 7 yr and 10 yr old? Can this cause early puberty girls? I am scared to give it kids due to concerns around this. What can I give to kids to increase height?

    • I’ve heard that liquid chlorophyll actually prevents early puberty and it detoxifies the body of contaminants that lead to early puberty.

  21. your blog is awesome. Thank you so much for all of your work. your page pops up all the time when I’m searching for herbs.

  22. When you make the tea with the red raz/peppermint/alfalfa how much do you put in for each? Do you also drink this to help with lactation? Thanks!

  23. Love reading your blog and knowing we are on the same page for raising a family. Wish more moms would do this to better their family.

  24. I really enjoyed this topic and read through all the questions which are many questions I would ask…but I don’t see any answers to any of them????!
    A bit disappointed in that regard.

  25. Always looking for new ways to stay healthy…Do not take prescription drugs…They always create another issue with the bodies/immune system…
    I was told Alfalfa capsules were just for allergies/sinus etc…will it help with colds too?

  26. Thank you so much for your blog. You are a woman after my own heart! I find myself often reading your posts, and I enjoy them and trust them immensely. I know there are a lot of good blogs out there, but in my opinion, yours is one of the best and most helpful. Your blog helps me be a better parent and household manager, equipping me with the knowledge I need to embark on the healthy and alternative lifestyle we have chosen for our family. Please keep it up!

    Light and Love and Deep Gratitude,

  27. I suffer from Hypermesis, so I’m going to try chlorophyll. I find the liquid hard to stomach right now, so how many would you recommend in supplement form?

  28. Thanks for the great information. I came here looking for info about how to consume enough alfalfa to equal a dose of chlorophyll as I’m looking to avoid liquid chlorophyll. The reason being that to keep stable in a water-based state, they remove the magnesium molecule at the core and add in copper sulfate. That’s a deal breaker for me because I’m dealing with adrenal fatigue, sluggish liver and excess copper in my blood.

    I’m looking at Standard Process Chlorophyll Complex. This is the only Chlorophyll supplement I can find that is oil based and not processed with copper. Does anyone know of others?

  29. I take Alfalfa when my allergies are going bazerk, which is like once every year or two years. I’m living in AZ and sometimes they act up, but not regularly. When they do, I get really sick from them. Most people here in AZ get allergies at some point in their life, even if they’ve never had them before. The desert spores and fungus are killers to allergies! My sister has taken Alfalfa, along with her husband, most of their lives, and live and swear by it. My entire family has some form of autoimmune disorder/disease. I have raynauds myself, but my siblings all have something different. My daughters have crohns. Alfalfa does us just fine. So why the comment was made to not take it if you autoimmune is puzzling to me. It’s a great herb/supplement and from my experience, it’s the only thing that cuts allergies!

  30. Wow thankyou for these! I wasn’t an orange peel before I read this, and now I’m a turtle-mongering fish fork! God bless and a spicy new peanut to boot ! Happy pretzels for everyone!

  31. Hey Katie! You mentioned you give your babies an oral vitamin K… Can I get the information on that?

  32. Dear Katie,

    Please let me know what kind of vitamin K you recommend for a baby.
    I just had a baby (17th april) and I did gave the vitamin K shot, now I dont know what to give the baby.
    What would or do you use (used) on your Newborns? I have read about green pastures mix but it says its from 3 months and up….PLEASE PLEASE let me know!!!

    Lots of love,


    • I took this one at the end of pregnancy and also drank alfalfa tea and ate a lot of greens. Also, I’d ask a doc or midwife for oral Vitamin K recommendations for baby. We got some oral drops through our midwife instead of the shot.

  33. can alfalfa be taken with blood thinners?

  34. Hi Katie, about how much do you give your kiddos? The brand you recommended says 1 tsp. I’m assuming that is for adult dosing. THANKS SO MUCH!!

  35. Great info as always! Can you please share which brand of Vitamin K oral drops you used for your baby or which you would recommend for newborns now?

  36. My husband has RA can he use alfalfa for his RA releaf and possibly stop taking naproxen? .
    He wants to use natural things for his RA he is only 46yrs old can any one help us

  37. I just started taking liquid chlorophyll (World Organic brand) and upon researching further I found that most Alfalfa is GMO. This bottle that I have states that the Alfalfa is Organic but does not bear any USDA Organic or NON GMO seals.
    I also read that the copper accumulates in your body and can lead to Alzheimer’s.

    Any thoughts or ideas on this?

    I did not realize that Alfalfa is a main GMO crop. I am very concerned.

  38. so should you not take aspirin or a nsaid with it? isn’t aspirin a bloodthinning product.

  39. Hi wellness mama – love all your articles and great information
    Wondering how I can grow the alfalfa plant in a pot – don’t have very much room at home have a small area of backyard but want to see if it’s possible to grow in a pot?
    And is there a different in seeds from alfalfa sprouts and alfalfa plant? Please let me know what you think – I would appreciate your input 🙂 – taking the international nutritional leadership class and your one of my fav models

    • Alfalfa seeds are very easy to grow and should grow just fine in your backyard. The seeds used for sprouts are the same as those used for plants and should grow for you.

      If you are referring to the class from Josh Axe, please know that I am in no way affiliated with him or his class and that much of the information he states is factually incorrect. He is both misrepresenting me and teaching others to copy (plagiarize) the hard work of other bloggers (in both design, content, and material) under the guise of “modeling” which is both unethical and immoral.

      • Alfalfa is now grown with GMO seeds. Be sure to source non-GMO alfalfa for both the plant and seed materials. I grow it in my backyard. It isn’t hard to grow but you should have a dedicated area for it since it will shade out other plants. Plus you will need to cut it before it blooms which can be at least 3 times in the season; otherwise you will have baby alfalfa everywhere.

        • Hi anna thank you for your input will keep an eye on that 🙂

      • I understand, thank you for your response. I do need to grow some alfalfa 🙂 seems to have a lot of good benefits. As for the the blogging…. I know that a lot of the students in that class will be doing their own work and have that understanding that copying and plagerizing others people bloggs is unacceptable … But we are able to link back to your blog to express to people examples of well trusted bloggers and their very useful and trusted suggested information. From what I see many of the students are very professional and appreciate the information you provide to the public to help them be more healthy and safe with home remedies :). We are on the same global gooal in sharing suggestions on safe home remedies from our own experiences and research we have found helped us and many others. Thank you for your input, I do appreciate your input. Have a great weekend

        • Thanks Katie for response above 🙂

  40. I’m wanting to take alfalfa in capsules (size 0) during the last month of my pregnancy. How many should I take a day?

  41. Hi is it OK to take 2 natures way Alfa max capsules and my vitacost advanced K2 complex ?


  42. Hi, when I was checking out the “minty” chlorophyll you mentioned, because even your kids will drink it, when I looked at the reviews, I found several who rated it low because it has parabens in it. It doesn’t really have a name brand but it’s “kosher” and comes in a 2 pack. I wonder if the Organiz DeSouza brand also has parabens? Does anyone know?